Sherifa Zuhur
1 hour ago

#Hezbollah’s assertive posture in south #Lebanon places UNIFIL in a difficult position (imo UNIFIL has zero power, even to defend its own) @lebanon

Sherifa Zuhur
1 hour ago

Going for the Guinness records level crook. Lebanese swindler poses as secret agent in Marseille, convicted of fraud #Lebanon #France

Obsidian Urbex Photography
2 days ago

This Old Hammam was built around the middle of the 14th century, but fell out of use in the 1970s after the Lebanese Civil War broke out.

Explore more photos from this abandoned location :

#Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #Urbex #AbandonedPlaces #Lebanon #History #hammam #Abandoned

an old bath house. there are benches along the walls and a dry fountain in the middle. the roof is tall and domed and bright with small windows
Sherifa Zuhur
4 days ago

Timeline of the Carlos Ghosn (who fled Japan inside a musical instrument case aboard a private jet) legal saga since his arrival in Lebanon. Just fees for consulting said Ghosn. #Lebanon @lebanon

Both sides blamed each other for the violence in Chebaa Farms and the Kfar Chouba hills area.#OccupiedGolanHeights #Israel #Lebanon #MiddleEast
Lebanon, Israel troops fire tear gas along tense border in a disputed area
Sherifa Zuhur
6 days ago

Jumblat slams last 5-nation group meeting, asks what KSA wants #Lebanon. Does the US want France out and Qatar leading? @lebanon (Germany)
1 week ago

Flugpate David A. Lüngen, Dezernent der Stadt Mülheim an der Ruhr freute sich über erste gespendete Laptops für eine Schule im Libanon.
Über das Deutsch-Libanesische Forum werden zukünftig Flugpaten weitere Lernlaptops zu Schulen mitnehmen. Die erste unterstützte Schule ist in Deir Al Ahmar / دير الأحمر. Vielen Dank.
#labdoo #stadt #mülheimruhr #dezernent #bildung #schule #integration #libanon #lebanon #Maronites #holysisters

Links steht Dezernent David Lüngen in seinem Büro im Rathaus vor einem Rollup von Labdoo. Rechts steht Ralf Hamm, Labdoo Hub Rhein-Ruhr. Beide halten einen Laptop gemeinsam in den Händen. Auf der Tastatur liegt ein Stoffherz mit der libanesischen Flagge.
Don Cooley
2 weeks ago

🧵BG Edwin C Kelley, USMC
4 Dec1943 - 14 Sep, 2023

There will be a service in Virginia where he and my sister lived; some time later a military service in Arlington Cemetery.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, my friend.

Semper Fi
#USMC #Navy #Hero #Patriot #Vietnam #Lebanon

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Report highlights the pivotal role played by Europe in the shipment of Captagon pills from the Middle East to the Gulf.#Drugs #Europe #Lebanon #MiddleEast #Netherlands #SaudiArabia #Syria
Europe a transport route for Gulf-bound Captagon shipments: Report
Erasing 76 crimes
2 weeks ago

The LGBTQ community in Lebanon is under fire from extremist Christians, extremist Muslims, and the government.

#LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTrights #humanrights #LGBTQrights #Lebanon #Beirut

Violence at Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp intensifies as ceasefire between Fatah and armed groups crumbles.#Lebanon #MiddleEast
Deadly fighting continues in Lebanon’s Ein el-Hilweh Palestinian camp
Sherifa Zuhur
2 weeks ago

Why are Syrian goods prices in #Lebanon cheaper than in #Syria? (According to 1 expert: many reasons including theft of cars and warehouses) @syria @lebanon

Sherifa Zuhur
2 weeks ago

There is a truce (for now) in Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian camp #Lebanon (Some think the assassination & fighting are an effort by Hizbullah, Hamas & others to strike at Fatah, using Islamist groups as proxies) @lebanon

Queer Lit Cats
2 weeks ago

Pink News: Homophobia in Lebanon: Queer community ‘hopeless’ as ‘moral panic’ targets LGBTQ+ people #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Exclusive #Features #Lebanon #World #Asia #News

Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

US Treasury #OFAC, in coordination with the #DEA, sanctions #Hizballah operatives and financial facilitators in South America and #Lebanon.

Fighting between Palestinian factions have claimed at least 10 lives over the weekend, sources in the camp say.#Fatah #Refugees #Lebanon #MiddleEast
Fighting intensifies in Lebanon’s Ein el-Hilweh camp despite truce talks
2 weeks ago

Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant: #Iran is building a #military airfield in Southern #Lebanon, less than 21 kilometers from the Israeli border

It's not a joke. Building an airfield close to Israel is an unacceptable provocation!

#palestine #Israel #Occupation #Apartheid #Politics

American football has changed the fortunes of countless Arab Americans from the Detroit suburb, including Jets coach.#Features #Sports #AmericanFootball #Religion #Lebanon #MiddleEast #UnitedStates #US&Canada
From Dearborn to the NFL: Robert Saleh’s meteoric rise
Sherifa Zuhur
2 weeks ago

Charbel Hage: #Lebanon’s most corrupt prosecutor, Ghassan Oeidat, has his own protecting militia gifted to him by the ruling cross-sectarian autocratic mafia elite that rules the country.

Everything and everyone is corruptible in #Lebanon. @lebanon

Members of the Fatah Movement and a Palestinian group had agreed to a ceasefire but fighting erupted again on Saturday.#Lebanon #MiddleEast #Palestine
Deadly fighting erupts in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
Some 20 people injured as armed confrontations between Fatah and hardline groups begin again in Ein al-Hilweh camp.
Clashes between Palestinian factions resume in Lebanon’s Ein el-Hilweh camp
Some 20 people injured as armed confrontations between Fatah and hardline groups begin again in Ein al-Hilweh camp.
Clashes between Palestinian factions resume in Lebanon’s Ein el-Hilweh camp
Thousands of Syrian refugees have crossed into Lebanon in recent months through porous border points.
Lebanon’s PM says Syrian refugee influx could upset ‘demographic balance’
Mark 🏳️‍🌈
3 weeks ago

I just asked for a desert angel, and the universe answered my prayers.

Created with @clipdropapp using #stablediffusion #sdxl. Follow me at

#aiart #aiartwork #aiartcommunity #generativeart #angels #leather #lebanon #fantasy #leathermen #maleform #gayart

Should Be Writing
3 weeks ago

Banana orchard on the coast of #Lebanon, south of #Beyrouth 🇱🇧
I’ve heard that the tall building in the distance is an old silk factory.

#MeerMittwoch #TravelPhotography #reisen #urlaub #SmartphonePhotography #Beirut #写真 #マストドン写真部 #MiddleEast #agriculture #bananas

Landscape shot of a densely-packed banana orchard in the foreground, with a small stone fountain immediately in front of the viewer.At mid-shot is a two-story stone building with one tall stone chimney.Behind the building and orchard is the Mediterranean sea, which stretches to the horizon. The sky is clear and blue.
Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

Revisiting Gibran …

How strange to, also, be outliving him (he died when he was only 48 years young)

#poetry #philosophy #reading #video #youtube #MiddleEast #Lebanon #literature #wisdom #life

The UN's peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon will stay in the country for an extra year.The Security Council has renewed its mandate.But the negotiations ...
UN Security Council renews mandate for Lebanon peacekeeping force
Amos Hochstein said it was 'natural' to resolve the issue after the 2022 delineation of the maritime border.
US might mediate Lebanon-Israel border dispute: White House adviser

(2/2) #Drag #violence #Lebanon #LGBTQIA #HRW

The attack follows widespread anti-LGBT incidents in Lebanon, including incitement to violence against LGBT people by religious leaders, banning events around gender and sexuality by the government, and proposed legislation by officials to explicitly criminalize same-sex conduct and “promoting homosexuality.”

“We had to assess whether it was safe to host the event, but we decided to go ahead because drag is a form of entertainment that is mainstream in Lebanon and had not yet been targeted,” one of the event organizers said.

To our knowledge, there have been no arrests made in connection with the August 23 attack. If no one is held accountable, authorities are sending an alarming message that violence motivated by hate toward sexual and gender minorities is above the law, and LGBT people are excluded from the government’s obligation to protect them.

LGBT people and their allies will continue to raise their voices and fight for their rights. The only question is whether Lebanon’s government will listen.

#Drag #Lebanon #Violence #LGBTQIA #HRW

Violent Assault on Drag Event in Lebanon

Increasingly Hostile Climate for LGBT People

By Rasha Younes

Men from an anti-LGBT group attacked a bar in Lebanon where a drag event was being held on August 23, while threatening violence against LGBT people.

“We stopped the show and had to hide behind the bar, lying down on the floor, breathless,” one of the performers told me. “The police stood on the side, watching, as the men were beating people.”

The men were part of the so-called Soldiers of God group that is openly hostile toward LGBT people in Lebanon.

“There were a dozen men on motorcycles who attacked us. At least two of them had guns,” another performer said.

A video of the attack shows the assailants shoving some of the attendees and shouting “We warned you, this is only the beginning,” and, “We will not allow the promotion of homosexuality in the land of God.”

Agents of the Internal Security Forces who arrived while the attack was under way did not intervene, five of the event’s attendees said. “The police were watching as they attacked us, but instead of stopping and arresting them, they interrogated the bar owner and the attendees about the nature of the performance,” one of the attendees added.


This is a generation that refuses to be silenced. Universities must empower them to realise their visions for change.
The key to saving youth from violent paths? Inclusive higher education
C-drík Kirdec Syrphe
1 month ago

Bandcamp Friday is around the corner & we have 3 new releases.

1. Axiome (Olivier Moreau & Cedrik Fermont - RMX (by Aluviana) - CD & digital. #ambient #industrial #Belgium #Slovenia

2. Tasjiil Moujahed (Jawad Nawfal & Cedrik Fermont) - End of privacy - digital. #electro #synthpop #Belgium #Lebanon

3. iKKi Duo (Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu & Fulya Uçanok) - Wandering Rocks - digital. #ambient #electroacoustic. #Turkey

CD and cover of Axiome, an electronic music band from Belgium, remixed by Aluviana, Slovenia.

My friend and comedian Nour Hajjar has been arrested by the Lebanese regime. There's a protest planned now. Pass this along to folks in #Beirut #Lebanon

Obsidian Urbex Photography
1 month ago

Calling all #AbandonedPlaces lovers! It is time to start editing another country from my backlog, and add a new country page to my website.

Which to pick: #Lebanon, #Georgia or #Armenia

I have opened this up to a vote for all my #Patreon supporters -

#Vote #Website #Photography #Photographer #FemalePhotogs #Urbex #UrbanExploration #LostPlace #Ruins #Haikyo

three photo collage. Left - a grand central room with triple arch windows and ornate ceiling. Middle - Tall columned arcade with blue arched roof. Right - control panel in a room with large bright windows, there is a mural on the wall of a man with a beard and a sun
1 month ago

An Israeli spy network was arrested at the Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport in the Lebanese capital, local media reported. #Israel | #Lebanon

Obsidian Urbex Photography
1 month ago

Lebanese high-society houses have beautiful architecture; Ottoman-style triple arches and ornate ceilings. Many of these residences lay abandoned.

✍️ Read this latest addition on my #UrbanExploration and #Photography blog -

#Photographer #Blogger #Urbex #Adventure #Lebanon #MiddleEast #Ottoman #architecturephotograhy #Abandoned

Queer Lit Cats
1 month ago

Pink News: Lebanon bans Snakes and Ladders game from schools because of Pride flag colours #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Lebanon #World #News

Basketball fans in crisis-hit Lebanon find much-needed joy and hope through the national team’s World Cup journey.
Lebanon’s FIBA World Cup journey is about much more than basketball
Steve Herman
2 months ago

US Treasury #OFAC sanctions the former governor of the central bank of #Lebanon, Riad Salameh, saying his "corrupt and unlawful actions have contributed to the breakdown of the rule of law" in that country.

Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

Saudi Arabia asks its citizens to quickly leave Lebanon amid escalating tension

>Amid more and more armed clashes in the area, #SaudiArabia called on its citizens to quickly move out from Lebanese territory and to avoid approaching tense regions, the Saudi embassy in #Lebanon said in a statement posted late on Friday on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Smoke rises from Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp during Palestinian faction clashes, in Sidon, Lebanon. Reuters.
Herr Irrtum!
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↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

RADIO IRRTUM! – your chill breeze in da summer… is back! \o/ Tonight, 2023-08-05 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) at Alex Berlin/FM 91 MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D, or via stream:

#Radio Irrtum! is my German language #radioShow exploring the sonic vastnesses of the #underground. Don't be afraid about the German language aspect - it's a show to raise your attention for new unheard #music all over the genre spectrum - and exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so not speaking German at all wont protect you from being sonically pleasured! :)

This time there will be a nice acoustic
chill with lots of different musical styles, all insanely cramped into one hour of air time.

That means in particular:

- splendid
#Lofi #Beatmaker stuff e.g. straight from #Lebanon
#beatless #Hiphop (cuz beats are overrated!)
#DanceMusic straight from LA (why am I writing "straight" all the time → this is all but "straight" btw!)
#IDM is a DOMINATING thing in this show - had way too much bass/halftime the last shows — about time for IDM I think
#Underground (can't find a better tag, it's soo strange) from the UK and #Bulgaria
#Jazz that isn't jazz but #NeueNeueMusik from #Berlin
#PowerElectronics #Hardcore from Minnesota
- very fast and also slower (and than even kinda 60s)
#GirlPunk from Canada and Nashville
- and gentle experimental electronics from the Rhein-Westerwald area in Germany

Shout outs to, and - you all know them from the Fediverse (don't you?!) and they all are featured in this show! \o/

As always I'll post the playlist after the show here (provided I’m at home, else it will come up the day after). And if you have questions about the music – I'll gladly answer! Just ask!


↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Radio Irrtum!, Eure erfrischende Brise im Sommer der heißen Tatsachen, ist wieder da: Heute Abend, 20 Uhr über Alex Berlin auf UKW 91MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D (Stream URL oben).

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, in der wir zusammen die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds erforschen.
Diesmal wird es sich wie ein gigantischer Chill anfühlen, der jede Menge verschiedener Musikstile vor sich hertreibt:
Im Detail:

- Lofi/Beatmaker stuff u.a. vom Libanon
- Hiphop ohne Beats
- DanceMusik aus LA
- IDM - viel davon!
- Underground (tut mir leid, kein besserer Tag weil wirklich seltsames Zeug) aus dem VK und Bulgarien
- Jazz der keiner ist sondern "Neue Neue Musik" aus Berlin
- Hardcore aus Minnesota
- Girl-
#Punk aus Kanada und Nashville
- sanfte experimental Electronica aus der Rhein-Westerwald Gegend

Grüße stehen oben, Playlist nach der Show (spätestens Sonntag) genau hier. Fragen einfach stellen – ich antworte (spätestens am Sonntag)!

Bis heute Abend, Euer Herr Irrtum! :)

The animated Radio Irrtum! logo. This time it includes the title theme of Todays show ("The Tausendsassa Chill") written out with an animated Ice Cube - so there is an Ice Cube reference in here…

There are worse places to be #amwriting. 🇱🇧

#Beirut #Lebanon #amwritinghistory

A laptop, mouse and cup of coffee sitting on a table on a balcony in the foreground. In the background, about 50 feet below, are a city street full of cars and, beyond that, a beach with large sandstone boulders and the Mediterranean Sea.
Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

“My hope has burst into a thousand pomegranate seeds.”
by Farah-Silvana Kanaan


Y'all, we're fundraising for #Queer #MutualAid #Lebanon (QMA Lebanon). Show some love!

I sat down with Ayman of @Bizri6 from QMA to talk about it

audio preview of my conversation with Ayman
The Partial Historians
3 months ago

A youth holds a snake in their left hand and reaches towards another with their right. It’s not clear whether the snake to the right is biting the youth or the youth is holding the snake by the jaw…

📍Syria or Lebanon, C5th CE
🏛 The Louvre

#MosaicMonday #History #AncientRome #Syria #Lebanon @histodons @antiquidons

A youth seeming to wrestle two snakes. The background in mostly white except behind the snake to the right where the background is a greenish-yellow. Fragments of writing can be seen to the left and animal hooves and animal paws above.
Steve Herman
3 months ago

Hannibal Gaddafi went on a hunger strike last month in a Lebanese prison to protest his incarceration without trial since 2015. He was charged in #Lebanon with concealing information about the fate of a Lebanese Shi'ite cleric who disappeared while on a trip to #Libya in 1978.

Steve Herman
3 months ago

Hannibal Gaddafi, son of ex-#Libya leader, hospitalized in critical condition in #Lebanon, reports Al Hadath TV.

Steve Herman
3 months ago

Former #Nissan head Carlos Ghosn files in #Lebanon a $1 billion lawsuit against the Japanese automaker and about a dozen individuals over his imprisonment in #Japan and what he says is misinformation spread against him.

Obsidian Urbex Photography
4 months ago

🇱🇧 Travelling around #Lebanon photographing lost palaces with Ottoman style architecture. Yesterday's highlight was an abandoned cinema!

#Beirut #Photography #abandonedplaces #travel #photographer #urbex #UrbanExploration

Photo of an abandoned cinema, photo of upper floor balcony level
Gracie Gato
4 months ago

This trip changed me to the core. This is a world changing shift I never expected when I boarded my plane. I’m forever grateful for Lebanon. Showing me even in their darkest hour, how to stay human. #humanitarian #lebanon

Kriszta Satori
4 months ago

BBC News - The #Syrian girl whose parents were #deported (from #Lebanon ) while she was at school

Steve Herman
5 months ago

US believes #Lebanon “needs a president free of corruption who can unite the country, advocate for transparency and accountability, put the interests of Lebanon’s people first, move towards national unity, and implement critical economic reforms,” according to the State Department.

Mondoweiss 🇵🇸
5 months ago

On April 18, 1996, Israeli forces fired artillery shells at a UN compound in Qana, a village in southern Lebanon. Around 800 had taken shelter at the compound which was clearly marked on Israeli maps. In the strikes 106 were killed, of whom half of them children, and 120 were injured including four UN workers.

From 2020: Remembering the Qana Massacres –

#Palestine #Israel #Qana #Lebanon

Steve Herman
6 months ago

#israel military says it has launched strikes in #Lebanon. There are reports of explosions in Tyre.

6 months ago

Via Axios:

Dozens of rockets fired from #Lebanon toward #Israel in the most serious escalation since the 2006 war.

Richard Peat 
6 months ago

Lebanese Prime Minister changes the date of the switch to #DST, whilst others in the country change on the previously planned date anyway.

#Lebanon time zones: Partial clock change causes confusion

⚪ Ein rotes... Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 A red... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #SergeNajjar in City: #Beirut #Lebanon 🇱🇧 - Title: untitled 🔴 - #Streetart #Art #Red #Mastoart #Photography #Fotografie #Artwork #Windows
➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. Minimalist color photo shot of a red house wall with an open window from which a man is working on the wall with a window squeegee.
Photographer Serge Najjar knows how to get the best out of supposedly boring building structures. A few windows in unfinished buildings, old stone columns or simply a staircase with the help of a smart man in one action to a great photo. His motto: "It is not about what you see, but how you see it".