#RadRide at auction today! There was so much love for the Pao at #Furfest, so here's it's younger sister: A 91 Nissan Figaro! This Pike Factory legend's roof retracts into the trunk on this one for summer driving, leaving the windows and pillars in place. Not to mention the styling is just darling! All in powder blue! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! I got asked quite a bit a lot about the big JDM vans at #furfest, so let's have a look at this 99 Toyota Hiace! These're known for being roomy, stylish & downright unstoppable. At 125k km this one's barely cracking into its teenage years. It's a 2WD version, so this one will also be easier on your wallet and will have less to maintain. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

Iโ€™m Rob
Live near Selby North Yorkshire UK.

The current stable includes a 2003 #Chevy V8 #Roadtrek #CamperVan #MotorHome, a #JDM 2002 Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo R and thanks to the #EV skooling Iโ€™ve received in my year here on the Fediverse a 2018 Kia #SoulEV

Pretty much my ideal budget 3 car garage

#WeirdCarMastodon #CarsOfMastodon #Introduction #CarShowAndTell

Our two cars parked near and under construction log cabin in front of a two-story house, with a twilight sky in the background.
A Roadtrek campervan parked beside a wooden cabin with cloudy skies overhead.

#RadRide at auction today! Part 5! Let's finish up today's posts with this stunner: A 93 Toyota Soarer, specifically a 2.5L twin-turbo L-package! This griffon-badged beast can be just about anything you want, cruiser, tuner, drifter or keep it as is! DM for interest to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Part 4! So many folks at #Furfest this past year were in agreement: The Alto is amazing. So here's a 97 Suzuki Alto ready to cross the Pacific! It's turbo-charged, MT and 2WD for tire-spinning fun. And the dash is clean and mod-free! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Part 3! Here's a special one with a catch - It hasn't been reviewed and might not run. But, it's an extremely rare 84 Honda City Turbo II in otherwise excellent shape. Mechanically inclined? We can get it in a crate! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today part 2! Have yourself a look at this 96 Mitsubishi Pajero Jr McTwist - One of fewer than 1000. Bright red, 1100cc, 4WD, MT, fog lights, A/C, roof rack and an inclinometer so you can cruise in comfort on or off road. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! We're back from #furfest so let's do five rides today instead of one! To kick it off, here's a rare 93 Honda Acty Van in a stately grey over brown - With an AT! If kei vans are your dreams (like mine), it's time to make them real! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

Thanks everyone for a super amazing #furfest! #JDM It was awesome to see the outpouring of support and give you wonderful car furs some overdue representation!

#RadRide at auction today! #KeiTruckSunday edition! Have yourself a look at this 98 Honda Acty SDX! With full-time 4WD and A/C that blows cold, it's ready to go anywhere and do anything in comfort. Plus an exceptionally clean interior to add in style, as well! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Let's scale up a bit with some #JDM performance in this 98 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 5 Evolution. It's AWD, turbo and quality 4 with a mere 17k on the clock, so this one's ready to uncork and make some dreams come true across the Pacific! DM for interest or to bid!

#RadRide at auction today! Let's kick off #furfest with this 94 Suzuki Cappuccino! This turbo-charged kei car is an exceptional find at 4/B quality with a mere 39k on the odo! Of course, this one's only for folks 5' 10" and under, as it's truly tiny inside and out! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! It's just about road trip time, and the Honda Life is great for it. But this 90 Mitsubishi Delica Starwagon would be even better for a whole crew. That arm rest is actually an 8th seat, so get everyone on board! With the crystal-lite-roof and correct two-tone exterior this will go to any show and turn heads doing it! Plus with a 2.5L diesel equipped, the 95k on the clock is barely past the break-in period. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! There are plenty of kei options out there, but this 99 Daihatsu Terios Kid is one of the most fun. Not only is it a 4x4, but it's turbo-charged and has quite the interior with plenty of faux wood to go the extra mile. Oh, and working A/C to make sure your go-anywhere kei ride is comfortable. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

Dr Tim Nicholls
1 week ago

#synthwave on #MiniDisc in a 2006 #JDM luxury #bippu barge. Feels right. Oh, and check out those vents!

Car dashboard showing a screen surrounded by physical  buttons, vents that move side to side on their own above it, and slots for CD and Mini Disc below it. It would have looked very modern back in 2006!

#RadRide at auction today! Let's kick off the week with a hot hatch, shall we? This is a 98 Suzuki Alto Works Sports Limited that's appreciably stock. It's the 4-speed AT & 2WD version, but it's still turbo-charged making this a much more approachable critter for us LHD folks. Plus with that expressive face and fog lights, this one's a keeper. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! #KeiTruckSunday edition! There's something to be said about a truck that's been used, but taken care of. And this 97 Suzuki Carry is a perfect example. It has a few minor things, but it's clean, 4WD with AC and a mere 75k on the odo. So bring it here, let it do truck stuff and get all the attention at the home improvement store while doing it! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Let's have a Skyline day! No, not that one. Or that one. No! We're going back to this 81 Nissan Skyline HGC211 GT-E. This is the NA 2L inline 6, as well. It's beautifully original and at quality 4 and a mere 81k on the clock, someone's taken good care of this classic. So pass on that R34, this is where it's at! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Okay, this one breaks some of my rules on pictures but it's SO incredibly rare I'm willing to let it slide. This, everyone, is a 92 Daihatsu Atrai Deck Van. And not only a rare body type, but it's a 5-speed MT, 4WD, turbo-charged AND has a super-multi roof. For under 85k kms! This this is beyond rare, and if you want a kei truck or a kei van but can't choose? Here's your unicorn! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Happy Thanksgiving to the folks here in the states, happy random Thursday to the EU crowd and happy Friday for you lovely Aussies.

Let's celebrate all the same with this 88 Mitsubishi Minicab in stunning shape in an amazing color. This one has a 4-speed MT, hi/lo 4WD and those expressive round headlights to just be a fun little go-getter. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Kei 'minivans' are incredible. They're functional yet small, stylish and oddly utilitarian, but all-around fun. And did I mention the best part? Inexpensive! These typically sell under $1000 and for a unique daily, you can't beat it. This 98 Mitsubishi Toppo BJ is a super clean example in a stunning color inside and out too with a mere 15k(!!!) on the odo! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! It's been a minute since we've seen a really wonderful example of a Pike Factory car, so here's a 91 Nissan Figaro! Presented in a lovely beige over the standard white interior, it has aftermarket pedals, but the original radio. This darling little cruiser is certainly going to turn some heads and mechanical parts are readily available here in the US. What's not to love? DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Unicorn alert!! Okay Subie fans, here's a lovely one for you - a 98 Subaru Impreza 22B-STI with an exceptionally clean interior. It's got 2.2L engine making 276 BHP, ready to rally with AWD and oh! It's one of 400. This is downright mythical, so if you've ever wanted a shot at one without the BaT premium, now's your chance! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! #KeiTruckSunday edition! Everyone enjoy this 96 Honda Acty SDX. It's full-time 4WD, sits just under 40k on the odo, has a 5-speed MT and isn't afraid to do some real truck stuff. If you're not doing any highway driving or need some extra offroad fun, this is the one you're after! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! There's some discourse with the Autopian regarding the worth of #JDM things and a good number of folks don't get it. And sometimes? It's the most mundane weird cars that can speak volumes over the classics. Take this 97 Toyota Ipsum - An appliance auto in Japan, but utterly unique here. And to me, that makes it real fun and enjoyable, something different and expressive, regardless of what it meant elsewhere. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Finding one of the new Nissan Zs is a bit of an impossibility, and even if you do, the dealer markup is out there. So ditch the 400 and turn back the clock for this 79 Nissan Fairlady GS130 (known as the 280ZX here). It's orange over a brown interior with a 5-speed stick. What's not to love? DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

So I can't publicly share images from the USS auction sites, but let me tell you. There's a 99 BN8C Miata with a 6-speed done up like Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen. Interior is full white and it is WILD. DM me if you wanna see this, because you do. #RadRide #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Let's drop a classic on everyone today with a 1970 Honda N360! This is the final pre-facelift version of the original model and comes with the 354cc inline twin, inspired by their motorcycles. It needs a bit of love, but it's also purple, which buys it points immediately. Plus, old Honda, it'll run forever. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide latenight special for you lovely folks here on #WeirdCarMastodon - It's a rare, late-production 95 Honda Beat! The respray blue is lovely, and it does need some love, but this higher-mileage kei car needs a home. Whadda ya say? #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Ok everyone, prepare thyselves, as this is one that's an absolute mythical one-off. If you're unfamiliar with "Dekotora Trucks", give that a quick search and come back. I'll wait.

Back? Okay cool, cause here's a dekotora kei truck! It's a 90 Daihatsu Hijet under there. Full lights, full dekotora interior, still a real work truck. Want to win every car show locally? Or just have the most awesome truck ever? Here's your shot. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM #artcar

Albert Lee
3 weeks ago

There is a lot more work between me and having a driveway like this... #CarsOfMastodon #WeirdCarMastodon #JDM #Photography

#RadRide at auction today! It's my birthday, so let's celebrate with a pair of turbo-charged, 4WD kei vans (My favorite!) and have everyone pick a winner. First is a 95 Mitsubishi Exceed in green over grey, and second is a 98 Suzuki Every Joypop in white with an aero kit. Both are in great shape, both are quick fun rides with MTs, so who wins the battle of the vans? DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! So after spending a season with a kei mini van, I can't tell everyone enough how fun they are. Suspiciously roomy, exceptional interior fabric and just zippy enough for some light highway driving. And this 97 Daihatsu Move SRXX goes a step further with a turbo! It even has the "aerodown" body kit in dark blue to make it practical and a looker! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

You know? It's been awhile since I tempted you wonderful Mitsu folks here in the fediverse, so I present to you a late night #RadRide alert for this 98 Mitsubishi FTO (DE3A) GPX in white with a sunroof! Quality 4 to boot... Yanno. Just sayin. #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! #KeiTruckSunday edition! This 95 Suzuki Carry has my favorite kei truck trick - A hidden dump body! Not only is this one 4WD with hi/lo and a diff lock, but also has working A/C for quite the holy grail do-everything kei truck. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

Strong #JDM representation at this morning's #carsandcoffee (and a tasty 5 series #BMW )

#RadRide at auction today! Good things come to those who wait, and this 99 Mazda RX-7 Type RS requires just a bit of it. It's not legal to ship until June, but the look of this and the free-of-mods dash makes me give this one serious consideration. What do you say, is it worth a few months and a few hundred extra to keep this FD3S fresh for summer delivery? DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

Tiki Bunny Imports is proud to announce we'll be in the dealer's den at Midwest Furfest Nov 30th - Dec 3rd in Rosemont, IL! There will be one or two vehicles on display, and we'll have on-site consulting for future import projects. We'll also have some fun little giveaways for folks who are followers and will be taking pre-orders for our new t-shirts and hoodies. If you're local and/or in the furry fandom, come by and say hi! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Brace yourselves, this one's big. It's a 95 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B-REW. To those not in the know, it's got a 3-rotor 2L turbo-charged Wenkel onboard, and an interior that looks like it's been from from the Starship Enterprise. This is an instant legend, an absolute collector's item and it's ready to come here! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide auction alert for you lovely folks here on #WeirdCarMastodon. This is a 72 Subaru R-2, and as I understand it, is a bit of a Subie legend in these parts. If this is your bag, let me know and let's get it here! #JDM

A white Subaru R-2 from the 1972 model year. 3/4 shot of the front of the car and left side facing right.
A white Subaru R-2 from the 1972 model year. An interior shot showing off red floor mats and brown leather seats with an original black dashboard.
A white Subaru R-2 from the 1972 model year. 3/4 shot of the rear of the car and left side facing right.

#RadRide at auction today! Here's a gem for everyone: A 97 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini XR-2 Anniversary limited edition! Well, that's a mouthful, but it's a really fun little 4x4. This is the NA/AT version but it just makes one-pedal trail busting easier. And since it's a kei vehicle, it's small enough to fit anywhere out there! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Have yourselves a look at this original-condition 71 Mazda Capella! Not only is it in exceptionally good condition, but it's the rare S122A Wenkel engine in there, as well! Originally sold as a 'low emissions' vehicle to avoid extra taxes, this was the only generation of it to offer one. Want a quirky classic to complete your stable? Here's your chance! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! I love stealth #JDM rides that have obvious and direct USDM counterparts, and doubly so if they're extra quirky. And this 95 Suzuki X-90 is just such a vehicle! T-tops, 4WD, MT... It has to be one of the strangest 4x4s out there to hit the market. These are certainly due to become collectors items too, as they're becoming increasingly hard to find in good shape. And since this one is a quality 4... DM for interest or to bid!

#RadRide at auction today! I haven't forgotten about #JDM week and have been trying to track own the missing pieces - So here's one more! A 98 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution V55W. Quite possibly one of the best off-roaders ever made, due to it being small, nimble and designed to crush any challenge at speed. Want a high-performance 4x4 but don't want a Bronco with a footprint the size of a house? DM for interest or to bid!

#RadRide at auction today! #KeiTruckSunday edition! Here's a rare and highly desired one for everyone today - a 98 Subaru Sambar Classic! Not only is the style increasingly hard to find, this one's 4WD and has a non-ECVT AT. Talk about your kei truck unicorns! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! I love kei vans, and the Daihatsu Atrai RT is top of the list. And this 98 version is a great example of why! Fun graphics, 4WD, excellent interior, MT... It needs some clearcoat repair but it's ready to dash around and have fun! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! We're following right along with The Drive's #JDM week here at Tiki Bunny, keeping it going with this 99 Daihatsu Midjet II! Though less modified than the one James drove, it's nonetheless resprayed in a lovely blue and features a van back to keep all your goods safe and dry. The windows on the side and tailgate open upwards, so it's the perfect truck to set up a shop display in when you're at a festival! Who needs a booth? DM for interest or to bid!

Nick Byrd
1 month ago

๐Ÿšจ Free book alert!

Once $195, the Handbook of Rationality (@MIT, 2021) now has an #openAcess (free) digital version:

It can be downloaded as one file โ€” all 879 pages and 300MB โ€” or chapter-by-chapter for offline reading.

You can also read it online โ€” does anyone actually prefer that?

#book #deal #freeStuff #JDM #DecisionScience #Neuroscience#CompSci #Psychology #Epistemology #Logic #PhilMind #Ethics #Economics #CriticalThinking

#RadRide bonus feature for everyone here on Masto tonight, cause it's just TOO good not to show off. Look at the raw presence of this 95 Nissan Cedric Wagon. School bus yellow with wood sides and a brown interior? It's making my enthusiast heart beat a little quicker tonight. Up for auction in 2 days if anyone shares the sentiment! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! You know, yellow Mazdas are a special treat, so let's do another one this week! So here's a 90 Roadster! It's remarkably clean at a 3.5/B-grade and the aftermarket hard top looks quite good for those fall drives when all the rest are put away. An aftermarket wheel looks downright tasteful in the otherwise lovely interior and the seller has done us all a favor in removing the radio in advance. DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide latenight bonus feature for you lovely folks here at! Ever need a little delivery van? Either to get some work done with or do just disguise a sleeper build? Well, this 95 Mitsubishi Minica Walkthrough Van is both and I just had to share it! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! So let's kick off the week with a 98 Subaru Sambar. This playful red van is the 4WD, MT kind and has a mere 38k km on the odo. Oh, because it's a fire service van complete with all the accessories on the roof! If you've ever wanted a kei van and an eye-catching one at that, here's your chance! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Okay, so we had a green car this week, how about a red one? This 91 NSX is red to the core and is ready to put some serious rubber on asphalt. Aftermarket wheels, coilovers, seats and steering wheel all packed into a 5-speed hustle machine ready to roll. Whadda ya say? Want to be the owner of an old Honda? DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide bonus feature! This right here is a 98 Nissan Civilian that's had a bit of a retro conversion added on. Not sure who needs a small bus in their lives and/or business, but it's damn fun to look at all the same! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Okay, strap in for this one, since we have a 92 Honda Beat Version F. The rarest model in the rarest color, bone stock in 4 quality. This right here, is the unicorn folks. The seats are tear-free, there are no mods, just pure, clean car with 37k on the odo. Magnificent! If you've ever wanted one of these, this is your chance to get the best! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! This right here, is a 98 Mitsubishi Minica Toppo Town Bee. It's an exceptionally quirky little kei car with a classic face, three doors and a truly impressive greenhouse. I unironically love these things since they are little joy machines with or without the turbo equipped. Even though this one is without, that red wine color makes it stand out for miles. It's a perfect little daily! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! Look, I don't like starting on Halloween early, but I'll make an exception for this 96 Daihatsu Midjet II in 4/B quality. With a delightful purple respray, a bright orange spare, extra chrome and a spoiler shaped like a batarang, this Halloween-Batman-One Piece crossover vehicle isn't for everyone, but I know full well one of you out there is going to slam the table and shout "THAT!". DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

#RadRide at auction today! OK, off of the old 4x4s and onto this gem - a 97 Mazda RX-7 RS-R, engine code FD3S. This is the real deal performance machine you want it to be, and black on black is just aces. Starting bid is $3300 and it's very ready to find a new home on the far shores of the US! Make this one yours and prepare to rule Radwood next year! DM for interest or to bid! #JDM

3 months ago

PREPRINT: The wisdom of extremized crowds: Promoting erroneous divergent opinions increases collective accuracy

#jdm #cogsci


The aggregation of many lay judgements can generate surprisingly accurate estimates. This effect, known as the โ€œwisdom of the crowdโ€, has been demonstrated in domains such as medical decision-making, fact-checking news, and financial forecasting. Therefore, understanding the conditions that enhance the wisdom of the crowd has become a crucial issue in the social and behavioral sciences. Previous theoretical research identified two key factors driving this effect: the accuracy of individuals and the diversity of their opinions. Most available strategies to enhance the wisdom of the crowd have exclusively focused on improving individual accuracy while neglecting the potential of increasing opinion diversity. Here, we study a complementary approach to reduce collective error by promoting divergent and extreme opinions, using a cognitive bias called the โ€œanchoring effectโ€. This method proposes to anchor half of the crowd to an extremely small value and the other half to an extremely large value before eliciting and averaging their estimates. As predicted by our mathematical modeling, three behavioral experiments demonstrate that this strategy concurrently increases individual error, opinion diversity, and collectively accuracy. Most remarkably, we show that this approach works even in a forecasting task where the experimenters did not know the correct answer at the time of testing.

Heya #WeirdCarMastodon ! I have an opportunity to secure this for import, anyone interested in a 1983 Honda Motocompo Scooter? #JDM

I am conflicted by how excited I am about buying a van. Iโ€™m in the process of securing a Japanese Domestic Market 1998 Toyota HiAce. I intend to use it for trips out in nature โ€” hauling bikes, friends and supplies. I get around the city largely by bike.

Itโ€™s still a car though and I regret that having one is the best or only way to access a lot of nature in my region. Itโ€™s a privilege to even have to face this conflict.

#jdm #van #fuckcars

the three-day monk
5 months ago

Photos from my trip to the Subaru STi Gallery in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. This has been on my list of places to see in Japan for several years, so I was very happy to finally get a chance to visit.

#photography #Japan #cars #JDM #Subaru #STI

Tim Stevens
7 months ago

Happy new motor day to my MR2. 9 years ago today the stock 5SFE spun a bearing at a Lime Rock track event, ultimately leading to me getting a JDM turbo motor installed with nearly triple the horsepower.

Today, it still looks pretty good for a 32-year-old.

#mr2 #toyota #car #cars #carstagram #jdm

A 1991 Toyota MR2 being loaded onto a flatbed.
A red 1991 Toyota MR2.
9 months ago

My chair is out a Nissan Primera, and welded/fabricobbled onto an office chair base. Actually still has the faintly sweet scent of japanese cigarettes, so you know it's legit. #jdm

It's a car seat folks
David Levine
11 months ago

I just realized there must be a car community on Mastodon. I'm not super knowledgeable about #cars but I know what I like (the unusual). This is my 1993 #JDM #Toyota #Sera - it is just so much fun. It has butterfly doors making it have "supercar" styling, but it is an inexpensive and reliable Toyota (only ever sold in Japan, right-hand drive). Now 30 years old and still running great. They don't make them like this anymore! #WeirdCars #CarsOfMastodon #WeirdCarMastodon

Black car (1993 Toyota Sera) with white pin striping outlining all body panels and curves, with open butterfly doors.
Black car (1993 Toyota Sera) with white pin striping outlining all body panels and curves, with closed butterfly doors.

Hola! Recientemente me he mudado desde la red social del pajarito moribundo (en la cual llevaba 11 aรฑazos acumulados) hasta aquรญ, el mamutito, y la verdad es que me estรก gustando mucho el ambiente que se respira por aquรญ, un remanso de paz y tranquilidad. #twittermigration

#introductions ๐Ÿ˜โ€‹ Me presento formalmente: Me llamo Montse, nacรญ y vivo en Cataluรฑa y si encuentro #mutuals con los que tenga en comรบn varios temas, pues estupendo.

Me encanta hablar sobre:

#Japรณn ๐ŸŒธโ€‹ Especialmente me chifla la historia japonesa, las katanas y tal.

#JDM ๐ŸŽŒโ€‹ e #InitialD ๐Ÿ’จโ€‹ Tengo un Mazdita bien cuco al que quiero y mimo como mi hijo.

#manga y #anime varios (pocos me interesan รบltimamente, pero bueno).

#videojuegos ๐ŸŽฎโ€‹ Juego en #PlayStation sobretodo pero tambiรฉn tengo algรบn que otro juego en #Steam . Mis sagas favoritas son #Yakuza ๐Ÿ‘น โ€‹y #DevilMayCry โš”๏ธโ€‹

EDIT: Se me ha olvidado decir que tambiรฉn me encantan los #gatos ๐Ÿ˜บ (tengo 2) y #MotoGP ๐Ÿ๏ธ Perdรณn por el lapsus... ๐Ÿ˜…

Guess an #Introduction makes sense?

I'm a developer, designer, and 3D artist from #Germany. All-around tech nerd with interests in #development, #gaming, #gamedev, #homeserver, and #pokemon. As you can tell, I am all over the place! :D

Last but not least: huge #carguy and #biker.
Currently riding a #Ducati V2 with a custom wrap. Into #JDM cars although currently carless. lol

If you wanna know more are nerd out just hit me up!

Spotted a #jdm #toyota hilux diesel in #echopark

5 years ago

#introduction Toot!
I'm a #furry #artist ๐ŸŽจ
I do #fursuit
I'm an admin for my local area furmeets, if you need advice on hosting, I'm your gal!
I'm a car enthusiast, I have lots of fun and funky #jdm cars!