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Ants crawl through a hibiscus bud covered with aphids. The aphids feed on the flower sap and excrete a sugary liquid that attracts the ants.
iPhone 15 Pro ultrawide camera macro mode.
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Unas hormigas recorren un capullo de hibisco cubierto de pulgones. Estos se alimentan de la savia de la flor y excretan un líquido azucarado que atrae a las hormigas.

Ameisen streifen durch einen Hibiskus Knospe, der mit Blattläusen bedeckt ist. Diese ernähren sich vom Blütensaft und scheiden eine zuckerhaltige Flüssigkeit aus, die Ameisen anlockt.

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Ants crawl through a hibiscus bud covered with aphids. The aphids feed on the flower sap and excrete a sugary liquid that attracts the ants.
Marmar ❄️
1 day ago

Was forced to go out today, so I tried this macro function on my phone's camera

#photography #macroPhotography

Photo that focuses on the red desk on the lower half. The background is blurry due to the photo taken with the macro function.
2 days ago

Some macro film photography, because apparently I am a sucker for punishment

Canon EOS 30
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L
Ilford FP4 Plus at 100

#photography #MacroPhotography #FilmPhotography #IlfordFP4

A black and white photo of a backlit leaf very close up, with the main spine of the leaf running down the centre frame and the veins coming off to the left and right
A black and white photo of some very small mushrooms in close-up, with some ivy leaves around them
2 days ago

Many of the more or less mature lichens that I have shown are just a few cm tall.
But this lichen is young, still tiny and only a few millimeters in size.

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Here we are at the base of a young lichen.
The lichen consists of tiny green leaves (squamules) on the ground from which small, cylindrical, grey-green stems (podetia) grow.
Each stem has a flat closed cup on top with a small tooth-like rim.
Some of the cups already have a tiny spot in the center for an additional stem?
That reminds me of the Ladder Lichen (Cladonia verticillata) from my last post.
On Ladder lichens, podetia grow on podetia.
Black rock in the foreground, blurry moss in the background.
2 days ago

When I took these pictures, I was fascinated by the shapes and textures created by these wilting plants. There was a weird darkness about them that I couldn't reproduce when I edited them. Yesterday, however, I took another stab at the colour and now they look how I see their appearance in my mind's eye.

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A drying plant turned black in a forest
A drying plant turned black in a forest
A drying plant turned black in a forest
Bjorn Idle
2 days ago

I've been posting lots of yellow and orange colours recently, so here's something to balance things up a little.

I'm looking forward to these flowering again this year (Platycodon, or Balloon Flower). I wasn't much used to my macro lens last year when I took this pic, but hopefully I can get some better shots soon...

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Closeup of the white velvety stigma of a deeply purple, darkly veined flower. The stigma separates into four recurving banana-skin-like sections.
Bjorn Idle
2 days ago

A small flower known by many names (Arctotheca calendula, Capeweed, Cape Dandelion, Cape Marigold etc). It's South African originally, but happily growing as a weed in amongst grass in Aotearoa

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #Plants #MacroPhotography #Arctotheca

Closeup of a daisy-like flower, with yellow petals in two shades (paler yellow near the tip, stronger yellow from about halfway down). It has a near-black centre, with small anthers standing up proudly, covered in yellow pollen. The background is a blurred set of grassy tones.
3 days ago

The day I realized I was fascinated with moss, lichen, and everything small, but got frustrated with the limits of my toy camera.
Estérel, Laurentides, Quebec, February 24th, 2004.
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Triptych of close ups on tree bark. The left one shows grey lichen on what appears to be a cherry tree trunk. The center one is pine tree bark. The right one shows yellowed moss and grey lichen on a dead tree trunk. The three images are not quite on focus and the photographer was a little frustrated that day because she was unable to achieve a good quality image with the camera she had on hand.
Imagery by Rihilism
3 days ago

A native spiderwort (Tradescantia genus, T. virginiana possibly) growing wild along Clear Creek. One of my favorite native wildflowers it can be found on trails and in gardens and public plantings.

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Image of a spiderwort flower (Tradescantia virginiana seems likely) in front other flowers and green foliage from the same inflorescence with a background of out of focus green foliage. This variety of spiderwort has three, deep purple-blue, triangular-shaped petals that radiate from center with a purple-blue pistil with a white stigma, six purple-blue stamens with bright yellow anthers, and a tangle of purple-blue filaments.
3 days ago

I'm experiencing a lot of change this fall. I'm trying to use the season to do what it does as well. Let go of what's no longer needed. Rest more. Dive into the quiet.

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Macro shot of a Clematis Vitalba (Old Man's beard) in autumn
Bjorn Idle
3 days ago

Closeup of the lower part of a kniphofia (aka red hot poker...even if it's yellow) flower.

I like the patterning of the rows of the individual blooms.

Vertical pic

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #Florespondence #Plants #MacroPhotography #Kniphofia #RedHotPoker


Closeup of a wall of yellow flowers in slightly curving rows. The lower ones are fully open, with stamens extended, the upper ones, a little greener in colour, just starting to open and push outward
Carl S. Gutekunst
3 days ago

Continuing to play with my new macro lens. I finally thought to bring my test subjects indoors. 🤦‍♂️ It's so much easier to increase the depth of field when I don't have to contend with the wind.

Still a lot to learn, and I confess this flower turned out to be a lot less interesting close up than I expected. But I'm making progress. And having fun. 🙂

#BloomScrolling #MacroPhotography #Flowers #FlowerPhotography

Three small intensely magenta flowers grow on deep purple stalks from a dark green stem. Each of the flowers is about 1cm across.
A very close up view of the center a very small magenta flower.
4 days ago

I have only been taking insect photos for two years and I know very little about photography. But what I have learned is how to find them...
iPhone 15 Pro main camera and ultra-wide-angle camera macro mode.
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Sólo llevo dos años haciendo fotos de insectos y sé muy poco de fotografía. Pero lo que si he aprendido es a encontrarlos…

Ich fotografiere Insekten erst seit zwei Jahren und weiß sehr wenig über Fotografie. Aber was ich gelernt habe, ist, wie man sie findet....

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September bush flower (Polygala myrtifolia) in which you can barely see a mantis.
Mantis hidden in the leaves of an september bush flower (Polygala myrtifolia)
Passed Wonder
4 days ago

"It's not the years honey, it's the mileage"
#Leaf seen along the Thames near Kew.

HTs #NaturePhotograhpy #macroPhotography #London #photography #texture

Close up of a leaf, the veins through it are worn and prominent, and the the green of the leaf itself is weathered and creased, with many small holes and discoloured areas.
Jen C Mars
4 days ago

A keeled treehopper (Entylia carinata) hiding on the underside of a leaf. I don't often see lighter color morphs, the ones I find most are a darker brown with two pale stripes and usually being tended by ants.

#insects #MacroPhotography

Close-up of a light brown bug with a dark-mottled face and stripes along its side. It has googly compound eyes and red simple eyes, and a high ridge along its back with a large notch.
Debra Martz
4 days ago

Cape Honeysuckle Macro by Debra Martz
When I lived in a more tropical area, these bloomed throughout fall and winter in my yard.

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A vibrant orange bloom of a Cape Honeysuckle plant with a soft blurred-out background.  Photography by Debra Martz
Bjorn Idle
5 days ago

Lichen patterns on a tree trunk. I think these are physcia caesia and possibly a candelariella, but I'm really not really confident about either. I just like the patterns and textures!

Vertical pic

#LichenSubscribe #Nature #NaturePhotography #MacroPhotography #Lichen #Texture

Closeup of the bark of a tree. There's a diagonal crack in the bottom right corner. The rest is covered in lines of yellow powdery lichen, mostly on the ridges of the bark. Over these grows long narrow lobes of a grey-white lichen with tiny dark spots. These forms (or are starting to form) rosette or half-rosette shapes, and look like miniature deltas from streams or rivers.
Frank Ashwood
5 days ago

Let's show a little love for the Oribatid mites - out there every day living their best lives, eating fungi and decomposing organic matter.

Oribatid mites are also called beetle or moss mites, and some groups that can fold their legs up under protective 'wings' are called box mites. They're all underappreciated and, in most cases, adorable!

#Macrophotography #SoilBiodiversity #SoilEcology

A photograph of a heavily-sclerotised, dark brown mite walking on the fungi-covered surface of a decaying log.
Bjorn Idle
5 days ago

Was just going out of the gate to the park when I saw this amazing wasp on a euphorbia.

It's a Priocnemis monachus, a kind of spider wasp. That blue and black colouring is so striking!

I don't think I've ever seen one before, and had to run back inside for my camera, hoping I'd be able to get back in time for a good shot before it moved on.

Vertical pic

#MacroPhotography #InsectPhotography #Insects #Nature #NaturePhotography #Aotearoa #NewZealand

Closeup of a black wasp with long antennae, and shimmering blue showing through its folded wings. It is perching across several lime green and red flowers, and sipping nectar from one more
Bjorn Idle
5 days ago

A little almost-collage of a few lovely things:

* Hebe flower cluster just about to explode
* Bearded Iris. I love irises...
* Red echium that the bees love
* Rhodohypoxis - a cute little alpine

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #Plants #Florespondence #Gardening #MacroPhotography #Hebe #Iris #Echium #Rhodohypoxis

Closeup of a cluster of dark pink buds of a hebe, all showing colour but not yet opened. They look like a pink firework exploding
Closeup of a peach-coloured bearded iris flower, with yellow and white markings on the falls and dark yellow "beard"
Closeup view of the small flowers of a bright red echium. Each flower sits on a stem with numerous others, and together the stems form a large (over 1 metre-long) flower spike. On the same stem as each flower, other flowers are budded up but not yet open. Occasionally a long thin leaf pokes through between the flowers
Closeup, head-on, picture of a white, waxy-looking flower. It is formed of two 3-petalled stars offset to each other. The base of each petals is a deep pink colour
Frank Ashwood
5 days ago

This is a male Aussie bronze jumping spider (Helpis minitabunda), an introduced species to New Zealand from Australia.

Jumping spiders such as this have excellent vision (check out those two large front-facing eyes), which they use to stalk their prey until they're within pouncing distance!

#Macrophotography #Spider #Arachnid

A photograph of a long-bodied jumping spider walking on a metal surface and looking upwards with two large eyes fringed with orange hairs.
Bjorn Idle
6 days ago

With a name like "hellroot" (amongst others), you'd expect this Orobanche minor to be really poisonous or something.

In truth, it's a parasite that has lost the ability to photosynthesize, attaching itself to another plant and stealing water and nutrients from it.

Quite pretty, in a hairy, slightly ominous way...

Vertical pic

#BloomScrolling #Florespondence #Plants #MacroPhotography #Hellroot #Orobanche

Closeup of a hairy flower spike comprised of pink, darkly veined flowers with white tips. Hairs grow from all over the petals, and from the brown needle-like leaves that grow in between each flower.
Blurry Bits Photography
6 days ago

This morning's offerings, from your favorite Frost Queen.

#Frost #macro #macrophotography #LumixS5 #Laowa

High magnification macrophoto of frost shards on grass
High magnification macrophoto of frost shards on a leaf edge
High magnification macrophoto of frost shards on grass
High magnification macrophoto of frost shards on grass
6 days ago

Good morning paleolithic pachyderms! It's ya favorite Black, disabled dinosaur photographer, here with a #Cyberweek #CyberMonday sale on my #ko-fiShop

10% off my entire shop until December 3rd, valid via link below or with the code CYBERWEEK

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A macro photo of clover flower buds, their white petals fresh from the stalk. The background is dark green from grass
Handsome red kalanchoe flowers and thick leaves
A black and white photo of a kalanchoe flower in high contrast lighting
Persimmon orange kalanchoe flowers against a black background
Bjorn Idle
6 days ago
Closeup of the flowering head of an aloe plant. It has formed a wide, currently flat-topped cluster of orange flower buds, each with purple and red stripes down its tip. At the very centre it looks like one of the flowers may have partially opened, facing directly upward - which is a little odd as they usually flower facing downward, and starting from the rim of the cluster and working inward
Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

A very cute little cluster of Forget-Me-Nots (myosotis) just starting to break their buds.

Vertical pic

#BloomScrolling #Florespondence #Flowers #Plants #MacroPhotography #ForgetMeNot #Myosotis

Closeup of a tight cluster of hairy flower buds nestled amongst protective (also hairy) green leaves. One bud has opened at the back, showing a pale blue flower with yellow centre, while the rest of the buds have pale pink colours showing.
Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

I've got loads of pics of lichen which I've taken recently, but have been wanting to try and identify what they are (tricky for a noob!).

This pic is taken on the fence down our driveway. I think
the grey and brown ones might be a Xanthoparmelia, with the yellow maybe a Candelariella? The black - possibly Amandinea???

Whatever they are, they create fascinating and intricate shapes, patterns and ecosystems...

#LichenSubscribe #MacroPhotography #Lichen #Nature #NaturePhotography

Closeup of a horizontal beam of wood. Running along the top and cascading over the front is a circular lichen, green-brown at the tips of the otherwise grey lobes, and with large raised brown discs toward the centre.

Dotted around are several areas of bright yellow powdery lichen, and another brown-black powdery form.
Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

Three views of Arctotis flowers at different stages - the first when the petals are just starting to peek out of a new bud; the second when the flower is newly open but the petals all stand up vertically; finally, fully open and soaking up the sun

#BloomScrolling #Florespondence #flowers #plants #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #Arctotis

Closeup of a heavy round flower bud drooping at the end of its red-coloured, hairy stem. The tips of the first few petals getting ready to break open the bud are showing, facing down toward the ground. The bud itself is backed by hairy modified leaves that curl upward away from the bud
Strongly upright, bright orange petals overlap each other, their backs faintly specked with tiny hairs. Deep orange parallel veins run the length of each  petal
Closeup of the centre and bright yellow petals of another arctotis flower. The petals curve gently back away from the centre, which is formed of rings of short upright tubes covered in orange pollen sprouting from a black base, then a single ring of fluffy structures looking like tiny two-leaved seedlings.
Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

The underside of a fig leaf, showing all the lovely veins carrying goodness around.

#Foliage #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography

Closeup of the underside of a green leaf. A thick vein runs diagonally, with progressively smaller veins coming off it and then each other, until there's a pattern similar to an aerial view of a densely built city
2 weeks ago

Powder Gun Moss (Diphyscium foliosum).
The spore capsules of this moss remain close to the ground, it builds no long sporophytes, waiting for rain drops. If a raindrop hits a capsule a cloud of spores will be released.
A "powder gun"!

#moss #Mosstodon #MacroPhotography

Close-up of Powder Gun Moss and sporophytes of another moss
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

An unopened flower bud on one of this year's Nigella seedlings.

I love the look with the green spiky ruff all around the outside. The dried seed heads are all architectural and interesting too in the autumn...

#BloomScrolling #Florespondence #Plants #Flowers #MacroPhotography #Green #Gardening #Nigella

Closeup of an unopened flower bud. It has 5 overlapping petals, white with purple veins and spotting, which reveal several green anthers just starting to poke out from the centre.

The bud is surrounded by spiky-looking but actually soft green modified leaves, resembling the vein patterning on the petals mentioned previously, which crowd upward and outward in all directions
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

A cluster of Cladonia fimbriata (?) cups looking like golf tees. Some of them are shiny because of some rain overnight.

I think those little black / red blobs around the edges are immature fruiting bodies just starting to develop.

There's so much cool stuff going on when you start looking at the macro level of things! I couldn't even see the red / black blobs when I took the pic...

#LichenSubscribe #Lichen #MacroPhotography #Cladonia #NaturePhotography #Photography #Nature

Closeup on a cluster of grey, gritty-looking lichen shaped like golf tees with black and red blobs around the rim, and reflections from water caught inside the cups.
Frank Ashwood
2 weeks ago

I'm out here asking the important questions... Which is the weirdest millipede - Bristle or Snout?

- Bristle millipedes (Polyxenida) are covered in tufts of detachable bristles to deter predators.

- Snout millipedes (Siphonophorida) have mysterious heads, reduced into long, suction-feeding beaks.

#Macrophotography #Soilecology

A photograph of a pale millipede covered in ornate wheels of bristles.
A photograph of a long, pale millipede with a long, thin tapered point for a head.
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

A bumblebee happily gorging on nectar on a red-flowered echium in a nearby garden. I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out...

Vertical pic

#MacroPhotography #Bumblebee #Bee #Nature #NaturePhotography #Insects #Pollinators

Closeup of a hairy black bumblebee with an orange stripe behind its head. It stands with its head facing downward into a bright red flower, whose stamens we can see pointing outward with little white anthers on the end. 

The bee's eye looks diagonally across toward us, and the background behind it is blurry green and red.

There's a sense of great industry, of so much pollen and nectar to be collected
2 weeks ago

A close-up of a tree bark overgrown with lichens, mosses, and liverworts.

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon #liverworts #MacroPhotography

All kinds of lichens, mosses and liverworts on a tree bark.
The bark is so densely overgrown that it is no longer visible.
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

Ever get the feeling that a flower is shouting at you? That's how I feel every time I walk past a clump of I need to put my fingers in my ears or something.

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #MacroPhotography #Florespondence #Sparaxis #Gardening

Closeup of an intensely coloured flower, with petals yellow in the middle, then a ragged black splodge cut through with hot pink, and finally dabs of neon coral at the tips and edges. There are some others of the same flower behind this main one.
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

Harakeke (aka Phormium, or NZ Flax) are flowering right now. That mix of oranges and reds looks super cool when you get up close.

Harakeke is one of those iconic NZ plants, providing nectar for birds and pollen for insects alike (or, like the starling I saw this morning with its head smeared in pollen, makeup for birds as well...)

#BloomScrolling #MacroPhotography #Flowers #Harakeke #Plants #Florespondence #NativePlants #Aotearoa #NewZealand

Closeup of a cluster of flowers and flowerbuds from a phormium plant. they're banana-shaped, curling upward, with the pollen-covered anthers protruding from the open end. Two strap-like leaves with parallel veins have curled around part of the cluster, one from above and one from the side, partly sheltering the buds which have yet to open. The background is all blurry green
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

Found some lovely branches covered in lichen today. This Golden-eye lichen (Teloschistes chrysophthalmus) looks like clusters of tiny yellow mouths (or eyes, or sunflowers).

I'm seeing these things everywhere now I'm getting to know what to look for.

Vertical pic

#LichenSubscribe #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #Lichen #Photography

Closeup of a large cluster of bright yellow lichen. It looks branched like a cauliflower head, with little eye-like (or mouth-like, or sunflower-like) structures at the ends. Each such eye / mouth is surrounded by little yellow eyelashes, some curling inward, while others stand out around the edges