Tod Robbins
1 hour ago

@shauna ah, I see! In my experience #Logseq sometimes gets a bit sluggish/unreliable when you reach ~2000 pages, but I'm currently at ~3400 pages in my main graph and it's still usable.

I'd be happy to experiment with collaboration if you'd like. I currently store my graphs on OneDrive (because of a work M365 plan), but could try any cloud syncing service.

Tod Robbins
2 hours ago

@shauna I'm mostly on team #Logseq these days, which has a proprietary sync component but otherwise is open source. I haven't tested collaboration much, but know that multiplayer editing is on the roadmap:

Muzzug :godot:
2 days ago

@wiverson #Obsidian is great, but I've found that I work better with #Logseq (, at least for common notes - it allows you to reference a specific line, plus the ability to make an ANKI card directly in Logseq is great too. I recommend trying it out.

Obsidian works well for me for doing documentation or wikis, but directly as part of a project, not as a universal note taking app.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

@delfuego @TomSellers @electronjs After using the above command and pulling down any available updates, I still have the following vulnerable #Electron-based apps on my #Mac:

#AdGuard for #Safari (Electron v18.3.15)
#HTTPie (21.2.0)
#Jabra Direct (16.2.2)
#Keybase (22.1.0)
#Logitech Logi Options+ (23.1.1)
#Logseq (24.6.3)
#Postman (18.3.5) @getpostman
#Rancher Desktop (20.3.8)
#Microsoft Teams (19.1.8)
#WhatsApp (13.6.9)

Epiphanic Synchronicity
2 days ago

@davidshq When I was using #logseq, I ran into the same problem when I was annotating multiple PDFs under the same project block. Idk whether there’s a workaround.

Dave Mackey
2 days ago

I've been #annotating a #PDF using #logseq and it has worked well across the first 100 pages or so, but as the number of pages increase it is becoming quite janky. Curious if anyone knows of approaches to circumvent this?

It seems that logseq wants to keep all the annotations in a single file - which is probably part of the problem.

The other part of the problem is that it looks like it wants to keep the highlights visible throughout the book.

#question #notes #productivity #performance

3 days ago

Wow, #logseq looks EXTREMELY enticing. I'm really considering switching from #obsidian (which I use quite extensively now) to Logseq.

One killer feature in Obsidian right now is Sync (which I pay for, and it works fantastic). Logseq has sync in progress. I think I'll wait on that before I switch...

4 days ago

Simple, Non-Commercial, Open Source Notes

"I don't need a second brain or, dear God, a life operating system with databases, kanban charts …whatever endless features! I just need to store notes, recipes, travel plans, whatever."

#getofftheproductivitytreadmill #notetaking #pkm #gtd #notes #obsidian #onenote #evernote #typora #simplenote #zim #qownnotes #notion #zettlr #zettelkasten #logseq #markdown #joplin #roamresearch #orgmode #neovim #dendron

Alternativas de trabajo y estudio bajo la premisa de nuestro control sin depender de servidores de terceros #logseq #focalboard #obsidian

4 days ago

@thelinuxEXP Thanks a lot for mentioning #Logseq. This is exactly, what I was looking for. Never heard of it before. Works perfectly!

5 days ago

So rare that an app convinces me to use it in the 5 seconds it takes to download it.

#logseq has a "Download for Android" button on their website.

I clicked it and it downloaded an .apk file.

No Google Play crap. This says so much about the team's values in software.

Even #joplin - what I use currently - links to Play.

First impressions matter and so far I'm impressed.

6 days ago

@Photor wenn du an Obsidian denkst könnte vielleicht auch #logseq was für dich sein. Da bin ich zumindest von #Joplin aus gelandet.

Macht Obsidian die Synchronisation wie Joplin selbst? Ansonsten ist das bei Android mit Zusatzaufwand verbunden, weil die Nextcloud App keine Ordner syncen kann.

Florian Egermann
1 week ago

@viticci Omnivore! Open Source, free, and has #pkm integrations (#Logseq, #Obsidian). Mac app is still very rough, but web app/iOS are great.

I‘d love to switch to Safari reading list though, they just need to add highlighting with Apple notes sync. Come on, Apple!

dot ·
1 week ago

#aide #help #Thunderbird
Ma machine est connectée au réseau pro qui me donne un peu de fil à retordre.

Par ex., pour surfer sous #Firefox (avec les réglages #Betterfox), je suis obligé de passer security.cert_pinning.enforcement_level à 0 et security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation à false.

Pour que #Logseq vérifie les MAJ des extensions sans cracher un message d’erreur "self signed certificate in certificate chain", je dois exécuter la commande SET NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0


Ed Nico
2 weeks ago

If anyone wants an insight into the upcoming @logseq database version / Properties - check this out. and

Click around and you can see the properties.

Sign of good things to come

#logseq #tft #pkm

2 weeks ago

What note-taking app is your favorite?

#obsidian #logseq #joplin

Stanislas Châble
2 weeks ago

OK. Donc ça fait plus d’un an que tout le monde me cache l’existence des “gabarits” (aka “templates”) dans #logseq. Je ne vous dis pas merci.

Jack C.
2 weeks ago
Jack C.
2 weeks ago

#Logseq is the first #OpenSource project I've contributed to, and now it's helping me stay organized while I work on a feature for @kde 's #Okular #document reader. It's really an invaluable #FOSS application.

I feel like the graph view isn't all that useful, but it's still fun to see how it grows over time.

#KDE #Linux #Desktop

A constellation-like graph showing the connections between my notes in Logseq

@ninguem @lumen eu tenho usado #LogSeq que tem uma interface bem menos polida, ele tem esse lance do grafo (e é livre...).

2 weeks ago

The longer I work with @logseq and the more I get the hang of it, I must say it is a joy it is to work with. It's fun to watch my digital brain grow.

Sure, it got its bugs and quirks and the learning curve is steep - but it is a beautiful piece of software nonetheless.


@markmcelroy So a video on how I am writing my current blog article with the help of a PKM?

Mine would be much #logseq of course but I could try and keep it generic enough so it applies to any PKM

Stanislas Châble
2 weeks ago

@ilyess that’s exactly what made me switch from “conventional” note taking app (#joplin) to #logseq
I guess I’m all into tags now (but they act as links)

THOPAN :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

@lukas Yeah, that works nicely!

alias:: OLDPAGE

on the first block of NEWPAGE

does the trick.


Mark McElroy
2 weeks ago

I want fewer app feature #PKM videos and more “I made this wonderful thing people care about using a PKM-based workflow and here's how I did it, step by step" videos.

#Obsidian #ObsidianMD #Logseq #Tana #Heptabase

Tommy Williams
2 weeks ago

Later this month, I will attend Cohort 10 of Action-Powered Productivity. The course is tool-agnostic. The attendees and alumni use #PKM tools like #Tana, #Obsidian, and #Logseq, and no one has only a single tool in their toolbox (so you'll see #DEVONthink, #Todoist, #Drafts, and many others). I have attended cohorts in the past, including the very first one, back when everyone was using #Roam, and I always get a lot out of it.

It would be great to see you there!

Florian Egermann
3 weeks ago

@msemochkin @Colman @seo11 @obsidianmd i was pretty sceptical of the idea too, especially if you have (fantastic!) single-purpose task managers like Things. But honestly: I haven’t used Things in a while, i collect reference material and take notes in #Logseq anyway, so it seems actually unintuitive to move tasks to another app. I also do a lot less task micromanagement now.

@spacewizard it turned out that the #yunohost installation isn't really meant for public usage, which was really weird to deal with. i ended up heading back to #logseq and publishing using their spa.

3 weeks ago

Does anyone know a good cli-based #PKM solution for #Linux. I love tools like #logseq and #obsidianmd, but I am not able to find any CLI based #frontend for them, to streamline my #workflow. I am thankful for any suggestion you have.

Random Geek
3 weeks ago

Making it easier to read #Logseq page references by zeroing out the default open blocks level in config.edn.

:ref/default-open-blocks-level 0

Minecraft note page showing references with subtrees in those references collapsed
Epiphanic Synchronicity
3 weeks ago

@TfTHacker @alxlg Idk for sure, but may be that background syncing on iCloud only works with apps that store notes in a database like Drafts and Bear. Obsidian requires local files, so everything in the cloud including changes has to be duplicated before it can start working without sync errors. I use #Obsidian Sync (which I’m happy with) and haven’t used Obsidian extensively with iCloud.

I tried using #iCloud to sync #Logseq, and found it an unusable nightmare.

3 weeks ago

My #SecondBrain / #Zettelkasten is a lot more interconnected as I embrace tagging unstructured thoughts in #logseq

Graph network visualisation with a large number of smaller nodes connected to a few bigger nodes. The connections between the nodes are very dense, so much so that making out individual lines is becoming hard.
Shawn Graham
4 weeks ago

@gamingthepast you ever give #obsidian or #logseq a try with your students? might be interesting to see what happens (wrt obsidian, i’d suggest avoid all plugins till folks get the hang of things, otherwise i find people get trapped trying to find the one workflow to rule them all… and in the darkness bind them)

Preslav Rachev
4 weeks ago

Logseq's mobile app is ...

#logseq #pkm

Alejandro Baez
1 month ago

I do use #logseq considerably more now. But for shared list, with family and friends, nothing has come close to todoist. Especially with simplicity and availability on N platforms.

Epiphanic Synchronicity
1 month ago

@dapprvilln @alxlg @punko @Pantsu @obsidianmd #Obsidian and #Logseq are fundamentally different. Files and prose are first-class citizens in Obsidian; blocks and outlining are first-class citizens in Logseq. Both approaches have strengths and limitations. Some people use them both, but for different things.

Colman Reilly
1 month ago

@alxlg @skempken I think #logseq fits some people's use cases and not others, like all apps. It doesn't fit my brain, in the same way that Things doesn't or NotePlan. #obsidian is flexible enough to beat into a shape which works for me. People like different tools which suit their hands better.

Sebastian Kempken
1 month ago

So far, I’m not yet sure if #logseq brings any particular benefit to me over #obsidian. The former seems to assume a particular workflow, which may or may not be what I’m used to (or willing to get used to).

Epiphanic Synchronicity
1 month ago

@qwxlea I agree. It would be ideal if books included both, but I doubt publishers are going to listen to me.

Btw, when I was using #Logseq, I really liked your Interstitial Journal plugin.

Das Dan
1 month ago

@chirpbirb @kissane I too use #logseq on the daily. But I understand that both can work together fairly well, using the same files, especially if you have a particular use case for one or the other.

@kissane not to be that guy, but i recommend trying out #logseq instead, it's open source and has a lot of the same features.

i actually publish my #pkm graph at, which uses logseq

dot ·
1 month ago

@rzen @bitbonk @shanselman @omnivore @chriscoyier Is there any chance to get #Zotero in the equation? I know that #logseq and #Zotero can work together, as #omnivore and #logseq… But it would be awesome to directly connect Omnivore and Zotero!

Brian Richards
1 month ago
1 month ago

@rzen @shanselman @omnivore @chriscoyier Great!
Now I only need away to integrate it well with #logseq because I want to keep all my notes in one place.

I've written this one more than a year ago, and I'm still enjoying #logseq so much.

What tool (or process) are you using for your personal knowledge management? #pkm

Hey PKMers. Let’s learn from each other.

- When do you link notes? Late night sessions? During "eureka" moments?
- Why link them? What's your goal?
- New thought = new note + link?
- Any note-linking rituals, phases or steps you go through?
- Tools/plugins to find novel connections?

Curious about your methods. Share if you can!

#pkm #PKM #obsidian #logseq #ToolsForThought

Mostafa Ahangarha - Dev
1 month ago

I have been working on a plugin for #logseq to add #bidirectional text support. It is almost ready to be released, and I would like to get it tested on actual projects before making a public announcement.

If you are a #logseq user and you want to create or actually have been creating mixed content in both LTR and RTL language, please let me know.


1 month ago

Hello Fediverse ! Il y a des utilisateurs de #logseq ici ?

Epiphanic Synchronicity
1 month ago

@alxlg @spinningthoughts @nhan I personally find #Obsidian effective for organizing and managing knowledge, but I’ve used #Logseq enough to appreciate why some people prefer it.

The fact that even if Obsidian broke or disappeared I could still navigate my notes with any file manager and read and edit them in any text or markdown editor is essential to me, and I’m not going to give it up even if I have to forego some advantages of an app that stores notes in a database or the cloud.

Epiphanic Synchronicity
1 month ago

@spinningthoughts @alxlg @nhan Sorry, I was focusing more on someone in the thread saying you can’t link to blocks in Obsidian.

I agree that it would be great to have both in the same app, at least theoretically. But I wouldn’t want to see #Obsidian compromise plaintext .md files in local folders to do that. Right now #Logseq is creating an option that will store notes in a database because their model and the direction they want to take it are constrained by discrete plaintext files.

Epiphanic Synchronicity
1 month ago

@spinningthoughts @alxlg @nhan

You can link to a paragraph, block quote, or list item in #Obsidian:

Of course, #Logseq works more deftly with blocks and outlines, and Obsidian works better if interoperabable markdown files and prose are important to you. They’re really very different. One or the other may be better *for you*, but not necessarily for everyone. Some people use both, but for different things.

I for one am very glad they both exist.

Hendrik Bunke
1 month ago

This is my #FOSS week. Not only have I discovered @omnivore and immediately replaced #Readwise with it, yesterday I also switched my #PKM and work management from #Obsidian to #LogSeq. In many ways so much better, although it takes its time to get used to it.

Reto Eugster :mastodon:
1 month ago

#Logseq - gerade ist die Version 0.9.14 erschienen mit spannenden Neuerungen (Sidebar, Synchronisation)

"Logseq is a local-only, non-linear, outliner notebook for organizing and sharing your personal knowledge base." #pkm #opensource

Ed Nico
1 month ago

Hi Everyone. The Latest @logseq Times is live.
- Logseq Update 0.9.14
- Logo Contest Results
- DB / Database Mode Update
- Properties (to come?)
- Formatting (journals and long form)
- New and Updated Plugins and Themes and much more

Logseq Times:



#pkm #logseqtimes #tft #logseq

1 month ago

I recently started to use the #omnivoreapp in conjunction with #logseq. Both are great on their own. But I'm particularly excited to use them together for a more efficient and enjoyable reading and note taking workflow. Now only if I could find some more time for reading :blobcatthink: @omnivore #opensource

Ed Nico
1 month ago

v 0.9.14 has been released:

- Left and right sidebar enhancements
- Whiteboards drawing pen pressure support
- various other enhancements and fixes.

Check it out here:

#tft #pkm