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@davecoveney I think that's the big mindset change. There's no search to speak of for content, so you follow hash tags instead. I follow things like #Python #DataScience #Lego #Bookstodon

I'm a bit frustrated that you don't seem to get the infinite scroll of the timeline you get from twitter, and there is something a bit weird about what you see of a profile depending on whether it is on your server or another.

Peter De Smet :verified: 🌈
8 minutes ago

Ik heb gisteren nog mooie foto's gekregen van tijdens mijn #LEGO talk op @nerdland festival.

Ik blijf dat geflipt vinden. Zoveel volk!

Rob Marquardt
2 hours ago

After a run of several years on Star Wars UCS, it’s nice to be doing something with color 😁 #Lego

The removable top piece of the Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet showing Pac-Man being chased by the ghosts Blinky and Clyde. A button on the back flips all the characters so Pac-Man is pursuing blue ghosts.
Rob Marquardt
5 hours ago

It begins… #Lego

Bags 1 of the Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet
Lisa Lorenzin (she/her)
7 hours ago

My reward for clearing off my project table is that now I can do projects on it! 😁

Starting off with this Women of NASA Lego set... My first #Lego build in probably three decades, wow.

Project table with piles of Legos sorted by color and one completed scene
Rob Marquardt
10 hours ago

Wakka wakka wakka wakka… #Lego

Lego 10323 Countertop Pac-Man arcade console, sitting on the floor taunting me for not opening it yet
Reto Hasler
12 hours ago

Mein aktuelles Hobby ist alte #Lego waschen damit man sie wieder verwenden kann. Klappt übrigens supper in einem Wäschesack in der Waschmaschine bei 30°C

Auf einem Badetich zum Trocknen ausgelegte Legosteine
Aron Smith
13 hours ago

No, I definitely didn’t buy a 1980’s Lego Fabuland motorcycle with the intention of recreating a meme based on a classic anime movie…

#Akira #AkiraSlide #Kaneda #KanedaBike #Lego #Fabuland #RetroToys #ToyCollector #ToyboxObscura #Anime #Meme

15 hours ago

Well that’s my day off sorted #lego #spacelego #GalaxyExplorer #oldschool

Niall’s space Lego galaxy explorer
16 hours ago

In #LEGO Dreamzzz gibt es einen geschminkten männlichen Yeti und der Videospielroboter gendert bei der Begrüßung.

Und irgendwie gefällt mir das.

Malte Bublitz
17 hours ago

Irgendetwas stimmt da nicht ganz …

#lego #starwars #afol #themandalorian

Lego-Anleitungen für Tüten 1-7 und eine ominöse Tüte Nr. 8

Everything you (well, I) wanted to know about the life-size IBM z16 LEGO® brick model!

Thanks again to @psqlctln for the photos! 📷 #lego #mainframe #IBMzSystems #LinuxONE

21 hours ago

LOZ mini 1451 - Winnie Puuh
#lego #loz #brickhead #afol #afob #klemmbausteine

IT News
22 hours ago

Billion Year Clock is LEGO Genius or Madness - If you are a fan of LEGO bricks or Rube Goldberg, you should have a look at [Brick... - #clockhacks #clocks #lego

23 hours ago

Why did the LEGO brick go to therapy? It just couldn't Lego of its past. 😄 #pun #joke #LEGO #brickbybrick #funnytweet

1 day ago

#lego patrimonio dell'umanità

Peter De Smet :verified: 🌈
1 day ago

In de winkel van ons allemaal duikt de #LEGO Captain Rex helm voor het eerst onder de grens van 50 euro.


Michael Hanscom
1 day ago

Year 50 Day 35: Jurassic Park legos on display in my work office. (#JurassicPark #Lego #Year50)

Full post on Eclecticism:

1 day ago

When they tell you they don’t like Lego or Star Wars #starwarsmemes #cosplay #starwars #lego

Jimmy B. :apple_inc:
1 day ago

Last night while watching #JurassicPark I worked on a fun #LEGO kit! 🦖 #dinosaurs

2 days ago


At Firenze Airport


A vending machine but with LEGO® sets
Ivan Martynov
2 days ago

#lego #art #MastoArt

David Lohner
2 days ago

🛫 Lego Carrier. With friendly airplanes. 🛬

#lego #microscale #freestyle

An aircraft carrier made of Lego bricks. Microscale, with colourful airplanes.
2 days ago

The LEGO microfigs I paint have their arms at their side unlike the bigger LEGO figs. I had thought about actually trying to make little arms for them and did a rough sketch but...maybe I'm not gonna try that...

Hypolite Petovan
2 days ago
Since I won't be able to show you this week pictures of the finished #LEGO Mad Max models I designed, how about some renders?
A LEGO model render of the Mad Max: Fury Road vehicle nicknamed "Buick". It's a highly modified 1948 Buick Special 4-door Sedan with dually tractor wheels in the back, a heavy duty wheel kit in the front and a cut in the front of the hood to allow for a massive air filter. It also sports an anti-aircraft gun on a slew-ring turret on the roof.
A LEGO model render of the Mad Max: Fury Road vehicle nicknamed "Caltrop #5". It's a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado which body is covered in black pitch and lifted at the back while the frame itself stays level. It sports a machine gun mounted on the windshield and two seats with original dark red upholstery at the back for additional gunners.
A LEGO model of the Mad Max: Fury Road vehicle named "BigFoot". It's a Dodge Fargo 1940 pickup truck sandblasted body on a monster truck chassis with a harpoon gun and a flamethrower mounted on the roof.
2 days ago

Did we mention that we like to make #LEGOArt mosaics? 😀

#MLB #SesameStreet #TMNT #CowboyBebop

Metin Seven
2 days ago
3D toy concepts of LEGO-compatible figures and scenery elements, including a bird in a tree and a catapult.
Father Roderick
2 days ago

Let's talk about #StarWars on the #Apple #VisionPro, exciting new #Lego Sets and more! Join me live:

Yai Torres
2 days ago

My wife today surprised me with a new #Lego set. Today is our 11th wedding anniversary! Here’s to 11+ years more 🥂.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Lego set box.
2 days ago

Kawada nanoGauge Shinkansen Series E5 Hayabusa
#lego #kawada #nanoblocks #diamond #shinkansen #hayabusa #japan

2 days ago

LOZ mini 1461 - British Guard
#lego #loz #brickhead #klemmbausteine #afol #afob

Peter De Smet :verified: 🌈
2 days ago

Weet je nog?
Ik bouwde ooit een nestkastje in mijn wekelijkse rubriek in de krant.
Wel, LEGO fan Luc Van Gestel bouwde er ook eentje en dat is nu ook écht bewoond.


Rice Cube
2 days ago
LEGO Indiana Jones
Rice Cube
2 days ago
LEGO Indiana Jones
3 days ago

Pozycja obowiązkowa dla miłośników Lego. Inni natomiast, muszą się zastanowić. Zapraszamy na recenzję Lego 2K Drive na PS5 🏎️

Grę dostarczyła firma: Cenega 🚗

Autor: Konrad Noga


#pograne #recenzja #giereczkowo #lego #racinggame

Lego 2K Drive - recenzja

I saw pieces of this video on TikTok, so here's the full video: Making A Solar-Powered Billion-Year Lego Clock #LEGO

3 days ago

So, in #SpiderMan #AcrossTheSpiderVerse, they dissed #NicholasHammond again!

Also, needs more #LEGO Spider-Man.

Andy Piper
3 days ago

Just posted our last-minute speculation ahead of #WWDC in this week's @gamesatwork_biz #podcast - I'm saying that Apple really needs to do something visionary (again) to make a dent here. We'll find out later today, but take a listen first! 😁️ Also: space #LEGO in space!

3 days ago
David Jones
3 days ago

Nibling made a self-driving car. #Lego

A small lego car in red, yellow, and black. Instead of the usual driving arrangements, towards the back of the car there is a head in a bell jar (the standard yellow smiling minifigure head) with a red "light" on top of the jar. The wheels have no tyres.
Pedro Cambra
4 days ago

This was one of the most satisfying builds we’ve done #lego #afol

Emily :autism:
4 days ago

I was cleaning my room today, and every time I dust the surfaces, I have to take my action figures off the shelf, clean them and the shelf, and then put them back. I have quite a few action figures, so maybe I should start posting them.

Oh, I know, here's the oldest one I have, and every time I share him, people get so excited with all the memories! 🖤 #Bionicle #Makuta #Lego

Makuta Teridax
Hypolite Petovan
4 days ago

#LEGO update: Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles are visually striking, pretty well-documented without access to the actual movie and based on real cars, which makes them ideal candidates for my style of design.

See, it’s too hard for me to create a model from scratch, thankfully I don’t have to since people have been creating models for the stock cars that were modified for use in the movie.

I then recreate the model in Studio based on the instructions that I purchase on Rebrickable for around $5, and I start altering the design to match the Mad Max look, not unlike the actual process the movie production had to go through.

Hopefully I should have tangible results to show in a few days when I receive the remaining parts I need to build the first two models I designed this way.

The Dinosaur Dave
4 days ago

This weeks #Lego #Dinosaur of the week will be #Stegosaurus

Each build come with a fact sheet, and parts list.

Want to build this little critter? Well here's the instructions -

Lego Stegosaurus

Happy #PrideMonth - I made this custom #LEGO #DoctorWho #MOC based on “Everyone is Awesome”.

Pride of the Daleks!

If you have other Doctor Who themed LEGO ideas I’m all ears - I have a custom mini fig of every Doctor and many companions - I’ll be sharing more soon 😄

#Pride2023 #Pride23 #LGBT

The Everyone is Awesome LEGO set modified to have Daleks of the colours of the rainbow in
My custom LEGO Dalek MOC next to the official Everyone is Awesome set
4 days ago

@lotographia I picked one up today at the #LEGO Store! Looks amazing! I went in for something else (40516 Everyone is Awesome) and grabbed it as soon as I saw it.

#LEGO 41757 Friends Botanical Garden box art
DAT :loading:
5 days ago

you know that term "premature optimization"?

I'd like to propose this mechanical #lego #clock as THE perfect example:

How long will it take until the first gear breaks? After a week runtime? After a year? Two?

Batteries will fail for sure after some thousands of cycles and plastics will erode after years.

(still a great video though!)

Andras Bacsai
5 days ago

Recharging time with kids! 🔋 #weekend #dad #lego #photography

Ged Maheux
5 days ago

Holy cow! I knew the #LEGO PAC Man set was cool but I didn’t know it was this cool. It’s animated, lights up and has a mini build inside!! Amazing!

Walk through of the LEGO Pac Man build

The fact this 87 piece is $35 is absolutely insane. I don’t care what minifigs it comes with! | AT-ST™ 75332 | Star Wars™ #LEGO #StarWars

The Dinosaur Dave
6 days ago

This weeks #Lego #FossilFriday is #Zuniceratops.

Zuniceratops was discovered in 1996 by the son of paleontologist Douglas G. Wolfe. Eight year old Christopher James Wolf was with his father in west-central New Mexico when he discovered some fossils. After getting his father they realised it was a partial ceratopsian skeleton.

One skull and several individuals have been found. Given its size it was probably a juvenile.

Zuniceratops lived around 10 million years before the Ceratopsidae group

Lego fossil Zuniceratops
Zuniceratops skeleton in the Arizona Museum of Natural History
Yelly :cyberpanda:
6 days ago

I am practically beside myself with excitement over the prospect of building this set! (The Titanic, not the pirate ship.) And since it’s been a while since I’ve done a Lego stream…

#Lego build stream tonight! 8PM EDT!

We’ll see how far into the first box (of 3) I can get. I’m hoping for 4 bags worth. (Out of 46 total for the whole kit!)

#Twitch #Streamer

A Lego pirate ship box on top of a much larger Lego Titanic box.
Laurens Valk (Pybricks)
6 days ago

I always go for small, stand-alone commits. But sometimes you have to break everything at once. #LEGO #MicroPython

This new #Lego Hogwarts microscale set looks amazing

£150, 2660 pieces, coming out in August.

A Lego Hogwarts castle
Vesa Lehtimäki
1 week ago

Once I had that Lego Exosuit with me on my travels. I only managed to pull off one quick photosession with it in the Finnish Lapland in June 2016 (Pallastunturi to be exact). I was poorly prepared to shooting on location, or not really prepared at all, and I gave up with the Exosuit after this one try.

I needed to be home by monday anyway, so there really was no time... I had fun though.

#throwbackthursday #lego #toy #toyphotography

A diptych, two photographs with the white Classic Spaceman in closeup standing in some nordic vegetation on the left and the Lego Exosuit on the right in wider photograph against a shallow mountaintop in the back. Not really a mountain, a fell, as we say here. Both photographed outdoors in natural daylight in the Finnish Lapland.
The Dinosaur Dave
1 week ago

This week for #Fossilfriday we have another #Guess that #Lego #Fossil.

This one I would rate as medium difficulty. Its obviously a ceratopsian, and its name starts with a Z

Reminder: hide your answer behind a CW. This will allow others to guess without a hint. I will post the answer tomorrow (and to anyone who guesses correctly).

The body was designed by Kongzilla with the head designed by me to be a new species.

a ceratopsian skull with  two small horns that are parallel to the direction of the nose and run just above the eyes
1 week ago

I got this cute Lego set as a present! Built it today while enjoying some sun in the garden. I want to get a small vase to put them in. #Lego

4 daffodils from Lego
Lego daffodils box and bricks
1 week ago

Ich konnte nicht wiederstehen! #Lego 31140

Ein Einhorn von Lego. Darauf klebt ein Aufkleber auf dem steht: Rheinischer Sauerbraten Deluxe
1 week ago

Original mini build proved too expensive. I wanted it in dark gray instead of black anyway. Here is a finished build. #lego

This #Pride friendly #LEGO kit came out 2 years ago. We bought a set for our #gay ass friends in Hong Kong before we left.

Well, the right wing nut jobs found out about it now and are all triggered and shit.

So very tired of these homophobic transphobic assholes.

#boycott #maga #politics #queer #lgbtq #rightwing #news #homophobia #transphobia

Pride lego kit "Everyone Is Awesome"
1 week ago

Finished our CADA sets yesterday. I really like those sets. The quality is on par with LEGO. The light option is nice to have but almost impossible to automate since you have to click a button six times to get a decent program with the light not blinking. Why!? Oh and yes: I build the set on the left horizontally mirrored because I needed a left corner shop. Never done this before 😅 #CADA #LEGO

A Japanese street made of CADA bricks. On the left is a steam bun shop. In the middle there is a tea house and on the right is a coffee shop. It is illuminated by light inside the buildings.
Derick Rethans
1 week ago

Space on the Wall

I've finally mounted my Lego Saturn V and ISS on the wall, to keep the Kerbal Space Program art company. Still need to sort out all the lighting.

#Lego #ISS #SaturnV #space #KerbalSpaceProgram

#PhotoOfTheDay May 30th

A Lego ISS hovering over a Kerbal Space Program poster with a lit up lego Saturn V to the right.
Combustible Lemon
1 week ago

#ACAB, even the #Lego ones

Lego policemen
Henry Segerman
1 week ago

Behind the scenes shot of the blue Lego space explorer being dragged away by a robot snake. Even seeing the second view and knowing what the shape of the room really is, when I look at the view from the first camera my brain tells me that blue is shrinking!
Full video at:
#3dprint #lego #illusion

1 week ago

@gs @Raspberry_Pi

#RaspberryPi #cluster #Lego
Mine's switched off at present, while I sort out some other machines, but I do intend it to use it to run parallel programming stuff for my other Pi's...

Raspberry Pi cluster in a Lego case...
2 weeks ago

Finally became a homeowner #lego #saturday

My hand holding the Lego "Cozy House" box (set #31139)
Henry Segerman
2 weeks ago

Here’s an animation showing the trickery. Full video at:
#3dprint #lego #illusion

Two Lego space explorers, investigating a strange spacial anomaly (The Ames room optical illusion).
Andy Piper
2 weeks ago
Henry Segerman
2 weeks ago

Why is blue bigger than red?

Video: #illusion #lego

2 weeks ago

Alright.. It's bedtime. I'll have to do the rest of this tomorrow. I think I'm about half done with this #lego #orchid .

I just haven't started on the actual orchid.. Only the pot it's going to sit in.

A pot made from lego waiting to have a lego plant put in it.
2 weeks ago

I randomly remembered the existence of the Lego Perseverance Mars Rover - and it's advanced all the way to ... "Coming Soon"!

... "on August 1, 2023".

(h/t @spacegeck for informing me that this thing existed!)

#space #lego #mars #perseverance

Op zoek naar leuke tweedehands #LEGO? Kijk eens in mijn winkeltje.

72 sets en 35 losse steentjes wachten er op een ieuwe eigenaar.

8 LEGO setjes in een webwinkel

My free gifts with purchase! #LEGO

LEGO Pirate Ship Playground
LEGO Children’s amusement park

Just ordered some more #LEGO 😆

Winnie the Pooh, Mini Disney Castle & pre-ordered The Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter™ Microfighter

I mainly just wanted Winnie the Pooh as my husband is a big fan (and if he encourages me to buy LEGO then I jump at the chance!!) but I got the others to bulk up my basket as I got these two free gifts:

Pirate Ship Playground
LEGO® Children’s Amusement Park

(Photos of these in next post)


LEFO Winnie the Pooh
LEGO Mini Disney Castle
LEGO The Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter™ Microfighter
Andy Piper
2 weeks ago

The new #LEGO Mars Rover looks brilliant, love that they included Ingenuity, but sad there's no pet rock.

Going to order some more #LEGO but I need to time it right as I’m away at the moment.

(Getting the Winnie the Pooh set) 😁

2 weeks ago

Got the last of my BrickLink #LEGO orders today. Confirmed that all the pieces are present and separated out the parts for my son to build his Link #BreathoftheWild Brickheadz.

Tomorrow, I might separate out the parts for his #HollowKnight Brickheadz. Then, the pieces for the 2 MOCs I'm building.