Who knew Rishi Sunak was so thin skinned?

The worst aspect to this story is that Labour wouldn't commit to returning Greece's stolen cultural heritage.

#Tory #Labour #RedTories #ElginMarbles #colonialism #Greece

Richard Webb
8 hours ago

The very dark side of #Labour. 1300 never released since one of Blunkett's authoritarian excursions #IPP


you miss the point...for me there is no UK politics, #westminster is an obstruction to #Scottishindependence

I want #Scottishindependence nothing less

So any #westminster party that refuses another ref is mute to me...

and that's why I detest #westminster #Labour & #westminster #tories

hope that clarifies things for you...

Michael Marten
21 hours ago

I’m interested in the despair in this, argued by Mike Small of @BellaCaledonia. I’m probably not an average voter (whatever that is), but in speaking with people, I sense no great desire from anyone to vote for #Labour, and I wonder if, when it comes down to it at a general election, that 50% of people who broadly want independence, will just suck it up and vote #SNP anyway. The biggest gains for Labour might therefore come from #Tories and #LibDems, not the pro-#independence parties. Perhaps the SNP will lose votes because people won’t bother to vote (“they haven’t earned it”), and that will cost them seats, but I don’t think Labour’s messaging appeals much to many people I encounter.

22 hours ago


Well do tell what UK political leaders you DO admire .....

It is very easy to be negative

Putting the title Starmer got - like all his predecessors in his legal career - in quotes is a cheap device that means diddly-squat

I would rather #Rayner than Streeting but not being a #labour member I will not have any input - but I doubt it will be #streeting - or that there will be any need for a replacement for a good few years...

In future Jack when I say #Scotland/#Labour/#Tory I do not speak for everyone in Scotland...It is my personal in saying that,👇

"sir" starmer is a #tory... he always was and always will be...

Can "sir" starmer win a large majority without #Scotland? I doubt it…

Just #another #ermine #grubber...

Wes Streeting is the #Labour leader in waiting and he really is an A Hole,,,

No need to reply Jack...

23 hours ago

It's not trickle down - it's a PISSTAKE! 🎵

#UK #Politics #Labour #Neoliberalism

It's not trickle down it's a pisstake (feat. Keir Starmer)
Credits: The Skewer


"life is too short to worry about things you cannot change"

if that's the best you can come up with Jack you have given up, so back into your #labour box Jack...

no need to reply...goodbye...
1 day ago

#news from #india

Thousands of farmer labourers united at Gardnibagh protest site in Patna.

#bihar #patna #politics #modi #pmmodi #democracy #protest #farmer #farmerprotest #communist #labour #justice #bjp #msp #oldpensionscheme #ops

Enjoy tracker free news reading with us. #privacy #privacymatters

#privacy is worth fighting.

Somethings are meant to be taken, no one will give it for #free.


1 day ago

Amount a company error meant my partner was owed: £320.

Amount the company offered when he first complained: £40 Amazon voucher (lol).

Amount the company offered after he used the words 'I have spoken with my union': £700.

Join. A. Union.

#Union #TradeUnions #UnionStrong #WorkersRights #TUC #Labour #Labor #Workers


Morning Jack...see that you are back...I don't speak for all Scots...but from what you say, and the way you say it ... you are not a fan of PR...

PS. I think that's the same graph you sent the last time...

no need to reply...

#never vote #Labour

Vivek Thuppil
1 day ago

If the #Tories want to raise the salary threshold for migrants to £40,000, who do they think is going to work in the #NHS and in care homes?

UK unemployment rate is still at near 50-year lows despite record migration. Do the #Tory and #Labour leaders consider that maybe the UK economy needs this level of migration in order to actually function?

Without young and working-age migrants, who pays for the state pensions and hip replacements of the UK's ageing population, i.e. the Tories' core vote?

John Earle
2 days ago

Duffield dropped(?) from Labour’s candidate list for ‘anti-Semitism’. Cue controversy | Vox Political

'Sauce for the goose… hoist by her own petard… the metaphors are endless.'

#FuckThemAll #ItWasAScam

#Rosie Duffield #deselect #Labour #antisemitism #anti-Semitism

2 days ago


Its not a question of what YOUR think your fellow Scots NEED - it is what they THINK & then VOTE that'll have no problem with the chimp on the left of your montage - but get used to the re-introduction of 2 party politics north of the border...


Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago


There's many things #Labour say they'll do differently, & because of the mess the #UK's in, there's many things they've no choice but to follow suit.

It seems there's little the #Tories can do to arrest their slide.

Labour need power to effect change, so it makes no sense to rock the boat & put at risk a potential election victory.

The nation looks like we've made our minds up. Labour merely have to hold their nerve & not snatch defeat or a hung parliament from the jaws of victory.

Donald Roy
2 days ago

A fair point but worth remembering that #labour administrations under #attlee and #wilson proved rather effective at coping with unfavourable economic legacies from their predecessors The exception is the #blair government which was remarkably slow to recognise a favourable economic legacy and extraordinarily inept at making effective use of it.

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago


This is the smoke & mirrors of politics. #Labour acknowledge the #UK has little choice but to upgrade our crumbling infrastructure, but the #Tories are playing politics (like with #ULEZ in the Ruislip by-election) by accusing Labour of having to hike tax to pay for their proposed £28bn pa infrastructure programme.

Labour's rolled back on it so as not to give the Tories an attack point, but polling suggests the UK electorate accept the need to find the money to achieve #NetZero.

2 days ago

@essjayjay @AutisticMumTo3 @PamCrossland

Labours foreign policy is set by Washington

Economic policy set by big business donors

Social policy set by fear of the right-wing tory press

What is the point of #Labour ?

#Starmer #UKPolitics #Demcracy #UKPol

@Radical_EgoCom EXACTLY THIS!

Nowhere does the UN Decalartion of Human Rights limit peoples' #HumanRights or rather ties those to their #exploitability for #WageWork and #labour...

time for more coffee...☕ ☕ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ☮️

get #westminsterparties out of #Scotland

Fek the #torys... & Fek #Labour...


Donald Roy
2 days ago


My other tip is for to prepare yourselves for a barrage of claims from the #LibDems that they alone can win the seat from the #conservatives . This you will find both inescapable and singularly tiresome to judge by my own experience in #putney in the #UKGeneralElection2019 - the one seat #labour did manage to take from the #conservatives on that occasion!

Donald Roy
2 days ago


This looks encouraging enough for you to go for it. Just a couple of tips. First you will need to work hard to counter #VoterSuppression by means of the new #voterIDrequirements . My advice is to concentrate on getting #labour supporters in your most deprived areas - from the English Multiple Deprivation data for 2019 by government - onto postal votes as much and as soon as possible. Where I am just five out of thirty polling districts were a priority for this.

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago

#NetZero #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming

🚨 From next year, engineers will need to roll out more than 100km of electric cabling every day until 2040 if the Government hopes to power the #UK towards its #Climate goals, according to new data.

But a global shortage of components & skills means the UK will struggle to meet its climate targets.

#Labour propose a £28bn pa investment to upgrade the power infrastructure, but the #Tories are rowing back on its commitments.

UK Onshore wind farms
Alexander Hay
2 days ago

You can't on the one hand claim to be progressive, and on the other be a simple echo chamber for people's media-induced prejudices.

Now of course, #Blair pulled that trick off once, mainly due to the dumb luck that sociopaths like him tend to have.

But why vote at all if all there is on offer are differing flavours of ignorance and hate?

"#Labour grassroots back #Starmer’s new stance on #Gender, allies claim after poll"

#News #UK #Politics #UKPolitics

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago

@Becksy @SimonB

I understand your apprehension Becksy but the situation is what it is. If #Labour didn't feel they could arrest our decline it would be pointless them even running

However reality has to prevail. Labour aren't miracle workers & can only plot a way forward with what they may inherit

There is another aspect to this which is confidence. Nothing the #Tories are doing is closing the poll gap & a fresh start under Labour may just reinvigorate everyone.

It's up to Labour to deliver

Jonathan Wright
2 days ago


I always #VoteGreen

Many would view that as a wasted vote. Neither #Labour nor #Tories are worth my vote.

The two party system is no longer workable.

Proportional representation is needed in the UK so that parties with a lower proportion of the vote stand more of a chance.

Lowering the age of eligibility to vote from 18 to 16 would also be a bad thing for the Tories who have a large proportion of richer, older voters. They vote for them and fund them too.

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago


I can't say I disagree with the strategy

The #Tories have nothing. They've tried reshuffles, tax giveaways, moving to the right, then to the centre & painting #Sunak as the change candidate & it isn't closing the huge poll gap

The one thing the Tories were banking on was a rerun of the #Brexit / #Immigration fights of 2019, but #Labour haven't fallen for it

Brexit's been the disaster it was predicted & immigration is at record levels

For Labour it's power first & the rest to follow

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago


I fully understand your sentiments, but I also understand Labour's stance.

Regardless of where we stand on #Brexit, #Labour need to be in power first to affect change.

#Sunak has tried everything. A shift to the right. The change candidate. Cabinet reshuffle. A shift to the centre. Tax cuts with one hand, & tax rises with the other & nothing's working to close the polls

Labour don't want to distract the #Tories whilst they're making errors, so are sticking with what's working

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago

#Brexit #EU #Europe #Labour

🚨 Polling Guru Sir John Curtice has an interesting take on Labour's position on Brexit.

Current polling suggests the #UK is 58% in favour of #RejoinEU & Labour's fears of campaigning to rejoin, are unfounded.

Leave voters are even more anti-Brexit. Many who voted Brexit want to Rejoin & those not old enough in 2016 overwhelmingly support Labour & Rejoin.

HOWEVER, with a commanding poll lead, Labour believe if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The one on the left is the (glove puppet) Scottish #Toryparty leader: 🇬🇧

The other is the (glove puppet) Scottish #Labourparty leader:🇬🇧

In #Scotland, #Tory & #Labour are the same #Westminster party...

We don't need #Westminster Registered Parties in #Scotland...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#ScottishIndependence...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #YouYesYet...


A Scottish #Tory
Another Scottish #Tory
Colin H.
3 days ago

You cannot vote for either of these parties and pretend to be even remotely serious about #environmental issues.

#Labour #Tories #ClimateCrisis #Rosebank

BBC News headlines.  Top: "Sunak hails Rosebank oil approval in face of climate outcry".  Bottom: "Labour unlikely to meet its £28bn green pledge at all"
Donald Roy
4 days ago

@ChrisMayLA6 It would not be particularly difficult to add what are now called "individual government services" to real household disposable income. These have been part of the System of National Accounts for at least thirty years and could be back cast to 1955 without too much difficulty. These would favour #labour somewhat but probably not overwhelmingly!

4 days ago


"Councillor Sophia Naqvi for Newham Independents won the seat in the Plaistow North ward after receiving 1,266 votes while Labour's candidate, Aktharul Alam lost out after receiving 750 votes."

#Labour #UKPol

Hamilton transit workers, who went on strike for a week this month, ratified their tentative agreement with the City of Hamilton Thursday night.

Eighty-one per cent of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 107 members voted for the deal. #HamOnt #Transit #Labour #News #CBC

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
4 days ago

#Tories #Conservatives #Sunak

🚨Tories in Death Spiral🚨

The Autumn Statement has failed to spark a Tory revival with a new poll suggesting they've actually lost even more support!

The party lost one point, going down to 21% while #Labour remained at 46%.

Even more concerning, pensioners aged 64 & over now support Labour by 40% to 27% Tory!

The poll came before record #Immigration figures. Tory MPs are debating whether to launch a confidence vote in Rishi Sunak. 😳

Donald Roy
5 days ago

@blacklight This is why it is politically lethal for parties of the centre-left and left to pursue the will o the wisp of the median voter rather than seek to shift the median point by increasing political participation and combating all forms of #votersuppression . #labour please take note in time!

5 days ago

If you saw Rachel Reeves on TV this morning advocating collective punishment (a war crime) and wondered why, here's your answer.

#RachelReeves #Labour #UKPol

Rachel Reeves advocating for collective punishment. Collective Punishment is a war crime.

"But how will we pay for them?"
(the question that is never asked about weapons, but is always raised with regard to all OTHER public spending).

Answer: by creating money, like we always do. (Ssssh, don't tell Liz Kendall, Rachel Reeves, or Keir Starmer, it's too complicated for them.)

Normalize Unionizing Fast Food Restaurants!!

This is the best part of this story: “Andrews said the employees were looking for help communicating with new management, who workers said is consistently ignoring any concerns they bring forward.”

When people know why unions exist (to help speak for employees!) they seek them out!

#Unionization #AW #BC #Unions #Labour #MinimumWage #WorkersRights

6 days ago

‘Everything for the front!’ How war is changing Russia’s labour market.

Exploitation is becoming more widespread in Russian workplaces amid an acute shortage of employees.

#Russia #RussiaUkraineWar #War #Labour #Economy

6 days ago

@ChrisMayLA6 The tories will motivate their base with "culture war " bitterness and bribes

Meanwhile #Starmer will continue to piss off and demoralise much of #labour's most loyal voters

More than 50% in most polls wont vote for either of these - either other parties or none-of-the-above

Labours poll lead of 20% is actually
30% labour
20% tory
50% other or none-of-above

Plenty of room for changes *IF* either party manages to attract a bit of that 50%

(Numbers approx over last few months)

6 days ago

#OBR report: Real GDP per person remains 0.6% below its pre-pandemic peak & in the central forecast only recovers that peak at the start of 2025

Under the #toriesOut our economy is sick.....except for the mega-rich


John Leonard
6 days ago

"I don't want to see our fantastic UK tech sector having to sell out to the US or EU to reach the next step. We have a great start-up culture in the UK but that's where it stops. My job is to help remove those barriers and work with the open source community to figure out how we do just that."

Alex Davies-Jones, Shadow Tech and Digital Economy Minister.

(Free reg)

#opensource #openuk #uk #labour #startups

"Britain is broken. What will fix it? Lots and lots of money"

Monbiot does the work, estimating how much it will cost to refund public services across England

#Britain #UK #Labour #PublicService #NHS #PublicTransport #England

Broadly speaking we can take #voting intention polls with a pinch of salt, but the #Tories (and #Labour) probably are hooked on them.... and they may indicate something about the UK's #voters.

So, people prepared to admit they might vote for the #Tories are a dwindling band & even in Hunt & #Sunak's fever dreams, they will surely know that they have reached the end of the road?

All that's left is a scorched earth policy with one last swing of the wrecking ball!

Chart: Pressure os on hunt to win back voter support. If a general election was held tomorrow, which party would you vote for? % (YouGov Westminster voting intention tracker) - from Q1/2020.

Shows intention to vote l
Labour slowly (if unevenly) growing from around 30% to just under 50& now while intention to vote Tory dropping from just over 50%, pretty steadily, to just over 20% for the last year.

(all other parties are showing less than 10% intended vote)
Jude Jackson
1 week ago

#Gaza demonstrations targeting #Starmer and other MPs’ offices prompt #Labour call for police clampdown - World Socialist Web Site

General Strike Now
1 week ago

In total, some 600,000 civil servants in the French-speaking province plan to strike this week, with some calling for a lengthy general strike after ...

Several hundred thousand school, hospital and social services workers in Canada's Quebec province walked off their jobs Tuesday for the first day of what is billed as a historic strike to demand better pay and working conditions.#canada #government #strike #labour #quebec #Canada #Quebec #SYND
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Civil Servants Go On Strike In Quebec

1 week ago

"Labour’s planned reforms to the constitution brought forward by Gordon Brown’s commission are not worth the paper they are written on, a former Labour mayor has said."

Many such cases.


Mr Driscoll said any reforms that do come forward are likely to be “massively centralised”, adding he viewed Sir Keir as a fundamentally centralising force. Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar and Sir Keir have worked hard to present a picture of a united party, with parts of Mr Brown’s commission being requested by those north of the border.

However, Mr Driscoll said Scottish Labour would have “close to zero” influence on the Westminster party due to Sir Keirs branch office approach to regional leaders.

Asked whether he agreed with that accusation, Mr Driscoll said: “We were promised meetings with Keir. Three-and-a-bit years, three meetings. No briefings from the central party. Never told about frontbencher visits.

"That's the experience of the other mayors as well. In public they will be very careful about what they say because of the Sword of Damocles, but do Labour listen? No.”
1 week ago

The #UK government has no evidence to back up its attack line that Labour and Lib Dem councils are using traffic calming measures to “police people’s lives” or planning “inappropriate blanket use” of 20mph speed limits, documents have revealed.

The debunked claims were contained in the Plan for Drivers, launched last month amid a row over the scrapping of the northern leg of the HS2 railway project.

#Labour #Libdem #UKpolitics #15minuteCities

Russell Phillips
1 week ago

I wish I could say I'm surprised that the #Conservatives and #Labour ignored Pink News' questions about #trans rights.

1 week ago

Friday: Sarwar meets Husam Zomlot, Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, calls for a ceasefire.

Sunday: he's been spoken to and wants to water it down.

"Scottish Labour are understood to be seeking to amend the motion, and policy notes seen by The Scotsman suggest the party is likely to water down the demand for an immediate ceasefire."

#Labour #UKPol

Husam Zomlot, a Palestinian Brown man in a suit with no tie, hands clasped in front of him. Anas Sarwar, an Asian Brown man, stands next to him in zipped up jacket, hands clasped.

I call him 'Magic Grandpa' as much as anyone but the spiteful way the current LOTO refers to the useless previous LOTO says more about him than he wants to admit.
Petty and small, that's what you look like Kier.

...and the fuck are you on about 'Core Labour Values', when you're so Tory it hurts?!

#UKPOL #Labour

But speaking to LBC, Keir Starmer said the idea of passing a law to overturn a 
 verdict of the supreme court showed the Conservatives had lost touch with 
 their core values, as Labour had done under Jeremy Corbyn.
2 weeks ago

The Times article about this is behind a paywall but lets you know in no uncertain terms that Labour support it and Liz Kendall would like it to go further.

#Labour #UKPol #NHS #DWP

Times article snippet:

Once Labour might have been tempted to oppose the plans as cruel, allowing the Tories to paint them as being on the side of benefit scroungers. Under Sir Keir Starmer — and particularly his Blairite new shadow work and pensions secretary, Liz Kendall — Labour has taken the opposite view. Kendall’s criticism is that the government is not going far enough.

This gives the government licence to go further. It already has plans to cut benefits for people with mobility, mental health and continence problems by making them look for work they can do at home.
2 weeks ago

UK politics now resembles a tired end of pier show at the end of a run long after the stars have gone (air-brushing their sojourn in the dismal show from CVs) playing to a half empty auditorium populated by those disappointed at their absence, the principal boy out of his depth over-acting to sustain attention even as the audience walks out - a few still animated baying for more stage blood to compensate for a lack of talent on display or a plot-line

#toriesOut #labour

2 weeks ago

#Sunak sets out how #pothole funding from #HS2 savings to be used

Replacing a grand (possibly too grand) vision for an upgrade to N-S travel with fixing potholes sums up this fag-end #toriesOut govt

Makes #Major and his cones hotline look like a strategic genius....


BBC News
2 weeks ago

News at 3PM: #Israel continues its raid at Al-Shifa hospital, amid denials from #Hamas of a base there. #UK's controversial policy to send illegal migrants to #Rwanda is in final negotiation stages, despite Supreme Court ruling it unlawful. #Labour leader Starmer faces major rebellion over #Gaza vote. US and #China resume military communications with first #Biden and Xi meeting in over a year. Spanish Congress set to re-elect Pedro Sanchez as PM.

BBC News

The union representing Hamilton bus drivers reached a late-night, tentative deal with the city that will see buses back on the road. #HamOnt #Transit #Labour #News

BBC News
2 weeks ago

News at 12PM: The IDF continues its raid at Al-Shifa hospital, amid denials from #Hamas of a base there. The #UK is finalising plans to send illegal migrants to #Rwanda, despite the Supreme Court ruling it unlawful. #Labour leader Starmer faces major rebellion over #Gaza vote. US and #China have agreed to resume military communications, with #Biden and Xi having their first in-person meeting in over a year. Pedro Sanchez is expected to return as Spanish Prime Minister.

BBC News
Simon Brooke
2 weeks ago

@TheShuck I think you're diametrically mistaken. #Corbyn was popular. He very nearly won in 2017, despite #Labour HQ campaigning against him; if #Sturgeon had not made such a mess of the campaigin in Scotland the result would have been a Labour/SNP coalition.

Secondly, #Ceasefire is overwhelmingly popular with UK voters. Starmer is more likely to have lost the next election last night than to have won it.

YouGov question result:
"From what you've read and heard, do you think there should or should not be an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Palestine?" 

There definitely should 58% ;
There probably should 18% ;
There probably should not 5% ;
There definitely should not 3% ;
Don’t know 16%
Simon Brooke
2 weeks ago

@terrylingwood #Labour didn't vote against it, I believe; they abstained.

Because, obviously, Labour could NEVER support anything proposed by the evil, wicked, extremist Scottish National Party.

Michael Marten
2 weeks ago

Starmer: “Leadership is about doing the right thing. That is the least the public deserves. And the least that leadership demands.”

Starmer wouldn't know what leadership was if it hit him in the face. So much for the Labour Party that in the past would have said simply that bombing hospitals and killing children was wrong. Blair's corruption of the Party with the invasion of Iraq is complete.

#Israel #Palestine #Gaza #Labour #Starmer #TonyBlair #Iraq

2 weeks ago

Are you a #labour MP with less moral conviction than #jessphilips ? Then a bright future awaits you in the Starmer party. Maybe you can even join influential group "Human rights lawyers for genocide"

2 weeks ago

Last chance to let your MP know to support the King's Speech ceasefire amendment this evening in Parliament. Labour are trying to push their own amendment but it's another "humanitarian pause" deal which isn't enough. Rally outside Parliament at 5pm too.

#Labour #UKPol #London #CeasefireNow #Gaza #Palestine

2 weeks ago

@BillySmith @ChrisMayLA6

Yeah #maggie - not voted for by party members, but by MPs - that was the system in those days. Had the 1970s membership had a say there is no way they would've chosen a mere woman over say Enoch Powell

But direct election by membership rather than MPs - in both major UK parties - has on balance led to more tub-thumping (& less effective) leaders being selected

Good to see #labour has dramatically reduced the possibility of a #hardLeft leader being chosen in future

2 weeks ago

It's really important to contact Labour MPs about this as they've been whipped to vote it down.

Use this form here to contact your Labour MP quickly, takes 2 mins:


We Are Open Co-op
2 weeks ago

Just released - Episode 4 of Season 8 of the Tao of WAO. The guest is Helen Beetham, an #educational researcher and consultant. She talks about #literacy #AI #labour and so much more as it all relates to the future of everything.

English Voters will have a real dilemma:

Vote #tory you will get #tory ...

Vote #labour you will get #tory...

#scottishindependence ...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Zeb King 🇨🇦
3 weeks ago

Apparently, the Prime Minister of Canada & his Liberal Party have introduced legislation to prohibit replacement workers in federally-regulated workplaces during strikes or lockouts as a result of pressure from the New Democratic Party.
The NDP have conditions for their current confidence in the government. These conditions are getting some results. Do you know of any other examples of such results?

To read more about what this means, click here:

#ndp #cdnpoli #labour

3 weeks ago

Good news. Mind you, given that most workplace are provincially, and not federally, regulated, it doesn't affect a huge amount of workers. But, every step forward for workers is still a positive.

#cdnpoli #labour #solidarity #NDP #LPC

3 weeks ago

That it's possible to write an obituary of the next Labour government, and do so convincingly, is a damning indictment of the state of English politics.

#Labour #AndyBeckett

3 weeks ago

Imran Hussain resigned today from the #Labour front bench, saying in his letter to #Starmer "Over recent weeks, it has become clear that my view on the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza differs substantially from the position you have adopted."

Autonomie und Solidarität
3 weeks ago

David Graeber - #Bullshitjobs

"The essay was based on a hunch. Everyone is familiar with those sort of jobs that don’t seem, to the outsider, to really do much of anything: HR consultants, communications coordinators, PR researchers, financial strategists, corporate lawyers, or the sort of people (very familiar in academic contexts) who spend their time staffing committees that discuss the problem of unnecessary committees. The list was seemingly endless. What, I wondered, if these jobs really are useless, and those who hold them are aware of it? Certainly you meet people now and then who seem to feel their jobs are pointless and unnecessary. Could there be anything more demoralizing than having to wake up in the morning five out of seven days of one’s adult life to perform a task that one secretly believed did not need to be performed—that was simply a waste of time or resources, or that even made the world worse? Would this not be a terrible psychic wound running across our society? "

#work #labour #anarchism #Antireport