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Coven Japan – Earthlings Review

By Dolphin Whisperer

The past still lives around us—a phone booth dilapidated with its tethered telecommunications device extracted, an eerie, abandoned Sears parking lot, Def Leppard jammin’ for the 6:00 pm crowd at the grocery store. Even for new members of the heavy metal clan, the sounds of royalty—Maiden, Priest, Saxon—often line the path to whatever extreme they may later fall into. It’s no surprise, then, to read that new Japanese export Coven Japan declares themselves as a young band influenced by 70s bands like Angel Witch and 80s bands like Satan.1 It’s a dangerous proposition. When you wield such well-known and mighty names in your promo blurb, you better be ready to deliver the goods. Does Earthlings earn its place amongst the Gods?

To no one’s surprise, Coven Japan does not surpass the works of time-tested, riff-imitated classics. That doesn’t mean that Coven Japan can’t be fun, though, and that element of their 70s rock, 80s heavy metal stained sound shines through on Earthling’s most driving cuts (“Land of the Rising Sun,” “Apocalypse,” “Lost Humanity”). And among these tracks, which can remind me a little too much of hall of fame metalworks in riff identity for comfort (“Land of…” – “Aces High,”2 “Lost Humanity” – “Heading out to the Highway”), there lies the speed-driven, punky ambition of early Loudness and Anthem albums to keep Earthlings from being pure NWoBHM pastiche. In the same vein as their countrymen, Earthlings too possesses a warm, decently spacious production with crispy edges—not as clear and biting as the European bands that pioneered the sound. But that’s OK, this kind of louder, rawer construction channels the same windows down, knob-cranked attitude as you would expect from proper heavy metal.

Of course, as is the curse of many Japanese bands playing with this throwback temporal mindset—Significant Point and Risingfall come to mind—the vocals often can pose a hurdle. And, in a form true to this troubled expression, these issues come about most when the band dials back speed for ballad territory, the intro to “Night Flyer” posing the most challenging earuption of the run. The sing-song harmony has a quality to it that is fitting though, same with the quasi-ballad title track that follows. But really vocalist Taka’s wails shine best against an urgent bassline, jangling chords, and searing lead melodies (“What Goes Around Comes Around, “Apocalypse”). 2023 doesn’t need any more ballads.

What it does need more of are the rollicking, guitar-fueled excursions that Coven Japan brings to bookend the lesser clips throughout Earthlings. Good albums start with a bang, and the one-two burst of “Land of the Rising Sun” and “What Goes…” pack that same old school punch that you would find on scrappy classics like Iron Maiden3 or Fly to the Rainbow4 (Scorpions), right down to the leads that swell from thin amp pull to distortion flurry for maximum impact. The popping snare can get in the way from time to time, being one of the sounds borrowed from 80s and not in a great way. But when it comes to numbers that feel more of that time, the Satan-leaning “Apocalypse” or the stadium-ready “Return of the Souls,” it works well against loud riffcraft and bouncing, bluesy grooves. That overdriven heft helps the to-the-point closer “Lost Humanity” flourish in its reverb-soaked chorus chants and snappy twin-lead breakaway.

Coven Japan makes their fair share of missteps throughout this debut full-length outing—the repetitive epic “To Sanctuary – March for the Voiceless,” the over-balladization of a couple of choice tracks—but they do so with feet planted and volume set to rock. For an album that borrows so much from the elders of the halls of metal, Earthlings lands with scrapes and bruises of character from each stumble and success. To put it plainly, Coven Japan has heart and it pours through in every note, which goes a long way in pushing through some of the less-than-stellar moments. And did I mention how absolutely fantastic the cover is? If I remember nothing else of this later, I will remember lady demon with laser eyes. Likewise, if Coven Japan remembers tomorrow is a new day to shine, and that this outing is but a point of entry into future fan’s ears, then they’ll realize there’s no turning back on this path of heavy metal.

Rating: 3.0/5.0
DR: 7| Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: No Remorse Records
Websites: | |
Releases Worldwide: November 24th, 2023

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Kari'boka :v_com:
2 days ago

Keep the world with all its sin
It's not fit for living in
Yeah! I will start again
It can take forever and ever and ever and ever, but I shall win

#JudasPriest #BeyondTheRealmsOfDeath

Andreas Kilgus
5 days ago

Nachdem heute jemand mit einer Textzeile aus einem Lied von Judas Priest als Profiltext hier vorbeigeschaut hat und mein geistiges Ohr damit den Rest des Tages mit jenem Lied verbrachte: Bitteschön, hier auch für euch.

Das zugehörige Album höre ich immer noch hie und da ganz gerne (OMG, das ist mittlerweile auch schon Ü40).…

#Musik #music #metal #JudasPriest #RobHalford #MusikZurNacht

1 week ago

Four guest art pieces I did last year. :zerotwowave: They contained references to other media, since I thought it'd be neat to have these all have a "theme."

From top to bottom, left to right:

👻 GHOST JUNK SICKNESS by Studio Cartridge (
👉 direct homage of the album "Painkiller" by Judas Priest ( )
👉adapted for the GJS universe
👉 heavy color correction

🌊 PHANTOMARINE by Claire Niebergall (
👉 references the Xanadu movie poster as a base
👉 mostly the exception to this pack, as its main intent was to homage the art movements instead, art nouveau and Platkatstil
👉 title lettering based on the comic's conlang
👉 *dadaism writing intensifies*
👉 more here:

🌽 NUMB by Niina Eveliina ( @NiinaEveliina
👉 homages an illustration for the anime "Kimagure Orange Road" done by Akemi Takada
👉 "hidden" reference to another comic done by Niina
👉 the simplest of all the guest arts, with the reference being more surface level + reversing the layout, as the characters in Numb have a different dynamic.

👁️ O SARILHO by Shizamura (
👉 a gif because the original comic uses a lot of mixed media, including animation and gifs
👉 we had to go to Portugal for this one, I think we took a wrong turn at Spain
👉 idea was to imitate newspaper news, simplified to homage Portuguese newspapers, especially "O Domingo". Thus, a fictional newspaper named after the comic with a headline alluding to possibly two characters at once
👉 GRAPHIC DESIGN INSANITY, with corrections to my Portuguese by Shizamura after I sent it in :zerotwoheart:
👉 more here:

#MastoArt #FediArt #art #illustration #CreativeToots #TraditionalArt (with some digital touch ups) #DigitalArt #FanArt #webcomics #webcomic #comic #comics #anime #manga #JudasPriest

Character Boggs from the webcomic "Ghost Junk Sickness" on a motorbike, in a picture homaging Judas Priest's "Painkiller" album cover.
Characters Halea and Phaedra from the comic "Phantomarine", in an illustration imitating early 20th century theater posters. There's a poem accompanying the image.

The Dadaist-style poem reads in Spanish:
 "la fantomarina,
 gran marina, 
mere, mare, more, 
en lealtad, 
mentirad y 

The translation for this poem is: "Phantomarine,
great marine,
meer, mear, meor,

Halea in loyalty,
and oceanity."
Characters Levi, Susan and Nikita from the webcomic "Numb." Levi is at the bottom, while Nikita and Susan are at the top, at the corners. 

Levi appears to be calling someone with a worried expression. Nikita is holding a phone with a broken cord and a smiling expression. Susan appears to be somewhere else.

This image is homaging a piece by Akemi Takada for the anime series "Kimagure Orange Road."
Animated gif featuring the character Nikita from the webcomic "O Sarilho." 

The base picture imitates early 20th century Portuguese magazines (for example, O Domingo), and thus all the text is in Portuguese. However the text has been adapted to be in-universe for the comic's world settings.

The gif part comes with mysterious eyes popping in and out and sometimes looking at Nikita. These eyes belong to the character named Foreigner and it's in reference to the two's relationship in the comic.
1 week ago


Fabio Oibaf
2 weeks ago

Can't wait for the release of Invincible Shield by the mighty #JudasPriest

Their #guitar work is amazing, even being so simple.

Great tune this one: Trial By Fire

#judaspriest #invincibleshield #metal #guitar

Moshville Times
2 weeks ago

Judas Priest reveal video For “Trial By Fire”

Judas Priest reveal a video for track "Trial By Fire" from their highly anticipated new studio album entitled Invincible Shield, which is set for release on March 8th 2024 via Columbia Records. This is the second track to be released from the album.

The undisputed hardest working band in metal will also be embarking on a wo

#Videos #JudasPriest

Fritz Adalis
2 weeks ago

New Judas Priest?

In MY 2023?

It's more likely than you think.

Overall good, it's a couple of octaves lower than his prime but I can't really blame him. Old Man looks good on Rob Halford.


2 weeks ago

#JudasPriest visually is starting to look like a Sarumon appreciation society, but they still sound quite good:

2 weeks ago

Toma #Fediverso!!! Un temazo de los #JudasPriest!!!

Leather Rebel!

2 weeks ago

Rob Hallford still has an amazing voice. #JudasPriest

2 weeks ago
MattiP 🤡🃏🧌🚩
2 weeks ago

How many times a week do you have to listen to Painkiller? #JudasPriest

3 weeks ago

Metal gods Judas Priest announce 2024 "Invincible Shield" tour.
Singer Rob Halford hopes it won't be as wet as Coachella.

Guy who looks exactly like singer Rob Halford floating on an air mattress amid a bunch of flooded camping tents, and giving the V sign
3 weeks ago

The future that the Left wants:

school of rock kids do Judas Priest - Victim of Changes

#judaspriest #victimofChanges #schoolofRock #chicago

Moshville Times
3 weeks ago

Moshville Times World Tour: “E”

Heavy metal, with its thunderous riffs and roaring vocals, transcends borders, reaching all corners of the globe. In the world of metal, countries starting with the letter "E" offer a diverse array of bands that bring their unique flavors to the genre. Here are four heavy metal acts from these "E-list" nations that deserve

#Features #ApesOfGod #JudasPriest #Metsatll #Scarab

Tim G
3 weeks ago

This lukewarm review of Dolly Parton's Rockstar refers to her being "among the hair metallers', three sentences after it says she is "alongside Rob Halford from Judas Priest and Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx".

In addition to being inaccurate if it means to include Priest as hair metal, it's a bit rude to apply that label to Uncle Rob.

#DollyParton #JudasPriest

Dolly Parton: Rockstar review – the country icon turns it up to 11

Karsten Johansson
3 weeks ago

Dolly Parton, Rob Halford, Nikki Sixx and John 5 rip it up on Bygones

#dollyparton #judaspriest #metal

Tim G
3 weeks ago

Leave work on Friday night, and what do I find on my way home but the new single from Judas Priest- Trial By Fire.

Perhaps not as instantly memorable as Panic Attack, but there's still a lot to like, and another reason to look forward to the new album.

#metal #JudasPriest

50+ Music
1 month ago
1 month ago

Everybody stop what you're doing and listen to Rob Halford and Doro smash Total Eclipse of the Heart
#Covers #JudasPriest #RobHalford #Doro #Music

@yvanspijk can see why halford is there!!!1 #JudasPriest

1 month ago

I still got a whole year before the big 4 hits.

So no reason for a

🎵 Panic Attack

#TomsMusic #NowPlaying #JudasPriest #PanicAttac

kiq / キク
1 month ago

“SATSUMA3042 - Electric Eye (JUDAS PRIEST cover) @ PGS METAL in OSAKA 2023/11/04” (1 user) #SATSUMA3042 #judaspriest #fancam

1 month ago

Attention #Queer #Metal fans:

#JudasPriest has unleashed upon the world the first song from their newest album and it rocks —hard.

These septuagenarians are still out there making with the brain-melting tunes. 🤘🏽🏳️‍🌈🎸

MattiP 🤡🃏🧌🚩
1 month ago

I'm less surprised by Halford's voice and more that they're doing a political song. I mostly think about driving motorcycles fast at night when I think of Judas Priest. #JudasPriest

Tim G
1 month ago

I had a 400 kilometre drive yesterday. I wasn't on my own, so no music, but this is what I was hearing in my head:

Judas Priest - Heading Out to the Highway

#metal #JudasPriest

2 months ago

TIL: there is a new #judaspriest single out and the new Album "Invincible shield" is announced to be released in March.

2 months ago

This one is for Glenn Tipton, happy 76th birthday!

Also it is my contribution to @Kitty's #MittwochMetalMix

🎵 No Surrender by Judas Priest

76... really?

...and thanks @TG_Esq for making me aware of this occasion!

#TomsNowPlaying #JudasPriest #GlennTipton

Nic Dafis
2 months ago

Mae pennau metal Mastodon yn gwthio mwy a mwy o stwff gwych yn fy wyneb.

Wrth fy modd gyda'r #CirithUngol newydd yma, edrych ymlaen at glywed gweddill y #JudasPriest newydd, ond dyw e ddim yn hen yskol i gyd: dw i newydd ordro copiau feinyl o stwff diweddar #BellWitch a #BloodIncantation


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist RICHIE FAULKNER Reveals The 10 Albums That Changed His Life
Following is an excerpt from the rundown. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland Faulkner: "My first memory of hearing Hendrix. My father showed me songs like 'Voodoo Child' and 'House Burning Down'...

#JudasPriest #RichieFaulkner #AlbumList #10Albums #RockMusic #HeavyMetal #MusicalInfluences

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 months ago

#Metal #judaspriest gtfoh InCel Rob is a god @TheMetalDog
You know it

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

Conversation with my son just now...
TheMetalDog: Judas Priest will release the 1st single from Invincible Shield this Friday. I'll let you know.

TheMetalKid: Cool! I'll probably wake up and check.

TheMetalDog: You too huh?

TheMetalFamily: Hehe /nods

🤘 😎

#JudasPriest #Metal

2 months ago

My upcoming #MetalheadConcerts

👉 2024-04-01, Vienna: #JudasPriest (#Saxon, #UriahHeep)

3 months ago

You are allowed to bring one, and only one of the following albums on a deserted island.

Which one will you pick?

(boosts appreciated)

#DesertedIslandPoll #JudasPriest #IronMaiden

The Warlock
3 months ago

@TheMetalDog Holy SMOKES! I picked up Rob's book tonight and it is FANTASTIC! I'm still in the early chapters, but it is such a well written memoir. It amazes me how similar Rob's childhood was to my own. I am really looking forward to getting to the meat of it! Thank you so much for prodding me! 🤘

#HeavyMetal #Metal #RobHalford #Confess #MetalGod #JudasPriest

Rob Halford's autobiography "Confess". 

Rob Halford is the lead singer of the band Judas Priest, is known as the Metal God, and was one of my heroes growing up.
5 months ago

Now Listening To:
"Point of Entry" (1981)
--Judas Priest
Track list includes:
"Heading Out to the Highway"
"Desert Plains"
"Hot Rockin"

image of album cover of Judas Priest's Point of Entry
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
5 months ago

41 Years Ago: Judas Priest Release 'Screaming for Vengeance'
On July 17, 1982, Judas Priest saw their star rise with the release of the 'Screaming for Vengeance' album.

#JudasPriest #ScreamingForVengeance #Anniversary #HeavyMetal #RockandRoll #MusicHistory

Central Bylines
5 months ago

Cats, comics and Judas Priest. Why moral panics in our society are nothing new.

#Bylines #cats #Comics #JudasPriest #Panic

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
5 months ago

What’s to stop me buying this? #JudasPriest #Metal #HeavyMetal

If you're subscribed to Bill McClintock on YouTube, you already know. But if not, here's one of his newer mashups that is INSANELY good.

James Brown and Judas Priest:

And this is the one that got me hooked to Bill's weird mashup work a few years back.

Sabbath and Temptations:

#metal #soul #motown #mashups #JamesBrown #JudasPriest #HeavyMetal #BlackSabbath #Temptations #TheTemptations

it's kat! 🍉
6 months ago

with all apologies to the inestimable joan baez, this version of 'diamonds & rust' by prudest yeast still slaps.
#metal #music #joanBaez #judasPriest

6 months ago

My last concerts I've been to was the biblical gathering of Exodus and Testament a minute before Corona hit.

My next? It's gonna be this one:

... although I hope to sneak in another one until then.

#JudasPriest #Saxon #UriahHeep

Lineup graphic of the Metal Masters event in Vienna, headlining Judas Priest with Saxon and Uriah Heep
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
7 months ago

I asked #ChatGPT to rewrite "#Painkiller" by #JudasPriest from the POV of a bad #gardener, aka "#Plant killer".

It took a few tries and some tuning, but now this is what I'll be singing:

Faster than a weed sprout
Terrifying wilt
Enraged by my own failure
I'm a gardener, full of guilt

Killing all the greenery
Leaves withering away
My touch brings devastation every day

I am the Plant Killer
This is the Plant Killer


Let me know if you want to see the full thing!


Jons Mostovojs
7 months ago

Sorry for a #spotify link, but I've went through three albums of #CrimsonGlory, and that's the playlist of good speed / heavy metal. It's kinda like #JudasPriest, but their lyrics aren't cringe.

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
7 months ago
ChatGPT making things up about the article:
Pink, a pop star widely known for her powerful and emotional melodies, took on a more heavier and bolder tone for her single “Judas”. Revealing that the song was inspired by Judas Priest, Pink went on to thank and show her appreciation to Rob Halford the lead singer of the band. With Rob Halford, himself expressing his joy for the mention, Pink could safely say she is a major fan of the heavy metal gods. Heavy metal and rock fans everywhere are surely elated after Pink confirmed her fandom of Rob Halford and Judas Priest.