It's the end of #Caturday and #KittenJacques is already napping. #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #Cats

Beige tabby cat with his paw over his eye.

Modern #cats have evolved their hearing to be hyper #kibble, #can-opener and #food-cupboard-door-opening sensitive…at least that is what the crack team of #JuliaKitten and #KittenJacques caretakers has observed.

Beige tabby cat looking at the camera with its head tilted back.
Brown tabby cat curled up next to a pillow with its head on its front paw, with eyes open.

#FridayNight's alright for sleeping. #KittenJacques

Beige tabby cat with his head on his paws which are on top of his leg curled underneath. Head on, close up view.

#KittenJacques getting photo bombed while doing a selfie. He, his staff and #JuliaKitten wish all moms a very happy #MothersDay

Close up of a beige tabby cat. At the top right of the photo are the fingers of a photo bomber.

Our #JuliaKitten is on an eat to rule campaign... Which means she eats at her own leisurely pace. #KittenJacques would happily hoover up what she leaves behind, but he doesn't need the extra calories.

Brown torbie cat looks to her left.

#KittenJacques and #JuliaKitten have never been that interested in royalty. But birds, now THAT'S INTERESTING!! πŸ€”

Bird's-eye view of a beige tabby on the left, and a brown torbie on the right both in load pose looking out a sliding door.

When you desperately want a specific spot on the sofa, but it's occupied by your #human #staff. #MastoCats #CatsOfMastodon #kittenJacques #Cats #FediFeline #fedicats

Beige tabby sits on a rug with an expectant look on his face.

@KissAnne @That_One_Guy this is he same for our #JuliaKitten and #KittenJacques. She wants her own space and he just wants to groom her, I think. They are #frenemies now but used to sleep together as kittens.

#Caturday came #Caturday went. #KittenJacques celebrates whether his hoomans post or not. #MastoCats #CatsOfMastodon

Beige tabby sits on a couch leaning against a pillow. He is facing the camera
Beige tabby looks to his left

#KittenJacques is a master of surprise..ed faces. #Cats #MastoCats #CatsOfMastodon

Beige tabby cat with surprised look on his face.
Ross of Ottawa
2 months ago

Cats are digesting and saving energy for their post-sundown tear around the house.

#KittenJacques #JuliaKitten #mastocats #caturday+1

Jacques, the beige tabby covers his eyes with a paw during a snooze.
Julia the torbie snoozes with her head upside down showing her buttery white under-chin.
Ross of Ottawa
2 months ago

Jacques joined me on the couch – took my spot as usual– in a bit more precarious orientation than usual tonight.

Gotta get my leg in there to stop him from tumbling off.
#KittenJacques #mastoCat

A cat sits leaning against the arm of the sofa, nearly tumbling backwards off the front of the
Same with a leg propping the cat up.

@ncraighead your guy and our #KittenJacques are dopplegangers!

Beige tabby sitting on a couch facing the camera grabbing the arm rest with his claws πŸ™
Ross of Ottawa
2 months ago

Our cat Julia rarely tolerates Jacques around her anymore, but the back door is the neutral zone where they'll press in together to watch the wildlife. Today it's birds.

They were snuggly as adolescents, but she was here first by a few weeks, and she seemed to resent him eventually getting bigger than her.
#JuliaKitten #KittenJacques

A beige cat and a torbie cat sit together at a glass door, with their back ends together, watching urban wildlife. Their tails switch back and forth occasionally entangling.
Ross of Ottawa
3 months ago

Change of angle, and he's refused to fetch me another glue stick. "Not in his job description," he says.
#kittenJacques #caturday

Not to be out done, it's #KittenJacques vs #Bunny . A little #CaturdayMonday vibe.

Beige Tabby from behind in a stalking pose looking through a glass door at a bunny eating seeds.

#KittenJacques looking relaxed and surprised on a #CaturdaySunday

Beige tabby cat looking surprised
Ross of Ottawa
4 months ago

Impromptu #caturday post, with a sudden arrival of Jacques to perch on my lounging position.


Cat arrival pic one, beige tabby fills the frame, walking across my lap while I'm sprawled on the couch.
Cat in motion, gripping my leg
Cat deciding if he should exit stage left
The only briefly sharp image as Jacques decides a non-lap position is optimal
Ross of Ottawa
4 months ago

Why'd you wake me?


A beige tabby cat in bright light yawns awkwardly.

#KittenJacques turned five yesterday. Here he is relaxing on the big day, and a couple from way back when. #CatsOfMastododon #MastoCats

Beige tabby sleeping on a white duvet. Close up of head
Beige kitten sits like a ventriloquist dummy on its staff member's lap. The kitten looks at the camera. The gentleman is wearing a light blue plaid shirt.
Beige tabby lies on his side on a grey blanket next to a window with the sun shining it.

It's #toebeantuesday . Guess which one of our #feline overlord's toebeans these are. Hint: #KittenJacques #CatsOfMastododon #MastoCats

Closeup of the  toebeans of beige tabby Cat's back foot

#KittenJacques missed #Caturday because he was too busy with his art projects. He wishes all his fellow artistic #cats and humans a very fierce #Monday

Beige tabby cat sits on a black carpet looking up at the camera in the middle of a yawn. Cheers up box is to his right.

Hearing today's forecast for quite a bit of snow, #KittenJacques took to the cozy bed to ride out the weather. #MastoCats #CatsOfMastododon

Beige Tabby cat lies in a furry bed on his side. The bed is also beige and the hardwood floor is light coloured.

#KittenJacques wishes one and all a very happy (some would say technically) first #Caturday of 2023, including all of those #Cats that jumped in the bathtub before it was empty. #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats

Beige tabby cat on a bathmat, with a perturbed look on his face.

My phone's camera senses a loaf and asks if I want to switch to #food mode when taking a pic of #KittenJacques #MastoCats #CatsOfMastodon

Overhead view of a beige tabby in loaf pose watching birds through a sliding door window.

#JuliaKitten + #KittenJacques are two days in to their resolution to #loaf around and #snooze more. Pretty successful so far.

On this, the last #Caturday of 2022 #KittenJacques and #JuliaKitten send their sincerest wishes for a very special 2023. #MastoCats #CatsOfMastodon

Beige tabby looks directly at the camera. A herringbone blanket is behind. It's a monochrome photo
Brown tabby lies down on a sofa, on her side, with eyes closed and front paws curled up.

#KittenJacques reorganized our paper recycling basket into a bed. #JuliaKitten also likes this spot and #photobombed my photo session.
#catsofmastdn #CatsOfMastodon #EveryDayIsCaturday.

Beige Tabby cat sits in a basket with paper for recycling, the top of a brown Tabby cat's head can be seen in the foreground from behind. The brown tabby cat's ear is prominent in the foreground.
Beige Tabby cat lies down in a basket with paper for recycling in a cupboard. A piece of bright yellow cardboard packaging is underneath the cat.

Happy #Caturday to one and all. #JuliaKitten and #KittenJacques wish you a very relaxing Christmas ( if you celebrate ) and of course a stellar #NewYear

@TheBlargg two representatives from Eastern Canada.#KittenJacques #JuliaKitten

@stux so very cute. Our #cats #JuliaKitten and #KittenJacques are fascinated by fire. Not sure if that's a good thing.πŸ€”

Looked at my β€œdevice” downloads folder (and yes, I envy you if you organize all your pics right away or at all), and I have what some would call β€œan inordinate number” of cat pics. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many #catpics #CatsOfMastodon #JuliaKitten #KittenJacques

Beige tabby looks directly at the camera close up, like a selfie picture
Brown Torbie looks at the camera while seated on a stool

It would be remiss of me not to share #JuliaKitten + #KittenJacques’ best wishes for an excellent #Caturday

#KittenJacques getting ready for #Caturday and wishing all #Mastocats a happy day.

Ross of Ottawa
10 months ago

@gnomon @lmorchard Exactly - there's clearly an attitude alignment there with our guy #kittenJacques.

#KittenJacques came to us 4-years ago yesterday. In celebration he wishes one and all, a very happy #Caturday . Here he is then and now. #CatsOfMastodon

Ross of Ottawa
1 year ago

You can tell that Julia was the first, and Jacques came after.

While she accepted him early on when they were both kittens, she had a month with us before he arrived, and still sees him as an interloper three (?) years later.

Anyway, that concludes our cat-personalities overview.

#catpics available of both - click hashtags: #Juliakitten or #kittenJacques.

@stux Washy is very much like our #KittenJacques

#KittenJacques contemplating a safari on #Caturday #Mastocats

Happy #caturday from #KittenJacques + #JuliaKitten who along with their human servants stand with #Ukraine

Ross of Ottawa
1 year ago

Our cat #kittenJacques had me pinned upon the alarm going off this morning. All he needed was a bar stool and his casual position would be complete.

"Barkeep, another tuna juice - and make it a double."