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Strange that English uses a sound (#um) that’s not a word, when my other two sampled #languages use actual common words. I asked my hubby, who is a more advanced #German student than me, what #GermanSpeakers use to indicate a #pause or #hesitation in speaking, and he didn’t know either.

Mikael Males (2023) Textual criticism and Old Norse philology, Studia Neophilologica, DOI: #Linguistics #Scandinavia #OpenAccess #OA #Poetry #Europe #Languages @linguistics


The first Philippine language interpreter in Korea's Joseon Dynasty era was Moon Sun Deuk?

* Moon Sun Deuk, from Ui island, was shipwrecked in the Philippines.

* He had knack in learning foreign languages. He supposedly learned Ilokano.

* He lived in the Philippines for 9 months.

* He is considered as Korea's first person to learn a Philippine language.

* When he went back to Joseon, 5 Filipinos were shipwrecked near Jeju island in 1801.

* He helped the five Filipinos to live in Joseon. They were only able to return to the Philippines after 9 years!

* He was also the first recorded Philippine language interpreter during the Joseon Dynasty.



#NowYouKnow #YourOnlyOne #Korea #Joseon #Philippines #Ilokano #Filipino #Korean #languages #Infodump #Trivia

[[Korea]] [[Joseon]] [[Philippines]] [[Ilokano]] [[Filipino]]

Programming Quotes
2 days ago

The most disastrous thing that you can ever learn is your first programming language.

— Alan Kay


Programming Quotes
2 days ago

The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it.

— Dennis M. Ritchie


EU Interpreters
2 days ago

From #languages to #interpretation and #translation 🌍🎧, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Have a look at our #SCICkci events section ➡️!pRQhPG


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2 days ago

PHP is a minor evil perpetrated and created by incompetent amateurs, whereas Perl is a great and insidious evil perpetrated by skilled but perverted professionals.

— Jon Ribbens

#languages #perl #php

"Brits may mind their Ps and Qs, but they’ve completely overlooked their ñs and ßs. Linguist and epigraphist Philippa Steele spells out the surprising history behind our written languages." #English #Languages #Linguistics #Alphabet #History #Writing #histodons #histodon @histodons @linguistics @histodon


Andre Polykanine
3 days ago

Random linguistic fact. English lacks a special colloquial word for a full 24-hour period. Well, when doing my tiny research for this post, I encountered the word "nychthemeron" for this (coming from Greek for "night-day"), but come on, who uses it in real life? I probably should, as I'm a nerd, but except for people like me?
The word "day" itself has a broader meaning (working day, day as in "daylight" etc.). The same is true for French, German and some other languages. However, in other languages like Ukrainian, Russian and Swedish there is a special word that means only a period from an hour to the same hour next day (it's 24 hours on our Earth). In some contexts it’s interchangeable with the word "day" of course (as in "I took 5 days of vacation"). However, if you need to be more precise, you use that special word.
In the next examples bear in mind that instead of the word "period" imagine there is a special word for 24 hours: "I work one period, then I get three periods of rest"; "That was an exhausting trip, I had to spend one period and a half on the train"; "They say, my PCR test result for covid will be ready in two periods". #Languages

Petra van Cronenburg
3 days ago

Even if you don't want to learn #Latin, follow @Minimus - the cutest #teaching #mouse ever!😍 #FollowFriday #fluffy #plush #mustodon 😁 #languages

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The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it.

— Dennis M. Ritchie


The word for 'cheese' in some languages. Some languages have a more nuanced vocabulary - soft cheeses or things like cottage cheese may have a different word.
One of several cases where Finnic loaned a Germanic word a long time ago and preserves a "fossilized" form, preserving the initial j.
Scandinavian 'ost' is related to English 'juice'. Slavic 'syr' etc. is related to English 'sour'.

#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for 'cheese' in various languages
Loki the Cat
6 days ago

As the cat god of mischief and lover of naps, I'm not sure I need AI to understand all 1,000 languages - I'll just stick to my 9 lives and cat naps, thank you very much! 😹🐾 #Meowta #AI #languages

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There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.

— Bjarne Stroustrup


"What I see happening is that ChatGPT can already do much of the grunt work and draft translations, lessening the burden on human experts." #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Languages #Cuneiform #ChatGPt @linguistics


pabloscloud :gay_flag:
1 week ago

Do you skip or translate posts that are written in a language that you can't understand?

#fediverse #mastodon #languages

Quinn Dombrowski
1 week ago

Language nerd problems: doing the language equivalent of crash dieting before a wedding and trying to cram as much Cantonese as I can into my head before this Thursday when I fly across the ocean. 😳 #languages #cantonese

Alireza Dehbozorgi
1 week ago

'Measuring #language #complexity: challenges and opportunities (2023)' is a brilliant paper on current challenges in #complexity #metrics of #natural #languages

Programming Quotes
1 week ago

The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it.

— Dennis M. Ritchie


David Hull 胡大衛
1 week ago

Please enjoy this Reddit thread of people saying what "Woohoo" from the Sims is in other languages. It's delightful.

#Sims #VideoGames #Languages #Woohoo

Alireza Dehbozorgi
1 week ago

Here's another pamphlet of mine humbly published on my GitHub page, illustrating the computational implementation of Prof. Richard #Kayne's the Linear Correspondence Axiom (LCA), as presented in his classic book, 'The #Antisymmetry of #Syntax (1994), published by The MIT Press', in several #programming #languages I hope you enjoy it! Wish you all a fantastic weekend in advance!

#linguistics #syntax #semantics #logic #algebra #algorithms #lca

1 week ago

Localization in Open Source: @jkriggins discusses how language barriers are a risk to open source sustainability #localization #OpenSource #Kubernetes #ProjectManagement #languages #community

colored pipes surrounding a globe with 3D continents
Markus Eisele
1 week ago
Martha Crimson
1 week ago

I collected my toots about learning languages in a blog post (and polished them a bit). Now you can enjoy them together and get a break from whatever you need a break from. Enjoy!

#LanguageLearning #language #languages

The word for 'knife' in some languages. Interestingly, the Germanic word appears in Catalan, from Germanic languages of the early middle ages (Frankish?) - and has at some point been loaned into Basque as well.

I was watching "The Subtle Knife" when I made this - obviously, the name of "Mrs. Coulter" was no coincidence.

Cue puns about Latvian knives now.
#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for "knife" in various languages.
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

I am making this a hashtag now


The Hungarian term for making promises in someone else's name and saddling them with an unwanted task is

"Beating the nettles with someone else's d***"

🤷‍♀️ 😄

#languages #Hungary #Hungarian

Cliff Jones Jr.
2 weeks ago

I know I don't have a lot of followers here (so boosts are appreciated), but does anyone have any questions for me they'd like answered as an article-length response? Here's a bit of my background and credentials:

I'm a #fiction writer specializing in #dreampunk. I've been a #JavaScript developer for around 25 years, much of that professionally. I have a master's degree in #linguistics and have taught #English in both #Japan and #Texas. I also enjoy designing new #languages and writing systems. As a teenager, I won #art contests that sent me to the rodeo, to the state capital to meet the governor, and halfway across the country on a snowboarding vacation. I'm on the #autism spectrum and grew up with my mostly non-verbal autistic brother in a time when most people had never heard of autism. I'm a father of two, coming up on 19 years of #marriage (nearly half my life).

Feel free to message me directly or just post a reply here. I don't promise I'll answer as a full article, but I just might.

2 weeks ago

Just found out the Drops vocabulary/language learning app had Galician/Galego. It is not very difficult for me to understand, as I am from Northern Portugal which is close and the language is mostly the same as well. Although there are some different terms I always misremember, so kudos to Drops.

#languagelearning #galego #galicia #galician #languages #languagedrops

Jason Wyckoff
2 weeks ago

Bit of a mini re- #introduction as I've lost all my follows/followers recently and am hoping to reconnect with those folks. I'm a #StreetPhotographer based in #Boston, and was formerly an academic philosopher writing about #AnimalLiberation.

I'm an #anarchist and #vegan. I enjoy #SciFi and #fantasy #SFF literature, as well as learning #languages. (Currently working on Spanish and Italian.)

I am a #football #soccer fan, and support #Barça, #ASRoma, #FCSP, and #celtic

#StreetPhotography #AnimalRights #MastodonFC #philosophy

Michael Simons
2 weeks ago

The kind folks at Techweek Romania published a nice interview with me. Thanks for giving me that space. #Java #IT #Languages

Programming Quotes
2 weeks ago

A programming language is low level when its programs require attention to the irrelevant.

— Alan J. Perlis


Rabi'a Elizabeth
2 weeks ago

Sometimes, after reading a #Spanish sign in true #Hyperlexic fashion, I give thanks to God for all of my language teachers. Especially my high school #French teacher, whose comments on my work I reviewed a few years back. I did not remember that she had been so supportive and it makes me a little sad. The support gave me some faith in my own abilities to Do The Thing. #Languages #LanguageLearning

Amy Fountain
2 weeks ago

OK friends I'm too delighted not to share this picture - and boast these people.

On the left, Rosalia Badhorse (Northern Cheyenne) earned her MA in Native American Languages from our program.

On the right, Regents Professor Ofelia Zepeda (Tohono O'odham), my teacher, colleague and friend.

You all. *I* got to be Rosalia's advisor. Her thesis was absolutely brilliant.

Ofelia was (appropriately) her choice to hood her at graduation ❤️

#graduates #Cheyenne #languages #Indigenous #NAMA #UAz

Two women are standing on the mall at UArizona in graduation regalia.  One is also wearing Northern Cheyenne regalia, with incredibly beautiful beadwork.  The other has a beautiful red and blue sash.  They are smiling and beaming with pride, which is well deserved.

Good Morning #Canada
Or should I say Bon matin! Canada has 2 official Languages and most of us speak English (75.5%) or French (21.4%). But the 2021 Census shows that we truly are a multicultural society. Excluding English and French, 4 in 10 Canadians could conduct a conversation in more than one language and 1 in 11 could speak three or more languages. Diversity makes us stronger as a nation.

#CanadaIsAwesome #Bilingual #Languages

Joe #RightToLove
2 weeks ago

I'm having a lot of fun learning Spanish at the minute lovely people, I've also rekindled interest I've had for about 18 years in German. The only problem is, I'm actually going to Cyprus in June and they speak Greek! If only I decided to start learning last year when we went to Lanzarote. That would have been much more useful! #Languages

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

Since the last fun fact was so popular, here's my favorite Hungarian threat, as a bonus:

"I will break into your house, and slurp the juice off of all your preserves!"

(Overheard by a friend at the marketplace)


#Hungary #Hungarian #languages #WTF

2 weeks ago

In terms of learning #languages, #Claude is way better than #Chatgpt.

Lory Widmer Hess
2 weeks ago

My list of 10 #Books of #Summer is here:

Includes two books in #French and #German for my Summer in Other #Languages Challenge - if you'd like to join a readalong of Voyage au centre de la Terre by Jules Verne, let me know!


Cover image of French edition of Voyage to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, showing a black and white image of giant mushrooms with two small human figures in the bottom right corner
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

Another fun fact:

The Hungarian version of "the tables have turned" is "visszanyal a fagyi"

Which literally translates into

"The ice cream licks back"


#languages #Hungary #Hungarian #linguistics #HungariansSay

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

Fun fact:

The Hungarian version of "I have absolutely no idea" is "halványlila gőzöm sincs"

Which literally translates into

"I don't even have light purple steam" [about this]


#languages #Hungary #Hungarian #WTF #linguistics

Jai 🍜🥟
2 weeks ago

Yes, I know there are a lot of words that are similar between the languages. I find it interesting when I (re)discover them sometimes.

녹색 nogsaeg = green 🟩
녹차 nogcha = green tea 🍵
육 yug = six

Mandarin (pinyin)
綠色 lǜ sè
綠茶 lǜ chá
六 liù

Cantonese (jyutping)
綠色 luk6 sik1
綠茶 luk6 caa4 (sounds like 'cha')
六 luk6

#Language #Languages #AsianMastodon #Korean #Mandarin #Cantonese

The word for "forest" in some languages.
"Forest" in English was originally a legal term, denoting (royal) land set aside for hunting, not necessarily with trees on. Apparently, that was also how the Latin word was used in the times of Charlemagne.
Of course, English also uses "woods", and French has "bois", Italian has "selva", etc. But I'm hoping these are the most directly equivalent terms in the various languages.

#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for "forest" in various languages.
Dan Gero
3 weeks ago

Hi #Blind #Japanese speaking community! I recently purchased the Orbit Reader 20, and it should be arriving by tomorrow. If I'm writing in Japanese, how can I tell if I'm selecting the right Kanji? Do the candidates show up in braille in an easy to understand fashion? Also, if there are any communities for blind Japanese speakers, I'd be happy to learn about those. #A11y #Accessibility #Braille #BrailleDisplays #NVDA #NVDAJP #Languages #LanguageLearning #JapaneseLearning

Courtney Cantrell
3 weeks ago

TIL the word "priest" ultimately comes from a Proto-Indo-European word meaning "one who leads cattle."

I am amused.


Linux Magazine
3 weeks ago

The June 2023 issue is available now. This month, Joe Casad discusses the idea of safer coding -- what it means and what we can do about it #Linux #programming #cybersecurity #transparency #accountability #OpenSource #infrastructure #PeerReview #languages

Linux Magazine Issue 271 - June 2023 | Smart Home: Do-it-yourself automation for practical tasks | Pet Watcher: Monitor your menagerie with a Rasp Pi Camera | FREE DVD: Linux Lite 6.4 and SystemRescue 10.0
European Commission
3 weeks ago

Few hours left until 9 of May...

Let’s learn together how to wish a Happy Europe Day in all EU #languages


Happy Europe Day in all EU languages:

🇷🇴 Ziua Europei Fericită! 
🇩🇰 Glædelig Europadag! 
🇪🇪 Head Euroopa päeva! 
🇸🇪 Glad Europadag! 
🇨🇾 Χαρούμενη Ημέρα της Ευρώπης! 
🇸🇮 Vesel dan Evrope! 
🇱🇺 Schéinen Europa Dag! 
🇩🇪 Einen schönen Europatag! 
🇭🇷 Sretan Dan Europe! 
🇵🇹 Feliz Dia da Europa! 
🇮🇪 Lá na hEorpa sona daoibh! 
🇬🇷 Καλή Μέρα της Ευρώπης! 
🇮🇹 Buona Giornata dell'Europa! 
🇨🇿 Všechno nejlepší ke Dni Evropy! 
🇭🇺 Boldog Európa-napot! 
🇧🇬 Честит ден на Европа! 
🇵🇱 Wesołego Dnia Europy! 
🇪🇸 ¡Feliz Día de Europa! 
🇱🇹 Su Europos diena! 
🇱🇻 Priecīgu Eiropas dienu! 
🇸🇰 Užite si Deň Európy! 
🇫🇮 Hyvää Eurooppa-Päivää 
🇧🇪 Prettige Europadag! 
🇫🇷 Bonne fête de l'Europe à toutes et tous! 
🇧🇪 Joyeuse Fête de l'Europe! 
🇳🇱 Fijne Europadag! 
🇲🇹 Awguri f'Jum l-Ewropa!  
🇦🇹 Schöner Europatag!
Andre Polykanine
3 weeks ago

Random linguistic fact. The Armenian language may seem to have nearly unpronounceable consonant clusters, like in a widespread last name Mkrtchian (spelled also Mkrtchyan in English letters). However, Armenian just omits schwas in writing. Schwa is a central vowel, much like non-stressed A in English words America, banana or delta. If we write a schwa with uh (buh-na-nuh for banana), we'll get muh-kuhr-tuh-chian, with four syllables, not one, and the only consonant cluster being "rt" which is quite easy to pronounce. The Kalmyk language, a language from the Mongolian family spoken mostly in Russia, exhibits the same phenomenon. For instance, the male first name Sodmn is actually pronounced Sod-muhn. Some languages reflect schwas in writing, though. Moksha and Bulgarian use Cyrillic letter Ъ (hard sign) for that. Interesting that this letter actually was used for a very similar sound in Old East Slavic language, a dialect continuum that spawned modern Ukrainian, Belarusian, Rusyn and Russian. #Languages

Andre Polykanine
3 weeks ago

Random linguistic fact. some languages like Castilian Spanish, Greek, Icelandic, Dutch feature a sound called "retracted S". to a foreigner's ear it sounds something in between "s" as in "see" and "sh" as in "she". If comparing those languages and some ancient ones like Latin and Ancient Greek, we can tell that languages featuring that sound don't have or didn't have an "sh" sound, so there is no "see-she" counterpart. Basque though is a very interesting exception from this rule: not only is there a retracted S in the language, but it has a three-way differentiation between S (written Z), retracted S (written S) and Sh (written X), at least in standard language and some dialects. #Languages

Programming ur-languages: Algol, Lisp, ML, Smalltalk, Forth, APL, Prolog: the archetypes of programming languages
#programming #languages #paradigm #code #+

3 weeks ago

I'm trying to gage interest for this kind of thing, so, if you would be interested in learning #German for a set monthly fee (probably round about $15 per month for my effort), please let me know.
This would include a weekly class, which I would try to record for people who couldn't attend, as well as access to resources (Youtube videos and/or podcast episodes) and study materials, which I will write myself.
#discord #languages #languageLearning #LearningGerman

Ceòl punc ann am Maori. Sgoinneil!

Air chuairt sa Chuimrigh ach a' tighinn dhan Bhar Bheag Dhearg an Dùn Ëideann cuideachd.

Great to hear of a #punk band singing in Maori. They're on tour in Wales but play at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh too.

#Indigenous #Languages #Cymru #Cymraeg #Gàidhlig #NZ #Maori #halftime #MastoDaoine

While I have a workable grasp of #German these days (despite still not being friends with certain parts of the grammar), the biggest problem is that I still can't be as expressive in the language as I can be in my native languages.

The end result of this, is that I can handle myself perfectly well in bureaucracy, medical situations, etc, but when it comes to more "free form" conversations, I get frustrated pretty quickly. Oddly enough, it's a lot easier when I've had a drink or two.


Major Hayden
1 month ago

I want to improve my Spanish fluency but Duolingo feels more like a video game and I don't seem to learn much.

What options are better? #languages

Jai 🍜🥟
1 month ago

Interesting difference: 🥳

➡️ "she" 她 / "he" 他 - both pronounced the same
- mandarin pinyin tā
- cantonese jyutping taa1
- but this is mainly used in Mandarin and Standard written Chinese
- where 女 "female"

➡️ "she; her; hers; it; he; him; his;" 佢 - jyutping keoi5
- this is used in Cantonese, not in Mandarin
- 佢哋 - "they, them" - keoi5 dei6
- 畀佢 - "give/let him/her" - bei2 keoi5

➡️ Korean: "she" 그녀 - geunyeo / "he" 그 - geu

#Mandarin #Cantonese #Korean #Language #Languages #AsianMastodon

Paweł Masarczyk
1 month ago

Just dropped on the App Store: #RHVoice for #iOS. For now only #Macedonian and #Albanian languages are supported but it's worth bookmarking/installing this now to follow updates. Again, new linguistic communities have been included to the #Apple ecosystem with high-quality, free-of-charge voices. #Accessibility #Blind #SpeechSynthesis #TextToSpeech #Languages

Jai 🍜🥟
1 month ago

Yes, I know there are *a lot* of similar words/sounds, but didn't know of this one before and I often find it fun when I discover them. 🥳

➡️ "concur with; consent to; agree"
- Korean: 동의 dong-ui
- Mandarin: 同意 pinyin: tong2 yi4
- Cantonese: 同意 jyutping: tung4 ji3

#Korean #Mandarin #Cantonese #Language #Languages #AsianMastodon

Andre Polykanine
1 month ago

Random linguistic fact: The letter W was used in 19th century French so rarely that Louis Braille, the genius inventor of the Braille code for the blind, put it to the 40th place in his table of Braille characters. So, basically, his code for French goes: U, V, X, Y, Z, then all the letters with diacritics (which are quite numerous in French), and then W. #Languages #French #Braille

The word for peacock in some languages. Yes, I know - technically, it's "peafowl" in English, but Wikipedia says "peafowl of either sex are often referred to colloquially as 'peacocks'", and that is my impression too.

There seems to be uncertainty about the origin of the word. Apparently, some - but not all - experts think Latin 'pavo' came from Ancient Greek 'taós', in which case the yellow and red colours are all versions of the same word. #etymologidag #languages #language #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for 'peacock' in some languages.
Andre Polykanine
1 month ago

Here's today's #RandomLinguisticFact. As everyone liked yesterday's fact about articles, let's continue.
Some languages put articles not before the noun, but after it often appending them to the noun itself. For instance, in Bulgarian you say "chair" for "a chair" (no article), but "chairthe" ("chair-the") for "the chair". In plural, the article comes after the plural marker, so "chairs-the" for "the chairs". Many other languages have this feature, such as Romanian, Albanian, or Scandinavian languages. #Languages

Andre Polykanine
1 month ago

Random linguistic fact: Different languages have different set of articles, and many languages don't have them at all, that's why it's quite difficult to grasp the notion of articles for a Ukrainian or a Czech person, for example, as vast majority of Slavic languages lacks articles. but even languages that have articles expose some interesting features: in Italian it's normal to put a definite article before possessives, so "the my house" or "the his family" are usual constructions in Italian. In French you say "my house", but "This house is the mine", and the article is mandatory here. In Greek and Luxembourgish it's usual to put articles before proper nouns without any specific meaning: "Where is the John?" or: "I walked down the street and saw the Mary, she was running somewhere". #Languages

Milla Havanka
1 month ago

In Finnish you couldn't do this! In my language the memory storage is muisti and the thing you remember is muisto. Usually English has more words where we only have one, though! #languages

Paweł Masarczyk
1 month ago

Recently I have been playing with various GUI's for the Whisper transcription software. Buzz has definitely won the showdown. Almost completely keyboard accessible, give or take the toolbar which needs exploring through object navigation of NVDA or an equivallent in your screen reader of choice; handles the downloading of models, FFMPEG conversion and everything that otherwise would have required operation in the command line, works with Whisper.CPP as far as I can tell and can be localized to other languages.
Now I can finally listen to podcasts in all the languages I can't speak. I love it when technology enhances my access to knowledge and helps me do my work even better for those who benefit from it.
#Accessibility #Audio #Languages #OpenSource

Soh Kam Yung
1 month ago

"Portugal has always been a small and relatively powerless state, except for a period in the 15th and 16th centuries when the Portuguese became the first European power to explore the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Despite the relatively short time that they were in Southeast Asia, they left behind linguistic and cultural footprints that are still visible (or audible) today."

#History #SoutheastAsia #Portugal #Languages #Words

1 month ago

Was tempted to buy this yesterday, so that when Duolingo is getting annoying, I can set my cats on the green owl!
#Duolingo #GreenOwl #languages #CatToy

A cat fabric toy in a pet shop window that resembles the Duolingo logo/mascot of a green owl, though with pink floral wings. It is in a packet that says "Trixie" (brand) and "Spielzeug" (toy) and has a picture of a tabby cat on it
Knowledge Zone
1 month ago

#ITByte: #Programming #Languages are used in computer programming to implement #Algorithms.

What are the different types of Programming Languages?

An experiment: My first etymology map of Asia: The number 6.
Disclaimer: I am not a linguist, and I know hardly any of these languages. I made the map to learn. The main sources are Wiktionary and Omniglot. It will certainly contain mistakes - corrections and comments are welcome!
(But read the thread first:)
#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Asia with the word for the number 6 in various languages
John Ager
2 months ago

Italian speakers, how's my translation?

Il mio nome è John. Sono sposato con Naomi con tre figli piccoli, un ragazzo e due ragazze. Sono un ufficiale dell'Esercito di Salvezza che vive in pensione. Abbiamo un giovane cane chiamato Rufus.

#Italian #Languages #Translation

Deborah Elizabeth Finn
2 months ago
2 months ago

Ok... #introduction

Mid-40s human (she/her) based on the Dartmouth side of #Halifax. Married, have two #cats, no children.

Into learning #languages, currently focused on German.

Love #plants, #hiking, #fitness, #peloton but very anti-diet culture.

#vegan for almost 15 years.

Living with #ChronicPain #Spoonie

Web & graphic designer but honestly, that's the least interesting thing about me. Firmly anti-hustle culture, more about slow, intentional living.

Part of the #twittermigration.

My husband and I last summer, standing on the pier waiting to board the sailing ship The Bluenose II. I am wearing a brown and black floral print hat and have mid length brown hair with pink highlights. He has on a wide brim khaki hat and has a beard. We are both smiling like dorks and wearing sunglasses.
A photo of our two cats Stacey and Stella. They are tortoiseshell - Stacey is black and orange and Stella is gray and cream. They are snuggling together on a knitted blanket that is on a blue velvet sofa. They look very content.
2 months ago

#Introduction I've been on Mastodon for a while, and I guess I haven't written a good short introduction and a few words about myself. You can find some information in my profile, but maybe this post will help you to know me a little bit more.
My name is Dorota, I'm a #Blind woman from Poland. I am interested in wide-range of things including #Law, #HumanRights, #Languages, #Technology, #Psychology, #Books, #Science, #Climbing, #Mountains, and much more. I love talking to people and getting to know them and their stories. I'm an #Atheist, #Metalhead, and a very loyal and honest person. Honesty and loyalty are values I really do appreciate in people. If you treat people bad, if you want to treat me bad or deceive me somehow you better don't try it. I'm open-minded and friendly and very down to earth. I am curious about the world, cultures and I respect people and their views. Thank you for reading this maybe too long post. Feel free to contact me!

What would be a good instance to join when you're interested in #linguistics and multiple #languages?
I guess I've got #polyglot tendencies. Dutch and English: C2, French: C1, German: B2. Turkish and Serbo-Croat: A1
And I dabble in Swedish, Spanish and Ukrainian. Does high school Latin and Greek count?
Which instance would have my second account? will always stay my primary instance!
Please #boost that would be ever so kind! 🙏

2 months ago

So #introduction (though arguably a bit late). I'm Aspen, I'm 18. I am a #writer, #vegan, and fairly involved when it comes to politics (though it does not appear in my posts, my views do come off through my art). I'm also getting into #gamedev , and creating videos. There is probably not going to be much important stuff said here (I leave that to other platforms), so expect mostly shitposts and the occasional more vent post.

Some more stuff about me is I am firmly not a fan of AAA games, and mostly play
#indiegames. I do however read a lot of #books (have a bookwyrm though it has not been used in a while - once it becomes more active, I will have it linked in my bio). and TV shows. I am going into an Eng Lit degree next year, so might have more book reviews then. Another thing is I love #languages as mentioned in my bio, having taught myself German and I am now learning French and Swedish (Autodidacts and the skills you need to be an effective one is something I do not think is appreciated enough to be honest, but that's neither here nor there).

If I ever do make my account require follow requests, feel free to send a follow request, it just means I'm taking a break from misskey. And did I make a way too long post about something that could have been described in 300 characters? Well, yeah, that's also another big thing about me.

DMs welcome at any point, I love to meet new people.
Hope we can get along <3