Robert @ Tech Addressed
15 hours ago

Finally decided to try out OpenRA last night (C&C and Red Alert were some of my all-time most favorite games). Today, I dug out my old optical disks & USB drive to install the music & briefing videos.

#gaming #linuxgaming

16 hours ago

Hey, look at @gamingonlinux over here in the top 50 @MostFollowed on mastodon. Even beating out Cory doctorow

Screenshot of  @gamingonlinux as the 41st most followed with 54,759 follows. And a profile picture of a blue penguin wearing shades and holding an oversized gamepad.
Pasi Kuikka
23 hours ago

110 hrs (steam) Horizon Zero Dawn. Time was not wated, can't wait Forbidden West to come out.
#linuxgaming #steam

Ein Spiel der etwas ernsteren Sorte gab es heute im Holarse Linuxspiele-Adventskalender 2023:

Attentat 1942 - Eine interaktive Geschichte der eigenen Familienaufarbeitung in der besetzten Tschechei des 2. Weltkriegs.

Der Gewinner wurde soeben gezogen!

Morgen gibt es wieder ein neues natives Linuxspiel zu gewinnen!

#linux #linuxgaming #adventskalender #giveaway
2 days ago

Nuevo @Minetest ⛏️ ahora versión 5.8

- Importante cambio❗a partir de ahora el juego no trae juego base. Tendrás que descargar algún pack de juego desde contentdb:
La razón es que la primera impresión del juego base era un poco pobre en comparación a todas las grandes posibilidades que tiene el juego.

- También se ha rediseñado la configuración haciéndola mas amigable ✌️

Linux 🐧 :

#linuxgaming #juegosgratis #softwarelibre #minetest

Meldrian spielt für Holarse den Open Source RTS-Klassiker Bos Wars in seiner neusten Fassung 2.8 an!

Kurz Angespielt: Bos Wars (Version 2.8):

#linux #linuxgaming #opensource #gaming

ZOMBIES und Text-Adventure! 7 Days To Die und Roadwarden gab es zum 1. Advent im heutigen Doppeltürchen des Holarse Linuxspiele Adventskalenders 2023!

Die beiden Gewinner wurden soeben ausgelost. Morgen öffnet sich wieder ein neues Türchen!

#linux #linuxgaming #adventskalender #giveaway
3 days ago

#Valve publica la lista 📄 de los 20 juegos mas jugados en Noviembre en la #SteamDeck 🎮
Ojo a los primeros títulos: 👀
- Baldur's Gate 3
- CyberPunk 2077
- Diablo 4

Me sigo sorprendiendo que en este cacharro se pueden ejecutar esta clase de títulos, sin duda gracias a #Linux 🐧 ❤️


Lista de los 20 juegos mas jugados en la steamdeck
DOSBox Staging
3 days ago

We will prepare a "release candidate" of our next major version v0.81 shortly before Christmas as a little present for you for the holidays!

Stay tuned and spread the word!

#DOSBox-Staging #DOSBox #DOSGaming #MS-DOS #Emulation #RetroGaming #LinuxGaming #MacGaming #FOSS #eXoDOS #Shaders #CRT

Question for the linux folks with nvidia hardware. Are you getting alot of flickering on the newer 545 driver and how does one fix it.

Somehow things are just worst with this update even tho it was meant to fix alot of stuff.

#linux #linuxgaming
3 days ago

Otra vez noticia de #SuperWodenGP2 . Nuestro amigo @ViJuDaGD acaba de ver verificado para #SteamDeck su exitoso juego:

3 days ago

Since League of Legends is broken for #linuxgaming I've been playing other #games. Team Fortress 2 is still just a bot mess nightmare. GTV5 is kind of pointless once you own lots of stuff. Starcraft1/2 is still fine, but the latest patch tried to break Linux too. Multi-player gaming for #linux gamers is just terrible some times.

Etwas Rätselspass gefällig? Im heutigen zweiten Türchen des Holarse Linuxspiele-Adventskalenders befand sich Daedalics großartiges Linux-native Adventure Edna und Harvey: Harvey's neue Augen.

Der Gewinner des heutigen Türchens wurde soeben ausgelost.

Morgen gibt es dank des 1. Advents sogar zwei Spiele für zwei Linuxspieler zu gewinnen!

#linux #linuxgaming #Adventskalender #advent #giveaway

Le Bottin des Jeux Linux
4 days ago

📬 Offline & online versions published
🐰️ What's up Doc?
• 🦺️ Rev 334: Big (50h of work)
• Entries 52%, Updates 7%, Improv. 41%
• 📕 3906 (+8) games / 902 (+0) tools
• 📶️ RSS database: 1114 (+10)
• 🐘 mastodon ready: 889 (+21)
• 🕵️ Reviews: 2138 (+15)
• 📖️ + on our WIKI: yes
• Revamping of the "Resources" entries & the "Test [fr]" section

🌍️ Online & Offline :
🔖 #TheLinuxGamesBook #Libre #LinuxGaming #LinuxTool #ShareYourGames

🕶️ The banner of the site and of this project, created by Louis, with from left to right: its QR Code, a penguin seizing games on his PC, one of the characters of Team Fortress holding Linux in his arms with love, the characters of the game HedgeWars, then of Tuxkart. A label says "Nearly 4000 linux games" (I make a point of not exceeding these 4000 games so I don't have to redo this banner :))

The Linux Game Book (aka Le Bottin des Jeux Linux) is your open source database both in english and french in which you will find nearly 4000 Linux games and 900 tools (engines, emulators, …).
Two versions are available (1 online + 1 offline). This database is yours, it is libre and open source (CC-BY license).
4 days ago

🦾 Steam Linux Marketshare Surges To Nearly 2% In November | Phoronix

"The November results are out tonight and it shows a 0.52% gain up to 1.91%... Still not to the recent July high, but reverses the trend of Linux declining on a percentage basis."

#Steam #SteamDeck #LinuxGaming

S31bz :linux:
4 days ago

Ehrmahgerd Risk of Rain Returns is up there!
#steamdeck #linuxgaming #riskofrain

Valve post from othersite noting the top played games on Steam Deck in December
DOSBox Staging
4 days ago

A big shoutout to our friend Phil of PhilsComputerLab for showing off DOSBox Stagings new auto-crt shader in action in his newest video!

You can download our latest developer build from our website if you want to try it out right now!

#DOSBox-Staging #DOSBox #DOSGaming #MS-DOS #Emulation #RetroGaming #LinuxGaming #MacGaming #FOSS #eXoDOS #Shaders #CRT

Im ersten Türchen unseres Holarse Linuxspiele-Adventskalenders 2023 hat sich El Presidente in Form von Tropico 5 versteckt!

Der Gewinner wurde soeben ermittelt!

#linux #linuxgaming #advent #adventskalender #giveaway

5 days ago

Streaming Does anyone else think Elon Musk is having a mid life crisis? | Chill out stream | Technology, Cybersecurity, Gaming, Linux now on Twitch. Let's go: #LinuxGaming #Infosec #Cybersecurity #Tech #Twitch

Wusstet ihr schon, dass morgen der 1. Dezember ist? Wisst ihr was das heisst?

Natürlich! Es ist wieder Zeit für den alljährlichen Holarse Linuxspiele-Adventskalender 2023!

Dieses mal zum zehnten Mal in Folge!

Jeden Tag gibt es ein natives Linuxspiel zu gewinnen, an einigen besonderen Tagen sogar zwei!

Ab Morgen auf!

#linux #linuxgaming #giveaway #advent #adventskalender

Christian Alvarez
6 days ago

My post about running #ActiveWorlds on #Linux via #WINE was FINALLY approved, so for those who are interested in running this old platform on Linux and visit ancient builds that go way back as far as 1995, feel free to check it out as there is a lot of information covered at WINEHQ on how to get this application running adequately well on your Linux system.

#retrogaming #Linuxgaming #PCGaming

While this sounds great to have GamePass on Sony & Nintendo platforms, what we also need is a native Linux client so that we can natively install GamePass games on Linux systems like the Steam Deck.

Cloud streaming the Deck works great if you have a great Internet connection but having that option to install locally would be even better.

#XBOX #XboxGamePass #GamePass #cloudgaming #gaming #SteamDeck #LinuxGaming

Zak 🐧
6 days ago

#introduction - new instance [clean start]

Heyo. I'm Zak. A cozy gamer with more heart than skill and total nerd. Also, a big fan of pro wrestling and almost all genres of music, though I'm growing to like more and more with time.

I daily drive Arch Linux with KDE Plasma [Wayland]. I'm a HUGE Linux nerd and post about it lots, lmao.

Not much to say about me, really. Just here to vibe and meet nice people. I do my best to do right by those I love and live as comfy and simply as possible.

Nice to meet ya! :blobfoxhappymlem:​

#VideoGames #Gaming #PCGaming #Nintendo #Linux #LinuxGaming #Arch #KDE #WWE #AEW #Wrestling #RockMusic #MetalHead #Musician #WritingCommunity

Brodie Robertson
6 days ago

It's time for more #ArmoredCore6 new game plus shenanigans (I don't know how to spell this word) #LinuxGaming

13 barn owls in a trench coat
6 days ago

I've just finished Gareth Damian Martin's Citizen Sleeper. It's an incredible game that I'll probably have full length thoughts about in the future over on Haunted Games, but it has a very similar feel to The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin, especially in the way that The Eye (the space station where the game is set) has the potential to be an imperfect kind of utopia, held together by many people, many of them just doing what they can to hold shit together for one another in the face of circumstance.

I also enjoyed the rare-in-adventure-games feeling that the protagonist revolves around the game, rather than vice versa.

Stellar game, outstanding work of literary SF, we're really in a bit of a Renaissance for this kind of thing, aren't we.

I played the whole thing on the Steam Deck, and it's really good on the device.

#GameReview #LinuxGaming #SteamDeck #CitizenSleeper

Hamish The PolarBear
1 week ago

Tonight on stream I am playing Erra: Exordium for the first time.

#PCGaming #LinuxGaming #GamePlay #Owncast

Willow "Wolveric" Catkin
1 week ago

#AskFedi #AskMastodon Any recommendations for #Gaming headsets, with good support for #Linux ?

Looking for a good integrated microphone, good software support, without having to pass through to Windows, or good performance without dedicated software support. Max £120~ preferably. Arriving before Christmas if possible, but not critical. Preferably wired.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


Boiling Steam
1 week ago

New Steam Games with Native Linux Clients with Retro Commander and Sand:Box - 2023-11-29 Edition:
#linux #linuxgaming #update #release #gaming #steam #native #newgames

@landley @Lulukaros @chrisoffner3d @vaartis

In that sense, #Valve's #SteamDeck acts kinda similar as it's a tool to make #Steam users buy more games, play more games and acquire new customers that don't want or can't afford a #PC or #laptop.

It also acts as a #devkit and #baseline for #LinuxGaming and Valve deciding not to make it a walled garden is a decision aimed to cultivate the #parasocial relationship with their customer base that they want to make believe to be friends with...

1 week ago
Jarno Rankinen
1 week ago

Got my remote gaming box off Windows finally after getting an AMD GPU, everything working fine with #FedoraSilverblue and #flatpak.

But my usage is 98% over Steam remote play (LAN), no direct interaction with this "server". That doesn't seem to work very well on #Wayland . Then I realized Fedora 40 will be dropping Xorg...

Any tips for Wayland Remote Play from the #linuxgaming folks?

Linux ☑️
1 week ago

Steam Deck OLED: SOLD OUT in JAPAN! 🇯🇵 :linux: 🇯🇵

The Japanese appear to absolutely ❤️ the new dimensions of #LinuxGaming

#Japan #SteamDeck #SteamDeckOLED #Linux #gaming #Komodo #devices #OLED #HDR

Diablo IV (Ubuntu 23.10 Proton Experimental) [2160p] {6800XT}

#linux #GamingOnLinux #Gaming #linuxgaming

S31bz :linux:
1 week ago

Can confirm the /nix directory exists and the single-user nix installer is functioning fine after chowning the /nix directory. Here's fastfetch 😊
#steamos #steamdeck #linuxgaming #nix

A fastfetch from the current stable update on Steam Deck. Fastfetch is installed as a nix package.
1 week ago

Gotta love some of the #Windows based games updates being the same, or larger, size than the original download. WTF.

#Proton #LinuxGaming #DongDownload #WTF

2 weeks ago

Perhaps the most insightful thing I've read all day.

"...No third-party app can completely fix the jank that comes from running Windows on a device like this."

#Linux #LinuxGaming #SteamDeck #LenovoLegionGo

Børge A. Roum
2 weeks ago

I'm back with the grimmest of the fandango's, for a few minutes at least. Now, what can I do about that air pressure? Let's find out!

#GrimFandango #LinuxGaming #LiveTooting
2 weeks ago

Esta tarde, a partir de las 20:00h CET, jugaremos un rato #EnDirecto a #SuperWodenGP2 de @ViJuDa. Puedes verlo a través de nuestra sección "En Vivo":

#LinuxGaming #IndieDev #RacingGame

2 weeks ago

I'm not sure if it will pan out this way, but it feels like the #steamdeck is one of the most important devices of late for #pcgaming and #linuxgaming when you think about the AAA #gamedevelopment process.

So historically it's easier to develop for #consoles as you have a common spec to develop against so you know if it's going to run well. The deck easily could become the PCs common spec, giving a single lowest denominator that also can be used to verify #linux compatibility as well.

3 weeks ago

🔴 #Live 🔴 and time for a second but normally scheduled stream but on #Twitch this time. Back to a Freaky Friday Night of #Horror with some #DontScream and some more #madison with some #LinuxGaming !

#gaming on #linux

3 weeks ago

now #LIVE on #twitch
Time for a Freaky Friday Night of #horror, a new update for #MADiSON and now it's very playable on #Linux

#gaming #linuxgaming #steam #proton

Sebastian 🌻
3 weeks ago

Ein Kollege wird demnächst sein Ein-Mann-Projekt auf #Steam releasen:

#SpaceCraftTactics - ein rundenbasiertes, taktisches 2D-Weltraumspiel.

Erinnert mich vielleicht ein bisschen an #FTL, aber mit abstrakterer Grafik. Und man bewegt sein Schiff über die Map (steuert also nicht nur die Crew).

Es gibt wohl einen Multiplayermodus.

#gaming #linuxGaming #spaceGame #gameDev #indieGame

Spacecraft-Tactics Screenshot: In der abstrakten Top-Down-Perspektive sieht man die Innenräume eines Raumschiffs
Linux ☑️
3 weeks ago

GODOT - a FREE game engine choice for all game developers :linux:

Unity went berserk / thousands indeed found Godot.

Please - keep supporting the free as in freedom game engine effort that is Godot.

It is possible to switch to Godot 100% in your game development :thinkergunsunglasses:

#Godot #gaming #LinuxGaming #engine #freesoftware #developers #games #LinuxFirst

Børge A. Roum
3 weeks ago

I have no idea if I'll follow trough with this, but I just started playing Grim Fandango for the first time and thought I might try live tooting it. I'm not the brightest knife when it comes to these things, so I might ask for help at times too.

Anyways, I love that Double Fine has made a Linux native version of this game.

#LinuxGaming #GrimFandango

Liane M. Dubowy
4 weeks ago

Von den ersten Versionen eines Steam-Clients für Linux über Proton, das #SteamDeck und ausgefeilte Versionen von Tools wie #HeroicGamesLauncher oder #Lutris war es ein langer Weg. Die letzten zehn Jahre ist viel passiert im Linux-Gaming, wir haben den aktuellen Stand aufgeschrieben und er kann sich sehen lassen.

Der große Linux-Gaming-Guide

#Gaming #HeroicGamesLauncher #Linux #LinuxDistribution #LinuxGaming #Lutris #Proton #ProtonUpQt #Spiele #Steam #SteamDeck

Boiling Steam
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
1 month ago

made a compilation of scare #shorts, I'm #streaming Don't Scream tonight @ midnight eastern, hope to see you there! (links to #twitch are on my bio)

Be sure to follow to keep up to date on scares 😅

#smallstreamer #horror #horrorgamer #linuxgaming #youtube

Boiling Steam
1 month ago

dotAGE Review on Linux (Native): A Brilliant Take on Strategy and Survival:
#linux #linuxgaming #update #release #steamdeck #gaming #review #dotage #native

Børge A. Roum
1 month ago

Trying to play the Talos Principle II demo with Proton Experimental just gives me this error message. With Proton 8.0 and 7.0 nothing happens at all. Ugh. I'm sad that they did not make a Linux version of this, when they did with the first game. :(

#LinuxGaming #TalosPrinciple

DirectX 12 is not supported on your system. Try running without the -dx12 or -d3d12 command line argument.
Linux ☑️
1 month ago

Star Citizen - LINUX SUPPORT soon? ✨ :linux:

Star Citizen in itself is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) set in a vast universe.

SQUADRON 42 - is an upcoming single-player adventure set in that same Star Citizen realm - 10 years behind the schedule..

Great news though -- Linux & Vulkan were specifically mentioned at CitizenCon '23! =>

#StarCitizen #Linux #LinuxGaming #space #MMORPG #Vulkan #Squadron42 #WingCommander

#SleepingDogs is $3 rn, and if you don't already own it then you should do yourself a favor and like... own it. It's a great game, if you like crime dramas, games that are like GTA but better (imo), and games that are fun.

It's supported by
#GeForceNow and works on #Linux / #SteamDeck via #Proton.

#SteamSale #GameSale #Steam #PCGaming #GamingOnLinux #LinuxGaming

A screenshot of the Steam page for "Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition." It features some images of the game, banner artwork, and "overwhelmingly positive" review status. The description reads: "The Definitive Edition of the critically acclaimed, award winning open-world action adventure, reworked, rebuilt and re-mastered for the new generation. With all previously available DLC included and a wealth of tech and visual improvements. Hong Kong has never felt so alive.
DOSBox Staging
2 months ago

Because a very popular fork of DOSBox, „DOSBox SVN Daum“ hasn’t been updated for over eight years, we aim to become a 100% replacement for it.

Daum is an enhanced SVN build which incorporates a lot of patches and fixes that are not officially part of the original DOSBox.

A few games were said to only run properly in Daum so we started a list of games that are problematic and started testing.

It soon became clear that many games that had issues with a lot of other forks and the original DOSBox were already perfectly playable in DOSBox Staging and often also in other forks like DOSBox-X.

We have now concluded testing and narrowed down the list to the games that still have issues and will investigate and hopefully fix these too in the near future.

This was a huge team effort and we are thankful for all the people helping out!

#DOSBox-Staging #DOSBox #DOSGaming #MS-DOS #Emulation #RetroGaming #LinuxGaming #MacGaming #FOSS

Logo of DOSBox Daum

Tengo esto un poquito abandonado pero la verdad es que estoy mucho más trabajo del que pensaba y se me ha complicado un poco la cosa.

Aquí os dejo un Tux patronado por estas manitas 🐧❤️

#MastoArt #art #amigurumi #plushie #hechoamano #plushiesofmastodon #linux #linux_gaming #tuxlinux #LinuxNerd #linuxgaming #linux_tips #smallbusiness #smallbiz

Amigurumi de Tux, mascota de Linux
2 months ago

When a GNOME app is so good it is promoted by the official KDE website
#gnome #kde #linuxgaming

*The* Paul Brown
2 months ago

My vote goes to @Minetest ( and 0 A.D. ( two criminally underrated games that deserve much more exposure.

#minetest #0AD #linuxgaming

Beko Pharm
3 months ago

I just set live.

Primary Buffer Panel - The #SimulatedCockpit On A #Linux PC For More Immersion In #Space Pew Pew

A glorified #DIY joystick controller with an LCD ('MFD') and plenty of RGB.

Best viewed WITH an ad-blocker (thanks @stefan)

Optimized some stuff. Now with webp, caching and without pointless extra fonts. Reduced the size by almost 50% 😜

Feedback appreciated.

#LinuxGaming #GamingOnLinux #SimPit

Three monitors form a wall around a box that embeds a fourth monitor, many buttons and switches in various colours are also implemented. Some LED display the status of a spaceship. The computer game that is played with this contraption is Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Emory L.
3 months ago

ordered a 2TB m2 for my #steamdeck. #RIP #SteamOS it was …interesting giving #linuxGaming a try.

it's really too bad all the big publishers are requiring internet connections for single player games and make you use clunky ass bridge software to patch and enforce licensing because you're so terrified of someone playing a game for free that would never have bought it in the first place bravo with your customer experience there hard to imagine doing it worse.

those launchers confuse things a LOT

Børge A. Roum
3 months ago

Every time I see The Talos Principle on sale I have to recommend it. It is just an incredible game. There are very few games I've enjoyed this much, and thought about this much afterwords.

The puzzles are great, the graphics are pretty, and the philosophy and storyline are thought provoking and engaging! And it's got native Linux support!

What more do you want? Money going to charity? Well, that happens too, trough this link:

#gaming #LinuxGaming #games #GameDeals

3 months ago

Trying to get web games running on #lutris was a pain but i finally got it to work, had to manually download electron and run it like a linux game since games wouldn't load on the one that comes as a web runner, I assume its due to it being a very early build of electron from 5 years ago. Tried to "update" it by replacing files like how I had to do with ryujinx for it to load on wayland but to no avail, just infinite loading. At least I can finally play some web games.


Venn Stone
3 months ago

Getting #Fedora on Deck with Bazzite, raytraced 🤕🦀 's with Half-Life 2 RTX, AMD launches the 7800 XT, GPUVis lands in mesa, and a NES emulator with built in network multiplayer. #linuxgaming #podcast

Ronnie Tucker
4 months ago

Playing some Let's Build a Zoo with the #dinosaur DLC.

#linux #linuxgaming #dinosaurs #steam

Boiling Steam
4 months ago