Hiring Librarians
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"One time someone asked me what my favorite show on Netflix was and I was confused why he asked that question." #libraries #library #LIS #GLAM #librarians #libraryWork

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Bibliothèque Forney, Paris, France

Today installed inside the Hôtel de Sens, the former seat of the archibishop of Sens, the Forney Library was founded as in 1886. A patrimonial library focused on decorative and graphic art, it is named after Aimé Samuel Fornay, a tailor of Swiss origin who established the collection.

📷: Fuji X-T20 + XF14mm f/2.8 R
#library #LibraryArchitecture #architecture #photography #paris

Interior of a library inside a 15th century hall. Contemporary ligthing and furniture contrasts with the stone and wood original architecture. Several people are reading or working on portable computers on long tables in the centre of the room, lit on either side by large windows.
Hiring Librarians
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Have you been on a library interview recently? Or are you prepping for one? #libraries #library #LIS #GLAM #librarians #libraryWork

Hiring Librarians
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"If i'm not getting interviewed or being considered, I don't want to hear from them" #libraries #library #LIS #GLAM #librarians #libraryWork

Hiring Librarians
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"To job hunter, i will say never give up on your dream. Pursue it" #libraries #library #LIS #GLAM #librarians #libraryWork

Tampa Dan
1 day ago

The Library of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. The only English-language library in Quebec City.
The old building was originally the city jail in the 1800's.

#quebec #canada #travel #library #silentsunday #photography

Interior view of a library in Old Quebec. Walls of books, a few chairs and tables, and and old wooden spiral staircase.
Steve Davidian
1 day ago

Turchin, a prof at the U Conn and head of  Seshat (Egyptian goddess of archives) along with anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, has built the world’s largest collection of data on the prosperity and demise of societies from upper Egypt to lower Manhattan.
Turchin extrapolates certain cyclical trends in this great collected narrative of human hope and human failure.

#history #future #library

Bicycling Monterey
2 days ago

From chapter 3, Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story by Bono

"In September 1972 I was 12 and in my first year at Mt Temple Comprehensive School....The challenge was the two bus rides it took to get there....Unless you cycled, which is what my friend Reggie Manuel and I began to do. It was on one never-ending incline of a hill that we learned how to hold on to the milk van. And I'm not sure I've ever felt as free as I felt on those days, cycling to school with Reggie."

#BikeToSchool #Bono #U2 #40SongsOneStory #KidsBike #MusiciansBike

Thank you, Northern California Digital #library and partner City of #Monterey Public Library. #LibrariesChangeLives

MsDropbear 🌈♀
2 days ago

What would make this story even better, IMO, would be if the pussycat happens to be #black, #gay, #trans, & a member of the local #library.

SteffoSpieler 🐲
2 days ago

So... I just updated my #python #library to version 2.0.0.

Now it uses #pronoundb's API v2!
Also, you can now specify custom pronouns - for example, to get a German array of pronouns!

In general, it's a library that allows you to request pronouns from users using pronoundb, in Python. So it's just a wrapper, I guess? Still quite useful!

I'm still proud of this library since it's my first one ever! 👀

Emma Rogan
2 days ago

I have access to the best library in Malahide, Dublin 😀

The people (librarians, support staff & everyone who works here) make such an effort to make the space welcoming, interesting for children & a magically peaceful & safe place for all.

A veritable haven for all ❤️✨🙏🏾📚


Malahide library table-top display: Beach scene with toy figures & a bright red parasol, books in the background, sea shells in the foreground.

#Brooklyn Public #Library Offers Free eCards to Teens Nationwide Facing #BookBans in Local Communities
The Brooklyn library can now offer library cards to people outside #NY. #Queer teens can get #books electronically that are banned in other states.

3 days ago

Love of paper books continues in digital age for this avid reader with 3,000-plus books in her shed

#books #reading #library #australia

Curious Loth-cat
3 days ago

Do you clean library books before you read them?

(It's an OCD thing for me.)

#Library #Book #Books #Poll

3 days ago

@lmorchard @evilpeacock @NanoRaptor
That looks great!
There are nine people waiting in line ahead of me for two copies of it at the #Vancouver Public #Library! 📚 ⚡️

3 days ago

I've been in several university libraries, now. And they all smell the same? Across years and state borders, they all smell the same as each other, but different from non-university libraries.

#library #smell #books

3 days ago

Very sunny evening in #Fountainbridge , the outdoor part of The Fountain still catching the sunlight, and people making full use of it (and why not, we Scots know this kind of weather rarely lasts here!).

The building at the start is Fountainbridge Library, one of my favourite local buildings.

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #Scotland #Ecosse #FountainbridgeLibrary #library #bibliotheque #architecture #FountainBar

Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh on a warm, sunny spring evening, panning down from the tower part of the 1930s facade of Fountainbridge Library along past nearby Fountain Bar, busy with people enjoying the outdoor section that is still catching the light
Hiring Librarians
3 days ago

"I went to two in person interviews during the pandemic and they ghosted me." #libraries #library #LIS #GLAM #librarians #libraryWork

Jon Roach
3 days ago

If you've ever wondered how to go about getting a library book banned, this link might be helpful.


3 days ago

also also

#Boston Public Radio is live from the Boston Public #Library

I think they're having a call in segment on how to pronounce "coyote" but I can't be absolutely sure

It's possibly about urban wildlife tho


Mx Kestrel ᓚᘏᗢ
3 days ago

I feel like it should not be this hard to get hired at a position in a library that pays a living wage and makes full use of my education, with 3.5 years of experience in #libraries and 2 master's degrees and an extensive CV. Not to mention all my extensive pre-libraries experience. #GetFediHired #Library

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For those that Spotify.. I made a playlist of Library Music GOLD.

What is a 'Library Music'? I hear you cry.

That's easy.. It's just music, made for all the other things that need music.. like Movies, TV Shows, YouTube, Adverts and websites. Over the years, all the same studios, composers & musicians (including me) who made the music you could buy in the shops ALSO made library music, & soundtracked your life on the sly. Sneaky buggers.


#Library #SecretJams

Guardianes de lenguas muertas, carceleros de la espiral negra.

En el dibujo, un templario de la orden de San Benito de Nursia, el cual estableció el gusano de 73 vueltas para encadenar a las palabras rebeldes. En sus catacumbas, asistidos por ratas ciegas, guardan los libros en la más absoluta oscuridad, solo distinguiendo los por el sonido que emite el gusano que los ata al pasar una barra metálica por su lomo. #Mar_cuayada #Toledo #mastoart #library #Ttrpg

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Authors: want to know how to give your book the best chance of being chosen by Australian libraries? One of my favourite places is my local library. Not just because of all the wonderful librarians and the books I get to borrow, but I also get the buzz of seeing my own books on the recently returned shelf, or hear that my farm memoir is being enjoyed or dissected by another bookclub. This week too, Australian authors received our Lending Rights notification (the annual payment AU authors receive if there are at least 50 copies of your book available in AU libraries). There are many reasons why it's important for authors (trad and indie!) to work on building library demand for our books, and for all the writers who have asked me how to go about it, I've created a handy online course with all the info, tips, links, registration pages, list of distributors, marketing ideas and downloads you need to give you and your book the best chance at Australian library success. You can access the course at - hope it helps you achieve your goals!

#authors #writingcommunity #libraries #Australia #author #amwriting #authortips #library #authorbusiness #BoldAuthors #CreativeAustralia #WritersAustralia #indieauthor #indieauthors #literarycommunity #AuthorsAustralia
#AustralianAuthors #AustralianAuthor

Annie the Book
4 days ago

Day made: Just wrapped a research appointment with a student who had an original topic they were genuinely excited by and curious about. I love these kind of meetings!

#LibraryLife #Library #Librarians @libraries @librarians

Tommy Kavanagh
4 days ago

I've loved this quote for a long time. Recall it often.

“A truly great #library contains something in it to offend everyone.”

― Jo Godwin

Sarena Ulibarri
4 days ago

ANOTHER LIFE is out now in ebook and paperback!

When scientific proof of reincarnation emerges, the founder of a peaceful ecovillage grapples with the darkness of a past that's suddenly personal.

Find a link to your favorite online bookseller here:

Or ask your local #IndependentBookstore or #Library to order a copy!

#solarpunk #lunarpunk #ecofiction #ClimateFiction #clifi #ScienceFiction #SciFi #NewBooks #BookBirthday

Cover for Another Life by Sarena Ulibarri: a woman in a shawl sits in front of a Joshua Tree, eyes closed. She touches the water of a lake, and the reflection resembles a bomb explosion. Small text at the top: "Perfectly balances big ideas and big emotions." Publishers Weekly starred review
Pam Lach (she/her)
4 days ago

Re-posting this in the hopes of reaching more folks, with thanks to those who've already connected with me and helped out...

Hi #librarians and #libraries folks. I'm mentoring some awesome faculty who are creating an undergraduate Library & Archival Studies Concentration in Africana Studies at their institution. The purpose of the concentration is to encourage undergraduates to pursue MLIS degrees.

One of the things we're focusing on is developing an introductory #LIS foundations class. I've been brainstorming possible things to cover and would love your input and ideas.

Currently I've organized things by:
1) Things library folks need to know
2) Things library folks (may) need to do
3) Professional pathways (a set of perspectives for framing the content)

DM if you'd like to contribute to my brainstorming doc, or add your thoughts here👇

#PublicLibraries #archives #GLAM #AcademicLibraries #library #CriticalLibrarianship

4 days ago

one of the best documentaries I've seen just hit streaming, free with #library card. #boston #bostonma #antiwar #radio #hoopla and #kanopy

5 days ago

My office for today as I write an op-ed about Naming CUNY. Thank you NYPL. I love libraries! #History #histodons #NYC #CUNY #NYPL #library #NamingGotham

photo of the library reading room in a converted church. Low Book shelves line the walls and there are stained glass windows and beautiful dark wood framed doorways.  Facsimiles of library check-out cards decorate the walls above the books.
Algernon D'Ammassa
6 days ago

"The majority of the 1,000-plus book challenges analyzed by The Post were filed by just 11 people.
Each of these people brought 10 or more challenges against books in their school district; one man filed 92 challenges. Together, these serial filers constituted 6 percent of all book challengers — but were responsible for 60 percent of all filings."

#books #bookbans #library #censorship

Damon Thomas
6 days ago

The Main Library here in Jacksonville, FL has a "Zine Zone." An area that celebrates creativity and self-publishing. I'm in there! You should be too. #writing #comics #zine #library #jacksonville #florida

Comics, books, and zines available at the Main Jacksonville, FL Library.
Onj 🎶
6 days ago

Here's one of, if not *the* most #accessible #drum #library for #Kontakt from a #blind #producer point of view. Using #KompleteKontrol (or Kontakt directly if preferred), every aspect of the kit is usable, from kit-piece selection, to all the microphone adjustments you could wish to make.
Kit demo:

Sun Drums NKS Walkthrough:

1 week ago

He Became Convinced the School Board Was Pushing “Transgender Bullshit.” He Ended Up Arrested — and Emboldened.

Eric Jensen, a parent in #NorthCarolina, had
grievances to air about #library
books “trying to convert kids to gay,” and about mask and vaccine mandates. So he joined an activist group and headed to a #SchoolBoard meeting.

#Schools #Arrests #Parents #Students

Recently I posted that some libraries in southern Oregon were under attack. Racist, bigoted fascists were trying to infiltrate their Board so they could ban books.

Well, the voters have spoken. Our candidates—kind people with integrity—won the election. They won!

Small elections are huge. They mean so very much. Just wanted to share, because these victories have been few and far between.

#Fascism #Elections #Libraries #Library #Oregon #Voting #LGBTQ #SystemicRacism

Sharon Gibson Morgan
2 weeks ago

@npr_bot I sent this list of five book titles to my husband to consider buying for the grandkids--twin girls, who will be 12 this summer and for their baby sister who is 7.

We have neighbors whose baby girl will be one in Aug. I'd like to get these books as a birthday present for her library for reading when she's older. We contributed five (more age-appropriate) books earlier as baby shower presents, so there's a precedent here. 😀)

What do you think?

#books #bookstodon #library #libraries

2 weeks ago

Den Sorte Diamant - Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

Completed in 1999, the building owes its nickname to its polished black granite cladding and sharp angles.

📷: Canon 5D Mk.II + 24-105mm f/4L
#library #LibraryArchitecture #architecture #photography #DanishArchitecture

Nighttime exterior view of a large contemporary building reflected on a body of water. Its trapezoidal facade is intermittently lit by rows of windows. A truncated V-shaped cut in the facade reveals a brightly lit atrium spanning the entire height of the building.
Hiring Librarians
2 weeks ago

This week I'm asking people who hire LIS workers: When is the salary negotiation stage of the process (generally), and what is an acceptable range to negotiate to? Any other salary negotiation tips?
#libraries #library #LIS #GLAM #librarians #libraryWork

Joshua Chalifour
2 weeks ago

I was at an academic #library teaching conference today (WILU) in Montreal. Attended a session of 5 librarians from an #Ohio university talking about how they incorporate #CriticalTheory into their instruction work. They were creative & thought provoking. Then they mentioned how scared they were that Ohio might pass its bill SB 83, making their work illegal! Just checked the news and Ohio Senate passed it. Scary attack on #AcademicFreedom

Rachel Thorn
2 weeks ago

I do a Zoom read-aloud every Saturday for about 45-50 minutes. The kids are second graders, with the occasional younger or older sibling listening in. I have stuck to picture books, but have started getting complaints that the stories are too short. So each time I end up reading at least 5 stories. It's getting harder to find new (to them) stories that are age appropriate and enjoyable. I feel like the ideal would be a smaller number of longer stories, but it seems there is a sudden jump from picture books that take at most 10 minutes to read to text-heavy books that can't possibly be read in 50 minutes.
Considering how popular story time is in Anglophone libraries, there must be resources out there somewhere, no? #library #ReadAloud

Kit Irving
2 weeks ago

The #Library book I am reading now has 5 ppl waiting to check it out 😳
#AmReading #ReadingCommunity #reading

Gif from Jurassic Park showing a T-Rex chasing a car. Dr. Ian Malcom turns toward the camera. Below him the text "Must go faster."
Hiring Librarians
2 weeks ago

"getting rejected does not mean you're unqualified or unworthy"
#libraries #library #LIS #GLAM #librarians #libraryWork

2 weeks ago

#Development #Challenges
The ongoing defense of front-end as a full-time job · Why a front-end developer is anything but a mediocre coder

“No matter what platform you choose, what language you write your code in or what framework or library you use – the final thing that arrives on your web users devices is HTML, CSS and JavaScript.” — Christian Heilmann

#Job #FrontendDeveloper #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #CMS #Framework #Library #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

Tinker ☀️
2 weeks ago

Free movies, TV, ebooks, audiobooks, music, all through smartphone apps, all with your Library Card.

Movies: Kanopy
eBooks / Audiobooks: Libby
Music: Freegal
All in one: Hoopla

What's your favorite? Do you use any other app with your Library card?

#libraryEconomy #Library #SolarPunk

Lots of good books at #deichman #library in #Oslo 🥰 I always enjoy a good #Verso or #PlutoPress book.

Cover of “Molecular Red” by McKenzie Wark and “Exploring Degrowth” by Vincent Liegrey and Anita Nelson
Global Museum
2 weeks ago

Keep your rosaries off my ovaries’ – the Glasgow Women’s library collects explosive protest art | It has been collecting examples of the stark graphic brilliance of homemade banners since 1991.

Their latest: abortion rights placards. #library #protestart

Port Hope Public Library has a stick library for dogs

#ontario #library #dog #stick #PortHope

poster with a photo of a happy dog holding a stick. Text: 
Take a stick Enjoy! Leave a stick
Our smallest Branch is located by the Book Return. Bring your friend to check it out.
Port Hope Public Library's
a wooden box sitting on mulched ground. It is open at the top, and is part-filled with sticks

Written on it is
(dog paw print) 
Port Hope Public Library
Stick Library
2 weeks ago

Bibliothèque Félix-Leclerc, Québec City, Canada

Situated in the Québec suburb of Val-Bélair, this 1986 library was extended in 2009.

📷: Canon 5D Mk.II + 24-105mm f/4L
#library #LibraryArchitecture #architecture #photography

Interior of a contemporary library, with large steel-framed windows. The image shows a reading area with modern armchairs, surrounded by large houseplants. Through the window to the left, a lush garden can be seen. To the right are bookshelves.
2 weeks ago

#Development #Approaches
Building a modern design system in layers · Proper layering facilitates the long-term evolution of a design system

#Layers #DesignSystem #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Framework #Library #React #Svelte #Solid #Vue

Catherine Morris
2 weeks ago

#HongKong purges public libraries of politically sensitive books. “…political cartoonist #Zunzi was axed from…the local media outlet, #Mingpao…after…criticisms…from the Hong Kong government…. Not long after, citizens learned that the… cartoonist’s books…[&] books from political #dissidents, including…books & video documentaries about the 1989 #TiananmenSquare crackdown, had been removed from the #library bookshelves.” | Oiwan Lam, Global Voices @globalvoices

Nick East (Indie Writer)
2 weeks ago

It probably escaped, books don't like to be alone, it is known 😂

@bookstodon @bookstadon @bookbubble @books

#Book #Books
#Bookstore #Library
#Bookwyrm #Bookstodon #BookLove #BoostingIsSharing

2 weeks ago

#Development #Reviews
The JavaScript ecosystem is delightfully weird · The many ways people aren’t writing JavaScript anymore

“The JavaScript you write not only isn’t the JavaScript you run, but under closer examination, it isn’t even JavaScript at all.” —Sam Ruby

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Backend #EcmaScript #JavaScript #Ecosystem #Framework #Library #Compiler #Bundler

2 weeks ago

🌞 Gooooood morning #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 71F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Bus stops in Boston will double as digital libraries. Riders can scan a QR code to read newspapers or books on their phone. #library #transit

Elon Musk says he's found someone new to be CEO of Twitter. #birdsite

A new anti-violence movement is taking shape in Boston. Many of the leaders are mothers who have lost children to gun violence.


Hiring Librarians
3 weeks ago

Should I be using tags? If so, what are the best library/LIS/GLAM tags? I remember when I started posting here everyone was saying that you had to use tags, but I haven't really and I'm not seeing very many tags in other people's posts. I will add a few tags to this post to see what happens #libraries #librarians #LIS #GLAM #LISCareers #Libraryjobs #library

3 weeks ago


I do love having Library Extension in my browser. As soon as I clicked the link to look at the book title on Amazon, Library Extension told me that my local library had the book (both printed copy and ebook), and I was able to place a hold on a copy on the spot. There will be a short wait — some holds already placed — but it saves me the price of the book.

#libraries #library #LibraryExtension #books #reading

3 weeks ago

Library Official Resigns After Publication of Her Secretly Recorded Inflammatory Comments

Judy Eledge, deputy director of the #Anchorage Public #Library, is leaving her post after ProPublica and @anchoragedailynews documented her history of offensive comments and social media posts about #Native Alaskans and the #LGBTQ+ community.

#Alaska #libraries

3 weeks ago

today's question brought to you by the fact that we will be live from the #Boston Public #Library

Seeing a live broadcast from the GBH Studio at the BPL is always free

but if you can't make it in person? Join us on the livestream beginning at 11AM:

I don’t live in #milwaukee and I don’t know why I’m getting served recommendations for your #library but I’m so glad I found you. 💜

Dave Mackey
3 weeks ago

"The #Internet is the world’s largest #library. It’s just that all the #books are on the floor."

-- Uncertain Origins, see:

BT (Binary Tango)
3 weeks ago

Where is the coziest #Cafe #Library #Restaurant #Pub #Etc that you've ever been to in the world?

It can be where you live(d) or someplace you found while #traveling.

People are traveling so let's give them recommendations!

Boosts, hashtags for the city/country, and links to the establishment are appreciated!

3 weeks ago

We were supposed to start early with #RuralBroadband installations, but it turned out that a public #library 20 km away lost its connection. This was not my business, but my technician knew about the problem, knew the place, knew how to fix it. We also knew that people responsible for fixing it wouldn't get there earlier than late next week. We lost an hour and a half, drove extra 40 kilometres, and had to tell one customer that they'd have to wait for their Netflix until Monday. But the library is back online.

A technician fixing an Internet terminal on a roof of a library in a village in Eastern Poland. A glider is flying above the library.
Frankie ✅
3 weeks ago

Brooklyn Public Library joins those fighting for the rights of teens nationwide to read what they like, discover themselves, and form their own opinions.

#books #library #bannedbooks #bookbanning #reading