1 hour ago

Played around a bit in #Krita yesterday and while it's still a lot more buggy than I'd like, it turned out to be an actually pretty decent #SVG vector editor!

(bonus points to my #xppen pen tablet display that worked out of the box on #ubuntu 23, without even installing any software or drivers, albeit the usefulness of a pen tablet for vector work is certainly debatable...)

An XP-Pen pen tablet display showing the Krita user interface and a vectorgraphics design of Ferris, the cute cartoon crab mascot of the Rust programming language holding a big machete in their right claw)
3 hours ago
new image!

blue the rabbit!

#fediart #krita #blender #gimp
Krita Artists
13 hours ago

New artwork in the gallery!

This beauty is by blowingking.

See our latest featured artwork in the gallery here:

#Krita #KritaArtist #KritaArt #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #MastoArt

Painting of an attractive, young, female overlooking the sea, facing a spectacular cloud formation on the horizon.

Bridget Bishop, the sega saturn witch up to no good
#krita #segasaturn

15 hours ago
Interesting person, boring shadow
15 hours ago

The Book Of Love by MK34
The book of love is long and boring, it was written a very long time ago and to this day still incomplete
It's full of pictures and apricot or eggplant emoji and things we're too young or uninformed about that we'd never like to know and regret seeing

#MastoArt #pixelfed #krita #GIMP #DigitalArt #tired #rule34 #hate #love #internet #madness

18 hours ago

Full Resolution + Behind the Scenes sketch + Signatureles Wallpeper download here:

I'm not really sure i'm feeling these more realistic pictures.It was always my weakest skill...Still, it was an interesting experiment to do.

Done entirely in Krita, with a ton of reference images

Like what I see and wanna see more? Check this out!

#art #artwork #digitalArt #digitalmedia #realistic #female #sfw #human #blackwoman #beautifu #illustration #krita

19 hours ago

A sleeping fox, hopefully lost in peaceful dreams
© Feannaag
#art #artwork #digitalart #krita #fox #animal #feannaagart

Sophia Vasylyshyn
19 hours ago

Portrait, 2023.07.19 (Krita / GIMP / GMIC)

#digitalart #portrait #digitalpainting #drawing #Krita #GIMP #GMIC

22 hours ago

...And Inspector Constable Muriel

Quelin Sepulveda, Good Omens.

She's just too damn cute.

#digitalart #art #digitalpainting #GoodOmensFanArt #GoodOmens #DavidTennant #krita #neilgaiman #terrypratchett

Halla Rempt
23 hours ago

I guess I'll be calling them anyway, because there's no way I can make a #krita release with this little data. Especially since the total cap is upload + download combined.

Selling a few different #anthro critters~

Each one is 30€

Bat eared #fox is sold!
Fox is sold!

You can buy the line art to these here:

DM if interested~

#Adoptable Rules

#furry #design #adopt #digitalart #mastoart #fediart #furryart #art #krita #fennec #coyote #jackal #corruptedfox

An anthropomorphic jackal, fox, fennec, coyote, and bat eared fox line up in a row. The background is a forest. Digitally drawn.
1 day ago

@doctormo @Krita I think IRC #krita on liberachat would be best place to ping.

@Wolthera FYI ^

Kathy Murdoch :pastille_lemon:
1 day ago

#Krita #Linux friends, I'm getting this message when trying to play audio in animation mode. Any idea what service I need to install/start to get it working? Fails with .wav and .mp3

(Tagging in #Qt too since it looks like it might be a library issue)

Error popup screenshot:

Cannot open audio: "/home/iguana/...mp3

Error: The QMediaPlayer object does not have a valid service
1 day ago

I wanna paint something. Prompt me. (Please)

#art #krita

Chicky :verified:
1 day ago

Meet Hitomi. She is ready to get married. Today is the happiest day of her life. #Drawing #art #anime #originalcharacter #manga #krita #lineart

Drawing of a cute anime bride
1 day ago
new image!

green the bear!

#fediart #krita
1 day ago

I'm trying to animate in #krita but whenever I seek to a frame that is after the end of the audio length, all playback of the animation breaks :( help

Chris Cochrun ~ >
1 day ago

@ScruffyDux I'm a minister. My top apps include #Emacs. And that's about it. I've built a Bible app inside and write and study all in Emacs. I guess I use #Firefox too. And I've built my own presentation software called #lumina. Using Emacs.

Also #gimp for creating graphics. Sometimes I use #Krita tho. Soooooo. Those 5?

What are your #FOSS Infinity Stones?

The list of 5 top applications that allow you to replace the proprietary tools typically used by people similar to you, that make your daily life mostly FOSS?

My job is making written and video tutorials related to the web so for me it's:

1. #Krita for image editing
2. #KDE Spectacle for image capture
3. #Kdenlive for video editing
4. #Peek for video capture
5. #Tasksorg for managing tasks and projects

No Adobe or data hoarding apps needed.

1 day ago

Some sci-fi James sketch test
#digitalart #krita #furry

2 days ago
scarf girl
Leo! 🔞
2 days ago

some things from today
a landscape study and some fun clouds in pixel art

#art #digital #DigitalArt #pixel #pixelart #landscape #nature #trees #grass #clouds #krita #MastoArt #study

2 days ago

All You Need Is Likes -T-o-R-e-l-a-x- by MK3
Let me take you down,
'cause I'm going to Internet Fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung up about
Spider Web Fields forever

Damn, since when did this shit happen?
since when do we make a parody of ourselves?

#MastoArt #pixelfed #krita #GIMP #DigitalArt #relax #comedown #needcake

Internet me rend dingue
Internet drives me crazy

Sophia Vasylyshyn
2 days ago

Portrait, 2023.09.22 (Krita / GIMP / GMIC)

#digitalart #portrait #Krita #GIMP #GMIC

2 days ago

Came up with this fella a few days ago while doodling in my sketchbook, wanted to make a better reference sheet but I guess this version will have to do for now 😔
(his name's Akit btw)

#oc #doodle #krita #art #mastoart

Three stylized drawings of a character on an off-white background. The left one is a cartoonish bust drawing of a humanoid creature with dull red skin, and a simplistic white mask with just red horns, grey square teeth, red dots for eyes and a tally mark of a number 5 on the forehead. 
The middle drawing is of the creature's arm: it's thin, has the same dull red color for the skin, off-white bandages covering the entire forearm from the elbow to the wrist, and 3 fingers ending in blunt rock-like claws. 
The final drawing is a half-body drawing of the character doing a wave-like gesture with one arm. His upper body lanky, with a bit of muscle, arms unusually long.
Halla Rempt
2 days ago

@sethadam1 @jbqueru @thomholwerda As long as Google keeps canceling image formats because there isn't enough community adoption I won't trust anything coming from their stable.

Sweet Inanna, we spent so much time and money on implementing jpeg-xl for #krita

Halla Rempt
2 days ago

So, today, I got up at 7:30, went to the market with @irina and bought nice fish, then shopped for bio veggies elsewhere, considered some merge requests, starts some builds, and tested another build of #krita. I also prepared salt-grilled mackerel and mackerel miso soup, as well as mirin-simmered beetrood. Did a bit of drawing, but... I had to go to sleep in the middle of the day in my nightie, because I was too tired to wear a bra. Still, all in all, a good day.

2 days ago
Halla Rempt
2 days ago

@nixCraft Amen, amen to that. We actually made that an official policy in the #krita team: no releases on a Friday.

2 days ago

Following the trend of drawing yourself with your sona that i've seen some cool artists like @lids_stuff! Kinda experimenting a bit, but overall had fun with this one :>

#sona #fursona #fursonaversusowner #anthro #furry #furryart #furryartist #art #digital #krita #colored #shaded #wacom #sfw #sfwart #sfwartwork #sfwfurry #sfwfurryart #vulture #beardedvulture #lammergeier #dyed #violet #portrait #face #gloomy

digital illustration of a human portrait and their fursona on the lower side,flipped
2 days ago

Moxxie and Millie from Helluvaboss 💜
They feel like the kind of couple that gets real nasty in the bedroom

#helluvaboss #fanart #moxxie #millie #imp #spanking #booty #breasts #nippleclamps #bondage #mastoart #art #krita #nsfw #nsfwart #illustration

moxxie and millie from helluvaboss spanking and doing bondage in their bedroom
3 days ago

#Inkscape recently. #Thunderbird, as usual. I also find #Krita quite fascinating.

Halla Rempt
3 days ago

I'm wondering whether this is okay, but my doc tells me it's important to recognize what you've managed to do, while having #LongCovid. So here goes:

I got up at 8, I did mail, I did bug triaging for #krita, I figured out that with the latest Ventura update, our deps don't build anymore, I tested the ffmpeg issues on MacOS (and they weren't there), I sketched a cat-dragon-girl, I did not go to bed in pajamas during the day, I got a jab, had dinner and read a couple of books.

3 days ago
Puplaroid 🐶
3 days ago

Fall/Autumn vibes... 🍂 ☕

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #Krita #PuplaroidArt

Digital art of a cute furry wolf, smiling. He's looking off-frame, and he is wearing a dark brown sweater. The artwork has warm brown and browish-yellow tones.
3 days ago

Carlton Dance animation made in stream on Twitch.
#art # pixelart #krita #animation #pixelanimation #dance

A person in purple top and green bottoms, wearing a pumpkin dancing the Carlton dance.

(I moved from mastodon[.]art, this is a repost)


Hello, I'm Tyr, also known as #CorruptedFox. I love #drawing #animals and #fantasy creatures. I also post #NSFW content from time to time, which will be tagged as such. :blobfoxghost:

My website with #commission examples/prices:


#furry #furryart #mastoart #fediart #art #commissionsopen #illustration #krita #digitalart #traditionalart #fox #anthro

My #socialmedia links are in the post below :blobfox:​

A full body of a silver vixen in front of a red background. She is looking at the viewer with red/ yellow eyes menacingly.
Digitally drawn.
A dragon flying in front of a lighting bolt, looking worried. Digitally drawn.
A sea serpent with several fins drawn with watercolour swimming in the sea. The sky is slightly clouded. The perspective of the drawing is tilted.
Brightly coloured fox looking at the viewer. She is orange and beige coloured in front of a blue background with clouds. Digitally drawn.
3 days ago

If I import a #gimp xcf into #krita with Text layers, it seems I can't edit the text anymore (in Krita itself) - the seems to be converted into "pixels"?

⚡️The Letter W⚡️
3 days ago

It's been quite awhile since I drew #DontStarve artwork but I finally updated all the strings in my Elec Man mod for #DontStarveTogether so I figured hey, why not clean up this old doodle I did back then?
"Can I look at your insides? Please?”
#art #fanart #krita #digitalart #drawing #doodles #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtistsofMasto #FediArt #crossover #gaming

Wilson P. Higgsbury from Don’t Starve holds a wrench and a screwdriver in each of his hands. He’s looking rather eagerly at a perturbed Elec Man from Mega Man 1. Drawn in Don’t Starve’s style.
3 days ago
Pixel art of a chibi with glowing blue horns, black hair. a pointy white mask with a scarf that covers their mouth. They're holding a giant fork and are wearing a white shirt, black pants, and yellow gloves.
Null 🐌
3 days ago

"The manual makes it seem so easy, huh?"

Lore and more on the art page.


[ #MastoArt #FediArt #FurryArt #Krita ]

An illustration of two anthropomorphic feline characters with some strange computer-like equiptment. Weird, flesh-like forms protrude from various ports on the back of the CRT-TV looking machine. On the right, Orin is scratching their head in confusion at something on the screen. To the left, Stranger is glancing at Orin as though guessing what his next move might be with the technical difficulties unfolding before them. Stranger's pet millipede arches itself to look at the screen. It does not understand anything going on but is having a good time nonetheless.
Sloppy Tentacles 🦑
4 days ago


Never used the group feature before, lets so how bad it gets :meru_lul:

#krita #pinup #nsfwart #MastoArt @nsfw

Tattooed lady, peeking behind a curtain. With iridescent effects.
Timelapse of the drawing
Puplaroid 🐶
4 days ago

A random fox portrait I did last year. 🦊

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #Krita #PuplaroidArt

Digital art of a random furry fox character wearing big round glasses. They are smiling. There are golden dust particles flying in front of the character.

I found this post with photo → and thought: "Hey, it is great. Maybe I should do something with it?"

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #bird #birds

Cartoon style drawing of a greenish brown hummingbird lying on its back in a orange flower petal, shaped like hammock. There is text "Sorry, I cannot bird today. Call me tomorrow." above the bird.
David Revoy
4 days ago
A digital painting portrait, a colored drawing of the character 2B, under the rain.
A digital painting sketch of 2B in levitation in front of one of the robot ennemy in the game.
Quick digital sketch from memory of 2B side view and front view portrait.
Puplaroid 🐶
4 days ago
Digital artwork of a male chubby cat cook, cooking meatballs. He is doing a dynamic gesture with a wooden fork, making droplets of tomato sauce everywhere.
4 days ago

The logo and all materials for this event were designed using #FLOSS tools: #Scribus, #Inkscape, and #Krita. So if you weren't sure whether you can do professional print work with FLOSS tools, you can; I do it all the time! #graphicdesign #print

A printed program showing white text on top of a bright blue background.
The cover of a printed program with a combination mark logo saying "Launchpad" on a light background of clouds.
4 days ago

@Scio My timeline of #krita tag has three sea related painting now. may be we all krita-artists are longing for a sea holiday

4 days ago
two digital illustrations of a man with a strongman athelete body type drawn in anime style.
the first pose. he's standing shirtless while a battle axe rests on his shoulder.
second pose. he is standing in profile which highlights his belly.
close up version of the second pose.
Karb 💎
5 days ago

If there any #Krita Artists out there (And this is Fedi, there has to be a few) can anybody reccomend me some good brushes for different scales?
Like, mostly dragon/Reptiles Scales would be nice but also Fish ones. :blobfoxpleading:

Krita Artists
5 days ago

New to the gallery wall: Fourth by Sad_Tea.

#Krita #KritaArt #KritaArtist #DigitalPainting #DigitalArt #MastoArt

Painting of a beautiful seascape on a clear day. A trolley or bus makes its way through the surf while a seagull looks on.  Painted in Krita by Sad_Tea.
5 days ago

The still study of the Lisk Feng original that I ended up animating. Well, one sixth of the frames used at least 🌝

#LiveYetVirtual #art #MastoArt #illustration #ArtistStudy #landscape #Krita

An ocean view in twilight with bright pink clouds in the horizon and waves crashing onto the rocks in the foreground
5 days ago

I was apprehensive about posting this #LiveYetVirtual study... This illustration, the base image, is pretty much a cheap copy of a piece by Lisk Feng.

The intent was always to make a quick layered illustration we would then animate in Blender, to see how to do it as simply as we could think of.

But I ended up really liking the resulting animation and wanted to share it, copy or not!

#art #MastoArt #illustration #animation #ArtistStudy #landscape #Krita #Blender #B3D

An limited animation loop of an ocean view in twilight, with bright pink clouds in the horizon and rocks in the foreground, and waves crashing onto them in regular succession
5 days ago

One more Korok for my #zelda #breathofthewild #wip :) Already working on another one!
Love how the leaf turned out.

Drawn in #krita on a #huion tablet.

#mastoart #fanart

Saw some photos of this #bird, described as cheeky chickadee. Tried to draw it in realistic style but something is off about it.

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #birds

Rather realistic drawing of a small bird, with bright brown belly, darker wings and tail, and black-white head, sitting on a wire.
marc [sustain release] ✅
6 days ago

Ich wünschte oft, ich hätte mehr freie Zeit, um mich mit digitalem Malen und Zeichnen zu beschäftigen. #DigitalArt @krita ist ein großartiges Werkzeug dafür. Auf der @kielux hielt Claus H. Godbersen einen Vortag zu #Krita. 🎨 #linux #foss #kielux

6 days ago

🎨 commissioned by the lovely @stephen for his new profile picture. thank you!

my commissions are open. yay! please check pinned post for rates and terms. 🥰
#Art #MastoArt #Krita #Illustration #Commissions #OpenCommissions

a digital illustration. portrait of a handsome man in a coffee shop. he is wearing a navy blue jumper and a dark green hat. he is holding his sling bag on his shoulder and on his other hand, a coffee in a yellow mug that's about to spill. he is white, ginger with a kind blue eyes.
Sloppy Tentacles 🦑
1 week ago

:meru_shy: - was only a matter of time, spacecowboy. Boosting appreciated 🍒

#NSFWart #mastoart #pinup #krita

Drawing of that hottie from the 90s anime where everyone had a crush on - bold statement, but true LOL. Vaye Valentine with her iconic ship in the background and a planet, no I have no fucking Idea what planet I drew. She is pulling a yellow-golden with holo effect panty up.
Timelapse, showing how hard I failed with gradient maps and eventually did it manually. Pff, who the fuck needs gradient maps.?
Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 week ago

New digital painting:

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker

© 2023, Tanweer Dar

In my opinion, easily the most handsome modern fighter jet. Really enjoyed painting this in Krita.

#Art #Artwork #DigitalArt #Krita #Su27 #Flanker #Aviation #Aircraft #Fighter #MastoArt

Side profile of an Su-27 Flanker fighter jet flying against a bright blue sky.
David Revoy
1 week ago

Painting on Sunday in autopilot mode to relax while beta testing.

#krita #MastoArt

A digital painting portrait of a stylised woman with a tatoo looking on her left. The setting feels a bit "cyberpunk-ish".

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.
Krita Artists
1 week ago
1 week ago

Doing a new #introduction
Hoi I'm cosmix. I mostly draw and dabble a little in game dev.
I'm all in on opensource when I can and my main two tools are #krita and #blender. for my art that's under cc by-sa 4.0
can do commissions on request.
Here's a selection of my work:

Drawing of Egyptian themed priestess
Drawing of cute lesbian girl with glasses
Drawing of catgirl holding a pillow
Drawing of blue skinned girl

...and, the best for last:

Pogo, my #werewolf #fursona. Black ink drawing on my sketchbook, colored with #Krita in my #Wacom.

And a tiger who one day could be another sona or OC, I dunno yet.

#MyArt #MastoArt #sona #weresona #furry #FurryArt #illustration #drawing #BrazillianArtist #ArtistasBrasileiros #fetish #leather #harness #gay


The drawing is a cartoonish werewolf, wearing a black jockstrap, leather chest harness,  and 2 leather bracelets in each arm. He's hairy and have black moustache, goatee and beard. He's skinny, with a little belly. And with pointy teeth.

He's standing, looking to something outside the page, slightly to the left, with a subtle smile.

The werewolf colors are brown, black and grey, his eyes are light green and the leather is black.
The drawing is a cartoonish werewolf, wearing just a jeans shorts. He's hairy and have black moustache, goatee and beard. He's skinny, with a little belly. And with pointy teeth.

He's sitting in a sofa, looking to you, with a subtle smile.

The werewolf colors are brown, black and grey, and his eyes are light green. The sofa is orange and the jeans are indigo.
Drawing. A cartoonish face of a anthro tiger. The line is black ink and sketchy, the color is digital and blurry. You can see the pencil auxiliary lines and the paper texture. The character seems to be happy and peaceful. And with a pair of saber teeth.

The tiger is orange, white and black, his eyes are light green and the background is kinda turquoise.
David Revoy
1 week ago

Study ✏️

#Krita #MastoArt

A grayscale digital painting study of a random fantasy cute magician/witch character with a chibi spherical owl on her hand. 

The study was about shading, construction and density of details (the theme wasn't important, that's why it was a bit in auto-pilot mode, and a fallback of the type of design of JRPG, 16bit consoles in my case. ).

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Jan Brons
1 week ago

Just a fun painting of an elderly man, cowboy or farmer not sure...

Image made with #krita, the incredible open-soure #KDE software.

Painting of an elderly man wearing a big blue hat and a blue shirt. He could be a cowboy or maybe a farmer. The man is looking straight at you. Painted with dry brushstrokes.
1 week ago

Static 🌀 Speedling for Ash

#art #furryart #digitalart #krita

Super villain leopard controlling two hypnotic retro TV screens with spiral static effects on them.
1 week ago

Gradiant shiny hair.
#krita #animegirl #blue

Drawing of a long haired blue skinned girl sticking her tongue out.

This is how looks a #cat which wants to play :blobcatjoy:​
Not based on my own cat appearance, just random-coloured cat...

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #cats

Realistic drawing of a cat from up view, with head and oval shape of body visible. Cat has dark grey fur on its back and top of head, white on chest and face, and yellow/green eyes.
2 weeks ago

🎨 quick sketch

#Art #Sketch #Krita

a digital illustration of a brown bearish furry creature in a blue apron and mitts holding a pot of lasagna.
2 weeks ago

Got a new drawing tablet, so I made a new pfp to test it out!

#krita #chibi #OriginalCharacter #mycharacter

A chibi headshot of a girl with black hair tied up with a red bow looking smug with sunset lighting.
2 weeks ago

Time for a nap... *Squizes* Nooo you can't have it back!
#krita #furry #sleepy

Drawing of furry goth cheerleader on bed snuggling a pillow.
2 weeks ago
Drawing of furry goth cheerleader lineart wanting pets.
Sloppy Tentacles 🦑
2 weeks ago

I promise I make nsfw art again

#krita #mastoart

Portrait of a woman with nose piercings and half red hair in a style that looks like water colours
David Revoy
3 weeks ago

🎶 Toss a coin to your Instance,
O Valley of Plenty!

(A reminder that it is your patronage and donations that keep many Instances on the Fediverse alive.)

#Krita #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #TheWitcher #CreativeCommons

A digital painting cartoon parody of "The Witcher" with a mastodon-ified Geralt and Jaskier in the street of a castle (with the banner of the Fediverse). Mastogeralt is on a horse, happy, while mastoJaskier sing ahead of the horse, just walking and playing the luth. In the large audience (painterly) we can recognise Ai or Pleroma. 

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
3 weeks ago

Made a new mini-comic. I think many artists can relate to the story 😁

#MastoArt #krita #comics

Mini-comic about an artist buying a new sketchbook
David Revoy
3 weeks ago

Here is the process of the artwork that I have published earlier today: "Just Found You":

1. Black and white drawing
2. Colouring under the lines
3. Top layer edge lights with Luminance/Shine (Sai) blend mode
4. Post/Fx: Rain, glow, vignette and depth of field blur.

Source Krita file with layers:

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

#Krita #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CreativeCommons

A digital painting of a young woman in a urban environment at night under the rain and the neon light of the city. She cuddle a white cat in her arms while holding a blue umbrella. She wear a purple hoodie, a bagpack and a yellow headset. 

This is the first of a series of 4 process, described on the toot. this one is the Black and White Drawing.
2. Colouring under the lines
3. Top layer edge lights with Luminance/Shine (Sai) blend mode
4. Post/Fx: Rain, glow, vignette and depth of field blur.
David Revoy
3 weeks ago

Just Found You

[edit 2023-09-05: fixed problem with unaligned umbrella ☂️ ]

#Krita #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #creativecommons

A digital painting of a young woman in a urban environment at night under the rain and the neon light of the city. She cuddle a white cat in her arms while holding a blue umbrella. She wear a purple hoodie, a bagpack and a yellow headset. 
It's the result to the poll I posted two days ago to select a color palette. Thank you if you participated to it, it was a good choice!

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Here is a small rough attempt at landscape painting... 😒

#art #mastoart #krita #humanart #brandkopf

digital painting of a green landscape with some lakes and big mountains in the background.
3 weeks ago

Bonjour ! Moi c'est Nicolas Ong, mais sur Internet, j'ai tendance à préférer kholo.
Je suis deux fois papa, à-peu-près développeur majoritairement en télétravail, et créateur d'images le reste du temps.
J'ai été infographiste 3D pendant quelques années, aujourd'hui, je crée principalement des illustrations avec Krita ainsi que des images et des animations avec Blender.
Et je suis un fervent pratiquant du logiciel libre !
#2d #3d #blender #krita #godot #linux #foss #introduction