"Me fui al bosque porque quería vivir deliberadamente, afrontar solo lo esencial de la vida y ver si podía aprender de ella lo que tenía que enseñarme, y evitar, cuando fuera hora de morir, descubrir que no había vivido realmente"

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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Flor de coicopihue. Su color rosado destaca frente al fondo oscuro
Flores de luma. Su color blanco destaca sobre el fondo negro, y algunas flores borrosas se ven detrás
Fotografía de un helecho película. Detrás se ve musgo desenfocado
Un líquen Cladonia, de forma esponjosa, creciendo sobre las ramas de un árbol
15 hours ago
16 hours ago

@ryanhodnett don't miss out on #lichensubscribe !

18 hours ago

El arrunche liquénico

Lichen beings cuddling

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22 hours ago

@Itty53 @Okanogen @RickiTarr Yay! It definitely brightens up your feed. There are funny, niche ones like #LichenSubscribe #BridgesOfMastodon

David Epithet
22 hours ago

Dried remnants of caterpillar Phacelia (Phacelia cicutaria - borage family), Lakeview Mountains, yesterday.

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Several gracefully curving strands of silvery, lacy, skeletal inflorescence remnants, in front of a branch covered with orange and yellow crustose lichen.

Moss on a shed. Lichen(?) on a parasol cover. Spiders. #mosstodon #LichenSubscribe

Moss in the guttering of a green metal roof.
Yellow patches of what might be lichen beginning to grow on a canvas cover
Garden spider in its web, hung in front of a fence.
A small spider lurking in a rose bush.
Rebecca Nordquist
1 day ago


Lepraria finkii (Fluffy Dust Lichen), I think, or at least this is what #iNaturalist tells me

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Photograph of a knot in a tree in the shape of an eye, with lichens under one corner that look like tears from the eye
Clare Bryden
1 day ago

Beginners Lichen Training in Torquay and Plymouth later in the autumn - see

#LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon #Devon

Clare Bryden
1 day ago

#LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon this Tuesday in #Devon

Beginners Lichen Training Event - Phear Park, Exmouth | Devon Wildlife Trust

Bjorn Idle
1 day ago

Various lichens growing on someone's mailbox nearby. The colours have come out much better than I was expecting. I think I'll have to go back and get some more pics...

I like the one with the black tassels around the edge! And the orange one that looks like flames...

#LichenSubscribe #Lichen #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #Macro

Closeup of different lichens growing on wooden surface. Grey & blobby, or grey and flaky with black tassels, grey with suckers on like an octopuses' arms, white-grey and stringy like the roots of a plant, bright orange and tiny - there's so much to look at (it's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds, with many of them being grey. The textures and shades are all different, with different shapes and growth habits)
2 days ago

More dried #moss and #lichen. It's going to be... A Summer. #BlueMountains #mosstodon #LichenSubscribe

Dry and shrivelled moss and lichen on a rock. Dharug and Gundungurra country.
Bjorn Idle
3 days ago

The teeniest tiniest spider on a colony of Cladonia fimbriata. It's growing on an old piece of timber around the corner from our house

#LichenSubscribe #NaturePhotography #MacroPhotography #Nature #Macro

Grey, trumpet-shaped lichen spouts growing up toward the sunshine. They're attached to an old blackened piece of wood, with patches of other lichens in places as well. There's a tiny dark purple spider with red legs standing on the top of one of the lichen trumpets.
3 days ago

Dry, everything was dry.
In a sea of white Cladonia Gray Reindeer lichens, a patch of dry brown other Cladonia lichens.
The next rain will make them appear green again for a short time.

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #LichenLandscape

A patch of dry brown Cladonia lichens surrounded by dry white blurry Gray Reindeer lichens.
A small plant with green leaves to the left.
In the foreground to the right a sharp Gray Reindeer lichen (Cladonia rangiferina).
Rebecca Nordquist
3 days ago


Cladonia fimbriata (trumpet lichen)

This is my theme as I prepare for the next session of Educational Leadership training in a very green environment. What kind of music can be made if we all work together?

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Photo of closup of lichen that are formed like many small green trumpets or organnpipes, somthing musical, that would produce a chorus
3 days ago

I'd like to preserve some #lichen and bought a bottle of glycerine.
Does anyone know what ratio of glycerine to water I need to use?
I've seen different ratios, some even using alcohol and acetone instead of water. 🤨
Does the lichen have to be dry or fresh?

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Más líquenes del fin de semanas #LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon

Fotografía macro de un líquen. Se observa una gota en él
Fotografía de un líquen verde claro, muy pálido, formando una estructura globulosa.
Gemma Sarracenia
4 days ago

Yesterday, as soon as the sun went down and I could turn off all the lights to reduce glare, I brought out the tripod and did a better photo exploration of the terrorarium with the new moss from haunted Cherry street.

#gardening #terrarium #frog #mosstodon #lichensubscribe

Morty the orange mock tomato frog, mottled like the color of changing autumn leaves, with a sable brown stripe running from her golden eyes down along her sides, at the edge of her little grey plastic stone pool, at the edge of her haunted cave. The front edge has lush green moss, a young wild violet, and some shaggy moss by a landscaping stone from a murder mansion in Staten Island.
A close up of the lichen covered bridge over her cave. Another violet and more moss are in the foreground, then scraps of bark fallen after a storm are stacked so their lichens can see the light. The bridge covers a coffee can that props it up on the other side. I drop pillbugs into the coffee can, where there is litter for them and a few holes with stick bridges for them to come and go through the substrate.
A closer look at the lichens and moss over the coffee can. The bark gives them a place to hide, but Morty is such a hungry booger that she gets most of them fairly quickly. I have to keep their colony elsewhere, the hide just keeps her from pigging out and getting a tummy ache. Like a froggy slow feeder.
Another angle of the slope going into her cave, where I have riverstones holding back the substrate the moss grows on. She likes to dig, but thankfully I have more moss in other containers in case she tears this up. One bowl will specifically hold moss from Cherry street, where the wild west saloons supposedly filled the street with ghosts. That's two haunted places collected in the terrorarium. More will be added, eventually.
4 days ago

Mosses, lichens, liverworts and mushrooms – there is a lot to discover in this tiny world on the forest floor.

#Mosstodon #LichenSubscribe #fungi #liverworts

A forest floor, overgrown with mosses, lichens, liverworts and mushrooms.
4 days ago

I have been searching for it for quite some time, and yesterday we were lucky: Tree Lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria). Our largest leafy lichen, growing high up on an old Sugar Maple.
I'll have to go back after a rain when it is bright green!

Vertical photo.

#LichenSubscribe #forest #nature #NaturePhotography

A large patch of an olive-green leafy lichen growing on deeply furrowed tree bark.
Gemma Sarracenia
5 days ago

It is a drizzly, fantastic day. I explored the supposedly haunted Cherry Street (where the wild west saloons used to be, Cherry was a reference to the ladies, supposedly many spirits from the era have been seen). My goal was moss for the terrorarium. Ages ago I stole some rocks from a murder mansion in Staten Island to use in her cave, so it's haunted. Anyway, look at how that pops so wonderfully with her color!

#terrarium #gardening #ghosts #horror #mosstodon #lichensubscribe

A plate of moss being cleaned, a clump held up close that has a some shaggy branches growing out of shorter pillow moss.
A terrarium. An orange mock tomato frog sits on the edge of a plastic stone pool at the right side of the photo. The left side shows a cave of lichen covered bark, edged with pillow moss and a little of the shaggy moss.
A brown bowl full of lush pillow moss and the shaggy moss. A little fairy sits on one side, a shell fossil on the other.
David D. Levine
5 days ago

I am very pleased to see the #mosstodon hashtag be joined by #lichensubscribe.

5 days ago
On a fallen log with moss and lichen rests a curl of bark and a white fluffy moth vine seed, known to Australian primary school children of the 80s as a "wish" or a "Santa". Dharug and Gundungurra country.
5 days ago

Blue Clubmoss (Diphasiastrum tristachyum) between rocks

#moss #Mosstodon #LichenSubscribe

Blue club moss with yellow fruit cones grows between two gray rocks on a rock face, surrounded by lichens and other mosses.
A fir tree on the left.
Blurred mosses, lichens and grass with a ray of sunshine in the background.
5 days ago

A wild morning has left the lane scattered with branches, berries, acorns, chestnuts. Channeling my inner-forager and bringing a bit of that wildness inside.

#LichenSubscribe #nature

A wooden table with some cushions. Front and centre there's a small branch covered in bright green lichen and an even smaller branch from an oak tree with a shiny green acorn. A glossy chestnut is visible, still half-encased in its cover.
6 days ago

Hoary Rosette Lichen (Physcia aipolia), I found this lichen on a poplar.

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #MacroPhotography

A green blue foliose lichen with a lot of fruiting bodies in the center.
I moistened the lichen to bring out the color a little more

Fractales orgánicos #LichenSubscribe

Líquen cuya estructura se asemeja a un fractal

The headlands are enjoying the dampness #LichenSubscribe #mosstodon #moss #lichen

Tiny yellow lichen spots and moss
Thick most on a tree trunk
Close up of lichen on tree bark
Moss on bark
1 week ago

A Spotted Camouflage Lichen (Melanohalea olivacea), I found it on the bark of a White Pine.

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #MacroPhotography

A dark green-beige leaf lichen, with large fruiting bodies (apothecia), on grey tree bark.
The leaf lichen is surrounded by various crustose lichens with smaller apothecia in yellow, dark brown, and beige.
Close up of the Spotted Camouflage Lichen (Melanohalea olivacea)
1 week ago
1 week ago

People who follow #mosstodon and/or #lichenSubscribe might like this embroidery artist:
#moss #lichen #embroidery #art

Christina Dongowski
1 week ago

Bright green #moss , dark green ivy. Dead leaves.
#Mosstodon #lichensubscribe

Post contains description.
2 weeks ago

Lichens, mosses, and two tiny fungi on the bark of a Lombardy poplar.

#LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon #fungi #MacroPhotography

Tiny yellow and tiny dark-green foliose lichens, mosses, and two tiny fungi on tree bark.
2 weeks ago

I love a lichen covered boulder. They make me think of old maps & I love old maps too.

Anyhow, managed to get a photo of an elusive lichen cartographer.

#lichenSubscribe #photography #silly #drawing #sillyScribbles

A photo of a stone with round blobs of brown and white lichen on it, many with dark borders. I have added a simple drawn figure with a paintbrush, finishing writing Here Be Dragons in a florid script on the largest pale blob. There are some mountains sketched below the text. There is a pale blue wash over a stone area, with lines to suggest waves, and there is a pot of paintbrushes behind the figure.
Allysse Riordan
2 weeks ago

I spotted this wee patch of lichen on a hike recently and couldn't resist creating this image for fans of #Mosstodon and #LichenSubscribe.

I know nothing about moss and lichen but I'm happy to be enlightened as to what is pictured so I can research it a bit more.

#ColourPhotography #Photography #BannauBrycheiniog #Wales #Cymru

A close-up vertical photograph of lichen with a shallow depth of field.
Jane Adams
2 weeks ago

Lichen from near the top of Mount Mansfield #VT

#Mosstodon #LichenSubscribe

2 weeks ago

One of the smallest Cladonia lichens I have ever found, even the fruiting bodies with their red apothecia are no larger than 2 mm.
But there are even tinier fruiting bodies on this lichen, they are called pycnidia.
You can see them in the macro photos, took these photos to identify the lichen but I'm not done yet.

#LichenSubscribe #MacroMonday #MacroPhotography

A Cladonia lichen with many tiny green leaves (squamules) and tiny fruiting bodies (red apothecia on white podetia) grows on a rotten tree base.
To the right of two fruiting bodies 4 tiny pycnidia can be seen.
Four macro photos of the pycnidia
The pycnidia are dark brown-black and have a reddish jelly at their opening.
They are approximately 0.2mm x 0.3mm in size
2 weeks ago

The little things: Haircap moss and a Cladonia lichen.

#Mosstodon #MakroMonday

Closeup of a round ball of moss and a few small leaves of a lichen. The background is a blurry brown.
2 weeks ago

Along for the wild ride from the canopy all the way to the ground. (We had some pretty intense wind storms in the North East this weekend) #lichensubscribe

Bright green lichen on a pine, limb, freshly broken off and lying on the ground
2 weeks ago

Early morning in a field of lichens and mosses

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #moss #Mosstodon #morningdew

Various Cladonia lichens in the moss. There is morning dew on the moss.
Dark, blurred image background.
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

The lichens love this old tree at the wetlands!

#LichenSubscribe #Lichen #Nature #NaturePhotography

The drooping end of a branch, split into two twigs. Each one is totally covered with grey and yellow lichen, backlit by the sun
Another twig on the same old tree. It has a continuous sleeve of orange-yellow lichen surrounding much of it, with tufts of a grey-green variety in places.
2 weeks ago

We've had the faeries, now it's time for some Pixies.....

Pixie Cup Lichen looking very splendid up on the local moors.

#Lichen #LichenSubscribe #Macro #Friday #FungiFriday #Fungi #Fungiverse #Mushtodon #Mycology #Sporerespondence #FollowFriday #Photo #Photography #Yorkshire

a macro photo of some very tiny,  maybe 15mm high, pixie cup lichens growing in and amongst moss on a high peaty moorland
2 weeks ago

A few days ago I found this particularly beautiful lichen for the first time, rare in our area.
This lichen belongs to a special group of difficult to identify Cladonia lichens. I think it's the Cladonia coccifera, formerly known under the common name Eastern Boreal Pixie Cup lichen.
Apparently, according to, this lichen has now been renamed "Madame's Cup Lichen". Why? 🤷‍♂️

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon

A group of Pixie Cup lichens with lots of red apothecia grows on the ground surrounded by Haircap moss, white Reindeer lichens in the background.
Frank Ashwood
3 weeks ago

Although soil invertebrates have my heart, I simply can't resist photographing lichens too.

The next time you walk past a lichen-covered tree, stop and take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these fungal-algal composite organisms can be!

#LichenSubscribe #Lichen #MacroPhotography

A photograph of a thin branch covered in branching green and white lichens, with a snail at one end of the branch.
A photograph of a thin branch covered in thin, branching green and white lichens.
A photograph of a thin branch covered in branching green and white lichens.
A photograph of a thin branch covered in branching green and white lichens.
3 weeks ago

A view into a small field of Cladonia lichens and moss.

#LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon #MacroPhotography

A closeup of various lichens among moss
Peter McMahan
3 weeks ago

Finally get getting around to posting some of the lichen, fungus, and moss we encountered in Quebec a couple of weeks ago. More in the replies.
#lichensubscribe #fungus #mushtodon #mosstodon

A large patch of reindeer lichen among some mosses
Some kind of cool mushroom. I have no idea what. It looks like a paper cup full of Nougat.
A boulder with miss growing in prominent stripes on it
3 weeks ago

Some kind of Lacinipolia moth that looks like lichen right outside the back door. #LichenSubscribe #CapitolHillBackyard

Small moth with light green mottled lichen-appearing camouflage.
3 weeks ago

I took these photos of a cool purple seed I happened upon while enjoying a walk through the local botanical gardens.
I’m counting this as my first contribution to #Mosstodon.

A path entirely covered with moss stretches into a lush forest setting. Ferns line the path and vines climb nearby trees. A purple seed has fallen onto into the centre of the path in the foreground.
A close up of a purple egg-shaped seed lying on thick spongy moss that covers a path that continues into the distance.
Christopher White :yikes:
3 weeks ago

Some kinda weird slime mold/fungi on a coastal cypress overlooking the ocean. #fungi #LichenSubscribe

Whiteish fungus or lichen on tree bark. With some areas of pink.
Pink slimy fungus or slime mold in tree bark. Looks like snot!
Pink and speckled fungus or slime mold in a tree trunk. Sprouting shape kind of like cauliflower.
3 weeks ago

And to complete my triple posting....

I think this might be Evernia prunastri, commonly known as oakmoss, a species of lichen.

#Lichen #LichenSubscribe #MacroMonday #Photo #Photography #Cumbria

a small cluster of lichen growing on the bare leafless branches of an oak tree
3 weeks ago

Mixing it up for Monday, a foliose Pelt Lichen growing in amongst Moss.

#Monday #MacroMonday #Moss #Lichen #MossMonday #LichenSubscribe #Photo #Photography #Cumbria

a macro photo of a mini landscape growing on top of an old wall in woodland. there's a pelt lichen and some sort of moss with a few old brown oak leaves
Antoinne Sterk
3 weeks ago
Photo of moss and lichen growing in an orchard. In the background are branches and green leaves of other fruit trees in the orchard. In the foreground, moss and lichen fill the frame.
Megalithic Portal (Andy B)
3 weeks ago

Beautifully rich colours of #lichen on the #menhirs of this alignement. Found just to the north of Chapelle de la Madeleine in #Finistère #StandingStoneSunday #Lichensubscribe More photos by one of our top contributors Martin L on our page: #France

Beautifully rich colours of lichen on stone
Si Fuller
3 weeks ago

It this #mosstodon or #lichensubscribe? Dinner Falls, Atherton Tablelands.

Some dry moss and lichen sharing a stone, with a waterfall in the background