Emily King
2 hours ago

Just backed my friend Gary's new card game on Kickstarter.

King of the Nerds - A Total Quiz Night Card Game is a trivia card game.

You decide on a decade and compete to be "King of the Nerds" by answering questions around media from that decade.

More details at the link.

#kickstarter #CardGame #Trivia

:rss: CNET Japan 最新情報 総合
5 hours ago

ロストボールにさようなら、AirTag内蔵ゴルフボール「Airtag Golf Ball」--耐久性は?
#japan_cnet #ゴルフ #Kickstarter

"Tout Va Bien est la série que je transforme en livre de coloriage et en programme d’étude. Si tu souhaites acheter ce dessin du robot ou précommander un exemplaire du livre, c’est sur #Kickstarter qu’il faut le faire! "

E.D.E. Bell
15 hours ago

Q1) Emily, are you going to keep doing this weird choo-choo, shoo-shoo thing til the end?
A: Yes.

Q2) Ok, choo-choo, eh, I get it - what the $$$$ is a shoo-shoo?
A: Share to bring in 5 more backers and find out. #Kickstarter #bookstodon

Raven Oak
16 hours ago

Now that the #Kickstarter has officially launched & you've seen all the goodies, what do you think so far? Are you excited for The Bell Ringer & Other Holiday Tales? If you haven't backed it, at least consider sharing the word!

Raven Oak
16 hours ago

The Bell Ringer & Other Holiday Tales is $47 from unlocking our 2nd stretch goal! That 3rd one though--we can get there! Give it a look, back it, share the word, and help us STRETCH!

#Kickstarter #NewReleases #GoodReads #SFF #SFFArt

17 hours ago

Was neues fürs Brettspiel-Regal. #NeuImRegal #Brettspiele #kickstarter

Paul Baldowski
17 hours ago

We have come a long way in the past two weeks. And we're down to the final 48 hours.

We stand within touching distance of Stretch Goal #4.

We're almost, but not quite, In The Midst Of Shades.

#TTRPG #RPG #Kickstarter #FinalHours

Do you like dungeons and dragons? How about ITEMS and ADJECTIVES? I made a card game and now I'm taking it to Kickstarter!

🚀 Follow it to get notified on launch

🃏Learn more about the game:

#kickstarter #cardGames #boardGames #ttrpg #dnd #tabletop #dungeonsAndDragons #linguistics

The game box, standing upright with a grid of cards around it. The bottom row of cards are all items like battleaxe and quiver; the top row are all "special" cards like UNDO and DRAW; other rows are adjectives like moldy and emerald.
Alaire Racicot
20 hours ago

In case you missed it:
Pilgrim's Dirge #3 is on Kickstarter! 🥳
Pick up the newest issue, or get all three!
We've 30 days to get funded 🙏

Grab your copy (with some extra goodies available!) here:

#comics #indiecomics #webcomics #campaign #kickstarter #crowdfund #scifi #action #adventure #pilgrimsdirge #pilgrimsdirgecomic

21 hours ago

✨ Enamel Pin Kickstarter ✨
We're only one or two pledges away to unlocking this adorable belly-rub inviting calico cat! And three others are already unlocked.

Pledge here:

#Cats #EnamelPins #Kickstarter #CreativeToots #FediGiftShop

Left: mock-up of an enamel pin showing a cat laying on its back and head tilted backwards to look at the viewer. It lays on a stack of books that says "of mice and men", "to kill a mockingbird" and "romeow & juliet". Sunflowers in the background.

Right: text says "unlocks at 2400, Calico Cat. Referenced Titles: of mice and men (John Steinbeck), To kill a mockingbird (Harper Lee), Romeo & Juliet (Willaim Shakespeare)
A Game of Nerds
22 hours ago

In the New Frontier, medicine allows wealthy people to maintain their physical and mental abilities even into old age. For others, there is no cultural tradition that implies respect for the elderly (especially if they are disabled), indeed the undersigned is generally "invited" to leave space and resources. For this purpose, the closest thing to the concept of retirement is to retire to a ranch in wilderness, away from others #kickstarter #ttrpgcommunity

We just launched a new #Kickstarter campaign for #EldritchDefenders!

It's an upcoming #TTRPG where you take on the role of overworked "public defenders" and other contracted lawyers who deal with supernaturally involved cases like demonic pacts and fairy oaths.

Check out the page for more information on the system and gameplay! And to back it, of course.

23 hours ago

Sci-fi/adventure series ‘imPURRfect’ tells the tale of Fat Laila

Bruno idolizes his owner Josiah, and the peaceful, playful life that they have indoors.

#ComicBooks #Previews #Kickstarter

Adriano @ Pesto Comics
1 day ago

We're quickly approaching the end of the campaign. Have you grabbed your copy of Stay Cool yet?

Still on the fence? You can get TWO digest (tankobon) variants for the price of one.

Keep one, give one to a friend or the dog! Up to you!

🔗 in bio

#kickstarter #indiecomics

1 day ago
Raven Oak
1 day ago

Here's a bit about some of the characters in The Bell Ringer & Other Holiday Tales. Lots of spec fic stories & art by me, with intriguing characters for the holidays! More details over at

#Kickstarter #SFF #Art

1 day ago

Hey All!

A virus has been running through the house and I've been pulling OT at work so I haven't been able to push ShoNuff Studios' two amazingly awesome Kickstarters pre-launch.

What I ask if any one can help share, signal boost, help find reviewers and interviews and any thing else to help boost these two great Kickstarters would be a big help.

#comics #kickstarter #indiecomics #indietober

George DeMet
1 day ago
Photo of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 snow globe.
Raven Oak
2 days ago

Hey Seattle! If you're going to be at GeekGirlCon 10/7-10/8, so will I! In fact, I'm gonna have a copy of The Bell Ringer & Other Holiday Tales w/ me! You can come check out all the spec fic stories & artwork (by me) before backing my #Kickstarter. I'll be at the Books & Chains booth in the vendors' hall!

#GeekGirlCon #Seattle #SeattleEvents

:rss: AAPL Ch.
2 days ago

Human Things、UVC対応のiPadで1080p60fpsのゲームキャプチャが可能なHDMIキャプチャボード「Genki ShadowCast 2」の発売キャンペーンを開始。
#applech2 #game #ipad #ipados17 #kickstarter #uvc

Raven Oak
2 days ago

Malley has a message for you about The Bell Ringer & Other Holiday Tales. ½ Art Book. ½ Spec Fic collection. All full-color for you.


E.D.E. Bell
2 days ago

Here's the place, again, on #Kickstarter! Home stretch, and did you know - you don't need to refresh; the numbers roll! It's *great*. It feels great. And I'll be here, watching. Until the last minute.

Ryzom is a FLOSS MMO RPG which has been operating for over a decade. The community bought it out, when it was a commercial flop, and has been maintaining the game and it's code base for ages now. It's AGPL and the assets are CC-BY-SA.

This #Kickstarter here:

Seems VERY likely being done without permission to use Ryzom's trademark. And somehow I suspect they're not intending to abide by the license on their code or assets.

I created an account over at #Ryzom to raise a support ticket about this.

Anyone else know a better way of getting it to their attention? Only the IP holder can raise a trademark issue with #Kickstarter ?

Original legit Ryzom FLOSS MMO here:

#FLOSS #OpenSource #Libre #Crowdfunding #MMO #MMORPG #Videogames #Scam

E.D.E. Bell
2 days ago

I strongly recommend getting over to this - not just because Zig is a good person and a good friend - but for *you*. I think you need some magic in your life. Some breath, some warmth, and yes, - some dream. See you there? #Kickstarter #KickstarterReads #Fantasy #TellMeAStory

Word for Word Bible Comic
2 days ago

KICKSTARTER FULFILMENT: Over the weekend, SIan has been slaving away to get your Kickstarter rewards packaged up. The first 60% or so are going in the post today! (The order of fulfilment is based on backer number so backing early does pay off)

#Kickstarter #kickstartercampaign #Bible #biblestudy #biblecomic #biblecomics #biblecomicbook #biblecomicbooks #comics #bibleillustrations #biblicalart #christianart #christian #niv #nivbible #graphicnovel #graphicnovels #christiancomics

Comic Crusaders
2 days ago

WGA Members/Comic Creators GRANT MORRISON, MATTEO PIZZOLO, and BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS join forces with TV Writers behind THE BOYS, DAREDEVIL, and WINNING TIME for new comic book Celebrating the Power and Success of the Strikes

Pre-orders open today for GENERAL STRIKE, the new comic that will help support...
#comics #black mask #kickstarter #general strike #wga

Adriano @ Pesto Comics
2 days ago

🐪 It's hump day. 🐪
The weekend is in sight -- and so is the end of the campaign for 🔥STAY COOL🔥

There are so many deals and bundles to take advantage of. Don't miss out.

The weekend will be here before you know it.

#kickstarter #ncbd #wednesdaywarriors #indiecomics

Raven Oak
2 days ago

Are you a fan of writer T.J. Deschamps? Love #mythology ? Back my #SpecFic #Kickstarter this week & get the ebook Westside Oracle (& other goodies) for free! Check out my story & art book now at

3 days ago

Repurposing in-game assets for promo art? Don't mind if I do.

Follow on Kickstarter!

#pixelart #rpg #kickstarter #comingsoon #indiegames

Jeremy Bassetti
3 days ago

"The Hill of the Skull" is now a Project We Love on Kickstarter! #ProjectWeLove #Kickstarter #Photobooks #TravelWriting

Raven Oak
3 days ago

It's official! My first #Kickstarter has launched. ½ art book, ½ holiday spec fic collection, it's going to ROCK! Two early bird pricing for you who back in the first 48 hours: $25 ebook + all artwork digital wallpapers. The best one is pictured below. Check it out at:

And we've funded!!

Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
3 days ago

Just backed the Barbara Dane #jazz #blues #folk #doco on #kickstarter , music fam. Give the trailer a looksie. First American artist to visit Cuba, broke the color barrier, etc. Bob Dylan called her a hero. The press of the time called her a "mother of three who also sings" (!)

Halfway funded, ten days left
Les Indés Primés
3 days ago

💰 #Kickstarter

☢️ Plus d'environnements, plus de véhicules, plus de constructions : c'est la proposition du titre de gestion post-apocalyptique Endzone 2 !

📆 avril 2024
🎮 Steam, GOG
🇩🇪 @gentlymadgames

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #videogames

3 days ago

Kickstarter Alert: Professor Dario Bava: Orgy Of The Blood Freaks #2

Rome, 1967: former Vatican exorcist Professor Dario Bava enlists the aid of Sister Sadie to investigate the haunted abbey ruins where his assistant was murdered...

#ComicBooks #Previews #Kickstarter

Mark H
3 days ago

My #Kickstarter rewards for backing the creation of the #Gizmoplex for #MST3K back in 2021 have arrived. Posters, popcorn box, cup, 3D glasses, coin, T-shirt, Blu-ray box set of season 13, stickers, and the surprisingly hefty, musical snowglobe.

A collection of rewards from a Kickstarter campaign laid out, looking down on them from in front and above. Two large posters form the backdrop, both in a cartoon-style. The one on the left is similar to a movie poster in layout with a space theme, a scene of the moon, and various robots and humans floating around. The right-hand poster is more a general grouping of characters from the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 across its many years forming a crowd looking up at the viewer. On top of the posters - arranged around the corners to weigh down them - moving clockwise from top left are:

a box with markings on it to indicate it held a snowglobe;

a snowglobe with a moon scene and a bone-shaped space station on it;

a popcorn box and reusable drinking cup;

a Blu-ray box set containing a series of Mystery Science Theater 3000;

a blue T-shirt with an observatory-like design in white on it and the word "Gizmoplex" beneath;

3D glasses and a commemorative coin; 

two stickers mentioning the Gizmoplex.
Tim Brookes
3 days ago

A great #Oxford weekend for the Endangered Alphabets Project—a homecoming of sorts. Thanks to the dozens of people who organized, attended and supported the events, which represented the first public appearance of my #book Writing Beyond #Writing and which prefigured the #Kickstarter campaign to fund our #Endangered #Alphabets #sudoku book. Stay tuned for more information about both!

Alright, I know it's short notice, but I have terrible luck building up momentum ahead of time anyway.

So, the #Kickstarter for #EldritchDefenders will go live on Thursday, September 28, at 8am EST! #TTRPG

If you haven't checked out the preview page yet, featuring a newly completed, terribly produced video, check it out now:

Christopher Burton 🇺🇦
4 days ago

For my 201st Kickstarter, I've backed The Loaf: Part 2 - Final Issue by Ryan Little and Scott Malin, published by Plastic Sword Press. It seems like it wasn't so long ago that I backed Part 1, but I now realize that I'm 30 Kickstarters hence. I'm looking forward to more cat bread fun in this charming, manga-influenced story.

#Crowdfunding #Kickstarter #Comics #ComicBooks

Joan Albright
4 days ago

You should back this #Kickstarter, because if we hit enough stretch goals, I'll convert my homebrew vehicle creation rules to both #DnD 5E AND #Pathfinder, and include them. 😁

That's right. The ones I mentioned you can use to build anything from a Roomba to the Death Star? Those rules.

Jeremy Bassetti
4 days ago

Friends, the Kickstarter campaign for my new book is live!! 🫣 If you can help me spread the word by sharing on your social media feeds, newsletters, and platforms, it would be a great help. It has taken me a year to put this book together. Needless to say, I’m quite nervous. Here is a direct link to the KS campaign with more info about the book: #Fotomontag #photobook #photobooks #kickstarter #memoir #amWriting

Gary Bunker
4 days ago
4 days ago

How do you communicate that your game doesn't take itself seriously? Make graphics like this for your Kickstarter page.

Follow to be notified when the campaign launches!

#pixelart #rpg #indiegames #aseprite #gamemaker #kickstarter

5 days ago

Less than five days in, and we've unlocked three out of five pins. Let's keep this steady path up and get them all made 💙

Sharing is much appreciated as always!


#EnamelPins #FediGiftShop #CreativeToots #kickstarter #crowdfunding

Mockup of a calico cat enamel pin on a small stack of books with sunflowers. Underneath it are five cat enamel pin designs (top one included) arranged on a progress bar from 0% to 500%.
Top text says "unlocks at 400%"
Dr. Amy H. Sturgis 🎃
5 days ago

I love Open Book Chocolates. They’re a small, Maryland-based, woman-owned business that makes handmade, bean-to-bar, fair trade, literary-inspired chocolate bars. Here’s their latest #Kickstarter. #Books #Chocolate 📚🍫

🕹️ jbz
6 days ago

🕹️ DaemonClaw Neo Geo Snk and Sega Genesis Megadrive Kickstarter 2023/2024

#DaemonClaw #Kickstarter #SegaGenesis #NeoGeo #Retrogaming

Tris Lawrence / tryslora
6 days ago

It's bi visibility day... Support a bi author w/ a bi POV book: Follow this kickstarter for the Twinned trilogy! Carolyn-book 2 POV-is as close to an own voices character as I get. Learning how to college & avoiding dealing with possibly world-ending problems...

#bivisibilityday #kickstarter

Paul Baldowski
6 days ago

A week to go, and more Challenges lie ahead—more exciting Stretch Goals to chase down and surpass. Victorian ghost hunting. Battling Martian warlords in the aftermath of invasion. And solo rules.

Join Our Journey Before It's Too Late!

#Kickstarter #TTRPG #RPG

Want to celebrate daily life wins with unique enamel pins? Back this fab #Kickstarter! There's much more to this offering than I can explain here. Check it out!

Only 1 more day for Early Bird rewards, so don't wait, don't hesitate — please support an amazing #trans illustrator. And remember, pins make great gifts!

(the creator, Dex, is a good friend of mine, & I’ve seen this project from the very first sketch. I believe in it 1000%)
#ADHD #Adulting #trans #LGBTQIA

Adulting and self care gold star pin designs  in a variety of colors and text banners.
The Offline Gamer
1 week ago

Last night we played Save Snowball from Decking Awesome Games. A fab little escape room game with a fun story and theme! You’ll be pleased to know Snowball is now safe, thanks to some help from @dierolling! Check it out on Kickstarter now!

#savesnowball #kickstarter #boardgame #boardgames

1 week ago

The pre-launch page for The Edge of Allegoria #Kickstarter is live!
Please consider following the campaign to be notified on launch!

#indiegame #rpg #comingsoon #pixelart

Fynn Becker
1 week ago

Behold, my goodest friend Dex's kickstarter that I've watched evolve from the very first sketches to this glorious official launch.

Proudly celebrate your daily life wins with cute enamel pins!

Dex is a phenomenal artist & independent illustrator, there's lots more to the project than this one image shows, and I really want all the pins.


#ADHD #Adulting

Green background with the phrases "Adulting Gold Stars"  and "Enamel Pin Set with Interchangeable parts" framing images of three round pins. The pins each have a central gold star, text on a colored background, and a white text banner. Left pin is red behind the words Self Care Gold Star, and the banner text reads,  I treated myself"  Center pin is blue, Adulting Gold Star, banner text of "Stayed on task. The right pin is coffee brown, and reads "Adulting Gold Star, Caffeinated and ready to go."
Alex White
1 week ago

#kickstarter announcement: Expect Three Visitors will be a story game for 3-6 players, using playing cards to provide emotional direction. Scrooge represented greed, but the clients in the game can be beset by any of the seven deadly sins. As the spirits show them scenes from their past, present and future, which will be redeemed and which will be doomed?

Nicolas Folliot ⏚
1 week ago

Alerte projet très cool et d’utilité publique et #typographique : @lisahuang lance sur #Kickstarter le foulancement d'une encyclopédie sur la #typographie en ligne gratuite, richement illustrée et surtout multilingue : Worlds of Type ! Ce sera clairement une mine y compris pour les graphistes comme moi un peu à la rue sur le sujet. En + les contreparties du foulancement sont hyper originales : licences, cours, ateliers…
Donne tes sous pour WoT avant le 20/10 !

1 week ago


If you back a KS, the KS creator doesn't have your address unless you fill your survey out. So you literally can't get your stuff until you do that.

I thought everyone was aware of this, but at least one person believed that the addresses were automatically sent over.

Were you aware of this?

#KickstarterGames #Kickstarter #boardgames #Crowdfunding

Galaxy Map
1 week ago

From Bok Machine to Starship: the Kickstarter Evolution of Galaxy Map

Why is the new Starship Project going to be so useful for visualizing #GaiaMission data?

#Astrodon #Kickstarter #Cartography #VR

Galaxy Map
1 week ago

If you'd like me to keep producing maps of the Milky Way please repost the Kickstarter link where ever you can (Facebook, Threads, Bluesky, even spam your friends if they won't mind!)

It's essential to get the word out!

#Astrodon #KIckstarter #Cartography #VR

Thank you to all of our supporters who got us to 81% of our 🧵 #Kickstarter goal.

We've had beta testers tell us how meaningful the game was for them. It's sometimes hard to describe the experience of Society of Rafa. Let's just say I often tear up at the end of a session. Even if I've run the a scenario before, each group finds a new powerful way to solve the moral dilemma. #ttrpg #indieGame #indeTTRPG 🧵 1/?

Healer treating a patient, as a swirl of orange and blue light swirls around his arms. The patient's husband looks on, shocked.
E.D.E. Bell
1 week ago

YES Earthlings of other time zones, you can post the Tuesday Rally on Wednesday! Time travel!

YES you can tag #Kickstarter #KickstarterReads

YES you can make your own graphics, be cute, have joy!

And YES - post where you are! Social media, email, groups, phone calls, pass a note, sing on the corner, anonymous encounters, tennis club - just please, let's rally, and see what we can do to spread these stories! I'll be reporting all day! And so, so, SO, truly grateful.

Today we launched our #Kickstarter! Society of Rafa is a #ttrpg that trades in the Hero's Journey for Community Care.

In the game, you are a Rafa, a healer, charged with caring for the health of your community and keeping the peace with the local spirits. Solve complex moral dilemmas bound only by your chosen healing skills and creativity.

#indieTTRPG #mazeldon #Jewish

Image of two healers rushing to a patient on a tandem bike while a salamander blows fire at them and a Lantook with chicken feet watches on. Logo: Society of Rafa with a Hoopoe bird on an infinity symbol vine. Tagline: Heartfelt Game of Healing & Spirits.
2 weeks ago

Today we launched the #Kickstarter for our Jewish-inspired #ttrpg Society of Rafa (@rafa). This is a passion project of more than a year, trading in the Hero's Journey for Community Care.

In the game, you are a Rafa, a healer, charged with caring for the health of your community and keeping the peace with the local spirits. Solve complex moral dilemmas bound only by your chosen healing skills and creativity.

#mazeldon #indieGame #indieTTRPG #Jewish #folklore

Image of two healers rushing to a patient on a tandem bike while a salamander blows fire at them and a Lantook with chicken feet watches on. Logo: Society of Rafa with a Hoopoe bird on an infinity symbol vine. Tagline: Heartfelt Game of Healing & Spirits.
Galaxy Map
2 weeks ago

The Starship Kickstarter is now live. This is the most ambitious galactic cartography project I've ever organized: maps for 40 Milky Way locations and a virtual starship to visit them all!

Please support it if you can.

#Astrodon #Cartography #Kickstarter #VR

2 weeks ago

I'm not a huge fan of #kickstarter (specially when large companies with plenty of resources use it as a FOMO-based pre-order cash grab), but some campaigns really look worth the investment. #HymnToTheEarlessGod definitely looks like one, this game looks really nice!

Jeremiah Lee
2 weeks ago

Smart Tire reached its Kickstarter campaign funding goal in 18 minutes and more than tripled it in 3 days in case anyone doubted the appeal of $500 airless shape memory alloy bicycle tires.

#cycling #Metl #Kickstarter

Just £100 to go for two amazing stretch goals for @PaulBaldowski Sanction Kickstarter

1. Thruster Gold - Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers inspired pulp radio sci-fi drama setting
2. Community Licence - Publish your own hacks!

Can you get us over the next hurdle? Even if you can't back, please boost 🙏

#ttrpg #dnd #osr #rpg #flashgordon #sciencefiction #kickstarter

Oohh, after a year of waiting today I received my AirPods Max Stand I pledged on #Kickstarter. 😃

Sealed white package of a new AirPods Max Stand

FYI! Second kickstarter for Allen Strange's book "Electronic Music" is confirmed!

#electronicMusic #books #kickstarter

2 weeks ago

Did you join the #TentacleKitty campaign #kickstarter? Did you want an image of an adventuring group fighting the ice dragon? Got you covered. #art

In a cavern full of gold and treasure, two tentacle kitties face an ice dragon. One tentacle kitty has armor, sword and shield. The other is a sorcerer wielding a staff.
Jon Hancock
2 weeks ago

The Verge: "Bike tires made from NASA’s bizarre shape-shifting metal are now available to buy"

#Cycling #Kickstarter

Galaxy Map
2 weeks ago

On Monday (September 18), I'll be launching the Starship Kickstarter. This has two parts.

First, the Starship Archive will be a set of top-down maps, all-sky maps and sky box images from 40 different locations around the Milky Way, along with the data files used to create them. There will be a web interface to download and view them, including a sky box viewer.

#Astrodon #VR #Cartography #Kickstarter

Here's a couple of sample location map posters.

Chris Baldie
2 weeks ago
The Jacques comic book cover is a warm bright yellow colour, and the main character Jacques is striding across the page with a large bag of swag. 
The title "Jacques and the great art theft" is at the top of the page. 

This version has a purple banner over the cover stating "Kickstarter sign-up is live".
Jeremiah Lee
2 weeks ago

3 years ago, I invested in The Smart Tire Company.

Today, I got to pre-order Metl, the world’s first high performance, lightweight, airless, never flat, and sustainable bicycle tire made from shape memory alloys.

NASA developed special tires for its Mars Rover Program. The Smart Tire Company brought that innovation to the bike lane.

#cycling #Metl #Kickstarter

3 weeks ago

Count me in!


The art of Larry Elmore had a huge positive impact on me growing up, playing a little #DnD and reading every #Dragonlance book I could get my hands on.

It was such a part of how I imagined the worlds I was so entertained by.

#ttrpg #ArtBook #DnD5e

3 weeks ago

It’s been quite a ride getting this first Kickstarter out the door. It feels like the hurdle to learning how to self-publish, but all over again. I’m smarter for it, but it’s draining. I’m looking forward to the coming days and weeks seeing how people react to the #Kickstarter and it releases. I really feel like it’s my best work yet.

Has anyone else felt the same releasing a Kickstarter?

#Writers #WritingCommunity #AmWriting #WritersOfMastodon #WritersLift #Bookstodon

CD Covington 🏳️‍🌈
3 weeks ago

195 backers! Wow! Can we make it to 200 today? If we do, I'll write a whole new ~exclusive~ essay for the backers' collection (about Some Desperate Glory.) (I know this was an earlier incentive/reward; I just really want to write about that book!)
#writing #linguistics #kickstarter

Bogi Takács
1 month ago

Super happy to announce that I will be translating two stories by Hungarian Ukrainian authors for this awesome Ukrainian SFF anthology!!

Go back the project -

#Ukraine #EmbroideredWorlds #Anthology #SFF #SpeculativeFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Hungarian #Translation #ShortStories @shortsff @shortstory @bookstodon #Kickstarter #Preorders

Bruno Bord
1 month ago

Une variante des jeux d'échec, où on peut empiler *temporairement* une pièce (adverse ou non) sur une autre pour stopper son avancée. Les pièces ne sont jamais prises ; on gagne quand on met une pièce sur le roi adverse.

#kickstarter #echecs #crowdfunding

Disaster Autist
1 month ago

A couple of years ago there was the craze of water with added #oxygen. It was supposed to have #health benefits and give you more energy.

New craze is water with added #hydrogen. It is supposed to have #health benefits and give you more energy.

I'll be doing a #kickstarter for water with added oxygen AND hydrogen.

Kella Campbell
1 month ago

Hi friends! There's a really special Kickstarter coming. Embroidered Worlds is an anthology of Ukrainian fantastic fiction. Not my project, I'm just a friend of the publishers, hoping to spread the word about the anthology and lift up Ukrainian writers.

If you're willing to click the "Notify me on launch" button, you'll help the project out with initial visibility and get a no-obligation reminder when it goes live.

#UkrainianFiction #Fantasy #Anthology #Kickstarter

Christopher Burton 🇺🇦
1 month ago

For my 187th Kickstarter, I've backed "Anticucho and Other Peruvian Cyberpunk Stories" by @gustaffovargas. I missed the previous campaigns featuring comics set in this universe, so I'm glad Gustaffo is offering them as add-ons. Looks like a wild, colorful, dystopian ride, and I'm here for it.

#Crowdfunding #Kickstarter #Cyberpunk #Comics

The Peruvian cyberpunk gang from "Anticucho & Other Peruvian Cyberpunk Stories." They look like they mean business.
Geek Native
1 month ago

Publisher Robert J Schwalb has found success on Kickstarter for the evolution of the Demon Lord. Shadow of the Weird Wizard is designed for everyone, it has a lighter tone, and characters can be heroes
#ttrpg #kickstarter

1 month ago

PSA for anyone using #backerit through #kickstarter - They automatically add your full name, Google profile picture and purchase history to a public profile.

I don't particularly mind anyone knowing my preference for cooperative #boardgames, but I prefer to be consulted before something is posted publicly with my full name attached.

I am not a famous film star yet, so I still expect that courtesy from organizations I purchase from.


2 months ago

Of course we were among the first to sign up! Amaru is a spot of warmth and cheer in these challenging times ... maybe you and/or someone you know would enjoy this app as it already exists, and might even want to help create additional language versions?
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Aw man, I missed the coveted 69 Hours To Go screenshot! oh well 😂

We're now 67 hours to go on my comic reprint kickstarter!


Come get your filth! Or horror, or fantasy, or sci fi!
Or why not all of them :hammyeyes:

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screenshot of the kickstarter page "Tales from the Gutter", showing 67 hours to go!

The We Stay Behind #Kickstarter is on! A mystery #adventure whose production I watched sooo much on Twitch and that will - with a little bit of help - be released this year. By the creators of Unforseen Incidents. Big recommendation from my side!

CD Covington 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Six days to launch! My #kickstarter will go live on August 15. #writers -
Learn how to make realistic-sounding names for your characters!
Learn how to break a universal translator and give your characters fun problems!
Learn why "ruh-roh raggy" is conceivably how a Great Dane would talk, if Great Danes could talk.
Details and a link on my blog
Boosts welcome!
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A cartoony fantasy castle sits in a green hilly landscape. Across the top reads, "Do you want to learn how to make fantasy languages sound realistic?" Below is a video-game-style dialogue box. A green dragon named Khreghan is saying, "Welcome, Princess Sinfilla." The princess is in the bottom right corner of the image.
Marie Brennan
2 months ago

By the way, if decks aren't your thing, you can still back at the $1 tier and choose any of the add-ons that appeal to you! #RookAndRose #Kickstarter

Marie Brennan
2 months ago

Cards for divination and games, based on the #RookAndRose series! With add-ons ranging from signed books and tea samples to frock coats and an RPG session for you and your friends! #Kickstarter

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París Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of INVENTORYING KICKSTARTER UPDATE.

We now have 267 followers.

Please hit that "Notify on Launch" button if you're an adventurer with a strong desire to declutter loot.

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Promotional visual for the "Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying" kickstarter featuring art by Bodieh.

The art is an over-encumbered troll with a big smile.
Cory Doctorow
2 months ago

In my next book, *The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation* (#VersoBooks, Sept 5), I set out a program fro disenshittifying the internet:

The book is up for pre-order on #Kickstarter now, along with an independent, DRM-free audiobooks (DRM-free media is the content-layer equivalent of containerized services - you can move them into or out of any app you want):