@RetRead_Podcast @zamallama @bookstodon @lombaedi I’m going to comment before blocking this podcast because I don’t appreciate the, in my view, wrong assumption and accusations this account (RetRead) is making. Some of us have circumstances that make ebook readers a better or complementary choice. Forswearing electronics won’t do enough, but enough with the #judgy preaching.

7 months ago

For those who will be spending time with family or social situations & need an adult beverage without the judgment: there is still time to order these for Thursday delivery via amazon. You’re welcome & god speed.
#holidaystress #daydrinking #judgy

Screen shot of Amazon product that is beer  like soca cans (in case your family is judgy about  alcohol)can covers that looks
Michael Tice 🐀
7 months ago

Tesla is not amused with what my partner bought for him a few weeks ago. He is currently giving her side eye.
#DogsOfMastodon #HeterochromiaIridium #Judgy

Since this is his first appearance, I must clarify that he's named after Nikola. Not some car company owned by a piece of shit spoiled rich brat or an 80s Hair Metal band.

A white dog wearing a dinosaur hat giving some serious side eye.
7 months ago
Black cat looks at the camera with an open-mouthed, wide-eyed expression that looks shocked; in the background and orange & white tabby looks at the black cat with a smug, judgy face.