49 minutes ago

Progress on sleeve number two. Completely tonally different than sleeve one, but slightly strange color choices is part of the aesthetic


In progress knitted sweater, mostly bright orange but with a bit of gold starting near the needles
6 hours ago

I'm #knitting and #crocheting so much these days that I start to dream of stitches. But I really want to reduce my stash and get some things off the needle and hook. And to fill my shop a bit more. Especially since I'm at a irl market in one and a half week for the first time.

Dr BethFishReads
8 hours ago

Finally finished #knitting my #socks the pattern is Rhinebeck Roomies from The Crazy Sock Lady (available on Ralvery) and the yarn is from the April 2023 sock squad club from The Farmers Daughter Fibers.

#knitting #socks @fiberarts #fiberarts

Two green variegated socks with solid green toes and heels  on a blocking mat
SJ (hierofalco)
8 hours ago

I've made this cowl three times now and finally, on the fourth one, I have stopped making the pattern mistake I keep making. #4: best cowl yet.


11 hours ago

Made a shawl/cowl thingie with two shades, two fibers, decided it was not fitting well and the color mix was not working either. Now frogging and trying to separate the mohair from the cotton… #knitting on a Saturday night

Finished hand-knitted cowl laying flat on the table
Yarn being winded…
La Visch
11 hours ago

#StashDiveSaturday Earlier this week I was at my LYS @stickscups. There, I found this lovely yarn to use for my 2023 Fasten Off Yarnalong project! 😃

#Knitting #KnittingLife #KnittingLove #KnittingPattern #KnittingProject #SweaterKnitting #FastenOffYAL

3 balls of variegated sock yarn in turquoise, purple and blue. The yarn is Lang Yarns Super Soxx 4 ply.

Frankenstein'd mouse hand cozy complete! The wristband is #knitting and the finger part is #crochet

Vicki Davis
13 hours ago

My lovely work colleague keeps inviting extra people to our team night out so I keep needing to knit an extra Christmas tree decoration for them so they don’t feel left out! #knitting @knitting

Knitted Xmas tree decoration - a tiny Christmas jumper with the word Noel on the front and a red pompon on the hood
14 hours ago

More #Knitting of the smaller #Socks I'm making for my mom after completing larger socks for my dad after she saw some in the same pattern in similar yarn on my feet over a Christmas visit in 2022.

This was the first repeat of the leg pattern and I went from 12 grams to 10... It looks like I might be able to do 4-5 repeats and then the K-P cuff and bind-off, but I am going to keep weighing that yarn as I complete more rounds.

These socks will have a narrower foot and a shorter leg as there is not as much yarn left for the full pattern after making a full set for my dad in this colorway. I have already made socks for Mom (midcalf) and Dad (ankle) in a different color. These are the ones I am hoping to finish by December as combined semi-surprise Chrimbirthday gifts for 2023.

The pattern is Elementary Watson by Sherry Menton. The yarn is Stiletto by Plymouth Yarns in color 825 that I bought from an Etsy store because it looks like it has been discontinued.

Two skeins of yarn with two socks being knit toe-up on dual circular needles (Red Lace Chiaogoo) sitting on a blond wood table.

One sock is facing up showing a pattern with chevrons and cables, the other sock is facing down showing the narrow sole and fleegle heel.

The Red/Green/purple/teal/pink self-striping yarn with occasional streaks of primary blue has gold Lurex thread woven into the yarn for a bit of sparkle.

Hard part's done (bonus cat). Wrist is knit, thumb is crochet.
#knitting #crochet

A knitted wristband with a crocheted thumb attached. There is a gray cat in the background
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
15 hours ago

Day 2 - Tour de Monte Rosa cowl knitting pattern

I loved devising this knitting pattern, with different textures that unfold like the story of a good walk in the mountains.
You want to know more about it? Head over here:

#knitting #cowl #KnittingPattern #HandmadeGift #FediGiftShop

Photo of the Monte Rosa in the sunset with a very pink sky. On the right, a circular photo of the knitted Tour de Monte Rosa cowl in a green, blue and raspberry hand dyed yarn. One creative cat logoo is visible in the left corner: a turquoise ball of yarn upright with a cat's tail and cat's ears.

Part One of Frankenstein'd mouse hand blanket complete!

Wristband made of 2x2 rib knitting

Knitting friends! This may align with your interests— @scifri did a deep dive on the science of why today's mass-produced sweaters are kind of garbage compared to those of a few decades ago.

Of course, this only confirms what we already knew: Handknit sweaters are the best sweaters.

#science #SciComm #sweater #knitting

#Knitting on double pointed needles makes me feel like I'm making a witch's talisman to hang from a creepy tree in the woods

A piece of knitting being done on 4 double pointed needles
17 hours ago

If you want to decrease three stitches to one, you need to make a double decrease.
More often than not, you will want the middle stitch to lie on top. This is called a centred double decrease.
To make this decrease, you need to slip two stitches together knitwise, knit one, pass the two slipped stitches over.
This decrease is normally used in the point of a V-neckline.


Baa Baa Brighouse
18 hours ago

In Box Two of the 2023 Baa Baa Brighouse 'Selection Box' themed Yarn Advent's 'Crunchie'!

#advent #adventcalendar #advent2023 #yarnadvent #yarnadventcalendar #yarn #knitting #crochet #christmas

Picture shows three mini skeins of yarn positioned diagonally in a pyramid. The yarn is red, purple and gold. Next to the yarn is a small foil wrapped Crunchie chocolate.
19 hours ago

Det gick! Dom tovade sig och krympte till storlek 46(dom var 42 cm långa innan jag slängde in dom med handdukar i tvättmaskin, 40°C normaltvätt högsta centrifugering ) . Nu ska den som ska ha dom bara låta dom torka och forma sig på foten.
Han sken som en sol när han fick dom på sig

#stickning #knitting #tovning #felting

Tovade Tofflor i petrolfärgat garn. I 4-trådig svenskull fr. Järbo
Quinn Dombrowski
1 day ago

I'm still working on getting the hang of the digital #knitting machine, but this morning I tried the Face/Interface logo and couldn't help but laugh that the interface glitched, if you will. #Unicode #UI #glitch

Circular Face/Interface logo, machine knit in blue and turquoise, with a hole in one of the letters and a line running down the right third of the knit.
1 day ago

Treated myself for the first day of December. Although honestly i suppose I treat myself when I feel like it. I happened to realize a favorite indie dyer had just restocked her store and I could not resist. I now have more Little Lionhead Knits yarn when i have not yet used my previous sock sets. I bought one more thing but that might end up a gift so not sharing. #knitting #FiberArts @knitting @fiberarts (remove groups to reply)

Tweed fingering yarn minis
7 mini skeins of DK yarn
Sock set of tweedy orange and mini teal
Irma :startrek:
1 day ago

Winter is coming, so I'm knitting socks! 🤗🧶

#Knitting #HandMade

1 day ago

Attention: #knitting is now "cool" and the Washington Post is on it.


1 day ago

My friend who I taught cross stitch to recently invested in a portable crafting lamp and she was singing its praises, so I gave it a shot.

Life. Changing.

It's a small thing that clamps on to any surface, can be rotated and bent as necessary, and is charged through a regular USB charger. And the price was extremely reasonable. I'm so much faster now, especially with darker colors, because I can actually see exactly what I'm doing. 🤣

#knitting #crochet #crossstitch

1 day ago

Seeing as I completely failed to keep up with my temperature blanket past about March this year, I now have decisions to make. #knitting #crochet

1 day ago

My Woolly Mammoth pattern is included in the #FastenOffYAL sale. Maybe you would like to knit this woolly friend? #knitting

a photo of a knitted woolly mammoth doll, made from fuzzy taupe-coloured yarn. It is being held in front of a christmas tree with lights and ornaments
Kath Andrews
1 day ago

Great progress last night with the moebius brioche workshop at Yarn O’clock in Mold.

Br4st inc and br4st dec have both been conquered and there was even some exploration of how to fix mistakes without going back!

Twisted, the cowl pattern folk were learning with, will be available soon!


Four moebius brioche cowls in progress grouped together on a light coloured floral tablecloth.
La Visch
2 days ago

For my #FastenOffYAL project, I’ll be making the Glaswegian Summer Sweater by @KarenBDesigns. Isn’t it cute?! The sale is still on, so you can get it too with the 25% discount 😃

#Knitting #KnittingLife #KnittingPattern #KnittingProject #SweaterKnitting

A v-neck sweater knit in colorful variegated yarn, shown waist-up on a mannequin.
2 days ago

I feel like there is a programming language/paradigm where you compute by knitting. You have at least two inputs to any given stitch: the last stitch and the switch you're about to knit into. Using just purl and knits that's two bits of input, but adding slips, increases, decreases, and esp color adds many, many dimensions. There is the Purl esolang, but in that language the pattern is the program, and not the input. I feel like there's something there.

#esolang #knitting

2 days ago

Next up on my needles is a simple knit, but one I'm REALLY excited about. I'm doing this Reader's Wrap, in this upcycle alpaca from Knitpicks.

Big enough to carry my books, my kindle, my glasses, maybe some snacks....


FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
2 days ago

I can get a bit nerdy at times, so I really love this blog post from a few years back.

So many ideas, so much information. I think I'll have to read it several times to really digest it all.

Love that.

Return to circles, knit “pies” 2, round yokes and more –

#knitting @knitting @fiberarts #knitdesign

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 days ago

I would like to showcase one creation a day until maybe the 15th December (a half Advent calendar in a way), the ones I am most proud of😉 ...

Starting today with this hand dyed yarn colourway I called #Valromey in hommage to my valley in France.

#FediGiftShop #HandDyedYarn #yarn #knitting #crochet #IndieDyer #IndieYarn #wool

collage of 2 photos: at the top, a hand dyed yarn in green and blue colours withh speckles. At the bottom, a view of the Grand Colombier mountain crest undulating with foggy sky and a dry plant in the foreground.
A banner in the middle reads: valromey hand dyed 4ply
Red and the Wolf Designs
2 days ago

Because I can never work on just one project, I have also started some Rapunzel mitts by Lotta Kroeger in a self-striping wool free sock yarn.

They knit up quickly and I love the look of the braid in my yarn.

Project 2 for the #FastenOffYAL from me, the third will be close behind.

#knitting @knitting @fiberarts @fastenoffyal

A fingerless mitts in progress lies on a tan surface with red dots. The mitts is knit in self-striping yarn in teal, several shades of purple, black and white. It is plain stockinette, with a braid near the outer edge. It is finished except for the thumb
3 days ago

I knitted like a madperson and finished two pairs of asymetrical gloves. I have a pair myself and it creates lots of awestruck comments. Those are definitellly not your usual gloves!
#knitting #knitted #smallshop #smallcreator #knittersofmastodon @knitting

Amanda Hickie
3 days ago

2023's #baubles knitted. This year it's three wise sheep.

Knitted from this pattern -

#knitting #silly

Knitted baubles with sheep motifs
3 days ago

I guess I've started a sweater. Or an arm warmer, if I get bored #knitting

Partially knitted sleeve in purple and greenish, sat on double pointed needles and worked from the wrist up
Same sleeve, modeled on an arm. It reaches almost up to the elbow
Doctor Popular
3 days ago

I don't think I've shared my Pac-Man sweater on Mastodon yet, but I thought some of y'all might like it.

We've published the pattern and more details on my blog. #Lopapeysa #PacMan #retrogaming #knitting #DIY

Me showing off my Pac-Man sweater. It is a hand-knit sweater in an Icelandic lopapeysa style. Most of the sweater is black, but near the neck is a row of ghosts, cherries, and other Pac-Man iconography.
Chris Helming :enby: :they:
4 days ago

I knit something for the first time in roughly 13 years. The color was the nonbinary colorway of the Big Twist yarn at JoAnn. I like it but it's giving me less nonbinary vibes and more "adam west as batman" vibes.

#knitting #knit #nonbinary

a cable knit hat that's yellow, white, purple and black
4 days ago

Love how neat that looks. Give me maximum till the weekend and there's something new in the shop ^^ #knitting @knitting

A piece of a fingerless glove, made in garder stitch and a neat row, where I picked up the border stitches. Wool is lavender
Red and the Wolf Designs
4 days ago

What a gorgeous design from Mary M Martin knits - another #FastenOffYAL designer!

Double sided cables, pride themed - I love everything about it.

Find it and her other patterns at


A white woman stands next to a tree, she wears a black jacket and a rainbow coloured scarf with two strands of DNA-Helix in rainbow colour and black
5 days ago

anyone ever knit/weave/etc a phone case (so you can use the phone without it being slick)? i’ve got a new iphone 14.

i’m thinking i could use linen and epoxy to make a stiff shell and then glue on knitted or woven wool. but i’m hoping there’s a simpler way.

i would just glue wool onto it, but i’m afraid in the summer it wouldn’t let my phone cool down. #knitting #weaving

@knitting @fiberarts

5 days ago

@knitting I would like some advice, please. This is my first time adding a stitch pattern to an existing pattern. I'm trying to add the stitch pattern from a cowl to a basic, free fingerless glove pattern. It is at the length I want and am ready to start the hand shaping. Should I stay in the pattern for the whole hand part? Will the puffy purl part be weird on my palm?

on my arm is a black knit glove, in process, from wrist to halfway to the elbow, hand is bare. somewhat out of focus is a grey stool beneath my hand and a wood table to the right
5 days ago

Finished boneyard sweethearts! This is the perfect festival sweater as I used yarn from many small dyers for the color work. The base yarn is a sturdy and snuggly Romney from Apple Creek Merinos. #knitting #knittersofmastodon

Finished object photo of a color work sweater, bone colored skeletons and ghosts on a purple and natural brown background.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
5 days ago

I realise I have lost all steam on my business and let it wither...
I am doing one Christmas fair next Friday - probably the last (at BTP in Cheswick, north Bristol, you are welcome if you are local - or not😉 ) and will probably put everything else on sale after that - what is not gone will be gifted.
Or I will have lots of supply to knit for myself and my falmily 😉
In the meantime, feel free to browse:
#knitting #crochet @knitting @crochet @fiberarts

Boston Tea Party Cheswick village Christmas Fair
Friday 1st december 5.30pm - 7.30pm BS16 1GU
Shop local and support small businesses this Christmas
5 days ago

Budoucí ponožky...
Objednala jsem si na položku, kterou mají nazvanou "barevné překvapení", takže vůbec netušíte, co bude v krabici za barvy. Nooo, jsem spoko.

#knitting #knitsocks #yarn @knitting

krabice a přízemi na ponožky.
5 days ago

At least I can mope around at home with Covid in my newly finished sweater. It has a little lid for my watch because I might need a watch again sometime in the future 🙃

📝 Librarian by Skeindeer
🧶 Hearthside by Wild Atlantic Yarns #knitting

A burgundy sweater with a fence-like allowed pattern and slightly puffy sleeves, styled with teddy cloth trousers with a flamingo pattern
Wrist of said sweater. The ribbing extends to the fingers with a thumb hole. A conspicuous bulge indicates a watch.
The watch face is visible through a gap in the fabric.