Rémi Eismann
24 minutes ago

One day, one decomposition
A051635: Weak primes: prime(n) < (prime(n-1) + prime(n+1))/2

3D graph, threejs - webGL ➡️
2D graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #maths #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #weak #primes #primenumbers #graph #threejs #webGL

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of weak primes in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of weak primes in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))
54 minutes ago

At long last, here's a very quick overview of how my website works.

#website #selfhosting #kinda #howto #javascript #devops

5 hours ago
7 hours ago

Une explication détaillée et claire de la façon dont le système de prototype de JavaScript fonctionne. Lecture requise si vous développez en JS, que ce soit dans le navigateur ou avec Node et consorts.

Inheritance and the prototype chain - JavaScript | MDN

#javascript #goodpractice

7 hours ago

Une sorte de SDK non-officiel pour YouTube, en JavaScript.

> A full-featured wrapper around the InnerTube API
> InnerTube is an API used by all YouTube clients. It was created to simplify the deployment of new features and experiments across the platform 1. This library manages all low-l…

GitHub - LuanRT/YouTube.js: A wrapper around YouTube's internal API — reverse engineering InnerTube

#youtube #sdk #javascript #lib

9 hours ago

Un très bon article (écrit il y a 2 ou 3 ans je pense, en réalité) qui revient sur l'historique de JavaScript et sur la raison marketing derrière certains choix.

L'article revient notamment sur l'aspect "Prototype" de JavaScript qui est souvent incompris et camouflé derrière ce qu'on appelle du "syntactic sugar".

How Marketing Changed OOP In JavaScript — Smashing Magazine

#javascript #histoire

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
9 hours ago

@nixCraft #Mojolicious for #Perl, because it combines maximum power with maximum whipitupitude:

There is also a #JavaScript (via #TypeScript, natch) flavor:

/cc @mojolicious

Marcel Waldvogel
15 hours ago

@stefan @cybeardjm @cheeaun Since just over a month, all major desktop and mobile browsers should support this (first browser started supporting it in April 2023). So it is still fairly new and polyfills are required for older browsers.

Edit: I thought the article had mentioned polyfill. But it didn't. And it seems hard to polyfill this. So, your code still needs fallbacks 😕
#UnicodeSets #Unicode #RegEx #JavaScript

Screenshot from the linked CanIUse web page for JavaScript built-in: RegExp: unicodeSets. Showing support for most major current browsers.

I probably turned somewhere wrong direction, if buggy #javascript of #mastodon keeps loading bullshit to my feed.

Daishi Kato
17 hours ago

Waku-Waku excited to share my latest achievement! A React Server Components app built with Waku runs on Cloudflare Workers! Can you guess the challenges I faced?

This is my first time using Cloudflare Workers, so please forgive me for any possible misunderstanding.

Note that it doesn't use Node compatibility flag.

I haven't released this new version yet. Stay tuned.

#ReactJS #React #JavaScript #TypeScript #Waku

18 hours ago

The bundle .NET 5.0 by Dr. Holger Schwichtenberg (MVP) is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $124.97; get it for $49.50 with this coupon: #Html #Dotnet #CSharp #Aspnet #Javascript #WebDevelopment #Databases


Cookie blocker would require java..

Mini game.. Hmm...
I wonder what kind of game.

Most already have a implementation...

A colleague recently told me about a electronics program in #java ..

But porting it to #javascript / #html would be a #payed job lol

Shame tho.
Looks cool

Blinking keyboard
You know what ?
I once had a #piano that could make the keys light up for practice. ( )

It was terrible. 😸

19 hours ago

The bundle A Better Way to Learn JavaScript Book Series by Ajdin Imsirovic is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $145.00; get it for $69.97 with this coupon: #Javascript

Rémi Eismann
1 day ago

One day, one decomposition
A051634: Strong primes: prime(k) > (prime(k-1) + prime(k+1))/2

3D graph, threejs - webGL ➡️
2D graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #maths #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #primes #strong #primenumbers #graph #threejs #webGL

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of strong primes in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of strong primes in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))
1 day ago

So about 140 CS and CS adjacent students just finished my front end course at UC San Diego and know semantic #html, respect #css, started with vanilla #javascript and care about #a11y oh and they learned the DOM and #webcomponents plus the web platform properly. Here’s a small sampling. You want to attract interns that know legit #webdev message me. I got some friends. Also we are in good hands 🙌 some young eager and capable devs are coming!

Prof Powell with a few CSE 134B students celebrating the end of the course
1 day ago

Building Office Add-ins using Office.js by Michael Zlatkovsky is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $19.99; get it for $9.59 with this coupon: #Javascript #Software

Doug Parker 🕸️
1 day ago

Does anyone have any good tricks for testing that a #JavaScript module does not leak memory?

I'd love to do something close to:

const mem = trackMemory(() => {

The only tools I've found so far are `leakage` and `node-memwatch`, neither of which seem well supported atm.


Any tools out there worth knowing about?

1 day ago

Awesome Coding by Engin Arslan is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $24.99; get it for $7.99 with this coupon: #Javascript #NodeJs

conputer dipshit
1 day ago

TIL #deno compile lets you make binaries for all platforms from the same computer. presumably because it's bundling together prebuilt platform-specific binaries with your interpreted code (or v8 snapshots) #javascript #typescript

Cross Compilation

You can compile binaries for other platforms by adding the --target CLI flag. Deno currently supports compiling to Windows x64, macOS x64, macOS ARM and Linux x64. Use deno compile --help to list the full values for each compilation target.
1 day ago

#base64 #javascript

1 day ago

Running Serverless by Gojko Adzic is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $34.99; get it for $27.99 with this coupon: #Javascript #AmazonWebServices #SoftwareArchitecture

CodePen.IO :verify:
1 day ago

RT Jordan Dey
Did you know you can achieve a parallax effect using the CSS 'perspective' property?
It's surprisingly simple! Take a peek at this #StarWars inspired CodePen to see the magic unfold🌌✨
72 lines of #CSS 🤏
23 lines of #javascript ⚛️


Media source:
1 day ago

The Road to GraphQL (The Bare Essentials) by Robin Wieruch is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $49.00; get it for $36.75 with this coupon: #ComputerProgramming #Javascript #React #NodeJs #WebDevelopment

1 day ago

Тесты производительности фреймворка Cample.js. Отчёт № 0

В данной статье содержатся тесты фреймворка Cample.js бета-версии 3.2.0-beta.6 . Это нулевой отчёт о тестах. По мере изменения результатов фреймворка, возможно, смогут выйти ещё несколько отчётов. Отчёт включает в себя сравнения по скорости с популярными фреймворками и библиотекой, а также сравнение с реализацией на чистом javascript.

#cample #camplejs #javascript #benchmark #benchmarks #testing #typescript

1 day ago

Large Scale Apps with React and TypeScript by Damiano Fusco is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $29.99; get it for $22.49 with this coupon: #ComputerProgramming #React #Javascript #WebDevelopment #SoftwareArchitecture #Typescript #Vuejs

1 day ago

i definitely didn't make a wordle :D

it's pretty terrible, but kinda fun (especially as a creative way to send a message)

- no custom keyboard
- incomplete validation (any letters work; type gibberish!)
- incomplete yellow letter highlight (duplicates)
- dynamic instructions, like how many remaining letters to type!
- horrible markup and code!
- shmancy corner rounding!
- only one word! forever! (unless i change it)


Screenshot of a web page.
Title: "Not Wordle".
Faded text: "Type guess below. NOTE: There is only one of each letter. (If yellow guesses repeat, they're incorrect)"
Then there are six rows divided into 6 cells. All the cells are empty.
Below the rows, there's an input form, with the letters "c" and "a", and below the input form is faded text saying "Type 4 letters".
2 days ago

[JsonHilo.js]( is participating in a [Githelp]( trial.

At the moment this is a limited opportunity to try an early version of Githelp where you can get help and support, including direct online assistance, related to JsonHilo.js [here](

#jsonhilo #help #support #githelp #trial #json #parser #minimal #fast #lossless #event #streaming #sax #javascript #deno #typescript #bun #node #nodejs

Mark Croxton
2 days ago

'Fun' bug I just discovered: Cookiebot's auto cookie-blocking feature sets a MutationObserver that keeps a reference to things that you load in the DOM. Consequently, in any kind of SPA, you'll find a lot of detached nodes accumulating and you have yourself a memory leak. My solution: nuke the f*king observer, since they handily attach it to a global. If anyone has a better idea do let me know! #javascript #gdpr #cookiebot

David Dorward
2 days ago

I’ve just been debugging some #frontend code where there was an issue with the styling of some content which is removed from the DOM when the focus leaves an element.

Problem: putting the focus on the element inspector triggers the removal of the element I want to inspect.

Solution: setTimeout(function () { debugger; }), 5000) gives me five seconds to make the element display, then pauses #JavaScript so the code to remove it won’t run and I can inspect it.

2 days ago

The Road to Firebase by Robin Wieruch is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $49.00; get it for $36.75 with this coupon: #ComputerProgramming #Javascript #React #WebDevelopment

Vince Aggrippino 🇺🇸🇲🇾
2 days ago

I'm using #TypeScript type checking with #JSDoc in client-side #JavaScript and I encountered this problem:

> Property 'innerText' does not exist on type 'Element'

It took a bit of searching, but I've learned that the solution for me is:

/** @type {NodeListOf<HTMLElement>} */

I don't like how this is documented. It's on a page about DOM manipulation with TypeScript, which makes some sense, but I didn't see anything about doing this in JS with JSDoc. It says it's defined in lib.dom.d.ts and I thought I might have to import a type definition somehow.

I found it here:

Error: Property 'innerText' does not exist on type 'Element'.
Paweł Grzybek
2 days ago

The `Object.groupBy()` static method is now on Safari TP. Soon to be widely available. Sick! Very useful method!

Safari TP announcement:

Object.groupBy() MDN docs:


Steve Frenzel
2 days ago

@heydon I feel like a tool when using #JavaScript so I guess I have to spread some hate

אלה התגיות שמופיעות אצלי עכשיו ב„נושאים חמים” (סיור ← תגיות). אתן יודעות הדברים הרגילים שחנוניות קוויריות מתעניינות בהם, כפי שהיה ניתן לצפות מהפדיוורס…

#python #javascript #genocide #rstats #cats #gamedev #queer #press #linux #tech


Webdev Weekly
2 days ago

Show HN: Recompyle – A JavaScript developer-friendly console / debugger


#javascript #programming #webdev

2 days ago

#Development #Courses
SVG tutorial · Learn SVG step by step, from basic to advanced concepts

#Design #WebDesign #SVG #Animation #Interactivity #WebDev #Frontend #CSS #JavaScript

2 days ago

Is it just me or is the #javascript tag for random people to have a rant about how JS is not like the other programming language they use? It’s ok to ventilate now and then but every single day?

To be different and to provide some value, here’s a link to one of my favourite YT channels dedicated to #reactjs

quoll (√)
2 days ago

please hard code inline styles into this component.
- nobody ever


2 days ago

Hey, I made a thing again! But it doesn't work because I don't know JavaScript or web development very well.

I would absolutely LOVE it if someone who *does* know anything about Firefox extensions, JS, or web development could take a look.

#JavaScript #Firefox #UTM #DataPollution #Data #Web #Data #Hacktivism #FuckCapitalism

2 days ago

Last month in Wasm - JavaScript
#javascript #node #wasm #componentmodel

Guy Bedford (@guybedford) from Fastly spoke at NodeConf EU last month talking about WebAssembly Components and JavaScript.

JCO now passes 86 of the 97 test programs from Wasmtime and expects to pass all of them by end of year.

JS Party 🪩
2 days ago

💃 New episode of JS Party!

Gregg Tavares (author of WebGL/WebGPU Fundamentals) joins @jerod & @Amal to give us a tour of these low-level technologies that are pushing the web forward into the world of video games, machine learning & other exciting rich applications.

#webgl #webgpu #webplatform #javascript #videogames #totk #machinelearning #ml #browsers #podcast


Steve Frenzel
3 days ago

Anyone wants to share their long-term experience with #GitHub #CoPilot?

I'm thinking about giving it a shot for a year, especially for more complex #JavaScript stuff. And yes I know: I need to test it's output and so on.

Feel free to boost or mention anyone who might want to share 🤗

#html #css #ai #llm

ECMAScript News
3 days ago

Linear matching of JavaScript regular expressions

#ECMAScript #JavaScript

ECMAScript News
3 days ago

28 years ago (1995-12-04): “Netscape and Sun announce JavaScript, the open, cross-platform object scripting language for enterprise networks and the internet”

#ECMAScript #JavaScript

ECMAScript News
3 days ago

Why is `` an `EventTarget` and not a `HTMLElement`?

Why cant i do
onClick(event : MouseEvent) {

It gives the error: `Property 'textContent' does not exist on type 'EventTarget'.ts(2339)`

#JavaScript #TypeScript

Harry W.
3 days ago

It's been a while since I last saw a repo that made me laugh

(Also, check out the issue page for extra fun)

#JavaScript #Node #JS #Programming #Funny #Tech

Karthikeyan A K
3 days ago

In #Reactjs, JavaScript contains HTML which has #JavaScript which has HTML in it. 😵‍💫😵‍💫

I'm not joking.

It's like inception.


Doug Parker 🕸️
3 days ago

I've been thinking about a couple topics recently and feel knowledgeable enough to write some non-bullshit content about them, so I'm curious if there's any interest on here for a #blog post on one or both of:

1. Writing optimizable #JavaScript libraries.

How bundlers work, how tree shaking and code splitting works, pure vs. impure code, top-level side effects, multiple entry points, `sideEffects`, common deoptimizations, etc.

2. #TemporalDeadZone - What is it, how you can identify it, why it's so tricky, and how to avoid it.

(You better believe #DBZ #GarlicJr is going to be the preview image for that one.)

Greatly appreciate any feedback!

3 days ago

If you need a #JavaScript function for “tall" strings side-by-side in the terminal:
It could definitely be code-golf’d from 40 lines to <10, but that's not my style 🤘

@nixCraft +9001%

Same goes for all websites that prevent #AdBlocker|s from working and/or require #JavaScript and #Cookies to load.

3 days ago

🦖 Date.prototype.toLocaleDateString() 🦖

The toLocaleDateString() method of Date instances returns a string with a language-sensitive representation of the date portion of the specified date in the user agent's timezone. In implementations with Intl.DateTimeFormat API support, this method simply calls Intl.DateTimeFormat.

#webdev #JavaScript

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
3 days ago

Someone at work tries to push a switch to #TypeScript.

We have some problems with code quality currently but TypeScript definitely won't solve any of that. It would just introduce more problems.

It's funny that he now comes with the "shiny new thing!!!" as the whole web is deciding to completely drop TypeScript in favor of JSDoc and simple native #JavaScript.

I always dodged TypeScript and every time I had to work with it, it was just a terrible experience. I don't get why people always try to abstract stuff to learn something different instead of just learning the thing they already use correctly.

#WebDev #Coding

I created a WCtest – which is not about restrooms but web components and testing.

Ever wondered about how you could test web components with the node test runner?

Try Linkedom, which provides a minimal DOM API :)

#Javascript #WebComponents

3 days ago

#jsonb support for #sqlite is here! I've become a big fan of using the sqlite #wasm build in the #browser. Storing #json works great and the built-in `json_*()` helpers keep abstractions in check. They're often faster than doing it in #JavaScript too. Now it's even getting better!