dodothedev :arch_linux:
1 week ago

I was pleasantly surprised and chuffed that my latest Solo Project on my #Scrimba journey only took two days to complete.

When I saw a 3 page website we had to write and style from scratch, I thought it would take weeks. But thanks to the reusability of my code, after doing the mobile #CSS, only a few tweaks were needed for the desktop design.

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2 weeks ago

“Hey, Kai! Why don’t you do more learning in public?”

Because THIS is what that would look like! 😆

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CW bad singing 😉

[Captions included]
Kai typing away on their keyboard and badly singing along to Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes (which is only in their headphones, probably making the experience for you worse, sorry!) as they learn to code Python
2 months ago

I made a rookie move when learning to manage my project on #GitHub and hard reset it trying to make a branch for the old code pre #docker version to keep separate. Anyway managed to grab the code from the pull requests for me and put it back in. #opensource #nodeJS #learningtocode

2 months ago

Learn in public, people always tell me. But then I’m in a rush to get things done and don’t have the wherewithal to livestream my frenzy because that would take even more time and resources etc.

So, instead, I blogged about it in retrospect: “I Hardcoded My Portfolio Website — 8/10 Would Make This Mistake Again!”

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Jen :autism:
2 months ago

Just have to say the React beta docs are fantastic, been me with nailing some stuff I struggled to understand last year. Worth checking out if you haven't already, the pennies started to drop as I began working with this guide rather than the current docs on the site ⏩

Also, found the legacy site for CRA which helped me better understand what's under the hood:

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2 months ago

One way to create unique IDs to be used as keys when rendering list items in React is to use the Date. now method.

function addItem(itemCreated) {
itemCreated. id = Date. now();
setItems((items) => [...items, itemCreated]);

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2 months ago

Really enjoyed this @CodeNewbies interview with @annajmcdougall

Thanks for sharing your experience of transitioning into tech!

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3 months ago

and it was on Day 9 of Hacking with Swift that my brain slightly broke.


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3 months ago

Tried out an HTML5up template, and any IDs or classes I add to the CSS are being ignored entirely. I can change styling of existing classes and IDs. But apparently I may not create new ones.

What the actual fuck??? 🤬

I'll have another go at it tomorrow. For now I will sleep knowing I *don't* have to doubt my flexbox skills, because that's what drove me to despair before we figured out what was happening.

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3 months ago

Problem-solving is totally an interdisciplinary skill. The steps to solve a problem in education are the same as solving a problem in coding, the same as solving a problem in parenting...

How to think like a programmer -- lessons in problem solving

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Lee Perry
3 months ago

Just wasted an hour on this SQLite3 create database error on MacOS.

TLDR - file path error. Need to get my head around why producing that, but for purposes of today solved by just removing the folder structure.

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unable to open database file error, sqlite3
3 months ago

In related news, I have successfully procrastinated updating Xcode for approximately four weeks now. I reckon I can’t avoid it much longer. 😭 IYKYK… 😂

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3 months ago

#learningtocode anyone use exercism lately?

Jen :autism:
3 months ago

After getting a handle on a little Next.js yesterday, I started learning to use Sanity today 😜. Wooo! Pretty freaking cool 😎🪄

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3 months ago

I've been learning about coding for 96 days.

Sometimes I look back and feel like I've learned so much.

And then I'm struck with how little I actually know.

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Lee Perry
3 months ago

My python task for the day was to take an input grid and produce a minesweeper like score.

I started writing the algorithm to deal with the centre of the grid, but then realised that I could deal with the whole thing through three functions with three if statements within, leaning the entire program out.

Really happy with this wee project which contains nested logic and nested lists - I usually struggle with both.

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4 months ago

Some really great practical tips for those entering the tech job market in the EU.

Navigating the Job Market as an Entry Level Developer in the EU

3 Strategies from Chatting with Relive's Anastasiia Ivanova

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4 months ago

Just found out about Advent of Code. I'm not sure I know enough yet to really participate, but it looks like fun!

This post has past challenges organized by category.

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4 months ago

I decided to learn to code in #Python. I have never coded a thing in my life. I have never used a c prompt.

When I ask my (expert coding) husband a question, he tilts his head like a beagle who's heard a foreign sound, and can barely comprehend the question.

This is how I am reminded that we all process information sooooo differently.

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5 months ago

One reason I made this account is to document my learning. And one resource I've found useful and inspiring during these early days is the Code Newbie Podcast.

This episode features an interview with Caitlyn Greffly & highlights some things to keep in mind early in your coding career.

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2 years ago

This is a total find for me! I am so excited I came across the courses!! #android #developer #learningtocode
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Training Courses  |  Android Developers
4 years ago

How Many Hours a Day should you Spend learning Code? #learningtocode #learncoding #coding