Ge0rG 📷
6 hours ago

#Laternenfotos aus der dunklen Jahreszeit... vom letzten Jahr!

📷 #SamsungNX NX500 + 45mm lens :darktable:
🎞️ ISO 100, f/11, 15s

#LongExposure #photography #Fotografie #darktable

Foto einer Straße schräg von der Seite. Beide Seiten sind mit Laternen gesäumt, die sternförmige Halos bilden. Auf der Straße sieht man rote und weiße Lichtspuren. Dahinter ist ein blau angeleuchtetes Gebäude.
13 hours ago

Opera in Motion

A Ferry Passing the Opera House Creating beautiful Lighttrails

#lightpainting #longexposure #sydneyoperahouse

David Allan
21 hours ago

As evening falls, a long-exposure capturing light trails on the bridges spanning the River Wear in Sunderland, North East England. Wanting to capture some light still left in the sky means a window of little more than 20 minutes between it being too light and too dark.
So pleased everything came together in this shot, including the passing Metro train and maximum vehicles crossing Wearmouth Bridge!

#England #Sunderland #night #evening #longexposure #landscape #photography

An evening long-exposure photograph showing the light trails on the two city centre bridges over the River Wear in Sunderland, North East England.

The rainy season has arrived today. I love the sound of its cleansing power washing over my world. #PNW #rainyday Photo from Christine Falls at #mtrainier #longexposure #mountrainier #photography #ShotOnCanon

Waterfall under a bridge
Benjamin Simpson
2 days ago
Standing on a pebbly beach staring out to sea. The beach is at your feet in a triangular pattern pointing out to sea. The waves are smoothed and the clouds are blurred from a long exposure.
Benjamin Simpson
4 days ago

And breathe…

#dartmoor #longexposure

Standing in the middle of a forest looking at a stream tumbling over rocks. Everything is covered in green moss or grass. The water is softened by long exposure. It looks so peaceful.
4 days ago

Fountain Lines - LightPainting Photography for Accenture

#lightpainting #longexposure #pixelstick #sydney #redfern

rob p
6 days ago
A black and white collage image of a bike in front of a pump track.
A pump track at dusk using long exposure to show a light trail following the shape of the track.
6 days ago
6 days ago
Benjamin Simpson
1 week ago

This feels like invading a secret.

#moss #river #longexposure

Still water reflecting green from the branches and rocks all covered in green moss. So damn peaceful.
2 weeks ago
Sunset shot on the coast with rock formations reflecting in rockpools full of seaweed.
Steven Lawson Photography
2 weeks ago

Into The Void

A 20-second exposure, ISO 160, f20. Something a bit different for me.

#photography #LongExposure #LightTrails

Portrait format colour image taken from a motorway bridge before sunrise, and using a 20-second exposure to create red and yellow light trails from the lights of the vehicles racing in both directions into a heavy fog that has masked any details of the surrounding landscape. On the left can be seen the red brake lights of a vehicle that is changing lanes, appearing only as three bright red dashes.
Raymond Larabie
2 weeks ago

Perhaps it's the fumes, or the shock of rising prices that sends the world spinning, a playful reminder that wallets aren't the only things getting lighter at the pump. ⛽️🌀💸


#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #ricohgr #ricohgr3 #aichi #nagoya #japan #longexposure #neonlights #gasprices #gasstation #led

The image is a long exposure shot capturing the vibrant, streaking lights of an LED sign at a gas station. The sign displays the current prices, which have been stretched into colorful trails of red and green, creating an abstract and whimsical scene, as if the very numbers were dancing in protest of their own ascent.
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
2 weeks ago

Bow-Fiddle Rock

Two more conventional views of the famous lump of quartzite. The light was rather pleasant, just catching the "bow" side of the rock...

#seascape #landscapephotography #photo #scotland #longexposure #bowfiddle #geology

Sunlight catching the "bow" side of Bow-Fiddle Rock, Portknockie, Sunday morning.
Sunlight catching the "bow" side of Bow-Fiddle Rock, Portknockie, Sunday morning. A discarded lobster pot sits in the foreground.
Harald Böttger
3 weeks ago

Eine laaaaange Straßenbahn zum #fotomontag #photomonday #longexposure #mirroring #yellow

In einer verwischten Straßenbahn spiegeln sich die Häuser einer Straße
3 weeks ago

Ein magischer Ort, an dem sicher einmal Elfen und andere Wesen lebten, von denen wir heute Bücher lesen oder Filme sehen. Solche Orte sind Balsam für die Seele ☺️

#fotografie #natur #wald #frühling #landschaft #wasserfall #schwarzwald #freiburg #bach #stimmung #moos #träumerisch #mutternatur #photography #nature #landscape #forest #woodland #waterfall #longexposure #postprocessing #creek #dreamy #moody #autumn #mothernature #fairy #mosstodon #silentsunday #art #fineart #mastoart #fediart

Ein Wasserfall mit vielen schmalen Kaskaden und vielen moosbewachsenen Steinen
The Explorographer
3 weeks ago

Long Exposure Cloud Gate

As you can see in the reflection, the sun was just clearing the trees. 2 other people were here this early and they were with me. Well, plus the security guard that gave me the evil eye for using a tripod. Nobody else there, real argument. Normally tripods are not allowed here. This was a 2-minute-long exposure.

#photography #longexposure #chicago #mastoart #BlackAndWhite #travel #explore

A portrait image of the Chicago Bean aka Cloud Gate.  The bean is centered in the photo with the clouds streaking above the bean and in the reflection with the sun seen rising over the trees as well.  Black and white image.
David Allan
3 weeks ago

One of the jewels of Sunderland's High Street West, The Dun Cow.
This award-winning pub, built in 1901 by Benjamin F Simpson, for Robert Deuchars, is situated in the heart of the city's vibrant Cultural Quarter.
The ornate Grade II listed building is acclaimed as having one of the most stunning bar-backs in Britain.

#England #Sunderland #Edwardian #pub #historic #night #longexposure #photography

Edwardian architecture in Sunderland, North East England. The ornate Dun Cow pub of the city's High Street West captured at night.

For #WaterfallWednesday here's the lower tier of Multnomah Falls and the well-known viewing bridge, with the upper tier of the falls behind it.

At a height of 620 ft / 189 m total, it's the highest waterfall in Oregon. At the end of summer in September 2022, when I made this photo, the flow was much reduced compared to winter and spring of course, but still a beautiful sight.

#Waterfall #LandscapePhotography #Oregon #ColumbiaRiverGorge #LongExposure #Photography

Vertical photo of a two-tiered waterfall. The lower half of the photo shows the lower half of the falls. There's a bridge at the top of the frame which crosses the lower falls. The upper tier of the waterfall can be seen partially, behind the bridge. The colors and tones are dark and muted in the photo, except for the flowing water, which is bright and rendered into soft streaks with a long exposure time.
3 weeks ago
A waterfall in woodland with another higher fall visible in the background.
Bob Horowitz
3 weeks ago

217 seconds.

Sometimes I do pointless shit just because it might turn out ok. "Athletic photography" that pushes my patience in hopes something might turn out to have aesthetic value. Sometimes it does, more often it doesn't.

Anyway, here is a three and a half minute exposure of a very dark palm tree on a very dark and windless night in the Presidio. I don't know why I did this, but there weren't many other things to shoot at 1:00am on the old, empty, military parade grounds.

#photography #LongExposure

A tall, beefy palm tree glows orange and green against a dark sky. A few stars are visible, some with star trails as they rotate around the stationary north star.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
4 weeks ago

Have a seat on the bridge

In Valencia, Spain, they rerouted a river that ran through the city, making a very long park through the city. The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the science museum, is behind me, nestled in the space the river once took, while in front is the Pont l’Assut de l’Or. It’s a beautiful bridge spanning the gap over the old river.

#photo #photography #Valencia #Spain #bridge #LongExposure

The Pont l'Assut de l'Or in Valencia, Spain seen from the viewpoint of a bench underneath. The Caixa Forum can be seen behind it.
Steven Lawson Photography
4 weeks ago


A slow shutter reduces the roaring water of a swollen river to silk-like strands as it pounds over a series of waterfalls at Hammill's Bridge, Paisley. Salmon and sea trout run these falls and while I watched, mesmerised, one leapt heroically, flinging its writhing body against the power of the torrent. I wonder if it eventually made it home.

#Photography #BlackAndWhite #waterfalls #water #LongExposure

Black and white portrait format image showing water roaring over falls, where a slow shutter speed has reduced the torrent to thick, silky strands that curve downward from the lip of the falls
Black and white portrait format image showing water roaring over falls, where a slow shutter speed has smoothe the water into contrasting shades of black and white, and frozen the splashes where the water has crashed into the flatter section of the river
Black and white portrait format image showing water roaring over falls, where a slow shutter speed has created silk-like ribbons where the water is tightly channeled by rocks and softened the bubbling spray where there is more room for the water to flow
Black and white portrait format image showing water roaring over falls, where a slow shutter speed has smoothed the raging water as it races over smoother sections of the falls, making it look like dark silk fabric billowing in the wind
Jeff Carlson
1 month ago

Tumbling into November like a long exposure wave: I can’t stop the current, but I can pause enough to appreciate the beautiful things.

Shot at Shore Acres State Park, Oregon Coast

#photography #LongExposure #waves #OregonCoast #ShoreAcres

Long exposure black and white photo of waves cascading over rocks
Bob Horowitz
1 month ago

216 seconds in the fog near Bodega Bay.

This is St. Teresa's, where Alfred Hitchcock shot The Birds. The fog was thick that night...and it was very, very dark. It took three and a half minutes to collect enough photons to see what I was looking at. A short time later, the fog became too thick to shoot long: the lens kept fogging up.

#photography #LongExposure

A nighttime shot of a fence leading to the backside of a one-story wooden chapel. The foggy sky glows blue and green from spotlights on the ground. A manger in the pasture on the side of the chapel is silhouetted against one of those spotlights... and a telephone pole and wires above follow the fence to the back of the chapel. 

All is serene and mysterious. 

There are no birds.
Planet Chad Photography
1 month ago

A fountain done in long exposure that is located in the middle of the lake around the bottom loop of the C. G. Memorial Park. The park is located in Pfafftown, Noth Carolina.

This is a very nice park that includes a gazebo courtyard, 500+ Year Old Poplar Tree, 2½ Acre Fishing Lake, scattered picnic tables along the shoreline for small family picnics and 2 walking tails.

#fountain #landscape #longexposure #water #Fedigiftshop

A long exposure shot of a water fountain. The water in the lake is blue with a background of forest with multi colored leaves and a walking path.
2 months ago

Long Exposure shot from Portsea back beach on the mornington Peninsula in #Melbourne #Australia

#photo #photography #photomonday #foto #longexposure #fotografie #fotomontag #mastoart #mastophoto #seascape

2 months ago

Two funfair workers sharing a quick kiss while managing a high speed ride.
(permission was granted to share the image) #longExposure #NightPhotography

A rotating fun dair ride brightly lit up by colourful LEDs and steam. Everything is motion blurred die to speed and long exposure, only the couply and the advertisement sign standing still
Ge0rG 📷
2 months ago

Day 13 of #PhotOctober2023 - stripes far away - these light stripes and zebra stripes were shot on the other side of the pond, in the land with the stripes in its flag.

📷 Sony DSC-F707 :gimp:

#photography #Fotografie #LongExposure

A long exposure shot of light stripes of a car driving over zebra stripes in New York City
Joshua Haller
2 months ago

Monday morning I biked to Marine Park here in Bellingham. It’s probably the last time I’ll get to before I head off on a trip. I really wanted to get one last visit in before I left because this place has become so important to me. It has been where I’ve gone to reflect and find peace in the midst of the chaos.

#photography #longexposure #bellinghamwa #marinepark #earlymorning

Long exposure of Bellingham Bay from Marine Park.
Joshua Haller
2 months ago

Whatcom Falls Park has some beautiful trails to walk around. I love coming to this spot just below the stone bridge where you can see the waterfalls.

#photography #landscape #AYearForArt #mastoart #artDistrict #fotografie #fineartphotography #curiousCurator #Getoutside #landscapephotography #bellinghamWA #WhatcomCounty #longexposure #whatcomfallspark #waterfalls

A long exposure of the waterfalls falling underneath the stone bridge at Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, WA
Sir Nameless
2 months ago

I got out with my camera for the first time in a while yesterday, so fresh material for #WaterfallWednesday. This is one of three dams on site made with dry-fitted field stones, and it's been holding the water back for well over 100 years. New England soil is adept at growing rocks, and one of the things we're famous for is the rock walls of similar construction that run for miles through the woods, all that remains of farms long lost to memory.

#Waterfall #photography #LongExposure #landscape

Landscape photo of a waterfall spilling over a rock wall made from irregularly-shaped local stones. The waterfall is approximately 20 feet tall and water is flowing over it and then over smaller cascades from the left to the right side of the image. Around the sides of the waterfall are rhododendron shrubs that are beginning to turn yellow as the weather grows cooler. Splashes of yellow sun can be seen on the water and the rocks.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

The Colours of Culture Night

A long exposure photo of a street with a passing bus that says, "Culture Night" on the front captured in maddening, disorganising streaks of colour.

#photo #photography #Cork #Ireland #CultureNight #LongExposure #LightStreaks

A long exposure photo of a street with a passing bus that says, "Culture Night" on the front captured in maddening, disorganising streaks of colour.