2 days ago

The Canada #Infrastructure Bank has already got $2 billion in equity investment loans out to Indigenous communities and is looking for more opportunities to grow that number.

Loans for up to 90 per cent equity can be arranged for projects in #green infrastructure, clean power, public transit, #trade and #transportation, and #broadband infrastructure ranging from $5 million to $100 million.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Inuit #Métis #equity #industry #business #CIB

A blonde woman smiles at the camera.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
3 days ago

There were always (or almost always) women travelling in the York Factory Express, whether outgoing or incoming. It is difficult, however, to identify them. But here is my attempt at doing exactly this! #HistoricJourney #CanadaHistory #Metis #Indigenous

This is the Columbia River at Castlegar, B.C., looking north toward the Lower Arrow Lake.
Charlotte Hunter
3 days ago

As a new Two-Spirit Councilor, gotta look all official with my pin collection for the MNO Timmins Christmas AGM.
#Metis #Indigenous #xmas #party #TwoSpirit #LGBTQ #culture #fiddle #Ontario

3 days ago

More developments in the Ontario government's ongoing attempt to destabilize #indigenous rights and title. The #metis identity is confusing to many settler people and the misunderstandings are many.

5 days ago

For generations, #IndigenousPeoples #stewarded the #GreatLakes #ecosystem, living in kindred relation w/the waters for generations. #Environmental & #WaterQuality issues challenge this relationship, prompting #IndigenousCommunities to advocate for #conservation & #SustainablePractices that honor both their #ancestral ties & #ecologicalHealth of the Great Lakes. #Tribal, #FirstNations & #Métis govts & orgs are critical to #protecting the lakes & #waters..

1 week ago

Christine Welsh remembers being shocked at how little #students in #university classes knew about the #Metis when she taught in 2016.

The #UVIC #AssociateProfessor #emerita was debating retirement – instead, she started talking about creating a #LegacyProject to #educate students about the Metis.

Seven years later, the #documentary Lii Michif Niiyanaan: We Are Metis was born.
1 week ago

The Indigenous economy is continuing to make progress, with corporations and governments working to partner with Indigenous Nations to include them in business and industry successes.

Reconciliation may be driving the inclusion, said a panel at the Indigenomics Bay Street conference in Toronto, but it’s up to everyone to ensure that progress is built on what is best for future generations.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #Inuit #economy #Indigenomics #reconciliation

Four men sit on a stage in front of a wide screen on which is printed Capitalization of the Indigenous Economy over some art work in the West Coast style.

“'It fills me with a great sense of humility to be able to announce today that our government’s first piece of legislation will honour Louis Riel for what he has always been, the first premier of Manitoba,' said Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew at the Manitoba Legislature to a crowd full of Métis.”

2 weeks ago

The federal government has rolled out $10 million in non-repayable contributions for the Micro and Small Business Stream of the Indigenous #Tourism Fund.

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada will distribute the funds through an application process. Each business can receive funds of up to $25,000.

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#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #Inuit #business #investment

A man wearing glasses and a white shirt is smiling towards the camera.
2 weeks ago

“As a kid I honestly thought we were getting invaded by aliens. And I was starting to freak out.”

Following an unexplained explosion over the farm where a widowed father and his two children live, a strange nest is found growing on a tree.

Catastrophic ends come to those who encounter the beings that emerge from it.

THE BEEHIVE comes from the mind of Métis filmmaker Alexander Lasheras.

#Indigenous #Métis #film #scifi #aliens

A girl wearing a backpack stands with her back to the camera. She stares up at a tree with a large, strange grey growth attached to its trunk.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
3 weeks ago

"Embarked in the boats at peep of day and put ashore at the lower end of the Cascade portage where we discharged the boat and breakfasted. After breakfast the pieces were carried carried over to the Upper end; one of the boats was also taken up to the same point, where we passed the night. Weather unpleasant. Water unusually low. Snow, knee deep on the portage.
"Friday. Had the other boat taken up the Rapids. Gummed the boats... #WAHistory #PeepOfDay #Metis

Typical encampment of the fur trade, with canvas tents for the gentlemen and cook fires for all. To the left men talk under a canvas fly. In the background the palisades of replica Fort Langley.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
3 weeks ago

We are now working on John Charles's journal. He is #Metis, and he won't make it home, as he dies on this journey.
"I, John Charles, in company with Mr. Thomas Lowe, in charge of the Express as far as Fort Colvile, started from Fort #Vancouver with two boats laden with the Fort Nez Perces #WallaWalla Outfit and provisions, &c per party, amounting in all to about 45 pieces and manned by five #Iroquois, 9 Indians, one Kanaka, and 1 Canadian. #HistoricJourney

Typical post and sill building of the fur trade, whitewashed and with shingle roof. This is the old storehouse at replica Fort Langley, and it stood in the original fort.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
3 weeks ago

Michel Fallardeau crossed the Rocky Mountains into New Caledonia with the incoming York Factory Express, and remained for many years in the territory west of the Rockies. He worked under my great-grandfather at Fort Alexandria, and accompanied him on one of his cross country expeditions, before suffering a mysterious and tragic death. Here is his story. #Métis #BCHistory #Kamloops #History #Blogpost

The lock of the flintlock gun.
3 weeks ago

Layer 2 networks hit $13 billion TVL but challenges still remain - Data from L2Beat shows that layer 2s are seeing greater adoption ... - #totalvaluelocked #ethereum #shardeum #layer2 #metis #tvl
3 weeks ago

“This is how we feed our families and pay our mortgages.”

Windspeaker is sharing an article from Living Here, a journalism project that tells stories about people finding solutions that build healthy, safe, and strong communities.

In this story a Métis business owner is worried the Alberta government’s temporary ban on renewable energy projects could harm his #solar company, stopping it dead in its tracks.

#Indigenous #Métis #energy #renewable #resources #Albeta

Four people stand on top of a roof. They are training to install solar panels. The landscape behind them is flat grass with dirt roads leading to a large school or administration centre.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
4 weeks ago

The story of the first outgoing York Factory Express, in which my g.g.grandfather James Birnie travelled out and in. I keep finding my ancestors in my stories. #HBC #History #YorkFactoryExpress #AmWritingHistory #Métis #Blogpost

A simple map of the Columbia District -- that is the Columbia River valley all the way north to the Big Bend, in moern-day British Columbia.
4 weeks ago

More witnesses were in front of the Standing Committee on #Indigenous and Northern Affairs to provide statements on Bill C-53, which recognizes the #selfgovernance of certain #Métis groups.

The issue of Métis #identity in #Ontario was again raised and a warning given.

Identity issues have caused “enormous difficulties in other jurisdictions” and when such issues are flagged “we're called to deal with them.”

#Indigeneity #FirstNations #cdnpoli #legislation #BillC53

Two photos of two men. Both wear black vests, elaborately beaded with Métis flower motifs.
Charlotte Hunter
1 month ago
Image of two large, rectangular sugar cookie. One is white with blue lettering reading "Louis Riel Day". The other is the Metis Nation of Ontario flag: a white infinity symbol on a solid blue background.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
1 month ago

Montrose McGillivray, #Métis, was one of my favorite characters in #BritishColumbia #History. Born in 1822, he was baptized at Red River . When he was old enough he joined the HBC and was assigned to the Columbia District. It was McGillivray who carried a message north to Alexander Caulfield Anderson, to explore for a new route through the mountains between #Kamloops and #FortLangley#Blogpost

An exhibition of flintlock guns at replica Fort Langley, attended by plenty of smoke and noise.
Dr. Amy H. Sturgis 🍂🍁
1 month ago

#CallForPapers: Special Issue on #IndigenousSpeculativeFiction

Orbit: A Journal of American Fiction now seeks contributions for a special issue on #Indigenous authors and their works, with a particular emphasis on US (#NativeAmerican, including but not limited to #AlaskaNative and #PacificIslandNative) and Canadian (#FirstNations, #Métis, and #Inuit) authors and works.

#IndigenousFuturism #IndigenousLit #SFF #SpecFic #SpeculativeFiction #Academics #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror

Charlotte Hunter
1 month ago

I bought myself a little gift for my wall, by a Métis artisan. I will be very excited to mount this polished pebble art from Lake Superior.

#Indigenous #Art #Rocks #Pebble #Metis
1 month ago

Métis actor opens festival with play about gathering wisdom from the stars

There are so many satellites in the night sky that the wisdom we get from the stars is being obscured.

That’s the premise of a new play that will open the Weesageechak Begins to Dance Festival in Toronto. It’s the 36th year for the Native Earth Performing Arts’ annual W Festival.

#Indigenous #Métis #theatre #starstories #arts

Two photos: At left is the logo of the Weesageechak 36 theatre festival. It's a creature that looks like a styalized wolf. Outlined in black, it is yellow with red markings inside its body. At right is a person sitting in a chair. They are gesturing with their hands.
1 month ago

Legislation to amend #IndianAct continues #discrimination

What we learn from this story:
• Clauses in Bill C-38 will not allow victims of Cda’s #assimilation policies to seek reparations
• “Two-parent rule continues Canada’s program of forced assimilation.” —Lori Idlout, MP
• Cda discrimination “underscores the sense of colonial entitlement.” –Jenny Kwan, MP
• Bill allows individuals, specifically #Métis, to remove names from Indian register and band list.


Charlotte Hunter
1 month ago

"Now we know that the MMF has run around and accused other organizations of allowing non-Metis into their organization, w'hell, when you look at this INAC report that was done by BDO, it's like, whoa.... really?"

#Metis #Indigenous #Canada #CanPoli #Manitoba #Ontario #PotCallingKettle
1 month ago

“(Canada’s) whole approach has been recognize first and verify later.”

#FirstNations leaders told Canadian lawmakers that #Métis #selfgovernment #legislation will cause damage to First Nations' #rights for generations and will damage their relationship with #Canada too.

First Nations say they haven’t been consulted on #BillC53 and, because it impacts their existing rights, it is necessary to #consult before the Bill is passed into #law.

#Indigenous #cdnpoli

Three photos of three men. Two sit in front of microphones and the third is on Zoom with earphones on.
1 month ago

“Salay Prayzaan, which is Michif for “a gift from the sun,” is a 4.86-megawatt community generation #solar plant consisting of 12,840 panels being built near the #Métis cultural site south of #SmokyLake. The project has been constructed by the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), which, following the recent election for the first-ever Otipemisiwak Métis Government in Alberta, will soon be re-branded.”
Via @jvipondmd
1 month ago

“These are irreplaceable cedar.”

“The Cedar Culprit” kicks off new season of Farm Crime

When a poacher made off with cedar trees from Wei Wai Kum territory, the thief took more than just timber. He took the opportunity for cultural ceremony too.

The third season of Farm Crime on the CBC Gem streaming service is set to air Nov. 3 and the first episode deals with what was stolen from West Coast Wei Wai Kum community.

#Indigenous #Métis #television #crime #culture

In the background are huge winged totem poles on each end of a painted cedar wall screen. Painted ceremonial curtains can be seen as are other cedar carved objects. A stepped wooden seating area flows upwards on either side of a dirt floor in the large building. In the centre is a place for a ceremonial fire. A man stands in the foreground looking upwards.
1 month ago

Bill C-38 is being debated in the House of Commons. It’s the latest amendment to the Indian Act that attempts to remove discrimination baked into that legislation.

Bill C-38 deals with Indian status; who had it, who lost it, and who gets to have it back, and how that status will be transmitted to descendants.

Some members of Parliament say this new remedy again falls short.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #Inuit #law #IndianAct #legislation #cdnpoli

Two formal head photos of two women. At left is a woman with short dark hair and glasses. She wears a traditional cotton Inuit top with hood. At right is a woman with longish dark hair. She wears a black top with a blue jacket over it. Both women smile at the camera.
1 month ago

“When I'm going through emotional turbulence, I turn to #poetry just very easily.”

Francine Cunningham, the current Distinguished #Writer in Residence at the #University of Calgary, is using her success and platform to bring the next generation of writers along.

Her advice to #Indigenous #writers is to expand the genres they are working in and not be pigeonholed by the industry. She’s got lots to share about the hows and the whys of #writing.

#Métis #Cree #books

Three photos. In the middle is a smiling young woman, the author. She has long flowing brunette hair. To the left and right of her are two book covers. At left is God Isn't Here Today Stories. It's got a red and black background of swirls, and over that is what looks like a old black student school notebook. At right is the book cover for on/me. It's got a blood red background with black tree branches. In the corner is a seal which states BC and Yukon Book Prizes Finalist.
Eryck Gu⸸⸸eЯaL
1 month ago

'She was always including community, and that's Indigenous' says Métis elder of Buffy Sainte-Marie

> #Métis elder and artist Val Vint says she's distressed over doubts of #BuffySainte-Marie's #Indigenous ancestry. Joanne Roberts has the story.


Let's not forget everything she's done for us over several decades. She has been one of the most notable #musicians, #artists & #activists for #NDNcountry


SS for a video of an Elder discussing Buffy.
1 month ago

What we learn from this story:

• Bill C-53 lays the path for treaty making.
• Treaties negotiated will not come back to Parliament for approval
• MN-Saskatchewan VP hopes Ontario #FirstNations chiefs will attend Métis National Council expert panel on the MNOntario’s six historic communities and raise their concerns about the ancestry of those citizens

#Métis presidents urge standing committee to pass Bill C-53 without amendments
1 month ago

“Governments come and go and we need that legislation to protect what we’ve built.”

Leaders of the Métis Nations of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan were before the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs to speak to Bill C-53, legislation that recognizes certain Métis governments in those provinces.

They spoke in favour of the Bill, calling on it to be swiftly passed into law.

#Indigenous #Métis #cdnpoli #Canada #BillC53 #legislation

Three photos each of a woman. They sit before microphones and look to be speaking.
Charlotte Hunter
1 month ago

Boiling up some tamarack shoots for medicine tea.

#Medicine #Métis #Indigenous #tamarack #tea

BC Info Bot
1 month ago
1 month ago

An Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered a position from the #Métis National Council (MNC) on whether six historic Métis communities claimed by the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) “fall within or don’t fall within” the Métis Nation homeland boundaries.

Despite an expert panel having been appointed by the MNC in 2021 to examine the MNO claims, it only met for the first time in 2023 and doesn’t have an answer yet.

#Indigenous #courts #citizenship #Ontario #Manitoba

Two formal head and shoulders shots. One of a young woman with a Metis sash hanging beside her and one of a man who vest is beaded around the collar.
Todd Lyons 🪶
2 months ago

Louis Riel to receive honorary title as Manitoba's 1st premier
#Metis #Indigenous #Canada

Claude Trudel
2 months ago

🔴 Une analyse de l’actualité dans une perspective historique : « Devant la catastrophe, les mièvreries »
Par Emilie Nicolas

#actualité #histoire #Palestine #Autochtones #Métis #Canada #USA #dépossession #crime #guerre #cartographie #territoire #carte
2 months ago

Indigenous players are again showing their talents in the National Hockey League

A handful of Indigenous players were on the opening-night rosters of NHL teams when the 2023-24 regular season kicked off Oct. 10.

And more are expected to join in, once they’re off the injury list.

Windspeaker takes a look at who’s playing and who’s waiting.

#FirstNations #Indigenous #Métis #sports #hockey #NHL

Four photos of NHL hockey players on the ice in action in their uniforms.
2 months ago

Alice est née au #Congo d’un père belge et d’une mère congolaise. Comme de nombreux #Métis, elle a été abandonnée par son père. Elle a dû attendre d’être centenaire pour retrouver sa lointaine famille belge.

La journaliste Valérie Hirsch nous raconte l’incroyable vie de cette femme, la fille cachée de son grand-père :

'It will cost people their jobs': Thunder Bay top cop says #racism won't be tolerated.

"Thunder Bay police chief Darcy Fleury knows 1st hand what it's like to experience racism — & that has helped guide his 1st few months on the job as he looks 2 overhaul the embattled police force & repair relations with the #Indigenous community.

The Métis man took over the top job on the police force in May and has made one thing clear to his officers."
#ThunderBay #Racism #Métis

Honouring the grandmothers through (re)membering, (re)learning, and (re)vitalizing Métis traditional foods and protocols

Monica Cyr
Joyce Slater

#Métis #Food #Canada #Foodways #Identity #TraditionalFood #Indigenous

#OpenScholarship from Canadian Food Studies (CFS).

#Read all you want! #OpenAccess
#Share generously! #KnowledgeSharing
#Grow your understanding of #Food

Peter Riley
2 months ago

From the 1950s into the 1990s the #CanadianGovernment & the #CatholicChurch were responsible for taking, or “scooping” more than 20,000 #FirstNations, #Métis, and #Inuit children from their families and communities; known as The Sixties Scoop. They were placed in foster homes or adopted (accounts of children even being sold) into non-#Indigenous families across #Canada, the #United States, & beyond.

Manitoba founded by Métis but oppressive history soon made Indigenous premiership impossible | CBC News #FirstNations #Manitoba #Metis #NDTR #ManitobaHistory #mbpoli #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Charlotte Hunter
2 months ago

Ontario. Métis. Facts.

#ONPoli #CanPoli #Indigenous #Metis #Ontario

"Caught between two larger identities and cultures, the Metis have struggled for more than two centuries for recognition of their own unique identity, culture, and governance." -Alberta (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development) v. Cunningham
Eric MacKnight
3 months ago

No one needs or wants #TruthAndReconciliation theatre.

A national holiday, and forcing Canadian students to sit through yet another presentation or video, will do *nothing* to meet the urgent needs of First Nations and Métis people today.

Fix the water supplies. Fund the schools. Provide housing. Provide jobs. Universal basic income. Health care.

That's what people need.

#canada #politics #FirstNations #Métis #Indigenous

Charlotte Hunter
3 months ago

First Nations, you have nothing to fear from us.

#Metis #SelfGovernment #Indigenous #BillC53
3 months ago

A two-year ground penetrating radar search of a cemetery used by the Beauval Indian residential school in Saskatchewan has revealed anomalies of the potential unmarked graves of 79 children and 14 infants.

It’s expected to impact 16 communities in the northwest, both First Nations and Métis. The announcement of the search findings was made on Aug. 29.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #GPR #unmarkedgraves #residentialschool #Saskatchewan

Three women sit before mics at a table while chiefs in headdresses sit behind them.
Fedi.Garden 🌱
3 months ago is a Glitch Mastodon server for Canadians (Anglophones and Francophones), First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples of the great white north:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin @announcements

#FeaturedServer #Canada #Canadian #Canadians #Canadien #Canadienne #Canadiens #Canadiennes #FirstNation #FirstNations #Metis #Métis #Inuit #Glitch #GlitchMastodon #Fediverse

I'm heading on Wednesday to #SVIAlberta, looking to build some connections with the energetic community that is the #Alberta #SocialVenture scene powered by #BeLocal and #Momentum. It'll be at #MétisCrossing, the first major #Métis cultural interpretive centre in #Alberta, located north of #Edmonton near #SmokeyLake. I will learn the proper land acknowledgements this weekend, but it is Michif Piyii Métis and perhaps #Cree and #Stoney.

4 months ago

Pretty purple #beaded earrings that my #Cree & #Metis friend, Sara Santana, made as a gift for me. She makes beautiful #NativeJewelry & other wearables. Based in #VictoriaBC - you can shop online or visit her shop in the Hudson Building on Douglas St at Fisgard.

#IndigenousOwned #NativeOwned #DecolonizeYourCloset #BuyDirectFromNativeArtists #BCNativeBusiness #ShopLocal #YYJshopping #VictoriaBC #PNW #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #SupportBIPOCbusinesses #earrings

Gorgeous oval shaped, beaded purple beaded earrings in Sara's hand.
My Lekwungen Songhees friend, Bitty, on the left in blue hooded rain jacket & Cree Metis friend, Sara, on the right with gray toque & black rain jacket.
On the Songhees Nation reservation.
Charlotte Hunter
4 months ago

Having a real gay time at the Metis Nation of Ontario's 30th Annual General Assembly in Ottawa.

#Metis #Indigenous #ONPoli

Charlotte Hunter
4 months ago

First Nations do not get to decide who is and who isn't Métis under Canadian law. Or interfere with Parliamentary process for their own politics. MNO lawyer calls Wabun Tribal Council's claims "doomed." Federal Court Judge opens proceedings by calling local First Nations tactics "a problem." Wouldn't it be nice if we could all honour each others' histories and work together?
#ONPoli #CanPoli #FirstNations #Métis #Ontario #Law #Indigenous #MNO

What is the Métis Nation of Ontario — and why is it so controversial? | TVO Today #Indigenous #Metis #FirstNations #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli
4 months ago

Special university collection provides insight into Louis Riel’s tight family circle

In Spring 2022, the University of Calgary purchased a single archival box containing materials that range in timeframe from 1844 to 1885.

In the box were letters and other writings of Métis leader Louis Riel.

Devotion: Louis Riel Writes Home is an exhibit that displays some of those materials


#Métis #history #scholarship #leadership #exhibit #collections

The hall of the exhibit Devotion: Louis Riel Writes Home in Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary (Photo courtesy Libraries and Cultural Resources).
5 months ago

“As Métis people, the bison have been absolutely foundational to our growth as an Indigenous nation.”

Visions, Hopes and Dreams at Métis Crossing Wildlife Park comprises 25 white and regular-coloured elk (23 cows and two bulls), 23 Percheron mares, 15 plains bison (13 cows and two bulls), a rare herd of 15 white bison (13 cows and two bulls), 20 wood bison, and is celebrating the births of seven wood bison calves.

#Indigenous #Métis #tourism #Alberta #buffalo

Rare white bison stand in a field. By their sides are two brown bison calves.
Brian Gettler
5 months ago

Really interesting decision from the Superior Court of #Québec re: status claims by the Communauté #Métis #Autochtone de Maniwaki. Of particular interest is the court's reliance on #histodons of various stripes (esp. Rousseau, Inksetter, and Goudreau) to find for a cultural vs a genealogical definition of "Métis". #Indigenous scholars and activists have been arguing along these lines for years, while the courts have generally relied on a race-based definition. @histodons

5 months ago

Recent visit to the "Sacred Bundle" Gallery currently at the Pendulum Gallery in the HSBC Building Vancouver, Canada. 2 of 2

Featured display by Nehiyaw / Metis visual artist, Adele Arseneau

#indigenous #metis #beading

A rainbow of cradles color light tanned hide. Intricate detail to each one displays a touching meaning behind all. The sad memory and loss from residential schools.
Logs joined to connect a frame to which the tanned hide hangs. The hide center is colorful with miniature cradles swaying in suspension. Maternal energy flows as wooden figurines sleep peacefully

Featured display by Nehiyaw / Metis visual artist, Adele Arseneau
High contrasted deer hide against white back ground. Willow log frames the pelt as if floating. Tiny cradles sit nestled in soft flowing fur. Small white rope straps all edges snug.
A photograph of the forward from Adele Arseneau in her own words
5 months ago

Recent visit to wîskwēpitākan "Sacred Bundle" Gallery currently at the Pendulum Gallery in the HSBC Building Vancouver, Canada. 1 of 2

Featured display by Nehiyaw / Metis visual artist, Adele Arseneau

#indigenous #metis #beading #art

A fur hide rests on a drying rack in the lobby of the HSBC building Vancouver BC. "Sacred Bundle" is the title of the gallery. Adele Arseneau's touching display of hide and beads share a precious message for all to see
A large bison hide with cradles nestled among them. Wooden posts cut and braced in a square frame. Fur is suspended in the center. Tiny cradles are the focal point of the display. Made with tiny HBC blankets, swaddled up snuggly. Hand carved wooden baby figurines.
Sun shines down on preciously handmade cradles from Adele Arseneau's "Sacred Bundle" Exhibit currently at the Palladium Gallery at the HSBC building Vancouver BC
Alum tawed Bear Hide with contemporary and antique beads. Cradles hand sewn with individual features. Hand painted with acrylic. A carved wooden baby figurine fill each one. Credit to artist Metis Adele Arseneau
5 months ago

The court “must guard against the possibility that individuals with flimsy or even frivolous claims may interfere with (First Nations) rights.”

Judge rules a Métis community doesn’t exist, orders defendants to pay costs for experts

The Quebec Superior Court has ruled that not only is there no historic Métis community in Lac-Sainte-Marie in the Maniwaki region, but there is no contemporary Métis community either.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #legal #Quebec #rights

Charlotte Hunter
6 months ago

Happy solstice, everyone.
Happy powwow day.
Happy National Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Happy Pride all around, all the kinds, kina wia.
#Solstice #Summer #Indigenous #Métis #Powwow #Pride
6 months ago

Available across Canada starting June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day.

New stamps from Canada Post honour Indigenous leaders

Thelma Chalifoux, George Manuel and Nellie Cournoyea left their marks on their Indigenous communities and Canada.

Now, Canada Post is celebrating their contributions with stamps as part of the second annual Indigenous Leaders series.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #stamps #CanadaPost

Three photos: Head shots of two women and one man.

🌟 Embrace a legacy of Creativity: Experience the brilliance of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit creators, whose visionary storytelling transcends boundaries, challenges perspectives, and illuminates the depth and diversity of Indigenous storytelling traditions this National Indigenous History Month with our free-to-stream Indigenous Cinema collection →

#ONF #NFB #IngidigenousCinema #CdnTalent #Cinema #Film #Animation #Documentary #FirstNations #Métis #Inuit

Art by Eruoma Awashish.

I love books about witches. Cherie Dimaline's VenCo is one of the best I've read in a long time. A Métis witch, found family, LGBTQ+ rep & hexing the patriarchy? What's not to love?


#books #Bookstodon #writing #Witches #Indigenous #Native #metis

Cover of Cherie Dimaline's book, VenCo.
MPI für Astronomie
7 months ago

Telescopes like the ESO's #ELT, which is currently being built, can only be used scientifically with instrumentation (cameras, spectrographs). MPIA is involved in the construction of two of the first generation instruments. Many components of #MICADO and #METIS were developed by MPIA engineers and are now manufactured in our workshops. The precision mechanics workshop is equipped with the latest milling machines that produce elements from a wide range of metals

Canadian History Ehx
7 months ago

Today in 1885, the Battle of Batoche ends after four days with a Canadian militia victory over Metis forces. This causes the collapse of the Provisional Government, ended the North West Resistance.
Metis leader Louis Riel will be executed for treason on Nov. 16, 1885.

#canada #history #metis #canadian #histodon #histodons

Canada accused of stonewalling in court challenge to Métis Nation of Ontario self-government deal | CBC News #Metis #SelfGovernment #Indigenous #Deal #CanadianCourts #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli
7 months ago

Métis Settlement General Council President Dave Lamouche is on his way to East Prairie Métis Settlement to “see the devastation,” he told

The community was caught between two fires and evacuated late Friday. About 600 people made their way to High Prairie.

Three Métis settlements and 12 First Nations are impacted by the 98 active fires (as of today) in central and northern Alberta.

#wildfires #Alberta #Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #emergency

James (Jim) Little
7 months ago

"When speaking with the King today, I mentioned something from one of my elders, who said that relationships are built over 100 cups of tea," Métis National Council President Cassidy Caron said.
"Today, we had our first cup of tea, to build that relationship, to identify our common and shared priorities moving forward, to find ways of working together that will create real, tangible change in our communities."
#tea #thé #coronation #couronnement #Métis #Canada

Cameo Wood
8 months ago

Making plans to go to the 2024 #AcadianCongress in #NewBrunswick to meet a bunch of cousins for the first time. Truly looking forward to this. Just learned that my family used to live in Prince Edward Island, before they were forcibly removed by the British during the great expulsion. This is my beloved grandmother who raised me, and her extensive Acadian and Métis family lineage. #Genealogy #Acadian #FamilyHistory #Metis #Ancestry #genchat #geneadon

A family tree with names and birthdates including:

Lillian Mina Ethier
Spouse & Children^
James J Burk
Rose Mary Burk
Spouse & Children^
Harvey F Shufelt
George Jerry Shufelt g David Warner Shuf.
Susan | Shufelt
Siblings v
Charles O Ethier Akey
William Joseph Ethier
Philomène Hamel
Joseph N" Dugas
Marie-Angèle Dugas
Zoé Alphonsine Leger
Ethier or Etier
Dominique Hamel
Forget dite Depaty
Joseph Dugas
Théotiste Allain
Stanislas Leger
Perrault dite Duchêne
• Henri Hamel
• Marie Josephe Beaudet
• A Forget dit Depaty
•LaLongé dite Gascon
• H Dugas or Dugast
Geneviève Pinet
Michel Allain
Josette Savoie
•Jean Baptiste Leger
• C Robichaud
• Perrault dit Duchêne
Marie A Dubreuil
Michael Busch
8 months ago

Pretty good moons.
#ESAJuice will also observe several smaller inner moons — #Metis, #Adrastea, #Amalthea and #Thebeto — to understand how they emit dust that replenishes Jupiter’s rings.

Read more about all these moons 👉 and follow the launch on 13 April.

Good morning, everyone. I am Nancy Marguerite Anderson, and am just setting up my new account on
I am #Métis and my other Mastodon account is @MargueriteHBC -- On that account I am posting the Journals of the York Factory Express, but on this account I will be posting the journals and stories of the HBC Brigades. The #Book will be published in the springtime, sometime.
It may take me a while to get started here....
(I was @marguerite_HBC on Twitter).

As the first week of Black History Month comes to an end, I wanted to share with my Mastodon friends this story about Joseph Lewis, Alberta’s first recorded Black fur trader, who arrived in 1799, and became a father to the Métis Nation. So much fun to research. #BlackHistoryMonth #Edmonton #Alberta #FortEdmonton #furtrade #Metis #RedRiver #BlackHistory #yeg

#Introduction Looks like we have a few more people here now, so re-posting my intro:

Chippewa/RR Métis, award-winning SFFH writer & poet (latest book is Marvel Untold: Sisters of Sorcery), mother of 5, married. Montanan broiling to death in AZ. Witches & psychopaths are my jam, LOL. Blood quantum & gate-keeping are bullshit. Hi!

#author #poet #comics #scifi #fantasy #horror #metis #astrology #tarot #truecrime

Evelyn in Montreal
1 year ago

Retired #Canadian teacher [professional focus curriculum design]. Languages: English, French & Italian

In this place I plan to focus on:

#culture #history #ethnography

#rewilding #biodiversity
#naturejournaling #naturephotography #wildlife #sustainability #conservation

#genealogy [ #indigenous & #Metis & #FrenchCanadian ]

My genealogy blog:
The other place for politics


Here is my #introduction. I’m a #Metis #biblical #scholar in the #UK. I’ve published books on #taste and on #gender and articles on #apocalypse, #SlutShaming, and #antisemitism. I’m always happy to do guest lectures if I can, or send paywalled PDFs of my work. I’m a very newbie #beadwork person so you might see a bit of that too.