Tobias Hellgren
2 days ago
This piece was originally published September 20th 2015 on the now defunct swedish leg of IGN.
It was written by yours truly in swedish and has been machine translated by ChatGPT and reworked for an international audience. Please enjoy.

I could barely contain my excitement.

The clock on the wall was ticking away all too slowly. The more I stared at its second hand, the more it seemed to be moving backward. I can’t quite remember what the teacher in front of the class was actually talking about; it might have been something inconsequential like the great Swedish reign or about some dead king. At that moment, everything sounded like dull, incomprehensible murmur.

After saving my weekly allowance for several months, I had finally scrambled enough moolah to buy the game I longed for the most. Unfortunately, I had already used up all my gaming hours for that day, so it had to wait on the shelf until the next day. And now, that day had arrived.

Suddenly, it happened. The school bell rang, signaling the end of the day, and everybody scurried to put away their books and pens. I was probably the fastest of them all. The classroom continued to buzz as I threw on my neon green jacket in the coatroom. There was no time to tie my shoes; I simply put the laces inside and stomped them against the insoles instead.

It had been raining. Outside, the asphalt glistened, and a sharp wet smell hung in the air. Water splashed loudly to the sides as I ran home, my shoes becoming progressively soaked. To reach home, I had to run along a forest path that I usually was terrified of, but on this day I couldn’t care less, even though the darkness of autumn had fallen.

Once home, I haphazardly threw my clothes on the hall rack and ran into my room. I grabbed my Game Boy from the desk and threw myself onto the bottom of the bunk bed I was forced to share with my sister before I got my own room. I refrained from turning on the ceiling lamp and relied only on the reading lamp on the headboard. It was cozier that way. I directed the light towards the small green screen and flipped the switch.


I still get shivers today from that familiar sound when starting up Nintendo’s portable game console. Like a warm welcome into an exciting world full of adventures. The game began.

A black sky, shrouded in dark clouds, unfolds over the horizon. Rain lashes against the lonely sailboat struggling against violent waves. Thunder roars ominously all around as lightning strikes as if doomsday is approaching. A lonely blonde boy in a hood clings on for dear life, the halliard wrapped around his arm to avoid falling overboard. Lightning strikes, and the boat breaks apart.

Outside, I heard the rain starting to hit the window again. Thunder rumbled in the distance. I pulled the blanket over my legs.

A girl walks by the sea. The storm has subsided, and the waves now gently lap against the shore, emitting a faint, soothing sound. Palm trees in the background indicate that it is an exotic location. Suddenly, the girl reacts. She sees something ahead and cautiously hurries there. A boy lies washed ashore, seemingly lifeless. She approaches, bends down, and tries to wake him. The camera pans up to the sky, and in the distance, you can see the silhouette of a large mountain. Perhaps it’s a volcano. At the top rests a gigantic egg.

I never owned a Super Nintendo, nor did I have a PlayStation. I relied on 8 bits to live out my digital adventures conveyed through a greenish 2.6-inch screen and a small monophonic speaker (I had no headphones). Of course, this machine couldn’t convince me with photorealistic graphics or CD-quality music, but I still managed to immerse myself in the games.

Today, when I look back on that game about the little stranded boy with his sword and shield, I, of course, remember the story, but not as vividly as the feelings I got from everything happening around outside the machine. But when it smells of wet asphalt outside or when I’m curled up under a blanket underneath the light of a reading lamp, I’m not reminded of that cold November month 20 years ago. Instead, I remember my great adventure on the exotic island of Koholint.

Funny how memories work that way.

#GameBoy #LinkSAwakening #Nintendo

Link lying unconscious on a beach, with Marin leaning over him
Kay Ohtie
2 months ago

Oh wow. The new remake of the Face Shrine music from Link's Awakening is stunning. The haunting orchestral rolling into the original chiptune playing alongside it is just gorgeous and really fits the theme of that part of the game too #LinksAwakening #Spoiler

2 months ago

Finishing up the Link's Awakening 3 heart run; should go by pretty quick tbh #vtuber #vtuberen #ENVtuber #Twitch #linksawakening #gameboy #retro

3 months ago

A profile picture done for @AstralK for Twitch! Got to draw the good boy.

Commission me on ko-fi

#LegendOfZelda #Zelda #LoZ #ALinkToThePast #PLink #LinksAwakening #ArtCommission

I think that you should now that “Tal Tal Heights” from #Zelda #LinksAwakening was translated as “Plateau Tartare” in the French version.

Apollo Lemmon
3 months ago
It was a busy week for me, but I enjoyed having a window into things happening through the fediverse.

4 months ago

I been going between #TOTK and #LinksAwakening on the #NintendoSwitch and they both feel right at home with each other. Both games deliver incredible charm. #Zelda

Finished normal mode of Link's Awakening remake with 1 death (...which is from first boss...), love it! Gonna do Hero Mode soon :D #zelda #switch #linksawakening

Screenshot of save file menu on Link's Awakening, showing clear save with 1 death recorded.
4 months ago

Spent most of yesterday on a 18 hour links awakening remake playthrough. I had played the gbcs original to near completion but never finished it.

I can now say it is my favorite zelda game.

Its haiku like story telling is why I love Nintendo games that have good stories the mother series in particular. Though links awaking is now up there with it. For some reason it reminds of twin peaks. Anyways A+ game. One of the best.

#zelda #LinksAwakening #GameReview

This room always creeped me out as a kid.


Three folks hanging from chains in the Tail Cave, the first (!) dungeon in Link's Awakening
5 months ago

Ayé c'est le live. On continue Link's Awakening ?
#stream #twitch #LinksAwakening

5 months ago

Wir nähern uns dem Ende von moepis Fashion Week und da habe ich ein ganz besonderes Outfit gewählt. "Der #RetroGamer": Knallbunte Badehose mit #SuperMario-Sprites, ein beiges T-Shirt mit #LinksAwakening-Print als Gegenpol und auf dem Kopf eine Sonnenbrille & Kappe mit #N64-Logo. An den Füßen trage ich heute orange Strümpfe mit #Pacman-Logo und runde den Look mit dunkelblauen Adiletten ab. Ich trinke Kaffee aus der #DetektivPikachu-Tasse und wünsche einen wunderschönen Start ins Wochenende ✌️

Knallbunte Badehose mit #SuperMario-Sprites, ein beiges T-Shirt mit #LinksAwakening-Print als Gegenpol und auf dem Kopf eine Sonnenbrille & Kappe mit #N64-Logo. Ich trinke Kaffee aus der #DetektivPikachu-Tasse und wünsche einen wunderschönen Start ins Wochenende
An den Füßen trage ich heute orange Strümpfe mit #Pacman-Logo und runde den Look mit dunkelblauen Adiletten ab.
Le͢ẃ Gr͏ant͡
5 months ago

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
100%ed this switch port. Time will tell if the tilt shift and plastic look holds up but the orchestral soundtrack is amazing and just like the original the world and story are both a little dark and strange in a beautiful way. Unlike the original there are quality-of-life improvements (especially in controls) that make this version immensely more playable. #LinksAwakening #TheLegendOfZelda #OffTheBacklog #Gaymer

5 months ago

Ayé, je reprends Link's Awakening et sa quête de petits instruments de musique :amaze:​

#twitch #linksawakening #stream

6 months ago

Press The Buttons Finds Two Link’s Awakening Commercials
Matthew Green's Press The Buttons is a gaming culture blog that predates our efforts by many years. They don't update as obsessively frequently as we do, but the find good things!

They found a couple of commercials promoting Link's Awakening, which turns 30 year
#retro #blog #linksawakening #matthewgreen #pressthebuttons #retro #video #youtube #zelda

6 months ago
TotK Link wearing a Link's Awakening mask.

What a cute nuance from Zelda: Just started playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and while Link is cooking, he hums the Marin's song from Link's awakening:

#zelda #thelegendofzelda #tearsofthekingdom #totk #marin #linksawakening #nintendo #link #nintendoswitch

Project N
7 months ago

[Guia] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Onde encontrar as peças de roupa de Link’s Awakening

Check it out! 👇

#ZeldaTearsOfKingdom #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #LinksAwakening #Guias

Olivier Cléro
8 months ago

If you're interested in #pixelart, I'm streaming the making of the introduction cinematic of our remake of #thelegendofzelda #linksawakening. It'll be #aseprite then #lua programming.

#zelda #solarus #hackaton

Thomas Panzner
8 months ago

After working and a cycling tour i played #zelda #botw #BeneathaSteelSky and i started #Zelda #LinksAwakening

8 months ago

After finishing up Metroid Prime Remastered last night with our second stream of the game, we're moving on to Game Number 91! It's going to be none other than a favorite of mine: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening! The fun begins this Friday, April 14th on my Twitch channel!

Hope you enjoy this promo image I made, complete with toy-like SuperPhillip and an adventure book-like approach!

#twitch #twitchaffiliate #twitchstreamer #thelegendofzelda #zelda #linksawakening #nintendo #switch

Justin Waring 🐋
8 months ago

“You got Marin! Is this your big chance?”

(Thanks to @Aywren for making me aware of this set! » )

#pin #Zelda #LinksAwakening #Link #Marin

8 months ago

Soy demasiado fan del principio de #LinksAwakening.

Siempre he pensado que nos merecemos un buen anime de #TheLegendOfZelda, pero tengo miedo de a quién se lo darían (tanto dirección, como estudio).

Digamos que se lo dieran a Mappa, que es el del momento, y como tienen a les diseñadores overworked and most likely underpaid fijo no sale cool.

Por otro lado, vea a ver si le meten 3D cuando Zelda debería ser puro 2D.

Entonces mejor que dejen así.


@viron_r first time I beat that game was on an ice blue Gameboy Pocket in High School.

#rg35xx #linksAwakening #link #zelda #nintendo #gameboy

Project Omelas
9 months ago

⚔ Coming Friday! ⚔

Grab your Master Swords! It's Crazy Tracy, the vendor of "Secret Medicine" from Link's Awakening!

Update will be in full color and uncensored for supporters!

#LewdArt #MastoArt #LinksAwakening #Zelda

A woman lounging on a chair. Her dress is pulled down, exposing her breasts. He dress is also hiked up, exposing her panties. Between her legs is a healing potion. Behind her leg is her pet rat.
9 months ago

Cocolint Island
#zelda #linksawakening

Mr. Pablington
9 months ago

What an amazingly charming game, honestly. I came into this kinda expecting a subpar experience, and I came out absolutely floored at how well designed and impressive this game is, let alone for the hardware it's running on. Consider me genuinely impressed! I'd definitely give this game another playthrough in the future without hesitation. :aliceheartblack:​
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

A cutscene of Link floating on a log in the middle of a sea. He slowly wakes up to see what looks like the wind fish's silhouette in the sky. Link smiles and the cutscene fades to white.

This fight gave me quite a bit of trouble, had to do it twice, but I got it down in the end! :alicemlem:​

All that's left now is to watch the ending cutscene and credits. Link's Awakening is done! :alice: 🖤
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

The ending of the final boss fight of the game. After victory, a series of text boxes appears, reading: "This island is going to disappear... Our world... Our... world... ..."  the boss explodes away and a staircase appears for Link to climb.

Wind fish time! Wind fish time!! :alicehappy:​🖤 ☀️
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

A clip of Link playing the song of awakening with the eight instruments at the wind fish egg. After a short cutscene of that melody, the egg hatches up and the owl that has been advising us throughout the game says: "The time has come... The Wind Fish awaits... Enter the Egg... Hoot! Hoot!"

That's it! Just a few screenshots to update y'all. I'll be posting some clips here shortly along with some more thoughts on the game. This was really fun to get through, gosh. It's impressive to see what they were able to accomplish with the GameBoy, and it shows in that this such a well remembered title! It certainly lives up to its reputation. :alicemlem:​🖤 ☀️
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

A screenshot of Link entering the eighth dungeon. There's a text box that reads: "Level 8 - Turtle Rock"
A screenshot of Link entering the wind fish's egg. There's a text box which reads: "Wind Fish's Egg"
The ending screen of the game after a series of cutscenes and the credits sequence. It's simply a black screen with the words "THE END" on it.

Gosh, this dungeon was uhhh... Definitely not my favorite.

Still! It was pretty funny to stun lock this boss. :alicemlem:

Let's finish out this game! :alicehappy: 🖤
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

Link fighting the boss at the end of the 8th dungeon. A series of text boxes appears, reading: "C-C-CRACKLE! Why did you come here? If it weren't for you, nothing would have to change! You cannot wake the Wind Fish! Remember, you... too... are in... ...the dream..." I proceed to the next room after getting a heart container and pick up the last instrument, the thunder drum. A text box appears reading: "You've got the Tunder Drum" and a short cutscene plays. After a fade to white a series of text boxes appear reading: "...EGG... The Egg on the mountain calls!"

Finally got through this dungeon! I had to look up a couple things at the end there, and gosh this boss fight gave me a bit of a hard time trying to figure out its patterns and what I needed to do, but this was actually kind of a fun one!... You know, despite getting utterly lost a few times due to the complex dungeon design. :alicesideeye:
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

The ending of Link's fight against the eagle at the top of eagle tower. Once defeated it says "My energy... gone... I... lost! But you will be lost too, if the Wind Fish wakes! Same as me... you... are... in... his... dream...", then it drops a heart piece, which Link picks up. I then enter the dungeon again and enter a room that was previously locked to receive the organ of evening calm, with a text box that reads: "You've got the Organ of Evening Calm!", there's a short cutscene of the organ playing a tune, then the screen fades to white with a text box appearing that reads: "...OCARINA... ...The music of... ...the Ocarina leads..."

Some more updates! Little points of progress up to the 7th sungeon. :alicemlem: 🖤 ☀️
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

Link is inside a small cave where he has just played a song on his ocarina. The resulting text box says "Wow! The Rooster has recovered! He seems..." Which is referencing the blue flying rooster that ends up following Link to the 7th dungeon.
Link inside another cave where he is speaking with a bat... demon... idk- something. The resulting text box reads: "Hey, Kid! You woke me up from a fine nap!!" (continued in the next screenshot)
"Okay, I'll let you carry more Bombs! He He He!"
Link has just entered the eagle's tower dungeon. A text box on screen reads: "Level 7 - Eagle's Tower"

Finally done with this one, gosh! I wish the solution to this fight wasn't so... Weird. Just feels out of place for the dungeon's theme. :alicesideeye:

Anyway, onward! :alicehappy: 🖤 ☀️
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

The end of the final boss fight for dungeon six. As I defeat the boss, a series of text boxes appears which read: "Okay, listen up! If the Wind Fish wakes up, everything on this island will be gone forever! And I do mean... EVERYTHING!" Link then gets a heart container, then goes into the next room to grab the coral triangle. Another text box appears which reads: "You've got the Coral Triangle!" After the familiar fade to white, a few more text boxes appear, reading: "...MOUNTAIN... ...Something calls... ...from the mountains..."

Got through this boss pretty easily, standard stuff. :alicemlem: 🖤
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

A short clip of Link entering the next room and doing the mid-dungeon boss fight that results. You just throw a ball that's bring thrown at you back at the enemy until it dies.

Got a few more updates for y'all! I also snagged the boomerang before I got to the next dungeon, but forgot to take a screenshot. :alicesweat:
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

Link holding up a pink bra while standing on top of a boat. There's a text box which reads: "The [Hook] became a pink bra! L-l-lucky!"
Link in the middle of the water somehow holding up a mermaid scale. There's a text box which reads: "You returned the pink bra and got a scale"

... And, yes, I did dive underwater before this at some point and got called a pervert. I swear it was on accident, though!
Link holding up a magnifying glass in the middle of a cave. There's an accompanying text box which reads: "You've got the Magnifying Lens!"
Link at the entrance of the sixth dungeon. There's a text box which reads: "Level 6 - Face Shrine"

Some small progress screenshots. Didn't put in a ton of time to play today, but that's alright. :aliceheartblack:
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

Link talking to a bat looking thing at a shrine that says: "Hey, Kid! You woke me up from a fine nap!!"

This thing gives you a magic powder capacity upgrade.
Link holding up his ocarina in a cave with some water in the center surrounded by three frogs, one of which looks like the boss from Doki Doki Panic. There's a text box that reads: "You've learned The Frog's Song of Soul!"

This one uhh.. Well, I beat it, even if it was a bit clutch hahaha. :alicesweat:
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

The ending of the final boss fight of the fifth dungeon, a big bowwow with one of its chain links as a vulnerable heart. I finish the fight and receive a text box that reads: "TSSSK, TSSSK! You don't ssseem to know what kind of island thisss iss... KEEE-HEEE-HEEE! What a fool... KEH-HEH-HEH!" Link collects the awarded heart piece for the fight, then walks into the next room to pick up the wind marimba. A text box appears reading: "You've got the Wind Marimba!" After a brief animation, the screen fades to white and another text box appears reading: "...SHRINE... ...An island secret... the shrine..."
I've got nothing special for this one Chel sorry lol

Suffice to say - I got *really* good at this fight by the end of it hahaha. :alicemlem:
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

Link traversing a couple rooms, then doing the final fight against the boss for the fifth dungeon, a big stalfos. At the beginning of the fight, at text box appears, reading: "You again?! You keep going and going... I can't outlast you! Alright, Let's do it!" After the fight is over, Link picks up the hookshot that drops from the boss, and another text box appears, reading: "You've got the Hookshot! Its chain stretches long when you use it!"

Stretch long when you use me tbh~

This is so sweet, thank you for pointing this out to me, Eri. :aliceblobcry: 🖤 ☀️
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

Link walks up to the grave that he just returned a ghost that was haunting him to and a short cutscene plays. A mouse shows up from the right side and text appears, reading: "Ah how I love picturers. Hey, Alice! What are you doing here? You want to know about that ghost? I'll bet he's happy thanks to you. Are you ready for a picture?" The scene cuts to a first person view of Link walking up to the gravestone and facing the camera. "I'll call this 'I was very afraid.' Smile!" The camera flashes as link poses with his harm resting on the gravestone, and we see a smiling ghost on the other side.

Damn, girl, wish that were me. :alicesideeye:
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

Link in the middle of an ocean talking to a mermaid, there's a text box that reads: "When I was swimming in the bay, the waves swept..."
"... away my pink bra... If you find it, I will let.."
"... you take a scale from my tail!"

I wanna take a scale from her tail tbh, omg.
10 months ago

Finally! Arriving at Turtle Rock! #Zelda #linksawakening

It took me *entirely* too long to figure out what I was supposed to do with this sequence, hahaha. :alicemlem:
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

A clip of me trading a yoshi doll for a ribbon and then leaving the house I was in.
njamster :godot:
10 months ago

Here are #TenGamesToKnowMe:

- 🥚 #Zelda #LinksAwakening
- 🏰 #AgeOfEmpires2
- 🤠 #Desperados (Wanted Dead Or Alive)
- 👹 #Diablo2
- 👦 #FinalFantasy (#FFTA)
- 🤖 #Borderlands
- 🤓 #Nethack
- 😢 #TheBindingOfIsaac
- 🏁 #PathOfExile
- 🃏 #Hearthstone

Ordered chronologically by when –I think – I've first played them. Not my favorite games of all time, but the games that left the biggest imprint on my life.

What are yours? :)

#Gaming #Videogames #Games #PCGaming #Gamers #GameDev

Jack C.
10 months ago

I stumbled across this article by @pmorinerie while thinking about taking another crack at developing a #Gameboy game. The methods used to create the parallax scrolling in the opening cutscene of Link's Awakening were super interesting to learn about! Check it out on their blog here:

#RetroGameDev #8Bit #Nintendo #LegendOfZelda #LinksAwakening

10 months ago

There was SO MUCH for me in today's #NintendoDirect:

#Pikmin4 with Ice Pikmin AND A DOG

#GameBoy and #GBA on #NSO including #MinishCap #LinksAwakening #SML2 & #WarioLand3 with #Zelda #OracleOfAges & #OracleOfSeasons on the way

#MetroidPrime Remastered

A new #MarioKart8Deluxe DLC track based on #YoshisIsland

And of course, a look at several enemies & environments from The Legend of Zelda #TearsOfTheKingdom

This is shaping up to be quite a year for the #NintendoSwitch and gaming in general!

A screenshot from Pikmin 4 showing Pikmin following the player character as a dog-like creature charges ahead through jars.
The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap being played on the Nintendo Switch: A tiny Link is facing off against a slime boss. Cc
A screenshot of Metroid Prime Remastered showing Samus next to a glass tank containing a Metroid.
A screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom showing Link diving into a chasm after Zelda. Link's outstretched hand has been withered.

Anyway! Definitely making progress! :alicehappy: 🖤 ☀️
#gayming #LinksAwakening #AlicePlays #AlicePlaysLinksAwakening

A screenshot of Link rescuing BowWow. The text box on screen says: "You've saved BowWow! What a fearsome beast!"
A screenshot of the entrance to the second dungeon. There text box on screen says: "Level 2 - Bottle Grotto". I don't have an innuendo for this one so reply to this with your favorite emoji.
♞ Pixel Prophecy 🇺🇦🇪🇺
10 months ago

How was the amazing intro to "Link's Awakening" on GameBoy achieved? Here's an enlightening series of very well-explained articles with lots of GIFs and pictures on that (and much more!)
#romhacking #gameboy #legendofzelda #linksawakening #assembly

An animated gif of the opening animation to Link's Awakening on the GameBoy Color showing a ship at sea caught in a storm with lightning.

My highest compliments to whomever did this phenomenal edit of this already amazing piece by @ guftrup on Twitter. Here's a link (heh) to the original. Be warned that most of this artist's work is EXTREMELY NSFW.

#link #zelda #legendofzelda #thelegendofzelda #alegendofzelda #linksawakening #fanart #queerart #transart #femboy #feminization #trans #transfeminine #transgender #transsexual #videogames #videogame

The logos for the Nintendo Switch and for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening superimposed over @guftrup's illustration of Zelda and Ganon feminizing Link.
11 months ago

Comic to explain my last 2 posts about #LinksAwakening.

I had bumped into rocks so many times and gotten that annoying “heavy” text that the fact that needed an item to move rocks had been painfully nailed into my head. When I entered the cave in the Mysterious Forest I accidentally bumped into the giant skull and got the “heavy” text again. And then I was too busy pounding the A button to make it go away faster to notice that I hadn’t actually tried moving any of the rocks.

11 months ago

Eso que a una le gusta que le den tasks para hacer y me dieron uno super interesante entonces decidí que como premio por haber logrado hacer ese task iba a bajar videojuegos nuevos y pues así termine bajando #DisneyDreamlightValley y #LinksAwakening para #Nintendo #Switch.


11 months ago

I gave in and started googling play throughs to figure out how to get past the tanuki. Then I find stuff that's like "go here, go here, then move this rock..." and I'm like "but how do I move rocks??" So I google "how to move rocks" and I find this thing that's like "First jump over this hole..." and I'm like "YOU CAN JUMP OVER THE HOLES???"

#Zelda #linksawakening #noob #videogames

11 months ago

131 - For the frog the bell tolls, Game Boy
Conocido también como Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru. Una aventura maravillosa que, si no me equivoco es el trabajo anterior a una de las cabezas del Link's Awakening de Game Boy. Gran premisa y puzzles, buenísimo!

#gameboy #game #nintendo #retro #translation #thelegendofzelda #videojuegos #gb #retrogaming #KaerunoTameniKanewaNaru #retrogames #linksawakening

Z(achary) Yaro
11 months ago

The opening of #SonicRushAdventure is just #LinksAwakening

@just_alex my love for #zelda started way back on the #nintendo Entertainment system when I was a kid. I’m currently using the Nintendo #switch to play #linksAwakening and #skywardsword.

GivMeCoffee :coffefied:
1 year ago

Not to take away from #electionday but how about a fun "share your wallpaper" post to see what everyone's rocking! Here's my current one.
#LegendofZelda #LinksAwakening #MobileWallpaper #Wallpaper

2 years ago

A little late on this one due to fatigue but here's for Day 6.

An island girl and her guardian seagull. ;)

#Linktober #LegendOfZelda #LinksAwakening #WindWaker #Marin #Aryll

I'm extremely pleased with my decision to name my character "DANGIT!!" in this game. :blobuwu: #LinksAwakening #NintendoSwitch

I don't think that he's painting what she thinks that heis. #LinksAwakening #NintendoSwitch

4 years ago

a beautiful game with touching dialogue #LinksAwakening

4 years ago

I seem to have made a grave error #LinksAwakening

This song is deeply embedded into my brain from childhood.
After 20+ years...
Same deep emotional feeling...


Sale is desperate for dog food. Are they not letting him eat their children or something? #LinksAwakening #NintendoSwitch

4 years ago
4 years ago

It's been about 20 years, but I guess I'll be going back to Cocolint soon! \o/ #LinksAwakening