Dawan Stanford
4 hours ago

Design Your Learning: "How will you evaluate your #learning?" Establish a pace, rhythm, and objective measurements of progress. #designthinking #education #innovation

Lance Eaton
8 hours ago

I've given a couple talks on #GenerativeAI at different institutions & events the last few months. This video covers a lot of what I did in those talks. I wanted to share it in case others found it useful. Resources & slide deck are included & have #CC licenses.

#HigherEd #EdTech #ArtificialIntelligence #Teaching #Learning #Academia #Faculty #InstructionalDesign #AcademicChatter @edutooters @academicchatter

Danie van der Merwe
13 hours ago

30 of the best Harvard University courses you can take online for free: Find free courses on Python, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more

Harvard University might seem like a mystical place that is out of reach for mere mortals, but that’s not the case.

A wide range of online classes from Harvard University are available to take through edX. Anyone can enrol, and some of the best courses are ...continues


#education #free #learning #technology

Bringing cybersecurity knowledge to a wider audience

UL's Dr Lubna Luxmi Dhirani discusses her role in educating people about the growing threat facing global tech

#StudyatUL #CyberSecurity #Tech #Technology #Security #Learning #Education #University #Ireland

A photograph of a woman in a black blazer over a white and blue spotted dress sat on a wooden picnic table bench on a large, paved plaza. Behind her is a large glass-fronted building with a sloping front. It is part of a brown brick building which is surrounded by large trees and bushes
Danie van der Merwe
13 hours ago
Harvard University might seem like a mystical place that is out of reach for mere mortals, but that's not the case.

A wide range of online classes from Harvard University are available to take through edX. Anyone can enrol, and some of the best courses are even available for free. That might sound too good to be true, but there really isn't a catch. Sure, some of these courses are not exactly beginner-friendly, but if you have a genuine passion for a subject, this could be the perfect opportunity to pursue that passion.

This list was curated by Mashable and you can enrol for free and start learning at your own pace. You can even receive a verified certificate of completion for a small fee, if you really want something to stick on your CV.

Learning and education need not cost money, but it does require some effort and education by learners if they really want to grow. Many public libraries also offer free Internet access, so it is not true to say the lack of money is what holds one back from learning.

See 30 of the best Harvard University courses you can take online for free

#technology #learning #education #free #HarvardUniversity

Find free courses on Python, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more.

14 hours ago

30 of the best Harvard University courses you can take online for free: Find free courses on Python, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more Harvard University might seem like a mystical place that is out of reach for mere mortals, but that’s not the case. A wide range of online classes from Harvard University are available to take through […]

John Carmichael
14 hours ago

Are We Growing?
"Are we really growing towards a realization? Or are we, perhaps, just going in circles—we who think that at some point we shall escape the circle of existence?” — Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Good habits and bad alike offer ample opportunity to become trapped in a cycle of routine. Writing every morning is likely a good habit for me, running several times a
#PersonalGrowth #Art #Habits #Learning #Writing #HermannHesse

UL student research in action🤿

On World Ocean Day, find out more about Éabha Hughes's Sustainable Shores project - which is part of the UL Sustainability Challenge:

#StudyatUL #WorldOceanDay #Sustainability #Research #HigherEducationResearch #Student #Students #Education #Learning #University

📷Éabha Hughes

An image of a white person crouching in a deep rockpool with most of their body under water. The person is Éabha Hughes. Éabha is crouching in chest deep water and is wearing a black scuba diving drysuit, a pink snorkelling mask and black neoprene gloves. Éabha is holding a compact digital camera in their right hand and diving torch in their left hand, both underwater. Éabha is looking down into the water. The sky is reflected on the water's surface.
Max W. :dartlang:
16 hours ago

New podcast episode is live! We're discussing the importance of versatility in software development.

Discover why being adaptable and versatile is a developer's superpower in today's tech landscape.

Check it out:

#Flutter #Dart #Programming #learning #developer #career

Its World Ocean Day, and the final day of the OCEANS 2023 conference

The conference has gathered together thousands of international marine experts to tackle the major challenges facing our oceans today

#StudyatUL #WorldOceanDay #Oceans2023 #STEM #Science #Research #Education #Learning #University

A photograph of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. On the left hand side of the shot, dramatic cliffs rise from the ocean hundreds of feet into the hair, with exposed brown rock. Below them is swirling white water as it breaks on the rocks. As the water calms it takes on an almost tropical turquoise colour

This is really golden: "The #psychology of #learning"

"people can be roughly divided into two categories that she called perfection-oriented and performance-oriented"

This idea absolutely confirms my experience with people avoiding to learn about #PIM methods or tools.

1 day ago

The Future of Learning: Artificial Intelligence in Education

Revolutionize your classroom with the power of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning. Find expert answers to key questions on our blog.

#ai #artificialintelligence #tech #technology #education #future #learning

The Future of Learning: Artificial Intelligence in Education

University of Limerick professor officially admitted as member of Royal Irish Academy

Congratulations to Professor Helen Kelly-Holmes upon her admittance to the Academy:

#StudyatUL #Learning #Education #University

A photograph of three people taken outside amidst green and red trees in the sunshine. On the left and right are two people dressed in green, gold and black academic robes over smart clothing. In the center is a woman in a  white and black patterned dress

Commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals propels University of Limerick into world’s Top 100

Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023 has placed UL at number 86 out of 1,591 institutions globally in measuring positive societal impact

#StudyatUL #Sustainability #Education #Learning #HigherEducation #University

An aerial photograph showing a long, curved pedestrian bridge crossing a wide river which is surrounded by dense mature trees. There is a vast lawn on the far side of the river, and there are many buildings nestled in amongst the trees
Code The City
2 days ago

Next week we have a great talk planned from Rory Gianni on using Python to access API data. Book now!

#Python #learning #coding #learntocode #data #Aberdeen

2 days ago

My son all day yesterday playing and not wanting to practice math for tomorrow's test because it's easy and he's got it.
At 21:15 last night - Mom we have to practice math.
My son is a smart kid that went through school like it was nothing but now math isn't something he can just brows and get an A.
Linear equations with fractions and one unknown are not something that can be passed without practice.

I'm amazed how much of it I remember from my school days but I'm sure we did it in highschool and not in the sixth grade.
Math I struggled with but physics I aced. Strange, I know 😁

It's not about the grades, it's about getting to know the limitations of your abilities and act accordingly.
Luckily, my son put aside his ego and decided to go to school this morning an hour early to practice math with his teacher and other kids that are struggling before the test.

I'm proud of him 😊

#learning #school #self

ally :)
2 days ago

hey cyber security peoples, I got a question:

someone I know wants to do a cyber security degree at uni (UK), after finishing a college (UK) computer science course. she's pretty smart, and has mentioned an interest in learning more, but she doesn't have much prior knowledge or experience.

so, I wanna know where you guys would suggest someone should try an start to learn about cyber! i know what worked for my ongoing learning journey, but I figured it'd be better to get a range of views from people.

if you know of any particular resources, or if you have recommendations on things to learn, then pls drop them in the replies!

thanks :)

#infosec #cybersecurity #learning

Noelle Mitchell 📚
2 days ago

I officially just finished the HTML part of the online web developer course I'm taking!! Next part of the course is CSS. 😄 I feel pretty excited.

#WebDev #coding #learning #html #css

André Claaßen
2 days ago

#learning von heute, bestelle beim Griechen niemals Espresso.

🍀 Cecil Teapot 🍀
2 days ago

He's going to learn something today.

Thomas Krause
2 days ago

still busy with lots of other activities - in #vienna and online. nevertheless, I'm already looking forward to the upcoming days in Rückersbach.

#community #learning #connection #wellbeing

cu all at #accde23 🤗

collage with accde impressions

Global conference taking place at University of Limerick to tackle major ocean challenges

The OCEANS 2023 conference addresses issues such as the climate crisis, renewable energy & rejuvenation in our global ocean

#StudyatUL #Sustainability #Oceans2023 #RenewableEnergy #ClimateCrisis #Climate #ClimateChange #Biodiversity #Science #STEM #Education #Learning #University

Sam Grubb
2 days ago

Does anyone know where I might find free OS images that have pre-built forensic data you can investigate? Like a hack the box but for forensics? #forensics #infosec #incidentresponse #learning

Eric Maugendre
2 days ago

Hi David!
Thank you for asking.

I need to make better sense of all the big headlines. I consider that the perfect #learning context is the Fediverse. 💜

I do not want to do research.

I am an engineer and intend to continue working in a biz-driven environment. So, after obtaining the Master (or similar), i want to "practice" #techEthics, in the same company.
The practice would be workshops with other programmers:

@cfiesler @severo @giadap @SophieStalla_B

3 days ago

Contrary to early fears, most COVID-19 pandemic learning pods were not a means of "opportunity hoarding," but instead provided sorely needed childcare & support during a time of social turbulence. Learning pods were most common among African American families & families with parents who were less educated and worked fulltime.

#NICHDImpact #COVID19 #Education #Learning #Childcare #EducationDisparities #Work

Lance Eaton
3 days ago

a few folks asked & so, of course, I decided to share with all. Here's my #syllabus for the course I recently taught on #AI & #Education. It has a #CreativeCommons license so it is free to share & adapt!

#HigherEd #Edtech #AIEducation #Teaching #Learning #AcademicChatter @edutooters @academicchatter

3 days ago

My daughter's never seen hail. She's gathered some up in a box to keep.
Life's for learning.
#Perth #Hail #Learning

Estelle Platini
3 days ago

#Rationalism is a philosophical position or view that #reason is the source of knowledge.

Vernon J. #Bourke wrote that rationalism is defined as a methodology or a theory "in which the criterion of #truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive."

#quotes #philosophy #epistemology #patriarchy #whiteness #agnotology #historyOfScience #intelligence #factChecking #knowledge #publicOpinion #learning #sociology #wordsMatter #hashtags @psychology #TESCREAL

"This course provides a basic introduction to metric spaces. It covers metrics, open and closed sets, continuous functions (in the topological sense), function spaces, completeness, and compactness." #Maths #Course #Podcast #Education #Academia #Learning


Christoffer S.
3 days ago

Cant help but think that reading books is like having a superpower. By reading you effectively tap into the brains of all these very talented, intelligent, knowledgable and experienced awesome people who decided to share what they have learned.

I almost feel as if I am cheating when I read a new book, almost like some sort of analogue matrix... Arguably somewhat slower, error prone and unreliable yet... Cheating.

To all these hard working authors, writers and knowledge workers who enable me to cheat in life.

#Books #Learning #Curiousity #Authors #Writers

Eric Maugendre
3 days ago

I am looking for #online training on #ethicsInTech or #aiEthics.
Level: postgraduate (or "second level": after Bachelor)
Workload: at least 100 hours!

This distance-taught programme looks impressive:
Programme Director: Professor @ShannonVallor
It also is very selective and expensive 😀

Harvard and LSE have interesting modules but i personally avoid business approaches.

Would you recommend another distance postgraduate #learning programme on #ethicsInTech or #aiEthics?

Tim Mocarski
4 days ago

"When I learn something new, I feel a little more at home in this universe." - Bill Moyers
#quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #learning #factsmatter #FeelsLikeHome #beinghuman

Mahara Portfolio Platform
4 days ago

#Feedback is a recurring theme when talking about #portfolio and #learning in the wider sense. Listen to @martin on 'Create. Share. Engage.' in your #podcast app or at

Quote by Martin Dougiamas: "Nothing changes your own brain better than when you put something out there into the world that you've created, and you're getting feedback from people."
Nate Shore 🌎
4 days ago

The wisdom I needed today...


Stay curious. Go down rabbit holes. Don't feel guilty about moving on to the next, next thing.

📗 David Kadavy
"Quit by default. Start a bunch of projects, intending to quit each before it becomes something. Finish only those that pull you in with passion and curiosity."

#wisdom #learning #mentalhealth #mind #mindfulness #innovation

I Like Books
5 days ago

15 ) Absolutes are fine for theories but they very rarely work in real life. Thus all/none, everyone/noone and things like this should be avoided in discussing people and their lives.

16 ) People will try to gaslight you. Try to remember this and if you find a person who is doing it to you cut them out of your life


#Advice #Learning

Noelle Mitchell 📚
5 days ago

Aaaaand...back into the online course I've been taking to learn web development! I guess it's a good thing there's not a deadline because I keep taking really long breaks. 😂

I somehow managed to pass the HTML forms test even though it's been months since I've done HTML coding. Now I'm going to finish the HTML part of the course. 😄 I'm excited.

#WebDev #coding #html #css #learning

Eric Thomas
5 days ago

Anyone know any good free coding games for an 8 year old? #programming #learning

5 days ago

Just when I was starting to get decent at the first three Hanon exercises I realized I've been doing the fingering all wrong. 🙃


#piano #learning

6 days ago

Vsauce: Why Don't Flames Have Shadows?

#Vsauce #learning

Claus Wilcke
6 days ago

Consideration 1/2: A #cookbook for #permacomputing that could reach out & teach principles & methods to a lot of people would rather not start from or establishing a basic Level of #learning and #competence as a traditional Cookbook would do (~ bottom up). It would/should instead relay rather on the stuff that the Internet has already in abundance and would give guidances and perspectives on how to use this.

6 days ago

#Rust for #CPlusPlus #developers:

Understanding Rust as a C++ developer - DEV Community
Bird's eye overview.

nrc/r4cppp: Rust for C++ programmers
More in-depth.

#learning #learn #programming #program

Nabucodonosaurio II
6 days ago

Hey #Fediverse! I built this very simple bot to practice #Mandarin #Chinese vocabulary.


It currently only outputs #HSK1 words but I'll add more in the near future.

It's Free Software too! Entirely written in TypeScript and licensed under AGPLv3. You can get the whole code from my GitHub.

So... if you're learning Mandarin Chinese, feel free to follow and let me know what you think. :)

#Learning #Languages #Education #Bot

Asbjørn Ulsberg
1 week ago

After being on the job market for close to 3 months now, it's with a sigh of relief and a rush of excitement I can finally see the full-time occupation of doing job interviews to an end.

Starting gently now in June, and full-time in September, I'm joining Ludenso as VP of Platform Engineering!

It's been a wild and educational ride, and I've met with so many interesting companies, but in the end, I chose to go with Ludenso for the ability it gives me to improve the fields of teaching and learning – especially in the classroom. Having a daughter who says she hates school is naturally a strong, personal motivation.

It's been a long time since I was as enthusiastic about work as I am now. I'm eagerly looking forward to the adventure this surely is going to be!

#ELearning #Learning #Teaching #Programming #Engineering #Job

Travis Briggs
1 week ago

Is anyone interested in giving music lessons in exchange for coding lessons?

I've been at Google/YouTube for ~10 years and I know Javascript/Typescript, Python, Ruby, HTML/CSS and some Linux/UNIX sysops (nginx, supervisord, etc). I've worked on Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS.

Looking for lessons in mixing/mastering, guitar, production, and maybe piano or voice.

Online via video chat, or in person in the SF Bay Area.

Boosts welcome!

#music #lessons #programming #coding #tutoring #learning

Ric Raftis
1 week ago

This looks like an interesting tool to speed research and build understanding. #research #learning #obsidian

José A. Alonso
1 week ago

Beyond Software Engineering. ~ Boro Sitnikovski (@BSitnikovski). #Learning

#Research methods for the social sciences: an introduction by valerie sheppard

recommended and available here 🤓 👇💡📖

#books #researchmethods #ebooks #learning #study

@chris_spackman I like to point out that a #learning curve has two portions. The ramp and the plateau.

For a #tool that needs to onboard casual users, you want an easy ramp (and therefore almost certainly a low plateau).

For a #tool you are going to spend a lifetime using, the ramp is irrelevant but the height of the plateau is paramount.

@stancarey Thank you. This is encouraging me to fight my own tendency to care at all whether something's "originally" a noun or a verb. Seems like completely wasted effort, when flipping them all around has been a natural feature of the language for centuries. #learning #StagnationEqualsDeath

2 weeks ago

Dw i eisiau siarad cymraeg cyn bo hir

#learning #cymraeg

Duolingo screenshot with a 17 days streak
Mahara Portfolio Platform
2 weeks ago

Some big questions for the start of the week. @martin speaks about #OpenEdTech in his interview for 'Create. Share. Engage.' and how it can support #learning. Listen at https://podcast.mahara.og or in your favourite #podcast app. #Moodle #Mahara #OpenSource

Quote by Martin Dougiamas: "The important thing with education is to get students building as much as they can in an authentic environment with peer exposure and feedback."

After watching lots of videos on how to tighten the belt, to level the bed, and also on how to use the slicer software, I tried printing another item: the token for unlocking Canadian shopping carts! This one can be attached to keyrings, so no more looking for loonies! 🪙🇨🇦
#3dprinting #learning

Video of a 3d printer beginning to print, and then it switched into the finished product: two tokens for unlocking shopping carts in Canada (the size of a one Canadian dollar coin) elongated with a hole for attaching to keychains.
Sam Butler
2 weeks ago

Do you know any public google calendars / icals with events related to degrowth, skill sharing, workshops, people's forums, land + food sovereignty, convivial tech, ecosocial transitions, community initiatives, and generally for the worlds we want to build?

#climate #event #events #request #info #degrowth #workshop #education, #sovereignty #forum #progressive #organizing #learning #advice

Martin Owens
2 weeks ago

Things that make me go hmmm....

I don't like disagreeing with experts, but the advice here of "just pronouncing" every v as a b despite people not being able hear the difference is terrible for my spelling memory.

In their English example "there" and "their"; I pronounce these words differently to aid with my spelling. No one notices anyway. So it's just for my own use. But recommending homophonic conformity seems incorrect.


#language #duolingo #learning

“One important function of the baths in Roman society was their role as what we would consider a ‘branch library’ today.

Many in the general public did not have access to the grand libraries in Rome and so as a cultural institution the baths served as an important resource where the more common citizen could enjoy the luxury of books.”

@histodons #history #roman #baths #SPQR #libraries #reading #learning #culture #Rome #citizenship #commonplace #institutions

For #mentalhealthawareness month, this is my write-up of training with Mental ( as part of my New Year's Resolution for 2023.

Share your life hacks!

#dothework #mentalhealth #sharing #coldshowers #brownfat #anxiety #publicspeaking #professionaldevelopment #learning #exercise #dailyroutine

Mental Gladiators: Spartacus and Downhill Vagus AF
Stevie Oberg
2 weeks ago

Please share with me your favorite online educational resources, go!

#EdTech #programming #computerscience #learning #tech #STEM

Steve Woodson
2 weeks ago

Hope you had a wonderful #GAAD2023!

GAAD may be over, but every day is a good day for learning and applying digital access/inclusion best practices.

In honor of that mission, entries are still open for a chance to win a Deque University class & free year of Be Inclusive.

There's just about a week left, remember that you can share your referral code to get extra entries too!


Jeff Moore
3 weeks ago

Thinking about the Five Paragraph Order format used in many military circles … In a context of shared decision-making and double loop organizational learning in public education, a format like that (with some tweaks) could be critical to articulating and clarifying the boundaries, goals, etc. of projects. Read more … #education #schools #school #leadership #learning

Tommy van Son ✔
3 weeks ago

Trying to find out how to make an object immovable in #Godot 4. It's not by turning Gravity to 128 #GameDev #learning

Darcy :verified:
3 weeks ago

Since I have some free time I’ll give an #introduction 🖤

Hello #Horrorhub & #mastodon my name is Darcy, and I’m your friend to the end 👻

I enjoy all things spooky and horror. Some of my favorite horror films include: The Ring, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Audition, The Orphanage, The Conjuring, Annabelle, X, and The Hills Have Eyes.

Interested in:


One of the greatest impediments of #learning is #teaching. Which is why, in the #qomenius approach to learning, we take teachers out of the equation, and let small groups of 4, 5 or 6 people learn "all by themselves".
The advantages are innumerous.
#learning #learninganddevelopment #learningdesign #learningandgrowing #edtech

Andrew Linke
3 weeks ago

I started out with Olympus film SLRs (I still have my parents’ old camera, the one I learned on when I was a child).

I dabbled in various point and shoot brands as Christmas gifts and thrift store finds brought in different styles of pocket, instamatic, and digital cameras, and eventually got a Nikon D3100 14ish years ago as my first “good” DSLR. I gave that to my daughter to encourage her interest in photography… 🧵
#Parenting #Learning #Bio

I Like Books
3 weeks ago

9 ) Just because someone is genetically related to you or has known you for a long time does not give them the right to hurt you or to run your life.

10 )


#Advice #Learning

I Like Books
3 weeks ago

Lessons that I have learned in life and wish I had learned earlier.

1 ) Walk away from people who hurt you.

2 ) Wrong is hurting people unnecessarily; Evil is deliberately hurting people unnecessarily.

3 ) It is much better to be alone than to be in a bad relationship. Never be afraid of walking away (I have done so even when it left me unhoused)

4 ) Always save everything that you want to keep in files that you have multiple backups of, this includes links to anything that you might want to share.

5 ) The first thing that you need to learn about any online space is how to block, keep yourself safe.

6 ) You do not have to set yourself on fire to keep anyone else warm. Take care of yourself.

7 ) Trust your inner impression, if you feel that you are in danger or that a person or organization might hurt you get away as fast as possible.

8 ) Live your own truth, do not let others tell you who you are.


#Advice #Learning

4 weeks ago
Sumana Harihareswara
1 month ago

In that thread I articulated some observations on why discussing #teaching and #learning can be hard:

"It can be hard to accurately remember the experience of not having a skill... what your mental models were, what perceptual gaps you have since fixed...

...people will use different words to describe the same experience, or will have divergent conscious memories..."

"People don't learn like that!" often means "I have no conscious recollection of learning that way."

Sumana Harihareswara
1 month ago

Twice in the last month, someone has lamented near me that they have a bunch of learned-through-experience knowledge in their head, and they don't know how to draw it out into lessons to #teach their colleagues.

This is called "tacit knowledge". And fortunately, we actually know some ways to elicit it from experts & use it to train new learners!

I've appreciated Cedric Chin's blog series on this:

Thread on #MetaFilter:

#teaching #learning

Mark Dunk
1 month ago

How to Make Thinking Visible with Thinking Routines - TechNotes Blog
#tcea #education #school #teaching #learning #thinking

We Are Open Co-op
1 month ago

Did you know that we have several FREE email-based courses to help you and your organisation?

#learning #courses #free

Screenshot with list of courses
Tad Lispy
1 month ago

The Learning Emacs Lisp videos are just lovely! I'm using Emacs daily for a few years now, but I was afraid to touch anything inside. The course is very practical and at a perfect level of abstraction for me to understand and feel empowered. Thanks @daviwil!

#Emacs #Lisp #Learning #Video

1 month ago

There's a category of things you cannot (competently) learn by only reading a book (or a website), or even watching a video. Some examples: rock climbing, beekeeping, gardening, woodworking, driving. No matter the sum of written knowledge or videos on these things... you have to roll up your sleeves and actually apply those skills to learn (and master) those things. #learning #knowledge

Jen Mathis
1 month ago

...and they lost me. I'm at the "do I give up, or hope it will click later" crossroads.

#JavaScript #novice #learning

A piece of JavaScript code. I can't begin to explain it.
teledyn 𓂀
1 month ago

My naive guess had been plasticity of the cell membrane itself, storing experience like a bruise or scar, but as usual, nature was both far more clever and far more efficient:

Memories may be stored in the membranes of your neurons
>Pinpointing where memories are stored in the brain and how they are transmitted could provide new targets to treat neurological diseases and serve as models for neuromorphic computing.

#learning #memory #canibeexcusedmylipidbilayersarefull

1 month ago

#introduction (new account but not new to fedi)

I'm really passionate about story telling. I make little indie games and write stories. With both mediums I tend towards the dark but quirky, think of Addams Family and youve got the right idea.

I love sharing the projects I'm working on. I'll post often about them. More formal write ups go on my Blog/Portfolio. Link for that and all my socials are in my bio.

I'm still deciding if I want to move to this new account fully from my account. So far I'm really liking CalcKey so I'll probably move over when I can

#GodotEngine #GameDev #Blender #B3D #FOSS #FLOSS #Linux #Indie #Horror #Foley #HardSurface #Writing #Fiction #Trans #Gamer #Queer #Teaching #Learning #Kofi #Nerd #Midwest #Poly #Ace #BimboEnergy #Student #Godot #Programming #CSharp #CompSci #OOP #KanBan #Blog #Coffee #spooky #spoopy #Godot4 #Writing #Fiction #QueerLit #WritingCommunity

Alex White
1 month ago

Fabulous video talk and transcript about ‘learning DNS in 10 years’ by @b0rk

The talk is really about a process for learning anything, but illustrated by the process of a deep-dive into DNS.

Very interesting, very accessible.

#DNS #Learning #learningDNS