2 days ago

I'm live on twitch and youtube with Yakuza 0!

Let's meet some of Kamurocho's *weirder* inhabitants.


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Schdadia :progresspride:
2 days ago

De Dag warrt ümmer beter, mien Stohl is vondaag ankamen un nu is Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Erased His Name ankamen. Aver ehr ik dat spelen kann, mutt ik noch Speel 5 beenden un Speel 6 spelen.

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Ein Gaming Stuhl, darauf ist die PS5 version von like a dragon Gaiden

AY MADRE, que han puesto una isla donde puedes construir edificios, tener habitantes y tener tu propia casa para decorarla, ademas de que te construyes los muebles

#LikeADragon #LikeaDragonInfiniteWealth

6 days ago

¡Buenos días! He recopilado la información disponible sobre el juego Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, que llegará a PC, PlayStation y Xbox en enero.

#LikeADragon #Gaming #Yakuza

Time to accompany Kiryu in his bodyguard duties in the dazzling Sotenbori in the new spin-off of the Yakuza series, Like a Dragon Gaiden!

Disponibile anche in 🇮🇹

#likeadragon #likeadragongaiden #ryugagotoku

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
1 week ago

Started with #YakuzaKiwami2 yesterday. Holy cow I missed Kiryu!

Only played for about an hour but I'm fully invested already.

I play to get to #LikeADragonGaiden before Infinite Wealth releases. Glad I played the first game with Ichiban already so the biggest part is already done.

But as Like a Dragon Gaiden is a game that explains the events between Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth I want to play this before it releases. (And also: Kiryu-chaaaaaan! 🥰)

I hope my time allows it but thanks to #Xbox's Quick Resume feature I can easily stop playing even in cut scenes without worrying about losing progress.

After I finished pretty much nothing this year so far it would be great to at least get to Yakuza 6 so I can play Like a Dragon Gaiden next year. The games are all pretty short (for modern standards) so it could be doable. But they also have pretty addicting mini games sometimes. 😅

Just for planning: #LikeADragonIshin is just a spin-off right?

#Gaming #Yakuza #LikeADragon

♿🔞 Many the Mousetacular
1 week ago i'm still a bit under the weather but i am gonna stream #YakuzaKiwami2! Live now with the pre-stream!

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1 week ago

Me: Like a Dragon Gaiden will be a short one.

Also me: let's go super deep into the colosseum sidegame, shall we?

#gaming #likeadragon #likeadragongaidenthemanwhoerasedhisname

Ayer me acosté como a las 7 pero por fin puedo probar la demo :gif_cheer:

#LikeaDragonGaiden #LikeaDragonInfiniteWealth #LikeaDragon

Pantalla de inicio del Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
Le Pertti
2 weeks ago

Such a sweet finish to a fight!:D

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2 weeks ago

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Reveladas Imagens Épicas do RPG Mais Aguardado de 2024
Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio revela imagens incríveis de personagens e cenários de Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, eleito 'Most Anticipated Game' no The Game Awards 2023.
#Xbox #Pc #RyuGaGotokuStudio #LikeaDragon #InfiniteWealth #Gamerscore

2 weeks ago

Heute morgen mit der #Yakuza / #LikeADragon Musik im Hintergrund Sport zu machen hat sich richtig gut angefühlt. Das war einfach ein sehr spaßiges Workout.

2 weeks ago

Jest coś w grach Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, że widząc kolejną mini-gierkę myślisz "nie no, kurwa, nie będę tego robić". A potem siedzisz do pierwszej w nocy, bo trzeba uprawiać pole i łowić ryby. A ja nawet nie lubię symulatorów farmy...

I już chyba nie ma dla nie ratunku. Będę przechodził cała serię Like a Dragon of początku, czekając w nadziei na kolejne Judgment (lub jego następcę). Może nawet kiedyś pogadam o niektórych z tych gier w Drodze...

#giereczkowo #gry #ishin #LikeaDragon

Saito Hajime i jego pole.

Me esta gustando esto de poder cambiarle la ropa a Kiryu ojala lo puedas hacer también en el Infinite Wealth

#LikeaDragonGaiden #LikeADragon

Unos zapatos de piel marrones
un traje blanco de tres piezas con corbata azul de puntos y una clavel morado en la solapa
Un sombrero blanco a juego con el traje, también le puse gafas y una cicatriz vertical en el ojo izquierdo
el personaje de cuerpo entero mostrando todo el conjunto

There's plenty to be thankful for this coming week, including the fact that Kiryu's alive, the fact that Big Boss is alive, or the fact that I'm back on my Fortnite bullshit! Look Forward To It!

#envtuber #vtuber #vtuberen #vtuberuprising #vtuberfightclub #vsky #likeadragon #metalgear #fortnite

Schedule for the week of 11/19 - 11/25 (Subject to change)

Sunday - Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name - 8PM EST
Monday - No stream
Tuesday - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 8PM EST
Wednesday - No stream
Thursday - No stream
Friday - No stream
Saturday - Fortnite - 10PM EST
3 weeks ago
Kazuma Kiryu reads the wildly inaccurate output of an AI text generator, reading "Kazuma Kiryu is an Italian chef and restaurant owner based in the Saitama prefecture."
The Daily Juice
3 weeks ago

SEGA has said that film adaptations of its major franchises like Persona and Yakuza/Like a Dragon are possible.

#sega #persona #yakuza #likeadragon #sonicthehedgehog


#LikeaDragonGaiden #LikeaDragon

Hombre de mediana edad con una camiseta naranja de flores muy llamativa y una cicatriz en la ceja izquierda
Chico joven con gafas de sol, traje blanco a rayas y camisa morada debajo también con un patrón de flores pero mas elegante
Los dos señores juntos

Ayer encontré un discord de gente que está traduciendo toda la saga Yakuza desde el 2 y están apunto de sacar la del 3 (el 2 no, el 3, por algún motivo) y además está lleno de fans de la saga

#LikeADragon #yakuza

4 weeks ago

I approve of all the cats in recent games.

#games #cats #PS5 #SpiderMan2 #TalosPrinciple2 #LikeADragon

Girl petting a black and white tuxedo cat on a pipe, with a Spiderman plushie cat toy laying nearby, from Spiderman 2.
Orange tabby sitting on a bench with a "Pet" interaction available, from Talos Principle 2
Black cat sitting on a closed trash can with its tail extended over the edge, from Like A Dragon.
Black cat in a leisurely stretch on the street, from the credits sequence of Like A Dragon
4 weeks ago

I've been a bit away from here but would like to wish you a nice #Friday night or day. I'm finally home, enjoying Fire Emblem Three Houses' soundtrack in my living room. Disc 4 is really good :) Well, all of them are but still. I'm also preparing the files to be able to listen on my phone at work, edit all song names from Japanese, etc. Meanwhile I'm installing #LikeADragon Ishin! No idea if it's good or not, but I cannot hold my curiosity any longer. #Videogames #Gaming

1 month ago

#AEW featured Like A Dragon Gaiden promotion on the ring this week.
#LikeADragon #Yakuza #RGGstudio #Sega

1 month ago

if you have not played, and you like JRPGs...

#Yakuza: #LikeADragon is 92% off right now

1 month ago
1 month ago

Kazuma Kiryu ist zurück: Ab sofort ist Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name für PC und Konsole erhältlich. Den Start feiert #Sega mit einem neuen #Trailer zum Spiel. #LikeADragon #Yakuza

1 month ago

time to play in my very typical gamer set up 😎
tho before I moved, I played with a stand desk
🤣 #yakuza #likeADragon #likeADragonGaiden

photo of a room with a large monitor with Like A dragon Gaiden video game’s start menu on screen. the monitor is on an ash wood shelf that sits above a shower table made of the same wood. the lower table has peripherals like keyboard, game pad, art supplies, cutting mat, notebooks, mug, etc. A carpet underneath the table has red/black/blue accents, a crescent floor seating pillow, and rattan floor seating beach chair
Mr Rikxx
1 month ago

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name is launching today on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S.

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1 month ago

Like a Dragon Gaiden: the man who erased his name is up on gamepass! Downloading it right away, even though I'm still playing Yakuza 5.

It's so funny to me that the Xbox has become the Yakuza Box for me. Playwd through Kiwami 2, Yakuza 3 and 4 and Like a Dragon on it.

It's such an amazing franchise and I am looking forward to Infinite Wealth!

#gaming #gamepass #yakuza #likeadragon #xbox #xboxseries

1 month ago

Like A Dragon Gaiden review: The shortest Yakuza game is also one of the best #videogames #videogaming #VG247 #Sega #LikeaDragon #yakuza

1 month ago

The biggest new video games releasing the week of 11/6/23

Check out what’s new in the world of video games this week.

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PC Gamer
1 month ago
1 month ago

(When discussing the potential #Tekken8 guest characters with my wife.)
"It might be Ichiban Kasuga, from the #LikeADragon series, though that might be a little goofy."
"#Tekken's already really goofy. They've got the bear, the panda, the robot girl with chainsaws, and the coffee girl."


AverageDood :averageverse: :perapistola:
1 month ago

Pues ya que esta instancia está definitivamente en marcha, vamos a realizar una buena y preciosa #presentacion por aquí

Mi ser Average, LG[B]T, un técnico informático al que seguramente habríais visto antes desde (puto roobre) ( es bromita no me pegues). Esto no se trata de una migración, si no de una cuenta complementaria.

Soy un intento de Linuxero que no termina de serlo porque su gráfica integrada dice que no le gusta Linux (por desgracia). Entre mis hobbies se encuentran los videojuegos, el roleplay y los streams en Twitch con avatar PNG (temporalmente parados hasta obtener una tarjeta gráfica dedicada). Dungeons & Dragons es algo en lo que quisiera meterme pero no se ni como, ni cuando ni con quién. Dungeon Masters que no os importe lidiar con un novato, pingeadme sin miedo xD

Entre otros intereses? Sagas como Yakuza, Mario, Sonic, The Owl House, Persona, Hello Charlotte, Undertale, y alguna más que se me habrá olvidado por ahí.

La lectura es algo que también me gusta muNcho, aunque por diversos motivos últimamente la tengo aparcada. Igualmente, estoy en proceso creativo y tormenta de ideas para escribir una historia de crimen y suspense, co-protagonizada por un sicario de pelo azul y una asesina peliverde a sueldo de la mafia. One In The Chamber, la primera historia de Kyle Sayama y Sophie Schnee, se encuentra ahora mismo en redacción en Google Docs.

Y lo dije en un intento anterior de montar esta misma instancia, cuando aún llamábamos a esto AverageFish, pero estoy a medio de retraducir los subtítulos en español de la serie RWBY, ya que, los oficiales de Crunchyroll, en las tres primeras temporadas dejan mucho que desear.

Y meterme entre fogones en la cocina, si, por favor y gracias. Me sale un curry a la Persona 5 acojonante (bendito sea Atlus por publicar la receta con el Strikers), y quiero darle un intento dentro de poco a los chilli dogs de Sonic, ya contaré que tal salen

Y supongo que eso es todo por aquí. Os leo por el fediverso y a ver que nos contamos. Esto es una amenaza,
nos veremos ​:perapistola:​

#sonic #sonicthehedgehog #supermariobros #mario #theowlhouse #persona #persona3 #persona4 #persona5 #shinmegamitensei #smt #hellocharlotte #yakuza #likeadragon #undertale #lgbt #d&d #dungeonsanddragons #xbox #playstation #nintendo #linux #steamdeck #linux

1 month ago

Die Musik der #Yakuza / #LikeADragon Reihe ist einfach zu gut.

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
1 month ago

Did you ever wonder what it would look like if Animal Crossing and Yakuza had a baby? No? Me neither, but I'm extremely hyped about this! 😅

#Gaming #Trailer #Yakuza #LikeADragon #AnimalCrossing

Matthew S. Smith
1 month ago

Not sure I'm going to end up playing it, but turning Like a Dragon into Animal Crossing looks pretty lit...and definitely wasn't on my bingo card.

#xbox #likeadragon

1 month ago
2 months ago

Ihr glaubt gar nicht, wie sehr ich mich auf dieses Spiel freue. Und am 08. November ist es endlich soweit.

#LikeADragon #LikeADragonGaiden #gaming #games #videogames #pc #pcgaming #steam #yakuza #YakuzaLikeADragon

Cover zum Spiel "Like a Dragon: Gaiden"
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

Where we're going, we might need roads!

Coming Soon to Game Pass: Forza Motorsport, Like A Dragon: Ishin!, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, and From Space - Xbox Wire

#GamePass #Microsoft #Xbox #PC #ForzaMotorsport #LikeADragon #Warhammer40K #GamingNews

Game Pass advert showing what's coming soon featuring From Space, Like a Dragon: Ishin, Forza Motorsport, Warhammer 40,000 Darktide.
2 months ago

Bonne nouvelle, les deux derniers épisodes de la série #Yakuza (enfin #LikeADragon) arrivent sur le #GamePass. On attend toujours les Judgment par contre...


RadioSEGA 📡🎶🎧
2 months ago

Let's unwind and kick back for the weekend with a new edition of Pick n' Mix! On the table for tonight's episode:

👉 #SonicSymphony reactions 🎶
👉 RGG Studio #LikeADragon news 👊
More hype for the upcoming #Sonic games (sorry! 😜)
👉 RS FIRST PLAY snippet of the soundtrack to the smash - we mean "squash" - hit VR title, C-Smash VRS. 🎾
👉 YOUR #SEGA VGM requests LiVE! 🎵

Join us in 10 minutes at and on @terraplayer at 7pm BST/8pm CEST/2pm EDT/11am PDT!

3 months ago

Check out my new Yakuza/Like a Dragon UFO Catcher-inspired mini charms!

Kara Kappa, Bun-Chan and Woo-kun come in these smol rainbow charms, perfect to carry on your phone or your different devices ⭐

#LikeADragon #MerchArtist

Photo of a hand holding three small acrylic charms depicting different Yakuza/Like a Dragon characters.
3 months ago

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth erscheint im Januar 2024 für PC und Konsole. Zwei neue #Trailer zeigen jetzt, auf welche verrückten Abenteuer sich Fans der Reihe freuen dürfen. #LikeADragon #InfiniteWealth

The SEGA Lounge
3 months ago

Travel back to feudal Japan with our "6 Months Later" special on Like a Dragon: Ishin!, featuring special guests Bikachan90 and
Matt Oliver, of Shenmue Dojo. No spoilers!

Listen first on @RadioSEGA tonight at 8 PM UK.

Podcast available everywhere from Friday.

#LikeADragon #SEGA #Podcast #LikeADragonIshin #YakuzaIshin #LikeADragonIshinKiwami #TheSEGALounge

Teaser video for The SEGA Lounge episode #197 - "Like a Dragon: Ishin! - 6 Months Later", featuring guests Bikachan90 and Matt Oliver.

SEGA und Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio haben neue Details und Screenshots zu #LikeADragon Gaiden veröffentlicht, in denen die Daidoji-Fraktionsmitglieder Yoshimura, Boss und der Oberpriester vorgestellt werden. Außerdem liefert man erste Details zur Geschichte:

♿🔞 Many the Mousetacular
5 months ago

we thought we'd put together an Outfit today~!

we are live with the pre-stream for yakuza 0!!! it should be a decent length one, we'll probably order lunch during it and stuff. (You could even tip and help pay for that lunch 🥺) Swing on by if you'd like!! Follow if you're gonna wanna chat - there's a 10min timer to prevent spammers from jumping in and immediately flooding chat.

#Twitch #TwitchStreamer #Stream #streams #LikeADragon #yakuza0

It's Many, a white queer, in a bathroom! Fae're wearing dress pants, a t-shirt with a cat on it, and a pink plaid button-up that's messily unbuttoned. Fae alse have dangly sword earrings, a nice black chain choker necklace with a star sort of thing in the middle and lots of smaller black beads along it. One hand in one pocket, the other holding the phone up to the mirror.

Una migración de servidor más tarde, he acabado por saltar a esta bonita, marrón y acogedora cafetería

Asi que, toca una #Introduccion

Yo soy un ser humano (probablemente) al que llaman Average. Me podéis encontrar en España, y la hamburguesa que os dejasteis anoche, en mi estómago.

Alto interés en anime, videojuegos, linux, RWBY, tengo título de técnico informático (no arreglo impresoras). De hecho, tiro en Arch Linux mi ordenador, y tengo intenciones de iniciarme un canal vtuber, el modelo me falta simplemente.

Me gusta el lore. De lo que sea. Por favor y gracias. Si me das un par de datos de algo que ni conozco, lo mismo te saco una teoría del culo asi como quien no quiere la cosa.

Dicho todo esto, voy a dejar aquí unos hashtags a ver si atraigo a gente de bien

#sonic #theowlhouse #Nintendo #Xbox #playstation #persona #shinmegamitensei #undertale #linux #windows #android #videogames #music #art #memes #doom #ultrakill #amd #intel #nvidia #SteamDeck #anime #vtuber #yakuza #LikeADragon #ttrpg #jrpg

Bueno, pues ya que me he tirado un tiempo muerto por curro, vamos a ver si le doy un soplo de aire fresco a esto aprovechándome del éxodo de Twitter xD.

#Introduccion 2.0

Yo soy un ser humano (probablemente) al que llaman Average. Me podéis encontrar en España, y la hamburguesa que os dejasteis anoche, en mi estómago.

Alto interés en anime, videojuegos, linux, RWBY, tengo título de técnico informático (no arreglo impresoras). De hecho, tiro en Arch Linux mi ordenador, y tengo intenciones de iniciarme un canal vtuber, el modelo me falta simplemente.

Me gusta el lore. De lo que sea. Lore, por favor y gracias. Si me das un par de datos de algo que ni conozco, lo mismo te saco una teoría del culo asi como quien no quiere la cosa.

Diiiicho todo esto, voy a dejar aquí un puñado de hashtags a ver si atraigo a gente de bien

#sonic #theowlhouse #Nintendo #Xbox #playstation #persona #shinmegamitensei #undertale #deltarune #linux #windows #android #videogames #music #art #shitpost #memes #doom #ultrakill #amd #intel #nvidia #SteamDeck #anime #vtuber #yakuza #LikeADragon #ttrpg #jrpg

I have begun playing Yakuza 0. I have met Bob Utsunomiya 0. I have not met Majima-chan. I suck at karaoke. 10/10 perfect game #ryugagotoku #likeadragon

kristen rapp
7 months ago

starting to think if I want to connect with anyone I should do an #introduction ?

I live in #nyc and care about #affordablehousing #publictransit (also #fuckcars ) #compost (I'm a certified Master Composter™️) #cats & #houseplants

my current hobbies/interests/hyperfixations:
#StarTrek (all of them, haters DNI)
#LikeADragon #Yakuza games
#knitting #embroidery #sewing #visiblemending

the fine print:
she/her, ACAB, BLM, trans rights are human rights, live long & prosper 🖖

I have finished the game. It is really very good, though shows its age at times. A few things feel very grindy and there are definitely some quality of life improvements I'd suggest, and the last act kinda didn't land for me, but overall, I had a really good time.

Overall completion - 52.301%
Diligence Record completion - 67.48%
Substory completion - 100%

#LikeADragon #Ishin

Four men shown in profile, from left to right, Hijikata Toshizo, Nagakura Shinpachi, Sakamoto Ryoma, and Okita Soji from Like A Dragon Ishin

Wouldn't be an RGG game without some eleventh hour plot twists

#LikeADragon #Ishin

🎵Sa-ka-moto Ryoma
His name is my name too🎵

#LikeADragon #Ishin

Just three bros and the dog they rescued out to get absolutely shit-ass drunk

#LikeADragon #Ishin

Screenshot from Like A Dragon Ishin showing three characters (Ryoma Sakamoto, Katsura Kogoro, and Saigo Kichinosuke ) and a shiba inu sitting in a traditional Japanese Izakaya

I very much wish they had upgraded the karaoke system for #LikeADragon Ishin to the newer one from 6/7/K2. Multiple bars on screen that can move at different speeds is pain

Anyway I just finished Chapter 6 of 14 at about 34 hours of game time of #LikeADragon Ishin and I'm at roughly 50% total completion, including almost 90% of all substories completed.

#LikeADragon Ishin is super super fun, my only real complaint is I wish they had kept the karaoke system from the Dragon Engine games. The old one is just so much worse.

Neat. Getting #LikeADragon Ishin digitally rather than ordering a physical copy means I can get the digital deluxe for just a few bucks more and play like a week earlier

Captain Eden
10 months ago

Ahoy!! I am Eden (Fae/they), I'm a #NonBinary magician, wrestler, streamer, and artist from the UK!
I have a passion for unique kinda of storytelling, media analysis and wordplay! I also love that #Piratecore life all day, every day.
I love #Magic, #Wrestling, #GraphicDesign, #Streaming, #Storytelling, #LikeADragon, #Pokemon, #Cooking and #Baking, so expect a lot of that!
(Am I doing hashtags right? I was told to use hashtags here a lot?)
Also I look like this!!

A close up shot of Eden. Faer hair is red, shaved on one side and flowing down the other side of their face. Faer wearing glasses, with an eyebrow, nose and lipring. Black lipstick contrasts faer trimmed beard, and faer wearing a black corset. Fae have a small telescope on a chain around their neck
A cartoon version of the photo alongside this image. Eden is wearing the same outfit, along with a red and black pirate Captain style coat, a red sash around Faer waist and a leather pouch on Faer belt to hold playing cards. Torn blue jeans with red and black, skull and crossbones tights are visible through the tears. Fae are holding up an Ace of Clubs

God I can't wait to play #LikeADragon Ishin

Bueno, pues veo que aqui un post de #introduccion es costumbre y tradición.

Soy Average, me mudé de Twitter a, y de ahí, aquí. Soy bastante de juegos y tecnología en general. Tengo intencion de montarme un blog de videojuegos, a ver que tal me sale la jugada.

Me gusta mucho hablar de lore, incluso de cosas que no conozco. Dime un par de cosas de algo y lo mismo te saco una teoría del culo a ver si acierto.

Voy a dejar por aquí unos cuantos hashtags a ver si atraigo a gente un poco:

#sonic #theowlhouse #nintendo #xbox #playstation #persona #shinmegamitensei #undertale #deltarune #linux #windows #android #videogames #music #art #shitpost #memes #doom #ultrakill #amd #intel #nvidia #steamdeck #anime #vtuber #yakuza #likeadragon #ttrpg #jrpg

Average FFVII Edgelord
1 year ago

Bueno, vamos a dejar un par de hashtags por aqui, que ya va siendo hora

#sonic #theowlhouse #nintendo #xbox #playstation #persona #shinmegamitensei #undertale #deltarune #linux #windows #android #videogames #music #art #shitpost #memes #doom #ultrakill #amd #intel #nvidia #steamdeck #anime #vtuber #yakuza #likeadragon #ttrpg

Y segurisimo que me he dejado algo, pero si eso ya haré una respuesta a este toot con lo que falte