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When you check out today's door of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar, make sure you also open door number 9 again!

Since the book that was previously behind it is no longer free, I refilled the door with a book by an up-and-coming author!

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Special surprise: Open door number 9 of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar again
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My ice queen/age gap romance short story “A Great Catch” is now available via Amazon and other online bookstores!

It’s a sequel to my latest romance “Just a Touch Away,” in which ice queen Winter and professional cuddler Hannah were forced to cohabitate for 92 days.

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Out now: A Great Catch by Jae


I am starting to get back into writing a regular newsletter. If you sign up for my newsletter right now, you will get a sneak peek at SMOKE AND STEEL, plus an eBook copy of SHADES AND SILVER for free!

I promise not to spam you <3

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The Kraken Collective
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Who doesn't love a good queer retelling? Or turning an arranged marriage into a glorious polyam triad? All this and more in Dax Murray's (@ChaosCatgirl) A LAKE OF FEATHERS AND MOONBEAMS!

#nonbinarybooks #queerfantasy #lgbtqbooks #queerbookstodon

A sweeping LGBTQ and polyamorous retelling of Swan Lake.  When the peace treaty between two neighbouring countries hangs on an arranged marriage, and the princess disappears into the cursed woods between them, only the forest witch can unravel decades of charms and deception and save all from war. Image also has the bisexual, polyamorous, and non-binary flags, as well as a circle with "What if our marriage had a witch, as a treat?"
The Kraken Collective
4 days ago


HEART OF THE COVENANT by S. L. Dove Cooper is perfect for sci-fi lovers of quieter Star Trek episode or Becky Chambers' work.


Hedriar has been chosen to represent her homeworld within the Galactic Covenant. There she'll meet new friends and discover that people aren't as different as all that.


#asexualbooks #aromanticbooks #QueerSF #shortstory #lgbtqbooks


A tentacle wraps around a purple space-sky cover with a single spaceship.

A collection of five short stories. Explore friendship, family, and culture. Cozy, low-stakes, slice-of-life narratives.
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The second-to-last Sapphic Book Bingo post of 2023 features one of the most popular tropes (and one of my personal favorites): sapphic fake relationship romance novels.

Check out the 15 recommended books on my blog:

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Sapphic Book Bingo number 25: Sapphic fake relationship romance. 

Depicted is a note pinned to a blue background and a rainbow-colored ribbon beneath.
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Don't forget to open door 7 of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar!

It contains a popular book with a beautiful cover!

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Door 7 of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar at

Depicted is a gingerbread person
K. V. Johansen
4 days ago

Curious what other keywords you think of searching when you're looking for a book with queer characters that is not a romance, given how LGBTQ so often seems to be taken to mean a romance novel lately. #WritingCommunity #LGBTQbooks

6 days ago

Have you opened door number five of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar?

You can now check out today's bookish treat on my website:

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Door five of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar - depicted is a red present with a light yellow bow.
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If you are looking for more sapphic holiday romances, check out this wonderful showcase that 25 authors have put together for you:

It includes a fake-relationship romance, a second-chance romance that features an adorable baby emu & many more!

#sapphicbooks #sapphicromance #holidayromance #lgbtqbooks #queerbooks #queerromance #LGBTQ

Sapphic holiday romance. Depicted is a rainbow colored Christmas tree.


🎄"𝕌𝕟𝕒 𝕟𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕒𝕕 𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕒𝕕𝕒"
𝙰𝚞𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚊: 𝚃𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚊 𝚂á𝚗𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚣
Twitter: surisan21

¿Valeria y Sofía serán capaces de volver a tener la buena relación que tenían años atrás?


Disponible KU

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And here's a trope chart for OCEAN'S BLOOD! I tried to subvert it a little ;-)

Read the 1st chapters:

#mmromance #queerromance
#fantasybooks #fantasy #lgbtqbooks #lgbtq #lgbtqbookstodon

Arrow trope chart of OCEAN'S BLOOD showing the book cover before a backdrop of an iceberg, highlighting the following tropes: only one horse, enemies-to-a-giant-mess, morally gray, gay and dark, slow burn, endearing villain, clash of egos, demons, blood, swords!
Ergative Absolutive
1 week ago

Happy 2nd day of #DecRecs to those who celebrate! Today's recommendation is 'Even Though I Knew The End', by C. L. Polk. A thoughtful, wistful Chicago noir about a supernatural detective making deals with demons to sell (or redeem) her soul. Wonderful setting, clothes, mood, vibes; and a bittersweet approach to demon bargains that feels more real, somehow, than more traditional tales of this nature.

@bookstodon #bookRecommendation #fantasy #lgbtqbooks #lgbtq

Cover of Even Though I Knew The End, by C. L. Polk. Sepia image of two women kissing, their facces hidden by cut-outs of bird sillhouettes. Pull quote from Laini Taylor says, 'Stylish supernatural noir with a heart and a thrumming pulse. I devoured it.'
Antonia Aquilante
1 week ago

#FridayKiss from To Love the Dragon King. The closest I could get to the theme is “flattering” but the snippet is a description of Felix, whose book I’m writing now.

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The man was undeniably beautiful, if in a remote way. He was slender, not as tall as the king but not short either, with artfully tousled dark hair that swept over his forehead and waved around his pale face, just brushing his collar. The rich plum of his jacket heightened his coloring, and the cut was both fashionable and flattering. He wore several delicate rings on elegant fingers, though none of them appeared to be a wedding band; his only other jewelry was a large amethyst pinned at his throat to secure his high collar. His gray eyes were sharp and studying Sascha just as closely as his were this man.   To Love the Dragon King
1 week ago

It’s December 1, which means it’s time to open the first door of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar!

Every day from today until December 25, a new door will open, revealing a free ebook, a book giveaway, or another book-ish surprise from a total of 44 sapphic fiction authors.

Check out what’s behind door 1 now:

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Sapphic Book Advent Calendar -
Blaine D. Arden
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#FridayKiss: Theme: FLATTERY 😳

“Murderers don’t wait for anyone. Neither do soldiers, do they?” Rakkel took a bite of the stir-fry. “Oh, this is good.”
Nivet snorted. “𝗙𝗹𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗿.” Anyone could throw together veggies, rice, and chicken.

#WIP #Duality #SFF #TransMC #queerreads #lgbtqreads #queerauthor #queerbooks #lgbtqbooks #romancelandia

Background: Silhouette of a man, sitting, leaning against the right edge with his hands behind his head.
Text: #FridayKiss. Quote: “Murderers don’t wait for anyone. Neither do soldiers, do they?” Rakkel took a bite of the stir-fry. “Oh, this is good.”
Nivet snorted. “𝗙𝗹𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗿.” Anyone could throw together veggies, rice, and chicken.
Ra Kai
2 weeks ago

Done. That was fast. Only 500 pages :(
Awesome as usual. My only complaint - could have been a bit less of apologies going on between the MC. Slightly overdone perhaps. And not all loose ends needed explaining, some mystery would have been fine. Otherwise the hot scenes were hot, the gore was gory, the happy end was happy.


A book cover, a picture of blue forest
2 weeks ago

Following up on my cover reveal yesterday, I thought I also give you the blurb. I never know if OCEAN'S BLOOD a (queer) romance or not. Well, yes, it just doesn't follow the usual pattern, it's about "the fine line between hatred and obsession" for a reason 😊

#mmromance #lgbtqbooks #lgbtqbookstodon #queerromance #darkfantasy

More Bedside Books
2 weeks ago

Also #amreading Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique by Sa'ed Atshan

#QueerBooks #LGBTQBooks #ReadPalestine

Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique by Sa'ed Atshan, cover the painting titled “Nostalgia” by Nabil Anani. Blue background with archways, from the side three people with dark hair of various lengths, one looking at the viewer with head sideways and holding an orange flower.
2 weeks ago

Yeah! OCEAN'S BLOOD, my 🖤dark, 🏳️‍🌈queer fantasy debut is on pre-order! And that's its beautiful cover!! 💙
Release January 29th, 2024.

Read the 1st chapters:

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!❤️🙏

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Ra Kai
2 weeks ago

Aaand... Check! The second time. Apparently I have managed to forget quite a lot, so I had as much enjoyment as if reading for the first time. Awesome!
I so adore dark fantasy!

Now finally to the newly published 3rd book! Wooohooo!


Book cover, green woods
2 weeks ago

My monthly reader newsletter will go out on Friday. It'll contain my adventures in the cat café, the kickoff of the Sapphic Book Advent Calendar, and a list of sapphic holiday romances.

Make sure you are signed up to receive it:

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Antonia Aquilante
2 weeks ago

Last day of the sale! Don’t miss out on 50% off my Tournai and Elemental Magicae books at NineStar Press.

#booksonsale #romancebooks #fantasyromance #romantasy #lgbtqbooks #chroniclesoftournai #elementalmagicae

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale  50% off all books on our site NineStar Press November 24th through 27th

Welcome to our 🌟exciting🌟 new blog tour for

༻*·.The Bastard Prince of Versailles.·*༺
by Will Bashor!

Check out our tour stops, all sharing snippets from this intriguing novel!

#HistoricalFiction #LGBTQBooks #BlogTour #TheCoffeePotBookClub

Ra Kai
2 weeks ago

Just finished reading this one for the second time (I think. Or maybe it's the third time?). Ooh, still very good, even awesome book.
Now to the second time of the second book. It's soooo good to know that I will be having 2 more days of a fantastic time in a fantastic world...
Nothing beats a good book, oh yeah.

#reading #lgbtqbooks #lilymayne #gayliterature #gayfiction

Book cover
Antonia Aquilante
2 weeks ago

My Tournai and Elemental Magicae books are 50% off through Monday in NineStar Press’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!

#booksonsale #romancebooks #fantasyromance #romantasy #lgbtqbooks #chroniclesoftournai #elementalmagicae

Black Friday Cyber Monday sale  50% off all books on our site NineStar Press  November 24th through 27th
Antonia Aquilante
3 weeks ago

It’s getting to be the time of year for reading holiday romance, so check out this collection of Rainbow Holiday Romance including my The Merchant’s Love, a cozy fall/winter holiday fantasy romance.

#amreading #holidayromance #lgbtqbooks #lgbtqromance

Rainbow Holiday Romance
4 weeks ago

Just 3 more Sapphic Book Bingo posts left before we wrap up this year's reading challenge!

This week's post features sapphic books with characters wearing a tool belt or working in construction.

Check out the recommended books on my website:

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Sapphic Book Bingo number 24: Tool belt or construction
1 month ago

Remember the pirate who is tossing English-language sapphic fiction into AI, producing horrible translations, & publishing them on Amazon?

They are still at it. We are up to 178 stolen books & counting.

Authors, please have a way for me to contact you if he steals one of yours!

#sapphicfiction #sapphicbooks #lgbtqbooks #queerbooks #queerauthors #lesbianauthors #sapphicauthors #lesbianbooks #lesfic

1 month ago

This week's Sapphic Book Bingo post features a real book unicorn: sapphic books about characters going through menopause (or perimenopause).

I put together a list of 15 recommended books for you. Check them out on my blog:

#sapphicbooks #sapphicromance #lesbianbooks #lesbianromance #queerbooks #lgbtqbooks #lgbtq

Book unicorn number 11: Character is going through menopause
Philip Cardella
1 month ago

Hey everybody, before we relegate the Moms for Liberty to the large dustbin of failed #fascist moments let's take a moment to how much of an ass kicking this #DeSantis spawned organization got last night. #bookBans #lgbtqbooks

1 month ago

A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to the amazing book launch for my holiday romance novella "A Purrfect Gift" by buying it or reading it in KU!

It got amazing reviews and made it to #1 in the LGBTQ+ Short Reads category and #2 in the Lesbian Fiction category on Amazon!

#LGBTQReads #LGBTQbooks #LGBTbooks #queerbooks #sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #lesbianromance

Shown is the cover of A Purrfect Gift by Jae, with a ginger-and-white cat wearing a Santa hat. Below it is the bestseller tag saying "number 1 best seller".

Next to it is book 1 in the series, Paper Love by Jae.
Antonia Aquilante
1 month ago

Happy #FediBookFair! I'm Antonia Aquilante, and I write LGBTQ fantasy romance. My latest is To Love the Dragon King, the first book in the Dragons of Ivria series, in which a king trying to uncover a plot against him stumbles upon a man being unknowingly used as a pawn in that same conspiracy.
Find it here:
#LGBTQBooks #FantasyRomance

Once upon a time, before the hunts, dragons were plentiful in the world. Now they exist only in legend…except in the land of Ivria.

To Love the Dragon King
Dragons of Ivria, Book 1

Available now!
1 month ago

Silver in the Ashes: Chapter 41

In which Fest comes face to face with an unexpected intruder, and Archer deals with a dizzying series of revelations


"Liar. Y'look like hell."

"You look worse. Can you sit up?"

"Course," the assassin growled. He shifted position, managing to get almost halfway to propping himself up on his elbows before falling back against the mattress with a snarl of frustration. "Jus' need some time. 's all."

It wasn't, and they both knew as much. *A week. Less than that, now.*

"Stop lookin' at me like that, Archer. 'm fine."

*No, you're not. But you're yourself enough to try and argue with me on it, and that I'll take.* "Can you make notes lying down?"

"Fuck off."

"It's a simple question."

"Bastard." He coughed, spitting red into the crook of his elbow, and grinned mirthlessly. "Can read lyin' down. Leave the note-takin' t'you. Saves you complainin' about my handwritin', anyhow."

"You know full well the only complaint I have is that you don't take the time to make it legible to anyone other than me."

"An' why'd I bother t'do that when you're the only one fuckin' readin' it?"

"My point exactly. If you think that's enough to get you out of helping me on this-"

"Bastard," Sabbat said again, but with an edge of something that might almost, if he was anyone else, have been fondness. "Know what you're doin', y'know."

"Oh do you? And what's that?"

"Tryin' t'distract me from the fact my legs don't fuckin' work right now."


💘"ℕ𝕠 𝕥𝕖 𝕖𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕤 𝕕𝕖 𝕞𝕚́"
𝙰𝚞𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚊: 𝙼𝚘́𝚗𝚒𝚌𝚊 𝙱𝚎𝚗𝚒́𝚝𝚎𝚣
Twitter: monicabntz

Descubre como se conocieron Miren y Paloma, protagonistas de "De puertas adentro"


Disponible KU

#MonicaBenitez #lecturasafica #literaturalesbica #literaturasafica #novelalesbica #novelasafica #romancelesbico #romancesafico #ficcionlesbica #ficcionsafica #librolesbico #librosafico #libroslgbt #lesbianbooks #sapphicbooks #lgbtqbooks #lesbiana #lesbian #kindleunlimited

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For First Lines Friday, I'm sharing the first line of my sapphic holiday romance novella "A Purrfect Gift."

#sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #lesbianromance #queerbooks #lgbtqbooks #lgbtqreads

First Lines Friday: 

It all started with a tyrannosaurus wearing a Santa hat. 
From: A Purrfect Gift by Jae
Blaine D. Arden
1 month ago

#FridayKiss: Theme: CRAVE 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏿

Brem didn't move, even though he 𝗰𝗿𝗮𝘃𝗲d to pull Roan to him. "You can't avoid me forever. We share something. What is wrong with exploring that?"

#WIP #Brem #TalesoftheForest #SFF #TransMC #queerreads #lgbtqreads #queerauthor #queerbooks #lgbtqbooks

Background: silhouette of a man sitting with his back turned to the camera.
Border: purple and orange shapes and lines.
Text: #FridayKiss. Quote: Brem didn't move, even though he 𝗰𝗿𝗮𝘃𝗲d to pull Roan to him. "You can't avoid me forever. We share something. What is wrong with exploring that?"
1 month ago

I updated my reading order, which you can download as a PDF. It has all the links to the ebook & audiobook versions of my novels and short stories, sorted by series.

Download it here:

#lgbtqia #sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #sapphicromance #lesbianromance #queerbooks #queerromance #LGBTQbooks

Reading order of Jae's books
1 month ago

This week's Sapphic Book Bingo post features sapphic books in which the main character's relationship with a sibling plays an important part.

Check out the recommended books on my blog:

#sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #queerbooks #lgbtqbooks #lgbtbooks

Sapphic Book Bingo number 23: Sibling relationship
C. Spencer :verified: 💬
1 month ago

Mother is finding old letters I sent her when I was 17 and in the hospital with anorexia. This one is dated March 28, 1988.

This is part of the reason I write books. So nobody has to feel as weird and alone as my 17 year old self did. Friends, there is no such thing as normal.

#gaypride #lesbian #lesbianbooks #fiction #lesfic #lesficauthor #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqbooks #lgbtwriters #ownvoices #queer #queerbooks #queerlit #queerliterature #queerreads #queerfiction #queerlife #lgbtqcommunity

1 month ago

Did you know that authors can see what lines in their books readers highlight on Kindle?

It's been fun to see what lines were readers' favorites in "A Purrfect Gift."

Here's the top favorite line so far!

#sapphicromance #lesbianromance #lesbianbooks #sapphicbooks #queerbooks #queerromance #lgbtqbooks #LGBTQ

A burgundy red lace bra dangled from Scully's mouth.

"Um," Anja said, "either I've had a bit too much eggnog, or a cat's been through your unmentionables."

A Purrfect Gift by Jae
1 month ago

If you are reading my Christmas romance "A Purrfect Gift" and want to see some pictures of the setting and dishes while you read, I put together a short reading companion for you.

Check it out on my website:

#sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #lesbianromance #lgbtqbooks #queerbooks #romance

Reading companion: A Purrfect Gift by Jae. 
Depicted are three photos: one showing a historical building, one showing a table full of fondue sauces, and one showing a mug with a tea rex.
1 month ago

The first two seasons of my queer portal fantasy are now available in ebook and print!

Follow Meike's journey as they acclimate to their new settings, study herbalism and magic, and tame wild beasts!

#bookstodon #LGBTQBooks #QueerBooks #fantasy #PortalFantasy @lgbtqbookstodon

1 month ago

This is my version of an ugly Christmas sweater, only as a cat lover I think it's actually cute. The sweater even made it into my sapphic holiday romance novella "A Purrfect Gift"!

If you read it, see if you can spot it!

@sapphicbooks @lgbtqbookstodon

#sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #LGBTQbooks #queerbooks #sapphicromance

Jae, wearing a Christmas sweater depicting a gray cat, tangled up in a string of Christmas lights. Jae is holding the ebook version of her sapphic Christmas romance novella "A Purrfect Gift", depicting a ginger-and-white cat with a Santa hat.
1 month ago

My lesbian holiday romance novella “A Purrfect Gift” is now available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!

It includes:
🎄 Holiday romance
👭 Sapphic romance
🌞 Low angst
🤣 Laugh-out-loud moments
🐱 Matchmaking cat

#sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #lgbtqbooks #queerbooks #holidayromance @lgbtqbookstodon @sapphicbooks

Out now and in Kindle Unlimited: A Purrfect Gift by Jae, lesbian holiday romance. 

Depicted is a book cover with a ginger-and-white cat wearing a santa hat.
Lyssa Chiavari
2 months ago

Thank you so much to @ClH2OArs for this early review of ONE WORLD! Just two more days left until it's published! 🎉

#AceWeek #Asexuality #AceStuff #LGBTQBooks #LGBTQSFF #QueerSciFi

"ONE WORLD takes all that shone in previous lamos books—kickass and loveable teens, time travel shenanigans, and wonderful exploration of asexuality—and kicks it up a notch to deliver a brilliant, epic conclusion." - Claudie Arseneault, author of BAKER THIEF
Kristina W Kelly
3 months ago

Hi! I’m a sci-fi and fantasy author!

Coming Fall 2024 - TAVERN TALE - a sapphic fantasy novella inspired by RPG side quests set in cozy autumn

Out now - TRIALS OF THE INNERMOST a fantasy and sci-fi fusing novel on a tidally locked planet. Six Truthseekers must learn to look beyond the birthplace of their companions, or risk failure as they face challenges designed to test their deepest fears.

#scifi #fantasy #novella #bookstodon #writingcommunity #ReadingCommunity #sapphic #lgbtqbooks #rpg

Antonia Aquilante
3 months ago

Happy anniversary, Bastien and Corentin! The Dragon’s Devotion has been out in the world for six years today! #FantasyRomance #LGBTQBooks #Bookstadon

Paperback of The Dragon’s Devotion and three little stuffed dragons on a table in front of a bookcase

Today’s the day two hundred-ish of us writers are getting together to organise a one-day sale of our books, all at 99c! There are separate categories for SFF, Mystery and Romance and you can also search by pairing.

Check it out here!

I want to say thank you to the wonderful @hudsonlinwrites who has put so much time and effort into sorting this out. You're amazing!

#Bookstodon #QueerBooks #lgbtqbooks #SapphicBooks #TransBooks #GayBooks

@bookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon

Queer your bookshelf, September 4th Only. 260 Books on sale. Only 99c each. Trans & Non-binary, sapphic, queer MF, mm, other pairings. SFF, mystery, suspense, action and romance.
Rhiannon Grant
3 months ago

Heather Rose Jones interviewed me about my sapphic novels set in Neolithic Orkney for the latest edition of the Lesbian Historic Motif podcast - we had a fun conversation covering world-building, prehistory, spirituality, and more, including how my fiction connects to Quakerism. @antiproton's lovely books got a mention too. Listen at:

#books #lesfic #SapphicBooks #HistFic #HistoricalFiction #writing #podcast #prehistory #lgbtqbooks #religion #spirituality #Quakers

Elise (they/ them)
3 months ago

Sept. 1 #WordWeavers—Introduce your antagonist with as much sympathy as possible.

Sorcery is feared and shunned, but it can do so much good. No one need die of plagues that physicians cannot cure. And the corrupt and powerful can no longer hide behind money and hired violence, when Keepers of the Peace wield spy magic.

King Nartzeer will ensure that no one on Umarinaris dies needlessly, or unjustly, ever again.

#RuarnonTrilogy #Fantasy #YA #LGBTQBooks

4 months ago

Fellow authors of sapphic fiction:

I'll send out the sign-up link for next year's Sapphic Book Bingo soon. It'll go out in the next Sapphic Quill newsletter for authors.

If you'd like to make sure you don't miss the opportunity, make sure you sign up to the newsletter:

There will be categories for all genres of sapphic fiction, from romance to historical, suspense, and speculative fiction.

#SapphicBooks #WLW #QueerBooks #SapphicMigration #LesbianBooks #LGBTQBooks

Book submissions for the Sapphic Book Bingo 2024 will start soon!
Antonia Aquilante
4 months ago

Have you met Cathal and Flavian yet? Read their story now in The Artist’s Masquerade. #ThrowbackThursday #LGBTQBooks #FantasyRomance #Romantasy

When nothing is what it seems, their love may be the only thing they can trust. The Artist’s Masquerade Antonia Aquilante
Antonia Aquilante
4 months ago

To Love the Dragon King is here!!! I’m so excited (and kind of anxious) that this book is finally out in the world. I hope you love Lysander and Sascha as much as I do. #LGBTQBooks #FantasyRomance #Bookstodon

Once upon a time, before the hunts, dragons were plentiful in the world. Now they exist only in legend…except in the land of Ivria.  To Love the Dragon King Dragons of Ivria, Book 1  Available now!
4 months ago

Do you read a lot of sapphic romance?

Test your knowledge of sapphic books by taking the Sapphic Book Trivia Quiz I put together on my website:

There are a total of 30 fun questions.

Feel free to come back and let me know how you did!

#SapphicBooks #LGBTQBooks #LGBTQReads #LesbianBooks #SapphicRomance #QueerBooks @sapphicbooks

Sapphic Book Trivia Quiz at

📚🌈 Exciting news! "Myths of Passion" is finally here! Not only will you be diving into an amazing story, but all the proceeds go to charity. 🎉 Get your copy today on Amazon Kindle at #NewRelease #LGBTQbooks @bookstodon

📚🌈 Exciting news! "Myths of Passion" is finally here! Not only will you be diving into an amazing story, but all the proceeds go to charity. 🎉 Get your copy today on Amazon Kindle at #NewRelease #LGBTQbooks @bookstodon

Frances Fox is doing an #AMA in the Small But Mighty MM Romance Facebook group at 4pm EST, great spaghetti monster help me. If you'd like to pitch up and ask me stuff, please follow the link!

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Ask me anything. Tues 1st August 4pm EST
’Nathan Burgoine
4 months ago

I really enjoyed writing these guys. Partly because t'was a queer YA about a queer kid who needed a sense of community and connection—which had nothing to do with him getting a boyfriend and included no romance for him—but mostly because "Hope Echoes" was about how we've always been here.

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An illustration of three teen boys standing together. The first is a slender white boy with reddish-brown hair in a red hoodie and holds an unfolded piece of paper; the second is darker skinned, with dark hair and eyes, wearing a blue jacket with a bi-pride pin, and is the tallest and fittest of the three. Beside him, the third boy, who is slender, blond, and wears glasses and has an eyebrow piercing, is holding the arm of the middle boy and leaning towards him. All three are mostly paying attention to the unfolded paper.
4 months ago

Last day of my books being free in the "wide" (everywhere but Amazon)

Science Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy set in alternate world South Africa.

*We Broke the Moon*

*Ray and the Cat Thing*
A friend called this book “like falling face first into a Ghibli movie.”

Linked Worlds Series: Someone here on mastodon called this “hard boiled and cozy” 
*The Babylon Eye*
*The Real*
*The Strange*

Crooked Word Series:
*Crooks & Straights*
*Wolf Logic*

The Sisters Series:
*The Story Trap*
*The Broken Path*

More information on these books at

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Antonia Aquilante
4 months ago

#FridayKiss from To Love the Dragon King
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“Who’s there?”
“It’s Romilly,” came the reply from the corridor.
As he called for Romilly to enter, Sascha sagged a bit in relief. Romilly was one of the few people here Sascha actually wanted to see. Sascha frowned—one of the few? Shouldn’t Romilly be the only person he wanted to see? Why did Sascha keep thinking of the king?
“Are you all right?” Romilly asked.
Sascha blinked himself out of his musing and forced the frown from his face. “Yes, of course.”
To Love the Dragon King
Antonia Aquilante

(Reclusive ghost whisperer Seymour is crashing with his new colleague, recently ordained Episcopal priest and unconventional exorcist Milo, until the two of them can find a way to neutralize a demonic presence that's taken over Seymour's house. Despite Seymour's trademark misanthropy, an awkward little friendship is starting to bloom.)

I catch him looking at me again. Not at my eyes, for once. “ I, uh…have something on me or…?”

Milo’s eyes widen. “I’m so sorry, no…I keep looking at your hair.”

“My hair…?”

“I guess you could say I’m neurodivergent in some unspecified way and sometimes I become preoccupied with things.”

“…Like my hair?”

“It’s pretty. It’s very dark and shiny and I like the way the cut frames your face and kind of swoops over your eye and conforms to the shape of your head in the back.”

“Oh. Uh…thank you…?”

“I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I have to remind myself it’s unsettling for people if you stare at them. Because personally I never mind it. In fact I think it’s strange that most people seem afraid to look at each other. Anyway…I like your hair. But I’ll try harder not to stare at it.”

“It’s okay,” I hear myself saying.

He blinks. “…Is it?”

“I mean…it’s not a big deal or anything.”

“No, I know it’s weird. I was bad about it when I was younger and people really didn’t like it.”

“I don’t, uh…I don’t really mind.”


“Yeah. It’s fine.”

We lapse into silence for a moment. He’s still stealing glances at me, but seems even shyer now, despite the permission—keeps looking away when our eyes meet.

“Do you…like having your hair brushed?” he asks out of the blue.

“Uh…I guess? Are you…you saying…you want to…?”

“I think it might get it out of my system. But I know that’s weird, so it’s completely okay if you’d rather I didn’t.”

“…You want to brush my hair.”

His fingers flutter against his knee. “I feel like it might resolve the fixation. But it’s totally okay if you don’t want me to. Actually, no—I’m sorry I asked. It puts you on the spot, doesn’t it? No, no—it’s okay.” He closes his eyes; lays his hand on his chest as it rises and falls in a soft, slow breath: “I can manage this myself…”

“Um…I guess you can brush it,” I hear myself say.

His eyes spring open, rounder than I’ve ever seen them. “Are you sure?”

“I mean…somebody’s gotta do it. If you don’t, I’ll just have to do it myself at some point.”

He giggles. “Um…okay. Thank you.”


He pops up. “I have a really nice brush my hairstylist recommended. Let me go get it.”


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Stelliform Press
4 months ago

Thank you Ai Jiang for these beautiful words about SORDIDEZ! "Condé weaves an elegant & intricate narrative of healing & courage that is sure to touch and inspire."

If you want to learn more about the book come to our online book launch! Aug 1, 7pm EST.

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A collage of four images, including the 3d paperback of SORDIDEZ in the top left corner and a blurb from Ai Jiang, author of LINGHUN, in the bottom right. The blurb reads: "SORDIDEZ by E.G. Condé is a rich and lush tale of finding hope amidst bleakness, of sacrifice, community, survival, and both connection and isolation with a desolate climate crisis backdrop. Condé weaves an elegant and intricate narrative of healing and courage that is sure to touch and inspire.” In the top right is a washed out image of ruins in the Yucatan, and in the bottom  left is an aged photo of a Puerto Rican beach. Text between the images reads "pre-order at" and "come to the online book launch".

📚🌈 Exciting news! "Myths of Passion" is finally here! Not only will you be diving into an amazing story, but all the proceeds go to charity. 🎉 Get your copy today on Amazon Kindle at #NewRelease #LGBTQbooks @bookstodon

The answer to 19 is short, so throwing 2 in there also, on my quest to get caught up!

19. Fun fact: Milo played center for his Catholic high school boys' varsity hockey team. (Probably the whole extent of the physical violence he's committed in his life.) Seymour has never played sports but is addicted to video games, especially CRPGs.

2. Seymour hasn't done much in the way of taking meaningful risks yet in his life. He has a history of taking certain habitual risks to distract himself: excessive alcohol consumption, risky sex...taunting angry ghosts. (The latter's actually a bit more on the meaningful side, since he's doing it to help the ghosts, but still not a deeply radical risk for someone who habitually disregards his own physical safety as a way of dissociating.)

Milo is intimate with the reality of impermanence and takes meaningful risks as a way of life, including being radically emotionally honest, connecting empathically to traumatized people, and trying to rehabilitate demons instead of sending them to hell. That said, there are risks he hasn't yet considered taking—such as seeking fulfillment for personal desires he pushed out of mind a long time ago.


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(Might do one extra #PennedPossibilities each day till I've caught up on the ones I find most inspiring—because some of these are really good!)

I think when his story begins Seymour has a latent conviction that he's going to kill himself one day. It's his worst fear and the reason he keeps his life so closed off—so many things trigger him, and suicide's a very real possible consequence whenever he gets triggered. His best hope if he avoids that fate—so he believes—is growing old alone with the stray cats he feeds and his ghost pals who live in his house with him (between intermittent forays into toxic relationships).

Milo doesn't put a lot of stock in destiny; he's a mystic, and to him God represents a timeless present moment in which all things are possible, so in his mind the future's never fixed. That said, his belief in big dreams and fresh starts usually finds its application sparking hope in others who need it, and Milo's never imagined much for himself beyond a life of contemplation and social service.


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#PennedPossibilities 18 (Hi! I'm seeing this hashtag floating around...could someone please tell me where the prompts are coming from? 🙏 )

SEYMOUR: That's a personal fucking question. I...guess you could say I've let go of everything I ever loved or wanted. Not because I had to. Because I just don't have it in me to hold on. Good things never stay, right? Or at the very least they never stay good. So I get out ahead of the bullshit. As soon as they go hot, I go cold. (That's right, I'm a serial ghoster. And yes, as a professional ghost-whisperer, I get the irony.)

MILO: Something I loved and had to let go of was the Catholic Church...and with it, all the moral high ground I had with my parents. They used to be so proud of me for following my calling to become a priest. Now I'm finally ordained, but because it's in the Episcopal Church and not the Catholic Church, to them I'm just a "lapsed Catholic." But for me it wasn't a choice. I wasn't going to stay part of any institution that wouldn't be welcoming to my trans sister.


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#WritingWonders Day 23!

The two most prominent secondary characters in #TakeOnMe (fuggit, going ahead and dropping the title just for y'all here on Mastodon 💛) are Seymour's stepsister Claire and God. (Yes, THE God...or I should say Milo's personal version of them.)

CLAIRE: Have I ever wanted to smack Seymour or Milo...? No! Jeez. What kind of friggin' question is that? You'd have to be a stone-cold sociopath to want to smack Milo. And Seymour—dude. No. I've never wanted to smack him either. ...Well. I mean. Okay...maybe just a /teensy/ bit that time he said he didn't like my three-week-old baby. And also that one time when know what, fine. Maybe there have been more than a few times I would've kinda liked to pop him one. But, jeez...he's such a friggin' sad boi. His dad dropped dead in front of him when he was just a kid, his mom abandoned him right after that...and then his grandma got cancer and he ended up out in the world on his own as a teenager. He's seriously been through a lot. I dunno...I just think he's actually a secret sweetie beneath those lil' hedgehog quills of his, you know what I mean? I'm gonna get him to roll over and show that soft underbelly someday...

GOD: Have I ever wanted to smack Milo or Seymour? [laughter that chimes like a zephyr and tickles like birdsong] Not at all. Have you ever seen them? They're just little human beans. So cute!

As for Milo and Seymour themselves, any smacking that may occur between them will be purely recreational, and likely confined to the posterior region. 😇

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Just a handful of quick #WritingWonders answers for this month to get caught up! (Hi, gang! 👋 I missed y'all and hope y'all are well. I'll probably participate only sporadically till this #WIP is finished.)

My new WIP is a #queer supernatural mystery #romance codenamed #SeymourAndMilo (because I haven't made an official title announcement yet). The image is a crop of the in-progress book cover I've been working on, just so you can see what the protagonists look like (left: Seymour, right: Milo).

Day 1: If one of the protags showed up on my doorstep? I'd squint warily through my peephole like a true Millennial, then think to myself: "Oh my God, what is this [hot goth guy/hot priest (depending which one it is)] doing at my door???"

Day 2: Most readers will probably adore Milo from the start. Seymour's a prickly burr, but if folks stick with him they'll quickly learn he's all squish underneath.

Day 5: Seymour has been involved in a pretty significant (meta)physical altercation in the past. (We don't talk about it.)

Day 6: MILO: [can't think of anything that makes him /angry/-angry...maybe the U.S. mental health care system?] SEYMOUR: "Are you looking for a fucking monologue?"

Day 10: Weapon of choice? SEYMOUR: "My hands. But...not in the way you think." MILO: "My height and extraordinary chill. And, of course, the power of luv 🥺"

Day 15: Intimacy scenes? It's a romance. In a word: Yes.

Day 16: I'm good at and enjoy writing intimacy scenes. They can be a little awkward to share, of course, depending on the audience.

Day 17: SEYMOUR: "My ex-girlfriend, Lottie." MILO: "I give a lot of hugs, so I'm really not sure who the last person I hugged was...but I've never kissed anyone."

Day 19: Support the status quo? Hell, no. Seymour and Milo are both rebels in their own ways. (Seymour go smash; Milo gently expose the uncomfortable emotional truth that make you That Way.)

Day 21: Seymour's only a few months sober and drinks way too much coffee. Milo favors chamomile tea.

Day 22: Seymour doesn't have a friend group. Milo...doesn't either? Milo has a parish (and maintains good relationships with others in helping professions in Beacon Bay Isle and the surrounding townships). And no, Milo never causes drama in his parish...aside from pissing off the senior rector, usually by "going off script" when it's his day to give the homily.

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In-progress cartoon-style art of a stained-glass window in magenta and violet hues, depicting two people (left: Seymour, 26, sharp-featured and elegant with long dark hair and eyeliner, wearing a black trench coat with the collar popped; right: Milo, 27, dimpled and fresh-faced with short dark curtain hair, wearing a clerical collar) holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. Between them, a light rain falls on blossoming dogwood branches, and a tagline reads, in ecclesiastical-style text: "Love changes everything."
5 months ago

To celebrate my books “going wide” (being for sale outside of Amazon) they’re all free until 31 July. Except on Amazon. I can’t make those free for amazonian reasons.

Science Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy set in alternate world South Africa.

*We Broke the Moon*

*Ray and the Cat Thing*
A friend called this book “like falling face first into a Ghibli movie.”

Linked Worlds Series: Someone here on mastodon called this “hard boiled and cozy” 
*The Babylon Eye*
*The Real*
*The Strange*

Crooked Word Series:
*Crooks & Straights*
*Wolf Logic*

The Sisters Series:
*The Story Trap*
*The Broken Path*

More information on these books at

#fantasy #scifi #FantasyBooks #ScienceFiction #LGBTQBooks

Text reads: "All my books are free* until 31 July *on all sites, except for Amazon.

Image shows nine book covers for:
"We Broke the Moon", "Crooks & Straights" "Wolf Logic", "Ray and the Cat Thing", "The Babylon Eye", "The Real", "The Strange", "The Story Trap" "The Broken Path" all with the author name "Masha du Toit"
Antonia Aquilante
6 months ago

Two weeks left! My books are all included in this great sale at NineStar Press! #LGBTQbooks #FantasyRomance

Happy Pride Month
50% Discount throughout the month of June
Use code PRIDE23
"Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without and know were cannot live within." -James Baldwin
NineStar Press
6 months ago

Happy Pride Month!

Pride Month Trivia has started!

Win sapphic books all month long and test your knowledge of sapphic fiction.

Head over to my website ans answer the first question now:

#PrideMonth #PrideMonth2023 #SapphicBooks #BookGiveaway #QueerBooks #LGBTQBooks @sapphicbooks

Pride Month Trivia - Sapphic Books Edition -
Alex Feinman
7 months ago

Print edition of #RoughskinMagic now revised with latest line edits. Hit up Lulu for paper version, anywhere for electronic, or ask your local library to buy a copy (it's free for them!).

#cyberpunk #scifi #romance #lgbtqbooks #writing #FineFiction

A book cover in greens and blacks: A thoughtful, solid man with tusks looks out over the neon-encrusted skyline of Philadelphia.

Title: "Philadelphia Stories: Roughskin MAgic."
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
8 months ago

I have been very lax about sharing my reading lately, but today I have a review of Death by Silver by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold over at Nerds of a Feather.

How am I supposed to resist when Queen of Swords pitches it as a gay gaslamp fantasy murder mystery? And the elements are so deftly woven together it looks seamless.

I'm already looking forward to the sequel in December.

#bookstodon #FantasyBooks #AmReading #HistoricalFantasy #lgbtqBooks @bookstodon

8 months ago

Even if you aren't participating in the Sapphic Book Bingo, you should check out this week's post because it features free sapphic books!

20 authors are offering a free novel, novella, or short story for you to download.

Check out the offerings on my blog:

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Free sapphic books
9 months ago

I put together a Google doc of Mastodon handles of authors & reviewers of sapphic fiction.

If you're new to Mastodon or you moved to a new server, please add yourself to the doc so your community can find you.

#SapphicBooks #SapphicMigration #SapphicRomance #WLWBooks #LGBTQBooks

9 months ago

I moved to a new server, so I'm repeating my intro so new people can find me more easily!


Hey, everyone! I'm a queer writer, editor, and avid reader of sapphic romance.

I currently have 23 novels out, including contemporary, historical, and paranormal romances.

I also run a Sapphic Book Bingo for readers of sapphic fiction over on my website.

#SapphicMigration #LesbianBooks #LGBTQBooks #SapphicRomance #LGBTQIA #QueerBooks #Writing #WLW #RomanceBooks

Jae kneeling behind a wall of her books, smiling

Happy March #WritingWonders, gang! 🙏✨ We're kicking it off with the softball questions, I see...

Since I'm still wrapping up Part 3, I'm back again this month with our queer epic switchblade-and-sorcery novel #ThoseWhoCreateAndDestroy and, for today, its precocious young alchemist co-protagonist, Jules. (You can check out the complete Parts 1 & 2 here: )

How is Jules *not* me, would be an easier question to answer. He's a prickly pear with a heavily guarded warm heart and a rarely seen or acknowledged effusive side, who escapes his trauma by trading in human realities for cosmic conceptualizations. He reaps the social rewards of high achievement (not so much me now, but me in grade school) and toxic self-sacrificing (also me until recent years), while continuing to feel vaguely but deeply unfulfilled in both his intimate and his inner life (once again, me till recently).

Jules lives as a mostly-out-and-visible trans man in a largely socially conservative magic wainscot society in the aughts—which has a range of social ramifications. I, by contrast, am usually taken for a cis woman (outside my inner circle) and (usually) let it slide. 🙃 But I think Jules and I both feel essentially genderless, while at the same time experiencing dysphoria, to no small extent, at times, with our "female" bodies, but more intensely and persistently with the social roles and perceptions traditionally associated with femaleness in our cultures of origin (although we're both also able and willing to lean on "feminine" expressions in limited circumstances, when it serves our purposes). Part 3 flashes back to trace the arc of Jules's gender experience from childhood, and, while his journey differs in many ways from mine, the book's climax finds us both in more or less the same place (albeit still using different pronouns... I seem to be more partial to "they," at least for now).

I could go on, but instead I'll just say that, aside from being (rather aspirationally) more organized and more accomplished, more action-oriented and more abrasive, Jules is about as "me" as any character I've ever written—though I wasn't at all aware of this when @dontdoitneil and I first started drafting TWCAD in 2016. Jules, I like to think, came along to help me see myself more clearly, at a time when I'd all but lost sight.

#WritingCommunity #transmasc #transgender #nonbinary #gender #LGBTQbooks #queerSFF

Character portrait of Jules Nimri, an 18-year-old trans man with porcelain skin and wavy black hair wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a suit and tie, leveling a give-no-fucks stare into the camera.
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
10 months ago

My new book is out today!

Welcome to Pride Street, where corgis run, men are in love, and mystery lurks just around the corner…

With crime solving corgis, a leather-daddy ghost, and more color than a drag queen's makeup case... Book One is at your favorite retailer now (you can also request it from your library)!

Sushi Scandal:

#lgbtq #CozyMystery #LGBTQBooks #corgi @bookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon

I wrote a #book. And I am over the top about these sexy new author copies that made their way to my doorstep this week.

Friends, pre-orders are incredibly helpful.

Out March 14, 2023.

#bookaesthetic #bookphotography #diversebooks #fictionbooks #lesbianbooks #lesbianfiction #lesfic #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqbooks #lgbtwriters #queer #queerbooks #queerlit #queerliterature #queerreads #queerfiction #queerlife #lgbtqcommunity

10 months ago

Little #selfpromo reminder!

I have an awesome fantasy series and the last book is up for preorders!

Fantasy politics with a large queer casts, all in one city, TONS of aros and aces, all in four chonky, beautiful books.



#bookstodon #LGBTQbooks #asexual #aromantic @lgbtqbookstodon #indie #selfpub #fantasy

Four hardcovers of the City of Spires series. Covers depict towers of different architectures on a sky changing colours (blue, orange, purple, green).

Text says: 
Large cast political fantasy with kindness at its core; messy and wholesome platonic relationships; unparrallelled concentration of aros and aces; four chonky books
Darren Cadwallader
11 months ago

I’m excited that a very dear friend is releasing their new speculative fiction novel in March! It’s a moving story, following people (some LGBTQ, some not) who move to the world’s first gay state of Berlin Germany, and the worldbuilding is really excellent. They posted a trailer to youtube, because apparently books have trailers now (and it’s great, so I’m glad they do 😍)

#scifi #fiction #queer #QueerBooks #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqBooks #SpecFic #SpeculativeFiction

11 months ago

B is for THE BRUISING OF QILWA by Naseem Jamnia

Fantasy novella set in a Persian-inspired queernormative world, THE BRUISING OF QILWA follows Firuz, a nonbinary aroace healer and blood magic user, as they unravel the mystery of a new diseases. Lush and intense, this incredible story packs *so many* layers of queerness, political strife, community and family. One of my 2022 favourites.

#AspecToZ #asexual #LGBTQbooks #aromantic #BIPOCbooks

A big "B" letter and the title, "THE BRUISING OF QILWA". The cover is a hand dripping blood over the title, below which is a walled city on a hill. It has a gorgeous red-purple-gold colour scheme. The additional text on the right says:
Aroace healer MC
Magical transition in a queernormative world
immigration, community, and a mysterious illness
11 months ago

B is for BELLE RÉVOLTE by Linsey Miller

YA fantasy with an ace MC and a sapphic romance, BELLE RÉVOLTE is one of *many* aspec books Linsey Miller has blessed us with (not but like, do check her whole catalogue!). If you love magic academy settings and characters swapping out their lives while a revolution brews, this is a solid read!

#AspecToZ #asexual #lgbtqbooks #bookstodon

A big "B" letter and the title, "BELLE RÉVOLTE". The cover is a golden gilded circle around the title with fleur de lys motifs, partly dripping in a pink, blood-like substance from the top. The additional text says:
Biromantic ace MC with a sapphic romance
Cross-class life swaps
Magic academy, revolution and war
11 months ago

A is for ARCHIVIST WASP by Nicole Kornher-Stace

Reading this book the first time felt like a homecoming. Weird and authentic in a way that's difficult to explain. Intense, incredible story part of an extended universe NKS is slowly building through the years.

#bookstodon #aromantic #asexual #LGBTQbooks #AspecToZ

a big "A" and the title, "Archivist Wasp", below which is the cover, red jagged mountains with a green-teal sky on which stand a distant white figure and a closer, black-shadow of a long haired girl.

the additional text next to the cover says:

Aroace MC
Ride or Die, Jagged M/F Friendship
Postapocalyptic fantasy with ghosts!
11 months ago

A is for ADRIFT IN STARLIGHT by Mindi Briar

We start with a sci-fi romance in the Halcyon Universe, which I first had the pleasure of discovering several years ago, when I edited Wings of Renewal. A fast-paced intergalactic heist with a sprinkle of dragons in space, this one promises to be a great light read when I want to find loveable characters to cheer on.

#bookstodon #asexual #LGBTQbooks #SFF #ASpecToZ

Contains the title, the book's cover representing two characters over a fuschia planet, and the following text:
Intergalatic Heist, Ethereal Dragons in Space, Touch and Sex Averse MC!