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18 hours ago

“音楽評論家の増田勇一さんによるライブ・レポートを掲載” / “【現地ライヴレポ】KISSによる“最後”のコンサート:お約束の連続という美学と想定以上の感動” (1 user) #kiss 

20 hours ago

We should be building federated trust networks rather than copies of #dotcons broadcast networks. We need to move away from JUST copying the #dotcons as codebase #KISS

This does not mean we need to move to #closedweb, rather as @bobWyman talks about we need better tools for categorization, ie. tag flows

This not dealt with by separating the personal from the news. One set of admins tools for the personal and a different one based on tag flows for the news.

I Always Have A Song Inside My Head
1 day ago

Afgelopen zaterdag trad KISS voor het laatst op. Na het laatste nummer kondigde Gene Simmons aan dat de band voortaan verder gaat als hologrammen: “We worden onsterfelijk!”. Om de toegift vervolgens door hologrammen uit te laten voeren. Met live muziek heeft dat niks meer te maken, een hologrammenconcert is met recht een Rock And Roll Hell.

YouTube: Rock And Roll Hell, audioclip


2 days ago

Sisters by Stephane Coutelle
#nsfw #kiss #sensual #sexy #erotic

Oliver :norway:
2 days ago

Puh. Was schon mit Ronny James #Dio nur bedingt klappte (und eigentlich ein Sakrileg war), wirkt auch bei #KISS relativ zweifelhaft.

Technisch sicherlich geil, aber Legenden sollten anders in Erinnerung gehalten werden - und auch ein Hologramm oder Avatar "live" ist eben nicht live. Kann man als Ergänzung machen, aber im Stil von "legacy lives on" bei einer solchen Band - ich weiss nicht. Was meint Ihr?

#reborninavatars #kissarmy

2 days ago

“and though i can’t dismiss
the #memory of his #kiss
i guess he’s not for me”

#lyrics #butnotforme #romance #love #relationship #fantasy #dream #jazz #music

2 days ago

La icónica banda de glam rock, #Kiss,👨🏼‍🎤 cerró su última gira con el anuncio de avatares digitales que llegarán para reemplazarlos a ellos en los escenarios👇🏼: el rock continúa 🤘🏼

2 days ago

This mess making from our mods is bringing the lack of in this “community site” into view. This is the subject of the ogional post

I call the subject post #mainstreaming to describe that it’s a reflective post of the chatting classes, not to say this has no value, just it’s not “native” to the grassroots internet some of us want to build.

Then link this to my personal experience, I have 20 years of dealing with this of mess making in openweb tech/funding so have a lot to say on this ps. this link is not SPAMMING take note, it’s a weblink so you can fallow it to find out more about what I am talking about, if you are interested in clicking on the link.

Next link to the about page of a project that directly addresses the issue the original post is about, with context. I post a link rather than simply copy and past the intro, as this is how the WWW is supposed to work.

Then I describe how we can fight affectively to push the grassroots “native” internet some of us would like to see, and link to a tool that can be used to affect the needed change. Native to the WWW people can click on the link if interested.

Finally the is a bit of a spike in the tail, that yes is indirectly pointing at our mods and an inclination on this forum. Take NOTE this is done in a polite way without naming names, so no issue with the CVP etc.

Ok, i understand you don’t like this aproch, this has been made clear the last few years, what exactly is wrong with these posts mods #KISS

2 days ago

The thought of Kiss living on as Digital Kiss is weirdly comforting. And I don't even particularly like Kiss.

Maybe this is the new rock and roll hall of fame? Once a year we have a vote and upload a band into the singularity for all time.

(I vote '68 Comeback Special Elvis.)

#kiss #music

Fred Brooker
2 days ago

Per Sundin, the CEO of Pophouse, told the Associated Press on Sunday: "Kiss could have a concert in three cities in the same night across three different continents. That's what you could do with this."

"Oh boy, we can pay even more money not to hear real people sing live," wrote one person on X.

#avatar #digital #music #kiss

2 days ago

A finished personal piece for me and my mates! I love the both of them more then words can express

#couple #thruple #poly #dating #cat #kitty #feline #dog #fox #canine #vulpine #hybrid #puppyfox #trees #glasses #smile #smiling #kiss #kissing #happy #cute

An art piece of three anthro characters, on the left a brown and cream puppy fox hybrid pressing his nose into the cheek of a brown scottish fold donning silver circle glasses, and on the right a gray cat pressing his nose onto the other cheek of the brown cat

»#Kiss becomes first US band to go #virtual, bids farewell to live touring: The #avatars were created by George Lucas’ special-effects company, Industrial Light & Magic.« #tech #media

:rss: NME Japan
2 days ago

#nmejp #NEWS #Kiss

2 days ago

Nach #Abba jetzt auch #Kiss 🤘:

Digitale Avatare übernehmen die Auftritte und sollen "für Unsterblichkeit sorgen".

2 days ago

I've never been a Kiss fan (the band, that is), apart from a brief period in the early 80s when I thought the make-up was kinda cool. I have to say this, though: I had a first time listen to the 1978 solo album by the much maligned Peter Criss, and wow, this is a bit of a mellow gem. I know why it was panned at the time - wasn't hard rock. But the late 70s easy listening soul, funk, jazz, soft rock vibes on this really hold up in 2023. His vocals can be a bit choppy, but the raw tone his voice had is all there, and was possibly the best tone of the four of them. It's very listenable. And the instrumentation is so far away from Kiss that it makes this solo effort a real stand-out from 1978. I am very surprised! #musician #music #kiss #rocknroll

2 days ago

»#Kiss becomes first US band to go #virtual, bids farewell to live touring: The #avatars were created by George Lucas’ special-effects company, Industrial Light & Magic.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

Alex Kidman
2 days ago

Of course KISS' "final" show wasn't final: the band will live on as digital avatars. But are you really seeing "KISS" if you do so? I'm not convinced.


KISS Digital Avatars
2 days ago

#Kiss debuts ‘immortal’ digital avatars and plans to go ‘fully virtual’ - The Verge


Marko Popovic
2 days ago

#Kiss ::)

2 days ago

So, the lame-ass #70sRock band #KISS played their very last concert ever, and rock fans everywhere either didn't notice, or celebrated with joy and thankfulness.

fist-pumping baby meme captioned YES!
3 days ago
Loki the Cat
3 days ago

Move over, KISS, there's a new band in town! 🎸😼 Introducing KISS 2.0: Digital Avengers! Thanks to Industrial Light & Magic, they'll be rockin' as digital avatars for eternity! 💻🤘 Who needs aging rockers when you can have eternal digital awesomeness? 😹 #KISS #DigitalAvatars #RockOn

KISS: We're Gonna Tour Forever W/ Digital Avatars After Final Show!!!

"Rather than continue to sing and dance themselves, Gene Simmons and co. are gonna let their AI counterparts do it for them ... in the form of computerized avatars that can keep on playing shows quite literally forever. It's called KISS Online ... and it marks their new era."

#Kiss #AI #Avatar

3 days ago

OMG @GuitarSith what's next?

NO, not the end of #Kiss ? Say it ain't so?

On Saturday, the memorable stagecraft that made Kiss one of the biggest selling hard rock bands in the world will come to an end, as its members perform what they are touting as their final show of their aptly titled, four-year-long "End of the Road World Tour" — at Madison Square Garden in New York.

3 days ago
3 days ago

"We don’t own the band. The fans own the band. The world owns the band.” Maar de verdiensten blijven de kant van Stanley en Simmons opgaan. En vooral die laatste weet al jaren de laatste dollar er nog uit te persen.

Read More: #Kiss Announces 'New Era,' Will Continue as Virtual Band |

3 days ago

KISS Says Farewell at Madison Square Garden, Before Passing the Torch to Their Avatar Successors: Concert Review
#Variety #ConcertReviews #News #Reviews #Kiss #MadisonSquareGarden

DerAutomation ッ
3 days ago

Kiss say farewell to live touring, become first US band to go virtual, become digital avatars

#kiss #virtual #avatar #technik

3 days ago

Alright, which #cyberpunk author prescripted Multidoru?

(It's like a #idoru #voltron )

Not shocked that it's #kiss
It was either gonna be them or #gwar
( #gorillaz seems somewhat redundant)

Flipboard Culture Desk
4 days ago

Kiss has been a major player on the hard rock scene for 50 years. But the band that brought us hits like “Detroit Rock City” and “Crazy Crazy Nights” is playing its last show Saturday night in New York City. NPR has more, including how this might not be the last we’ve heard from the band.
#Culture #Entertainment #Music #Kiss

Christophe Jammet
4 days ago

Fuck it, I just got a floor seat to #KISS's last show


Steven Rosenberg
4 days ago

“People don’t talk about Ace doing his pick-tapping thing. Considering this was ’77, before Eddie Van Halen did Eruption, it's even more mind-blowing”: Eric Johnson, Nuno Bettencourt, and 40 other guitar legends share their favorite Kiss guitar moments | Guitar World

#guitar #rock #kiss

Ten Cent Takes
4 days ago

Finally spent a bit of my gift certificate on some fun books, including the first appearance of KISS in comics and John Kent’s coming out issue!
#Superman #dccomics #MarvelComics #HowardTheDuck #KISS

4 days ago

Geniale band, goede muziek (blijft persoonlijk natuurlijk) die konden gewoon over straat zonder herkend te worden!


Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 week ago

I send thanks to the buyer from Illinois who purchased a spiral notebook of Forever Yours. May the thoughts you write in it be ones that bring you joy.

Forever Yours spiral notebook --

#love #romance #romantic #kiss #art #artwork #notebook #river #wedding #couple #gift #giftidea #mastoart #fediart #fedigiftshop

Spiral notebook featuring an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a couple in a rowboat, kissing.
Jon Roach
2 weeks ago

"There's only one Angela now, it's not so confusing" says the other end of the sofa #Strictly #KISS

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

Today In Metal History 🤘 2023🤘 QUEEN, KISS, METALLICA, PSYCHO MOTEL
TALENT WE LOST R.I.P. Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara; QUEEN): 1946 – 1991 (aged 45) R.I.P. Eric Carr (born Paul Charles Caravello; KISS): 1950 – 1991 (aged 41) R.I.P. Michael Lee (PAGE & PLANT): 1969...

#TodayInMetalHistory #Queen #Kiss #Metallica #PsychoMotel #WholeLottaLoss

Denis - The COVID info guy -
2 weeks ago

The “Flu”

By Paul Stanley @PaulStanleyLive

"Toronto And Ottawa… I’ve done everything possible to get onstage and be a part of the incredible 2 1/2 hour celebration we planned but this flu has made it impossible. I along with Gene, Tommy and Eric couldn’t be more disappointed and send our deepest apologies."

#PaulStanley #Kiss @auscovid19

Twitter/X source:

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

Today In Metal History 🤘 November 21st, 2023🤘QUEEN, BOSTON, RUSH, KISS, REO SPEEDWAGON, LOUDNESS
HEAVY HISTORY Happy 48th Birthday KISS Army - 1975 Indiana natives Bill Starkey and Jay Evans founded the legendary KISS Army after a local radio station WVTS refused to play KISS.

#Queen #Boston #Rush #Kiss #REOSpeedwagon #Loudness #TodayInMetalHistory #November21st2023

Hamish Campbell
2 weeks ago

#EU Let’s ask why are they reluctant to let people talk to each other online at #NGI top-down events.

Horizontal vs Vertical is a basic question of are they
#fitforpurpuse #openweb

internet of humans needs people being able to talk to people, this is basic

#KISS #trust #dontbeaprat

Philippe Boey
2 weeks ago

Deze zou wel eens in de volgende bluesjam kunnen zitten. De blues akkoorden zitten erin, dus dat telt. #blues #Brussels #kiss 💪

Multiverse Mike
3 weeks ago

I'm not necessarily against it mind you, but I would like to know what world event caused "I Was Made For Living You" become the defacto #KISS song over "Rock and Roll All Night"..

#music #hardrock #rock

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 weeks ago

Today In Metal History 🤘 November 15th, 2023🤘- THIN LIZZY, OZZY OSBOURNE, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, JOURNEY, KISS
HEAVY BIRTHDAYS Happy 74th Steve Fossen (HEART) - 1949 HEAVY RELEASES Happy 52nd GRAND FUNK RAILROAD’s E Pluribus Funk - 1971 Happy 42nd THIN LIZZY's Renegade - 1981 Happy 41st WHITESNAKE’s Saints & Sinners – 1982 Happy 40th OZZY OSBOURNE’s Bark At The Moon – 1983...


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 weeks ago

The End of the Road
And Into the Home Tour
🤘 😎


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
4 weeks ago

Today In Metal History 🤘 November 11th, 2023🤘 SENTENCED, KISS, DIMMU BORGIR, MONSTER MAGNET, IN FLAMES
HEAVY BIRTHDAYS Happy 75th Robert John “Mutt" Lange - 1948 Happy 73rd James Michael "Jim" Peterik - 1950 Happy 61st Mic Michaeli- 1962 Happy 58th Stefan Schwarzmann - 1965 HEAVY RELEASES...


@BrettLitzer @stdevel nein, im Gegenteil.

Ich find's nur amüsamt wie #Emacs-Fans immer auf #Unix / #KISS - prinzip wettern und dann eine massive #Bloatware als #Editor nutzen...

Ich selbst bin Pragmatiker und faul und nutze #PyCharm für meine Entwicklungen…

Hab' aber auch nie behauptet dass z.B. #SystemD abgrundtief schlecht sei...

/ Sorry für den #rant...

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
4 weeks ago

TALENT WE LOST R.I.P. Glen Edward Buxton (ALICE COOPER): 1947 – 1997 (aged 49) R.I.P. Greg Lake (KING CRIMSON, EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER) - 1947 - 2016 (aged 69) HEAVY BIRTHDAYS Happy 56th Terry Butler (OBITUARY, DEATH, SIX FEET UNDER, MASSACRE...

#Obituary #MotleyCrue #KISS #Triumph #FatesWarning #TodayinMetalHistory

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago
hamish campbell
1 month ago

Best to start from #KISS the left is based on trust and open culture.

Best to start from #KISS the left is based on trust and open culture. Moving away from this the left has distroid itself over the last 40 years. * The #fashernisata embracing of postmodernism * The soft left embrace of the “common sense” of neoliberalism Combined, these have undermined the foundations the left has been built on. This leaves us helpless to compost the current mess, as our shovel for…

1 month ago

The left is based on trust and open culture, best to start from #KISS

Moving away from this the left has distroid itself over the last 40 years.

* The #fashernisata embracing of postmodernism
* The soft left embrace of the “common sense” of neoliberalism

Combined, these have undermined the foundations the left has been built on.

Of course, the is also an older horizontal and vertical split that divided the left in the 20th centenary. This is not the subject at hand, we need to compost the current mess before we can look at this older mess.

1 month ago

They ain't wrong.

#KISS #juggalos

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Metal History 🤘 November 7th, 2023🤘 OZZY, KISS, DI GIORGIO, YES, AIC, MACHINE HEAD
BIRTHDAYS Tommy Thayer 63 (KISS), Brian Jay 62 (KEEL), Robert Duda 58 (TAKARA), Steve DiGiorgio 56 (TESTAMENT, DEATH), Robin Finck 52 (GNR, NIN)


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

ACE FREHLEY: My New Album Is Gonna 'Make PAUL STANLEY Look Like An Imbecile'
...original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley offered an update on the progress of the recording sessions for his next studio LP. He said, "My album is done and it's...


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

God of Thunder

🤘 😎

#Halloween #Kiss

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

KISS To Donate Two Seats To Join Band On Their Private Jet On 'End Of The Road' U.S. Tour
Proceeds will benefit Children Of The Rainforest and its mission to protect our pristine natural lands and...

#KISS #EndOfTheRoadTour #PrivateJet #GivingBack #Charity

1 month ago

wired: in vim, how can i set 'makeprg' per project?

inspired: create a Makefile in your project, don't touch 'makeprg'

#Vim #Neovim #make #KISS

1 month ago

These guys are insane, this might be the first time you have noticed this, but it's always been true. Insanity is a part of the belief system of some socialists, the is a bad history to this

#openweb #BlockchainSocialist #dontbeaprat they are saying they need to use the #4opens to build their insane system, why not just build with the #4opens and skip the nuttiness #KISS

1 month ago

@programming_discussions Soooo true ! I love this one, "We put virtual machines inside Linux, and then we put Docker inside virtual machines, simply because nobody was able to clean up the mess that most programs, languages and their environment produce. " 🤦

Fast delivery and scripting... That drive me nuts !

Just stay #KISS, #Efficient and stop using #script for EVERYTHING !

But yeah, I really hope #toybox will become even better without becoming bulkier and just implement the few missing bits someone may need.

Cuz I want #KISS principle too...

Also a #minimalist #TUI / #CLI-based #Linux #Desktop does radical #KISS principle...

Not that I think OS/1337 is for everyone and In fact people should rather use @ubuntu / #UbuntuLTS on #Desktop and #Server as #DailyDriver - which I do.

But #Toybox really makes things easy and it just works!

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Take the album out of the Kiss context, and you have a remarkably coherent work: Why Music From The Elder is a prog metal masterpiece
Disregarded and overlooked, the bands 1981 release is a brave and satisfying entry into a different genre

#KISS #MusicFromTheElder #ProgRock #IconicAlbum #RockMusic #70sRock #ClassicAlbum #80sRock #GeneSimmons #PaulStanley #AceFrehley

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
1 month ago

I was talking with my wife who is an author of #cozy #mysteries and I asked her what king of Prince Charming might appeal to 40 somethings. She thought for a bit and said what if there was a prince that could let women fall asleep with a kiss instead of waking them up? #kiss #fairytale #melatonin

2 months ago


Sadly normal bait and switch, they are all #dotcons in the end. We do need to stop feeding this mess and feed the #openweb instead, it's basic change and challenge #fluffy activism and kinda "common sense" #KISS

2 months ago

Nothing new, but I always enjoy someone using the KISS principle:

Ticking Stick. Marking out and cutting curves. Fantastic old but accurate way of marking shapes.

#woodworking #DIY #KISS

Denis - The COVID info guy -
2 months ago

KISS rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are being sued after their guitar tech died from COVID-19.

The family of guitar tech Francis Stueber are taking legal action against the duo after he passed away a few days after contracting the virus while on tour with the band in October 2021.

#COVID19 #KISS @auscovid19


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

Widow Of KISS's Longtime Guitar Tech Sues Band For Wrongful Death
According to Rolling Stone, the family of KISS's longtime guitar tech Francis Stueber, who died in 2021 after contracting COVID-19 during the band's "End Of The Road" tour, has filed a lawsuit for wrongful death.

#Kiss #Widow #WrongfulDeath #Lawsuit #PaulStanley #GeneSimmons #LongtimeGuitarTech #RockHallOfFamers

2 months ago

Thinking outreach of the hashtag story to this event

Classification of different versions of the web (such as #Web1, #Web2, #Web3, #Web4, or #Web5) can be a source of confusion and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

The hashtags #openweb and #closedweb provide a clear way to describe and understand the different types of web platforms. The #openweb refers to platforms that are open-source, community-controlled, and promote transparency, the #closedweb to platforms that are proprietary, controlled by a few large companies and lack transparency.

Projects like #indymediaback and #OMN are examples of grassroots of social tech. These projects are focused on promoting decentralized, community-controlled media and communication platforms.

It’s time to compost the normal #techshit, and to focus on developing social tech that is more inclusive, diverse, and community-controlled. This will require a change in the way we think about technology, and a shift away from the current dominant paradigm.

The solution to this problem is to develop social tech that steps away from the #geekproblem and focuses on the needs and perspectives of the community. This can be achieved by involving a diverse group of people in the development and decision-making process, and by promoting open-source code, open standards, open governance, and open data in technology development.

The #geekproblem is a social tech problem that refers to the negative impacts that technology can have on society when it is developed and controlled by a small group of people with limited perspectives and values. It is important to recognize that the #geekproblem is not only a technical issue but also a social issue.

It’s important to remember that fear can be a barrier for change, but by actively using the #4opens we can call out pointless things, call out the #deathcult and compost the #techshit, we can actively work towards a more sustainable future.

It’s important to remember that all thinking is critique and if you aren’t looking at the faults, you are likely not looking at the thing at all. Don’t be afraid, use the #4opens, take up gardening the compost, and plant the seeds of hope in the era of #climatechaos.

It’s important to lift your head and look, lift your shovel, dig and plant. By actively using the #4opens and composting the #techshit, we can actively work towards a more sustainable future.

Living in fear is a common response to the challenges of the era of #climatechaos, when many people are on their knees worshipping the #deathcult. However, it is important to call out pointless things as pointless and actively use the #4opens as a tool to compost the #techshit that is contributing to these challenges.

The problem is that the nice moral majority, our liberal friends, have not accepted that the system they try to push is broken. It’s pastime for change, and holding onto our current system is not helping. Their “common sense” is the problem we need to be fighting, as well as the far right.

We must come together as a united force to address the real issues and challenges facing society, rather than spending time fighting among ourselves.

The left fail is spending too much time fighting inside the left over this balance, instead of focusing on the real issues and challenges. #BLOCKING #stupidindividualism and worshipping the #deathcult all push this fight, and it’s important not to be a “PRAT” (i.e. a person who behaves in a foolish or unthinking way) on this subject.

The “left mess” we are in refers to the challenges and divisions within the left-leaning political spectrum. The idea that on the “fluffy” left, we must be “nice” to get people involved in social change, and on the “spiky” left, we need to be nasty to be effective in social change, both have some truth to it. It is important to find a balance between the two approaches in order to be effective in bringing about social change.

Group use of hashtags as an organizing tool. This can help to bring attention to issues, promote collaboration, and increase the visibility of alternative perspectives on technology and society.

Overall, these ideas are meant to challenge the status quo, promote ethical considerations in technology development, and increase transparency, accountability, and collaboration in the tech industry.

Pushing simple #KISS ideas like #openweb vs #closedweb and #4opens as a powerful way to judge and compost #techcrap to mediate the #techchurn. This can help to promote open-source code, open standards, open governance, and open data in technology development.

To work with this, some ideas include:

Naming the current “common sense” as worshipping the #deathcult and making #mainstreaming uncomfortable. This can help to bring attention to the negative impact of neoliberalism on society and the importance of addressing it.

#stupidindividualism is a term that refers to the idea that people prioritize personal gain over the well-being of others and the community. It is often associated with the last 40 years of neoliberalism and a part of the liberal 20th century consensus. It is a strong #BLOCK that prevents people from recognizing and addressing the negative impact of their actions on society.

One way to address this challenge is to promote grassroots, DIY producer governance through the use of the #OGB hashtag and project. This can help to ensure that the development of the fediverse is guided by ethical considerations and that it is focused on the needs of the producers and the community.

It’s important to note that it’s not always possible to avoid mess and challenges.

One of the challenges of the fediverse is that it is decentralized and lacks a centralized governance structure, making it difficult to coordinate and get things done. This can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing, as it allows for a lot of creativity and innovation, but also makes it difficult to achieve goals and create a consistent user experience.

The #fediverse is a network of independently operated servers that communicate with each other using open protocols. It is often considered an “accidental” reboot of the #openweb, as it emerged organically as a response to the centralized nature of social media platforms, which are dominated by the #dotcons

While the #4opens is not a way of keeping large corporations out of the open-source development, it can be used as a tool to mediate and prevent any attempts to extinguish the open source community by promoting transparency, accountability, and collaboration. By using #4opens, developers, users and community members can have a better understanding of the motivations and intentions of the corporation and can act accordingly.

The #4opens is a powerful tool for promoting open-source code, open standards, open governance, and open data in technology development. It can help to ensure that the development of technology is guided by ethical considerations and that it is focused on the needs of the users and the community, rather than the profits and control of a few large companies.

Additionally, the website could include links to the wiki for more in-depth information and resources, as well as a section for community engagement and discussion. This could be a valuable tool in the fight against #techshit #techcurn and a powerful way to reboot the #openweb movement..

The website could feature a clean and modern design, with a focus on easy navigation and clear, concise information about the #4opens. The text could be polished to make it easy for people of all skill levels to understand. You can use the existing wiki page as a starting point and add more information and resources to it.

Creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website for the #4opens could be a powerful tool in promoting the use of open-source code, open standards, open governance, and open data in grassroots tech projects. This website could serve as a central hub for information and resources on the #4opens, and it could be designed to make it easy for people to understand and adopt the principles of the #4opens in their own projects.

2 months ago

A native path out of the mess people make on the #openweb

The Open Governance Body (#OGB) describes a permissionless process/structure that is open and allows the group that forms using the tools to decide who is a part of the group or not. This process can divide into a web of connecting instances of governance as a natural human process of group formation. The #OGB emphasizes that there is no exclusion and always diversity, making it a natural fit for the #fediverse.

The #OGB also shows that if people are stupid and focused on individualism, each governance instance will have one member and no power. To gain power, people have to work together, which is built into the code. The #OGB emphasizes that hoarding power is limited, and it flows through the community, energizing and solidifying the community and building horizontal power to challenge/change vertical power.

The #OGB focus is on the importance of keeping things simple (#KISS) and that some people will try to push for existing power structures before democracy. However, as the process is permissionless, it is not possible to stop them from doing this. The #OGB emphasizes the need to do better, and that being native to the #fediverse is a big help in this regard.

The #OGB emphasizes the importance of recognizing where power comes from in the context of the #fediverse. The fediverse operates differently from corporations, governments, courts, and police, and it is important to think and build with this difference rather than trying to drag the fediverse back to the #mainstreaming path.

The #OGB builds from the #fediverse works because it is different, and it is easy to forget this important thing when #mainstreaming agendas grab and hold. The #OGB suggests that the missing question in almost all conversations is “who are we empowering,” and emphasizes the need to do better in alt-tech.

The #OGB notes that there are problems in alt-tech and suggests that starting with the #4opens would remove 90% of the mess, revealing the real potential for good outcomes. The #OGB highlights that doing better in alt-tech would involve using shovels to make compost and planting seeds of the world we want to see.

The #OGB describes the process scaffolding for the governance body as a default effect, where the decisions on how things work will be up to the members of the body. The power of the governance body is only the power of default, and the #OGB is about removing all hard default choices and building in a small number of KISS tools, then letting the body members work out themselves how to use them.

The #OGB uses the example of #Couchsurfing, where the website redesign removed the #DIY tools active Couchsurfers had used to self-organize, leading to disappointment among members. The #OGB argues that letting members make their own process, open vs. closed, is necessary to overcome the #geekproblem and have hope for alt-tech.

The #OGB builds governance with the way, rules, norms, and actions are structured, sustained, regulated, and held accountable. this is to mediate that the #Fediverse currently has a “herding cats” governance, denoting a futile attempt to control or organize a class of entities that are inherently uncontrollable.

The #OGB codebase is not just a tool for the #Fediverse, but it can be used to democratically run any structures that have stakeholders.

The #OGB provides an example of how the codebase can be used to run a local street market, with each stallholder as a stakeholder, people who shop at the market as users, and the local council, events company, and shop owner’s association as affiliate groups. The #OGB approach and codebase will scale sideways, with street markets governed city-wide, and each of the markets becoming a stakeholder, users as users, and city-wide orgs and groups as affiliate groups.

The #OGB shaping of the “body” comes from a long history/experience of horizontal activism, where “those who do the work have more say.”

The #OGB pushes that the bulk of the voice comes from those who run the #Fediverse, the people who run/support the instances. The people who build the tools also get a say, as do support orgs and events, and the users who will be spread widely get a say, but their power is diluted by the much larger numbers involved.

This working practice comes from 30 years of building from The Tyranny of Structureless tick box list That code being quite “anti-human” is an interesting challenge, and it’s important to figure out how to get the humane “mess” in a coding process that is based on being “exact” and in control #OGB

The #OGB project is grounded in lived experience, and it’s a way out of this mess. We cannot keep using traditional institutions. We have to stop the #techcurn if we are going to use #openweb tech for social/ecological change/challenge, and we need to think about this now.

The #OGB project is about developing better ways of having “trust” based conversations and “trust” based “governance” in the #openweb. The project is built from hundreds of years of on the ground organizing that has shaped every “freedom” we enjoy and is done in a #KISS approach. The #OGB is a #fedivers native way of working, NOT a #mainstreaming way, and it comes from directly working, setting up, and solving recurring problems at hundreds of direct action protest camps.

The #OGB focus on what we know works, as at the moment, almost nothing works for social good. The #OGB project is what is needed, a voluntary cooperative and collaborative alliance that is native to the #fediverse.

The thinking is that we need to put a stop to the #techchurn as we have piles of #techshit already to compost, that #nothingnew is a hashtag for this.

It’s not the goal of the #OGB project to create an organization that tells everyone what protocols and standards to use in the #fediverse. The #OGB project is about developing better ways of having good “trust” based conversations and “trust” based “governance” in the #openweb

To sum up, the current working models of “governance” in open-source projects are monarchy, aristocracy and oligarchy. This is the rock star developer, the coders and the funders. It should be obverse to anyone that 99.99% of people are missing from this feudalistic ideal of “governance”.

Democracy is the basic foundation of our shared modernity.


Let’s take a different path, please #OGB

Q. that is an optimistic projection

A. I have no illusion that the normal shitty behaver of fucking people over and being a prat will happen, but the codebase is designed to mediate this crap behaver for better outcomes 🙂

#OGB “permissionless” is an important word that needs some thought. The body is made up of three different, balanced groups: stakeholders, users, and affiliate stakeholders. Anybody can become a stakeholder by setting up and running an active instance, and users are self-explanatory. That affiliate stakeholders are a little more complex and are treated differently, and it’s up to the body itself to decide if they play an active and useful role.

That nothing in this is top-down, elitist, discriminatory, or undemocratic, and it’s #KISS and looks safe to the “normal world” while being native to the #fediverse and its roots. All the coding is #4opens, based on #activertypub.

With #OGB, it’s important not to get lost in the #processgeeks and their dogmatic love of #formalconsensus, as that’s a dead end and has been for the 30 years of activism and coding tech. It’s important to keep the #OGB both #KISS and human, understandable. The #OGB is native “governance” and federates in the same way as the projects it “governs”. That this approach is counterintuitive to mainstream ideas and “common sense,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

This approach has worked to some extent, as seen in the “#Fediverse” as a living example, working to scale small to bigger. There will be lots of “smoke,” and help is needed to keep the project clear of this mess. We have to overcome our #stupidindividualism to have a hope of a better world.

#OGB To remind you that the need for “governance” came out of a practical problem where the #activitypub community is made up of “cats” who were doing seminars outreach to powerful #EU Eurocrats on why they should be interested in #activertypub. #OGB is designed to be messy and not tidy, and it’s a “governance” of a disorganization, not a traditional power structure. “governance” can cooperate with more formal models of governance like traditional cooperatives.

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On the #openweb us and them is simple, we have to define things then collectively fight as hard as we can to keep that definition #4opens #KISS
#openweb spaces, a lot of social suicidal behaver – people strive to destroy the #openweb by pushing non “native” #NGO structures and paths. It’s a hard thing to pushback on, it’s #mainstreaming “common sense” bad behaver and a VERY bad outcome, please try not to be this problem.

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Day1 - Kiss!

I am going to try to combine procreate and p5js for this year.

Full page:

Code on CodePen:


I will post as I do stuff here:
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circle packed stellar scene where the gasket is a rotated image of the background stars.
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#mathober2023 #kiss oscullating circles

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