David Bisset
8 hours ago

Vitals is a tiny #macOS process monitor shows a per-process CPU graph covering the last 60 seconds.

This makes it much easier to track down apps that misbehave sporadically.

I really hope that in the next version of macOS, Apple is rethinking the changes they made to the Settings app. The setup in Ventura is abysmal. #apple #macos #wwdc

Devin Prater :blind:
8 hours ago

Okay, so about Kindle for Mac and TTS. It looks like Amazon hasn’t updated its method for accessing the Mac’s TTS engine, so yeah it’s broken on Ventura. The function will start, but no sound will play, and the pages won’t turn, so it’s just sitting there stuck waiting on its TTS function to activate. It does have some good commands, for like continuous reading, reading the current sentence, stuff like that. Just needs updating. Meanwhile, you can use Voice in a Can for Mac to get Alexa to “read my Kindle book,” and everything Alexa can do.

#accessibility #MacOS #Kindle #Amazon #blind

9 hours ago

Hey #VoiceOver for #MacOS users, is anyone else experiencing a weird bug with Quick Nav where, even when it (as well as single-key Quick Nav) is enabled, VO still acts as if Quick Nav was off? It's becoming pretty annoying and regular, and it seems to happen when I interact with some types of forms or input fields on the web, but can't pin it down. Running 13.4 and would heartily appreciate any fixes or other experiences. Odd because a friend says they're not facing the same issue.

koehntopp ~ :
11 hours ago

Got a shiny new Mac M2, but networking makes it laggy as hell?

Just disable this 20+ years old protocol, and suddenly it's blazingly fast 🤦🏻‍♂️

#apple #macos #smb #cifs #smbv1 #samba

13 hours ago

Anyhoo, it turns out that you can literally do this with #macOS's built in Midi Audio Setup app. For free.

So yeah, @Troggie and I are currently sitting in the garden, rocking out to Da∂I Freyr on our headphones, and the neighbours are none the wiser.

There are some caveats to this, mind. It's a shade more fiddly to setup, and there's no system volume control, annoyingly. App volume control works fine though.

@amadeus I'm convinced that the shittier #Windows gets, more companies will support #Linux distros like @ubuntu because making oneself from #Apple's #macOS is also bad.

Would be SO cool if #Apple would add an on device #AI to #macOS that would index my own local content.

Being able to ask my Mac to do stuff for me would be very cool. Like “Use my most beautiful photos and make a screensaver”. Or “I forgot how to set up a SCNScene in SwiftUI, can you look in my local swift files for solutions?”

I put this in the unlikely pile of things to be announced at this years #WWDC, in a few years maybe? 📚
19 hours ago

There are a few less obvious #features for managing and manipulating your #storage devices in the #macOS Disk Utility. Here's how to find and use them.

20 hours ago

Select and open apps using arrow keys like Launchpad

Try it out here(yes its notarized)

Screen recording of, with result of 4 music apps. The user is controlling the focus of the app using arrow key and the indicator moves between apps.
21 hours ago

Honestly, while I understand that Apple lives or dies depending on how many iPhone sells, I'd really like they stop turning macOS in a bigger screen version of iOS.

Computers are computers, phones are phones.

And no, I do not care at all what Steve Jobs was thinking. The guy was a genius, but he' wasn't always right. Can we do something *different* again, please?

#apple #macos #sundayrant

Jake Hamilton
1 day ago

#HomeManager integration is coming to #SnowfallLib, including both standalone and #NixOS and #macOS support!

Hexler Heavy Industries
1 day ago

#TouchOSC #OSC & #MIDI control surface update out now for all platforms: #iOS #Android #Windows #macOS #Linux

Part two of our major "under the hood" renovation, plus a bunch of new features and fixes!

Happy Kontrolling!

1 day ago

Here's a #chatGPT prompt you will love, ask the #AI to build your slides using #Keynote

#MacOS 📚
1 day ago

Catch up on the top 10 #articles from this week that resonated with our #readers. #ChatGPT being used to create #malware, #battery issues from #iOS165, and a new #Gmail app for #macOS captivated our readers the most.

1 day ago

If you create an IOSurface (IOSurfaceCreate), you must increment its use count (IOSurfaceIncrementUseCount). CFRetain is not enough! The documentation makes no mention of this.

Everyone working with IOSurfaces stumbles on this eventually:

No idea how my code never crashed despite writing to other processes' video memory this whole time...

#apple #macOS #iOS #indieDev #software #Development

1 day ago

@andymoose #Apple #MacOS updates give me anxiety these days. They always seem to bring more complications or worse.

2 days ago


That is the name of the Apple Developer Account used to "notarrize" this software.

What a stupid idea of #Apple to use that instead of the bundle name or *anything* else. Noboday can possibly understand this.

Ridiculous, as that actually reduces security, instead of improving it.

#macOS #BugFest

2 days ago

Aktuell hat das #macOS Bildschirmleseprogramm wohl einen Bug, dass es immer »Homograph start« und »Homograph end« beim Vorlesen einbaut. Scheinbar ist das ein Bug. Da ich mich in der Ecke nicht auskenne und für wen anderes frage: gibt es gute #Screenreader-Alternative? #BlindFedi

Actions for Obsidian
2 days ago

Talking to other developers, I have learned that it takes Apple anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks to review new in-app purchases, such as iOS or macOS licenses that you might consider purchasing for my app.

I've submitted all the #ActionsForObsidian license types just yesterday, so …

Yeah 😬😬😬

#ObsidianMD #Obsidian #PKM #ShortcutsApp #iOS #macOS

@jpmens So many hidden shortcuts in #macos there’s always way to learn some more:

2 days ago

Волшебная приставка APPLE TV. Рассказывает Михаил Петров "Яблочная.РФ".
ПОДКАСТ программы:
О культовом устройстве от компании Эппл - телевизионной приставке APPLE TV рассказывает руководитель компании «Яблочная.РФ», Михаил Петров в рамках серии передач о технике Эппл. Записано в эфирной студии МОТОРАДИО 6 мая 2023 года. #apple #appleTV #ios #MacOS #яблочнаяРФ #motoradio

2 days ago

#macOS 11.7.7 (20G1345) for my #P43 build with #OpenCore 0.9.1

Pratham Patel :ferrisdance:
2 days ago

$ mkdir LLVM

$ cd LLVm

$ echo $?

What the fuck #macOS

ko 🦊🌸
2 days ago

my poor dear Photo Stream. they are executing her on the 26th of July. such is life... #Apple #iCloud #iOS #iPhone #iPad #Mac #macOS #MacOSX #MacOS #OSX #MyPhotoStream #iCloudPhotos #July26

Johan S 🌀
2 days ago

Sleeve is a nice #macOS app I have sitting in the bottom right corner of the screen, to display/control Spotify. Also supports Apple Music.

The Sleeve app showing the album art, player controls and the song title/artist name.
Bigger Insights
2 days ago

Self-respecting people who care about their #privacy have a difficult time choosing between #macOS and #Windows11, but there's a better option (GNU/#Linux)

A self-respecting person trying to decide between two privacy-invasive operating systems, but there is a better alternative (GNU/Linux) for those who value their privacy.
Mischa 🐡 😎
2 days ago

@jhx #OpenBSD mostly :). Single #FreeBSD machine with a couple of jails, mostly Dell and some boxes for dmesgd[1] And #macOS on a MacBook Air.

[1]: 📚
2 days ago

If you connect to different #networks with your #macOS device, you should take advantage of Network Locations for more flexibility and #security.

Andy Zeigert
3 days ago

I love the IDEA of Focus Mode on Apple products but I honestly have no idea what it's doing or why most of the time.

#macos #ios #apple #focus

Neil J. Rubenking
3 days ago

AVG AntiVirus offers basic protection for your Macs at no charge, though it doesn’t do much beyond that.

#security #antivirus #pcmag #macos #avg

Apple keeps lying to me ...
First they tell me updates are "ready to install" with a install now button.
Then they say it takes only 17 seconds to download for the last 3 minutes 🙄
#apple #ventura #macos

Aaruni Kaushik
3 days ago

Anyone looking at wsl but for a Macos host? Check out
#MacOS #Linux #WSl #Virtualisation 📚
3 days ago

#macOS 14 won’t have anything “groundbreaking or significant” and Apple will just bring over more #iOS #features instead.

Hey @ivory how to make #macos retain 3columns setup after restart/closing the app?

c't Magazin
3 days ago

heise+ | Spracherkennung und Transkription mit KI: Sprache in Text umwandeln mit Whisper

Die Open-Source-Spracherkennung Whisper transkribiert Sprache aus Audiodateien mit sehr guter Erkennungsquote und versteht sich sogar auf Zeichensetzung.

#KünstlicheIntelligenz #LinuxundOpenSource #macOS #Python #Spracherkennung #Windows #news

KI Stable Diffusion  Bearbeitung: c't
Actions for Obsidian
3 days ago

Preparing macOS v1.1.2 for release. Contains mostly preparation work for the upcoming iOS release.

I hope the App Store review(s) won't dig up any big problems.

#ActionsForObsidian #ObsidianMD #Obsidian #PKM #ShortcutsApp #macOS #iOS

3 days ago

Hey, #Mac users!😎 Rekindle your love for #creativity and #customization – explore Vivaldi and see how it compares to #Safari 🔥


#macOS #Apple #iOS #browser

Vivaldi Browser

Love again

The graphic displays a mac with a colorful screen
Vladimir Jimenez
3 days ago

What do #macOS users out there use for personal offsite backups? I currently use SpiderOakONE, but its user experience leaves a lot to be desired, and it's not very reliable (gets stuck randomly, hard to troubleshoot, etc.)

3 days ago

そういえば #Affinity#GoogleDrive の同期フォルダに対して一斉書き出ししようとするとフリーズしちゃうって言う問題( #macOS 版だけかな)いつのまにか解決してるっぽいな :tony_happy:

Michael Rawdon
3 days ago

Haha, #MagicArena on #Steam is Windows-only. So it's basically useless to me, since I only play on #macOS and #iOS. Oh well!

Baffling since the Epic Games store has supported the Mac client for years.


@sidequesting Will #Bungie make #Marathon release first on #Apple #macOS as well?

Cuz #ARM64 #ARMv8 aka. #AppleSilicon has the #GPU power equivalent to a #1070Ti even in the smallest #M1 & #A14X chips...

Tixie Salander 💕
3 days ago

Question: how to I force my macOS computer to use the 6ghz channel (or 5), for now it's connect to the 2.4ghw every time.

My router broadcast a same common SSID for every channel, so do you know a way to tell my computer "I would prefer to connect to the 5ghz channel" ?

#wifi #macos

-karlos- 🗺 🛸
4 days ago

Is there anyone knowing how to use #ZigLang on #macOS ?
What means a "shell startup script" ? (to extend the PATH)
I think, #Zig may be a good language for OpenStreetMap tools.

4 days ago

Anyone else having an issue with downloading apps via the App Store on the Mac?

Mine just sits on "Preparing to download" indefinitely after selecting Get > Install.

*Might* have only started since upgrading to Ventura 13.4, not sure. No service issues according to Apple. I've had this problem for several days now, so it's not clearing after reboots, NVRAM reset, etc.

Is it just me? I'm guessing likely as I can't see anyone else complaining.

#mac #macOS #apple

4 days ago

Does anyone have recommendations for a good trackball? I will be using it on the Mac. Multiple keys and key rebinding are important.

#Trackball #MacOS

Do you use #macOS, and a 3D printer running Klipper firmware?

If so, magic nerd @maddiefuzz created a menu bar app that can provide real time print statistics, and is in need of #TestFlight #beta testers.

See her corresponding post:

@jonatan @noipv6

On Macs, I've noticed that using #pfSense with #Ventura in Assisted mode, #macOS will acquire SLAAC addresses but never receives a #DHCP6 address. Macs are the only devices like this on my local LAN.

There's nothing wrong with stateless addresses, of course, but since the ISP can change the delegation at will, for full #IPv6 on your local network, you want #DHCP6 to conveniently enable DNS names.

I can't tell if this is a pfSense thing or an #Apple thing. But it ain't good.

Dave Mark
4 days ago

The very first macOS (technically, then called Mac OS X) nickname was Kodiak (see pic).

It was the beta, released in late 2000, followed by Cheetah, Puma, and Jaguar.

We'll very likely see the latest nickname revealed in about 11 days, at the WWDC keynote.

Any guesses? Any rumors?

macOS Mammoth? 🤔

#WWDC #Apple #macOS

Anders Eknert
4 days ago

Dear #lazyweb of #developers on #MacOS: I have configured #iterm to appear using a hot key, but the terminal window seems to always attach to a specific virtual desktop, and if I’m on another one when I press the hot key, it’ll take me back to that desktop :/ Is there any way to have the terminal window always open on the same desktop I am at?

4 days ago

Am I just using it wrong or is the notifications list in #MacOS broken with #VoiceOver? Navigating away from it in notification centre seems to make it impossible to navigate back.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 days ago

@siracusa The new #Marathon sounds nothing like the original, despite appeals to belonging “in the same universe”:

And I agree with @gruber that it’s downright criminal not to have it on an #Apple platform. Maybe you can make a market share argument against #macOS, but what about #iOS?

5 days ago

In Apple’s #TV app for #macOS, when your mouse pointer is hovering above the empty margin between the content and the scroll bar, and you try to use your mouse’s scroll wheel, the window… fails to scroll. Because clearly the mouse pointer HAS to be hovering over the content for scrolling to work, right? You wouldn’t want to give the user TOO MUCH flexibility, would you?

5 days ago

The best #Safari alternative for your #Mac? Let’s see what happens when a longtime Safari user tries Vivaldi for the first time🤩

Watch now👇

#apple #iPhone #ipad #macOS #browser

Graphic of a man sitting at his desk with a Macbook, using Vivaldi
c't Magazin
5 days ago

Bildgröße reduzieren mit macOS-Bordmitteln

Für meine Arbeit muss ich große Bilder per Mail verschicken, die manchmal zu groß für den Anhang sind. Wie kann ich unter macOS die Bilder verkleinern?

#macOS #EMail #news

5 days ago

There's not much I wish #MacOS could learn from #Windows, but one thing is definitely the ability to quickly identify and press keyboard keys to take actions on simple modals.

Changing the #ObsidianMD icon is very easy on #macOS, and I’m sure it’s the same elsewhere, but here’s a quick how-to just in case.


“OK, here’s how you change your icon. You go to the Obsidian application—make sure it’s not running; you gotta Quit it. You select it, you can hit ⌘-I to Get Info or you right-click: hit Get Info. You get the little info window here.

You go to the replacement icon folder, you drag this icon—the ICNS—over to the Obsidian app’s icon in the Get Info window, and *BOOP*, there you go; it changes! That’s all there is to it.”

So here’s my #ObsidianMD #icon replacement for #macOS, as well as other platforms! Included is an ICNS file plus 256px and 512px PNGs. Enjoy.

🗜️ ZIP (~2 MB):

Obsidian icon replacement promo image.
5 days ago

Who likes subscription models for software? Apple.

So stop blaming devs for them.

#Apple #MacOS #iOS #IndieDevelopers

Brandon Horst
5 days ago

Need some accessibility opinions. I’m adding Syntax Highlighting in my app. If the user requests “Increased Contrast”, should I try to find a high-contrast theme? Or just disable syntax highlighting altogether? I’d love to avoid a setting to let users pick their own theme, but maybe that’s the best from an accessibility standpoint.

#Accessibility #A11y #Swift #SwiftUI #macOS #iOS

6 days ago

Two questions for MacOS developers.

1) How much of your business is via the Mac App Store?
2) How much time do you spend dealing with troll reviews and social media posts?

Feel free to be vague with any answers to #1

#MacOS #IndieDevelopers #AppStore #Apple

Simone :mac:
6 days ago

@ivory I deleted the 0.9 (14004) #TestFlight version from the Applications folder, then I installed the 1.0 #Mac App Store release. Checking #Ivory’s Settings I still see the Beta subscription expiration date. I’m not actually subscribed to the #iOS + #macOS Yearly Sub, I was planning to move from my iOS Yearly sub after the public release.
Should I delete something from my Library folder?

Ivory 1.0 from Mac App Store identifies the Beta subscription
6 days ago

Wow. Lots of freemium crap in the Apple Design Awards this year

#Apple #MacOS #iOS

Brian McGonagill
6 days ago

Backing up your Docker Configurations and Volume Data. #OpenSource, #SelfHosted, and running on #Linux, #Windows, or #MacOS.

6 days ago

Devs and writers need to stop telling Mac users to install Python via Homebrew.

#Python #MacOS

Luka Manestar
6 days ago

Really love the #macos client, been using it in beta. Happy to see it roll out! @ivory

Hi friends, what's your favourite tiling, or otherwise makey-snap window manager app for #MacOS? #LazyWeb