34 minutes ago

As much as I like new stuff, it’s always wise to wait until a few updates have come down the pipe before doing a clean install. By that time all my favourite software should be compatible. This is especially true for #KeyboardMaestro. I absolutely couldn’t live without it. #MacOS #Sonoma

42 minutes ago

Seems the #Linux zealots like to clog the #MacOS hashtag with their useless #Sonoma hot takes. How about y’all just fuck off? For everyone else, use whatever hardware and OS that works best for you. Same goes with your choice of phone.

News Peak Press
3 hours ago


Important considerations before updating to macOS Sonoma: bugs affecting app functionality, compatibility limitations on older models, and increased security bulletins. Exciting features include Game Mode, customizable widgets, enhanced video conferencing, Lock Screen, and improved privacy in Safari. Back up data before updating. Stay informed about updates from Apple.


Jonathan Doughty
4 hours ago

My #sonos saga continues: recently up-versioned iPhone app can't find the devices on my Wi-Fi even after ‘fixing’ them. For grins I tried the #macOS app (after manually downloading and updated that, since in-app updates fail, sigh.) Lo and behold that sees that some of the devices need an update. Complete that and the macOS (still Ventura) app can control all devices just fine. The iPhone app, however, says they need to be fixed - no thanks. All this on the same, unchanged in months, Wi-Fi. 🤔🤯

Charles Choi 최 민수
5 hours ago

FWIW, I found #macOS Notification Center to be far more useful when I could bind a key (in my case F12, YMMV) to toggle showing it. Apple unfortunately doesn't make the setting easy to discover. You need to travel this path to get to it: Settings App ▸ Keyboard ▸ Keyboard Shortcuts…▸ Mission Control ▸ Show Notification Center

Time for Sonoma :apple: , I guess

A photo of a monitor showing a black screen with an Apple logo and a progress bar below it at about 60%.
5 hours ago

Wait the “presenter overlay” feature in #macOS Sonoma doesn’t work with 3rd party webcams?? Guess I can’t use the one feature I was kind of excited about 🙄

A 2009 #Macbook got a second life. It had #MacOS Sierra (EOL 4 years ago) installed and was terribly slow with it. The original hard drive replaced with SSD, memory upgraded from 4 to 8 GB, #Fedora #Linux (#Silverblue) installed and it's a decent laptop again.

An older MacBook with Fedora installed.
An opened Macbook with a new SSD drive Apacer.

I updated to #macOS Sonoma yesterday and am reinstalling my #MacPorts ports.

The current bottleneck preventing installing #Emacs (specifically emacs-app-devel) is this build error in llvm-14:

Mp3tag for Mac
6 hours ago

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.8.7 🙌

• Download via
• Release Notes at

Enjoy and take care 🧡

#audio #music #macos #mp3 #mp4 #flac

Brandon Butler
6 hours ago

I woke up today and found my build server automagically updated to #macOS #Sonoma. Not good for #Xamarin.Forms developers.

Are auto updates of major OS versions expected or can I blame IT?

7 hours ago

Does anyone here have experience installing macOS Sonoma on a Mac that is no longer supported (MacBook Pro 2017)?
#macOS #OldMacBook

7 hours ago

Big news for the Penguin folks, #CounterStrike 2 has come out!

On that note... CS:GO no longer works on #macOS!? 👀

I'm tired of being left out. It's saddening. +

Promotional image for Counter Strike 2, Showing two military soldiers on the left side of the screen with two assault rifles, with a sharp white & orange background.
7 hours ago

I find myself questioning #Apple’s #macOS release cadence once again when the top-billed feature for a major release is “Screen Savers” 🤨


Maciej Skrzypczak
7 hours ago

Dziś wieczorem Apple udostępniło deweloperom pierwsze bety kolejnych aktualizacji swoich najnowszych systemów.

Oczywiście najwięcej zmian można zaobserwować w iOS 17.1 beta 1. A są to

  • nowa opcja zaznaczania utworów i albumów jako ulubionych, co skutkuje pojawieniem się ich na playliście Ulubione;
  • możliwość zmiany okładki własnych playlist. Wystarczy w widoku wybranej playlisty wcisnąć przycisk trzech kropek, a z menu wybrać Edytuj. Do dyspozycji dostaniemy kilka propozycji okładek lub możliwość wybrania własnej z biblioteki zdjęć;
  • w ustawieniach AirDrop pojawiła się opcja, która pozwala przesyłać dane nawet, gdy utracimy połączenie Wi-Fi, czyli z wykorzystaniem transmisji komórkowej;

  • rezydenci Wielkiej Brytanii mogą teraz podejrzeć stan konta bankowego w aplikacji Portfel.

Co ciekawe, mamy też informację o nowości, która pojawiła się w watchOS 10.1 beta 1. Chodzi o NameDrop – funkcję dzielenia się swoim kontaktem z innymi użytkownikami poprzez zetknięcie dwóch urządzeń. Ponadto został odnaleziony kod związany z gestem dwukrotnego tąpnięcia palcami w Apple Watch S9 i Ultra 2, ale póki co nie pojawiła się jeszcze opcja, by ten gest włączyć.

W pozostałych systemach nie odnaleziono póki co nic nowego.

#AppleTV #AppleWatch #bety #iOS #iOS17 #iPad #iPadOS #iPadOS17 #iPhone #Mac #macOS #Sonoma #tvOS #tvOS17 #watchOS #watchOS10

Michelle Catherine Marcó
8 hours ago

Almost forgot! If you’re on #macOS, and your menu bar items are sprawling out of control, it’s worth giving Bartender a shot. I know other apps exist—and I’d love to hear your recommendations!—but I’ve always been quite pleased with this one.

Sonoma is shaping up to be YET another #macOS release that adds nothing of value and only has me go through a ton of menus to turn all the new and "innovative" features off.

macOS Sonoma REALLLY REALLY wants me to press the spacebar for everything.

Fucking hell, predictive text is annoying. How to turn it off or restore the old behavior 😞
#help #macos #sonoma #typing

8 hours ago

haven't seen it mentioned anywhere that #macos #sonoma updated Screen to have an actual useful interface

Thijs Alkemade
8 hours ago

Looks like on #macOS Sonoma, AppKit logs a warning for apps that haven't enabled secure restorable state:

WARNING: Secure coding is not enabled for restorable state! Enable secure coding by implementing NSApplicationDelegate.applicationSupportsSecureRestorableState: and returning YES.

Secure coding for restorable state was implemented in macOS Monterey to fix

Michelle Catherine Marcó
8 hours ago

It still bugs me that after all these years, #Apple still hasn’t addressed menu bar item overflow in #macOS. Windows solved this years ago. So did most Linux DEs. Seriously, what’s the hold up?

On the other hand, I’m not sure I want Apple to Sherlock the devs of Bartender and similar apps. So maybe the status quo is fine? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Michelle Catherine Marcó
8 hours ago

It’s been just a little over 24 hours since upgrading to #macOS #Sonoma. So far, so good!

I only ran into one teeny issue, which had to do with Bartender. Apparently, Bartender 5 is needed for Sonoma compatibility, and it’s a paid upgrade from Bartender 4. I swallowed the cost—hell, even became a “mega supporter”—because I’m all about supporting indie devs. But yeah, kind of a bummer?

All in all, a better situation than past years, where some essential apps straight up broke after upgrading.

9 hours ago

Am I the only one that is affected from images in #iMessage on #macOS #Sonoma not being displayed at least on #iOS devices? 🤔

9 hours ago

Installed #macOS Sonoma. Turns out you *can* still have custom videos, even add entries. But it's more finicky than how it was in the beta.

I'll likely make a blog post explaining how to make it work.

#macossonoma #osx #lockscreen #cinderace #pokemon

A video of a cinderace twerking on the lockscreen. This shows that its possible to have custom videos showing, albeit a bit glitchy depending on the video.
Showing the custom entry, even with a different thumbnail.
Martin Againman • BY
10 hours ago

Ooohhhhhhhhhh #MacOS #Sonoma ist aber schön 😍
Und das "Klick auf Desktop schiebt alle Fenster zur Seite"-Ding ist ja mal mega praktisch.

Salmorejo Geek
10 hours ago

Nuevo post en el blog Salmorejo Geek: Cómo crear desde la Terminal un USB Install de macOS 14 Sonoma para instalaciones en limpio #Apple #macOS #Sonoma 📚
10 hours ago

PostScript, the venerable page description language dating back to Macs in the '80s, has finally hit the end of the road in macOS Sonoma. #macos #sonoma #postscript

Cornelius Flynn
10 hours ago

MacOS Sonoma (14.0) just landed here so I know what I’m doing for the next few hours. 😂
Two Mac Mini, a MacBook and two iPad Airs to update. Probably the phone too.

Jason Friedrich
11 hours ago

Anyone else having slow network with #macOS #Sonoma? It feels like higher latency was introduced with the update. I read about some Wifi issues with the beta, but that bug caused Wifi to not be available at all. #Apple

I started converting my current #macOS configuration to a #chezmoi-based #DotFiles repo to set up a new computer, but I think the better approach would be to set it up from scratch with chezmoi instead. 🤔 This will make me re-think what I need and how I want it, and I can already apply what I learned about chezmoi so far.

I'll start with backing up my old Mac and the repo and then start tinkering. I just hope I'll be finished by the time I have to return it. 🤞🏻😅

11 hours ago

Accidentally installed two copies of some internal app `/Applications/` and `/Applications/Foo` and now whenever I drag one of them to the trash, the other one stops working.

#enterpriseSoftware #macOS #macAppsByWindowsProgrammers

Thomas Rabenstein 👽
11 hours ago

Mehr als zwei Jahre sind seit der Einführung von Apple Silicon vergangen und alle wichtigen Apps, die ich für meine Arbeit benötige, haben längst eine Anpassung bzw. Update für die neue Prozessorarchitektur durchgeführt, ausgenommen, Papyrus Author. Was ist da los und warum verlangt die Version 11 noch immer die Installation von Rosetta? Kommt bald ein Update?
#papyrusautor #papyrus #autorenleben #selfpublisher #macos

Logo: Papyrus Author

Installing #macOS #Sonoma on my new #M1Max #MacBookPro (was 800 CHF off (!), plus trade-in of two devices made it even more of a #NoBrainer).

#ByeIntel #NeverLookBack #DevMachine

macOS Sonoma installing on my MacBook Pro
12 hours ago


#macOS #Apple

Il y a quelque chose de particulier à prévoir pour que #nginx fonctionne normalement avec une installation via #homebrew sur #MacOS ?

Là il me fait comme s'il ne chargeait pas les css (qui sont pourtant bien là et accessibles), et me balance plus ou moins du texte brut. Sauf que j'ai 0 erreur nulle part et que ça me fatigue un petit peu.

Ralf Stockmann
12 hours ago

Ich suche nach einer Möglichkeit, die Header der letzen 5 (?) VIP-Emails aus #Apple Mail als #MacOS Widget auf dem Desktop anzuzeigen. Das scheint nicht vorgesehen zu sein: gibt generell kein Mail-Widget (warum nicht?)
Lösungen? Hacks? Anyone?

Brad Linder
12 hours ago

CrossOver 23.5 brings better support for playing Windows games on macOS thanks to "components from the Apple game porting toolkit." Enabling the new D3DMetal option improves compatibility & performance for some DirectX 11 and DX12 games. #macOS #games #CodeWeavers #CrossOver #WINE

Thomas 🔭✨
12 hours ago

Ok who wants to be a guinea pig and install #macOS #Sonoma and then report on how well (or not well) Rails development works (including the usual suspects, Postgres, Redis etc).

12 hours ago
14 hours ago

Die Zeit die permanente “1 Update" Benachrichtigung zu ignorieren hat begonnen. #macOS

Karl Emil Nikka
14 hours ago

I love Safari’s new PWA style apps in macOS Sonoma. I still can’t understand why Mozilla decided to kill Firefox’ PWA support.

#firefox #pwa #safari #sonoma #macos

Bartosz 👋🏻
15 hours ago

W nowym #macOS można wybrać wspaniałe wygaszacze ekranu, ale nie da się ustawić czasu nieaktywności po jakim mają się włączać. I chyba nie włączają się zbyt szybko, bo jak na razie nie widziałem swojego 🤔

Ustawienia wygaszacza ekranu w systemie macOS

Aren’t these interactive desktop widgets in MacOS Sonoma the same thing as Active Desktop in Win95+IE4??

#macOS #sonoma #whatgoesaroundcomesaround

15 hours ago

あ、ちなみに表示されてる入力モードインジケーターみたいなやつがオレンジ色なのは、 #macOS のアピアランス設定でハイライトカラーをオレンジにしてるからデス :tony_normal:

Karl Emil Nikka
15 hours ago

If you rely on GPGTools for your email, don’t upgrade to macOS Sonoma yet. Manual encryption and decryption seem to work without issues.

#gpg #pgp #gpgtools #macos #sonoma

16 hours ago

#かわせみ は時間とか日付の出力を自分でカスタムできるのが地味に便利なんだよな。
#macOS デフォルトの #日本語入力 だと、日付は決まったフォーマットしか出してくれないし時刻に関しては「いま」とかを変換しても現在時刻を変換候補に出してくれない。


16 hours ago

#macOS デフォルトの日本語入力久しぶりに使った。
ライブ変換は確かに便利ではあるんだよな :tony_smiling:

16 hours ago

#macOS デフォルトの日本語入力だとこんな感じ。

これってどこかで表示の ON/OFF できるのかな?(まあ別に不便はないので表示したままにしようとは思ってるけど


16 hours ago

#macOS #Sonoma にしたら、文字入力の時になんかでるな

#Sonoma に対応した ver.4 のリリースを発表した #かわせみ つかってるけど、たしかに ver.3 だとショートカットの編集がうまくできなかったり一部のショートカットが聞かなかったりして ver.3 はまだ対応ができてない感じはある(既知というかこれは仕方ないとおもってて #かわせみ は悪くない :tony_grinning:

#macos #sonoma releases today in Early Access to the general public! it's so nice to see an indie company like #apple being open with their consumers about their software degrading over time and not listening to quality assurrance for their releases for this one

@mpospese *nodds in agreement*

I find the bloatedness of #macOS inexcuseable and I've to agree with people like #HughJeffreys that do suspect that #Apple - which has a vested interest on selling people new devices - will purposefully make their OSes bloaty and slower on older devices...

After all, Apple got caught artifically slowing down their #iPhone|s "to preserve battery life" instead of making their devices more #repairable...

David Bureš
16 hours ago

Sonoma is literally unusable. Look at that top left corner.

#MacOSSonoma #macOS

Apple just updated the support page about iCloud Keychain and removed the part that says when keychain data is deleted from Apple servers. This means if #iOS17, #iPadOS17, or #macOS 14 has turned syncing on without your permission, it's a hassle to make sure data is deleted from #Apple servers.

Our investigation and testing showed that upgrading to Apple's latest operating systems switch iCloud Keychain on without user permission. The number of users experiencing this issue is growing 👇:

#privacy #cybersecurity #security #infosec #privacymatters

If you turn off iCloud Keychain
When you turn off iCloud Keychain, password, passkey, and credit card
information is stored locally on your device. If you sign out of iCloud on
that device while Keychain is turned on, you're asked to keep or delete
that information.
• If you choose to keep the information, it isn't deleted or updated
when you make changes on other devices.
• If you don't keep the information on at least one device, your
Keychain data is also deleted from the iCloud servers.
Published Date: October 24, 2022

If you turn off iCloud Keychain
• When you turn off iCloud Keychain, password, passkey, and
credit card information is stored locally on your device.
• When you sign out of iCloud on your device while iCloud
Keychain is turned on, you're asked to keep or
delete your Keychain information.
• If you choose to keep the information, your passwords and
passkeys are stored locally on your device, but aren't
deleted or updated when you make changes on other
• If you don't keep the information, your passwords and
passkeys aren't available on your device. An encrypted
copy of your Keychain data is kept on iCloud servers. If
you turn iCloud Keychain back on, your passwords and
passkeys will sync to your device again.
• When you turn off iCloud Keychain or sign out of iCloud on
your device, you won't have access to any of your shared
password groups. Other members of those groups will still
have access to the passwords and passkeys that you shared.
Published Date: September 26, 2023
18 hours ago

On days like today, I really, *really* miss the #MacOS app CSSEdit; I know it got rolled into some other app, when when you need to really get down in the weeds, it was amazing.

Has anything else come close (for MacOS)? #webDevelopment #WebDev

John Hood
19 hours ago

iMac updated to macOS 14 Sonoma! Happy hump day! #macOS

Gerrit Meier
20 hours ago

In related news: People told me that they see reactions on screen when I do a thumbs up (or even better two thumbs up)... #macos seems to enable reaction overlay for camera by default.

Happy #macOS Sonoma release. We published new Apache CouchDB Mac binaries last week that run fine on Sonoma: ✌️

Gerrit Meier
22 hours ago

Installation progress bar and login at the bottom of the screen.
Already enough changes for me today. #macos

Matthew Miller :donor:
1 day ago

First with iOS 17, and now reports are trickling in as people upgrade to macOS Sonoma: people are getting frustrated that they are doggedly prompted by third-party providers to register passkeys when before they were already buying into iCloud Keychain. It seems due to the fact that the latest Apple OS's don't let users specify different providers for passwords and passkeys.

If you squint a bit you can imagine this driving people away from iCloud Keychain. If one were trying to be diligent about where all their passkeys are stored, and another provider nags enough, it seems likely they'd capitulate.

Maybe this is by design? Perhaps the majority of people only ever use the built-in provider. If 1Password/Dashlane/BitWarden/etc... users are a fraction of a fraction of a percent of users then I can see why platform responses to such outcry might be a resounding, "eh, deal with it."

...I wonder how these things are playing out on the Android side of things 🤔

#passkeys #webauthn #ios #macos #android

OpenCore Legacy Patcher: "breathe new life into Macs no longer supported by Apple, allowing for the installation and usage of #macOS Big Sur and newer on machines as old as 2007"

Chris Pirillo
1 day ago

what's your favorite part of #apple #macos #sonoma (#tech #news #software)

Ryan Lintott
1 day ago

macOS Sonoma is out today and if you update you can view Old English Wordhord iOS widgets on your Mac in small, medium, large and extra large sizes!

Old English Wordhord for iOS:

#macOS #iOS #widgets #OldEnglish #Medieval

macOS screenshot showing Old English Wordhord widgets in multiple sizes. Each has the word of the day hēof-sīþ, masculine noun, a lamentable condition. They also have a medieval manuscript illustration of two men shooting arrows at St Sebastian; the saint is tied to a tree, bleeding from many wounds.
Noah Liebman
1 day ago

Happy #macos Sonoma day. Time to update my work machine to Ventura. (Personal machine is too old for that, even.)

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 day ago

OS Update day!

Apple Releases macOS Sonoma With New Widget Features, Safari Updates, Screen Sharing Improvements and More

#Apple #macOS #Sonoma #Safari #TechNews

An iMac running macOS Sonoma.
🕹️ jbz
1 day ago

🪦 PostScript’s sudden death in Sonoma

「 More recently, security researchers have drawn attention to the fact that it’s a gift for anyone wishing to write and distribute malicious code. As it’s effectively an image format, embedding malware inside a PostScript file could enable that to be run without user interaction, as with some other graphics formats 」

#Postscript #macOS #Sonoma

:rss: 窓の杜
1 day ago

米Apple、「macOS Sonoma 14.0」を正式公開 ~ウィジェットをデスクトップへ置けるように/ビデオ会議、ゲーム、「Safari」なども強化。「WebKit」のゼロデイ脆弱性にも対処済み
#forest_watch_impress #macOS #Catalina #Big_Sur #Monterey #システム_ファイル #システム #Mac

matt 🦕
1 day ago

It's a shame the new #widgets don't really work with #macOS apps. Like I have #Tidal on my phone and on my Mac, buuut the Tidal widget doesn't open the Tidal app on my mac. This makes sense given it's a phone widget but it's painstakingly close to being useful, and yet.

matt 🦕
1 day ago

loving Elk as a desktop app on #macOS. This has been a long time coming for macOS and in a past life I used to use #chrome to PWA'ify compatible apps. So far I don't think there's any restrictions on which websites can be added as an 'app' on macOS - which is pretty much how you'd want it, Users don't really care that the website hasn't added PWA support.

1 day ago

My favourite #Mastodon app @elk now looks and feels like a proper desktop app in #MacOS #Sonoma

It is just that I do not get desktop notifications for it. Is it supposed to work? If so, how?

#Elk #MastodonApp #MacOSSonoma #WebApp #SafariWebApps

screenshot of elk in Mac OS Sonoma looking like a desktop app
Ajay Kelkar
1 day ago

Continuity camera is such an amazing feature tbh. The potato camera on the MBP can suck it #macOS

William Smith
1 day ago

macOS Sonoma installed. Now, on to Snow Sonoma!

#Apple #macOS

Colin Devroe
1 day ago

Kanban view in Reminders 😍 #macOS

Andy Carolan :prami:
1 day ago

One of the features of #MacOS #Sonoma that I've most been looking forward to is column view in Reminders.

My ToDo list needs are minimal, and I was using Notion for them... which always felt clunky to me, for my use case. So, I've moved my Kanban over to Reminders and set it to column view. Totally adequate for me!

Andy Carolan :prami:
1 day ago

🎖️ Sonoma Achievement Unlocked!

#MacOS #Sonoma

Colin Devroe
1 day ago

The iCloud Passwords Chrome extension works in Arc in #macOS Sonoma. Yay!!

Thanks to @rmondello and everyone on the Passwords team at Apple for extending this awesome featureset beyond Safari (which is a browser I dearly love, but the only way this all works is if all browsers can use Passwords).

Double Tap
1 day ago

Anyone brave enough to update to the latest #MacOS Sonoma or the newly designed #Windows Fall update? What’s your experiences?


Mario Guzmán 🏳️‍🌈
1 day ago

PDX Transit for macOS is now live with updates for Sonoma. These updates are primarily UI in nature with the new full-height Inspector sidebar, a unified toolbar, and all-new layout for service alerts.

#macOS #macOSSonoma #PDXTransit #Trimet #portland #transit

Yoav Lavi
1 day ago

#macOS #Sonoma is now out for those who want to update

Colin Devroe
2 days ago

👀 #macOS

A screenshot from the macOS Settings app that reads “macOS Venture 13.6… Your Mac is up to date”.
2 days ago
2 days ago

#iOS#Vivaldi ついに正式版が来そうだな :apple_inc: :vivaldi_red:

#Windows #macOS #Linux #Android #iOS に全部対応して同期機能もあるブラウザって大手以外ではなかなかないし #Vivaldi はユーザー増えそう。

あ、さらにその上 #Automotive #車載ブラウザ 対応もしてるのは Vivaldi だけかもな

:windows: :apple_inc: :linux: :android_logo: 🚗 :vivaldi_red:

It is #macOS #Sonoma day! :finder: :apple:

Nicolas Lœuillet
2 days ago

J'ai un fichier #epub qui s'affiche bien dans l'application Livres #macos mais qui n'est pas dans le bon sens (rotation nécessaire) sur ma liseuse.

Une idée de comment régler ce souci svp ?

Eric Vitiello
2 days ago

Parse and generate Swift code using SwiftSyntax packages. It is especially useful when writing custom Swift Macros.

#Swift #Programming #iOS #macOS

The Coding Beard
2 days ago

Now Anyone Can Play Music in Your #Car, No Matter Who's Connected to #CarPlay

"#SharePlay is Apple’s name for sharing content through #iOS and #macOS #apps. It’s most commonly found in FaceTime, where you can share content while on a video chat with friends and family. But with Apple’s latest iOS update, SharePlay is now compatible with CarPlay, so you and your friends can take turns passing the digital aux around on a drive."