Elias Probst
8 hours ago

@tomxcd started 1999 with CorelLinux 1.0 (yes, #Corel really produced their own distribution back then) and I've been using my beloved #KDE ever since then!

Corconegre :estelada:
14 hours ago

@violistevalencia #manjaro amb #kde
Canvi recent de #gnome fresquet de fa 2 setmanes.
De moment molt content em galta provar alguns jocs.

Funky Buddha
14 hours ago

#ZorinOS Lite (basically #Ubuntu + #KDE)

#Librewolf cannot download any files
#Mullavad browser cannot download any files
#Brave downloads any file I want

All 3 from #flatpak

Can anybody let me know what’s going on? Suddenly I feel like a Flathub noob
Never had this problem in Ubuntu. Does KDE have anything to do with this?

#linux #permissions #sandbox

Carl Schwan :kde:
16 hours ago

I added a custom extractor to #KDE Itinerary to extract tickets from a local Berlin cinema business.

And yes I'm pretty hyped about the new Spiderman :)

Ticket confirmation for Spider-Man Across the spider verse with the metadata extracted in KMail

Ideally, I am looking for something that I can open with a keyboard shortcut/mouse-click on the taskbar. Then, in the opened window view the open todos, and mark them as done as necessary. Editing/Adding/Removing would be a big plus but not a hard requirement (can do this also on my phone).

#linux #kde #nextcloud #todolist

Question to the #Linux #KDE and #nextcloud users: Is there a tasklist/todo-list tool with the following features?
* synchronisation with Nextcloud tasklists
* taskbar/desktop widget
* ability to create/mark/edit tasks in multiple lists
* lists should be displayed separately from each other

I know that Korganizer supports task-lists but it shows all entries from all lists in a single list, which is a bit messy. But so far, I could not find anything similar.

21 hours ago

#kdeneon #linux

Neues #Update von #KDE installiert.
Ich hab es mir gezwungenermaßen zur Routine werden lassen, nach einem größeren Update meine meistgenutzten Programme durchzugehen, was kaputt ist oder größere #Änderungen hat.
Aktuell zwei Dinge gefunden, die mich schon wieder stören 😒
Bei #Kontact wurde die Übersichtsseite entfernt, also eigentlich kann man auswählen, dass bei Start des Programms diese Seite angezeigt werden soll. Das geht aber nicht, sondern das Programm setzt bei jedem Start willkürlich, welche Komponente angezeigt wird. 🙄 Ich fand diese Übersichtsseite für Termine, Aufgaben, Notizen etc sehr gut.
Und bei #Spectacle, dem Screenshot-Tool, wurden gleich mehrere Änderungen gemacht, so dass man erstmal wieder schauen muss, was wo welche Funktionen da sind.
Mal sehen, was ich noch so finde... bei Firefox hat es mal wieder die Spracheinstellungen ins Englische verändert... aber das kenn ich schon, ist jedesmal so.
Irgendwie hasse ich Updates.
Andererseits gibt es manchmal auch gute Dinge, die geändert werden.
Mmpf. 🙄

1 day ago

How do I make dialog boxes readable on 23.04 and change menu type? #kde #themes #colors

Mathias Renner
1 day ago #KDE Neon comes with a built-in energy consumption viz. This is great! @kde @kde_community #operatingsystem #os #linux #green

Kubuntu Focus
2 days ago

The #Linux Systems to get you going!

These just-works Linux systems featuring Kubuntu 22.04 LTS and the beautiful and intuitive #KDE desktop are meant to help you with any task and make it fun too!
See more at:

#Code #Data #Developers #ML #Engineers #Laptop #Desktop #AI #Creators #DataScience #Graphics

Yuki 🐰
2 days ago

heyo #Linux / #KDE Bubble :v
gibts ne möglichkeit wie ich mit das mit mittlerer Maustaste pasten in jeden Programm deaktivieren kann *außer* in der Konsole? :D

MsDropbear 🌈♀
2 days ago

@mathiasringhof Hello. Tbh, IMO the way #KDE categorises, names & discusses various parts of its "software package infrastructure" is confusing, indeed even baffling, for many potential users. I'll use #ArchLinux as my comparator here, given that Arch keeps up nicely with the KDE release cycle, unlike Debian.

At the moment...

#Arch #KDEPlasma:
- #Plasma = 5.27.5
- #Gear = 23.04.1
- #Frameworks = 5.106.0

Do these Wikipedia articles help you to understand the differences?


So, for instance, if a distro uses old versions of Gear, users will be stuck with old versions of important user-apps like #Dolphin, #Kate, #Konsole. Otoh, with old versions of Frameworks, users are stuck with superseded versions of "behind the scenes" system-tools & libraries like KActivities, KIO, Kirigami. Finally, Plasma itself provides the actual desktop experience. IMO distros really MUST keep up with Plasma, but i sincerely believe that to then fall behind on Gear & Frameworks leaves users with a non-optimal total experience.

Till Kamppeter
2 days ago

@popey Good old times back in 2004! I was still at #MandrakeSoft (#Mandriva) in #Paris. Mandriva had #KDE as default and #GNOME only as alternative, but still have often seen these window decorations, especially on conferences ... My last kernel compilations were only before my time at Mandrakesoft as sysadmin 1997-2000 where I had my first contact with Linux and free software (#SUSE 5.1) Printing is all-userspace, lots of poor-student-desperate-to-print created drivers for cheapo printers ...

Mohammad Kazemi
2 days ago

#ایگ اگه از میزکار #پلاسما :kde: استفاده می‌کنید، احتمالا با #KRunner آشنایی دارید (با alt+space باز می‌شه).

قابلیت‌هاش خیلی زیاده. یکیش اینه که کلی کلمه کلیدی داره که می‌تونید به سرعت داخل وبسایت‌های مختلف یه چیزی رو جستجو کنید. مثلا ddg برای داک‌داک‌گو یا aw برای ویکی‌آرچ یا wp برای ویکی‌پدیا و کلی چیز دیگه.
می‌تونید کلمات کلیدی جدید هم بهش اضافه کنید.

(البته خود فایرفاکس هم با نوشتن @ این امکان رو بهتون می‌ده، ولی اگر توی مرورگر نباشید این سریع‌تره :)) )

#KDE #نرم‌افزار_آزاد

KRunner Web Search Keywords Settings
Searching in KRunner for
wa: integrate(tan(x^2+1))
MsDropbear 🌈♀
2 days ago


Indeed, i also adopted some of that same logic, for not entirely dissimilar reasons.

My tower is dual-boot. Primary, being my daily driver, is #Arch #KDEPlasma. Secondary, has varied over the years, but for a couple of years now is #SparkyLinux Testing/Semi-Rolling #Cinnamon. I specifically went for a Debian there, knowing i'd hardly be using this secondary-boot, ie, long time between doing updates, & so didn't want something that was "time-sensitive fragile" [looking at you, Arch keyring!]. I weakened though & just could not bring myself to go full Debian Stable 😜

My laptop has had numerous penguins over the years, including various rollers, but i reached the point a few years ago that i did not wanna have to be maintaining rollers on *both* pooters anymore, so i most recently took lappy towards the more conservative side too. Secondary boot is #MXLinux #Xfce [ie, frozen in amber, heehee], whilst primary atm is #Fedora #Xfce+#KDE [ie, again, my despair over ancient pkgs stopped me going "full stable"].

Best wishes.

2 days ago

I think this isn't too shabby for my little ThinkPad. No glowing edges messing with Yakuake.

#KDE #Plasma

A screenshot of a plasma desktop. The theme is a dark purple theme, with transparency. It works nicely with the nebula wallpaper, giving the whole thing a bit of a sci-fi feel.
2 days ago

#ViernesDeEscritorio #openSUSE
#KDE #Plasma
Lanzador de aplicaciones a pantalla completa.
Buen finde.

2 days ago
Fabian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2 days ago

The #KDE configuration option for the #Plasma #Splashscreens is such a niche setting. I now have an ultra cute cat animation but I see it only once a day, after the first login..

Animation directlink (github): (sorry, Mastodon didnt let me to directly attach the gif)

2 days ago

is there a way in #kde to make the little gap stay
i want the menu to not be at the end so it matches the floating panel and the start icon but it keeps resettinggg

KDE España
2 days ago

Buenas, ¿sabéis que en el Fediverso se pueden seguir etiquetas? Y dentro de nada tenemos la #AkademyES (podéis pinchar y os dará la opción de seguir) 😉 😉

Hay quien usa #AkademyES2023 (aunque la etiqueta oficial es la primera sin el año)

Por cierto, como buena práctica es mejor usarla "Capitalizando" cada primera letra de cada palabra por accesibilidad.

Y ya de paso os pasamos algunas más de la comunidad por si os sirven:

#KDEexpress #KDEplasma #Akademy (la internacional) #KDE #Plasma6

Icono para seguir etiquetas en Mastodon

My AksDark colorscheme has a name now!

* Revontuli *

Feel free to try it out, it's the same but there may be tiny tweaks.

Currently supports:
- Helix
- Jetbrains IDE's
- Kate
- Konsole
- KDE Plasma
- VSCode / VSCodium
- Vim / Neovim

Will be uploading the #KDE related themes to KDE store soon.

Revontuli is finnish and means "northern light." Thanks to @tecsiederp for the name and general help with the color scheme whenever I have had questions about it.

Screenshot of Konsole window showcasing the terminal colorscheme of Revontuli theme.
3 days ago

Debian 12 Will Deliver the Latest Plasma 5.27.5 to Users

A week before the release of Debian 12 (Bookworm), users can rejoice – they will receive the most recent version of KDE Plasma 5.27.5 LTS.

#Linux #opensource #KDE #Debian

3 days ago
Aerial photograph of Malaga, Spain.
3 days ago

Learn about #SustainableSoftware at KDE's #Akademy 2023.

Join in person or online!

Sat. 15 July
- 11:15-12:25: Panel "KDE Goals" (with Sustainable Software)
- 12:30-13:00: Talk "Measuring energy consumption of software", Volker Krause [1]

Sun. 16 July
- 14:30-15:10: Talk "Selenium GUI Testing", Harald Sitter [2] (for energy tests, among others)

Timezone EEST (UTC+03:00)

@akademy @VolkerKrause @sitter

#KDE #KDEEco #BE4FOSS #FEEP #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Sustainability #Environment

Image showing a sketch and the text: "Going to Akademy 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece"
3 days ago

Es #viernesdeescritorio y no sólo de #GNOME vive el linuxero. Llevo unos días probando a fondo #KDE #Plasma en #endeavouros, una distro basada en #arch que ya conocía bien pero que nunca había instalado con este #desktop en concreto. Me está funcionando tan bien que me estoy planteando convertir esto en mi entorno de producción. Va de maravilla.

3 days ago

#Linux #Wayland #KDE #QT #opensource #FreeSoftware
I won't be switching to Wayland until this issue in Audacious is finally fixed:

3 days ago

Made a 3D interpretation of the openSUSE login splash screen in Blender.

(There's a bit of denoise flicker but it will do for now. Using Super Image Denoiser helped a bit. Really cool plugin.)

I currently have the QML file play it as an image sequence. If (anyone sees this post and) could help me out with how to play a video file in QML it'd be very appreciated. :)

#openSUSE #linux #blender3d #kde

Sam J Sharpe
3 days ago

@neil I looked at this as Samsung DEX is deprecated on macOS and I recently reactivated my 2010 era desktop and am running #Fedora and #KDE on it. The macOS client is buggy, but that's OK, it's beta.

I'm going to try the Linux client tomorrow. I don't see a plugin to show the whole phone screen and run apps like DEX does, but maybe I don't need that. For free software working across a wide variety of OS and platforms it seems pretty stonking at first glance.

3 days ago

The SiFive Vision2 #riscv board has exceeded *all* my expectations about small-board-computer "bring up" for the #KDE community -- it has documentation, up to date Linux kernel, a reasonable graphics stack, etc.

r/KDE turned on a pride themed #KDE logo, and the professional contrarians therein are like "You will scare away bigoted contributors/participants!"

I am so fucking sick of this reality.

I love the #KDE #pride logo!

4 days ago
4 days ago

@Suzie97 I know of #GCompris on the #KDE side:

I've never used it though, so can't speak to how nicely it's designed.

4 days ago

#NixOS 23.05 Released with #GNOME 44, #KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS, and #Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS, Support for Latest #Budgie, Pantheon, and Cinnamon Desktops


Screenshot of NixOS 23.05 showing the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment and basic system information.
5 days ago

There may be a new post, maybe describing all of the stuff I did for #KDE in May! Maybe, I'm not sure :bunhdthinking:

Plasma 6 changes, a quick update on the Gamepad KCM, a new slew changes in Tokodon (especially for non-KDE users) and some documentation work I started in February!

Screenshot of Tokodon running on GNOME, almost out of the box! No more missions icons! YES!
Jae 🐧 ☕
6 days ago

I will always love the @kde team and kommunity for being so upbeat and inclusive. It's all love. 💞 #KDE #KDEPlasma #Linux$
1 week ago

Well, first #KDE bug after rebasing to Kinoite. Blurry text :P

The "Welcome to KDE Plasma" application. For some reason, the text is very blurry.
1 week ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for May 28th, 2023: #Fedora Onyx, #Nitrux 2.8.1, MX Linux 23 beta, more #KDE Plasma 6 goodies, Mesa 23.1.1, Cartridges review, new features in #Firefox 115, and much more

#OpenSource #FOSS #Linux

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for May 28th, 2023
Carl Schwan :kde:
1 week ago

I just fixed another crash in Akonadi which was affecting many users of Google Calendar and Contact :) #kde

1 week ago

@jdeisenberg I am not sure about #KDE in GNOME the keyring service handles that type of thing

1 week ago

MX Linux 23 Is Now Available for Public Beta Testing with #Xfce 4.18, #KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS, #PipeWire, and #Debian 12 “Bookworm” Base

#MXLinux #OpenSource #Linux

MX Linux 23 Beta
ricardo :mastodon:
1 week ago

#KDE neon Unstable Begins Transition to #Plasma6 :kdeneon:

idk what they did to krunner, but it constantly closes when I'm trying to use the calculator functionality even if I pin it... #kde
1 week ago

KDE neon Unstable Begins Transition to Plasma 6 #kde #plasma

I’ve been moving my #kde #plasma setup on my personal laptop from #xorg to #wayland, and although a little bit bumpy at the beginning (mainly due to lack of knowledge), I’m almost ready to drop Xorg altogether.

Really interesting process that has let me learn a little bit about graphic cards / gpus - I don’t usually game 😅

I’ll be writing a blog post soon :arch:

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
1 week ago

In this week's #Linux, #OpenSource and #Privacy News video, we have #Fedora #KDE proposing to drop X11 when Plasma 6 is out, a nasty vulnerability in #Android and its fingerprint reader implementation, #Meta receiving an enormous $1.3B fine from the EU, and Intel proposing a new x86 architecture that would drop bare metal support for 32 and 16 bit:

Be part of Linux App Summit 2024! We are already looking for the location of our next event. What about near you? Send in your proposal and let's get things rolling!

#LAS2024 #LinuxAppSummit #opensource #KDE #GNOME

GIF of the earth rotating
2 weeks ago

@forteller That's why I use #KDE. I can do whatever I want. Just saying...

2 weeks ago

The latest #KDE Plasma 5.27.5 and KDE Frameworks 5.106 releases have landed in the #Kubuntu Backports PPA for Lunar Lobster (#Ubuntu 23.04) users

@kde #Linux #OpenSource

2 weeks ago

Dear #lazyweb,
Can anyone recommend a decent, non Microsoft wireless keyboard (or mouse combo) that works well with #Linux?

I'm on #Neon, a #KDE based #Ubuntu / #Debian derivative by the way.

Reason why #KDE is superior:

Konqi lore.

Elias Probst
2 weeks ago

@russss have you tried #Tellico by #KDE?
It's built to support any kind of collection, but I don't know whether it would also work for electronics components.

Bharath M. Palavalli
3 weeks ago

TIL #KDE has this wonderful project going on called KDE ECO @be4foss, do read more at The aim is to help #foss improve its #energyefficiency.

Volker Krause
3 weeks ago

Some notes on what I did at the #KDE Plasma 6 Sprint last weekend:

Thanks again to @tuxedocomputers for hosting us in Augsburg!

4 weeks ago

"Sustainable Software" is a strategic goal for KDE, focusing on minimizing resource consumption and strengthening user autonomy. The aim is to create software that uses fewer natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and promotes user choice and privacy.

Read more from Cornelius Schumacher at the #KDEEco blog:

"What is Sustainable Software, After All?"



#KDE #SustainableSoftware #FEEP #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Sustainability #Environment

The image shows the KDE Eco logo superimposed on top of a bed of greenery. The KDE Eco is a variation on the classic KDE logo of a blue letter K and a gear around it, but the gear is now green with a leaf sprouting on top.
4 weeks ago

#KDE Plasma 5.27.5 Improves Flatpak Permissions Page, Multi-Monitor Support, Plasma Discover, System Settings, Widgets, and More

@kde #Linux #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

KDE Plasma 5.27.5 released
heise online
4 weeks ago

KDE plant Änderungen im Release-Zyklus

Bis KDE Plasma 6 stabil läuft, sind wie bisher vier oder sogar nur drei Monate als Release-Zyklus geplant. Danach sollen Updates alle sechs Monate erscheinen.

#KDE #LinuxundOpenSource #news

Screenshot vom KDE Plasma Desktop
heise online
1 month ago

Nutzliches Tool: KDE ISO Image Writer erstellt bootfähige USB-Sticks

Die Familie der KDE-Anwendungen ist um einen ISO Image Writer reicher. Das Werkzeug erstellt mit drei Mausklicks bootfähige USB-Sticks – auch unter Windows.

#KDE #LinuxundOpenSource #Windows #news

R. L. Dane
1 month ago

I really wish there was some way of making #KDE #Plasma #Yakuake give you two windows or more. I could have a top window for random stuff, and a side window for my todo.txt :D

heise online
1 month ago

Season of KDE 2023: Weitere Schritte zur nachhaltigen Desktop-Umgebung

Acht Studierende haben in zwölf Wochen die Benutzerfreundlichkeit einiger KDE-Anwendungen verbessert und an der Energiemessung von Software gearbeitet.

#Energie #KDE #LinuxundOpenSource #Nachhaltigkeit #Umweltschutz #news

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
1 month ago

In this week's #Linux and #OpenSource news video, we have a plan to add support for HDR and Variable Refresh Rate on Linux, chips from AMD that surpass Apple Silicon, and more dominant position abuse from Microsoft, plus updates on #LinuxMint 21.2, some new #GNOME apps, progress on #KDE Plasma 6, and more!

And also, I'm trying to replace the "walls of scrolling text" with more focused snippets so it's a bit more entertaining to watch! Let me know what you think!

codeHaiku :fosstodon:
1 month ago

So, I finally got around to installing #windows11 Professional Edition in a virtual machine and chose the lightest options possible throughout the install process. It still forces 7 apps into the pinned apps portion of the start menu which were completely unsolicited. They can be uninstalled, but still...

Did I mention this was the Professional Edition?

On a good note, the UI strikes the perfect balance between #kde and #cinnamon. We could use a desktop environment like this in #linux.

windows 11 professional edition start menu with forced commercial apps from other providers
1 month ago

How to hit 3 KDE goals with one proverbial stone!

1. #SustainableSoftware
2. #KDEForAll
3. Automate And Systematize Internal Processes

Learn how Nitin's exciting work on Selenium-AT-SPI in Season of KDE 2023 (#SoK23) made progress in all 3 of KDE's goals at the #KDEEco blog:

Automated testing is crucial for the continued quality of #KDE software. The #Selenium webdriver automates such tests. Selenium-AT-SPI does the same but for #Qt programs.



Screenshot: In the foreground on the left is Konsole, which is running an emulation script using KdeEcoTest. In the background and visible only partially on the right is GCompris, which shows the activities Baby Keyboard, Assemble The Puzzle, and Compare Numbers.

Hello there, my name is Raymond :)

I am just a simple man trying to make my way in the fediverse. I am a big #StarWars fan. I converted to the #Linux side, currently using #GarudaLinux and #KDE. I am a proponent of #FOSS. I am a graphic & web designer in SoCal. I hail from the #GooglePlus system (where I was a Google+ Creator and the "Star Wars guy" there...) . I've been a social media nomad since after the Empire destroyed it back in 2018. RIP :(

Glad to be here. This is where the fun begins!

1 month ago

Meet Kubuntu Focus Ir14, an Affordable, Enterprise-Ready #Linux Laptop Featuring #Kubuntu 22.04 LTS with #KDE Plasma

@kubuntufocus @kde

Kubuntu Focus Ir14 Linux laptop