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Die #COP28UAE    ist von Lobbyisten der fossilen Energiekonzerne vereinnahmt worden, das ist schändlich und schreit nach alternativen Konferenzen, die jährlichen Klimakonferenzen #COP28    dürfen in dieser Form nicht weitergeführt werden #EndFossilFuels #EndFossilCrimes #juststopoil

Der Präsident der cop 28 bezweifelt wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse weltweit, Klimakrise

“We are terrified. We need you.”

“Wherever you are, become a climate advocate or activist... Join or start groups pushing for policies that help secure a better future. Contact groups that are active where you are, find out when they meet and attend their meetings."

“If we are to create a liveable future, #ClimateAction must move from being something that others do to something that we all do.”

#COP28 #Ecocide #HumanExtinction #DontLookUp #FossilFuelsKill #JustStopOil

The only measurable "benefit" of each #COP is that, every year, for the past 28 years, hundreds of global leaders and thousands of invitees add an enormous amount of GHG when they fly to and from each #COP, thereby adding their personal humble contribution to the acceleration of #GlobalWarming and #ClimateChange.

It is a "benefit" in that it accelerates the destruction of civilization, perhaps convincing people that there's no higher priority than #VoteGreen.

#JustStopOil #UN #FossilFuelsKill

Sean Boyer
2 days ago

Shut down #oilAndGas today! #JustStopOil! We are burning to death!

"Voluntary action will never be sufficient"

"Regulations are really, really important. You have to ask all oil and gas companies to check for those leaks. There are great new technologies to monitor leaks in real-time and to act on them."

#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #noColonialism #alberta #nb #bc #sk

2 days ago

What a star Chris Packham is. I'm so relieved we have a credible voice to push back against Tory denials and indifference to the climate emergency. Someone we can all get behind. My latest hero.

#ChrisPackham #GretaThunberg #DavidAttenborough #JustStopOil #GetTheToriesOut #Climate #COP28

Colin Macleod
3 days ago

Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels - The Guardian - WTF! #green #JustStopOil

Pinky Floyd
4 days ago
China is building nuclear reactors faster than any other country
Jonathan Wright
4 days ago

COP28: Huge rise in oil production expected from hosts UAE

OK, we can't expect anyone to turn their back upon their main source of income overnight, but the whole world needs to be pulling out the all the stops immediately with a 100% resolute drive to harnessing natural energy - wind turbines, solar panels, hydro. Huge potential not to be missed. US, Canada, Australia, UAE, SaudiArabia, ...

#COP28 #GreenEnergy #JustStopOil #GretaThunberg

4 days ago

Es gibt keine Wahl
Energiekonzerne enteignen @RWE_AG #EON #Leag
Die Verursacher der #Klimakrise @Shell @bp_Deutschland @ExxonMobil_GER etc zerschlagen,sie sind unbeirrbar & führen uns in die #Klimakatastrophe um den "letzten Profit" zu erwirtschaften
#EndFossilFuels #JustStopOil

Wer ist für die Klimakrise verantwortlich, Schaubild
Antonio Guterres, i have a message for fossil fuel companies
Jack of all trades
5 days ago

This is really interesting. According to this video, the refining process for oil could be altered in such a way that less (or even no) fuel is produced and instead the output consists mostly of petrochemicals.

It directly contradicts what Nate Hagens said in his Just Stop Oil video:

If the former is true, a drop in gasoline demand _would_ reduce the amount of oil used.

#ClimateChange #JustStopOil #oil #NateHagens

5 days ago

Fakt ist, die Bundesregierung hat das #klimaschutzgesetz gebrochen und die @Die_Gruenen sind Teil dieser Politik, wie klein sollen die politischen Schritte in der Kompromissampel🚦 noch werden

zDF heute journal Jennifer Morgan wir sind auf dem Weg
5 days ago

Da werden 200 Millionen freigesetzt für besonders vom #Klimawandel betroffene Länder/als Erfolg der #COP28UAE    gefeiert,geht's noch
➡️'Entmachtung und Zerschlagung der übermächtigen Fossilkonzerne' muss das Ziel sein!
Energiekonzerne enteignen @RWE_AG
#EndFossilFuels #juststopoil

Halle Verkehrt, Entmachtung und Zerschlagung der übermächtigen Fossilkonzerne
Schaubild wer ist verantwortlich für die Klimakrise
5 days ago

@jon I suppose we just have to support those who are at least trying, and who some kind of a voice. Which you are doing, and so is the Guardian with its constant coverage of possible climate solutions. No doomerism!

#FlightFree #GretaThunberg #DavidAttenburgh #JustStopOil #GetTheToriesOut #COP28 #SadikKhan #ULEZ #Climate #ChrisPackham

kim_harding ✅
6 days ago

More than a quarter of newly approved oil and gas blocks fall in marine protected areas
New UK offshore licences for the multinational oil giants Shell and Eni are among those sitting within sensitive conservation sites

#JustStopOil Leave the bloody stuff in the ground!!

6 days ago

UAE, GDP $500bn mostly from FF, pledges $0.1bn to the Loss & Damage fund, and will increase FF production.

India commits to Coal as their major energy source for years to come: currently adding 17GW Coal power stations per year.

Edit: The USA, GDP $26240bn and the biggest polluter and building 7 more LNG export terminals, pledges $0.0175bn to the Loss and Damage Fund. Incredible, but a statement not to be missed.

Phase out FF in less than 10 years?

#ClimateCrisis #Capitalism #JustStopOil #Degrowth

1 week ago

Fleisch soll also auf der #COP28 als "nachhaltige Ernährung" eingestuft werden ... Und Öl wahrscheinlich als nachhaltiger Klimabeitrag😏, diese #Cop28Dubai ist nur noch lost
#ClimateActionNow #juststopoil

Bill McGuire, The Guardian, COP28 will Fleisch als nachhaltige Ernährung einstufen
ZNet (unofficial)
1 week ago

“At first, I doubted #JustStopOil for its negative tactics, preferring a positive approach to climate #activism. However, the worsening global situation in 2023 changed my perspective. I realized the group serves a crucial role in expressing emotions ignored by mainstream entities.”

The article criticizes toxic positivity, the myth of progress, and the myth of authority, advocating for a realistic acknowledgment of the urgent need for action.


Clinton Anderson SwordForHire
1 week ago
1 week ago

Fcuk me! This song & video makes me cry!!
Song of the year? Very possibly!!!! #JustStopOil

1 week ago

Pariser Klimaziele sind nicht mehr einzuhalten, eine Erderwärmung von zwei bis drei Grad wird wahrscheinlicher
➡️ Die junge Generation ist noch nicht wütend genug
#EndFossilFuels #juststopoil
#ClimateActionNow #letzteGeneration

Wie heiß darf es werden, Schaubild
Schaubild wie viel Grad er hat Heizung wirst du erleben
1 week ago

Von den Pariser Klimazielen 1,5° hat sich die Wissenschaft schon verabschiedet,die 🌐 muss sich auf 2-3° Erderwärmung einstellen,angesichts dieser Entwicklung ist eine Politik der "kleinsten Schritte" @ABaerbock nicht vermittelbar/nicht zu akzeptieren
#juststopoil #EndFossilFuels

Antonio Guterres fordert Ende des fossilen Zeitalters
Anna-Lena Baerbock, Politik der kleinsten Schritte
Schaubild, wie heißt darf es werden
Pinky Floyd
1 week ago
@PatHudsonCartoons eh i think this translates to the USA also. i'll give it a repeat #juststopoil
Whisper of Reason
1 week ago

@tobeB I wish it were a joke, but it's a fact. Moreover, he's going to use #COP28 to sell more oil.

The world has always been somewhat broken, but this level of craziness is new. 30 years ago no serious Western politician could openly deny science.

I barely even pay attention to "official" meetings and statements these days. Whatever free time I have, I dedicate it all to supporting activists. #ExtinctionRebellion #FridaysForFuture #JustStopOil #LetzteGeneration

Frans Weisscher ☘
1 week ago

Mother Nature.
Your future depends on me.
Your actions will determine your fate.

#JustStopOil #Nature #ClimateEmergency

Pinky Floyd
1 week ago
this is not a win #juststopoil
A Virgin Atlantic passenger jet flying from London to New York powered by 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) took off on Tuesday, with the aviation world closely monitoring the flight.
1 week ago

#JustStopOil #EndFossilFuels
Herr @Bundeskanzler beenden Sie die Subventionierung fossiler Energien, Entfernungspauschale/#Dienstwagenprivileg
Führen sie #Kerosinsteuer ein/schaffen sie endlich ein #Tempolimit
@spdbt @spdde @bundeskanzler #gruene

Schaubild umweltschädliche Subventionen
Antonio Guterres fordert Ende des fossilen Zeitalters
Colin Macleod
1 week ago

"Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil" - 😱
#JustStopOil #green

1 week ago

Communities living close to oil fields, where gas is openly burned, are at elevated risk of leukaemia, a BBC News Arabic investigation has revealed.

Profit trumps all. As usual


Pinky Floyd
1 week ago
the truth hurts #juststopoil #infoarmy
DUBAI, Nov 27 (Reuters) - #OPEC Secretary General Haitham Al Ghais on Monday accused the International Energy Agency (IEA) of vilifying the oil and gas industry, in the latest clash between the groups over climate policy.
1 week ago

#Verbrenneraus ist aus den unterschiedlichsten Gründen dringend erforderlich, VW Audi BMW und Co verschlafen die Entwicklung (China!)/zu viele Zulieferer (und Ölindustrie) für den Verbrennungsmotor verdienen noch zu viel Geld

Antriebsvergleich Verbrennermotor Elektromotor
Zeit online Autogipfel beim Bundeskanzler
Pinky Floyd
1 week ago
so #reuters independently produced this but it was sponsored by #exxonmoblie? is that how misinformation works?

we have a startup in our stable working to counter misinformtaion like this,

A UAE-based research center is experimenting with limiting carbon emissions and improving soil quality by using a technology that transforms green waste into a charcoal-like material called biochar. Alice Rizzo reports.
Sean Boyer
2 weeks ago

Why do I look so #pissed off all the time? Ohhhh I don't know... Could it be that we're all #boiling to death from #oligarchs & #oil, meanwhile...

"Canada oil and gas firms to drill 8% more wells next year as emissions target slips"

I'm mad as hell and I want everyone else to be mad as hell, and if you're not mad as hell and I cannot make you mad as hell, I will try again.

#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #JustStopOil #resist

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

"Long sentences handed to two #JustStopOil protesters for scaling the M25 bridge over the Thames are a potential breach of international law and risk silencing public concerns about the environment.

In a strongly worded intervention, Ian Fry, the UN’s rapporteur for #ClimateChange and #HumanRights, said he was “particularly concerned” about the sentences, which were “significantly more severe than previous sentences imposed for this type of offending in the past”."

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 weeks ago

"... significantly more severe than previous sentences imposed for this type of offending in the past"

- Ian Fry, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change

"It is people vs oil, and our government has signalled that it is on the side of oil."

- Morgan Trowland, Just Stop Oil protester, who's currently in prison

#UK #prison #JustStopOil #protest

Once again, the UK is in the sights of the #UnitedNations:

Ian Fry, UN rapporteur for #climatechange & #humanrights, said of sentences handed down on #JustStopOil protesters:

'I am gravely concerned about the potential flow-on effect that the severity of the sentences could have on civil society and the work of activists, expressing concerns about the triple planetary crisis and, in particular, the impacts of climate change on human rights and on future generations'!

Clinton Anderson SwordForHire
2 weeks ago


In my case, I have stopped flying. I travel by train only. If there's no train available to a destination, I don't travel to that destination. Their loss. Simple.

So countries' individual policies don't really affect my stats: the trips are never flights, and any increase in trips are always by train.

I suspect there are many who have been acting responsibly like this for a while, hence the homogeneous results?

#FossilFuelsKill #JustStopOil

Rhinos Worry Me
3 weeks ago

Just Stop Oil activist gets 6 months jail for a slow march:

Incredibly brave, but did *you* see many headlines about it?

We can't keep offering our best people up for arrest. There aren't enough of us.

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #Resistance #JSO #JustStopOil

Queer Lit Cats
3 weeks ago

Pink News: Queer Just Stop Oil protester jailed for six months. Her crime is going on a slow march #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #PhoebePlummer #JustStopOil #Activism #Crime #News #UK

Andrew Thompson
3 weeks ago

@Ruth_Mottram die early! …when wet bulb temp makes the place I am at unliveable. Or maybe in a food riot. #CutEmissionsNOW #JustStopOil #ClimateChaos #SixthMassExtinction #Collapse

3 weeks ago

Polite family friendly march to support just stop oil on Saturday 18 Nov. Whatever their shortcomings, they need grassroots, 'ordinary person' support. I couldn't be more run-of-the-mill, but I still care about climate change. The politicians need pressurising. Please come along!

#Climate #GretaThunberg #JustStopOil #DavidAttenborough #ChrisPackham #UKPolitics

Rhinos Worry Me
3 weeks ago

I had a text last night claiming to be from Just Stop Oil, encouraging me to get involved or donate.

It pointed me to a website claiming to be part of the Action Network, but which was hosted in Ethiopia (

Anyone else seen this scam?

#JustStopOil #JSO

Where's Ellie the Electrician?

Where's our can-do attitude towards fighting climate change?

We Can End Fossil Fuels!

#Energy #EnergyTransition #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #JustStopOil #EndFossilFuels

A "Rosy the Riveter" style poster showing a woman posing standing in front of solar panels, sunflowers, and a barn, with a bright orange sky
Clinton Anderson SwordForHire
3 weeks ago

I donno....

I love in a town where the Bike Advocates we have, have washed their hands of trying to do anything in town... Our City Council got overrun with conservative, regressive, goons who are dead set against doing anything close to #VisionZero... So they organize rides and try to take credit for, things that are happening in The County.

Part of me wants to try to start a Shifter style vlog... To maybe just maybe try to generate a little advocacy... But another part of me figures, the world doesn't need another middle aged white guy, spouting his opinions on the internet...

Feedback/advice/discussion welcome.


Sean Boyer
3 weeks ago

Chances are better than not that **YOU** personally will be affected by a #climateDisaster before the device you're reading this on is rendered functionally obsolete.

#buildWindNow #buildSolarNow #decarbonise #degrow #noBillionaires #noOligarchs #resist #vote #JustStopOil #ExtinctionRebllion

Peter Private
4 weeks ago

This is the incredible story of six Greenpeace activists who boarded and occupied a Shell oil platform. The protest continued for 13 days and almost 4,000km. These activists are absolute heroes!


4 weeks ago

Oil and gas ‘not the problem’ for climate, says UK’s net zero minister

I’m loving the typo on Stuart’s photo, “Neet Zero Minister”. 🤣

There’s nothing Neet about that idiot’s irreconcilable logic bomb. Dumbfudgery of the highest order from yet another here-today-gone-tomorrow junior minister. They offer them up like mice to a python. Somebody teach him about carbon budgets, ffs. 🤦🏻‍♂️

#NoNewOil #JustStopOil

#climateinaction #ClimateCrisis

1 month ago

“In all honesty, I have no idea if Just Stop Oil will be able to carry on campaigning in the way it does today. It could just turn out to be another “massively disruptive flash in the pan”. That would be sad – but not game-changing. There will always be a way to give voice to the kind of crystal-clear logic that informs Just Stop Oil’s work, a way to convert that logic into courageous deeds.”

1 month ago

“Having said that, I do find myself asking if it really makes sense to continue with tactics which almost certainly alienate more people than they win over, handing our right-wing media limitless opportunities to attack not just the tactics of Just Stop Oil but the cause itself.”

1 month ago

“Just Stop Oil initially focused its actions on oil and gas installations, but this got harder and harder as the injunctions multiplied and the full force of the law became more and more draconian. Its current tactics (including both high profile protests at sporting events and art galleries, as well as its slow marches) have certainly succeeded in getting far more media attention.”

it's kat! 🍉
1 month ago

england is full of flag-&-monument-shaggers. yvette cooper (bleurgh) on #juststopoil impeding traffic at whitehall: 'targeting the cenotaph is totally unacceptable. full support for the police in taking necessary enforcement action'.
#justStopOil #london #cenotaph #climateChange

1 month ago

#JustStopOil #protesters arrested after 10 minutes under UK’s ‘repressive’ new #AntiProtestLaws

The #UK is following in other #European countries footsteps with new powers to break up the #climate group's slow marches.

By Euronews Green
Published on 31/10/2023

"More than 60 #CimateActivists have been arrested in #London under the UK’s 'repressive' new anti-protest laws.

"Just Stop Oil protesters were taking part in a ‘slow march’ around Parliament Square yesterday morning (30 October), demanding an end to new #oil and #gas licenses.

"Within 10 minutes, Metropolitan police arrived - blocking their path and forcing activists off the road. When this proved unsuccessful, videos and photos show police kneeling on and handcuffing protesters, before carrying them into vans.

"This is the first time that the Met have made arrests under section 7 of the #PublicOrderAct 2023, which bans any activity that 'interferes with the use or operation of any key national infrastructure in #England and #Wales.'

"It’s part of a wider European crackdown on #DirectAction protests. #France and #Germany have taken an #AntiTerror approach to some #demonstrations; toughening #surveillance and #detention laws and even launching dawn raids on the homes of #LastGeneration members."

Read more:

#BigOilAndGas #Fascism #Corporatocracy #ClimateJustice #OilAndGasIndustry #Environment #HumanRights

1 month ago

Just got home after being banned from London and locked in a cell for 54 hours all for marching in the road for 10 minutes. On my train home I saw flooded crop fields and impassable roads due to the storm. The climate crisis is here and it will only get worse unless we stop using fossil fuels and massively change our broken world. #JustStopOil

Paul Barnfather
1 month ago

Want to stop oil? We need to understand how oil works. This fantastic podcast explains all: #juststopoil

1 month ago

I find it difficult and a bit frustrating that many #activist groups - for example #JustStopOil, #SistersUncut and quite a lot of the regional groups for #ExtinctionRebellion - don't have accounts on #Mastodon. I understand they have limited resources, so they focus on social networks like #Instagram, where they have a massive reach, however the risk of corporate owned social media is that their voices could be censored.

Tadzio Mueller
1 month ago

From the 1st climate camp to #JustStopOil: the climate movement has tried to demand ethical & rational behaviour from (or force it on) rich societies.

In the anthropocene, this made sense, because human rationality & all that. But not in the #assholocene.

1 month ago

"Ms Delap, 76, is one of 12 Stop Oil protesters accused of breaching a court injunction aimed at restricting protest and disruption on the motorway.

She told the judge on Tuesday a policeman had greeted her with "some surprise"."

If you're ever on a protest and have doubts for whatever reason, look for a good mix of folk around you. Because you know things are definitely fucky when the grans and grandads are there.

#JustStopOil #UKPol

2 months ago

But good news is, is the regime is going to collapse. Okay? This regime is going to collapse. Whether we do anything or not. That's all right. Don't have to do anything.

You see what you know I'm saying? So I'm doing a little project at the moment. One of my more big projects, which is I go to academics. I'm going to say if I put a gun against your head, that's a metaphor, by the way. Okay? Just in case the Daily Mail's here. Right? I'm not literally going to put a gun against a person's head. I'm a Gandhi guy, remember, don't panic. Right?

Metaphorically, I'm going to put a gun against your head. And you've got to tell me how many hundred million climate refugees have to be before the world trading system collapses.

Which is a euphemism for no pensions. Okay? Just in case anyone's worried about their pension, it's gone guys. Okay? Get a grip.

Tell that to the lecturers. Right? This should be out for climate. Not their fucking pensions. Right? Remember that one? Good. Anyway.

So, how many hundred million refugees do we need before we have the collapse of world capitalism? Which apparently is a good idea according to people that are destroying it. Right? 200 million. That's my average at the moment. Like that means sort of 2030, maybe 2028.

The rate this global regime is committing suicide. It's destroying itself under its own criteria. You see what I'm saying? Well done with that. It's technology. Well, I have to stop shouting. Anyway.

So, the key point here, right? The key point is, like for 30 years we've been going like that, right?

You know how that feeling? Go up against the state. Go up against the corporations. And you're like, oh, that didn't work. Right?

At some point in the next five years, you're going to go, you're going to push through. And we're going to win. Great.

We're going to win. The question is, not whether we're going to win. We're definitely going to win. It's when. Correct. It's when.

How many tipping points will have gone? Right?

So that means we have to be engaged in resistance now. I was going to finish on some high rhetoric.

We're never quite managing it. That is actually the end of my little talk.

Thank you very much.

#JustStopOil #RogerHallam #FreeSpeech #ClimateEmergency

2 months ago

Okay, so what's going on in the last week? What's going on in the last week is humiliation, isn't it?

Humiliation. Everyone in this room is working their bollocks off to actually get the world into some sort of decent state and Rishi, whatever is called, Sunak, what is he called? I never remember these people, I'm no good on names. Anyway, that guy, right?

He comes along and says, we're going to max out on oil. It's me. He's not just saying, oh, we're going to do a little bit of oil or we're going to do a bit of oil. He's saying, we're going to fucking mass max out on it. We're just going to have loads of it. We're just going to destroy everything.

Why is he saying that? Why is he saying that? Why is he humiliating us?

Again. The reason he can humiliate us is because we're not doing what is necessary to stop him. Easy peasy, right? Do you know what I mean?

Everyone's going, oh, isn't it lovely Greenpeace of put a few bits of black cloth over his house. What the fuck?

This is mass fucking murder.

Greenpeace should be initiating mass if you're civil disobedient, shouldn't they? With 12 million fucking pounds a year, right? XR should be having a national emergency meeting saying everyone in XR has to fucking enter into resistance because what's happening is totally fucking disgusting.

That's why he's humiliating us because we're all soft. Right? It's not rocket science. Right?

Look at some history. Right? You need to enter into resistance if you don't want to be humiliated. If you want to have a democratic society, do you all want a democratic society? Do you?

Well, fucking make a line in the sand. Right?

This is what Democrats have done for 300 years. They go, if you cross that line, I will do whatever necessary to stop you.

They don't go, oh, I just shuffled the line a longer bit. See how that works?

People died for this democracy. People need to die in order to stop this fucking disaster happening. That's where we're at. It's not 1995 anymore. Right?

The last speaker was saying, oh, we've got 10 years. Fucking hell, no, we haven't. We've got no years. Okay?

It's physics. It's locked in. Get a grip. Isn't it? It's laughing. Honestly, why is there more people saying this?

So if you have to go off and say this shit, right? There's only about two or three people in the country saying this shit. Maybe just me, I don't understand why I come to festival after festival. And everyone's fucking whaffling.

You have to do it. You have to get up in your groups and say, it's a fucking disaster.

It's a fucking disaster. Honestly. Okay. Good news.

Oh, God, five minutes over, sorry. I'm just doing the theory bit, by the way. India goes going to bring you down to earth.

#JustStopOil #RogerHallam #FreeSpeech #ClimateEmergency

2 months ago

Something else about resistance. The most important thing we have to understand, right? Is we have to act with integrity.

This movement is full of people trying to work out how to be effective. That's not the issue. The question is, how do I act with integrity in my life, given the fuckery that's going on?

That's it. That's the number one question.

And it's quite interesting that the New Statesman said that I am the 34th believe or not, most influential progressive person in the UK. Well done, I know.

All these people sent me emails saying, only number 34. It's really stressful.

The point is, is why did that happen? Because for the last six years, people have said to me, oh Roger, if you say that, you're going to make yourself irrelevant. Oh Roger, if you suggest that, no one's going to listen to you. Oh Roger, if you said that, they're going to cancel you.

And they did cancel me. You know what I mean? There's going to be someone outside the door saying, you mustn't mention the Holocaust. Oh you mustn't talk about, right? Oh you mustn't actually talk about reality. We just want to talk about a livable future. All that shit. You know what I mean?

The reason I'm number 34 is because I talked to you about cannibalism. That wasn't supposed to be a joke. But what I'm trying to say to you is stop stressing about trying to be fucking effective.

The most effective people are the people who don't give a shit about being effective. They're just going to go and fucking do it. Because it's wrong, isn't it? Right?

And what I'm here to tell you as an expert on effectiveness, strangely enough, is the more that you just go and fucking do it, the more effective you're going to be. Right? Relax.

So let's talk about guilt. Get better, doesn't it? Lots of people come into this, this tent and they go, oh my god, Roger Hallam's trying to get me to be arrested again. Oh he's trying to get me to go to jail. Fuck you and all, he never stops. Right? All that shit. Right?

Well I'm here to tell you is the lucky ones, the smart ones of you, are going to end up in prison. The unsmart ones are going to stay in denial, stay in cognitive dissonance, and in 10 years time you're going to be crippled with guilt. You're going to be crippled with guilt. I love saying that as a sociologist, right? I'm not trying to give you a hard time. Honestly, right?

Think about that film, what's called Schindler's List. Have you seen the film? At the end, he cries because he's guilty, he feels guilty. He hasn't saved more Jews. Right? It's human to feel guilty. When people go off to war and people get shot, they come back and they got post-traumatic stress because they lived and the others died, right? You know the routine.

Right? You've seen it in the movies.

In 10 years time, you'll be crying at night because you're just saying, what the fuck was I doing in 2023? What the fuck was I doing? Right? There's hundreds and millions of people starving in India.

The smart move is to enter into resistance now because at least you have done something. That's what counts. We don't know where we're going to win. Who gives a fuck? Right?

We're going to go into resistance because it's fucking the right thing to do. Isn't it? Who cares? Yes! Getting quite enthusiastic, right?

I thought, I'm just going to do a calm speech. I can't, honestly. I thought it was going to be really cool and calm and... Okay, I've got three more minutes. Yeah, that's the tag. That's the frame. They go together.

Everyone knows why it's like this, don't they? And the prison trousers, yeah. I'm trying to be sustainable.


#JustStopOil #RogerHallam #FreeSpeech #ClimateEmergency

2 months ago

If they're going to murder hundreds of millions of people in the global south, do you think they're going to have a problem putting a Welsh farmer in prison for making a 20 minute speech? Do you think they're going to have a problem knocking on your door in 2 years' time?

Oh, you went to see a talk by Roger Hallam. We know your file. You're going to prison.

So if you want to leave now, see how that works. You see, the future is not going to be like the past. I spend a long time studying what resistance looks like. So I have the benefit of knowing the psychology of resistance. The psychology of resistance is to accept that what is happening to you has to happen for you to maintain your integrity.

And a few years ago, I did a talk to some elite students in London, which is a complete waste of time. Because I told them about the psychology of resistance. I said, I'm going to give you three examples of the psychology of where many of you are going to find yourselves in the next decade.

First of all, in the independence like struggling Kenya, many of the rebels got tortured by the British. And there was a story of these guys that were caught. And they were going to be tortured, but they were calm. Because they knew the British were going to torture them. Because they knew what the British were capable of doing. So they were calm because they expected it. They weren't resistant because they expected it to happen. Can you imagine that?

And there was an anthropologist I read about who went to a tribe in Burma. And they were getting invaded by the Japanese. And they knew they had to go to war. And this tribe had a ceremony. And they put on their war costumes. They put on their paints and all the rest of it. There was no crying. There was no drama. Because they knew this was what life demanded of them.

This is what life means. That sometimes you have to put your life on the line.

That's what life means.

So they calmly went through the ceremony.

And in the Second World War, this guy I can't remember, was a book called Life and Fate. And it was all about the Russians on the Eastern Front. And the tank drivers were going into battle. And they were all calm. Because they knew they were going to die. They'd accept it. So they were calm.

So what I'm trying to say to you all is there's another side to your fear. There's another side to all that drama in your head. And Roger Hallam is telling you you have to go into resistance.

And you're scared.
And you're traumatized.
And all the rest of it.

There's another side of calmness. If after this talk, the police appear there. And they take me to prison for four months. I'm calm. Because I expect it. Because we're dealing with a regime that is destroying the lives of millions of people.

Now, this is nothing about the green movement. It's nothing about environmentalism. It's about fucking evil. That's what we're talking about. That's why just the boy who is the number one campaign in the UK.

Because it's full of people that have got it into their heads. This is a totally fucked situation. And they're not going to stand for it.

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2 months ago

But let's not leave it like that. Let's just do what happens in academia quite a lot, which is actually study starvation. So I was listening to a podcast the other day and there was a mass starvation episode in Russia in 1921 10 million Russians died. And guess what happened? There was mass cannibalism. Wasn't there?

When did the climate movement last talk about cannibalism?

Sort of a joke, sort of isn't it? Like I was talking to a researcher the other day, he said, you have to understand Roger, but starvation means you see your animals die. Then you see your children die, and then you die.

In other words, starvation is the imposition of an astronomically evil form of suffering imposed upon millions of people. It's a crime beyond crimes to make people starve. And I've been on a few hunger strikes and tell you, not eating is hell.

So we could leave it there, couldn't we? That was a little bit setting, but we could leave it there.

But let's not leave it there. Let's talk about Adolf Eichmann. So while I was in prison, I read Eichmann in Jerusalem, you might notice guy, he was a Nazi, and he was responsible for transporting the Jews and other groups to the concentration camps, and he was in on trial, and you know what he said?

He said, nothing to do with me, nothing to do with me, I was just responsible for transporting these people. I didn't kill them. I wasn't responsible. I was the bit that I did was just the transport. I was following the law. I was following orders, right?

So in 10 years time, when the oil executives are taking to court by the next generation, and they will be, you know what they're going to say? I was just responsible for putting carbon into the atmosphere. I wasn't responsible for deliberately starving millions of people.

And you know the next generation is going to say, bollocks! Right? The Israelis found him guilty, and they hanged him. This is not a technical situation. It is a project of mass death imposed upon hundreds of millions of people by the elites.

That's what's going on.

And if you know, if you know this is happening, you have no choice but to enter into resistance.

You don't enter into resistance because of climate change. You enter into resistance because you know the elites that rule this country are imposing torture and death on tens of millions of people by digging up more oil in the North Sea.

That changes everything, doesn't it? That changes everything. If it's just climate change, sign the petition, yeah? If your rulers are destroying the lives of millions of innocent people, you have to fucking rebel. Otherwise, why are you here for?

Why are you here for?
What sort of person are you?

If you do not enter into resistance on the basis of the obscenity of what is happening. Now. So that brings us to resistance, right?

Let's look at resistance. Last November, the police came to my house, arrested me for making a speech and put me in prison. 50 people were put into prison that weekend. The guy next to me, he was in tears in prison, right? I put my arm around him and I said to him, this is our life now. This is our life now. And he came round and said, yeah, it is, isn't it?

When you enter into resistance, you expect to be put into prison. It was fine with me because I've been to prison many times. This is your future, right? Half the people in this room will be going to prison in the next 10 years. Where do you think you're going or not?

Think about it. You're 1% of the green gathering, which is half a 1% of the people in the UK, right? You're the people that come into this room. You'll be going to prison and my advice is accept it. Accept you're going to be going.

I didn't want to go to prison, by the way. I just made a 20 minute speech. I wasn't asking to go to prison. They put me in prison for 4 months and making a speech. Because that's where we're up to with this regime.

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2 months ago

[Opening lines not properly transcribed]

I'm sure we all know the situation, don't we? But I'm still going to talk about it. So last week, it was on the headlines, I think it was headline in the Guardian, the AMOC current is going to change around 2050, maybe 2025.

Does anyone know about this? They said it's going to create climate chaos.

So what it actually means is that at some point before 2050, the currents are going to change in the North Atlantic, and temperatures in Europe are going to collapse overnight between three and five, three and eight degrees, eight degrees centigrade overnight.

So as some of you may know, I used to be a farmer, so I think if you went to Wales where I used to farm, and you said to a farmer, are you going to be able to grow food if the temperature collapses by eight degrees, you'll know what they're going to say, right?

Which is good luck with that. Good luck with that.

And George Monbiot wrote a nice euphemistic piece about it, and he said this could affect the rainfalls in the tropics.

So I went on the link and the scientific paper in section 3.2.1, feel free to look it up, says, when the AMOC changes, it will reduce rainfall in India by 70%. It will reduce the monsoon by 70%. It didn't say it could, it said it would. It would reduce rainfall in India by 70%. Which of course is an estimate, so it could be a lot more, right? And it's a average, which means one year in four, it will be 90%.

So what all these articles didn't want to mention is that this is going to cause mass starvation, isn't it? Isn't it? But didn't say that, the title in the Guardian said it's going to create climate chaos, who gives a fuck about climate chaos, right?

The shudder part is going to create mass starvation in the British Isles in the next 25 years. Then maybe something would have happened, right? So what does starvation mean? Oh, that's going to create starvation. Oh dear, let's leave it like that.

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2 months ago

Just Stop Oil co-founders Indigo Rumbelow and Roger Hallam were arrested this morning for speeches they'd given at the Green Gathering Festival over the summer.

Here's Hallam's offending speech (via JSO on :birdsite:​) -- will put transcript in next toot(s)

#JustStopOil #FreeSpeech #ClimateEmergency

Roger Hallam giving a speech, standing in front of a tent with colourful bunting, and a placard stating 'The SpeakerS Forum'. A person is sitting half in view on a chair on the right side of the image.

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2 months ago

Two of #JustStopOil's co-founders were arrested this morning. Their crimes? Giving two short speeches at a festival this summer about the campaign.

#gretathunberg was arrested for protesting an oil conference.

The illegitimate #uk government is out of control.

#climatecrisis #climatechaos #capitalism

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