Ortwin Pinke
7 hours ago

Koffer auspacken und ein wenig einrichten. Ihr findet mich nun auch bei #LinkedIn: Profil von Ortwin Pinke

e Ártemis
10 hours ago

Hey fedi is there a client that allows people to view #LinkedIn stuff without an account? Sorta like #nitter for twitter?

Holger Hellinger ✔️
10 hours ago

Zu dem #Amarok Monster das #VW da bei #LinkedIn promoted hat, passt diese Spam Mail die in meinem Spamfilter gelandet war.

Amarok - ist das beliebteste
potenzmittel dieses jahres!
Die Wirkung von Amarok auf die Potenz und das sexuelle
Verlangen ist vergleichbar mit der Wirkung von Viagra.
Je länger ein Mann Amarok einnimmt, desto gesünder werden
die Organe des Urogenitalsystems und der Blutgefäße.
Bei einer Kursmethode wird
die natürliche Potenz wiederhergestellt.
11 hours ago

Noch ein Netzwerk? Aber ja!
#LinkedIn "ist für Reputation und Reichweite ein Must-Have im digitalen Medienbesteck", ist
@anmut79 überzeugt. Daher bietet sie im Workshop "LinkedIn für Journalist*innen" eine Anleitung "from Zero to Hero".
Details & Anmeldung:

Wu Yuansheng
12 hours ago

2023/5/29 Media Digest Evening #linkedin
Do you know what are 10 signs of potential failure of a business?

Wu Yuansheng
17 hours ago

2023/5/29 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
The strange recession that is Czechia from my email

Confronting the Cowardice of the Far Right on Race

Weaponizing Antisemitism: From Victim to Predator


17 hours ago

Are you greeted by a white screen when trying to log into #linkedin? yeah I don't know either. Fix is to reload and everything works

Christoffer S.
18 hours ago

Is there a federated alternative to LinkedIn? Curious about what is out there.

#Federation #LinkedIn #Alternatives #Fediverse

22 hours ago

"Eat the frog." ~ To undertake a difficult task first thing. I learned something today, several things. That this expression exists, I'd never come across it before. Its meaning, see first line. That it was coined by a guy called Brian Tracy. That Brian Tracy is the sort #LinkedIn #capitalist that I despise.

You will never catch me using the expression, "eat the frog," ever again, nor will I ever put it into practice.

Wu Yuansheng
23 hours ago

2023/5/29 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Skill of the Week: Light a Charcoal Grill

Book Review – Viruses: A Natural History

A road trip across the cradle of civilisation

Cannes and the banality of evil

The Book of Lies

Sharena Rice, PhD
1 day ago

2) Want to learn about project management, video production, web design, or other skills?
LinkedIn Learning offers certificate courses on professional development topics.
[Free for personnel, including alums, logging in with UMich credentials]

afreytes :godot:
1 day ago

Something I've begun to notice. If I post about a game I made or a story that I wrote, I will get a couple of hits. I'm noone so that's expected and ok.


If I post something on LinkdIn...


The security alerts start to go off almost inmediately and malicious traffic spikes noticeably.

IDK If I'm biased or what since I already dislike LinkdIn and its culture to begin with.

#InfoSec #LinkedIn

Infodumping 4 Good
1 day ago

I look somber and serious in my #Linkedin profile because these are the times, my friend


1 day ago

I am sure they will put some deep thought bs post on #Linkedin anytime soon.

Wu Yuansheng
1 day ago

2023/5/28 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
What is the difference between a Leader and a Manager?

Things Worth Remembering: The Extraordinary Courage of Tatiana Gnedich

Condemned to ten years in the gulag, the scholar sat in her cell and translated an epic poem—all 16,000 lines—from memory.

Ortwin Pinke
2 days ago

Wenn #LinkedIn dir schreibt, du machst das großartig, dabei hast du noch gar nichts gemacht. 🤔

Wu Yuansheng
2 days ago

2023/5/28 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Tales of the tongue

What’s the Point of Prizes?

Susan Sontag ‘On Women’

Refuting Thomas Dalton’s Rabbinic Contention

Defy the Open Borders Movement—Whatever Its Motivation!

Holger Hellinger ✔️
2 days ago

#LinkedIn scheint tatsächlich aufzuräumen. In einem der unsäglichen #Wärmepumpen sind böse, und Herr #Lesch soll lieber wieder Sterne gucken Thread zur #LastGen habe ich gerade wirklich bei fast jedem Profil das ich schwrubbelnd sah und angucken wollte, die Meldung erhalten, dass es nicht mehr existiert. Super.

Jonathan Kamens
2 days ago

My recent job search by the numbers

Applied to 115, rejected by 51, interviewed by 8, hired by 1. LinkedIn was my job-search HQ. Going to work for the U.S. Digital Service.

#OnTheJob #JobHunting #LinkedIn #USDS

Wu Yuansheng
2 days ago

2023/5/27 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
Bobcat Moretti

The Flood


What is friendship and how is it formed or evolved?

The Time Billionaires

Wu Yuansheng
3 days ago

2023/5/27 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
The Playoffs: A Dispatch

#1 Factor That Determines Happiness Science-Based

Do you believe that all people should, and have to be, restored and never just thrown out?

China Will Burst NATO’s Inflated Delusions

‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ Was Tina Turner’s Defining Hit. It Almost Didn’t Happen

Scientists near a breakthrough that could revolutio

Eric Maugendre
3 days ago

#personalData #GDPR #dataProtection
"There are currently no meaningful or scalable legal or technical solutions available to lawfully share data with US companies."

Carey #Lening @privacat: @dataGovernance @data #compliance #archiving #dataDon #dataCapture #Meta #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #dataProcessing

Times reached out to for a job on #LinkedIn: 0
Times doxxed by LinkedIn: 1

The LinkedIn account closure page:
We've closed your account.
Your LinkedIn account is now closed. Although you no longer have access to it, it'll take a few weeks for your public profile to disappear from search engines.
Thoralf Will
4 days ago

Warum #LinkedIn der Meinung ist, dass ich nun gerade der #FDP folgen möchte, wird wohl deren Geheimnis bleiben.

Lieber hänge ich mir eine Kuhglocke um den Hals und gehe im Douglas einkaufen ...

4 days ago

Deloitte employee praises Adolf Hitler in LinkedIn post, sacked after backlash

The man, identified as Neerabh Mehrotra-an employee with Deloitte-wrote in his LinkedIn post about how he always wanted to read about Adolf Hitler and went on to speak about his 'charismatic qualities'.

#AdolfHitler #hitler #nazis #nazism #fascism #india #deloitte #LinkedIn

Wu Yuansheng
4 days ago

2023/5/26 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
Gender Roles and the Misallocation of Labour Across Countries


Wu Yuansheng
4 days ago

2023/5/25 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken

Keep On Rocking - David Perry Original - YouTube

The Caveman - David Perry Original - YouTube

Wu Yuansheng
4 days ago

2023/5/26 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Targets: American Sniper

The Porcupine Illusion: Freud’s Prickly Secret

My Conversation with a Nairobi urban dweller

How some people get away with doing nothing at work: All hail the jobless employed

How John Keats Writes a Poem: A Line-by-Line Breakdown of “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

4 days ago

There’s no question in my mind that Elon Musk is a poor excuse for a human being. The problem I have with your comparison, is that the financial model on which #twitter, #facebook, #linkedin, and probably all corporate, monolithic social media companies are based was pioneered, and zealously, aggressively defended by #google. Sergey, Larry, and Eric may cry, “De Debbil made me do it!” But they had a choice whether to sell their soul. Sell, they did.

John Carlsen
4 days ago

I like the #CaliforniaEqualPayAct .

Among other things, it requires organizations with 15+ employees to include what they consider reasonable pay scales in their job listings.

This is convenient for me because it allows me to avoid companies and roles that fall short of my expectations.

Before this law, I had actually completed interviews only to be offered half of what I was currently making. Now I can avoid having my time wasted like that.

But this week, a company's recruiter reached out to me via #LinkedIn with a job that I'd be a great fit for, but without a pay scale, not in the message nor in the company's listings on its web site. (It has near 20,000 workers.) I reported the deficiency to the recruiter, as I did with another of its recruiters about 3 months earlier. Both times, they ghosted me afterward. Only this time, I was sure to report the company's continued non-compliance to the State of #California .


Daniel Dočekal
5 days ago

Kolik copywriterek je potřeba na výměnu žárovky? Řešilo se to nedávno na #linkedin a tak jsem se zeptal #chatgpt

oh holy shit the notification prefs on #LinkedIn are overwhelming. at least you can turn them off and on. it’s just that nobody will have the patience to do so. funny how that works

Wu Yuansheng
5 days ago

2023/5/25 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Misogyny and Violence in Michigan Politics

“The Covenant of Water” by Abraham Verghese

Bees can learn, remember, think and make decisions – here’s a look at how they navigate the world

Adam Horne
5 days ago

I got a letter published in this week’s edition of #TheEconomist about how bad #AI isn’t any worse than the robotic human bullshit on #LinkedIn. Ironical, I wrote it with the help of #ChatGPT - check it out here:

Adam Cook
5 days ago

@sjkilleen @timnitGebru It is particularly hypocritical on #LinkedIn's part since decorum left LinkedIn long ago near as I can tell.

I **routinely** see racist and discriminatory comments on there - and, even though I blocked many now-former colleagues making those comments, LinkedIn still pushes that trash to me.

Probably high time that I just dumped LinkedIn, frankly.

Agile Learning Labs
5 days ago

Answer in the comments below or reach out in our LinkedIn group!

Our Agile Learning Labs Community is here to help support agile professionals of all levels and is a great resource for those looking to explore career possibilities in this industry.

Check it out at:

#agilecareers #agile #linkedin

Roni Laukkarinen
6 days ago

What other (centralized) social medias you are using? (even the slightest)

You can select multiple answers (not on Ivory in case it still has the bug where it picks the one you touch)

Boosts appreciated.

#Twitter #Bluesky #Meta #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #YouTube #SocialMedia #Blueskysocial

6 days ago

A tool to cross-post from your own spot on the internet to #mastodon #Twitter #bluesky and yes #lInkedin?

It’s called and it’s just a pleasure to use!

Federico Campoli :postgresql:
6 days ago

Nice. #linkedin restricted my account and after 24 hours I provided proof of identity is still not restoring my access. :blobcatangery: :blobcatangery: :blobcatangery: :blobcatangery:

1 week ago

If you link to your #LinkedIn profile in your email sig, then consider setting it up so that people without LinkedIn accounts can open it.

1 week ago

LinkedIn revela novas funcionalidades para maior segurança dos utilizadores


#linkedin #microsoft #segurança #sistema #telegram #whatsapp #noticias #tech #tugatech

Luca Junge
1 week ago

I'm slowly discovering the hellsite that is LinkedIn and I just saw you can "unlock" weird PDFs by supplying the advertiser with your email address, company name and company size.



Frankwatching ☑
1 week ago

Met deze must-haves zorg je ervoor dat jouw LinkedIn-profiel professioneel, onderscheidend én onweerstaanbaar wordt. Haal jij al alles uit dit online visitekaartje?

#LinkedIn #SocialMedia

Paul O'Malley
1 week ago

📊 Did you know that PowerPoint can do more than just create slides? 🎉✨

📈 Today, I want to share a potentially game-changing tip with you! Have you ever considered creating your charts directly in PowerPoint instead of Excel and copying them over? 🤔💡

🔢 No need to switch between multiple software programs or use multiple files. By harnessing PowerPoint's charting capabilities, you can save time⏰ and streamline your workflow. Plus, it's an excellent way to keep all your presentation elements in one place and makes collaboration even easier! 🙌🌟

🎥 I've created a short video tutorial where I walk through these tips and tricks. 🎬


Don't forget to #boost and share this post with your connections who want to level up their presentation game!

#VisualizeData #PresentationTips #DataVisualization #LinkedIn #PresentationSkills #DataAnalysis #PowerPointHacks #ProfessionalDevelopment #BusinessTips #PowerPoint #Excel

YouTube Thumbnail Image highlighting the PowerPoint Logo with the caption "Insert and Edit Charts"
Ian Brown :verified:
1 week ago

#LinkedIn’s post-sharing feature is dangerous.

Twice in the last few weeks, people have reached out after I have shared someone else’s post on LinkedIn (using the built-in sharing feature) under the impression that the shared post was author by me.

One of these misapprehensions started a rumor at work that I was switching roles within #Netflix. I discovered this at a social mixer while chatting with a colleague.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

Somehow I’ve accumulated over 1,200 “connections” on #LinkedIn over the years. I cannot believe that I’ve either sent or accepted that many requests—it seems fishy. Regardless, it’s time to cull anyone that I haven’t specifically worked with and any #recruiters that didn’t actually land me a job.

Cragsand :verified:
1 week ago

@atomicpoet @socialmedianews
I noticed they're deploying pretty aggressive methods to combat it.

When I browse on desktop Firefox I always have the habit of middle clickick to open new tabs to queue up what I'm going to read.

Do NOT queue up tabs on LinkedIn. If you do it too quickly you'll get flagged for botting and temporarily suspended.

I learned this the hard way... really annoying.
#linkedin #defectivedesign #defectivebydesign

GNU/Matt :fedora: :kde:
1 week ago

#linkedin seems like the most disingenuous of the #socialmedia jails. Everyone is there only there for one thing and it's disgusting

🦣 lordvalor 💡
1 week ago

Creo que Los mismos daños spicológicos que puede ocasionar #instagram en algunas peronas, los ocasiona tambien #LinkedIn en las personas que están desempleadas o en busquedas de nuevos/mejores empleos. #mentalcare

Maike Küper
1 week ago

Ich habe beschlossen, #Mastodon nochmal ne ernsthafte Chance zu geben. #LinkedIn reicht mir einfach nicht, ich brauche einen Ort für das Kurze, Schnelle, Witzige. Meine Reichweite & Interaktion sind bei ca. 5% der Followys hier schon ok. Wem soll ich noch folgen, was sind Tipps jenseits von Hashtags etc? #HR- und OEler*innen sehe ich leider nicht.. #organisationsentwicklung #iopsych

Chris Trottier
1 week ago

WHAT?! On #LinkedIn, there are fake people leaving fake comments?

Why would anyone ever do that on a site that's all about business networking?

Is nothing sacred?


LinkedIn has been facing a growing tide of
disinformation. The social media network blocked
‘more than 58mn accounts between July and
December 2022, up from 22mn in the first six
months of the year, according to its most recent
transparency report:
shrimp eating mammal 🦐
2 weeks ago

I want to think this was done on purpose but I don't think this was done on purpose

#linkedin #fail #succeed #fail #succeed

Screen capture of a LinkedIn post with text "Edward Shehab on Instagram: "The fastest way to succeed is to fail even faster".

The image above the text is a terribly-cropped picture of a bald white man's head. Only the dome is visible.
2 weeks ago

Free of the tech industry's "golden handcuffs," laid-off workers are finding more meaningful work at fashion startups, wineries, and neighborhood retail shops. “I'm not above anything or below anything,” one laid-off tech manager said.
#layoffs #techlayoffs #masslayoffs #LinkedIN #SiliconValley

I made a comment on a #GeometricAlgebra video on #youtube. The guy responded with an answer and invited me to join the #linkedin forum on the topic. Weird, but OK. I did that. He liked the LI post, so I know he saw it.

Then he replied to me. On youtube. To ask me to expand on my post. On linkedin.

I ignored that as the ravings of a loon.

Today he replied again. On youtube.

Just...what's even going on right now? I don't know what's real anymore.

LinkedIn DM might expose your precise location through the metadata of photos you send through the chat.

Unlike most social networks, LinkedIn doesn't remove EXIF metadata of photos. We reported this privacy concern to LinkedIn and they said it wasn't an issue.

In short, if you send a photo with embedded location information to a person through LinkedIn DM, the person will be able to view its metadata, which includes the precise location of the photo. This might reveal the your precise location, for example if you quickly take a photo of a document at home and send it over. Most users aren't aware that the Camera app adds precise location information to every photo.

LinkedIn says it is not an issue. We prepared a video and included LinkedIn response in it. Do you agree with their response?

#Privacy #Cybersecurity #InfoSec #LinkedIn #Security #cybersecuritytips

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

Is there any way to bulk delete #LinkedIn posts?
Just realised my RSS feed has gone a bit wild and I need to prune a lot of content.

(Not interested in your hot takes on leaving LI, thanks.)

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

Amazing UX from #LinkedIn!

Pop up saying "Sorry, this invitation cannot be declined at this time."

@jake4480 @stefan @radiophobicsherkpop

Then en masse we hope #Flockingbird is available and we point that out as the better alternative to #LinkedIn 😜

Chris Trottier
2 weeks ago

Goldman Sachs -- yes, the #finance company -- is entering the social media industry with their own LinkedIn competitor.

They specifically describe it as "A.I.-powered LinkedIn on steroids".

Most will probably scoff at this. But I'm telling you that if Goldman Sachs is to start a new social media platform, going after
#LinkedIn is probably a good idea. This is because to certain people on LinkedIn saying the name "Goldman Sachs" is equivalent to saying "New York Yankees".

Now I don't think this will go anywhere because social media is simply not Goldman Sachs' core business. Nevertheless, a bunch of finbros will probably hype this up.

Goldman Sachs broke into the tech industry Monday, unveiling a new AI-powered social media platform focused on competing with networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Sachs has used the program – named Louisa – internally for more than two years. The system used artificial intelligence to inspect a company's employee database and recommend professional connections to those who are likely to benefit from working together.

"Think of Louisa as an A.I.-powered LinkedIn on steroids," Rohan Doctor, Louisa's CEO and founder, said in an announcement. "We have smart profiles and a smart network, and Louisa reads millions of articles a week from 250 providers and begins connecting people."
It seems #LinkedIn is having a #CaseOfTheMondays
Screenshot from an error message on LinkedIn saying "Sorry, this invitation cannot be declined at this time"
2 weeks ago

@maltheft @torproject @eff @FuckElon When a digital rights org maintains a presence on #FB,#TWTR,#LinkedIn,#Youtube,#Instagram, it’s like supporting an alcoholic’s codependency. “This digital rights org is on FB, therefore I’m in the right place.”

2 weeks ago
Chris Trottier
2 weeks ago

#LinkedIn will no longer count de-activated or shadowbanned accounts as part of your followers.

Honestly, good for them.

Account type explainer. So what exactly are these two types of accounts LinkedIn is filtering?

    Hibernated accounts: A member has deactivated an account for a certain period of time.
    Restricted accounts: A member has violated either LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies or its User Agreement.
2 weeks ago

@maltheft @torproject @eff Occasionally i visit an page just to see if they’ve actually tried to align w/their own digital rights advocacy. And nope, they still have big #Facebook, #Twitter, #Linkedin, #Youtube links on every page of their public website.

2 weeks ago
This is how #MFA setup on #LinkedIn looks like.

Yes, you are expected to type in those characters to your authenticator app. That doesn't allow pasting.

I can only hope this didn't turn out the way it is because some idiot played the "QR codes are dangerous" card...
LinkedIn MFA setup screen instructions:

1. Install Microsoft Authenticator app or any other authenticator app of your choice on your mobile device.

2. Add your account to the authenticator app through the add new account flow.

3. Use "LinkedIn" as the account name and enter this secret key.
AsylumDEG :pipverified:
3 weeks ago

I'm still wrapping my head around the idea that I am supposed to "trust" a private company that wants a photo of my government id. It just doesn't feel right.

#security #privacy #linkedin

ethanOS ☠
3 weeks ago

Currently writing a post for #LinkedIn with #ChatGPT about using #ChatGPT for writing a post to #LinkedIn #experiment

Frankie ✅
3 weeks ago
David Burns
3 weeks ago

Today I started a monthly #newsletter talking about automation in development and most importantly I’m going to be taking the magic out of it so it’s less scary!

You should subscribe!

#linkedin #testautomation #softwaredevelopment

3 weeks ago

@tink @JonathanMosen The interesting thing is that who owns #Linkedin? #Microsoft.

Tormod Halvorsen
4 weeks ago


Right? I've been trying to get comfortable on #LinkedIn, but the vibe I get is that of nobody daring to be their true selves. People are "painting the roses red" because the Red Queen might see their post - almost North Korean levels of alegiance to the The Company and Brand.

The result is that nothing feel authentic, and everything is done in service of the quarterly goals.

Kai Klostermann
1 month ago

Remember folks: the #LinkedIn people are just utilizing your fear of losing your #job to #AI to *sell* you something! Please don't fall for it. 😊

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
1 month ago

I no longer want online social networks that are creating proprietary & locked gardens. Out of the old guard, I only have a #LinkedIn account left.

#BlueSky is supposedly interoperable via its “AT protocol”. Thus far, there's only a single instance of it. If #BlueSky really wants to be a good Internet citizen, it should implement #ActivityPub for integrating in the #Fediverse.

If they do it, I see no reason to move. And if they don't, I see no reason to move either.


Ken Yeung
1 month ago

After months of searching for work, I'm surprised that #LinkedIn hasn't done more to improve its job search offering...

No way to filter out jobs by companies (stop sending me spammy marketing cos)

Recommendations aren't specific to my location (no way to customize)

A disproportionate amount of promoted job listings over organic ones, some not even relevant

In a time with more layoffs, maybe LinkedIn could make finding a job a better experience?

Mariya Delano
1 month ago

No, LinkedIn, no.

This is not even remotely what I post about and these suggestions are so bland and generic.

You're actively encouraging people to post worse content with these suggestions

#LinkedIn #socialmedia

Screenshot from LinkedIn

Section titled:
Ideas for your next post
Section Subtitled:
Share what you know. These suggestions are based on the top skills listed on your profile.
Suggestion 1:
Digital Marketing - How do you test and refine your pay-per-click ad copy?
Suggestion 2:
Advertising - What are some common challenges in mobile advertising?
Suggestion 3:
Social Media Marketing - What are some methods for analyzing social media marketing content?
1 month ago

#Business #Findings
Some major social networks obfuscate their referred traffic

“Website owners and marketers should expect that a large portion of traffic marked as ‘direct’ in their analytics was likely sent by these networks.” — Rand Fishkin

#SocialMedia #Marketing #DigitalAnalystics #WebAnalytics #DarkSocial #Referrals #Obfuscation #Traffic #Discord #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #Mastodon #Pinterest #Reddit #Slack #TikTok #Twitter #WhatsApp #Youtube

Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago

Hmm, looking at the various fediverse alternatives to commercial social media sites, I guess nobody is trying to replace LinkedIn 🤔

#fediverse #SocialMedia #LinkedIn

Max Leibman
1 month ago

"Never lie on your resume," say recruiters who mark jobs listings as "remote" when they require three days a week in the office, or use LinkedIn's "Easy Apply" feature and then email candidates who apply a link to the REAL (not easy) application in their own applicant tracking system.

#recruiter #JobSearch #LinkedIn #ResumeAdvice

heise online
1 month ago

Microsoft übertrifft Erwartungen, KI soll zukünftig Umsatz antreiben

Die Zukunft gehört dem KI-Business, aber aktuell treiben die Cloud-Geschäfte Microsoft weiter an. Anleger hatten weniger erwartet, der Aktienkurs steigt.

#ChatGPT #CloudComputing #Geschäftszahlen #KünstlicheIntelligenz #LinkedIn #Microsoft #MicrosoftAzure #MicrosoftOffice #Windows #news

Microsoft-Schild vor Bürogebäude in Taiwan
1 month ago

Yay finally finished my #elixir course on #LinkedIn. It's been hard to think in a different language, and I'm going to continue learning with my “Elixir in Action” book and a bunch of code was katas - which are always fun to practice!

heise online
1 month ago

Twitters blaue Haken sind jetzt endgültig wertlos

Lange standen blaue Haken bei Twitter-Konten für Authentizität und Notabilität. Am Donnerstag wurden sie gelöscht. Verbliebene blaue Haken stehen für "hat $8".​

#ElonMusk #LinkedIn #Mastodon #MetaPlatforms #SocialMedia #Twitter #news

Twitter mit dem blauen Haken auf einem Handy
Patrick C Miller :donor:
1 month ago

I get probably 3-5 of these messages per week on #LinkedIn. Anyone else get this nonsense?

Steven D Rowe
1 month ago

I still have an account on #LinkedIn but have pretty much abandoned it, not targeting any content there, for me or any of my clients. Seems that most of my connections have lost interest in the platform.

Brian Peterson
1 month ago

posted a new profile pic
to his #LinkedIn page
he still can't get hired

#bird #birdphotography
Sierra Vista #Arizona
my #backyard

Abishek Muthian
1 month ago

The only reason I haven't still deleted my Twitter account is because its the Customer Care portal in India, Corporates here give a 💩 only when calling them out in the public.

Is there any other alternative? Frankly, I don't want Mastodon to be that; Less corporates the better.

Does the other septic tank - LinkedIn serve this purpose? I mean we could technically call out the CEO on it but it would quickly get buried in the narcissism cesspool of posts.

#twitter #linkedin #mastindia

heise online
2 months ago

LinkedIn: Kostenlose Verifizierung für Identität und Arbeitgeber

Nutzer können bei LinkedIn sich und ihren Arbeitgeber verifizieren – kostenlos via Clear, Microsoft Entra oder einfach per E-Mail.

#LinkedIn #Microsoft #SocialMedia #news

Die Illustration zeigt eine Frau, die ein Smartphone hält. Auf dem Smartphone ist die App LinkedIn geöffnet. Im Hintergrund ist ein aufgeklappter Laptop zu sehen, auf dem die Internetseite von LinkedIn geöffnet ist.
fanta ☑️
2 months ago

#sufridoEnLinkedin No estoy de acuerdo con la foto que he visto (más bien sufrido) en #LinkedIn .

La tipa que lo ha compartido trabaja en RRHH Recursos Humanos, es IT Recluter.
Y no se si es consciente de que la segunda parte tendría que ser:

Por eso el trabajo debe de robarnos menos tiempo.

Pero se queda tan ancha poniendo eso.
La vida

Dan Shuman
2 months ago


I'm an engineer and physicist now working in #RenewableEnergy, focusing on #EnergyStorage. I'm all about #Renewables and non-fossil energy, #Electrification, #GreenTech, #Sustainability, and #CircularEconomy.

#Physics is where I started and someday want to return, but currently focused on our great task.

New to #Mastodon, hoping to find a place where people can connect more authentically than #LinkedIn, without the algorithm or the corporate hype machines. #EnergyMastodon

2 months ago

If you'd like to connect with me on various platforms, you can do so via the links below.

Discord (Personal):




My own public Mastodon instance that you can apply to join:

#LetsConnect #GetConnected #SocialMedia #Platforms #Discord #PixelFed #PixtaGram #LinkedIn

Image with a white background and black letters with the words let's connect.