Ben Waber
18 minutes ago

Next was an excellent panel on the concept of fairness in digital regulation across the globe at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies with Giorgio Monti, Masako Wakui, @ProfFionasm, and Oles Andriychuk. Wakui's insight into the development of Japanese competition law was particularly enlightening (4/13) #law #DMA #Japan #US #UK

Claudia Miles
1 hour ago

This Texas court order clearly violates the 14th amendment. The government surely can’t ask a citizen to risk their life.

14A: No State shall…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction equal protection of the laws.

Her baby will die. How can the state ask her to risk HER life and HER fertility when a medical intervention can save both those things? I say it can’t.

#abortion #law

Screenshot of headline about 
Texas woman being prevented from having an abortion despite the certainty her baby will die and the risks to her life and future fertility.  Headline reads as follows: Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts order that allowed pregnant woman to have abortion

Vielleicht hatten Sie es schon lange vor und wussten nicht so recht, ob und wie. Oder Sie finden auch nach langer Suche keinen Job und sehen ihn als letzten Ausweg – den Schritt in die Selbstständigkeit.

Bin ich überhaupt ein „Unternehmertyp“? #Arbeitsagentur #FurtherEducation #Law #StartUp

OGEL & TDM Law Journals
9 hours ago

Defence contractor and UK government halt arbitration process - Type 31 frigate programme dispute resolution process paused: * The programme to build five general-purpose frigates for the UK Royal Navy was intended to offer a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive Type 26 frigates.
* TDM Law Journal Special Issue on #Maritime #Law #Arbitration: Procedural and Substantive Issues - free excerpt

Frederik Borgesius
9 hours ago

I was on the TV news in The Netherlands, about the AI Act. I said that I was worried about large-scale surveillance with facial recognition technology, because of all the exceptions on the ban of such tech in the act. #aiact #ai #tech #law #eu #politics #law

Generic Sadboy 1916
10 hours ago

How do lawyers decide who cleans the kitchen?
They dont, its considered an extra do-dish-iery activity.


#law #badjoke

Dr. Steve Thompson
13 hours ago

Oh, dear. Democrats are going to have to go on TV and talk about this now.

"Trump's Capitol Hill allies push part of his 2025 agenda"

"The recent proposals show that even as Trump plans to remake the executive branch in a way that would give him unprecedented power as president, Trump's MAGA loyalists on Capitol Hill aim to turn many of his campaign-rally talking points into law."

#GOP #Trump #MAGA #law

Sangeet Kaur
17 hours ago

Our final share of 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 for 2023.

Every weekend, we bring you some of the latest ESG, Sustainability and Business Human Rights stories from around the world.

The source materials for the stories this week are:

Happy festivities and holidays.

#Inhouselegal #Law #lawfirms #lawyers #LegalRecruitment #esg #sustainability #bizhumanrights #climate

Ben Waber
17 hours ago

For folks interested in any combination of AI, work, and/or the law, this looks like a great event #AI #work #law #Japan #UK

1 day ago

#Texas#Paxton is the first AG to issue such a clear & credible threat to #hospitals & #doctors in the wake of the #SCOTUS ruling. While drs & hospitals have feared what might happen if they provide #abortions…, no #medical professional has yet been prosecuted under the new #abortion bans.

“This is the most direct confrontation we’ve seen,” said Mary Ziegler, a #law prof UC Davis.

Ben Waber
1 day ago

Next was an engaging panel on inter-platform competition fairness and the #DMA at the Robert Schuman Centre w/Giuseppe Colangelo, Loulou Kenens, Hein Hobbelen, Nicola Tosini, and Flavio Arzarello. I was again surprised at the attention devoted to the consumer price interpretation of the welfare standard, which has been pretty thoroughly debunked in economics as a primary test for competition analysis. The Q&A gets refreshingly spicy (4/6) #EU #law #DMA #platforms

Dr. Steve Thompson
1 day ago

"Massachusetts attorney general files civil rights lawsuit against white nationalist group"

"The complaint filed against NSC-131 and two of its leaders accuses the group of engaging 'in violent, threatening, and intimidating conduct that violated state civil rights laws and unlawfully interfered with public safety.'”

#whitesupremacy #LGBTQ #homophobia #civilrights #law

1 day ago

As More ‘#FakeElectors’ Face Charges, a Key #Witness Emerges

Kenneth #Chesebro, an architect of the plan to deploy people claiming to be #Trump electors in states won by President #Biden, is cooperating with inquiries in #Michigan, #Arizona & #Nevada.

#fraud #legal #law #criminal #conspiracy #ElectionInterference #Jan6 #RightWingExtremism #MAGA #Republicans

If you're teaching an intro to International Relations #polisci, consider assingning the chapter on space #law in Kelly and @ZachWeinersmith 's A City on Mars. It's a remarkably accessible discussion of how international law is developed and works.

Matthew Rimmer
1 day ago

Communities are trying to chase pokies out of Australian towns. Their victories are inspiring others 'They gathered in their dozens inside an Alice Springs pub. Knowing the odds were against them, they belted out a rallying cry made famous from a song by Australian band The Whitlams: “Blow up the pokies and drag them away".' #gambling #health #law

1 day ago

Great YExLS and civil legal aid trainings at the 10th Children's Rights Summit at Salesforce in San Francisco with Baker McKenzie and Youth Law Center. 🙌 #ChildrensRights #YouthLaw #law

Speakers at the Children's Rights Summit at Salesforce.
Estelle Platini
1 day ago

Indeed we have confusion of care and domination.
Possession should oblige. It does not in Roman-inspired law. Here is a glimpse at how it happened:

#compassion #empathy #history #property #family #sociology #anthropology #law #patriarchy #bioPower #reputation #honour #ownership #possession

John Earle
1 day ago

US passes law saying anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. It isn’t | Vox Political

#US #United States #law #anti-Zionism #antisemitism #anti-Semitism #Gaza #genocide

Frederik Borgesius
1 day ago

New book by Anu Bradford (of ‘The Brussels Effect’):

‘Digital Empires. The Global Battle to Regulate Technology’
#books #eu #law #politics #ai #tech

1 day ago

Rishi Sunak claims new Rwanda asylum bill will prevent legal challenges
<< has anyone read this in detail? Presumably, it doesn't apply in NI, as passing it would seemingly directly breach a main safeguard of the #GFA

#law #Ireland #UK #echr

2 days ago

FYI Judge #Chutkan ordered #briefs on #Trump’s #Jan6 #criminal #electionInterference case by Dec. 12. That’s also when testimony in his #NY #civil #fraud trial is expected to end.

#law #legal

2 days ago

While attacking #ReidHoffman (#LinkedIn), #Trump managed to defame #EJeanCarroll again. He repeated the same lies for which a jury found him #liable both for #defamation & #SexualAssault. His continuing defamation could, according to a prior ruling, increase the #punitive #damages at her next #trial beginning 1/16.

#law #legal

2 days ago

More #Trump #legal news: A #NY #appeals court continues the #stay of #Engoron’s order canceling Trump’s NY #business certificates, but DENIES a stay of the other relief granted to the #NYAG after its #SummaryJudgment victory on its first claim of pervasive, widespread #fraud in financial statements.

#law #civil #conspiracy #TrumpOrganization #LetitiaJames #TrumpTrial

2 days ago

#Trump appeals #Jan6 #immunity ruling, process may #delay #justice

The notice sets in motion one of the most potentially consequential parts of Trump’s #legal saga as the 1st fmr president to be charged w/crimes. How & WHEN the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit & #SCOTUS handle his #appeal could have a huge impact on whether Trump… goes on trial before #voters go to the polls in #2024, or (were he to win) ever.
#criminal #law #obstruction

2 days ago | US police agencies took intelligence directly from IDF, leaked files show |

"Hacked police files show US law enforcement agencies for decades received analysis of incidents in the Israel-Palestine conflict directly from the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli thinktanks, training on domestic “Muslim extremists” from pro-Israel non-profits, and surveilled social media accounts of pro-Palestine activists in the US." | #UnitedStates #Israel #Palestine #police #law

Caroline Mala Corbin
2 days ago

Just discovered that two amicus briefs in NetChoice cite to my article The First Amendment Right Against Compelled Listening. How cool!


Brief of First Amendment & Internet Law Scholars:

Brief of Public Knowledge:

#law #lawProf #lawfedi #SupremeCourt #NetChoice #SCOTUS #internet

2 days ago

Bitcoin’s many deaths: Is crypto market past ‘point of no return?’ - Bitcoin has been declared dead more times than you’d think amid downswi... - #bitcoinregulation #proof-of-work #bitcoinprice #unitedstates #government #technology #law

2 days ago

#republicans abuse every aspect of legal and political process, shopping for judges and filing frivolous lawsuits and appeals in a blatant effort of legal obstruction.

Peter Nimmo
2 days ago

A #UK #government attempt to block a Scottish Parliament #law on #gender self-identification has been upheld by #Scotland's highest court. The case might now go to the #UK #SupremeCourt. The ruling has implications for #trans rights, but also has #constitutional implications, potentially calling into question the #devolution settlement which transferred powers from the central UK government to Scotland which led to the establishment of the #ScottishParliament in 1999

2 days ago

I’m reminded every Christmas how much we consume & throw away. It’s 1 reason visiting Barter Books in Alnwick is so enjoyable.

#scotland #scottishborders #dailywalk #lawyer #law #scotslaw #scotslawyer #rural #ruralbusiness #healthcare #nhs #renewables ##photography #andydrane

Queer Lit Cats
2 days ago

Pink News: Court finds in Tory government’s favour over blocking Scotland’s gender law reforms #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #GenderRecognitionReform(Scotland)Bill #Trans #News #Law #UK

Robin Forlonge Patterson
2 days ago covers the remarkable life story (so far) of #Otago alumna Nicola #Toki, former #law student, #zoology graduate, #Fonterra and #DOC employee, #broadcaster, now #CEO of "Forest and Bird" in its #centenary year.

Grumpy Old Techie 🕊️
2 days ago

My father studied law but never practised law. One thing he drilled into us (even when he disciplined us) is to never admit guilt.

Here is an interesting case demonstrating why he taught us that.

Never admit guilt even if everyone involved knows you are guilty.
Doubly so if you are innocent.

#law #cybersecurity #guilt #innocence #police

Grant Gulovsen
2 days ago

Should "legalese" count as a second language for purposes of identifying oneself as "bilingual?" 🤔

#law #language

Ben Waber
2 days ago

Next was an interesting panel on platform fairness in the #AIAct and the #DMA from a user perspective at the Robert Schuman Centre with Marco Botta, Thomas Kramler, Konstantina Bania, Mario Siragusa, and Lucrezio Figurelli. There's a lot of discussion of the consumer welfare standard and how applicable it still is, and I was a bit surprised at the credence still given to the primacy of this analytical approach as even economics has moved beyond it (3/7) #law #EU

Ben Waber
2 days ago

First was an excellent symposium on jurisdictional challenges of the Internet at the QMUL School of Law with Julia Hörnle, Cedric Ryngaert, and Alisdair Gillespie. The discussion hits on extraterritoriality, cybercrime, double jeopardy, and more (2/7) #law #internet

2 days ago

#Design #Warnings
Dark design patterns catalog · India prohibits the use of 12 sneaky online practices

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #EthicalDesign #DeceptiveDesign #DarkPattern #Collection #India #Law

2 days ago

#HunterBiden charged w/9 counts of failing to file & pay taxes, tax evasion & filing false tax rtns by a grand jury in California; 3 felonies & 6 misdemeanors. Prosecutors accuse Biden of failing to to pay ≥$1.4M in 4yrs federal taxes 2016-2019.

The charges were expected since the plea deal failed, which would have allowed Biden to plead guilty to 2 misdemeanor tax crimes & admit to illegally possessing a gun — w/o pleading guilty to a gun offense.


T. Austin Brown
2 days ago

Just realized that the case I’m teaching tonight “Merrill Lynch’s Interfunding v. Argenti” consistently refers to the plaintiff as MLIF. Let’s see if we get through the whole case without a MILF joke from the peanut gallery. #law #academia #teaching #milf

2 days ago

while Sony continues radio silence on the ban glitch, amongst other things, still leaves me salty, it’s nice to have my account restored.

Seriously though I have to reconsider buying anything Sony ever again. Pure digital distribution is ass without a guaranteed way to secure one’s copy.

consumer protection laws are woefully behind as our personal property rights are withered by #BigPlatform, corporations and billionaires assault market economies and liberty.

#law #legal

Matt 🌻
3 days ago

How many governments in the world are happy to brag about being able to ignore any domestic or international law, including the Human Rights Act?

Add United Kingdom 🇬🇧 to that list.

#UnitedKingdom #UK #UKPol #Politics #RishiSunak #HumanRightsAct #Law #InternationalLaw

The UK Prime Minister standing at a podium which reads “stop the boats” and flanked by two union jacks. On the screen, the text reads “stop the boats” and also “government introduces toughest anti-illegal immigration law ever”
3 days ago

There’s sticking with your theory and then there’s sticking with your theory. #law #lawfedi #trump #14A

Mueller, She...
Trump's lawyers are now saying that because POTUS isn't an officer, that presidents can violate emoluments, that Obama could run for a 3rd term, and that Jefferson Davis could be president again. They were asked about those hypotheticals and said YES.
Texas Observer
3 days ago

Featured story: Judge Amber Givens was accused of having her staff pretend to be her on a #Zoom-based court hearing. But it appears she may not have broken any law...

Texas Rangers Investigation Sheds Light on #Dallas Judge’s ‘Bizarre’ Behavior

#CriminalJustice #news #politics #USpol #Texas #law

3 days ago

EJI - Gotta Love Amerikkka

On December 6, 1915, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision upholding the Expatriation Act of 1907, which stripped American women of their citizenship when they married a non-citizen. Under that act, women who lost their U.S. citizenship could apply to be naturalized if their husbands later became American citizens—but since virtually all Asian immigrants were legally barred from becoming U.S. citizens at the time.

“Meanwhile, American men who married foreign women were permitted to keep their citizenship.”
#history #histodon #law #justice #fedilaw #government

Ben Waber
4 days ago

Next was an important talk by Shri CS Vaidyanathan on equal opportunity and meritocracy in Indian law at the University of Delhi Campus Law Centre. Beyond the constitutional principles considered here, Vaidyanathan examines how long equal opportunity should be supported by quotas and other efforts and the need for an updated caste census (6/8) #law #India

Ben Waber
4 days ago

Next was an interesting discussion with Jonathan Lipson on priority and corporate reorganization on the Business Scholarship Podcast. Lipson reviews recent findings around whether courts have discretion to alter priority in bankruptcy distributions, and points out that how shareholder consent in obtained and other reorganization efforts prior to bankruptcy should guide future work in this area (5/8) #law

Ben Waber
4 days ago

First was a fantastic talk by @Sanjuktampaul on US law around platform work at the American Constitution Society. Paul covers case law and application of antitrust, labor, and contract law to gig platforms and the need to improve worker power in these legal frameworks. Highly recommend (2/8) #platforms #law #US #antitrust

Grant Gulovsen
4 days ago

Thanks to @nikhileshde at CoinDesk for letting me share my thoughts about "Analisa Torres: The Judge Who Gave Ripple and XRP Hope" 🙏

#law #crypto

Image of U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres
Flipboard News Desk
5 days ago

It's money v. principle in U.S. Supreme Court opioid case.

Nina Totenberg of @NPR analyzes the issues:

#SupremeCourt #Opioids #Drugs #USPolitics #Politics #Law

Texas Observer
6 days ago

“There may be many reasons to censure the conduct of Judge Amber Givens, but as a prosecutor, I find there are no criminal reasons. No judge is above the law, but turning bad conduct into a criminal matter is not the solution.”

Last week: The #Texas Rangers just wrapped their investigation of the bizarre behavior of one arbiter of the #law ...

#CriminalJustice #news #politics
#Zoom #Dallas

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
6 days ago

"And now it’s time for fun reading a legal document.

What? You didn’t know that reading legal documents can be fun? Well, I am about to demonstrate."

And she does. Read her latest blog post explainer:

"Trump Claimed Absolute Immunity From Criminal Prosecution (and the court said ‘nope’)"

#Trump #Law #Legal #LawFedi #Politics #USA

Text from article:
Trump tried to get around that by misstating the facts. According to Trump, the facts all involve his official communications with other official people, which, according to his theory, makes it all official.

Chutkan responds with:

“Those generalized descriptions fail to properly portray the conduct with which he has been charged.”

“Failed to properly portray the conduct” is judicial snark for “you are distorting the charges.”

And, for some more judicial snark from Chutkan, she says:

“Criminal conduct is not part of the necessary functions performed by public officials.”


“By definition, the President’s duty to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed’ does not grant special latitude to violate them.”

Ouch. Here is what she has to say about Trump’s claim of absolute immunity from criminal prosecution:

"The Constitution’s text, structure, and history do not support that contention. No court—or any other branch of government—has ever accepted it. And this court will not so hold.

Whatever immunities a sitting President may enjoy, the United States has only one Chief Executive at a time, and that position does not confer a lifelong “get-out-of-jail-free” pass."

🔥 ::burn::
6 days ago

Alberta sued for discriminating against children in care by taking their child allowance benefits

What we learn from this story:

• Alleges #Alberta withheld hundreds of millions of dollars from foster children since about 1993

• Alleges federal government “had a duty to prevent provincial governments…from misappropriating the CSA benefits

• Legal action successful in a similar action against Manitoba. Compensation in 2024

#Indigenous #FirstNations #legal #law

Frederik Borgesius
6 days ago

‘Back in 2002, 26% of people lived in extreme poverty. That fell to 8.3% by 2022. Even though Coronavirus set progress back, it didn’t change the fact that life has continually improved for most people over the decades.’ #poverty #inequality #politics #law #humanrights

Richard Walker
1 week ago

@twann And it's the same for so many other contracts (insurance, banks, phone). So easy to sign up to. So hard to leave. Is it too much to ask for mandatory reciprocity: the procedure to get out of a contract should be no harder than the procedure to get out of it...Also no lock in, no minimum duration of contract!!! #contracts #law

Ben Waber
1 week ago

Next was an amazing talk by Ryan Calo on robotics and the new cyber law. Calo describes the arc of cyberlaw (citing my cousin Joel Reidenberg!) and discusses the novel problems that robots may pose to how law has considered technological harms. Highly recommend (5/7) #law #tech #robotics

Mastodon Migration
1 week ago

Check out #law and #politics expert Teri Kanefield's excellent analysis of Judge Chutkan's order denying Trump's motion to dismiss based on claims of immunity:

Note that Teri has switched servers. FOLLOW her new account now at and UNFOLLOW the old account

Grant Gulovsen
1 week ago

“I would like to focus on the steps we must now take in order to prevent bad actors from using the digital asset ecosystem for illicit activity. I want to directly address those within the digital asset industry who believe they are above the law, those that willfully turn a blind eye to the law, and those that promote assets and services that aid criminals, terrorists, and rogue states.

“My message is simple: We will find you and hold you accountable.”

#crypto #law


2. When asked by one of the adjunct professors (who I then had for a class on restorative justice) about her thoughts about the right for inmates to have visitation, she made it very, very clear that she lacked the basic human understanding that the right to visits from family is a basic human right.

So, I can't say I'll be mourning #SCOTUS justice Sandra Day #OConnor, even if she occasionally voted in a good way on swing votes.


#Law #HumanRights #Oklahoma #OCU

1 week ago

Peaceful coal port protesters prosecuted like bikie gang on bail

"Sixteen Rising Tide protesters who were arrested in a peaceful (and approved) blockade of Newcastle Coal Port on Sunday were held in custody until they agreed to oppressive and unclear bail conditions." Wendy Bacon reports

"If our government fails in that duty to protect my generation against the greed of the coal and gas barons, we have a duty to stand up – because unionists, suffragettes, and civil rights campaigners fought and died for our right to do so."

#FossilFuels #coal #protests #law #EnvironmentalDefenders #CivilLiberties #EDO #RisingTide #activism #CivilDisobedience #ClimateEmergency

Alexander Hanff
1 week ago
Mastodon Migration
1 week ago

Good morning Mastodon! Here's one thing to do today...

Our resident expert in all things #Law and #USPolitics Teri Kanefield is switching servers.

FOLLOW her new account here:

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For now she will be posting to the new account with links to the old account, but the old account will be going away.

Teri knows about account migration tools, but wants to start the process this way. Let's make her transition as easy as possible.

1 week ago

This is wonderful, and definitely worth watching:

#MSNBC #Comedy #Law #Shit #Lawyer #News

“Griffin’s statement also takes issue with the phrase “when abortion is needed to protect the pregnant female’s life or health,” claiming the meaning is “unclear.” Griffin argues that because the term “health” is not defined, it is unclear if it refers to physical or mental health.”

Yes. The answer is “yes”, “health”.

Republicans doing all they can to force the state between a person and their doctor. #PrivacyRights #Healthcare #Abortion #Law

Alexander Hanff
1 week ago

Had to threaten Arlanda airport security with a criminal complaint for harassment, discrimination, intimidation, coercion and abuse of authority today before they would allow my wife to refuse the mm wave scanner and opt for a pat down instead.

The security officer initially told her if she refused she would have to go to a special room for an “interview” and might miss her flight.

Will be filing charges when we return, this is not ok.
#privacy #law #fundamentalrights

1 week ago

Australian populations of threatened bird species fall 60% in past 40 years

"The threatened bird index reveals largest declines in Queensland and South Australia...Since 2000 terrestrial bird species showed the greatest declines (62.5%), followed by migratory shorebirds (42.5%) and marine birds (33.8%)."

“In South Australia, a lot of the declines are in the agricultural regions...“A lot of habitat disappears and the bits left are fragments that are disconnected. And Queensland is the state where the most clearing continues.”

“First of all making sure these birds have habitat to live in – not removing any more – and removing predator species, particularly cats and foxes.”

“If we want to start turning these population trends around we need to see good, strong new laws in this term of government.”

#Birds #habitat #LandClearing #FederalNatureLaws #law #cats #pets #extinction makers

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 week ago

Hey #Microsoft,

the #EU @EU_Commission and their citizens will probably not like it that you don't give users a choice on which browsers to use for your new "search input" that can be opened from the Desktop.

Instead, with this search it seems you want to force users to use your own #Edge #browser.

But I want to use #Firefox for this new search input! So what's up with that!?

#Law #EUCompetitionLaw

A screenshot of the new search input floating desktop window on Windows 10. The language is in german.

You can enter text or a url in the search input and, when submitted, will search the web via _the Edge_ web browser. The browser is _not_ configurable for this new Windows feature. It will always use the Edge web browser, although one can have another _default_ web browser configured for the whole OS (like Firefox).
Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was an excellent conversation with Martin Schmalz on how common stock ownership affects product market outcomes on the All Else Equal podcast. Using data from the airline industry, Schmalz presents a compelling case that due to lax oversight from large passive asset managers airlines tend to not work as hard to compete with each other, with bad results for everyone except airline executives. Highly recommend (8/11) #economics #law #finance

Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was a nice panel on interoperability and data portability at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies with Christian Reimsbach Kounatze, Chris Jenkins, Chiara Caccinelli, Begoña Gonzalez Otero, and Steffen Hoernig. I particularly liked the discussion on the tension between these regulations and antitrust. Ironically none of the panelists are on mastodon 🤔 (7/11) #data #law #EU