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Midna is gonna milk Link all night long

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Bring back the Keaton to LoZ! And make their mask transform-able 😭 .

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Japan Pop News
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【ゼルダの伝説 ティアーズ オブ ザ キングダム #32】遂に最終決戦へ!風雲ハイラル城!!【にじさんじ/社築】

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【ゼルダの伝説 ティアーズ オブ ザ キングダム #32】遂に最終決戦へ!風雲ハイラル城!!【にじさんじ/社築】
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Wanted to do something fairy themed. Inspired by the Great Fairies from Legend of Zelda. #likeness #aiart #stablediffusion #lightningtemple #zelda #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #venus #blonde #legendofzelda #nintendo #fairy #greatfairy

Al art of my likeness with accurate depiction of my body, face and hair created in a program using my own personal actual photos. My long blonde hair is down. I am wearing a green dress with flowers on the right side of my head. Also wearing fairy wings. I am in a dark forest standing next to a wooden structure.
Al art of my likeness with accurate depiction of my body, face and hair created in a program using my own personal actual photos. My long blonde hair is down. I am wearing a green dress with flowers on the right side of my head. Also wearing fairy wings. I am in a light forest next to a balcony with some wooden columns behind me to my left.
Cade the Cat
1 week ago

Fact: It cannot rightly be said that "Link's Fursona is (animal)" because there are multiple Links, and we have seen two different canon fursonas for two different Links. In LTTP, he was a rabbit in the dark world, and in TP, he turned into a wolf. Therefore, I open the discussion: What fursonas do the other Links from the other Zelda games have?

Personally, I think BOTW/TOTK Link (they're the same Link canonically) would be a squirrel, because of the climbing, and the hoarding vast quantities of food, and the being a chaotic little gremlin. Any other thoughts?

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Project N
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Project Retrô – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, o melhor dentre os melhores

Check it out! 👇

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Meccha Japan
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Link Plush - Still Available!
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I've never understood the shit fit people who played #OcarinaOfTime have over the Water Temple.

It wasn't that difficult or frustrating, just poorly paced with having to switch the boots in & out all of the time.

Happy 25th anniversary to one of my favour #LegendofZelda games.

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Good afternoon! We had a wonderful gaming stream yesterday, and I'd like to thank SocksTheWolf and his followers for helping us get closer to our 50 followers needed for Affiliate! 43/50 now!

Here's the vid if you missed us!

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The fox den will be open in 30 minutes! Get a seat and get comfy, I'm drinking it black for "Caffeinated Gaming With the Red Foxx" today!

Only on:

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Today's coffee-fueled adventuring will be showing on time! Catch "Caffeinated Gaming With the Red Foxx" at 4:30pm CST! We'll finish up some Dragon Tears and see what the lovable Pelican Boyfriend is up to!

Only on:

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On this day 25 years ago in 1998. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was first released for the Nintendo 64. On November 21st, 1998 in Japan, the game saw its very first release. I want to celebrate this game’s very first release with a pic of my likeness🙂. #likeness #aiart #stablediffusion #zelda #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #venus #blonde #legendofzelda #nintendo #ocarinaoftime #legendofzeldaocarinaoftime #link #nintendo64

Al art of my likeness with accurate depiction of my body, face and hair created in a program using my own personal actual photos. My long blonde hair is down. I am wearing a green tunic, a belt and elf-like ears. I am standing up in front of a tree inside what appears to be a house in a forest.
2 weeks ago

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released 25 years ago on 21st November 1998.

#1998InVideoGames #videogames #videogamehistory #legendofzelda #zelda

Seed of Life 🌱🐺
2 weeks ago

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time turns 25 today! 🎉🎂

This game is very important both to me and to Seed of Life, it's my #1 source of inspiration! I love it to death! 🥰

What's your favourite moment in Ocarina of Time? 🤔

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Meccha Japan
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Join the Celebration! 25 Years of The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time⚔️🎶 Check out our goodies at the link below!
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Let's Play - Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom - Part 2 - #LegendofZelda #TearsOfTheKingdom

Let's Play - Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom - Part 1 - #legendofzelda #tearsofthekingdom -

Travis Tubbs
2 weeks ago

Don’t you hate it when you’re cleaning out your cottage and you just don’t have any place to put your Master Sword? Hyrule World Problems, am I right?

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Desert Bus For Hope
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Just over 10 minutes left to get your entries in for the Megaton Hammer

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delvina ✨
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Link and Zelda being cute together

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Four panels of Link and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series being cute together
2 weeks ago
Telmo 🦕
2 weeks ago

Playing Zelda on the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom doesn't matter, it's still the best therapy I've ever found.

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If you couldn't make last night's Caffeinated Gaming stream, it's now on our youtube page!

We go on a hunt for Dragon's Tears, and take a little break between Zelda's memories to build our first little death machine!

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"Caffeinated Gaming With the Red Foxx" will air on time at 4:30pm CST, which is in 30 minutes.

We're going to hunt down as many of the Dragon Tears as time allows, maybe build a death machine. We also have new amiibos to try out! Lots of stuff!

Only on:

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@guy_pleaser #Commissions for Guy_Pleaser@aethy.

I really enjoyed doing this.
#Link #legendofZelda.

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I am happy to report that today's episode of "Caffeinated Gaming With the Red Foxx" will be showing on time in the Fox Den at 4:30pm CST this afternoon.

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I love slaughtering dodongos in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" as Goron Link. 😈

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Goron Link zooming through a snowfield with spikes all over his body.  As he is rolling, he makes contact with a dodongo's tail. The dodongo is taking damage.  As he continues rolling, he is still making contact with a dodongo's tail. The dodongo is continually taking damage. Goron Link is pushing the dodongo further and further away from the snow area as he rolls. The dodongo has been defeated, and disappears, leaving behind a purple rupee worth 50 rupees. Goron Link is standing next to the rupee.


I love "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" so damn much.

So many pieces of hidden dialogue like this, and it's fucking great.

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #TheLegendOfZelda #MajorasMask #Nintendo64 #N64 #videogame #videogames #LozMajorasMask #LegendOfZelda

Screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask being played on the Nintendo Switch. It's showing the Curiosity Shop owner. He says, "Eesh. You frighten me. I keep special hours for folks like you. Try comin' back at half past never." Link tried talking to him while as Zora Link.
3 weeks ago

I’ve been very very slowly playing through TOTK and having a really great time meandering about and also sitting at the couch while my spouse plays too (xey’re much farther than I am)

#MastoArt #LegendOfZelda #TOTK

Two pages filled with sketches. Page one shows a full body of Link in his starting outfit from Tears of the Kingdom with the text “Wild child hours commence” around him. Next to that is two sketches of Link from the chest up, the first shows him excited with the text “How Link looks at food”, with the second being an expressionless Link with the text “How Link looks at everything else.” Below that is a sketch of Penn. Beside that is a very small doodle of a battle construct falling off the side of a floating island with Link yelling “Oh no! I wanted that stuff!”
Two pages filled with sketches. Page one shows a full body of Link in his starting outfit from Tears of the Kingdom with the text “Wild child hours commence” around him. Next to that is two sketches of Link from the chest up, the first shows him excited with the text “How Link looks at food”, with the second being an expressionless Link with the text “How Link looks at everything else.” Below that is a sketch of Penn. Beside that is a very small doodle of a battle construct falling off the side of a floating island with Link yelling “Oh no! I wanted that stuff!”
3 weeks ago

@AliothFox @Rusty

I think you are missing a few details.

For starters Majora's Mask is not a sequel to OoT, it's a spin off. A "What if" scenario. Though if you follow the fan theory of Link dies the game an entirely different meaning.

But OoT was an adventure game with an extremely generic plot, Majoras Mask is a psychological game based entirely around it's plot. It's a story game, not an action game. I would argue they even made the "action/adventure" parts intentionally crappy because man... Majora's Mask has some REALLY bad boss fights, like... Actively irritatingly badly designed bosses.

The point of Majora's mask is pretty simple, unlike every other adventure game where you are the hero who saves everyone, who saves the princess, who saves the world... In Majora's mask you CAN'T save everything, and that's the point. You have to fail, someone HAS to suffer, you simply cannot save everyone. To make it worse YOU don't even get told they are suffering either. This isn't like modern games where you are told that by taking a side the other side gets angry at you, no... In Majora's mask only YOU ever know what you've done.

Here is a simple example: There are 3 completely optional quests that all take place at the same time, 1 minor quest and two major ones. You can complete just one of the major quests, and the minor one. Those quests are, stop an old lady from being mugged in the park, help a child save her farm, and/or talk to the fiance of a man who has gone missing.

If you choose to save the old lady you save her family from going bankrupt as well as get a discount on bombs and more importantly the biggest bomb bag.

If you choose to meet the fiance after you prevent the mugging you forsake a child to being kidnapped and lobotomized, as well as doom their family to their own bankruptcy.

If you choose to help the child you allow the fiance and the missing man's mother to spend the rest of their lives never knowing what happened to him.

You cannot complete all three quests, and failing to do any of them has no consequences on you whatsoever. But YOU, the player, will know the consequences to the people. YOU had the chance to save an old lady from being mugged and you LET IT HAPPEN. YOU could have saved a child's life, but YOU let her be kidnapped. YOU could have eased the pain of a grieving mother and scared fiance, but YOU let them suffer. The game never tells you this, you can ignore all of those quests, but YOU, the player, will always know what you did. This is far more powerful then a meter in a game telling you that a faction hates you 2 points more because you slapped their dog. Because the game doesn't care, the devs aren't actively telling you what you did, only you and you alone will known, you have to live with it. You made the choice, and you have to suffer the consequences.

This also applies to the four regions, each one takes about 2-3 days to fully save on the first round since you have to fully complete each dungeon at least once. This means that you spend three days trying to save a monkey from being killed by an angry mob by freeing the Deku tribe's princess from the temple, then... You go back in time and undo it, and then you go to the next region. you make an active, conscious choice to Let them die on the next loop. You could spend 3 days going back and saving them, but you don't. You move on. You let the gorons freeze and die on the next loop after that. Then you let the zora's suffer and allow children to be torn away from their mother. You made those choices. And now you alone have to live with them.

You can't save everyone. It doesn't matter how many times you reset. It doesn't matter how many times you try. It doesn't matter how many times you go back, or how perfectly timed you are, or even if you ultimately save Termina... You failed to save someone, you made a choice on who had to suffer for someone else to not.

But the game isn't just about trying to teach you that you can't save everyone... It's about teaching you to accept it. Everyone knows the game is laid out to replicate the five stages of grief.

The town represents denial. Almost everyone in the town is in denial about the situation, they can see the moon coming, they can feel the earth shaking, and yet... They all deny it. The people deny it because they want to hold their festival, the mayor denies it becuase he is being pressured, some of the people you try to save deny it because they want to stay with their friends and family... They can all see the end of the world coming, and they all deny reality itself.

The swamp is anger. The Deku tribe's princess has gone missing, and they lash out at the only person they can, the princesses friend the monkey. They kidnap him, imprison him, and get ready to kill him unless he returns the princess. They aren't being logical, or reasonable. They are blinded by anger and intend to take it out on the only person they can. They demand he return the princess, but how can he? He's in prison and about to be boiled alive. They ignore his explanations, all they can see is red.

The mountain is bargaining. The gorons are freezing to death, they are out of food, their water sources have all frozen over... They are dying, and yet... They do nothing. They all believe that their ancient hero will save them, the one who is already dead. They think that a miracle will happen, they don't need to save themselves... Someone else will do it. They think they can wait, someone else will come. It's fine, they can last a few more days... The dead and dying will be fine, all they need to do is wait, he will save them if they wait...

The ocean is depression. It's cold, lonely, the inhabitants are all distant and there isn't much to do. even the things that you can do don't feel satisfying. You are presented with simple tasks that feel tedious and you don't really want to do. The world feels small, yet massive all at once. You have to find the missing Zora eggs for a mother who has lost her voice, the zora's are all trying to maintain some semblance of normality, but you can feel they aren't really into what they are doing. You can find the journal of the zora you are pretending to be and attempt to use that information to 'jam out' with a fellow zora, but they just turn you down... they think no one will want to hear the song you wrote with them. And when you do present it the band leader turns you down... It's just sad, to work so hard on something only to be turned down. You should enjoy it, you got to hang out with a friend and write a song! But it's just... blah...

Finally, the canyon is acceptance. You are alone, completely and utterly alone. There are very few NPC's here, even fewer quests. You traverse a land with nothing to offer, even after you beat the undead king who won't accept his own death and he gives you the tools you need to get to the temple... There nothing there. You climb the stone tower completely alone. There aren't even any real threats as you traverse it. You are... Alone with your thoughts, you have time to reflect on everything. You learn to accept the emptiness. You begin to realize... It's not your fault. You tried your best, but it isn't your fault that people had to suffer. You chose what you thought were the best outcomes, you accept that failure is a part of life... You... Cannot save everyone.

Finally you reset and return to the town with a new perspective. You use your newfound knowledge to complete each of the four temples to save the peoples of that region (or you don't, you monster), then you help as many people as you can in the town. And on the third day... You face the Majora's mask... You prepare yourself to fight the great evil that has been plagueing you since day 1. But then... Something unexpected happens. You find yourself in a peaceful, serine field, with a small hill with a single tree in the distance. You approach it and find four children playing together, and one child left out. There are two paths now. If you chose not to help everyone you could at least once you fight Majora's mask in a somewhat intense multiiphase fight, and the ending plays. You did it, you saved the world, and helped some of the inhabitants. But something is still wrong... You didn't really make the full effort did you? You didn't even try to help everyone at least once...

So you reset again, you reset as many time as it takes to help everyone at least once, you have to know... Can you save everyone? You reach Majora again, and you approach the tree... You talk to the children and offer them all the masks you collected through the game, symbols of all the people you helped. And one by one the children leave... Leaving you, and Majora alone... He comments about the others being gone, and offers you a brand new mask. The fierce deity mask. A mask so powerful it rivals the power of the Majora's mask itself. It is a symbol of acceptance. You took the time to save as many people as you possibly could. You took the time to help the man trapped in the canyon. You helped save a father who was dying and becoming a monster. You helped the old lady, you helped the child protect her family ranch, you helped lay a spirit to rest, you saved the fiance, you saved them... At least once. You even helped the four moon children and their tokens of thank you has culminated in this one final mask... A symbol of Majora's acceptance. The Majora's mask knows you will reset again, and again, and again, you will spend an eternity trying to stop him. You've learned you can't save everyone, you are giving up all the tokens of your hard work... And you beat Majora. Not by fighting him, but by showing that you have finally accepted that you cannot save everyone but as many as you can, and you giving up all the masks is that final symbol of acceptance.

So he gives you the Fierce deity mask, and you easily defeat him in battle. It isn't even close to a challenge, each of his phases takes 1-2 hits while using the Deity mask. Majora knew he couldn't win, and gave you the final mask, a mask to rival him... To show he was accepting his fate. The final fight isn't to save the world, it's to save him. You have to put an end to his suffering, his rage... And you do. You save him.

Then the credits roll, you get to see various people you've helped through the various resets, everyone seems happy, everyone is celebrating. Even the Skull kid gets to have closure as he reconciles with his friends the giants...

But then the game proves one final time that you can't save everyone. At the very start of the game, after the skull kid curses you, you navigate an almost dreamlike area of warp geometry, and bottomless pits. It's surreal, off putting... And right before you finally leave you encounter a strange shrub. It's also warped, it looks as it melted partially, it also looks sad... But it's jsut a stump, you don't give it any thought. Maybe you vaguely recall a character mentioned their own son leaving home one day in the Deku kingdom, but you don't really give that any thought either... And as the credit roll... You see him. You see him crying over the stump. From the very first moments of the game it was teaching you... You just didn't know it. You failed to save even the first person you encountered. The game made you jump through every hoop it could, you reset dozens of times, maybe hundreds. You helped give closure to dozens of people, you saved the world, you even helped a god put down their rage... But... There was one person you were never, ever going to be able to save... The very first person you encountered.

You failed before you even began. You couldn't save everybody. You were never supposed to. You were taught from the start that you can't, and you learned to accept it along the way. Your final moments in game are the final acceptance that you... Cannot save everyone.

*gets off soapbox and leaves*

#majorasmask #legendofzelda #zelda

aven 🌈
3 weeks ago

A really cool comm - I was asked to imagine what Zelda might look like if she had kept some dragon features ✨

#zelda #totk #tearsofthekingdom #thelegendofzelda #tloz #loz #legendofzelda #mastoart #art #illustration

A painting of Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, standing backlit against the dawn sky. She has dragon features such as scaly, clawed hands and arms, glowing purple and blue eyes, long white furry ears, blue shards on her shoulders, and glowing blue antler-like horns. She looks wistfully to one side. Behind her, various sky islands are scattered and silhouetted in the sky.
3 weeks ago

Hunter Schafer Says Playing Zelda in Nintendo’s Live-Action Movie Would Be ‘So Cool’ Amid Fan Casting Buzz
#Variety #News #HunterSchafer #LegendofZelda

3 weeks ago

This is inspired by the Fire Temple in many of the Zelda games. I’m very excited about the announcement of the upcoming Zelda movie!😊 #likeness #aiart #stablediffusion #firetemple #zelda #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #venus #blonde #legendofzelda #nintendo

Al art of my likeness with accurate depiction of my body, face and hair created in a program using my own personal actual photos. My long blonde hair is down. I am wearing a blue and orange cloak, orange gloves, orange belt with a buckle on it. I am inside of what appears to be a fire themed ancient interior.
★ blue-caller ☆
3 weeks ago

If the live-action #LegendOfZelda film is anything but an homage to the mid 1980s American cartoon, it will be a missed opportunity. And I'm not kidding.

Hopefully they'll prove me wrong, but live action adaptations of games are 100% of the time not good... unless they are parodies of themselves; see #StreetFighter

3 weeks ago

Just heard from Daniel Greene this announcement - NINTENDO IS MAKING A LEGEND OF ZELDA MOVIE!!!!

#legendofzelda #movies

The Fandom Post
3 weeks ago

‘The #LegendofZelda’ Live-Action Film In Development

4 weeks ago

So we’ll get a live action #zelda movie? Sure, why not? I wonder who’ll play Link and what version of Hyrule they’ll use for the film. I’ll definitely watch it.

#legendofzelda #nintendo #zeldamovie

4 weeks ago

If you couldn't make the "Caffeinated Gaming With the Red Foxx" stream yesterday, no worries, it's on Youtube now!

Enjoy the Grand Hyrulian Boyfriend Hunt!

#ZacharyFoxx #caffeinatedgaming #smallstreamer #smallstreamers #caffeine #caffeinated #twitch #twitchstream #twitchstreamer #LegendofZelda #TearsoftheKingdom #nintendo #nintendoswitch #silly #comedy #sass #sassy

4 weeks ago

I’m equally excited and scared about this. I hope it’s at least as good as the Super Mario movie 🤞🏽

(Yes, I should be lowering my expectations… working on that).

#zelda #nintendo #LegendOfZelda

PhantaNews ✅
4 weeks ago

Nintendo und Sony arbeiten an LEGEND OF ZELDA-Realfilm

Lange Jahre gab es keine Filme um Nintendos erfolgreiche Spiele-Franchises.

#AviArad #Kinofilm #LegendOfZelda #LiveActionFilm #Realfilm #Sony #Zelda

#Zelda is probably my favorite franchise and I’m not sure how I feel about it getting a live-action movie:

#LegendOfZelda #Nintendo

Rinku リンク
4 weeks ago

Como les decia este el video que le hice a la canción, es un #gmv de #legendofzelda #breathofthewild espero les guste 😁
▶️Aquí el enlace:

#musica #cancion #song #songoftheday #canciondeldia #artist #producer #electronica #gamingmusic #musicvideo

IT News
4 weeks ago

The Legend of Zelda is getting a live-action film from Nintendo and Sony - Enlarge / We have no idea what's going to be in the movie, but likely t... - #thelegendofzelda #legendofzelda #nintendo #culture #gaming #movie #zelda

Tech news from Canada
4 weeks ago

Ars Technica: The Legend of Zelda is getting a live-action film from Nintendo and Sony #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #thelegendofzelda #legendofzelda #Nintendo #Culture #Gaming #movie #Zelda

4 weeks ago

What the fuck Nintendo just announced that they're making a live action Legend of Zelda movie.

This is real.

#LegendofZelda #Nintendo

4 weeks ago
Anna Hudak
4 weeks ago

Us Elder Scrolls fans seeing the news of a live-action Legend of Zelda movie:

#ElderScrolls #Gaming #VideoGames #Xbox #LegendOfZelda

A white man in nice suit on TV with closed captioning on that reads: Jesus, I see what you've done for other people, and I want that for me.
Infrapink (he/his/him)
4 weeks ago

Holy smoke! Straight from the horse's mouth, we're getting a live-action #Zelda movie!

#LegendOfZelda #TheLegendOfZelda #Nintendo

Flipboard Culture Desk
4 weeks ago

Nintendo has announced a live-action film based on The Legend of Zelda, directed by Wes Ball, who helmed the "Maze Runner" trilogy. Variety has the details. How are we all feeling about this?

#VideoGames #Gaming #Movies #Entertainment #LegendOfZelda

4 weeks ago

8-bit remix of the song "Crimson Loftwing Theme" from the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

#Chiptune #Remix #SkywardSword #LegendOfZelda #Zelda #NES #FamiStudio #Music #MastoArt

1 month ago

From the underground to the sky!

Find them as mini prints on my shop!

#totk #totkart #LegendOfZelda

3 drawings of link in the underground, Hyrule fields, and the sky. He is riding a zonai minecart, car, and hot air balloon respectively.

I spent about 5 hours straight recording today while body-doubling with a friend on Discord :eevee_joy:​ For someone nearly allergic to the tech-side of music, this is basically a miracle :leafeon_giggle:​

That said, this session reminded me of just how difficult recording is. In live settings, rhythm issues tend to be the "miscounted note/rest values" sort because you can see each other and use your eyes on top of your ears to stay together and get in the groove :bugcat_nod:​

With recording, even with the metronome going in the background (sometimes especially with the metronome in the background), it's all too easy to get the jarring de-sync that you can hear happening in this draft of the recording :cat_facepalm:​ If I played like this in a live setting even a little bit, I'd probably have people worried that I was having a stroke :zerotwo_cry:​

:zerotwo_learn:​ The single hardest part in this whole arrangement is actually the bass part with its steady quarter-notes. I say "steady" as in "they're supposed to be steady", and not, "they're easy to get steady" :zerotwo_dead:

Still, the piece has taken shape, and I feel like I can actually see the finish line now (this is totally ignoring the taking of any videos for this because...yeah...I reeeeally don't want to deal with video in my current state). Hopefully, I can do some more takes in the next few days that are a bit tighter together and get this out :frog_blush:

#Music #Musician #MusicianLife #Violin #Violinist #Zelda #LegendOfZelda #OcarinaOfTime #VGM

p.s. Can you tell me whether you can listen to this or not? I knew I had problems with .wav and .mp3 files in the past so I rendered this as a .ogg file.

A violin quartet rendition of Kokiri Forest from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I exported, imported, and touched up an old score for Kokiri Forest today :shiba_excited:​ After 27 years, I heard a light, arpeggiated part that I hadn't realised was there in all this time while listening to the original track :panda_shocked:​

I'm glad I took one last listen-through of the original before I finalised this score (and that this particular score has room for that part because it's written for 4 violins instead of my usual 2ish :eevee_joy:​ )

#Music #Musician #MusicianLife #Violinist #SheetMusic #Zelda #LegendOfZelda #OcarinaOfTime

Two lines of sheet music with two sets of arpeggiated eighth notes circled in red.
2 months ago

Found this on a other site but wanted to do it here too
First Zelda game: Legend of Zelda
Most recent: Tears of the Kingdom
Best story: Wind Waker
Best final boss: Skyward Sword
Best companion: Twilight Princess
Best dungeons: Ocarina of Time
Best music: Spirit Tracks
Fave: Minish Cap
#Zelda #LegendofZelda #videogames

2 months ago

Ya-ha-ha! Just completed my Korok piece! Originally, I wanted to make this a desktop wallpaper, but decided it looks better in this format. I love these guys so much!

Drawn in #krita on a #huion tablet.

#legendofzelda #zelda #breathofthewild #tearsofthekingdom #nintendo #nintendoswitch #fanart

A digital drawing of Hestu and four Koroks from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They look like anthropomorphic trees with leaves for masks.
Curious Goblin
2 months ago


2️⃣5️⃣% off the entire #etsy store until the end of the month ✂️🏷️

#tabletop #gaming #games #etsyshop #warhammer #miniature #zelda #legendofzelda
#xmas #christmastodon #videogames #ttrpg #gaslands #montessori #boardgames

2 months ago

Played Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom through to the end, and all of the main quests and side quests etc.

This was definitely the weirdest moment in the entire game.

#Zelda #Nintendo #TOTK #TearsOfTheKingdom #LegendOfZelda #VideoGames

Screenshot from Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, showing an anthropomorphic albatross dressed in 1920s style flying gear talking to Link saying "There you are partner! Have you seen all the men in underpants at the stable?". In the background a small orchestra is playing and there's the ruins of a fallen floating island from the sky in the far background.
2 months ago

Day 5 of #Arttrober is Link of #LegendOfZelda fame. Specifically, the Link of #TearsOfTheKingdom.

I've certainly played a few Zelda titles, but not Breath of the Wild or its sequel. If I had a Switch though, they'd probably be right at the top of my list of games to play.

#inktober #drawtober #mastoart #procreate #zelda #videogames #gaming

A drawing of the character Link from Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Link, a blonde-haired youth with pointed ears wearing a rustic tunic, has his finger pointed at the air as if he's just had a great idea.
2 months ago

A lynel bothered by dragonflies.

He's a skydiver. Coincidentally it's Linktober too.

#art #Zelda #nintendo #videogames #legendofzelda #illustration #linktober2023 #MastoArt

Link plunging through the sky as featured in the video games Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. He's wearing a worn tunic and a gleeful expression with an open mouth smile, wild blond hair and the featured arm.
3 months ago

I can't shake the Wind Waker x Tears of The Kingdom idea.

#TearsOfTheKingdom #windwaker #LegendofZelda #zelda #CLIPSTUDIOPAINT #digitalart

3 months ago

Manny: Scourge of Hateno Village #LegendOfZelda #BoTW #ToTK

3 months ago

I’m off to play more Tears of The Kingdom. See you on the flip side! #gaming #LegendOfZelda

3 months ago

Glad to have played a part on the completion of this video!
Joe has pulled through delivering another masterpiece and I can't recommend enough that you give it a look - even if you aren't a fan of the recent Zelda games!

#TearsOfTheKingdom #LegendofZelda

Happy 32nd birthday to the SNES in North America! Here's a pic of (most of the) SNES collection. I have 2 SNES consoles (one is here, one is plugged in) and 13 carts - these. Several are homebrews up on top there. And the Joe and Mac special retrobit edition.

#snes #nintendo #supernintendo #donkeykong #donkeykongcountry #aladdin #disney #supernes #supernintendo #mario #supermario #supermarioworld #yoshi #yoshisisland #zelda #legendofzelda #linktothepast #retrogaming #90s @andycarolan @benmo @retroweekly

The SNES was released in North America on August 23, 1991 - 32 years ago. I have 2 SNES consoles and 13 carts - these. Several are homebrews up on top there! And the Joe and Mac special retrobit edition. 

#snes #nintendo #supernintendo #donkeykong #donkeykongcountry #aladdin #disney #supernes #supernintendo #mario #supermario #supermarioworld #yoshi #yoshisisland #zelda #legendofzelda #linktothepast #lttp #retrogaming #90s #90skid #90skids
Takiro 🎨
3 months ago
A drawing of a blue anthropomorphic fox dressed as the character Link from the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The fox looks more than skeptical, sitting on a way to small pony unicorn. The feral unicorn is yellow with brown mane and tail. It is dressed like the horse Epona from the same game but looks like a Pony from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The Cutie Mark is covered with a Note with a Trifoce on it, an important symbol from the Game.
The pony looks tired and annoyed but confident.
In the sketched Background Death Mounten and Kakariko are indicated.
3 months ago

Since I finished the main quest, Breath of the Wild is getting a bit boring. Good thing Fontaine just came out!! #gaming #LegendOfZelda #GenshinImpact

4 months ago

Minish Chat #LegendofZelda

4 months ago

I named the white horse Princess #LegendOfZelda #BreathOfTheWild #gaming

4 months ago

Well that was anticlimactic #breathofthewild #legendofzelda #gaming

Hello ​:misskey2022:​!!!

I'm going to make a proper

You can call me Peach! I'm an illustrator + pixel artist! I stream sometimes too!

I only speak English, but I am slowly learning 日本語!

I hope you enjoy my art!
#art #イラスト #pixelart #ドット絵 #legendofzelda #ゼルダの伝説 #pokemon #ポケモン

4 months ago
4 months ago

Two Classic #LegendOfZelda Blockbusters Just Dropped For #NintendoSwitchOnline

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

#Nintendo #GameBoyColor

GameBoy Color images of Link riding a horse (animated) from various scenes including in a field, close up, and in front of a sunset

Welp, new instance new #introduction :moogle_wave:​

It took me way too long to get my profile set up because I like way too many things! :cat_embarrassed:​

I'm a 30-something #millennial #trans :bh_flag_trans:​ #asexual :bh_flag_asexual: #panromantic :bh_flag_pansexual: (flag isn't quite right but I had to be consistant)

I like #boardgames #anime #scifi :trans_rebel_alliance:​ #videogames :hamster_gamer:​ and lots of other stuff that I talk about.

I work in #tech specifically #CloudServices

I talk about a little bit of everything from the above. I'm really random and i'll go days without posting something then make 100 posts in a day...

My bandwith for social media varies greatly, that doesn't mean I don't love you all...

Here's a fandom dump:
#LegendOfZelda (Zelda in general)
#FinalFantasy (FF in general)
#StarTrek (exploration sci-fi)
#StarWars (action sci-fi)
#SagaOfTheSevenSuns (political sci-fi)
#FireEmblemThreeHouses (and other tactics games)
#Pokemon (the only good got'cha game)
#DungeonsAndDragons (and other board/tabletop games)
#DragonPrince (also anything witchy)
#Voltron (any Pidge like character)
#CardCaptorSakura (most magical girl anime)
#AzumangaDaioh (slice of life anime)
#NeonGenesisEvangelion (mecha angst anime)

5 months ago

A Link Serigraphie !
I also did it on tote bags dans t shirts : ) !

#tloz #legendofzelda #link #serigraphie #TraditionalArt #illustration

Serigraphie of Link on paper
black and white
Ghastly Rune
5 months ago

What's your favorite #LegendofZelda game?

Mine is a toss up between Majora's Mask and Wind Waker. Was sketching out some doodles of Skullkid one day and decided to color this one.

#Loz #fanart #art #illustration #drawing #majorasmask #mastoart #nintendo #gaming

A digital illustration of Skullkid from Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. He is floating over buildings with his two fairies swirling around him.
Nathan Savant
5 months ago


Breaking down the #NarrativeDesign and #GameDesign techniques #Nintendo is using in #TearsOfTheKingdom to understand how it tells its story, how it uses its characters and quests, and how we can use this formula to go a LOT farther than they did.

#LegendOfZelda #GameDev

5 months ago

A bit late to this particular party but just found this interesting PC fan remake of Zelda II which also adds some modern features like full on widescreen support. Plays really well too.

#Zelda #LegendOfZelda #retrogaming #NES #Nintendo

Screenshot of a city in Zelda II presented in widescreen with some new additional pixel graphics and features added.
5 months ago

One random throwback project was the time I decided to attempt single thread mini sewing. This is in a 5cm hoop because I wanted to challenge myself 😅

I was playing BoTW at the time so, naturally, I decided to challenge myself even more by attempting to do a scene from that.

Tags 🏷️: #botw #zelda #gaming #embroidery #sewing #legendofzelda

A mini embroidery hoop held up by a forefinger and thumb. Embroidered on it is a scene from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild where Link is sitting in front of a lit up cooking pot. In the background is a unfinished Sheikah shrine and some mossy ruins. Above that is a starry blue sky.
The same image but it’s in an earlier stage before it was put into the hoop and under different lighting. In this picture you can see the gold threads in the shrine clearer. I decided to use them to try and get the illuminated effect shrines have
Aubrey :verifiedtrans:
5 months ago

Hey folks! I'm Aubrey, a trans girl from eastern Ontario and an avid wildlife photographer and aspiring wildlife filmmaker. I love the outdoors, especially #hiking, #canoeing, and #camping!
I also write a little in my spare time, but spend most of it #worldbuilding rather than actually writing.
I don't game that much, but my favs are #pokemon, #animalcrossing, #minecraft, #planetzoo, and #legendofzelda.
I foster cats for a local rescue, so expect lots of cat pics in the future!

5 months ago

Completed the main storyline of Tears of the Kingdom this evening.

I know you’re sick of hearing about how good a game it is; but it is such a good game.

Still plenty of side quests to do; and tonnes of map to properly explore.

Are you still enjoying it?

#LegendOfZelda #TearsOfTheKingdom

5 months ago

Hello all. Huge gamer, movie lover and tech geek. Also really into Japanese culture. Mac user and learning to code. Looking for positive vibes and like minded people.

Video Games series and developers I Love:
And more!

Favorite game: #ff7remake
Favorite movie: #beautyandthebeast

#introductions #videogames #movies #japan #tech #code #disney

5 months ago

Oh, and as far as games go, my #currentlyplaying list:

- #legendofzelda #TearsOfTheKingdom

- #Diablo4

- #CassetteBeasts

- and always, for some godforsaken reason, #Arma3

Den McHenry
5 months ago

Hudson, is that you? Tears of the Kingdom has me out here wanting to jump on that roof and build something. #legendofzelda #TotK

Carey Lening :blobcatverified:
6 months ago

My latest Substack piece is out, and you should read it.

In a tongue-firmly-in-cheek fashion, I navigate the breathtaking open-world of 'The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom', and uncover some unexpected parallels to the real-world data protection challenges we face, especially with location-tracking apps.

One of TotK's unique features, the Purah Pad, is reminiscent of location-tracking tools like Google Maps, Waze, and Strava, which track the main character's steps, health, and much more. As is often the case, this fact wasn't disclosed to poor Link (the main character) until well after the Purah Pad started collecting data!

So, I ask -- did the 'controllers' of the Purah Pad, knowingly or not, breach the Hyrule General Data Protection Regulation (HGDPR), a fictional counterpart of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? I humorously apply the tenets of the GDPR to the game's scenario, raising intriguing questions about data collection, user consent, and personal privacy. And really, how often do you get to read an amusing data protection-related piece about video games?

#privacy #data #gdpr #TotK #LegendofZelda #GDPR

6 months ago

Link the Destroyer...

#art #MastoArt #legendofzelda

A doodle of smirking Toon Link wielding the skull hammer and wearing big iron boots...
Chris Johns :verified:
7 months ago

Played through the original #LegendOfZelda (1986), currently playing through #LegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime, and playing #LegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild.
Feels like I’ve unlocked a new level of gaming by experiencing all of these back to back.

#thelegendofzelda #thelegendofzeldatearsofthekingdom #totk

Tom Servo
7 months ago

Will be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 AM CST the latest #Zelda game came out on Friday so I am starting #LegendofZelda for the #NES I'm a #Smallstreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

#SmallstreamersConnect #SmallstreamersUnite #SupportSmallStreamers #RetroGaming #RetroGames #nintendo #TheLegendofZelda

Emily King
7 months ago

My partner, Paul, started playing Tears of the Kingdom tonight and I am loving the look of it so far. I'm still working to complete my Breath of the Wild replay, but it's nice watching the newest game played.

#LegendOfZelda #TearsoftheKingdom

Screenshots from Tears of the Kingdom. Link falling through the sky with the game logo. Then several images of Link and Princess Zelda taken early in the game.
David Burns
7 months ago
A game and watch hand held of The Legend of Zelda. Link has gone into a building and is speaking to a non-player character. The character says “I am error”
Nathan Savant
7 months ago


Expanding on my analysis of Majora's Mask, this time I'm looking at #NarrativeDesign and pacing. How does #Nintendo use cutscenes? Environmental storytelling? Quests?

Click here for all that and more:

#GameDesign #NarrativeDesign #GameDev #MajorasMask #LegendOfZelda

Historical Save
7 months ago

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out soon! In celebration, posting my Link cosplay from Breath of the Wild 🍃

Easily one of my most complicated cosplays to date, I have no idea how Link carries all of that equipment 😅

- Photography by Alex H.
- Cosplay by myself, Historical Save✨
- Costume was handcrafted with love from V. Element

#cosplay #link #legendofzelda #tearsofthekingdom #breathofthewild #nintendo

Link cosplay from Breath of the Wild
Chris Johns :verified:
7 months ago

Finished the 1986 #legendofzelda , and have been playing #ocarinaoftime on the Nintendo Switch and it’s been wonderful going back in time to relive nostalgia. I feel like I missed a lot of the value in older video games because I would always skip over the dialog and story. It’s nice to understand the story and plot 🥰