Cory Doctorow
2 months ago

#LaborDay commemorates the victory of the long, hard-fought Pullman strike, where Black workers brought one of the most powerful companies in America to its knees:

And women have always fought for gender justice through the labor movement: the New York shirtwaist strike is the Ur-example, when women-led unions fought thugs and scabs on icy New York streets:


2 months ago

Happy French Revolutionary Calendar Labor Day! May the various strikes underway come to an amenable conclusion for the strikers!

I’m a huge nerd for the French Revolutionary Calendar & its complementary timekeeping, decimal time. What’s not to like about 10 day weeks, 10 hour days, 100 minute hours, & 100 second minutes? Ok, the calendar does have 13 months🧐 #LaborDay #frenchrepublicancalendar

Pic of a page of a French Revolutionary Calendar page with La Fête du Travail circled, which is the 3rd day in the inter calendars days of Sansculottides.
Save Standard Time
3 months ago

“Daylight Saving Time forces people to start work or school earlier than most naturally prefer.” #EndDST #LaborDay

#LaborDay is over — but #Labor's Day is just starting

Carmin Carotenuto
3 months ago

Forgot to post this figure this week, but here's what I painted for Labor Day!

This is a Dwarf Cleric model of the Mordengard faction from the amazing miniatures game D&D Chainmail (2001). Mordengard dwarves threw off the shackles of their king and live in a state of revolution, ever striving for a more egalitarian society.

Painted with P3, Citadel shades, and a few pots from Wargames Foundry for the skin.

#PaintingMiniatures #chainmail #dnd #DndChainmail #LaborDay #LabourDay #dwarf

Head on shot of a dwarf cleric miniature with metal armor, orange robes, and pale tufts of grass.
Side shot of a dwarf cleric miniature with metal armor, orange robes, and pale tufts of grass. This shot shows off his shield, which is a crescent shield showing a hammer smashing a tower.
Rear shot of a dwarf cleric miniature with metal armor, orange robes, and pale tufts of grass. This shows off the highlights and shading of his robes.

#UAW leader warns of #strike after #Biden suggested he wasn't worried about talks failing: 'It's looking that way'
Asked whether he's worried about a #UnitedAutoWorkers strike, the president told reporters on #LaborDay: "No, I’m not worried about a strike until it happens."

Dr. Dani Sanchez
3 months ago

It’s just not #LaborDay unless you watch “9 to 5” at some point

3 months ago

how Ronald Reagan went from #union guy who helped win actors/writers residuals, to most union-busting President ever!

-help strikers in #Newton and #Eldridge
-#Iowa's child #labor rollbacks ARE illegal
-Liz on our OB-GYN shortage
& more:

Preliminary #LaborDay weekend ridership numbers are in! From Thursday 8/31 through Tuesday 9/5, we safely carried 377,030 people. As expected, our busiest day was Saturday 9/2 with 85,668 riders, followed by Friday 9/1 with 72,401.

3 months ago
Miguel Afonso Caetano
3 months ago

USA #NYC #NYPD #Drones #Surveillance #Privacy #LaborDay: "In a statement to the Guardian, Daniel Schwarz, the senior privacy and technology strategist at the New York Civil Liberties Union, said: “Deploying surveillance drones over New Yorkers gathering with their friends and families to celebrate J’ouvert is racialized discrimination and it doesn’t make us safer.”

Schwarz also accused police of “playing fast and loose” with New Yorkers’ constitutional rights to due process and to freely hold peaceful gatherings. He added that the drone ploy was also antithetical to the 2021 Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act, which requires New York police to publish impact and use policies on its surveillance technologies.

“As the NYPD keeps deploying these dystopian technologies, we must push for stricter guardrails – especially given the department’s lengthy history of surveilling and policing Black and brown communities,” he continued.

Albert Fox Cahn, the executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, called the decision a “terrible plan that should never have gotten off the ground”.

“We see that there’s a real pattern with the NYPD and with Eric Adams (the New York City mayor) – whenever there’s a risk of bad headlines, they’ll turn to the next technology gimmick,” Cahn told the Guardian."

Andrew 🌻 Brandt 🐇
3 months ago

NBD, just got to march in a Labor Day parade in Louisville, CO because I am a candidate for local office. Got a chance to shake hands with my rockstar congressman Joe Neguse and thank Colorado's Secretary of State Jena Griswold for helping defend democracy in 2020 and beyond.

Pretty sure this was the first time any participant in the parade wore a #Defcon speaker badge!

#SchoolBoard #COPolitics #BVSD #LaborDay #LouisvilleCO

Holy shit it's Joe freakin Neguse, impeachment manager and democracy warrior
CO SOS Jena Griswold not only defended Colorado's all-mail-ballot system in 2020, but she dealt with a rogue Clerk & Recorder who was trying to subvert the election process by letting randos have access to voting machines after the election.
Hooray for labor day!
Save Standard Time
3 months ago

“Standard Time improves body clock alignment and sleep health, which foster higher safety and performance. That’s good for employees, employers, and the economy.” #LaborDay #EndDaylightSaving

Democracy Labs
3 months ago

Fair Wages on the Map: How Union Organizing is Changing the Game
#union #labor #laborday

Fair Wages on the Map: How Union Organizing is Changing the Game
#union #labor #laborday
Democracy Labs
3 months ago

Fair Wages on the Map: How Union Organizing is Changing the Game
#union #labor #laborday

3 months ago

#LaborDay controversy?

The rest of the world celebrates on May 1.

You don't need a lazy youtuber to educate you, just literally talk to anyone that's not from the US, stop looking like an ass when expressing basic facts for the rest of us.

Poetry News
3 months ago
ACRE Campaigns
3 months ago

#LaborDay shouldn't be the only time we consider the power of workers in bettering their circumstances.

For bank employees in particular, Bargaining for the Common Good is key to working towards a better future for themselves.

Bill Rhodes
3 months ago

A belated happy Labor day to all the capitalists out there #laborday #capitalist

a meme about money loaning and eternal debt
3 months ago

"Labor actions that boost workers’ ability to bargain collectively are the only path that has ever led to broadly shared prosperity. What is equally clear from history, however, is that the desire of workers alone has never been sufficient to overcome employers’ resistance to unions. Workers’ efforts need to be supported by strong policy measures that re-level the playing field between workers and employers."

#union #laborday

Over #laborday I played similar #Pokémon Crystal, for hours.

2nd gen it's the worst gen, but it makes me the happiest when playing it.

Rachel Rawlings
3 months ago

Do you want people to say police unions are not real unions? Because this is how you get people to believe police unions are not real unions, loudly, to the tune of the #1312Overture.

#LaborDay #Solidarity #Strike #KaiserPernanente

Aidan NC
3 months ago

Special Offer!

Get up to 1TB of cloud storage at Photobucket for just $5/mo.

#photobucket #cloudstorage #backtoschool #laborday #coupons

Tom Hamby
3 months ago

Listening to The PoliticsGirl Podcast (Unions: Giving Workers a Voice):

In honor of Labor Day we’re going to talk about the importance of the American worker, but more specifically about the importance of union work. American workers have clearly had enough. #union #unionstrong #labor #laborday #politics

3 months ago

Listening to The PoliticsGirl Podcast (Unions: Giving Workers a Voice):

In honor of Labor Day we’re going to talk about the importance of the American worker, but more specifically about the importance of union work. American workers have clearly had enough. The majority of us know we can’t carry on like this. That the wealth inequality and the growing chasm between workers and owners is leading this country down a dark path. At their peak, 40% of American workers were part of a union, now that number is under 7%, and look what’s happened - the rich got richer while the poor got poorer and the middle class has all but disappeared. People can’t afford homes, food or health care, and the majority of us have to take a side hustle or gig work on top of our regular jobs just to make ends meet. It’s unsustainable, and the workers of America are beginning to stand in solidarity against it. To talk about the importance of union voices in the fight for our future we are joined by AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler whose federation includes 60 unions and 12.5 million working people across all sectors of the U.S. economy as she gives us a hopeful path to a better future.  As always, if you enjoy what we do, please consider SUBSCRIBING to PoliticsGirl Premium. You’ll get this podcast ad free, along with a bunch of other perks, and the knowledge that you’re allowing us to keep bringing you the best content possible. That’s Thank you for caring! xoPG MERCH STORE NOW OPEN: Check it out at: Guest social: As always, please RATE and SUBSCRIBE so we can grow the show, open the dialogue, and inspire change moving forward!   All show links here!: A big thank you to our other sponsors!! #laborday #labor #union #UnionStrong #politics #aflcio

3 months ago

Today in Labor History September 5, 1882: The first American Labor Day was observed, with 30,000 workers marching in New York City. The event was connected to a meeting of the radical Knights of Labor. Oregon became the first state to officially recognize the holiday. Over the years, more an more states recognized the holiday. However, by 1886, workers from around the world were celebrating May 1st as International Workers’ Day, in honor of the American anarchists who were wrongly convicted and executed for the Haymarket Affair. Fearing that the May 1st holiday would strengthen anarchist and communist movements, President Cleveland pushed for federal recognition of the September holiday. And in 1894, Congress passed a bill making it an official federal holiday.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #LaborDay #MayDay #haymarket #anarchism #socialism #communism #InternationalWorkersDay

Labor Day Parade in New York's Union Square, 1882. By A Staff Illustrator - Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Public Domain,
3 months ago

Am 5. September 1882, heute vor 141 Jahren, demonstrierten in New York City Zehntausende für die Einführung des Achtstundentages.

Die Demonstration gilt als ein Meilenstein der Arbeiterbewegung und bis heute wird in Andenken daran in den USA am ersten Montag im September der Labor Day als gesetzlicher Feiertag begangen.

#geschichte #historisch #heutevor #geschichtetoday #laborday #usa #newyork #newyorkcity #demonstration #protest

Sam :opensuse: :kde:
3 months ago

So that’s my thought this #LaborDay. Mention, notice, and thank the people in your life that labor to make your life and the life of the people you love possible. Question why those people are paid so little in a society that equates compensation with personal worth. Challenge whether we should continue to do that.

A potential strike by 146000 UAW members comes against the backdrop of ... more combative United Auto Workers union has pressed on General Motors, ...#laborday #laborunions #unions #unitedautoworkers
UAW’s clash with Big 3 automakers shows off a more confrontational union as strike deadline looms
Jake Rayson
3 months ago

Yesterday was #LaborDay in the #USA

#Grindr is enforcing a “return to office policy”

#CodeForAmerica announced just before #LaborDay that they're immediately laying off 35 employees

We *all* deserve a #union to stand up for our rights

@beep has written a book

#union #unions

3 months ago

A little late, but here is my contribution to #SilentSunday from my #LaborDay #morningWalk. Technically, not Sunday, but sure felt like a Sunday. Gotta love a holiday. #ducks #birdsofmastodon #luckywelivehawaii #momentOfZen

A lone duck in a canal swims down the canal and bobs for food at the end. Water is heard throughout, and nearby cars.
Word Family Friday
3 months ago

"Labor" has no etymology. It comes from Latin "labor", meaning "labor". There’s the Archaic Latin form "labos". But it cannot be traced any further. #LaborDay

Keith Böhler
3 months ago

Trip to the #beach for #LaborDay .

Clayton Dewey
3 months ago

I got three emails from LinkedIn I never asked for on this #LaborDay and that was just so wrong.

James Glueck
3 months ago

@annaleen happy #LaborDay to all except billionaires - who are by definition unproductive and parasitic

Matt Sexton
3 months ago
Night shot of the Cleveland skyline.


the source of #UAW's #ShawnFain's "billionaires don't... have a right to exist" quote.

at about the 11-12 mins mark he explains their #FordMotorCo demands. though Ford rejected them, IT'S THE ONLY ONE OF THE BIG3 TO START NEGOTIATIONS.

so they sued #GM & #Stellantis for illegal labor practices

from this recorded livestream we also get news 95% of #BlueCrossBlueShield of Michigan workers approved #strikes by end of the month

#LaborDay #UnionStrong

dude! i want #FranDrescher and Shawn Fain as my union presidents.

let's give Ms. Drescher an encore on that fiery speech she gave the day she called the strike

#SAGAFTRA #WGA #UnionStrong #LaborDay #labor #unions

The Man.

The Myth.

The Legend.

#ShawnFain is not only a man who's name is one of the best puns on the democratic socialist party of the great nation of Ireland. here he is, the #UAW #labor #union president telling us that not only "billionaires don't... have a right to exist" but:

"we have gone so far backwards that we have to fight just to have a 40-hour work-week back.

why is that?

so another ASSHOLE can make enough money to shoot himself to the moon?"

#UnionStrong #LaborDay

Alecia Batson (she/her)
3 months ago

@davidaugust Seen at today’s Greater Boston Labor Council #LaborDay breakfast, #sagaftra National Board member and Vice President of Midsize Locals, Michele Proude, as she addressed the gathered labor and political leaders.

SAG•AFTRA National Board member and Vice President of Midsize Locals, Michele Proude, holds up a “Union” placard in the style of Sally Field as Norma Rae in the titular film. This photo was captured 4 September 2023 at the Greater Boston Labor Council breakfast.

"Billionaires ... don't have a right to exist."


#UAW #UnionStrong #strikes #labor #LaborDay

On this #LaborDay remember that the following are some of the #unpaid #Labor we need to do to survive but capitalists get to reap the benefits in that thing they call "productivity" and "added value".

- house cleaning
- gardening
- laundry
- home repairs
- child care
- pet care
- grocery shopping
- sick/infirm care
- volunteer work
- party/holiday planning

and if you think am exaggerating: go check out Jack Welch's divorce settlement from his first wife.

capitalists KNOW we need a #UBI

David August
3 months ago

#SAGAFTRAstrong Sally Field in the movie Norma Rae written #WGAstrong by Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank Jr.

#ActorsStrike #WritersStrike #LaborDay

3 months ago

@HeatherRojo Artists don’t observe Labor Day for 2 reasons. Our work is a labor of love and it’s so labor intensive we can’t. 🤣🤣🤣 #Art #Photography #LaborDay #Handmade #glitchart

A screenshot of a small Airstream in a storage yard,cropped from a larger image with added distortions and color enhancement.
OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
3 months ago

Federally Sanctioned Exploitation Of Workers with Disabilities – Happy Labor Day:

On this Labor Day, Out Of Exile – Invisible Disability Rights gives thanks and honor to workers and the unions that protect them. Without unions, the experience of many workers may be similar to that of the disabled. This piece will focus on the exploitation and abuse of disabled workers by employers , and how it's perfectly legal under federal and state laws in the US. Section 14(c) of the US Department of Labor's "Fair Standards And Labor Act" (FSLA), has been virtually unchanged since it was enacted in 1938. Under the almost century old regulation, employers can apply for a certificate which allows them to pay workers with disabilities, an unspecified subminimum wage.

The average sub wage and the number of disabled people seemingly exploited by this legislation, seems to vary among the sources linked below. By any account, even one person with disabilities being preyed upon in this way, is far too many. The wages are inhumane. A 2021 Forbes article claims over 320,000 people with disabilities, the majority with invisible disabilities, earn an average of $3.34 an hour. A previous Forbes article put the figures in excess of 420,000 people being paid as little as $2.15, while others cite drastically lower wages. Some organizations like Goodwill, form their own "sheltered workshops", determining their own limits on sub wages for their disabled workers. There seems to be no bottom limit on how little individuals with invisible disabilities can be paid.

"The non-profits use “time studies” to calculate the salaries of Section 14 (c) workers. With a stopwatch, staff members time how long it takes a disabled worker to complete a task. That time is compared with how long it would take a person without a disability to do the same task. The non-profit then applies a formula to calculate a rate of pay, which may be equal to or less than minimum wage".

A decade ago, NBC reported that Goodwill industries, presumably by authority of their DOL "Section 14(c) certificate", paid disabled workers twenty-two cents an hour. The report claims that some were paid as little as three or four cents an hour. Think about paying your bills 10 years ago on a wage like this. Some nonprofits, even place Section 14(c) workers in outside, for-profit endeavors in restaurants, stores and even, "IRS centers". That sounds more like calculated exploitation, rather than accommodation and equality. Though the "NBC-Goodwill" article and figures are old, the problem is older and still continues today.

The theory of sheltered workshops is to prepare individuals with disabilities to transition to outside employment. In Missouri, disabled workers packaging T-shirts or sorting and counting dog treats to be sold for profit on Amazon, rarely "graduate" these workshops into regular paying jobs. Pay for sorting the $15 Amazon dog treats? $1.50 an hour while Jeff Bezos builds rocket ships. The title of the recent ProPublica article linked below, says it all. "Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than One Dollar and Hour. The State Says It's Fine If That Never Changes". I say, show me change in the Show-Me state and across the country.

In a follow-up to that story by ProPublica, some participants of sheltered workshops said they approved, saying the alternative is to sit at home and do nothing. Are these opinion formed as a result of gas lighting or years of oppression accepted as "just the way it is"? It's time for new attitudes and alternatives for the disabled community when it comes to wages and employment. In some states, now there are.

About 16 states have changed or passed laws regarding disability subminimum wage exploitation but, nothing to speak of federally. A three year old press release from the National Council on Disability that "Applauded the US commission on civil rights call to repeal section 14(c)", seems to be the sum of that effort. Other states have actions in progress including: Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York. If you live in any of these states, now's the time for activism and to let your representatives know how you feel. Follow the ""legislation watch" APSE link to track progress. The Alternative? Similar actions introduced in Kentucky and West Virginia died in committee allowing this despicable injustice against disabled people in those states to continue. Change is up to everyone. What will you do to help stop the exploitation and abuse?

OutOfExile_IDR © 2023

"Subminimum Wage: ...Why It Needs to End" – World Institute on Disability (WID):

"Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than a Dollar an Hour…" – ProPublica:

More disabled workers paid just pennies in our – NBC:

"Paying Disabled People Less Than Minimum Wage: The Next Frontier for Disability Activism" – Forbes:

Some in Missouri approve of sheltered workshops:

Where Does Your States Stand – APSE:

NCD applauds USCCR:

#DisabilityEconomicJustice #LaborDay #disability #wages #equality #change #exploitation #DisabilitySolidarity #union #InvisibleDisabilityRights #unite #UnionStrong
@disability @disabilityjustice

Photo of disability activists protesting subminimum wage regulations. Numerous individuals with disabilities including several wheelchair user's in the forefront of the image, demonstrate as one is holding a sign that reads: "IT'S A CIVIL RIGHT".
William C. Tracy
3 months ago

Get some #laborday reading in with the second book in The Biomass Conflux! Learn what happens as colonists start to communicate with sentient fungus!
#scifi #sciencefiction

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
3 months ago

The Bay View massacre was the result of a strike held on May 4, 1886, by 7,000 building-trades workers and 5,000 Polish laborers who had organized at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to strike against their employers, demanding the enforcement of an eight-hour work day.[

By Monday, May 3, the number of participants had increased to over 14,000 workers who gathered at the Milwaukee Iron Company rolling mill in Bay View. They were met by 250 National Guardsmen under order from Republican Governor Jeremiah M. Rusk. The strikers had shut down every business in the city except the North Chicago Rolling Mills in Bay View. The guardsmen's orders were that, if the strikers were to enter the Mills, they should shoot to kill. But when the captain received the order it had a different meaning: he ordered his men to pick out a man and shoot to kill when the order was given. Workers camped in the nearby fields and the Kosciuszko Militia arrived by May 4. Early the next day the crowd, which by this time contained children, approached the mill and were fired upon. Seven people died as a result, including a thirteen-year-old boy. Several more were injured during the protest. Several contradictory newspaper accounts described other possible casualties, but the count of seven deaths is substantiated by specific names (Frank Kunkel, Frank Nowarczyk, John Marsh, Robert Erdman, Johann Zazka, Martin Jankowiak, and Michael Ruchalski).

#Politics #Leftism #Leftist #Socialism #Labor #LaborDay #Communism #WorkerRights #LaborRights #Weekend #8HourDay #Meme

The weekend was a crazy leftist idea.

In 1886, 7 union members in Wisconsin died fighting for the 5-day work week and 8 hour workday.
David Gallagher
3 months ago

Workers, 1967
One of the drawers in the James Martin / Tiffany Cabinet was labeled "Workers"
For this Labor Day, here are some workers
#sfhistory #LaborDay
more here:

Pray for the dead, fight for the living. #laborday

"Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." - Mother Jones, 1902
Erika Sumner
3 months ago

On #LaborDay I watch a film about #slavery b/c if we’re going to recognize the #workforce, we should acknowledge that the #US achieved great success by forcing #Black bodies to perform free labor. This year’s pick #TheWomanKing was amazing. I ❤️#ViolaDavis

3 months ago

Happy Labor Day #LaborDay #DogsOfMastodon

Daniel Solis
3 months ago

A friend once told me:

"Observing holidays on Monday isn't satisfying because it just makes two Sundays. They should be observed on Fridays so you get an extra Saturday. That's why American Thanksgiving is so nice, because it's three Saturdays in a row, then one Sunday to wind down."

#LaborDay #Holiday #Vacation #Dank #Wisdom

Alfred Twu
3 months ago

San Ramon Councilmember (and CA State Senate Candidate) Marisol Rubio and Assemblymember Alex Lee

Respect and Value Healthcare Workers, Patient Need, not Corporate Greed! #United4All #FairWages4Healthcare #LaborDay

Alex lee at rally
Marisol rubio with respect and value healthcare workers sign
3 months ago

#LaborDay tutorial for folks who, for one reason or another, don't know how to stand in #Solidarity with workers during a #Strike action

:solidarity: :iww: :af: :better_pride:

Alfred Twu
3 months ago

#LaborDay Oakland rally with SEIU UHW! Workers, state & local leaders, and the community united to fight for living wages and safe staffing. We also need #SB525 to up the pay for CA healthcare workers to $25 an hour. #United4All #FairWages4Healthcare

people marching in a rally wearing purple SEIU shirts

They declined her offer of coffee. Reich's father Ed invited them to sit down. They refused. They then informed Reich's parents that South Salem was "a Christian community," and informed the Reichs, a Jewish family, that they were not welcome. Ed Reich thanked them for their visit and then told them to get the hell out of his house. That visit made him all the more determined to keep his family in South Salem and stand up to this prejudice and attempt to bully.

#LaborDay #antisemitism #bully

"Unions have already notched some big wins this year, including at UPS — and they are looking for more, with writers and actors striking in Hollywood and the United Auto Workers union playing hardball in contract negotiations with the Big 3 automakers."

#laborday #labor #unions #organizing

In his Labor Day tribute to his father, Robert Reich tells a haunting story. This happened on Labor Day in 1947 when his family moved from Scranton, Pennsylvania, to South Salem, New York. Reich says that soon after his family moved to South Salem, a group of men knocked on the door. His mother greeted them warmly, then saw their faces and realized something was awry.

She invited them into the house.

#LaborDay #antisemitism

Matt Hodges
3 months ago

Anyway, the path to becoming a doctor in the United States is roiled with artificial scarcity, sorority-style employment rushing, contractually-binding non-negotiable relocation, artificially suppressed wages, legally mandated anti-competitive hiring practices, and institutional credentialing conflicts of interest. And I have some opinions about all that. Happy #LaborDay!

Satori :Skye:
3 months ago

Skye is taking #LabourDay🇨🇦 #LaborDay🇺🇸 off! #Flop #SkyeLove

Rabbit lies flopped on side with fluffy polka dot tummy showing and all four feet in air.
DWC Marshal Arts
3 months ago

Happy US Labor Day, friends!

Labor is the face of every worker, visible or invisible, that holds up the world as we know it. Even in the face of soulless automation, the world, its economy, and society at large cannot function without the worker, without labor.

#furry #furryart #furries #anthro #laborday

Anthropomorphic Marten in period getup holding a union sign