Wu Yuansheng
5 hours ago

Internal Goals: A Master List
What do you want?

That's the big-money question, and it's not so easy to answer when it comes to this work.

In the outer world, what we want is right in front of our eyes:

Maybe it's a profitable business or a beautiful partner or six pack abs or the new Zelda game on Nintendo Switch (I've been controlling my impulses well on that one).

But when it comes to the inn

7 hours ago

How Americans see the state of #gender and #leadership in business. Women now account for record shares of #Fortune500 chief executives and board members in the United States – 10.6% and 30.4%, respectively. Still, the share of women in top #business leadership positions remains well below their share of the population. #Ageism #WomensRights Women having to do more to #prove themselves than men (58% say this is a major reason) #GenderDiscrimination (50%) #SexualHarassment

8 hours ago

S'adapter ou périr : Comment l'agilité change la vie
Dans un monde où le changement est la seule constante, comment rester à la pointe? #books #leadership

Esther de Groot
10 hours ago “there needs to be greater attention paid to cultivating, harnessing and promoting all types of female leadership approach, from direct and assertive to subtle and cautious. There is not one version of #leadership” Even in Nature it’s made clear that changing the standard image of a leader is necessary.

11 hours ago

Fashionistas, Attend Community Chest of Eastern Bergen County's fashion show, "Max Mara and The Community Chest Celebrate Young Women Leaders".

▶️Oct. 5 | Doors open at 5 pm EDT. Fashion Show: 6:00 pm at Max Mara, The Shops at Riverside, 390 Hackensack Rd, Hackensack, NJ U.S.A.

Find details on

#publicrelations #publicity #philanthropy #nonprofit #fashionshow #maxmara #TheCommunityChest #leadership #women #charity

N Jay Sorensen
12 hours ago

Words matter in your company's success with DEI. 🗣️

Shift from positive values to a contingent approach when talking about diversity. Emphasizing challenges often motivates employees more effectively. 🌟 #Leadership #DEI 💼

Thomas Dugaro
14 hours ago

If you want hybrid, digital teams, be a hybrid, digital leader.

You provide no orientation and ain't a role model if you only write mails, call meetings each time you want to work on a concept or give an update, and if the only way to meet you is to hang out in your lobby.

And that's the same for every leader, you don't need to call for executive role models.
Lead yourself.

15 hours ago

We don’t need a title to lead. We just need to care. People would rather follow a leader with a hearth than a leader with a title. #leadership
-- Craig Gröschel


Jim Salvucci
15 hours ago

What can you learn from hearing bosses speak?

Bosses Say the Darndest Things—An Encore Presentation
How to Be a Truly Boss Leader

Listen. Read. Laugh along with On Leading with Greatness.
#leadership #bossing #bossesspeak

16 hours ago

250 words in "just" 10 min of #FreeWriting today. Not that much but it's a start again. Working on a new series of pieces on #BusinessJournaling, what benefits are in there & how to convince e.g. your boss why spending some work time with written reflection is a good idea.

#writing #leadership #sharingIsCaring

N Jay Sorensen
17 hours ago

What fighter pilots can teach leaders about good decisions: ✈️
- Assess the situation.
- Use fast-forecasting for decisions.
- Build resilience for execution.
Focus on what you can control: the next decision. 🚀 #Leadership #DecisionMaking 🌟

17 hours ago

पुरे हुए 20 साल, वाइब्रेंट गुजरात ग्लोबल समिट में पहुंचे प्रधानमंत्री मोदी कहा, कभी जो बीज बोया था आज वो विशालकाय पेड़ बन गया हैं
#PMModi #VibrantGujarat #GlobalSummit2023 #20YearsOfVibrantGujarat #PrimeMinisterModi #GujaratSummit #GrowthStory #Transformation #Leadership

Stuart D Neilson
18 hours ago

"Stand up for what you stand on. There is no Earth 2."

St Thomas Church, #MountMerrion, #Dublin. #Ireland #ClimateCrisis #leadership

A sign saying "Stand up for what you stand on. There is no Earth 2." In a photograph of St Thomas Church, Mount Merrion, Dublin.

Mixed Leadership und Diversity Management sind in aller Munde, dennoch gibt es noch immer viel zu wenig Frauen im Topmanagement. Was das ändern könnte: Frauen bringen Unternehmen mehr Gewinn. Erkannt hat das z.B. Alibaba-Gründer Jack Ma. #Change #Leadership #Women

Führen ist nicht nur motivieren. Führen heißt auch antreiben. Trotz allen Verständnisses für die Belange der Mitarbeiter müssen Führungskräfte es aushalten, auch einmal unbeliebt zu sein. #Creativity #Leadership #MichaelHübler #Team

Don Hornsby
1 day ago

Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. - (John Wooden)

Focus on possibilities today, not limitations! How can you help another person today?

#leadership #servingothers #JohnWooden #Mindset #PersonalDevelopment #LeadTheWay

LM Little
2 days ago

@cabinradio Leadership in #SlaveLake and I believe also in #FortMcMurray conducted public debriefing sessions immediately after #wildfire evacuation experiences. The well-being of residents was improved by people being able to tell their stories and experiences directly to decision makers. Seems #Yellowknife's leaders don't want to engage with residents but defer this responsibility to a 3rd party. This is what a failure of #leadership looks like.

Jim Salvucci
2 days ago

What sorts of things have your bosses said?

Bosses Say the Darndest Things—An Encore Presentation
How to Be a Truly Boss Leader

Listen or read at On Leading with Greatness.

#leadership #bosses #badbosses

Regenip Drahcir 🔶UK
2 days ago

@RellyAB great talk at TCUK23. Glad to see you’re not just on birdsite. Thank you and stay curious 👀 #leadership #UX #uxcontent

Niels Pflaeging
2 days ago

Don't "learn to lead".
Don't aim at controlling others.
Don't aim at improving others.
Aim at expanding people's freedom at work, by working the system.
If you do the latter, you are finally on the right track.
#leadership #leaders #collaboration #betacodex

Niels Pflaeging
2 days ago

In organizational change & development, a pretty simple principle applies:
"Working the system is worthwhile,
working the people isn't."
A #BetaCodex white paper on the matter:
#changeasflipping #collaboration #change #leadership

John Masud Parvez
2 days ago

Organizations can play a role in helping managers reduce stress by fostering a supportive work environment, providing resources for stress management, and promoting work-life balance.

#careformanager #caremoremanager #leadership #management #leadershipdevelopment #johmasudparvez #productivity #effectivness #humanresource #hr #hrd

Jon :laserkiwi:
2 days ago

Just finished a great day working on conversation planning and coaching skills with some dedicated leaders in the construction and civil engineering sector. One participant made everyone's day when they turned up to the workshop with a box of individualised 'road signs' to replace the usual cardboard name cards.

#TheExtraMile #training #leadership #development #sign

An image of a miniature CNC machine-cut aluminium road warning sign with a yellow 'hazard' diamond showing a large exclamation point at the top and the name 'Jon' underneath. One of a range of similar signs produced for participants in a 
 leadership workshop by one of the attendees.
LM Little
2 days ago

Best practices post-evacuation, post #wildfire destruction modelled by #SlaveLake, #Alberta is to immediately provide opportunities for the public to debrief and for leadership to be present to hear stories, experiences and advice. But #Yellowknife seems to be resisting immediate public debriefing and visibility of #leadership in such a process.

#NWT #NWTpoli #wildfires #evacuation #plans

Michael Eaton
2 days ago

Interesting Links of the Week #39 for 2023!

Some of my favorites this week:

* How to Become So Efficient That People Run from You

* Three Free Things You Should Do Before You Have Your Next SQL Server Performance Problem

That last one about SQL Server? Yup, I learned a couple of really cool things!

Once you've checked out those posts, keep reading!

#agile #azure #leadership #science #csharp #dotnet #github

Antonella T.
2 days ago


Instead of succumbing to the Machiavellian worldview—which unfortunately leads us to select Machiavellian leaders—we must promote a different model of power, one rooted in social intelligence, responsibility, and cooperation.

When it comes to power, social intelligence—reconciling conflicts, negotiating, smoothing over group tensions—prevails over social Darwinism.

#power #empathy #humility #leadership #leaders #rolemodels #narcissism #darktriad #manipulation #socialdarwinism #abuse

BetaCodex | Freedom at Work
3 days ago

Check out all 16 episodes of the #BetaCodexLIVE series so far! In these videos @rijon @nielspflaeging talk about all things Beta, including #transformation, #collaboration, #selforganization and #leadership! #betacodex

Jim Salvucci
3 days ago

What would you do if you caught yourself saying these things?

Bosses Say the Darndest Things—An Encore Presentation
How to Be a Truly Boss Leader

Listen. Read. Share. At On Leading with Greatness!

#leadership #bosses #badbossing

3 days ago

Struggling with #collaboration challenges?

Emily Webber dives into 3 common #AntiPatterns she has observed in more than one organization.

Discover the symptoms these antipatterns cause and learn how to counteract them!

#InfoQ article:

#Leadership #Teamwork #Agile

Niels Pflaeging
3 days ago

Working on the system in a coherent way is self-reinforcing.

Working on people is not. #betacodex #workthesystem #collaboration #leadership

3 days ago

"You don't have to hold a position in order to be a leader."

By Henry Ford.

Happy Monday!

#HenryFord #Leadership #MondayInspiration #LeadGeneration for the #NextGeneration

3 days ago

Für #leadership folge @ElaWild und höre dir auch ihren Podcast an

🎙️ ✨ A new episode has been published on @ITSPmagazine

Show: Tech Done Different Podcast with host Ted Harrington & Ben Schmerler

Episode: 🎙✨ Showing Vulnerability as a Leader | A Conversation With Wayne Haber

Podcast format: Audio & Video



#leadership #tech

Niels Pflaeging
3 days ago

What a day! I was prompted to add a book to the #Books2Read list on the #BetaCodex website. Even better: The book I found is NEW, from 2023. It's incredibly good. More about it:
Find it on the Books2Read list, it's 2nd from the top:

#collaboration #selforganization #leadership #betacodex #work #freedom

BetaCodex | Freedom at Work
4 days ago

"Most managers see the cost of all the blaming and avoidance of responsibility, but their efforts to evoke more accountability tend to reinforce the cost and futility it breeds. We think we can bring accountability into being through rewards, reinforcement, punishment, and even role modeling. These strategies increase the constraints on people, as if accountability were an unnatural act that needed to be taught or induced."

Peter Block/Peter Koestenbaum, 2023
#betacodex #leadership #collaboration #work #freedom

we as #furries should be working to elevate #bipoc voices both within and outside of the fandom regarding peoples lived experiences because they also affect us but they affect others who are a part of these intersectional experiences in a way worse way.

this may sound weird, but i actually think we should be working on #AffirmativeAction for #leadership positions within the #furry #fandom.

hear me out.

Niels Pflaeging
5 days ago

The world does not need "new work"

The world needs "free work" - organizations that are run in a way to free human beings from the shackles of paternalism, coercion and command-and-control. People are made for freedom. People deserve freedom.

#BetaCodex means designing organizations for human freedom.

#freework #newwork #leadership #collaboration #lean #agile

Jesse Bellingham
5 days ago

Day 1 on Mastodon and I’ve been reblogged and followed by the co author of one of my favourite books at the moment, Team Topologies. We read it as part of a book club in my last team and it just made a whole lot of sense, highly recommend for anyone interested in building and running teams in a modern software engineering organisation - thanks @matthewskelton

#softwareengineering #leadership #teamtopologies #leadingteams #buildingeffectiveteams

Jesse Bellingham
5 days ago

“It is part of the responsibility of a team leader to help create the feeling of psychological safety in the team - and yet, so many leaders fall into the trap of believing that they cannot show any weakness or they will lose respect in the team.”
#programming #softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering #leadership #leadingteams #buildingeffectiveteams

Bob Merberg
6 days ago

"Some advocates hail sabbatical as a solution for burnout. But time off, in the absence of a broader strategy, is just an anti-burnout placebo employers dole out to placate chronically stressed employees, unlikely to deliver lasting results when employees return to the same job conditions they left."

My words (above) and the quote in the video are from my new post:

"𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙎𝙤 𝙍𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡 𝘼𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙎𝙖𝙗𝙗𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡?... 𝘿𝙤𝙣'𝙩 𝙃𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙐𝙨 𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙒𝙚'𝙧𝙚 𝙤𝙣 𝙃𝙞𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙨"

...which you can find at .

The article, includes a humiliating 😳 intro about how sabbatical first showed on my radar, 3 ways sabbatical is part of a healthy business model, and 3 pillars of a sabbatical policy that effectively supports employee #wellbeing.

#leadership #business #work

On screen quote with voiceover: "If you facilitate sabbaticals before employees are pushed to the brink, most will return with renewed energy and greater clarity..."
Niels Pflaeging
6 days ago

Sei dabei am 14. März in Mannheim auf der "Lean Around the Clock" 2024!
Hier gibt's die Infos zur Aktionsfläche des BetaCodex Network am ersten Veranstaltungstag:
#lean #leanbase #betacodex #latc2024 #leansixsigma #agile #leanagile
#leadership #collaboration

1 week ago

“People have 250 percent more meetings every day than they did before the pandemic,” says Mary Czerwinski, research manager of the Human Understanding and Empathy group at Microsoft. “That means everything else—like coding and email and writing—is being pushed later"

#CompanyCulture #Productivity #Leadership

Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 week ago

“Every great leader has a team.

They join communities where their desired behaviors are the norm.

They are comfortable getting uncomfortable and run toward the challenges that would be easier to sweep under the rug.”

- Dean Quiambao #LinkedIn #leadership

Antti Kirjavainen
1 week ago

Whatever you do as an employer or a leader, your notion of humanity will shine through.

And I'm talking about those deep-lying beliefs which might be partly subconscious that your behaviour is based on.

So go on and write fancy words on your purpose statement and company values.

But if there is a disparity, people will eventually see it.

#leadership #agileLeadership #futureOfWork

Michael Eaton
1 week ago

Interesting Links of the Week 2023-38

I continue to be impressed by the quality of content I find each week.

Check it out!

#agile #leadership #azure #csharp #dotnet #science #github

The Office Jeannie
1 week ago

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It's the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill 💪 #Perseverance #Leadership #officejeannie

Tim Mocarski
2 weeks ago

"You don't lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case."

- Ken Kesey

#quote #QOTD #quotestoliveby #Leaders #leadership #leading #beinghuman

2 weeks ago

Trying to become more aware of my time and making conscious choices to optimize my daily routines instead of empty junk calories.

#storytelling #leadership #life2point0

Tristan Harward
2 weeks ago

Big learning over the past few years: #leadership is mostly about the channeling and amplification of human energy.

There are other aspects of course, but the critical link is the ability to distill all of the complex, wild, disorganized, confusing crap in companies into something people can latch onto and get motivated about.

It's taking the raw materials and helping everyone—yourself included—create energy from them that fuels forward motion.

S. K. Riley
2 weeks ago

Rise up and become a climate leader – be the change we need so desperately.

- Tim Flannery, Member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

Tim’s new documentary ‘Climate Changes’ launches on September 17, screening in cinemas and at community events.


#ClimateChange #Documentary #TimFlannery #ExtremeWeather #ClimatePolicy #Leadership #Australia

A man wearing a floppy bush hat, glasses, t shirt and shorts (Tim Flannery), sits amongst high boulders overlooking a beautiful wide river system, with low hills covered in lush green bushland rolling down to the water’s edge. There are puffy white clouds in the blue sky beyond. On the left, a small tree bends over to the right as if to offer shade. Tim has his back to the water and is gesturing widely with his hands while speaking.
King Mob
2 weeks ago

I've been reading a great deal of Herbert Read, most recently his Politics of the Unpolitical.

One of the things I'm struck by at the moment is how Read challenges what he calls the "general desire for leadership" which we're told is the attribute that people need to develop. (I spent far too much of my time as a teacher dealing with the quotidian horror of schools' obsession with "leadership" so something about which I'm acutely sensitive.)

Read sees leadership as an aspect of the Will to Power and associated with ideas of discipline, command and obedience. He points out that when the everyday call for "better leadership" (or "efficiency" ) is made, it's actually a call for increasingly authoritarian measures and requirements of compliance. Read talks of the "evil of assertiveness" which "poisons minds with pride and ambition". He llinks leadership with bullying and tyranny.

Read calls it a "cult of leadership" and links its outcome with fascism.

Instead, Read argues that leadership is frequently confused with individual initiative ("fundamentally the impulse to originate, to construct, and, in relation to other individuals, the desire to distinguish oneself") which is something that should be seen as positive.

Read offers collective responsibility as the corrective of "leadership":

"Collective responsibility is the alternative to leadership, and the counterpart of equality. If each individual in the social body is a responsible member of that body there is no need for external control. The body acts as an organic whole, and acts spontaneously."

Read does, however, accept that "leaders" are needed by society - a somewhat Romantic notion:

"the [wo]man of imagina­tion, the poet and philosopher above all, but equally the [wo]man who can present ideas in the visual images of painting and sculpture or through the still more effective medium of drama —the idea that it is this individual whom society should accept as its only leader."

Imagine if our leaders were really drawn from the best poets, philiosophers, artists and writers!

#HerbertRead #leadership #leaders #CollectiveResponsibility #hierarchy

2 weeks ago

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

#Strategy #Leadership


Did he?🔴


Like 5 U.S. Presidents who misunderstood & underestimated #Putin — paving the way for #Genocide in #Ukraine🔴

#USA #Journalists will keep misunderstanding & underestimating #ElonMusk — further eroding global #Security?🟥

#Russia #Musk #China #Politics #Starlink #News #Tesla #Journalism #Business #CCP #USpol #Leadership #Military #Education

2 weeks ago

As #COVID spikes again - in 2 weeks cases are up 29% in US, incl. 56% in #Georgia, 38% in #Wyoming; while deaths are up 33% in the US, 55% in #NewYork, 65% in #Michigan - it surely looks bleak for #ReturnToOffice mandates, no?

#futureofwork #leadership #hr #remotework #wfh

Adrian Howard
2 weeks ago

Quiet Stories 152: #Team Memory & #Organisational Sharing, Communicating When #Trust Is Low, Modern-Day #Leadership, and more

Sam Minnée
3 weeks ago

New post up: my issues with the phrase "human capital" and a better way of thinking about how you invest in your team. #leadership #management

3 weeks ago

Want to know the story of Sam, a very busy team manager?

Read: #Gratitude #journaling "done right" - How to use retrospection in favour of your brain 🧠


#writing #retrospectives #leadership #softwaredevelopment #BusinessJournaling

Lenz Grimmer
3 weeks ago

Leadership Book Recommendations

Sharing a list of management/leadership books that I found helpful and that influenced me.

#books #leadership #management #productivity

3 weeks ago


He has never heard the aphorism that when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging.

In truth, it's because he surrounds himself with sycophants, and never hears anyone say "no" to him.

#MuskMelon #musk #leadership

3 weeks ago

In companies, this kind of three-dimensional chess and "optimization mindset" becomes the norm, so balls are always dropping. When balls are always dropping, there's a culture of not catching. Instead, leadership rewards teams for throwing new balls into the air and even more impressive attempts at juggling.

#Leadership #ProductManagement

The Bee Guy
3 weeks ago

Gooooooood Mornin’!

Yeah for sure it’s all messed up.
Vacant #leadership.
Manipulated #divisiveness

But you’re #alive.
And alive means possibility.
And that’ll do.
For now.

Have the best one you can!

Looking over a wild tangle of brambles and nettles toward distant hills under blue sky.
Sampath Pāṇini ®
3 weeks ago

myopia where there should be vision;

cluelessness where there should be discernment;

ineptitude where there should be competence;

cowardice where there should be courage;

shamelessness where there should be dignity;

totalistic selfishness where there should be empathy and altruism;

greed and grift where there should be sacrifice.

#vision #discernment #competence #courage #dignity #empathy #sacrifice #leadership

4 weeks ago

This is my 5th #introduction post to Mastodon, and hopefully the last server shift as I will be living out #life2point0 on a remote island in the PNW. 🏴‍☠️

Long time technologist, fan of good coffee and great whiskey and always chooses simplicity over chaos. Focusing on cultivating great engineering teams with a focus on #leadership, #storytelling, and #life2point0 .. I write a weekly brain dump at

4 weeks ago

Personalized mentorship from Ruby experts & VIP Keynote Seating?! 💎 The Scholars & Guides program is here to help you showcase your work passions & to get career coaching advice. Only 3 days left to apply |

#leadership #rubyfriends #developers #rubydev

1 month ago

Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by! Only 5 DAYS LEFT before applications for the Scholars & Guides Program close. This is a very special scholarship opportunity for those looking to jump ahead in the Ruby community. Apply today →

#leadership #rubyfriends #developers #rubydev

Had an absolutely fantastic day presenting to the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program on Governance in Community Organisations and Project Management in Community. #community #LMCLP #leadership

1 month ago

Being an exceptional designer does not equate to being skilled at delivering feedback that enhances the work of others. Some of the best technical designers I know give feedback that is so prescriptive it leads to dead-ends.

#DesignLeadership #Leadership #UX #UXDesign #ProductDesign

Niels Pflaeging
1 month ago

In change , "implementation" is not a necessary part of the .work. Instead, it is a symptom of a flawed approach to change. If you need to have an implementation phase, you are doing everything wrong.
#transformation #leadership #betacodex


The #GOP loves criticizing #China using #Taiwan, #Tibet, #Uyghurs, etc. as excuse.


#Republicans have been legislating #Oppression, #VoterSuppression & almost every #HumanRights violation thinkable in #America — for eons🔴

❷ Biggest delusion in #USA #Politics. From #NorthCarolina to #Florida, #Georgia & beyond, this Party just can't help itself🔴

#Women #Hypocrisy #Leadership #Guns #LGBTQ #Abortion #Democracy #News #Education

These two opening paragraphs:

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao is back from a trade mission in Vietnam, but she returns to a city that is seeing a spike in crime.

"'I feel there that is an uptick in crime, and I know that that is happening. But that is not unique to Oakland," says Mayor Thao.

Big exhale...

#Oakland #crime #pride #competence #leadership #orthelackthereof