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5 days ago

Might I offer as Exhibit C of #Starship captains w/ strong/square jaws:

Captain Kathryn Janeway

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Gif of the actress Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway on TV Show Star Trek: Voyager. The gif shows Janeway smiling and turning her head to the side, so she can be seen in profile, with a sardonic look.
2 weeks ago

Watching #StarTrekVoyager "Macrocosm." this is tonight's #allstartrek Voyager one of my favorite Captain #Janeway Episodes!

It'll soon be time for AST and I'll need to check the lineup to see what episodes I'll watch tonight I know I'll watch DS9 and that may be all I watch.


Janeway enters a Deserted Bridge with her Phaser Rifle drawn and looks around the deserted bridge as she walks towards a console.
Travis Romany
4 weeks ago

Finally brought myself to watch #Voyager’s finale, Endgame. I’ve been putting it off for a couple months.

It’s been 22 years since it aired but I won’t spoil it.

It was a perfect ending for me. The 90 minutes was well-paced and every detail was thought through.

It centred around the central question of the show and answered it decisively.

Everyone has their Trek series and captain, and Voyager and #Janeway are mine. 🥲

PS it’s probably the best aging makeup I’ve seen 😅.


1 month ago

These are the voyages of the starship Wordle.
It's a rocky road sometimes.
#Startrek #Wordle #voyager #Wordle865 6/6

No Matter What Happens Well Make It Kathryn Janeway GIF
2 months ago


We saw Dal playing it on #StarTrekProdigy too! #Hologram #Janeway even made a snarky remark about it when Dal was evading leadership responsibilities.

I've noticed about #StarTrek captains:

#Janeway has done at least four nude scenes ... involving bathing or massages or something -- Which is fine if she is happy to do those scenes ...

But the only #Picard nude scene I remember was when he was being tortured by Cardassians. And he was upside down and shit (and probably a body double).

And I don't remember #Sisko doing any nude scenes.

Just an interesting observation ...

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3 months ago


#Voyager’s #Threshold is a fairly solid episode with some great moments up until it goes beyond #StarTrekWeird (TM) to set the franchise’s asymptotic limit for trippyness and not just for warp travel.

#Janeway once again, with sangfroid, shows that “Weird is our business.”

After you’ve seen the episode, I recommend going immediately to #GazelleAutomations wonderful short in the style of #StarTrekTAS. It’s a joy.

I really enjoyed the #Voyager episode Prey.

It was pretty good throughout but the ending worked particularly well. This was an ending that didn't go as planned but got reasonably satisfactory results.

I like Seven's assertion of her individuality and how #Janeway supposedly encourages individuality until it is actually exercised

It worked really well, as a difference in opinion but with no one clearly at fault

Seven's a great character. #StarTrek really needs more (good) dissent in its crews

#Janeway #Voyager

Janeway has a tendency to become emotional and hold back tears. I quite like this, but I do wonder whose decision it was, whether it was Kate Mulgrew's idea or production. Because men captains don't do that

But it occurred to me that Janeway is the only character who articulates the distress of being lost in space - through these sobs. It's not enough to merely mention it, you have to act like you're away from loved ones

Only Janeway effectively does this


4 months ago

The #Janeway #crossstitch is now framed! I tried to iron the wrinkles out a bit, but I don't have an iron, so I used hair straighteners which didn't work fantastically but did the job enough.

This will be coming to work with me to sit at my desk
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4 months ago

The #Janeway #startrek #crossstitch is done! I still need to put it in a frame, and I am not sure if I have one the right size already, but I will have a dig around and see what is there an give a final update when it's in the frame

5 months ago

Started reading The Autobiography of James T. Kirk and so far it has been mostly *heartbreaking. I wasn't expecting this #book to be as good as it is. Not all the #StarTrek Autobiography books are good. The Janeway (don't get me started) and Spock autobiographies were *very disappointing. The #Picard autobiography was *unexpectedly exceptional. It seems the Kirk book will be very good as well. I was initially most interested in the #Janeway and #Spock books, but total reversal.🤷‍♂️ #bookstodon

Dr. Michael Blume
7 months ago

@Josteglitz Oh ja, die #Janeway-Reihen hatten auch meine Frau erfasst, die bis dahin mein Interesse an #ScienceFiction eher amüsiert betrachtet hatte. #StarTrek hat seine unbestreitbaren Verdienste, auch im Miteinander der Geschlechter & Generationen. Genau dieses auch Rückblick-Geschehende spricht mich nun auch bei #Picard an…

Melissa Dimock / refashionista
7 months ago

@Adam_Cadmon1 When Jodie Whittaker took on the role of Doctor Who and all the dudes got bent, I often referred to it as the "Janeway Effect".

They didn't like her in the primary role because she was a woman.

That's it. That's all.

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Star Trek Battles
7 months ago

🚨Captain Battles Round 14🚨

For round 14, we see a captain that only was in command for one episode, Pike. Even though he was replaced by Kirk, it would not be the last time we heard the name Pike! Going against Pike is Janeway, the coffee queen herself, from Voyager

Vote below for your favorite, and don't forget to follow along for future battles 🖖

#StarTrek #PikeTOS #Janeway #Voyager #AllStarTrek #StarTrekBattle

Bracket and previous rounds:

Tony Pennino
8 months ago

I went back to watch the Scorpion episodes of #startrekvoyager even though the Species 8472 theory is pretty much off the board over at #startrekpicard
I was reminded my ambivalence re: that series. So much potential wasted. Some great characters/actors (Janeway, Tuvok, 7, The Doctor) and some less so (Chakotay, Tom, Harry, Kes, Neelix). Coming off of #tng and #ds9 it was a disappointment.
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Only The Janeway
11 months ago

Sad news. Kate Mulgrew’s lifelong best friend Beth Danon has passed away. They met at NYU as teenagers. Kate was at her bedside when she died.

“It was the greatest, most unconditional, profoundly satisfying relationship of my life,”

Read the tribute: #BethDanon #KateMulgrew #StarTrek #Janeway

Anne Fisher
11 months ago

@Romston @MKSinSA
#Janeway 's demands for #coffee from #Neelix is one of my favorite moments from #StarTrekVoyager . 😂

#StarTrek #humor

Anne Fisher
11 months ago

@MKSinSA @Romston
"Silent"? Usually people are telling me to stop talking. LOL

#coffee #humor
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Favourite #Janeway quotes?

Here's mine: "there's coffee in that nebula"


"I don't like threats, and I don't like bullies, and I don't like you!"

Only The Janeway
1 year ago

Okay. I’ve seen THE episode. But I’m going to need to sleep on it, then watch another five times before I can process and articulate the mastery I just witnessed. I think every single voice job Kate Mulgrew ever did was leading up to this. I’m in awe.🖖🏻 #StarTrekProdigy #StarTrek #Trek #Janeway #StarTrekVoyager 🍿🍿🍿

Star Trek Prodigy’s Admiral Janeway reclined in her quarters
1 year ago

I've been on a #StarTrek kick recently and thought it'd be fun to practice some likenesses [and starships!] with one of my fav Captains. Voyager is underrated and there's nothing you can say to change my mind lol #fanart #Janeway #space #illustration #photoshop #clipstudiopaint

Amy Imhoff :verified:
1 year ago

Hello, 365 followers! One for each day of the year :)

What's a fave moment from a badass lady in #StarTrek? I'm partial to that time #Crusher saved everyone from a time loop. Or basically any time #Kira talked back to a man. Or when #Janeway basically flew into a binary star to get those aliens conducting experiments off her ship!

Major Kira from Star Trek: DS9, standing with her arms crossed, with the word RESIST across the top.
4 years ago

@kraehenpost Oh ja: "There is coffee in that nebula"

Der einzige Spruch aus Star Trek, der es durch die Astronautin Samantha Cristoforetti tatsächlich ins All geschafft hat #Janeway #StarTrek #Voyager