Rémi Eismann
1 hour ago

One day, one decomposition
A013917: a(n) is prime and sum of all primes <= a(n) is prime

3D graph #threejs #webGL ➡️
2D graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #math #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #sum #primes #primenumbers #graph

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A013917 in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A013917 in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))
2 hours ago

#Design #Development #Evolutions
2023 state of design systems and where we take them next · How far design systems have come and where they are heading

“Design systems continue to stick around and will likely stick around until there is a new buzzword for them.” — Ian Frost

#DesignSystem #UiDesign #DigitalDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #AI #WebComponents #Frontend #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

Beto Muniz :javascript:
3 hours ago

I'm someone very concerned about the focus that web dev community gives to security/privacy. We talk about WebPerf, UI Tools, and APIs, but barely anything about #Security and #Privacy.

So I started "security-fns" to help #JavaScript Developers to add more security and privacy on their web apps.

It’s in alpha, but soon more docs and functions will be available.


PS: I’m not an #CyberSec expert. Contributions will be highly appreciated.

Kevin C. Tofel
5 hours ago

Don't mind me, just testing a #hashtag utility in #JavaScript. 😉

Mauve 👁💜
7 hours ago

TIL you can use the #JavaScript `fetch()` API with `data:` URIs!

This means if you're using `fetch()` to load a URL in an application, a person can supply a data URI and skip the network entirely.

In particular this can make specifying data in query strings in a URL handle both remote URLs and inline data without an extra code path. 🤯

Webdev Weekly
7 hours ago - the interactive way to master modern React (limited private beta begins this summer)


#javascript #programming #reactjs #webdev

8 hours ago

I've got no idea how up-to-date it is (and I know it's a bit older), but this is probably one of the cleanest walkthroughs #react I've worked through.

I don't work in the front end at all, so having something that's accessible even with my limited time is a huge benefit.

Gonna use it as a jumping off point to more modern React, and front end in general.

#js #javascript

por supuesto que esta aplicación escrita en #ruby necesita runtime de #javascript en el servidor...

#chingao #softwarearchaeology

9 hours ago

I just don't do default exports in JavaScript/TypeScript anymore #typescript #javascript

9 hours ago I am very happy that I don't have to use either. Though having been a dev for both at some point in my life, I had much less issues with #PHP than #JavaScript. At least in the PHP world they have some level of standardization that you can actually depend on, and the frameworks are much less bonkers.

9 hours ago But we've had #JavaScript for over 25 years now

9 hours ago

Hard to believe that it is already day 91 of #100daysofcode today. I have learned a lot more about forms and am looking forward to implementing some into my website as soon as possible. But first, I need to understand how to retrieve the submitted information, otherwise, it would be pretty useless. 🙈 Tomorrow, I will start with #javascript, and I am really curious how that will work. All in all, I am super happy with my progress in the challenge. What a great day!

10 hours ago

So my JavaScript GeoGebra-like geometry library pretty much has all the features I wanted for now and can do quite a bit. Below is a quickly put together demo of how to construct in/outcircles on a triangle with interaction and conditional display. Currently working on clean-up and documentation. And a name... maybe Algeobra? ^^ Will also probably do some more small demos, it is kinda fun. Usually that stuff takes ages to get to look halfway presentable lol #javascript #math

12 hours ago

#tech people - I'm starting to read about #wasm which is obviously becoming the thing.

I'm not sure if I've got why it's substantial - it's a compilation target to rival #javaScript, right? But as it stands it's not looking to compete in the space of _website_ engineering so much as offering a brower-useable destination.

So the bonus is that that non-web languages compile to #webAssembly - which means that (eg) Doom-in-browser becomes a thing (I know it's already a thing) but the existing 'transpile-x-to-JavaScript' methods aren't quite disrupted.

tl;dr, I guess - is there a 'next few years' roadmap where I, a generalist who ends up doing a lot of webdev, can start to think about not keeping up with JavaScript?

Mauve 👁💜
12 hours ago

Once again bringing folks attention to which is a live visual #programming environment using #JavaScript under the hood.

One thing I find interesting is that it's a lot more mobile friendly than others. I'm thinking it'll be easier to use on my steam deck than on a phone or tablet with the joysticks / buttons.

The docs recently got updated so it's a bit more approachable:

Dan Shappir
14 hours ago

#Ruby vs #JavaScript? Ruby with JavaScript? This week @JSJabber and @rubyrogues join forces to compare and contrast these programming languages and ecosystems

Webdev Weekly
15 hours ago

Introducing Nori-Store: A Lightweight State Management Library for Web Applications


#javascript #programming #webdev

Yahia Lababidi
16 hours ago

In this incredible #YouTube #video

Fireship hooked up a device called the Crown into #GPT4 with some basic #Javascript #programming. This allowed him to communicate with GPT-4 using just his thoughts!

The Crown is similar to #neuralink except you can wear it on your head, instead of implanting an entire #chip into your #brain

The Crown works by measuring brainwaves with tiny electrodes.

Would you do it?

#transhuman #cyborg #future #ai #tech #news #breaking

#PHP was a script embedded in HTML templates.

Serverside Components in #ReactJS are HTML templates embedded in script.

Your metaphor isn't clever; you could just as easily say that SSCs are basically Perl, or Express, or any other serverside HTML generator.

#webDev #JavaScript

Web Axe
18 hours ago

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Hackathon: April 24 thru May 18 #hackathon #webdev #javascript #reactJS #GAAD

20 hours ago

TODAY (March 29) at 9:00 PM CET my video “Create Generative Art with ChatGPT and JavaScript” will finally go online.

It shows my process of transforming a rough idea (the GENUARY prompt “plants”) into a working prototype on Canvas2D. I then took this foundation and transformed it into a generative token for
#fxhash, but this is only mentioned at the end of the video.

#chatgpt #javascript #generative #AIart #mastoart

A teaser video showing the intro of the video (a field of flowers) with the title "Generative Art, ChatGPT, JS". Then it shows me (Tim Pietrusky) talking.

Thinking a lot about the fact that method of #JavaScript Date object to retrieve the day of the month for the specified date is called very intuitively _getDate_.

Webdev Weekly
23 hours ago

monoenv: better handling of multiple applications dotenv files in monorepos


#javascript #programming #webdev

Rémi Eismann
1 day ago

One day, one decomposition
A013916: Numbers k such that the sum of the first k primes is prime

3D graph #threejs #webGL ➡️
2D graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #math #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #sum #first #primes #primenumbers #graph

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A013916 in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A013916 in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))
1 day ago

Our April #meetup is officially scheduled for next week, April 5th! We have two great community talks scheduled to discuss #Cypress and the ins and outs of iteration in #javascript.

Check out the Meetup page for details, to RSVP, and more:

1 day ago

Leanpub Book LAUNCH! JavaScript for hackers: Learn to think like a hacker by Gareth Heyes @garethheyes #books #leanpublishing #selfpublishing #booklaunch #computersecurity #hacking #programming #javascript

Juan Luis
1 day ago

Amusing to read this article from @passle about #TypeScript from a #Python perspective:

Looks like parts of the #JavaScript ecosystem are abandoning TypeScript and putting types in docstrings and header files.

Meanwhile, in Python we are going in the opposite direction: moving types from docstrings to signatures (making them hard to read, quite frankly), and giving up on using stubs because of #MyPy

Could we do things differently? #DEVCommunity

Sid O'Knee
1 day ago

^--- #SidsScripts #javascript Frequency Locating System 🤓
😀 ⁉️

Mike McCaffrey
1 day ago

Well, I just spent two hours converting a relatively modest chunk of #jQuery into vanilla #javaScript, and some features are much easier replace than others. Sibling selectors are especially a pain.

conputer dipshit
1 day ago

lmao. #react 18 has killed me. I forgot about this and was going nuts looking for the cause of the mysterious double run of effects with no dependencies #javascript #webdev


Strict Mode enables the following checks in development:

    Your components will re-render an extra time to find bugs caused by impure rendering.
    Your components will re-run Effects an extra time to find bugs caused by missing Effect cleanup.
    Your components will be checked for usage of deprecated APIs.

All of these checks are development-only and do not impact the production build.
1 day ago

A new tool is out : an IPv4 subnet calculator ! 🥳

Parse your IPv4 CIDR blocks and get all the info you need about your sub network.

#ittools #javascript #typescript #vue #json #developers #tool #free #opensource #online #github #ip #cidr #netmask

Sid O'Knee
1 day ago

I might just Build my #javascript #SidsScripts file System , that runs a --->

Zander :jquery:
1 day ago

I just read this #article - check it out: "The Great Gaslighting of the JavaScript Era" - The age of frontend JavaScript frameworks eating the web world didn’t happen simply because some well-meaning developers found great DX. It happened because we were fed a line.

Alberto de Murga
1 day ago

Wow, I knew the latest version of Safari for iOS came with a lot of WebAPI’s updates, but this is crazy: WebPush, Badge, Fullscreen, Screen Orientation, Screen Wake Lock… for many not so simple apps you don’t need a native version anymore!

#ios #pwa #javascript #apps

Alberto de Murga
1 day ago

Import maps are avaiable in all modern browsers! This makes ESM modules much more useful as the frontend #javascript looks more and more like in the backend.

The Markup
1 day ago

Hey! We're hiring two #web engineering interns to work with us this summer.

Share with a student, or recent graduate of a coding bootcamp, who should apply.

#OpenSource #Dev #Python #JavaScript

J.P. Wing
1 day ago

I'm still looking for two full-stack #PHP #Javascript #HTML #SQL developers for my development team with a major telecommunications company. The position is 100% remote and the team mate would work on internal web applications. The team is spread across the country. #Azure #DevOps, #git, #Linux experience a plus. Reach out to me for more information if interested, boosts appreciated. Salary is decent.

Noah Liebman
1 day ago

#JavaScript question: is there a build tool that does basically nothing but resolve bare imports? No bundling, no asset hashing, no minification. Just take my code, copy it to /dist, copy imported modules to /dist/modules, and rewrite bare imports to point to those modules.

Webdev Weekly
1 day ago
1 day ago

JavaScript import maps are now supported cross-browser #javascript #web

1 day ago
2 days ago

#VSCode cannot even render text at 60 FPS on my 2013 laptop. Any other program does, even games.

#Electron is a waste of resources. A high price to pay for the convenience of easy multiplatform applications.

But sure, just go ahead and buy new #hardware. Everyone has so much #money these days, right? Just chuck your old stuff in the bin. Just look how shiny this new device is!

#javascript #typescript #webdev #apps #dev

Paul Biggar
2 days ago

Languages with small "context windows" might do very well. Immutable languages (functional langs such as Elm, Rust, or F#) should be much easier to generate code for than OO langs like #javascript

Max Bachhuber
2 days ago

I didn't expect that day to come... iOS 16.4 will support #WebPush 🥳😱

This will be one big step into fully supporting #ProgressiveWebApps on all major platforms.

And lot more features all people in #WebDevelopment have waited for:

#PWA #WebDev #HTML #CSS #JavaScript #JS #Apple

Webdev Weekly
2 days ago
heise Developer
2 days ago

Webentwicklung: Detaillierte Linkvorschauen von Websites automatisiert erstellen

Neben Bildern und Videos bieten soziale Medien auch Links — die so nur wenig Informationen preisgeben. Mithilfe einer Vorschau können Entwickler das ändern.

#JavaScript #Spotify #Webentwicklung #news

2 days ago

Guten Morgen!
Ich würde mir gerne die Arbeit in einer IT-Firma im Bereich Webdev/ Python Programmierung anschauen, über ein 2 wöchiges #Praktikum oder ähnliches.

Ich habe lange hobbymäßig und auf selbstständiger Basis im #Webdev Bereich gearbeitet. Ich habe Kenntnisse in #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #Python, #Git + GitHub, #WordPress #SEO für Webseiten. Mit Datenbanken habe ich mich auch schon beschäftigt. Ich lerne gerne neue Sachen.

Kennt ihr Firmen die so etwas anbieten? Bitte teilen!

Agregore Browser
2 days ago

Hey folks! The 2.0.0 release of #Agregore has been tagged and compiled! This features fixes for #MacOS, an upgraded #Hypercore-Protocol, and better support for #Gemini when loading it from #p2p protocols. This also involves an upgrade of Electron to 23 and an overhaul to using ESM for the #JavaScript back ends.

Download it and check it out for yourself!

A Cyber Expert
2 days ago

I saw a poster for that flash past and thought I saw some commented out #JavaScript. Oh my.

Ruby Weekly
2 days ago

There is just one repo written in Ruby that allows access to a mysql database using http protocol. Since the repo is outdated, how do I go about building something similar in node.js?


#javascript #nodejs #programming #ruby #webdev

2 days ago

A new tool is out : a Docker run to Docker compose converter ! 🥳

Turns docker run commands into docker-compose files!

#ittools #javascript #typescript #vue #json #developers #tool #free #opensource #online #github #docker

Mockup of the page Docker run to Docker compose converter in
Mauve 👁💜
2 days ago

My brain is kinda exhausted from first wrestling with Linux and Ansible automation, and then wrestling with JavaScript type hell in trying to get some p2p libraries to work.

Gonna decompress before bed by live-coding a lil #p2p #gemini #microblog in #agregore with some basic #JavaScript and #HTML

So if you haven't yet, try installing the latest pre-release of Agregore and follow along.

Mauve 👁💜
2 days ago

I feel like a lot of #JavaScript devs are sleeping on #SharedWorker and using one to store more "data" related state in order to keep logic on actual pages more sparse.

E.g. have your connection to the backend and your IndexedDB caching layer in the shared worker, then have pages load some basic web components and query the backend.

This works better for multi-window/tab setups which used to be the default in desktop apps back in the day.

Now it's all tied in a single page monolith.

conputer dipshit
2 days ago

#deno is so so good. 20 lines for a server to serve a websocket connection for local dev purposes #javascript #typescript #webdev

#! /usr/bin/env -S deno run --allow-run --allow-net
import { delay } from ''
import { serve } from ''

 * This exists because MSW does not support websockets. So in MSW mode, we also
 * run this little server and configure Vite to proxy WS requests to it.

async function streamString(socket: WebSocket, s: string, delayMs = 50) {
  for (const c of s) {
    socket.send(new TextEncoder().encode(c))
    await delay(delayMs)

async function serialConsole(req: Request) {
  await delay(500)
  const { socket, response } = Deno.upgradeWebSocket(req)
  console.log(`New client connected`)

  // send hello as a binary frame for xterm to display
  socket.onopen = () => {
    setTimeout(() => {
      streamString(socket, 'Wake up Neo...')
    }, 200)

  // echo back binary data
  socket.onmessage = (m) => socket.send(

  socket.onclose = () => console.log('Connection closed')

  return response

serve(serialConsole, { port: 6036 })
nosh :fosstodon:
2 days ago

Get your brainswaves via javascript; feed it to gpt:


2 days ago

What are people's favorite JavaScript library for drawing dynamic network node graphs? Cytoscape? D3? paper.js? p5.js? Or something else (comment below)?
#javascript #visualization #cytoscape #d3 #paperjs #p5js

Khalid ⚡
2 days ago

Imho, pushing #Blazor as anti #JavaScript does more harm than good.

1. In a reasonably complex app, you're going to write JavaScript
2. It frames it as an "either/or" when it's really "both"

2 days ago

#Rust slowly beating bad callback habits out of me from #JavaScript.

#TIL it's better to use a for loop instead of a `for_each()` if you need access to variables outside it's scope.

a rust code snippet showing a painter variable getting created with a struct inside, then a wrong method for looping over a range that uses a functional style for_each callback. Under that is the correct example using a standard for loop. On the bottom the painter variable gets used again to emphasize it hasn't been moved into another scope.