Here She Is
1 hour ago
Snow covered mountain Pikes Peak. Overcast skies in blue tones
Al Andersen
2 hours ago
A color photo of an old wooden cattle loading chute, set before weather-worn metal pens, in a Southwest desert landscape of dry yellow grasslands. The area lies at the foot of an eroded treeless hill, over which hangs a soft blue sky with streaks of wispy white clouds.
A monochrome photo of an old wooden cattle loading chute, set before weather-worn metal pens, in a Southwest desert landscape of dry grasslands. The area lies at the foot of an eroded treeless hill, over which hangs a soft light sky with streaks of wispy clouds.
A Person
3 hours ago

Photos taken a week apart. we got some #rain. #waterfall #typhoon #LandscapePhotography #photography

two photos of the same one waterfall. one is a tiny trickle, other is a gushing mess of water
Lost Cabin Press
4 hours ago

#blackandwhitephotography #spring #photography #landscapephotography #mountains #snow
The Persistence of Winter-La persistencia del invierno-Die Beständigkeit des Winters-冬の永続-De hardnekkigheid van de winter-La persistance de l'hiver

White puffy clouds are billowing over the still snow covered mountains in the distance, as summer starts to show itself lower on the mountain, on the peaks, winter is persistent.

Morning light at Heart Lake, Little Lakes Valley, John Muir Wilderness, California; August 2012.

Prints & such:

#MountainMonday #LandscapePhotography #SierraNevada #EasternSierra #Reflection #Hiking

Landscape photo of a mountain range symmetrically reflecting the calm water of an alpine lake.
Michael Russell
9 hours ago

A recent photograph I made on a hike to a spot called Jug Island Beach in Belcarra Regional Park (təmtəmÍxʷtən) here in Metro Vancouver. This view is looking north up Indian Arm towards the small community of Brighton Beach and the Coquitlam Ranges of the Coast Mountains. More about this area in my new blog post here:

#Mountains #Vancouver #BritishColumbia #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Fjord

Mountains in the Coquitlam ranges of the Coast Mountains near Vancouver
L.A. Miller
10 hours ago

Dune city, just dunes
#Photography #LandscapePhotography

Looking down the top edge of a sand dune towards the horizon. Shadows magnify the windswept curve. Sand is being blown off the top to the left into the shade.
A half dome of a dune with ripples of sand leading to the sharp curl at the top, like a wave of sand.
George Steffanos
10 hours ago

Daisies and cattails fiery sunset. Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. July 4, 2021, 8:24 PM.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #summer #July #forest #sunset #sunsets #sunsetphotography #trails #lake #summertime

We are standing close to a lake. Between us and the lake is a small thicket of cattails, tall grasses, daisies and yellow wildflowers. The far shore of the lake is wooded. The sky is mostly clouded up except for a break near the horizon where the sky is gold tinted from the recently set sun. The sun  is painting the bottoms of the clouds purple with dramatic streaks of fiery orange near the horizon and dark pink above us. All of this is mirrored on the slightly rippled surface of the lake below.
Torsten Materna
11 hours ago

Hatte weniger Zeit, die letzte Zeit. Dafür mehr Gassirunden wie hier:

#naturephotography #natur #nature #landschaft #landscape #landscapephotography

George Steffanos
11 hours ago

Fluffy white fair weather clouds in a soft blue sky. New Britain Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut October 13, 2017, 5:41 PM.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #autumn #October #forest #sky #skies #bluesky #clouds #cloud

Above a silhouetted forest a deep blue sky up top gradually fading to light blue along the horizon. A cluster of small fluffy white clouds is funneling out from the lower lefthand corner of the pic, filling most of the sky. Near the horizon, they seem to be one solid mass, but as they stream overhead you can see that they are many small fluffy clouds with gaps of blue sky in between.
George Steffanos
12 hours ago

🧵 1/3
40 years ago today: Although the hiking was rather easy from that point on, the woods continued to be very buggy. The heat and humidity of the day were slow to abate as the afternoon wore on. The Appalachian Trail followed the ridge with no major climbs or descents to Vanderventer Shelter. It was 5:00 when I arrived.

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#backpacking #hiking #landscapephotography #nature #mountains #Tennessee #forest #adventure

Beneath a hazy summer sky we are looking over the treetops at a large lake hundreds of feet below. It is mostly surrounded by forest, with wooded ridges rising above the far shore and two wooded islands within the lake. There are a few farm fields and houses scattered around three sides of the lake, the left side has a small village - a modest cluster of farms and houses. On the horizon, wooded ridges and valleys cascade off into the misty distance.
Jordan Hill Photography
12 hours ago

Foggy Morning At The Lake

I enjoy photographing scenes in fog, often times it can transform otherwise normal landscapes into ethereal dramatic scenes or, in this case, a simple minimalist photograph. Lake Lamar Bruce Saltillo, MS

#landscapephotography #foggy #fog #nature
#outdoorphotography #outdoors #mist #art #photography #photooftheday #lake #lakelife
#mississippi #minimalist #saltilloms #saltillo #foggymorning #naturephotography #AYearForArt #wallart #BuyIntoArt

Early morning fog at Lake Lamar Bruce located in Saltillo MS.
Al Andersen
14 hours ago

Concrete #foundations for the Sulpheric acid tanks next to the #LavenderPit in #Bisbee #Arizona. The tanks were used to extract #copper #sulfate from copper ore.

#LandscapePhotography #photography #TravelPhotography #fotografie #fotographie #fotografia

A color photo showing the square concrete pillar foundations for the three-stories high Sulfuric acid tanks used to extract copper sulphate from low-grade copper ore. The tanks are set against the side of a mined rocky hill, have a diameter of about 200 feet, with a fence rail that runs around the top perimeter, and are weathered and rust stained.
Danielle Vossebeld
15 hours ago

Going back to the Netherlands. 🥺
Tak fyri. 👋🏼
#FaroeIslands #roadtrip #Gásadalur #photography #LandscapePhotography

View of the rocky coastline with mountains on the left, showing the green field I am walking on. On the right some rocky islands in the blue-greyish sea. A cloudy sky. 
AltTextExtra: sea birds are doing fly-by’s. Sort of Top Gun, except friendlier.
Andy Leader
18 hours ago

Warm evening light on the fields of Holme. #photography #countryside #peakdistrict #yorkshire #LandscapePhotography

George Steffanos
18 hours ago

🧵 1/2
40 years ago today: The Appalachian Trail after the US 321 crossing was very easy walking, but weird as hell: cutting through the hearts of two combination beach/picnic areas along the shore of a large, man-made body of water named Watauga Lake. Hundreds of happy people were playing and relaxing in the sun with friends and loved ones.

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#backpacking #hiking #landscapephotography #nature #mountains #Tennessee #forest #lake #adventure

Beneath a hazy summer sky we are standing atop a low ridge looking out over the treetops to a large lake about 200 feet (60 meters) below. Directly ahead is a rounded structure rising from the lake topped with a metal crane. It is connected to the shoreline by a concrete walkway. A grassy peninsula juts out into the lake to our left. The wooded far shore rises quickly hundreds of feet to the long, wooded crest of Iron Mountain.
George Steffanos
19 hours ago

Golden orange Independence Day sunset. July 4, 2021, 8:09 PM. Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #summer #July #forest #sunset #sunsets #sunsetphotography #trails #lake #summertime

We are standing beside a lake looking over a small patch of leafy shrubs with clusters of tiny dark pink blossoms. The lake has many large clusters of lily pads. A low wooded ridge rises above the far shore. The golden orange sun is just setting behind that ridge, between a nearby peninsula covered with tall trees and a small wooded island. Although the horizon is clear, the majority of the sky is filled with clouds painted orange gold by the setting sun. All this is mirrored on the calm lake surface below.
Bryan Hansel
1 day ago

One of my favorite Lake Superior boulders has disintegrated. I'm not sure when it happened, but the pink shot was from Valentine's Day this year. The gray shot was from this afternoon.

Lake Superior claims another cool rocky feature to photograph. Everything is always changing. Nothing remains the same.

#Photography #LakeSuperior #LandscapePhotography #Seascape #Minnesota

An ice-capped rock surrounded by water paint pink from sunrise.
Broken pieces of rock in gray water showing the broken bigger rock.
Dale Harvey
1 day ago

Very friendly pair of horses while on on a wander.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

2 white horses in front of a dramatic glen
2 days ago

Morning mist on Flat Creek in the #Texas Hill Country.

#SilentSunday #photography #nature #LandscapePhotography

Color photo of sunlit morning mist rising above still water that is curving along a cliff in hilly terrain with trees and vegetation above the cliff. In the foreground are low spiky yucca plants and the branches of a tree with balls of moss in the branches.
2 days ago
Steg der auf dem Gardasee ins Wasser führt.Einsamer Strand und blauer Himmel.
Sharon Gascoigne
2 days ago

#Moonset this morning, photographed at 4.30am by my husband.

Not an image that we'll be printing up as it was too windy to capture the scene to a high standard. The fishing boat adds a little interest to the scene. The joys of #landscapephotography when a ridiculously early start to the day, a 40 mile round trip and only half the weather conditions play ball! As this view only occurs a couple of times a year it has to be done!

I stayed in bed so missed all the fun. #TheNeedles #IsleofWight

A very blue image, taken just before day break. The moon disappearing behind a chalk headland. The chalk stacks and red and white lighthouse of the Needles the main subject of the picture. A fishing boat is positioned between the stacks. The sea is a little choppy, the sky completely clear.
Jürgen Libertus
2 days ago
Bäume stehen am Rand eines Maars in der Vulkaneifel, Maare sind vulkanische Seen die auch die Augen der Eifel genannt werden.
Die Bäume spiegeln sich im Wasser.
vorne sind Gräser zu erkennen die aus dem Wasser herausragen, rechts ragen noch ein paar Äste eines Baumes in das Bild hinein. Das Foto entstand im Spätsommer, die Bäume sind noch überwiegend grün, aber leicht herbstliche Farben sind schon zu erkennen. 

Trees stand on the edge of a maar in the Vulkaneifel, maars are volcanic lakes that are also called the eyes of the Eifel.
The trees are reflected in the water.
in the front you can see grass sticking out of the water, on the right a few branches of a tree stick out into the picture. The photo was taken in late summer, the trees are still mostly green, but slightly autumnal colors can already be seen.
Karsten Schmidt
2 days ago

Silence of the rocks: The #Dolomites in early June ❤️

#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography

Clouds are getting stuck in the craggy and partially snow-covered Langkofel summit (3181m)
Dense clouds are completely covering the top part of the Langkofel summit with only the lower parts of the rock pillars visible
Dense clouds moving through the pillars & summits of the still wintry looking Sella group/massif.
Another higher-up view of parts of the huge walls, pillars and rock needles of the Sella group shrouded in clouds
David Tanner
2 days ago

With the trees now in the green, it’s getting harder for me to find subjects that interest me. So I’m grateful for the lovely structure of cow parsley at this time of year.
#BlackAndWhitePhotography #fujifilm #fujifilmXT2 #northumberland #farmland #landscape #photography #BNW #LandscapePhotography

A spray of cow parsley against a field gate with a hedgerow in the distance. A black and white photograph.
Mikal with a k
2 days ago

Crowley Lake Columns from my most recent road trip. The Eastern Sierra is such a wild geological wonderland. If you didn't know better, it would be easy to imagine this place as human-made.

This place is easy to find and an easy hike or a very short hike if you have high clearance 4WD (and are a skilled driver!). Photographically, the best light is in the late afternoon.

If you're curious, this was shot with a 15 mm fisheye and then corrected for distortion in Lightroom.

This article explains the geology.

#LandscapePhotography #Geology #CoolGeologyShit #EasternSierra

A view into a cave supported by round columns about 12 feet high. While entirely of natural origin, they appear to be constructed of a circular blocks about a foot high, stacked on top of each other, converging on an arched ceiling. The color is a light cream/buff and the texture is granular, made up of various sized particles and small stones. The columns are densely packed, many only a foot or two apart. It gives the impression of some sort of ancient ruin, but is entirely of natural origin.
2 days ago
Close up black and white high contrast photo of the inside of a flower in heavy sunlight.
George Steffanos
2 days ago

🧵 1/3
40 years ago today: The climb up Hump was a bear, but views from every inch of the trail lightened the load. Like Round Bald, Jane Bald, and Little Hump, this summit had 360-degree views, but Hump Mountain stood more remote from the other high peaks, and the panorama extended for miles in every direction.

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#backpacking #hiking #NorthCarolina #landscapephotography #nature #mountains #Tennessee

Standing atop the grassy summit of lofty Hump Mountain beneath a soft blue sky with long, hazy clouds. The ridge crest makes a long graceful S curve as it makes a long descent to a wooded gap and then climbs a much smaller mountain (Little Hump Mountain). There are several rock outcrops around the edges of the mountaintop and down along the ridge crest, both light gray and dark gray rock, but the vast majority of the crest is a long, grassy meadow until that gap. The flanks of the mountain are wooded, as is the side of Little Hump facing us. The summit of Little Hump is open and grassy. Beyond Little Hump rises the wooded mountainsides of Roan Mountain. It has several peaks as lofty as the one we are on.
Bryan Hansel
2 days ago

This is a really sweet waterfall in Pisgah National Forest. (Vertical shot, click it to see it big)

#photography #LandscapePhotography #waterfall #Pisgah #NC

A 70-foot waterfall surrounded by rock and trees.
Danielle Vossebeld
3 days ago
A Person
3 days ago

Years ago, I shot a bunch of BW400CN in Kansai, and I only regret that I didn't shoot more.

#Kiyomizudera #pagoda #koyoto #analog #photography #FilmPhotography #Kodak #BW400CN #LandscapePhotography

the kiyomizudera pagoda in black and white
Tim Smalley
4 days ago

I've always loved the shape of Cedar of Lebanon trees, but have always struggled to capture their majesty in a photograph.

I'm fairly happy with this one of two very different, but equally characterful trees on a stormy spring evening a couple of years back.

Have a great evening ❤️

#throwbackthursday #trees #woodland #forest #spring #nature #landscapephotography #mastoart #art

Two mature Cedar of Lebanon trees on the edge of a woodland standing over a carpet of cow parsley on a stormy spring evening.
Steve Weaver
5 days ago

For #WaterfallWednesday today, one of the 12 waterfalls at Robert H. Treman State Park in the #FingerLakes of #NewYorkState. Lucifer Falls is the main attraction on the gorge trail, but the other waterfalls in Enfield Gorge, like this one, are just as photogenic.
#waterfall #photography #LandscapePhotography

A waterfall flows through a narrow gorge into a deep pool. Surrounded by trees in bright sunlight at the back, and by a rocky wall and staircase on the right, the falls tumble over layers of rock into the pool below.
Tim Smalley
6 days ago

A big old stag-headed oak tree in the fog.

It has a girth of around 8.5 metres, and has bags of character - it photographs well from lots of angles. It's also home to at least one barn owl - the first time I discovered that was when it flew right over my head in the twilight on a winter's morning.

Hope you had a great bank holiday weekend? ❤️ 🌳

#thicktrunktuesday #trees #woodland #forest #spring #fog #mastoart #tuesday #landscapephotography #nature

An ancient oak tree standing tall on a foggy spring morning.
Dale Harvey
1 week ago

Wasn't feeling particularly in the zone during this walk but actually ended up liking this one a lot. A quick wander up Meall Chuaich

⛰️ 88 / 282

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

David Tanner
1 week ago

The view from Saltburn beach across to Redcar
#BlackAndWhitePhotography #Coast #LandscapePhotography

A black and white photograph. A seascape looking across a sea and beach to an industrial scene beyond, above an overcast sky.
Deb Oppermann
1 week ago

Getting to the remote Moon River Waterfalls is sometimes quite tricky depending on the water level. On this day we managed to boat to this spot on the river as beyond this point was too treacherous. The water levels were quite high and the falls were wild. The rocky shoals were numerous so we parked and walked as far as we could to this wilderness waterfalls.
Available here
#waterfalls #MoonRiver #Ontario #landscape #BuyIntoArt #LandscapePhotography #nature #wild

Moon River waterfalls and cascades in Ontario with pine trees, dead trees, rocks, rushing water and cloudy sky
Danielle Vossebeld
1 week ago

The Faroe Islands have many waterfalls next to the road. 🥰 So driving is a massive FOMO.
‘Ah missed that one’
‘Missed it’
‘Wait, was that a waterfall?’
‘Wow, and gone’

#waterfall #faroeislands #LandscapePhotography #roadtrip #photography

Light grey road, with some holes. On the left a rocky side and then you there is water. On the right of the road the hill is green. A waterfall is coming over the rocks between. The sky is cloudy, greyish in many shades.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
1 week ago

Memories from #Chile 🇨🇱 This is a Pakana Monk, a gigantic wind-molded pillar of volcanic rocks in the Tara area, close to San Pedro de Atacama, 4000 m above sea level. Pakana Monks (also known as Tara Sentinels or Tara Moais) are scattered over several hectares in this region, creating a rather eerie and alien scenery. This one is a few dozens meters high, and in the background you can glimpse the Aguas Calientes Salt Flat. #geology #geoscience #EarthScience #LandscapePhotography

A tall and thin rocky structure, brown and with a roughly cylindrical shape, rises above the ground in an otherwise flattish desert landscape. In the background there's a blue and white salt flat, and some mountains in the distance, under a clear blue sky.
Deb Oppermann
1 week ago

One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen! The sun had just dropped below the horizon and this outstanding color palette became more vivid. This magical rainbow sunset ended a perfect day at #GeorgeLake, #KillarneyProvincialPark #Ontario Canada.
Find it here, #FreeShipping North America
#sunset #mountains #SilentSunday #landscape #LandscapePhotography #nature #photography #BuyIntoArt #PhotographersOnMastodon #wallart #interiordesign

Magical reds, blues and yellow of the sunset with mountains in background, trees in silhouette and reflections on the lake
Dale Harvey
1 week ago

Caught another Brocken spectre the other day, always such a curious and slightly ominous thing to see in the morning.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

A brocken spectre projecting a shadow in the clouds with a rainbow around it
Nicolas Hoizey
1 week ago

“The view over Mtskheta from Jvari Monastery”

Jvari Monastery stands on the rocky mountaintop at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities of Georgia and its former capital.

It is located…


📅 12 August 2018

📸 Fujifilm X-T2 + Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4.0 R OIS
🎞️ ISO 200, ƒ/10, 1/400s

#Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

The view over Mtskheta from Jvari Monastery