On the new "What Works" podcast, Bob Sprague tells us about his 17 years at the helm of yourArlington in Arlington, Mass. #journalism #LocalNews

Dan Kennedy
1 hour ago

On the new @whatworks podcast, Bob Sprague tells us about his 17 years at the helm of yourArlington in Arlington, Mass. #journalism #LocalNews

Something that came out in the reporting we did on news outlets reporting Brianna Ghey's dead name was that many outlets did not do so, and those that did rarely made it the docus of the article.

While it's a blow to have it feature anywhere in a story where Ghey's killers didn't even know that name, it's heartening that trans people's feelings about dead names aren't being completely ignored in the reporting on this awful story. #trans #news #journalism

3 hours ago

Last month for 2023. Make it a good one.
#journalism #media #newstodon

A collage of pictures with the words hello december.
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Every year, World AIDS Day is held on December 1st to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic and to mourn those who have died from the disease. According to the most recent statistics, nearly 38 million people around the world are living with HIV. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the virus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The first cases of AIDS were reported in 1981. Since that time, 75 million people have become infected with HIV. #WorldAIDSDay
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A red ribbon with the word world aids day.
3 hours ago

"I don’t understand the “for the cost of a coffee” kind of subscription drive language. “For the cost of two coffees, you could subscribe to the Halifax Examiner for a month!” #Quote

Please consider subscribing to the #HalifaxExaminer.
It's affordable, investigative & informative.
Various inexpensive options to consider. #SupportJournalism #Journalism #Quality #Paywall #Subscription

Renewed annually. Worth every penny! I'm a fan, RU?

A selfie. Man with a black hat, glasses, white moustache and goatee, wearing a  black shirt with bright contrasting white bold text HALIFAX EXAMINER and a Magnifying glass in Yellow at the end of Halifax, symbolizing the depth of their investigative reporting. 

DISCLAIMER - I am in now way affiliated with this newspaper and receive no credit for promoting them. I do so of my own free will with the conviction that you need to know where good news can be found. 
HERE IT IS! While mostly of Maritime Interest, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING really appeals to me. I'm less interested in Fillers in local news sources.
Miro Collas
10 hours ago

The Israeli Government turns Screws on Haaretz Newspaper to Cease Critical Coverage of War

'The communications minister, Shlomo Karhi, has suggested financial penalties be applied to the paper accusing it of “lying, defeatist propaganda” and “sabotaging Israel in wartime”.'

#Censorship #Israel #ApartheidIsrael #Fascism #Press #Journalism

We're looking for freelance reporters covering business, culture & society for @koreapro in #Seoul! Details at

#job #jobs #hiring #journalism #media #korea

A handful of small non-profits are making an outsize difference in the American journalism ecosystem. They deserve your support and attention. #news #journalism

JW prince of CPH
17 hours ago

In the news today was a bit about some chatbot specifically targeted at children & the company was cited to the effect of "our chatbot is programmed not to write anything harmful or illegal" & THAT LITERALLY ISN'T F**KING POSSIBLE & journalists need to know enough & do their job to not let complete, flat-out lying like that into the public discourse without an asterisk you can see from the f**king moon....! 🤬

#ai #tech #journalism #news

17 hours ago

On this day 11/30/23. In 1804 the Impeachment trial of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase began. Samuel Chase (April 17, 1741 – June 19, 1811) was a Founding Father of the United States, signer of the Continental Association and United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of Maryland, and Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. In 1804, Chase was impeached by the House of Representatives on grounds of letting his partisan leanings affect his court decisions.
#journalism #media #newstodon

A painting of a man sitting in a chair.

I'm proud to support NYS Focus, a scrappy publication covering New York state politics. It fills a big gap in my knowledge. NYT and other "local" media really don't cover Albany. Here's the sort of thing I'm enjoying:

#NYS #NYC #NYpol #media #journalism #crime #news

New Pro-Defendant Decisions Signal Sea Change at New York’s Top Court

The rulings shed light on the leanings of Caitlin Halligan, the court’s newest judge and frequent tie-breaker.
Sam Mellins   ·   November 30, 2023

A recent spate of rulings suggests that New York’s top court is headed in a more progressive direction, especially concerning the rights of people accused of crimes. Caitlin Halligan, the court’s newest judge, has sided with the more liberal judges in several closely divided cases, often casting the deciding vote in favor of defendants’ rights.

Halligan’s votes shed light on her liberal leanings as a jurist — something that was unsure upon her ascension in April — and they could herald a dramatic change from the court’s prior makeup. Under the leadership of former Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, the Court of Appeals was a friendly place for prosecutors, and a hostile one for defendants. In her final year as chief, DiFiore and her allies on the bench ruled against defendants in the large majority of cases, including in rulings that expanded the power of police to question suspects or search private homes without warrants.
19 hours ago

So you thought #ChatGPT and #GenerativeAI were bad?

“This is a machine that, with the help of AI, processes a lot of data better and faster than any human, and translates it into targets for attack….

You see, in the past there were times in Gaza when we would create 50 targets per year. And here the machine produced 100 targets in one day.”

Article by Yuval Abraham

#Israel #Palestine #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Gaza #HumanRights #972Magazine #WarCrimes #Journalism

19 hours ago

Yuval Abraham, a Jerusalem journalist, lets (unhappy?) IDF sources explain the Israeli bombing campaign.

- very high civilian casualties are ok, even >100:1 (terrifying if ~1% of Gaza is a Hamas militant -A.)

- use of Artificial “Intelligence” to mass-generate targets(!)

- fantasies that terror bombing will turn people against Hamas, rather than Israel

#Israel #Palestine #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Gaza #HumanRights #972Magazine #WarCrimes #Journalism

Dan Kennedy
19 hours ago

Media Nation, online at dankennedy-dot-net, is and always will be a free source of news and commentary. Please consider becoming a supporter for just $5 a month. You'll receive exclusive early content, photography, a round-up of the week's posts and even a song of the week. #journalism #media #LocalNews

Just click here:

A stock photo of no importance
TracingCOVID by A.J. Fish
19 hours ago

I hate the term "anti-science". It's misleading, and therefore a time-waster.

Take it from Fran: Science is _not_ a religion.

Sep 2022 No One Should 'Believe' In Science (Fran Blanche YouTube Channel) #precision #linguistics #accuracy #journalism #science #informationalNoise

The Media and Democracy Project signs on to America's Voice’s letter to Univision CEOs calling for higher journalistic standards

#AmericasVoice #Journalism

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
20 hours ago

"TV networks moved their #news divisions... under the arm of their #entertainment divisions...

Fox “News” set the tone for this era’s new yellow #journalism, frontloading — as did Hearst back in the day — personality, celebrity, and scandal over the boring details of policy, debate, and the consequence of congressional and presidential decisions.

The “yellow” of this era’s “yellow journalism,” I’d argue, more accurately means “cowardly”"

#Media #USA

News headline and photo with credit.

Headline: Will This Era's "Yellow Journalism" Forecast Disaster for the Elections in 2024?
Unlike the 1890s, when there were still papers engaging in serious journalism, today’s yellow journalism is ubiquitous across media consumed by the majority of Americans…

Thom Hartmann
Nov 30, 2023

Photo: Yellow paint pours over a pair of hands.
Credit: Image by Ivan Drokonov from Pixabay
Mark Kraft
20 hours ago

Great to hear that Peter Zeihan is no longer using #twitter / #x .

He's been missing the firsthand information he used to get on subjects, such as #ukraine (as well as #economics , #journalism , #technology etc.). Recently, the quality of his interactions there is horrible, with lots of spam, all noise, no signal.

I left a comment on his YouTube vid, asking him to consider making #mastodon one of his ways of sharing information and videos. Perhaps you might want to consider doing the same...?!

Nicholas A. Ferrell
20 hours ago

Sports Illusrated, fresh off an AI article controversy, selected Colorado Buffaloes college football coach Dion Sanders as its Sportsperson of the Year. Mr. Sanders took over as head coach at Colorado after the football team went 1-11 in 2022. Sports Illustrated noted that the team improved greatly in Coach Sanders’ first season:

As for the actual football? It’s been an adventure. Colorado is massively improved over 2022, when it was by far the worst Power 5 program. The Buffaloes were outscored by 29.1 points per game last year, compared to 6.7 this year

The team lost its final six games to finish 4-8. While that is better than the 1-11 record Colorado posted in 2022, it is still sub-par.

Sportsperson of the Year is a nebulous award, But a college football coach coming off a 4-8 season, regardless of the circumstances leading up to the season, does not seem like a likely candidate. If they want to honor Mr. Sanders, why not wait 2-3 seasons to see how the Colorado football program works after Mr. Sanders has more time to build the program in his image and with his recruits? What award be left to give Coach Sanders if Colorado is 11-1 at this point in 2025?

On the other hand, if the Sportsperson of the Year award is to honor sports figures who give human and AI journalists things to write about, the eminently quotable Coach Sanders had one of the best cases in 2023.

(I would have submitted now former Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher for earning $76.8 million to not coach Texas A&M.)

#journalism #ncaaFootball #sports

Sampath Pāṇini ®
20 hours ago

@briannawu @Npars01
There is a full talent pool from all the Trust & Safety teams recently laid off by Big Tech.

Instead of donating money to the Lincoln Project, this is an actual viable path for investigatory #journalism

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
21 hours ago

@maccuinneagain @dankennedy_nu

TIL what Betteridge's Law is.

"Betteridge's law (of headlines) is an adage that states "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." The sweeping generalization refers to the poor journalistic practice of writing sensational headlines in the form of a question in order to compensate for the author's lack of facts."

#Journalism #Media #Press #News #TIL

Screen shot of text:

Betteridge's law (of headlines) is an adage that states "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." The sweeping generalization refers to the poor journalistic practice of writing sensational headlines in the form of a question in order to compensate for the author's lack of facts.

What is Betteridge's law (of headlines)? - TechTarget › Betteridges-law-of-headlines
22 hours ago

I’m writing a book with @Unbound ! 💫

‘Invisible Rainbows’ is a journey through the light we cannot see and how we use it to protect the Earth, discover the unknown, and better understand our universe!

Pledge for a copy (ebook/physical) now:
#space #astronomy #astrodon #lgbtq #journalism #media #newstodon

The cover for the book reads Invisible Rainbows/ The subtitle is The unseen Universe beyond our senses. by Dr Alfredo Carpineti
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
22 hours ago

Quite the headline from @RollingStone

Good Riddance:
Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies:

The infamy of Nixon's foreign-policy architect sits, eternally, beside that of history's worst mass murderers. A deeper shame attaches to the country that celebrates him

#Journalism #Press #Media #Headline #RollingStone #Kissinger #Death #Politics #USPol #USA #News

Photo and News headline.

Photo: Henry Kissinger talking into a microphone

Headline: Good Riddance
Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies:

The infamy of Nixon's foreign-policy architect sits, eternally, beside that of history's worst mass murderers. A deeper shame attaches to the country that celebrates him

By Spencer Ackerman
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
22 hours ago


"Ruth Ben-Ghiat, an NYU history professor and expert in authoritarianism, told me...

"... one of our two parties is becoming very rapidly an #autocratic party. It’s discarding #democracy — or it already has.”

If there is a shorthand to contextualize what is happening to the #Republican Party, she said, it is to state that its leaders “have fully embraced the #authoritarian playbook.”"

#Journalism #Politics #USPol #GOP #Republicans #News

Text from article:
So journalists: When writing about incremental Republican actions, you should clearly contextualize them as “right out of the authoritarian playbook.”

You should then explain what the playbook calls for, which is a lot, and includes:

    Inciting political violence
    Consolidating power
    Eroding civil rights
    Eroding voting rights
    Demonizing minorities
    Demonizing immigrants
    Demanding loyalty
    Quashing dissent
    Attacking academics
    Corruption to benefit a kleptocracy
    Imprisonment of political opponents
    Control of the judiciary
    Claiming victimization
    Targeting media
    Control of social media

That is hardly exhaustive.
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
23 hours ago


"Speaker of the House: #MikeJohnson, an insurrectionist anti-gay right-wing extremist Trump proxy...

It would be even more accurate to call him a bigoted Christofascist member of the #Trump cult willing to end democracy as we know it.

Any of those descriptions, of course, are way too blunt for the dignified editors of our top newsrooms — all of whom believe in balance more than accuracy"

#Journalism #Press #Media #News #GOP #Politics #USPol

Text from article:
Corporate media seems to lack the vocabulary to accurately describe the modern Republican Party.

The latest example, of course, is the election of a new Speaker of the House: Mike Johnson, an insurrectionist anti-gay right-wing extremist Trump proxy.

Those words accurately describe the little-known congressman from Louisiana. In fact, they’re quite restrained.

It would be even more accurate to call him a bigoted Christofascist member of the Trump cult willing to end democracy as we know it.

Any of those descriptions, of course, are way too blunt for the dignified editors of our top newsrooms — all of whom believe in balance more than accuracy.
1 day ago

My morning headline read nowadays is my own bot, @headlines_bot -- which I am filling out with the real time headlines of a lot of the publications I personally monitor for news. The posts are unlisted (ie you must follow the bot to see the posts) because of the very vague legal licensing terms behind RSS feeds (most have something about "personal use only"). Also keeps the RSS/promoted article spam from general dissemination. #headlines #news #journalism

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
1 day ago

Google and Canada reach deal to avert #news ban over Online News Act #journalism

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#Canada #BigTech #Journalism #Media #News #Google: "Google and the federal government have reached an agreement in their dispute over the Online News Act that would see Google continue to share Canadian news online in return for the company making annual payments to news companies in the range of $100 million.

Sources told Radio-Canada and CBC News earlier Wednesday that an agreement had been reached. Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge confirmed the news Wednesday afternoon.

"Many doubted that we would be successful, but I was confident we would find a way to address Google's concerns," she told reporters outside the House of Commons."

The Conversation U.S.
1 day ago

In journalism, bad #news sells. As it goes: “If it bleeds, it leads.”
“Even if it seems distasteful, the link between negative news and profit is important to understand,” media historian Michael J. Socolow writes. And the assassination of JFK 60 years ago offers a case study.

DW Innovation
1 day ago

The @Bellingcat team recently hosted another hackathon and asked participants to:

- make public open data more accessible and useful

- visualize climate change and its consequences

- understand the visual culture of disinfo

The outcomes of the event are summarized in this post:

#osint #journalism #data #dataviz #climatechange #disinfo

1 day ago

On November 30th, Stay Home Because You're Well Day gives us an excuse to stay in for the day. We all need a break, and it is nice to take it when we are healthy and can enjoy it. That said, if everyone in the working world took the same day to stay home because we were well, chaos would ensue. We all need time alone. It is essential to disconnect from our daily routines. Sometimes a checklist of things we need to do calls to us. Others have no idea what we'd do left to our own devices. #
#journalism #media #newstodon

Stay home because you're well day november 30.
Dan Kennedy
2 days ago

New at Media Nation: The Boston Globe's new media reporter, Aidan Ryan, covers crypto for The Information. #journalism

Martin Holland
2 days ago

Update #3: And it broke again 🧐 I have another idea and meanwhile a static copy. No more updates for this post 😉

Hey #Mastodon & #Fediverse, look what I build: It's an updated table of @tchambers list of journalists in here, that stays up-to-date with data on #Followers and when they were last active:

Here is a static copy, that won't break, but that won't update itself neither:

#Media #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #SocialMedia #Journalism #News

The table
Bennett McIntosh
2 days ago

seeing climate journalists warn each other that the #CoP28 conference app, like the app from last year's meeting in Egypt, is dangerous spyware. BUT...

Last year's app drew attention for being able to read attendees' emails, access their location, and even read encrypted texts, though at least one security researcher Politico spoke to said there was no evidence it actually did any of this. Many of these permissions are common in many apps -- because app design is generally broken and privacy-disrespecting, the boundary between legit app and spyware is basically non-existent.

Either way, though, I wouldn't put it on my phone.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Journalism

2 days ago

#RealAmericanHistory #IndigenousHistory #CheyenneandArapahoTribes


At dawn on November 29, hundreds of U.S. soldiers led by Colonel John Chivington surrounded the village. Residents responded by waving white flags and pleading for mercy; one of the chiefs even raised the American flag in an attempt to demonstrate that he, too, was American. Ignoring these symbols of surrender and peace, the white troops opened fire with carbines and cannons, slaughtering more than 200 Native American people. Most of the victims of the massacre were women, children, and the elderly and infirm. After the massacre, the troops burned the village, mutilated the bodies of the deceased, and removed body parts to keep as trophies. Some scalps of the dead became props in plays that the troops later performed to celebrate, as one soldier boasted, “almost an annihilation of the entire tribe.”
#history #histodon #journalism #media #newstodon #government

Candace Robb
2 days ago

Good news about #Jezebel!
"Mr. Jackson said his hope for Jezebel was “to bring all of the best things from all of the eras” of the website. He referred to its original tagline (“Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth.”) and said one of the first things he wanted to bring back was “with teeth.”
I want them to push the boundaries. I think there are advertisers out there who have the courage to go to where the audience is.” Gifted article

#journalism #feminist

2 days ago

"She has tried hard over the years to forge an existence outside her identity as Kip Kinkel’s sister, but being related to Kip has complicated her life in ways she could not have imagined."

For The New Yorker, Jennifer Gonnerman spends time with Kristin Kinkel, the older sister of a school shooter, 25 years after the tragedy:

#Longreads #Journalism #Reporting

2 days ago

Government said $172 M, Google said $100 M, so government settled on $100 M:

"The agreement would see Canadian news continue to be shared on Google's platforms in return for the company making annual payments to news companies in the range of $100 million."

Well, it's something anyway.

Note: Meta has not agreed to anything.

#Google #Meta #OnlineNewsAct #Canada #Journalism

Me on the shift of priorities at the #BBC "It’s a curious decision if they are gutting their hard hitting long-form #journalism by pleading poverty" "It sounds like their priorities are shifting to royal gossip – we may be looking at the tabloidisation of the BBC." #commodon #media

Peter Nimmo
2 days ago

#BBC's #Newsnight to be cut back. It will "drop its investigative films to focus on studio-based debates"- cutting the informative stuff in favour of talking heads- #opinion instead of #journalism... the last thing we need at the moment
#UK #media

Robson Fletcher
2 days ago

“The agreement would see Canadian news continue to be shared on Google's platforms in return for the company making annual payments to news companies in the range of $100 million, a source with knowledge of the negotiations told CBC News.”

#canada #cdnpoli #google #news #media #journalism #socialmedia

2 days ago

A trans girl who socially transitioned in second grade and has never gone through testosterone-fueled puberty is at the heart of a massive controversy in Florida, after her high school principal and 4 other school staff members were suspended by the superintendent after he received a tip that a trans youth was playing volleyball.

#trans #sports #news #journalism

This is the reality of trans sports bans. More here:

2 days ago

Take our reader survey so that we can deepen our understanding and inform the fact-based, independent journalism you’re interested in.

#News #Conservation #Environment #Journalism #EnvironmentalJournalism

David Todd McCarty
2 days ago

“Throughout most of the 20th century — the second half of it, at least — Americans came to the collective understanding that proper journalism should be an exercise in objectivity, with its various actors and agents being unwilling, or even incapable, of taking sides, robotically reporting the facts, and nothing but the facts, so help them God.

“This was all a fallacy.”

#Essay #Journalism #Writing #Medium

In Defense Of Subjectivity
We’ve all been trained to believe that objectivity is the gold standard even though the opposite may be true

David Todd McCarty
A Bit Dodgy
Categorical Imperative
2 days ago

#kultur #medien #politik #wissenschaft #technologie
#journalismus #culture #media #politics #science #technology #journalism #ki #censorship

4,6 Millionen US-Dollar liess der Konzern sich die Lobbyarbeit letztes Jahr kosten, 1,3 Millionen Dollar in den ersten drei Monaten 2023, berichtete «Politico». Sechs Firmen würden sich im Auftrag von Novo Nordisk für das Lobbying bei der US-Regierung einsetzen.

Petra van Cronenburg
2 days ago

@TatianaIlyina It is also a call to us #journalists: Too often readers are left alone with pure #statistics but don't feel what it means for their life. They feel helpless and often don't know what they can do at once and in longer terms in political life (like elections). People in Europe often don't know what the same number means e.g. in Africa or Alaska. We need more "translations" of sheer numbers into reality and #solutionJournalism

#climateAction #climatecrisis #journalism #journalismus

to paraphrase the president of UAW, Sean Fain, billionaires like Jeff Bezos do not have a right to exist

#journalism #corporatism #fascism

Dan Kennedy
3 days ago

Isn't it long past time for The Boston Globe to ask what it's getting out of online reader comments? It's a question that ought to be asked by every news outlet that hasn't gotten rid of them yet. Many of these are hideous: #journalism

Texas Observer
3 days ago

#GivingTuesday is here! Donate to the Texas Observer as part of this global day of giving back, and help ensure the TXO is around for another 70 years.

#fundraising #nonprofit #journalism

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
3 days ago

Btw if you are building/reinforcing local news in your community in the United States, you can learn more about our model here:

Includes a fellowship, accelerator, incubator, and journalism collaborative, and I'm happy to chat about it more or connect you with folks on our team

#LocalNews #Journalism #GoodInformation

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
3 days ago

The project kicks off today as part of #GivingTuesday and runs through December 31st – each participating newsroom receives up to $5,000 in a dollar-for-dollar match.

In other words, if they receive $5K in donations, we match it with another $5K!

Trusted news sources help us understand the good & bad aspects of what's happening in our communities, and help us learn, change, and get better, so we can be accountable to ourselves and each other.

#SupportNMNews #Journalism #NewMexico #LocalNews

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
3 days ago

If there's one thing I know for sure, we need meaningful, fact-checked, and transparent #LocalNews now more than ever...

This year's New Mexico Local News Fund annual matching campaign includes 21 newsrooms across the state publishing via email newsletter, radio, website, print, TV, etc., including both for-profit and nonprofit orgs

You can view all of them and reinforce their work here:

#SupportNMNews #LocalNewsMatters #Journalism

Graphic with a black background, in the middle of it is a black and white photograph of a newsstand with magazines and print newspapers. There are two hashtags in white lettering in the center that read Local News Matters and Support NM News.
3 days ago

On this day in history 11/28/23. In 1893 Women vote in a national election for the first time, in the New Zealand general election. Women's suffrage was an important political issue in the late-nineteenth-century New Zealand. In early colonial New Zealand, as in European societies, women were excluded from any involvement in politics. Public opinion began to change in the latter half of the nineteenth century and after years of effort by women's suffrage campaigners, led by Kate Sheppard.
#journalism #media #newstodon

A political cartoon showing a man on a ladder and a woman on a ladder.
Texas Observer
3 days ago

For nearly 70 years, Texans have counted on us to tell it like it is, everyday, every issue, every year since 1954. Now it's #GivingTuesday, and the Texas Observer needs your support to continue producing the vital in depth reporting our state needs.

Can you give a gift of $25 or more today?

#Texas #journalism #nonprofit #fundraising

3 days ago

Statement from the union which represents the (human) writers for Sports Illustrated. #journalism #AI

We, the workers of the S| Union, are horrified by a story on the site Futurism, reporting that Sports lllustrated's parent company, The Arena Group, has published Al-generated content under SI's brand with fabricated bylines and writer profiles. If true, these practices violate everything we believe in about journalism. We deplore being associated with something so disrespectful to our readers

We demand answers and transparency from Arena Group management about what exactly has been published under the S| name. We demand the company commit to adhering to basic journalistic standards, including not publishing computer-written stories by fake people.

We want to be very clear: What is described in this Futurism story does not represent the hardworking journalists who make up the S| Union. For nearly 70 years, I staff members have held themselves to the highest possible ethical standards. As members of the SI Union, we are proud to be part of that legacy and work every day to protect t. We expect management to do the same.

—The Humans of the SI Union
Dan Kennedy
3 days ago

New at Media Nation: Sports Illustrated, caught running AI content and author profiles, tries to deflect blame. #AI #journalism

3 days ago

My apologies to everyone who favoured and shared this post on Monday. The link was broken and would not edit for some reason. So, I deleted the original post and reported. I am very thankful for you taking the time to favour and share. .

In the latest Healthcare Business & Marketing Insights article, I examine why it is time to reconsider this practice, advocate for its prohibition, and why it is necessary.

The Case Against Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising in the United States
#journalism #media #newstodon

Dan Kennedy
4 days ago

As Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi points out, while it is illegal to leak grand jury information, it is not illegal for a news outlet to publish a story based on that leaked information. An outrageous breach of the First Amendment in Atmore, Alabama, where a reporter and the publisher of the weekly Atmore News face criminal charges for committing journalism. #FirstAmendment #journalism Free link:

Kyle Anderson 💙
4 days ago

Speaking of webs of trust in the context of #AI content: Time to exclude all of The Arena Group's brands. (Sports Illustrated, The Street, Parade)


Dan Kennedy
4 days ago

New at Media Nation: How independent media outlets are covering the shootings in Burlington, Vermont. #LocalNews #journalism

cz hk (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
4 days ago

I'm #OpenForWork doing #tech in #HumanRights.

I'm a public-interest technologist and #journalism #security consultant and trainer. I'd be happy doing #SysOps, #SRE, #testing and #metrics, but open to positions involving some amount of #CyberSecurity incident response and #digisec #orgsec strategizing. #remotejobs

14+ yr work experience, 10+ in #NonProfit.


#infrastructure #infra #infosec #privacy #FreeSoftware #jobs #GetFediHired #JobSearch #FOSSJobs #JobAlert

I went into heavy fact-checking mode in my piece for Assigned today, writing about what we do and do not know about the numbers of trans people who die violently.

The article I called out was conservative bullshit published by the National Review, but they're not the only ones who I've seen treat the HRC list as if it represented every trans person to have died violently. #trans #TDOR #news #journalism #factcheck

The Media & Democracy Project
4 days ago


As Ellen Clegg and Dan Kennedy note, there are good new, mostly digital non-profits.

You can find many in our Local Journalism Directory

#LocalNews #Journalism #Democracy

Dan Kennedy
4 days ago

A month ahead of the release of "What Works in Community News," Serge Schmemann of The New York Times interviews Ellen Clegg and me, writing that "there are signs that things are looking up. In their book, Ms. Clegg and Mr. Kennedy chronicle various ways in which local and regional news organizations — whether paper, digital or radio — are trying to restore local coverage." Here's a free link: #LocalNews #journalism

Martin Nutty
4 days ago

@deadline @dangillmor

Fundamentally this is the problem with much of American #NewsMedia. Many #news organizations, especially the profit oriented, are dedicated to securing big interviews with big ratings. #Journalists are terrified to ask hard questions which might aggravate their subjects and consequently losing future access.

Thoughtful viewers lose interest because serious questions are not asked, pursued and answers demanded. The result is ersatz #journalism devoid of meaning

Texas Observer
5 days ago

Newsletter: TXO photographer braves 'La Bestia' and brings home a top shot of 2023

Subscribe to get our top headlines in your inbox, every week:

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5 days ago

Christmas 2023 - The Christmas Guide of 20 Unique Gifts for Her For Christmas 2023, I’ve taken a little bit of an unusual approach, searching far and wide for gifts to consider that you may never have thought of giving.  In this Christmas gift-themed article, I found 20 unique gifts for her that you may have never considered giving. Each gift title contains an embedded link to the website for your convenience if you decide to explore the idea further or purchase.
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5 days ago


“The decline of local newspapers accelerated so rapidly in 2023 that analysts now believe the U.S. will have lost one-third of the newspapers it had as of 2005 by the end of next year — rather than in 2025, as originally predicted,” Axios reports.

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Melanie Sill
6 days ago

As the report notes, NYT, WaPo and other major #USPol media campaign coverage remains little changed despite huge shifts in the culture, the political and media environment, and in how people get information. If anything, these institutions and their #journalists are more settled in their conventions and more resistant to criticism. We need #journalism not on what people say but on what candidates have done and will do; not predicting who'll win, but informing the vote.