I went for a walk and couldn’t find any #Korok! 😜 I think I will buy one of these and hide under a rock in front of my house… 😅

#korok got separated from his friend #TotK

Teen kitten named Korok peeks down from a tiny loft accessible to kitties only. Korok is blue-gray and everything else is white. Korok loves to be found. Ya-ha-ha!
Drew Naylor
2 weeks ago

If players (besides me; I view it as too cruel and prefer just dropping their rock back on them after picking it up like in Breath of the Wild) are crucifying Koroks, then who's Korok Jesus? Is that the Great Deku Tree who would also probably be God? Is Hestu the Holy Spirit?

#Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom #crucifixion #BreathOfTheWild #Korok #Jesus

3 weeks ago

Me: "I'm a terrible person. I drop rocks on #Korok heads and laugh every time. The tiny bonk drives me to find more."

Everyone else in #TOTK: "I've invented a machine that spins up to 9 Koroks over a series of powerful flames, grilling them. After this I strap their husks to a rocket and launch them into orbit"

Me: "I'm a decent person."

Joe Lanman
3 weeks ago

playing whack-a-mole adding muted words to avoid Tears of the Kingdom spoilers #korok

3 weeks ago
A korok gets launched into oblivion
1 month ago

Who else is excited for Tears of the Kingdom?! I know I am and so is this little Korok!

#Korok #TearsOfTheKingdom #LegendOfZelda #PixelArt #MastoArt

Pixel art of a forest sprite called a Korok from the video game series: The Legend of Zelda. It has a leaf over it's face with eyes and a mouth. It's body is very round and resembles tree bark. It is standing on a patch of grass and dirt. At the top left of the image there is text that reads "So Excited."
1 month ago

Yahaha. Finally got a bit of colour on this little imp. #FanartFriday #Zelda #botw #korok
(Just one week til #TotK :ablobfoxbongo: )

Clay statue of a Korok nature spirit, ca. 20cm high, painted green with an orange maple leaf and aghast face holes.
Front view

Mira lo que he encontrado en mis archivos, @Miniingrid

¿Cómo se hacen los stickers? 😆

#Yahaha #Korok #BotW #TotK

Un sticker de un Kolog del Zelda Breath of the Wild a color decorado con el texto "Yahaha, you found me!"
Un sticker de un Kolog del Zelda Breath of the Wild en blanco y negro decorado con el texto "Yahaha, motherfuckers"

First post. Idk what to say, so here’s some art I made. #zelda #link #korok #legendofzelda #breathofthewild #tearsofthekingdom

Legend of Zelda. Link cooking food with a korok helping him out
11 months ago

Unclaimed clay turned into sculpture. Poor #korok needs shade, too.
#mastoart #legendofzelda #fanart

Sculpture of a video game character. Wooden body with tiny legs and broad leaf shaping face. Sticknin hand with leaf on to as a sunscreen
Generates "YAh-ha-hah" sound if found in the wild.
1 year ago

I wanted to practice a Steven Universe styled background and thought Makar from zelda would work very well with this piece (I'll post the background separately) #ZeldaBreathoftheWild #korok #zeldafanart #LegendofZelda #StevenUniverse

1 year ago

I was able to participate in the March of the Koroks collaboration! My little buddy is near the 'M' in the final picture, but here they are with their little Deku seed.

#MarchOfTheKoroks #Korok #LegendOfZelda #FanArt #LoZ #Zelda

2 years ago

Yaha-ha! Taking a break from photography to sculpt a bit of fanart. #mastoart #sculpture #clay #zelda #korok

Clay sculpture of a Korok from The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
2 years ago

I wanted to draw Makar but decided to draw him as a Kokiri!

#LegendOfZelda #Linktober #WindWaker #Kokiri #Korok #Makar

Jordan Lynn Gribble
2 years ago

@magpieandlantern Never stop saying "Yahaha". Trick all your friends and family into completing inane puzzles for pennies. Cause mass frustration but be too cute to kill. Become a #korok.

3 years ago

"Chio can be found underneath the Great Deku Tree in the Korok Forest. He explains to Link that the mushroom on his head suddenly sprouted that day, so he had expected something to happen (referring to Link's arrival to Korok Forest)" Wiki

I'm playing BOTW AGAIN! Thanks Quarentine! so, I just got into the KOROK forest and I wanted to draw this little guy! his design is so interesting! I like the detail with the mushrooms in his head. I painted it with Ink markers.
#KOROK #BOTW #Fanart

4 years ago

Link taking a selfie with his new little friends! #Legendofzelda #Korok #BOTW

4 years ago

Wahahah you found me!!!
#korok #BOTW

4 years ago

And like that the stream is done. Today I made some sonas.

Sorry for the shortness. I sometimes wish I could go longer but with my phone as my only way of streaming at the moment I'm limited!

#korok #sona #dragon #robotmaster #megaman #legendofzelda

4 years ago

Karen Corbeill: Ya-ha-ha!

#penguicon #zelda #korok #goh

Posing with Guest of Honor Karen Corbeill, who is wearing a Korok mask from Zelda: Breath of the Wild