Elise "yuuana" Moreno
3 months ago

Rescue kitty update! Have started Pasta kittens on a thin gruel, which they've taken to eagerly. This is making feeding time rather more complicated, but such is kitten fostering life.

pictured: Poblano, one of their elder "siblings", who's ready for a furever home. And yes, she's packed with Tort-itude. 😂

to help: (their Amazon wishlist)


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Tortie kitten sitting upright on a light colored blanket decorated in happy penguins with polka-dotted scarves (green, red, or light blue with white spots). Kitten appears to be glaring right at the camera.
Elise "yuuana" Moreno
3 months ago

I don't have any new #kitten pics yet, but going to bump this cuz we need to restock on several meds for fall allergy season. As noted, this goal is ~half what our rescue cats and kittens actually go through in a month and every little bit helps. And hey, if you know someone in the Anderson SC area interested in adopting a cat or three.... 😂

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4 months ago

4 weeks of Ollie. He’s eating big boy food and pooping and peeing like a champ all by himself. He still enjoys the occasional bottle but don’t tell anyone!

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a split picture. Top is a recent photo of Ollie the grey tabby recuse kitten sitting on a blue checkered blanket with pointy ears indicating a kitten around 6 weeks old. Bottom is a smaller Ollie with rounded ears like a teddy bear indicating a kitten around 2-3 weeks old.
Elise "yuuana" Moreno
5 months ago

For those who may not be familiar, my wife and I do feral #KittenRescue & fostering. This #kitten season has been super rough around here (to the point I've stopped talking about it, tbh), Tumbles is the last survivor, meaning she most needs bedding to help her regulate her body temperature, especially since we're having to keep her isolated from all the other rescues & she's still quite tiny (pics in links - mirrored posts)
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Elise "yuuana" Moreno
5 months ago

So I had to go digging around cuz I thought I heard a kitten crying and lo, one of the unwanted mamas had moved her kittens under my bed. Which, it's summer now, so I'm less worried about them being too cold on bare floor ... but there's only four left and they're awfully skinny. And I'm out of KMR until I get paid again (the 5th), plus shipping takes time.

I was already thinking of adding cat-related tiers to my KoFi, guess I need to get on that. 😜

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10 months ago

The tiniest fluffiest cloud! Hello to our new foster Daisy, who was a drain kitten and is no longer an underground dirt cat. Instead she is a princess dandelion puff and very opinionated about things.

She's still learning how life inside a home works, and that humans aren't scary, but she is a delight.

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His & Hearse Press
10 months ago

🚨 Breaking News! If you’ve been following Kitten Watch 2023, we now have TWO kittens! There’s a black one and a calico one, and Belly is still purring away. Stay tuned 👀 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

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A black background with a purple damask frame. A cartoon cat lays on her back shooting out tiny kittens next to the words “pew pew!” Text reads, “Kittens! February 16, 2023, congratulations Belly!”