Don Ray
1 hour ago


Here’s a song that came out of the United Farm Workers movement. Daniel Valdez (with brother Luis) added music and theater to the UFW when they joined in the 1960s. #farm #labor #ufw #cesarchavez

Ben Waber
13 hours ago

Next was an engaging conversation with Laura Boudreau on multinational enforcement of labor laws in #Bangladesh on the @voxdev podcast. Boudreau convincingly shows through an RCT improved compliance after new worker safety laws were introduced and enforced by multinationals (with some complicating effects depending on management quality), and importantly improvements in safety and performance. Highly recommend (6/7) #labor #safety #management

Alice Marshall
17 hours ago


The #UAW is swinging for the fences with an announcement of an organizing campaign covering 150k workers. They also called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. We talk to a nurse from #SouthCarolina about safe staffing. In OVERTIME we react to a US House hearing on the new overtime rule, take a look at GM's new stock buyback scheme, and talk to journalists about unions that aligned their contracts.

Cory Doctorow
23 hours ago

#1yrago How tech changed global #labor struggles for better and worse


Adrian Riskin 🇵🇸🍉
23 hours ago

“We don’t know and we don’t care who’s supposed to own the land. God put that coal there—not the Philadelphia and Reading Coal Company.”
—Mike McCloskey, miner

Quoted in The Bootleg Coal Rebellion by Mitch Troutman

H/T @anarchismhub

#Anarchism #MutualAid #Labor #Commonism #Pennsylvania #Coal #BootlegCoal #LaborUnions

RLM Arts poster catalog, p802: "Interfere"

In 2005, the AFL-CIO spoke out against the U.S. war on Iraq. After criticism, Harry Bridges of the ILWU declared the principle: “Interfere with the foreign policy of this country? Sure as hell! That’s our job, that’s our privilege, that’s our right, that’s our duty!”

The duty to interfere with murderous foreign policy remains. Some in the #labor movement rise to meet it. Others don't.

Get this 12x18 poster:

#union #antiwar

This three-color verical block style poster shows white peace doves fluttering around the sky, amidst red-orange explsions from a bomb dropped on homes and other buildings silhouetted at bottom. Amidst the grey-blue clouds or smoke wafting up the page through the air, are black block letters with this quote: "Interfere with the foreign policy of the country? Sure as hell! That's our job. That's our privilege. That's our right. That's our duty!" At bottom is the attribution: Harry Bridges, international longshormen's and warehousemen's union.
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✧ Ernest Roberts ✧

Ernest Roberts (21 February 1868 – 2 December 1913) was a Labor member of the South Australian House of Assembly, and then the Australian House of Representatives. Roberts emigrated to Australia from the UK and worked in Port Pirie, South Australia, where he was a member of its town council. In 1896, aged 28, he became...

#PortPirie #SouthAfrica #Labor #Australia #Wikipedia

2 days ago | United Auto Workers calls for ceasefire in Gaza – the largest union to do so |

"The United Auto Workers, one of the US’s largest labor unions, has come out in support of a ceasefire in Israel and Palestine as a temporary ceasefire ended on Friday with Israel resuming military operations in Gaza." | #UnitedStates #Israel #Gaza #Palestine #labor #unions #UAW #UnitedAutoWorkers

Drew Naylor
2 days ago

Making YouTube videos without financial compensation is unpaid labor.

#YouTube #labor

David August
2 days ago

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to object and bargain if someone wanted to replace you at work with a machine, instead of being sorely out of luck (S.O.L.)?

The tentative agreement aims to make that dream a reality, if it ratifies:

#ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #SAGAFTRAmember #u1 #film #tv #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #labor

Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 days ago

I would like a bot that just makes cheery toots about each workplace unionizing, each union (except cop union) victory to celebrate.

I still want hard news, etc, but I would love an account that was just wholesome union cheerleading. #Labor #Union

Félicien Breton
2 days ago

"Around 8,500 Thai nationals have been repatriated from Israel since the 7 October attack. But the BBC understands that some have since returned, likely driven by debt and joblessness back home. Many have previously told BBC Thai about their harrowing work conditions in Israel, such as unsanitary living quarters, as well as being overworked and underpaid."

#hostages #immigrants #immigration #release #israel #israelPalestine #agriculture #Thailand #work #labor #poverty

General Strike Now
2 days ago
The UAW strike began Sept. 15, targeting assembly plants and other facilities at Ford, General Motors and Jeep maker Stellantis. The strike ended at ...#FordMotor #Labor #UAW
Ford says it lost $1.7B on 6-week UAW strike, plans to pay nearly $9B more on raises union won
Ben Waber
3 days ago

Next was an informative conversation on the case before the International Court of Justice on whether or not the right to strike is a corollary to the right to freedom of association at the UCL Faculty of Laws with John Hendy, Tonia Novitz, and Martins Paparinskis (5/6) #labor #law #UN

Guy Jantic
3 days ago

I work at a place with quite a hidebound institutional culture. Administrators exploit it mercilessly, but many faculty & staff are only too willing to throw each other under the bus when it's to their advantage.

The union is... better? I guess. However, even union members seem to have the same overall tendencies, if slightly attenuated. It's as if the union leadership's motto is "I didn't get elected to this position so I could take /suggestions/ from mere /members/."

The number of times I've heard "...we don't do things that way here" or "we've never done it like that" (meaning "and we sure as hell aren't going to start") since I came here almost a decade ago is in the hundreds.

Reminding myself of why, every few months, I renew my determination to not care that this place is being gutted of all worker rights and autonomy by rampant administrators and is about to have its funding wildly cut by a university system intent on killing off its teaching universities to fund its R1 flagships and medical centers.

#rant #university #faculty #labor #management #smalltown #mindset

I've just emailed Tanya Plibersek regarding the fate of the #ToondahHarbour precious #RamsarWetlands.

This link offers a proforma email, but you can customise it. My version was much more emotive and more of a guilt trip for the minister.

I didn't however list every failing and disappointment of this #Labor government in terms of the environment and coal/gas expansion... but I really wanted to.

#auspol #OzBirds #Birds

Ben Jacobsen
3 days ago

I'm very excited to share that the TAA, my graduate worker union at UW-Madison, is suing to overturn Act 10!

If you aren't familiar, Act 10 is an extremely nasty anti-union bill that all but outlawed collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin. It's extremely unfair and was crammed through despite massive protests. Now we're fighting together with other WI unions to win those rights back!

#Wisconsin #Union #Labor #Madison #Act10 #TAA #UnionStrong

A bold graphic in all caps that says "We're suing to overturn Act 10"
David Chasteen
3 days ago

Hell yeah. Get 'em, Shawn.

Thousands of autoworkers at #toyota #Honda move to unionize after #UAW Big Three victory


Paris Marx
3 days ago

The tech industry is hyped up about AI, but what is life like for the underclass of workers who actually make those tools work when they fail?

I spoke to @jomc about her new novel “Wrong Way” that paints an empathetic portrait of a robotic operator of a supposedly driverless car — with a fun twist. We also talk about what it means to be a tech critic today.

Listen here:

#tech #selfdriving #fiction #scifi #labor

Joanne McNeil, author of Wrong Way. "I didn't realize they were gonna push AI even with flaws and all because a batch of humans at a call center paid nothing and respected not at all can always fill in those gaps, because that's their product, in fact, that AI underclass."
ZNet (unofficial)
3 days ago

A very important #strike is going on in #Sweden. If #Tesla wins in a heavily unionized country (with a very right wing government), it sends waves across the planet.

"[Some Tesla] mechanics began their strike in October after their employer, a Tesla subsidiary in Sweden, announced that it would not recognize their union... The industrial action soon spread to dockworkers… and electricians who stopped maintenance work for the carmaker”

#labor #union

Bob Merberg
3 days ago

Parkinson's Law: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

"The fact that light-hearted satire has been ingrained into management doctrine, twisted to mischaracterize workers, tells us more about business than Parkinson ever did."

#work #leadership #labor #labour #management #capitalism #business #workers

David August
3 days ago

Watching the second Contract Roundtable talk about the tentative agreement, and happy to be seeing what David Blue & Jen Levin put together.

Thankful for them and Ben Whitehair,
Jason Winston George, Woody Schultz, Charlie Bodin, Natalia Castellanos, Nicole Cyrille, Frances Fisher and everyone who has worked so hard for so many.

#ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #SAGAFTRAmember #u1 #film #tv #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #labor

Thomas Ott
3 days ago

Wrote this in February and since then people have gone on strike and WON! Power to organized #labor

"Organize your labor and form unions. Call OSHA if they make you do dangerous and illegal things. Take all your breaks and get paid for every minute you’re on the job. Don’t let them exploit you any longer."

#capitalism #work

ExTraders Global
3 days ago

In October 2023, the labor force in Germany was recorded at 46.1 million people, seasonally unchanged compared to the previous month. The increase in the number of labor force was 0.6% compared to the same period of the previous year. #Germany #Economy #Eurozone #labor #data

Ben Waber
4 days ago

Next was a great discussion on labor in politics, labor law, the NLRB, and technology (somehow in under an hour!) at the Burnes Center for Social Change with Seth Harris, Ruben J. Garcia, and Mark Gaston Pearce (7/13) #law #labor #economics #US #politics #unions

4 days ago

"But once I heard from team members how much they appreciated that time with their families, it was an easy decision"

Target CEO currently doing the surprised Pikachu face

#ceo #target #labor #AreYouSeriousRightNow

4 days ago

#labor #productivity

Capital increases labour productivity eg shovel vs mechanical digger. Chatgpt...
Capital requires investment
The cheapest investment $$$ is savings
Artificial Low rates for 20 years discourages savings
covid money printing leading to price #inflation

A. Raise rates. Done.
B. Increase taxes. Cut spending. Opposite in progress.
C. Cut immigration.
D. Reallocate social spending to infrastructure like fast rail done in a globally.

#austrian #econ101

David August
4 days ago

Actors: Vote yes for the 2023 Film/TV SAG-AFTRA tentative agreement with the AMPTP by Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Vote here:

If you don’t have your voting PIN you can get it on the voting site.

Please ask me any questions you have and I’ll try to answer them as well as I can.

#ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #SAGAFTRAmember #u1 #film #tv #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #labor #unions

[SAG-AFTRA performer logo - SAG-AFTRA] 
[all over background of a patchwork of digital screens]
Alice Marshall
4 days ago


Pharmacist Organizing Forces Walgreens to Give Thanksgiving Off – LAX Workers Strike During Peak Holiday Traffic – Macy’s Workers to Strike on

Jeffrey Yost
4 days ago
The European Network
4 days ago

Tesla is suing Sweden as the carmaker hits back at an attempt by local unions to disrupt its business in an ongoing battle over workers’ rights.

In the lawsuit, filed Monday, Tesla says it is suing “the Swedish state through the Swedish Transport Agency” because local union members were refusing to deliver new license plates to the company, effectively blocking Tesla from selling new cars in the country.

#Sweden #Tesla #Legal #Lawsuit #Labour #Labor #WorkersRights

Paul Chambers
5 days ago

Ohio House blocks controversial anti-woke higher education overhaul bill.

It would have banned public universities in Ohio from having "bias" in the classroom, limited what "controversial" topics could be taught and elimination of the tenure system, making it easier for political termination of professors. It was anti-labor and would have stifled free speech.

#ohio #Education #Woke #antiwoke #Labor #FreeSpeech .

Megan Lynch (she/her)
5 days ago

"Under state deadline, SC employers phase out subminimum wage
In 9 months, it will be illegal in SC to pay workers with disabilities less than minimum wage. A state task force is focused on what’s needed to meet the deadline."

#Ableism #Labor

David August
5 days ago

I just finished writing this article. I think many are underestimating just how impactful this SAG-AFTRA tentative agreement can be:

#ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #u1 #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #GAI #generativeAI #automation #UBI #labor #unions

maeve harris
6 days ago

#pdx, #labor: #Portland teachers' strike is over as #PAT & #PPS finally reach agreement, students have returned to classes. Portland schools remain underfunded.

6 days ago

@gratefuldread This concept is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in the labor movement in my adult life. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take much effort to get the rail unions on board. #labor #unions #solidarity

6 days ago

Amount a company error meant my partner was owed: £320.

Amount the company offered when he first complained: £40 Amazon voucher (lol).

Amount the company offered after he used the words 'I have spoken with my union': £700.

Join. A. Union.

#Union #TradeUnions #UnionStrong #WorkersRights #TUC #Labour #Labor #Workers

David August
1 week ago

I made this image for an article I’m writing called “Dominion Over the Machines” about how the SAG-AFTRA AI precedents (if ratified) may move things forward not just for actors, but for every human that may face non-humans doing their work.

Interesting times we’re in.

#robots #dominion #over #machines #ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #u1 #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #GAI #generativeAI #labor #unions

Standing in the rain, a robot cradles a human who knells and is screaming in distress as the robot holds them with either care or malice, apparently the robot in control. It is fraught and tense but also some care or regard seems to be happening between them as their fates are bound together.

"The Syracuse City Ballet (SCB) has fired five of its eight full-time professional dancers ahead of its biggest show of the year.

On Nov. 10, eight professional dancers wrote to the executive staff and board of directors to express concerns about their physical and emotional well-being, as well as that of the student dancers involved in the highly popular performance of 'The Nutcracker.'"

#labor #strike #health #occupationalhealth #ballet #thenutcracker

"At Bumble, the women-centered dating app that calls Austin home, executives say that about one third of their 150 Texas employees have left the state entirely, opting for remote work...The reason: It’s not just hard to keep talented employees in Austin in a post-Roe world, where doctors might not perform even medically necessary abortions for fear of reprisal, it’s also hard to attract them to Texas in the first place."

#reproductivejustice #labor #healthcare #texas

maeve harris
1 week ago

US National #Labor Relations Board (#NLRB) brings new charges of #unionbusting against #Apple, alleging the firm denied improved benefits to unionized workers that were granted the non-unionized workers.

1 week ago

#Mining Critical to #Renewable Energy Tied to Hundreds of Alleged #HumanRights Abuses

A report released Wednesday faults the #US and other nations for providing incentives for the mining of rare metals like #lithium and #cobalt without enacting adequate #labor and #environmental safeguards.

By Katie Surma
June 7, 2023

"Over the past dozen years, hundreds of alleged human rights abuses have been committed by over 90 #corporations mining minerals critical to the production of #CleanEnergy, a U.K.-based human rights organization said in a report released on Wednesday.

"The Business and Human Rights Resource Center said the alleged abuses involve global mining for #copper, lithium, cobalt, #manganese, #nickel and #zinc, all used in critical renewable technologies like #SolarPanels, vehicle (#EV) batteries and #windmills.

"The abuses, the report concluded, stem from the failure of the #UnitedStates and other nations to develop appropriate labor and environmental safeguards for resource extraction critical to the green energy transition, a key aim of the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act.

"Beyond alleged incidents of assaults, child labor, arbitrary arrests and detentions, the report’s database of 510 alleged violations includes #environmental crimes involving the #pollution of drinking #water and other natural resources, and violations of communities’ rights to be consulted about projects that affect them."

#EnvironmentalRacism #WaterIsLife #ExtractiveMining #LithiumMining #LaxRegulations #NoConsent #CorporateColonialism

1 week ago

Amazing movement coming from the people in England Shutting it Down! Black Friday Strike! 🪧🛠️✊🏽❤️‍🔥🌟🦍

"Amazon hit by strikes, protests across Europe during Black Friday"

#Reuters #Amazon #Strike #England #BlackFriday #europe #labor

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Apple's meddling again!

Apple caught denying benefits to union workers - Desk Chair Analysts

#Apple #AppleStore #Benefits #Labor #NLRB #Unions #TechNews

Members of the IAM CORE union. They are employees of the Towson, MD Apple Store.
1 week ago

Help EWOC raise money to support #labor organizing everywhere! If you donate $75+, you get a shirt that's definitely not from H&M, Hot Topic or Old Navy!

Cory Doctorow
1 week ago

Today, at long last, after generations of deadly corporate power-grabs, we are living through an ecology moment where all kind of fights are coalescing into one big fight: the fight to save democracy from oligarchy.

There are many tributaries flowing into this mighty river, but two of the largest are #antitrust and #labor.


Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 week ago

I will never call that "Reagan National Airport". I suggest we call it PATCO Airport instead. #Labor #Union #FuckReagan

John Quiggin
2 weeks ago

A minority Labor government, depending on both Greens and teals would be a big improvement, and is a likely outcome. But if #labor keep on as they have been going, we might end up with Duttom

"Yet the FDIC continues to show a hesitance to impose harsh discipline on managers accused of misconduct, employees said.

Female examiners left the FDIC because of what they say was a sexualized, boys’ club environment and the belief they were consistently given fewer opportunities than their male counterparts, according to interviews with more than 100 current and former employees, including more than 20 women who quit."

#fdic #labor #banking #sexualharassment

maeve harris
2 weeks ago

#pdx, #labor: 100s of protesters gather at #Portland's city hall in support of striking teachers. As the strike enters its 4th week, there are no signs that an agreement is near.

2 weeks ago
John Quiggin
2 weeks ago

More efforts by #Labor (backed by LNP) to protect governments from citizens. Fine print bombshell – share information which “undermines trust in government”, face jail

John Quiggin
2 weeks ago

How long will Albanese #Labor take before it is as corrupt as the LNP government it replaced. A lot less than nine years, I'd say. #auspol

maeve harris
2 weeks ago

#labor: Teamsters Union, representing #Amazon drivers on strike in 9 states, alleging labor labor law violations and unfair labor practices. Strike spreads to Chicago

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
2 weeks ago

Tesla may have picked an unwinnable fight with Sweden’s powerful unions | Martin Gelin | The Guardian

For the first time anywhere in the world, workers for the US carmaker Tesla have gone on strike. It’s not a coincidence that this strike is happening in Sweden, which has one of the strongest labour movements in Europe. More than 90% of workers are protected by collective bargaining agreements, and the system has strong backing among employees and employers alike. With good reason: the Swedish labour relations model has sustained relative industrial peace between wage-earners and corporations for decades.

By refusing to play ball, Elon Musk’s car giant may have picked an unwinnable fight. What started as a minor local disagreement has grown to the point that it could have global implications, with potential ripple effects for labour movements and auto workers across Europe and the US.

#Politics #News #Sweden #Tesla #ElonMusk #Musk #Strike #Labor #WorkerRights #Unions

"The more access dads have to paternity leave, the better able they are to adjust to parenthood, helping also make them more effective co-parents as their children get older." #Labor

Workers want fair pay.

Tesla will fight against fair #labor. Elmo is a greedy orc. He hates workers.

#Dockworkers are refusing to unload Teslas at ports in broad boycott move

Anti-union Tesla has long fended off efforts to unionize its workforce around the world. But in #Sweden, the electric vehicle maker is facing its first formal labor action over its anti-union stance, with potential ripple effects for the company globally.


So proud that #UnionPlace has been around for just over a year now. Huge thanks to @josh and @kabrams for taking this journey with me and all of us, and of course, to all of our users who have been part of making this possible!

We've got 5700 users and just over 500 monthly actives - would love for that active number to be a bit higher, but we'll always take quality over quantity!

So great to see the passion for the global #labor and #union movements - keep it coming, and here's to many more!

Hey, a whole lot of call center workers are on strike across the US right now, please show some solidarity.

#labor #union #strikes #callcenter #cwa

Jason Perseus
2 weeks ago

Howard Schultz, billionaire founder of #Starbucks, has always said that he thinks unions get in the way between a one-on-one relationship between the company and its workers, which has always been a positive one.

Oh, really? That’s news to these workers.

#labor #union #uspol #politics #uspolitics #coffee

Jason Perseus
2 weeks ago

“Starbucks Workers United is asking the company to promise "protections against racial harassment and bigotry from customers, co-workers and managers," adopt a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy, implement a $20 per hour minimum wage for baristas and $25.40 wage for shift supervisors and commit to 5% annual rases, among other damands.”

#starbucks #union #walkout #labor

Jason Perseus
2 weeks ago


— ⛔️

Unionized Starbucks workers will be walking out today to demand better working conditions. Show your support for workers by NOT supporting their employer today.

Brew a cup at home and donate the $5 to a good cause.

— ⛔️

“This year, on the heels of victories won by striking workers across different industries nationwide, Starbucks workers are taking the rebellion to the next level,” the union said.

#labor #union #Starbucks #coffee #walkout

Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 weeks ago

Today I had to write:

"No, I dont think the patient is feigning, making up, or exaggerating the mental health impacts of her mother dying from double negative breast cancer with a recent diagnosis of breast cancer herself confirmed in the pathology report You have access to. Do you?"

On Disability paperwork.

American Labor and Disability laws are fucking repugnant.

#disability #Labor

thomas (they/them) 🌺
3 weeks ago

Tonight I attended this class on #WorkerOwned #Cooperatives here's a photo of the whiteboard where everyone put up their thoughts on cooperatives, why we're focused on building them, and what we want from them.

Today we discussed Finance everything from CDFI’s, credit unions, Bank of North Dakota, Class A & B Stock, Seed commons, and a bunch of stuff in-between.

#SolidarityEconomy #solidarity #unions #labor #laborstudies

List of words on the whiteboard:
Disrupt, Learning & transformation, Solidarity, Ownership, Anticapitalist, Justice, Living like an ecosystem, Mutual-aid, Community, Unionizing, Profit for us , Regenerative economy, Cross-pollination, Worker power, Worker autonomy, Better labor conditions, Connected peoples, Democratic  decision making,
Chema Hernández Gil
3 weeks ago
Blockade ended about an hour ago with only a handful of scuffles with police or delegates. Folks were energized and motivated.

Next #APEC action today is the #SanFrancisco #labor rally for workers' rights and economic and social justice at 4 PM at Union Square.
Action wrapping up at 5th and mission
Texas Observer
3 weeks ago

Previously: “I see people—young people—every day, wearing back braces, ankle braces. … They’re hurting, but they’re just trying to make it.”

The victory in the #UAW strike holds great promise for #workers in Texas, too ...

#strike #union #news #politics #Texas #labor #USpol #HumanRights #WorkersRights

But the largest Seoul Metro union affiliated with the militant umbrella Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) threatened to stage a general ...

Two major umbrella unions plan to stage large-scale rallies in central Seoul this weekend, as police warned of stern measures against illegal acts in violation of the revised Assem...#seoulsubwaystrike #Unions #strike #union #Seoul #labor #korea #southkorea #thekoreatimes #koreatimes #koreatimes #koreannewsinenglish
Unionized Seoul subway workers threaten second strike