2 hours ago

This thing is very large and very heavy.

Photo of the completed Lego Colosseum
3 hours ago

Almost done.

Photo of a nearly-completed Lego Colosseum
4 hours ago

I'm seriously considering becoming that person who gets a lighting kit for his #Lego sets because I want my Sanderson Sister house to be spooky for #Halloween

13 hours ago

Managed to get better pics today of two more builds at the #lego store - Jules Verne at his desk, and a patisserie

Lego figure of a bearded man with an open book on an ornate desk in front of him, fantastic scenes behind him a
A bakery with cupcakes, macarons, etc and a jolly baker in a white hat
:rss: CNET Japan 最新情報 総合
21 hours ago

#japan_cnet #LEGO #プラスチック #持続可能性 #二酸化炭素

I Like Books
23 hours ago

I do not benefit financially from sharing this product but I just found it for sale on their site and wanted to add this to the original toot

#LEGO #Braille #Accessibility #Blind

Dave Rahardja
1 day ago
1 day ago

Having a good day despite the best efforts of others #lego #ahsokaseries

1 day ago

LEGO’s Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant is the perfect Venn center
I like LEGO, I like video games, and I LIKE PLANT!
#News #lego #LEGOSuperMario #PiranhaPlant #SuperMarioBros

2 days ago

This is so obviously a great idea but still awesome that they really
do it! #Lego #accessability #disability

Primo Natura
2 days ago

Oooh, there's a new #Lego set of insects! A blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle, and a Chinese mantis :D

Marcin Zalewski
2 days ago

Model of Peugeot 9X8 24h Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar from LEGO Technic bricks in 1:10 scale presented at Westfield Arkadia shopping center in Warsaw, Poland

#warszawa #warsaw #warschau #polska #poland #polen #samochód #car #auto #hipersamochód #hypercar #peugeot #peugeotsport #peugeot9x8 #lego #legotechnic #legobricks #klockilego

Marcin Zalewski
2 days ago

Model of Peugeot 9X8 24h Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar from LEGO Technic bricks in 1:1 scale presented at Westfield Arkadia shopping center in Warsaw, Poland

#warszawa #warsaw #warschau #polska #poland #polen #samochód #car #auto #hipersamochód #hypercar #peugeot #peugeotsport #peugeot9x8 #lego #legotechnic #legobricks #klockilego

Marcin Zalewski
2 days ago

Model of Peugeot 9X8 24h Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar from LEGO Technic bricks in 1:1 scale presented at Westfield Arkadia shopping center in Warsaw, Poland

#warszawa #warsaw #warschau #polska #poland #polen #samochód #car #auto #hipersamochód #hypercar #peugeot #peugeotsport #peugeot9x8 #lego #legotechnic #legobricks #klockilego

Simone Bissi
2 days ago

Le foto del set #lego che imita il mitico Tricky Traps

LEGO 40596
Magic Maze
332 pezzi

GWP di ottobre (in regalo con acquisto)

That Paul Smith
2 days ago

You can make a difference in your local environment, beautifully. What have you done/always wanted to do? What can you share that we can take part in/do ourselves?

#urbanintervention #urbanism #youcandoit #youcanmakeadifference #streetart #streetartist #lego #legos #legostagram #placemaking

2 days ago

Darn it. This thing fell into my cart while I was shopping at Target, so I had to buy it, bring it home, assemble it, and show it off.

I hate when that happens.

Yes, LEGO has created a delightful set for Hokusai's famous painting of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. It was a fun piece to build, with lots of layers and details and even a bit of room for some personal touches I wanted to add. Zoom in for a close look at the way the layering effects overlap the edge of the image.

Now to hang it in a spot where the cats won't jump up and tear it apart.


A box for a new LEGO kit next to that completed kit showing Hokusai's famous painting, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.
An overhead shot of the completed kit. It strongly resembles the famous painting despite being blocky.
From an angle, the LEGO kit shows many layers of pieces which at times reach past the border of the painting.
Poetry News
2 days ago

Lego scraps its plan
Green bricks are now not to be
Carbon emissions rise

#lego #plastic #environment #haiku #poetry

Merlins Steine
2 days ago
Sci Fi Pumpkinyards 🎃
3 days ago

(Part Three)

The Hat Stand 🎩

#LEGO #DoctorWho #Thirteen
#ThirteenthDoctor #JodieWhittaker#TARDIS #MOC

The TARDIS Hatstand room, featuring the 13th Doctor 🎩
Sci Fi Pumpkinyards 🎃
3 days ago

(Part One)

The #TARDIS #MOC I built at the start of 2021, with a #ConsoleRoom, #Observatory, #HatStand and including the 10th and 13th Doctors ⏲️

#LEGO #DoctorWho #TenthDoctor #ThirteenthDoctor #DavidTennant #JodieWhittaker

A LEGO TARDIS Console (MOC), with stairwells leading to a hat-rack display room and observatory area 🔭
The 10th Doctor entering the TARDIS.
The 13th Doctor entering the TARDIS.
Steine im Weltall
3 days ago

Allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz...Karla und ich hätten da ein neues Klemmbaustein-Video für euch.
#Lego #LegoSpace #Klemmbausteine

I swear #Lego :legoLogo: is trying to bankrupt me. 💸

Not sure if I want to resist the urge to buy all these sets either.

Lego Tranquil Garden set, featuring a Japanese pavilion atop a stream with koi carp, an arched bridge, stone lanterns, and different types of plants.
Lego Motorized Lighthouse set, featuring a lighthouse with rotating lantern standing on a seaside rock, a keeper's quarters, and a raft for the keeper.
Lego Himeji Castle set, with turrets, stairways, and garden path surrounding the castle walls.
Lego Sonic's Green Hill Loop Challenge set, with a launching device aiming for the iconic loop-de-loop seen in Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game, as well as other in game elements and enemies.
3 days ago

#Lego will nachhaltiger werden und ölbasierten Kunststoff durch umweltfreundlicheres Material ersetzen. Doch das ist gar nicht so leicht.,138695.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

3 days ago

“Danish toymaker Lego has abandoned its pilot programme to make recycled plastic bricks from discarded bottles after projections suggested that, adopted at scale, the material would ultimately have a higher carbon footprint.”

If only Lego was reusable and you could gift it to a younger child once yours had outgrown it. This having to make and sell new stuff all the time is such a pain.

#Lego #sustainability

Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
3 days ago


From the Model Train museum in MInneapolis. One of the train sets is entirely made out of lego.
#macro #macrophotography #lego

Lego train
Legos including stormtroopers
Architecture News
3 days ago

DesignBoom : LEGO discontinues bricks made of recycled plastic bottles due to carbon emissions #carbonneutrality? #technology #recycling #LEGO

3 days ago

"This is fine."


Photo of a lego figure: the yellow "this is fine" dog, sitting on a brown chair in front of a brown table, holding a coffee cup. There is a blurry house in the background.
Kriszta Satori
3 days ago

📣 New Podcast! "141 – Google Bard sará disponibile dentro GMail" on @Spreaker #bard #hire #lego

4 days ago

Baylon’s master plan #nospoilers #lego #starwars #ahsokaseries

4 days ago

Lego gibt Versuche mit recycelten Plastikflaschen auf

Auf der Suche nach einem umweltfreundlichen Ausgangsstoff für seine Plastikbausteine hat Lego einen Rückschlag erlitten. Der dänische Spielzeughersteller hält aber an seinem Nachhaltigkeitsziel fest.


#Spielwaren #Lego #Nachhaltigkeit

4 days ago

Lego bleibt bei Steinen aus Erdöl

Der dänische Spielzeughersteller #Lego wird auch in absehbarer Zukunft für seine Bausteine auf #erdöl'basierte #Kunststoffe zurückgreifen, wie gestern die „Financial Times“ („FT“) berichtet hat.

4 days ago

@drazraeltod Daran bist DU schuld! 😅Jetzt bin ich wegen deiner Info zu #Lidl gestiefelt. 🙈 #Playtive #Clippys #Lego #Klemmbausteine #Gemüsekatze

Sci Fi Pumpkinyards 🎃
4 days ago

Alex Kurtzman and the cast of #StarTrekDiscovery Seasons 1 and 2 🖖

Back Row: Owosekun, Airiam, Tilly, Stamets, Culber

Middle Row: Pike, Number One, Spock, Amin

Front Row: Burnham, Kurtzman, Lorca


#LEGO #StarTrek #LEGOStarTrek
#StarTrekLego #AlexKurtzman
#Owosekun #Airiam #Tilly #Stamets #Culber #Pike #NumberOne #Spock #Amin #Burnham #Kurtzman #Lorca

As LEGO minifigures:

Back Row: Owosekun, Airiam, Tilly, Stamets, Culber

Middle Row: Pike, Number One, Spock, Amin

Front Row: Burnham, Kurtzman, Lorca
The Dinosaur Dave
4 days ago

This weeks #Lego #Dinosaur of the week will be the #Amargasaurus

Each build come with a fact sheet, and parts list.

Want to build this little critter? Well here's the instructions -

Lego Mini Amargasaurus
5 days ago

Not #LEGO but #Klemmbausteine Love

@metin For me it was the LL918, my 1st #LEGO space set. And now having the ability to buy the LL928 set as an adult, I lack the space to store it all. Curses, well played universe! 😬

5 days ago

Buying a #Lego set for my nephew's fifth birthday but it seems this set can only be used by children on their 3rd birthday (and no other day!) 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

Contradictory product safety disclaimer on a Lego set on Amazon. Text reads: "not suitable for children under 3 years" but also says "not to be used by children over 36 months".
Vesa Lehtimäki
6 days ago

Two variations of the UCS #Lego Millennium Falcon under repairs. The older UCS model wasn't mine, I borrowed it from a friend for this photograph to try it out.

#toyphotography #starwars

Falcon Mods. Han Solo and Chewbacca minifigures stand on top of the UCS Millennium Falcon in a smoky dark environment. Chewie has an oil dispenser in hand, maintenance going on. A toyphotograph.
The Burnout. Chewbacca under the old Lego UCS Millennium Falcon with a wrench in his hand with Treadwell droid next to him. Smoke coming from the aft of the Falcon, technical trouble suggested. A Toyphotograph.
Sarah Fazenbaker
6 days ago

Celebrated the first day of fall by changing my #lego bonsai tree at work.

The original kit only came with branches and leaves for spring and summer, so of course I had to order custom parts for the other seasons!

Lego bonsai tree with green leaves and branches. It comes this way in the original kit, along with pink blossoms for spring.
Lego bonsai tree with brown branches and yellow and orange leaves. Some are scattered below the tree as if they have fallen off. These parts were purchased as custom parts so my tree could have a fall phase too.
6 days ago

Done! It's like a fairground all on its own. Lots of fun constructing it as a "team exercise". Fun! #lego

Completed set
6 days ago

It's getting alone well (with some minor side builds that might not be in the instructions). #lego

Half build loop. With lots of small dioramas
Space baby in a lill spaceship. Includes a mechanism to make it rock
A little explorative mars rover. Exterminate!
Jason W. Ellis
6 days ago


Hello, all! I just moved here from

I am an Associate Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY, where I coordinate the City Tech Science Fiction Collection and teach classes on #sciencefiction, #language, #writing, #multimodal #composition, #law through #literature, and #technicalcommunication.

I co-founded the annual City Tech Science Fiction Symposium, and I am a former director of the Bachelor of Science in Professional and Technical Writing Program.

I am also into #artificialintelligence, #ai, #generativeai, #neuroscience and neuroscientific discourses, #retrocomputing, #emulation, #linux, #lego, #making, #starwars, and #skateboarding.

Looking forward to the conversations!

1 week ago


This tiny tile in #Lego set 10312 is made of real gold. 😎

Extremely close shot of #Lego set 10312 Jazz Club, with a gold 1x1 quadrant tile, made of ABS.
1 week ago

#Lego set 10312 - a mystery...

The magnificent Jazz Club set has these circled parts, which we duly assembled, but there's nothing in the instructions about what they are, or where they go.

Does anyone know?

A page from the instructions for #Lego set 10312, with three parts circled.
João Leitão
1 week ago

Haaaa my favorite #Lego line ever:) #M-Tron (also named #Mtron), circa 1990 if I am not mistaken. I have all the sets (some multiple copies) this is just part of it.

Is it just me... or does the Venator Star Cruiser look like Jar Jar Binks heh heh? Always has 😆

#StarWars #LEGO #JarJarBinks #Venator

UCS LEGO Venator
Jar Jar Binks
2 weeks ago

Pixel art IRL (In Real Lego)! I was given some Lego sets for my birthday and this is the first thing I built!

#lego #pixelart

AutoEclectus in Lego
Peter De Smet :verified: 🌈
2 weeks ago

#LEGO Dobby has a heart of gold


I Like Books
2 weeks ago

"Finally, after four years of testing and developing, LEGO is selling braille bricks that use the bumps on their iconic bricks to teach the Braille alphabet—and these aren’t only for blind people.

Alongside the Braille bumps on each brick is printed the letters and numbers so that everyone can play while learning a new language, including the sighted. The new ‘Play with Braille’ set makes learning braille more fun and accessible to everyone.

LEGO Braille Bricks are moulded with the same number of studs used for individual letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet, while remaining fully compatible with every LEGO system.

“For blind and partially sighted children, and adults for that matter, it makes all the difference if they can share their journey of learning braille with the people they love the most,” said Martine Abel-Williamson, President, World Blind Union."

#GoodNews #LEGO #Braille #Accessibility #Blind

@craiggrannell Nice work! I love #LEGO to get to a zen place. By the way: Your thumbnail on your account made me think I found Seth MacFarlane's secret Mastodon account 😆

Craig Grannell
2 weeks ago

That was a pleasant way to switch off my brain for a couple of hours. #lego #StarWars

Lego Death Star diorama with a close-up of a banking X-Wing
Lego Death Star trench diorama with TIE Fighters firing lasers
Side-on shot of the entire set, complete with “the force is strong with this one” quote.
Matt Godden
2 weeks ago

When an American calls #Lego bricks “legos”, laugh aloud at them, and ask if they call the parts of a piece of Ikea flatpack furniture “Ikeas”.

Chris Pirillo
2 weeks ago

can #lego give you super powers

2 weeks ago

Good design seems natural, almost mandatory - you wonder why it hasn't always been there. #LEGO now has a set with Braille bricks.
And I really like the activity videos.

#braille #design #visualimpairment

Back of the Lego box with contents of the various Braille bricks and base plates. On the bricks under the Braille sign is the respective letter.
The Dinosaur Dave
2 weeks ago

This week for #Fossilfriday we have another #Guess that #Lego #Fossil.

This one I would rate as super easy. This large theropod is probably the most famous of them all.

Reminder: hide your answer behind a CW. This will allow others to guess without a hint. I will post the answer tomorrow (and to anyone who guesses correctly).

Skull of a large theropod dinosaur with a big bite