Αδάμ Κοντολέων
13 hours ago

Το #Autumn είναι η αγαπημένη μου εποχή, γιατί μας δίνει τη μοναδική ευκαιρία να γεμίσουμε τη ζωή με ζωηρά χρώματα και αρώματα. 🍂🍁 Προσθέστε μια πινελιά #Magic στη μέρα σας: επισκεφτείτε την τοπική αγορά, απολαύστε μια ζέστη μηλόπιτα και χαλαρώστε κάτω από το μαγικά φθινοπωρινά δέντρα. Ας είναι αξέχαστο αυτό το φθινόπωρο για εσάς!

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“Happiness can be found
in even the darkest of times
if one only remembers
to turn on the #light "


in memory of #RIP #MichaelGambon who played #Dumbledore

... if you follow our twitter at


you´ve seen it already:

Give hope. Always. #Soundtrack x #songoftheday:

FIRST LIGHT Lindsey Stirling
🎵⏯ @50years_music

#yesWEAID #HUMANITARIAN #MAGIC #disasterresponse #AlbusDumbledore #cine #inspiring #edm #dj #kino #news

23 hours ago

Queen Lab [4/6]
... and she got bored of her new lover so far. Knowing a witchcraft always helped to get a taste of life. And a bottle of magic potion gives a chance to anyone...

< be continued>
#art #digitalart #sketch #magic #potion

1 day ago

I've just completed a new write up of an old old spell!

Tried and tested over the years this is a quick simple way to silence the haters in your life.

Great for the workplace ;-)

In the course of my write up I stumbled upon a powerful kaos magixal formula which is also included in the post. Caveat magus!

#magic #magik #occult #spell

1 day ago

A commission for Xander of his human dusting a magical box, which mysteriously closes on him, rattles around, then reveals Wolf Xander, however human Xander seems to have just been vored up inside his balls.

#vore #cockvore #pouchvore #balls #male #maleonly #maleprey #worlfpred #malepred #humanprey #magic #magicshow #funhouse #funhouse #funhouseoffrights #gay #sfw #mm

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At the International Congress on Medieval Studies last May, I sat for an interview with Earl Fontainelle of the excellent Secret History of Western Esotericism podcast about my work on the 13th-c. Sufi occultist Ahmad al-Buni. That conversation has recently appeared as a pair of podcasts. I can't bring myself to listen to them, but other people tell me they came out pretty well.
#IslamicStudies #magic #occult #medieval.

2 days ago

New #witch-y nightshade truffles just arrived from - There’s a delightfully decadent treat in one of these boxes for treating PTSD with my name on it.

I firmly believe in #PlantMedicine & I love my #coven brothers. They are wonderful bits of handcrafted #magic. #EmporiumBlack

Nightshade dark chocolate witchy plant medicine truffles.
Nightshade shortbreads
Martin Rundkvist
2 days ago

Here’s a magical love charm directed towards women and recorded from 1840s Sindh by Sir Richard Burton.

Recite the charm over 7 (or 9) threads of raw cotton spun by a little girl, then roll them up and tie 7 knots on them. Then inform the woman that you are performing "breaking of the trouser string" and she’d better just go to bed with you right away. If she refuses, untie one of your knots, and *her trousers drop by magic*. If she pulls them up, untie another knot, etc.

#sex #magic

Caves and Critters 🔞
2 days ago

Page 825 of #cnccomic is now live! Aaaaand we're gettin' lewd. 4 pages in, no less - no time like the present, right? B3

#furry #fantasy #comic #furrycomic #webcomic #adult #magic #nsfw

2 days ago

A secret place, a place of power, #magic

#AIart #Raven, #runes, secret place, #magic
#Book , secret place, #magic, #aiart
 #runes, #secretplace, #magic
#Taro, secret place, #magic
adaddinsane (Steve Turnbull)
3 days ago

Unleash the dragon lover within and stock up on all the great dragon books. Grab a new release or sale book, or dive into a complete series - you won't be sorry that you did! Try them today! #knaves #dragons #heroes #knights #readers #rogue #elves #sorcery #witches #dwarves #ladies #amreading #novels #ilovebooks #reading #bookstodon #legendary #monsters #dwarfs #gryphons #magic #goodbooks #wizards #fae (9881)

4 days ago
Re-enchanting the Present. An attempt to animate non-modern sensibilities of magic and ritual without becoming entrapped by dualisms of light and darkness, good and evil, us and them. From static matter to a space of operation. ∆[∆]

#enchanting #magic #ritual
Graffiti of an elf spraying pink pixie dust on an orange wall. A metal fence.
Chris Tihor :pmgpurple:
4 days ago

From now on, whenever I play a wizard, I want my fireball spells to look like this.

#ttrpg #dnd #magic #YerAWizardHarry

Image of the cover from the album Fireball by Deep Purple featuring the heads of all of the band members flying through space as a ball of fire.
Amanda Makepeace
4 days ago

Prints of Chiromancy are the latest new addition to my store. This fall I’ll begin work on the next Forbidden Arts drawing—Pyromancy! ✨

#art #darkart #MastoArt #artwork #artist #fantasyart #drawing #artprint #horror #supportartists #TraditionalArt #magic

Hand with a paintbrush hovering over an art print of Chiromancy: A hand palm up, the lines in the hand painted gold. A white moths rests on the thumb. The original is graphite and gold pigments. Prints comes in two sizes.
Imperor 🎲🎮
4 days ago

Hey #gamemaster and #dungeonmaster folk of the #ttrpg realms:

Consider turning your parties gear into #magic items and increase their strength over time.

Why let them search for "The Glaive of Some Old Dead Lad" when they can become that future dead lad themselves?

Check out my #blog and #youtube #video on the topic over here:

You don't even have to read it, a full audio transcript is available at the top of the blog.

#dnd #dnd5e #osr #homebrew #ttrpgs #DMAcademy

4 days ago

One of the main reasons that #Incense is used in #ritual is that most of the inhabitants Spirit World HATE the smell of Humans.

Also, using the right #fragrance makes the Spirit more willing to cooperate with you.

#Magic #Magick #Grimoires #RitualMagic #CeremonialMagic

Secrit Lyfe
5 days ago

She gazed into the mirror, her eyes cast in a blank stare. As she softened her focus a halo formed around the edges where the glass met the frame. It drifted towards her like fog across the surface of a pond. She was enveloped in the soft cloud, and felt the air change around her. On the other side of the mirror sat her Otherworld guide, Sir Whiskers. “Step through,” he said, “and come with me.”
#WritingPrompt #CatsofMastodon #magic
@penprompts @SparklesAndPurrs

Mago del Trueno :mastodon:
5 days ago

Feliz Mabon! Bendiciones!!!

El equinoccio de otoño marca la fecha en la que Magos y Brujas se reúnen para agradecerle a la Tierra una temporada de cosecha abundante. A esta serie de festejos se le conoce como Mabon.
Los paganos nos reunimos en torno a una mesa atestada de comida. Tras una temporada de cosechas buena, compartimos los frutos de la tierra con la comunidad desde hace varios siglos, a lo largo de una semana.

#mabon #wicca #paganismo #bruja #witch #paganism #Magic

Secrit Lyfe
5 days ago

The black whisker stood out against the tan rug. It was a long, stiff, hollow one. I picked it up, wondering what the original owner might have looked like. With it clasped between my fingers, it started a low vibrating hum. I felt the whisker send tingling up my arm and into my head. An image unfolded of a lovely black cat, yellow eyes glowing. And one simple phrase- “Now you know.”

#WritingPrompt #CatsofMastodon #magic
@penprompts @SparklesAndPurrs

Alexander Hay
5 days ago

A fascinating #BBC compilation of clips from the 1960s onwards. Expect some cool #Music, fascinating traditions, #Swords, #Vikings, #Magic, #Hauntology, #Occultism, and a bit of nudity! Guest starring the #MariLwyd, and what can be best described as a ritual punch-up between two villages.

How many of these old rites remain?

#Folklore #UK #Paganism #Scotland #Wales

Melissa Avery-Weir
6 days ago

I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Co-Open: #magic

Daniel Durrans
6 days ago

Someone is walking down the street shouting “Magic!”


6 days ago

It's officially the first day of Autumn! I'm a cooler weather person and love the gloomier months so this is my happy time! And to celebrate here are my coven of cats who also like it dark, moody and spooky!
#spooky #halloween #autumn #gloomy #cats #witchcraft #witches #magic #linocut #printmaker #illustration

Reverend Erik
6 days ago

I have been reading Agrippa's TBOP chapter on auguries and am mighty tempted to write a web tool to help people make their way through some very confusing instructions. Would anybody be interested in that?

#magic #divination #occult #programming

Ryan Pendell
1 week ago


I finished Ovid's Metamorphoses last night. (McCarter translation)

I expected mythology but I was surprised by the amount of magic. Like, woman with wild hair in the woods at night with a wand and cauldron, mixing herbs and casting spells.

I guess I had associated that with more Germanic (Grimm fairy tales) literature. Apparently a lot of that imagery comes from Rome.

#books #bookstodon #magic #history #rome #poetry

Keeping with this week's cozy cat themes, check out Coven of Cats!

This D&D 5e compatible setting has players making and weilding characters who are cats with magical powers... and who are thrown into an exciting and twisty adventure as they find their way home and uncover a mystery.

Find the TTRPGkids review here, and check out Coven of Cats!

#TTRPGkids #TTRPG #cats #magic

Here's my very first digital art (Anubis' Night) that I did in high school when I found out I wanted to be an artist. And on the right is the remake that I did last year, 10 years later (Back in time) and that I'm really proud of. Anyone up for a trip to a magical past?

#Anthro #Wolf #Jackal #Werewolf #Kemetic #Egypt #Mythology #Netjer #Anubis #Fantasy #Magic #DigitalArt #Art #Mastoart #FurryArt

The god Anubis sits on an ancient building holding his staff firmly. He has a candid and calm smile as he watches the horizon in the light of the full moon. On the horizon you can see the pyramids.
The god Anubis sits on some ancient ruins with his arm resting on his knee. He has a candid and calm smile as he watches the retrowave sunset behind the pyramids. Behind him is a sphinx whose eyes glow just like those of the sphinxes in The NeverEnding Story. Next to him is a DeLorean like the one in Back to the Future, but this one is gold and has hieroglyphics with the god's epithets on it.
Hélène Lenoble
1 week ago

Hello everyone! Here is my participation in the Art to Play drawing competition, on the theme "see you tomorrow"!
Don't hesitate to take a look at their account to admire the many participations, and why not support mine 😉 Here is the link :
Oh, and by the way, a new project is coming soon : ;-)
#illustration #fantasy #moon #sun #goddess #MastoArt #artwork #magic #art #artists #digitalart #digitalpainting

Jürgen Hubert
1 week ago

When you screw up a magical ritual, using further magic will not really solve your problem.

It will only kick the can down the road.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #magic @germany @folklore

German folk tale "The Walking Corpse at Erfurt". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Mandu 🥟
1 week ago

David Catperfield #magic

grey striped kitten climbs into a jug and a black kitten climbs out
Steve Ince
2 weeks ago

Crow-Girl - The Spirit of Corruption


The recent announcement from Unity reminded me that although my Crow-Girl game is unfinished, I really wanted to enable people to play it as a free download.

I'm sorry that I've not been able to finish it but new Unity plans do not inspire any continuation in the future.

Download a zip file from the link below and simply run The Spirit of Corruption.exe file.

#free #game #adventure #magic #crowgirl

2 weeks ago

Unique magic systems in YA... there are some good recs on the list.


#books #BookList #read #reading #magic #fantasy

Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

When working magic suggested by the Devil, it is wise to follow the instructions _precisely_.

It would be wiser still not to work such magic at all.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #magic #Devil @germany @folklore

Part 1 of German folk tale "The Freischütz (from Marne)". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Part 2 of German folk tale "The Freischütz (from Marne)". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Thaiis Thei 𓁟
2 weeks ago

Violet Mary Firth, later known as Dion Fortune, was one of the most formidable occultists of her day. Her work was an important influence on many Neo Pagans, most notably Gerald Gardener, but also on others later such as Druids Isaac Bonewits and John Michael Greer. She was an interesting mix of clairvoyant medium and university trained psychologist and, I argue, much of her work was remarkably shamanistic in character.

#Theology #Religion #Occult #Magic #Pagan #Shaman

A photo of Dion Fortune as a young woman circa 1915. She has sad, soulful eyes.
3 weeks ago

📚 #NowReading: Siege and Storm, the second book in the #Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, after just finishing Shadow and Bone.

Looking forward to seeing how this story progresses and the continued development of the foundations of the #Grishaverse!

@bookstodon #Bookstodon #Reading #Books #Fantasy #Novel #LeighBardugo #Magic

Picture of the book cover for Siege and Storm. The cover is black with turquoise text in the center showing the book's title, as well as an image of a serpent. "Grishaverse" in gold appears at the very top of the cover, and the author's name appears in turquoise at the bottom.
3 weeks ago

📚 Just got done #reading Shadow and Bone, the first #novel in the #Grishaverse trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.

I read this after seeing the TV show and reading Six of Crows, but it was awesome to see the foundations of how the entire universe of the #Grisha started!

Full review @ #Bookwyrm:


@bookstodon #Bookstodon #BookReview #Fantasy #ShadowAndBone #LeighBardugo #Books #Magic

Picture of the book cover of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. The book cover is predominantly a deep blue color with the outline of a white stag's head in the middle of it. At the top in gold text is the book's title, Shadow and Bone. Above that in smaller blue print it says "Grishaverse."

At the bottom of the cover in gold text the authors name is printed.
Jürgen Hubert
3 weeks ago

In German folklore, shepherds and other people living on the boundary of society were often surprisingly proficient at magic.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #magic @germany @folklore

German folk tale "The Magic-Wise Shepherd". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Jim Daly
3 weeks ago

@kevinteljeur My clock stopped two weeks ago. Minutes ago it began ticking away again. Coincidence? I think not. #Magic

Augury Ignored
3 weeks ago

Intelligent and sentient magical items and weapons are cool but underutilized. What are your thoughts, advice and cool stories about them? #dnd #osr #magic #ttrpg #rpg

3 weeks ago

New page, where we ask hard-hitting questions like: when do fictional characters pee?

BUY MY BOOK (reduced price, only for the first week):

Read the comic:

#webcomic #fantasy #magic #witch #forest #hiking #muscle #mommy

Chris Rosenau
3 weeks ago

by Rob Strati in his words.

This work was inspired by a plate from my wife's late mother, Barbara. One day it was dropped and shattered. Some time after, I picked up a pen and started working on the "Fragmented" series, exploring the possibilities of things broken and the stories that can evolve from them.

#art #discord #magic #inspiring

𝕭𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖉 :vf:
3 weeks ago

@eichkat3r Ich schaffe das aus 2400 🤡


4 weeks ago

Well #magic #witch #pagan stuff to do. I didn't collect that hurricane / blue moon water for nothing. :sp_pride: 💜 Be kind. Someone might really need it. Life can truly be the little things. 😘

How to dispose of ritual remnants. Summarized: Want to keep it, bury it in your yard. Want to attract something, bury it under front doorstep. Want to destroy it, burn it. Want it to move away and sink, throw it in running water. Want to disperse it, place or bury it at a crossroad.  Want to fix its influence, place in 5 spot pattern (pentagram). Want it to work by spirits, bury it in a graveyard (now you know why some collect graveyard dirt). Want to hide its place of origin, place somewhere dark. Want to scatter the energy, throw it into the air. Want the energy to grow, place or bury at base of a tree.
Annalee Newitz 🍜
4 weeks ago

Need a mind-bending, magic-meets-Mad Max story to spice up your weekend? With queer characters I am now ready to die for? You must read AR Capetta's "Resurrection Highway," out today in Sunday Morning Transport. It is so good and weird and unexpected. #scifi #magic #shortstories

Trash Robot
4 weeks ago

We use "#magic" in a lot of ways here. Theurgy now has it's own trash magic account where a comrade is posting links in their studies. To follow along with that conversation, follow the account @theurgy

for more information what what this means, see the Wikipedia entry here:

4 weeks ago

Salut la team je cherche les cartes magic suivantes afin de m'y mettre pour de vrai en physique, je sais qu'il y a des sites de vente en ligne et tout mais j'ai pas très envie de multiplier les frais de port en achetant chez mille vendeurs différents
Si vous avez ça en stock et que vous cherchez à vous en débarrasser faites moi signe, et si vous êtes en métropole lilloise ou messine on peut même opter pour la remise en mains propres
Voilà merciiiiiii

#j2s #magic (on tente les hashtags hein)

2 rapace de champ de bataille
2 courage des valeureux 
2 esprits au clairon
2 revitaliser
1 acier spectral
2 chercheuses de contes
1 épée valkyrie
2 jeune valkyrie
1 entravé par l'or 
2 oracle du domeskar 
2 invocation de la divinité 
2 verdict de fer
2 valkyrie juste
2 aspirante de starheim 
1 livre d'exaltation 
1 anneau réplicateur 
2 Halvar, dieu de la bataille
1 valkyrie vaillante
1 starheim déchaîné
1 elixir du cosmos 
1 ange de la destinée 
1 domeskar 
2 bergère du cosmos
1 annonciatrice valkyrie
1 victoire contre la horde
Fred Brooker
4 weeks ago

the Google Colossus file system is so robust and error prone that after I found and started to delete orphan files (no parent), new files and folders from 2017 started to pop up in my Google Workspace Enterprise drive root

#magic #Google #idiots #engineering #cloud

1 month ago

These vans are the same size. The middle van was copy-pasted without changing scale.

Measure them 😅

#magic #voodoo #OpticalIllusion #WTD

Photo of a road with three vans, they’re the same size but the road tricks the eye into thinking they’re different sizes.

This is Vietnamese laser programmer and performance artist Lại Trần Ninh Kiềm. He is doing some mind-blowing things with his art form.

The transition between environmental and manual control of the lasers is wild. And he has meticulous, granular-level control over the illusion. It’s quite remarkable.


#Art #PerformanceArt #Lasers #Technology #Engineering #Illusion #Magic

Two people in brightly colored black light suits, dancing around in harmony on a small stage. Carefully orchestrated lasers are moving in sync with the music, transitioning between environmental movement and being controlled by the performers’ hands.
Corentin Lamy
1 month ago

La vie est ainsi faite que je n'ai plus trop le temps d'écrire aussi suis-je content de pouvoir partager ici un rare petit reportage signé de ma blanche main, une plongée au coeur d'un tournoi local de #yugioh, sujet du troisième épisode de la série @pixelsfr sur les #TCG, publiée à l'occasion des 30 ans de #Magic :

Will :toad:
1 month ago

@TheMetalDog #Vinyl seems more and more like #magic as time goes by.

Melissa Avery-Weir
2 months ago

I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Night Call: #magic

2 months ago

It’s been four months since I lost my home, but I’m finally settled enough with my partner to reassemble my altar! ❤️ #witchcraft #magic

A wooden box on top of TV stand. It is covered with a small decorative blanket, a sheathed knife, a cup, book, necklace, a wand, and a shiny rock. There’s a print of a spooky fox on it too.
LURKer of the Doc
2 months ago

It's been quite a treat to get such a long-range preview of what's to come, on #Magic's 30th anniversay. What do you think of the announced sets? What has you most/least excited?

As for me, none of the announced Universes Beyond collabs really caught my eye (except for a cautious, wait-and-see interest in the Final Fantasy crossover), but I am PUMPED for 2024's premiere slate:

-#MurdersAtKarlovManor: #Ravnica isn't my favorite plane (I have no issue with it, but I kind of missed it the first time around) but I'm always down for a murder mystery.

-#OutlawsOfThunderJunction: I've dreamt of a #WeirdWest #MagicTheGathering set since the 1990s, when I first played the Deadlands: Doomtown CCG. I even came up with a combat keyword mechanic for it once (Shootout, a way to split combat damage)! Cannot wait to see what the *actual* Wizards have come up with.

-#Bloomburrow: Get outta town! I had not one, not two, but THREE #Redwall -themed RP websites on Geocities when I was a younger teen. I read every book Brian Jacques ever wrote up til his death, save like one or two. Redwall and (especially) Mossflower defined so much of my childhood reading experience. I'm all in.

#DuskmournHouseOfHorror: I hope this is a new plane. I hope the ENTIRE plane is one impossibly large Winchester House nightmare of phantom staircases, sub-sub-sub basements, pivoting walls, and blood-soaked ghosts seeking vengeance for long-forgotten crimes. Even if that doesn't end up being the case, though, I have high hopes.

#MTG #Magic2024

Athena Andreadis, PhD
2 months ago

Jo Graham's A Blackened Mirror, 1st in The Borgia Sibyl series about Giulia Farnese's rise as a power in Renaissance Rome, is Editor's Choice (starred review) & Highly Recommended by the Historical Novel Society! @jograhamwrites

#fiction #books #history #magic #fantasy #CandlemarkAndGleam

Angela Miller
2 months ago

#WritingWonders 2. Cont.
A little inspired by Seven Samurai, Grizelle has an inner circle of confidants with different useful abilities and I have spent the last week or so trying to figure out their stories.
They all have names now, and I have a good idea of where they have come from. I'll maybe explain more in a later question!
#writing #fantasy #SciFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction

Angela Miller
2 months ago

2. How much do I know about the Side Characters now, before I've fully started the first draft?

I was working on Grizelle's voice and trying to figure out how she gets from where she is at the start to being a commander of a regiment. That was when I realised she needed people around her to motivate her, so the side characters began to appear in my plotting.

#writing #fantasy #SciFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction

Angela Miller
2 months ago

Continuing with Grizelle's story again this month as this is a great way to character and world build!
1. Which of my side characters would I like to hang out with?

Grainne. She's based on one of my favourite women from history, Grace o'Malley. Grace was an Irish pirate queen during the reign of Elizabeth the 1st of England and did not bow to anyone.
Here's her wiki bio:'Malley

#writing #fantasy #SciFantasy #alternateReality #magic #fiction

Steve Henderson Fine Art
2 months ago

A group of friends has spent the most pleasant day out on the water together, and that day is coming to a contented close. Sunset casts its golden glow over water and sky, creating a magical environment that is almost other worldly.

Golden Sea art print --

#sailboat #sailing #sunset #twilight #gold #magic #friends #weekend #freedom #art #artist #artwork #painting #stevehenderson #FedGiftShop #mastoart #buyintoart #ayearforart #washington #pugetsound #marine #sea

Art print of an original painting by Steve Henderson depicting a schooner sailing on a golden sea, its surface speckled with light. Water, sky, and the land in the background all have a golden glow, because it is sunset, and twilight is creating a magical environment. On the sailboat are a number of people, a group of friends who have spent the day out together on a pleasant excursion.

#Inkscape 1.3 is out so with a simple:

💻 sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

My Inkscape is automatically upgraded in seconds with tons of supercool features and performance!

(I use the PPA stable 😉)

In the images below you have before and after the #FreeSoftware #Magic possible by tons of supercool people around the world 🎩 💫 🎉

Periapt Games
2 months ago

A new #TTRPG article on #magic, #fantasy #worldbuilding, #history, and the role of the state:

It's an intricate argument and I probably spent too much time on it. Thank-you to a lot of people for their insightful comments which shaped it:

Magical hand diagram
Dan Q
2 months ago

👋 #introduction, because I didn't really do one first time around. I'm on a #selfhosted instance so... feel free to #SayHi, or boost to introduce me to your friends (it's lonely on a server by yourself!).

:bisexual_flag:​ :polyamory_flag:​ #Queer #polyamourous #geek. Too late to be a renaissance man and not smart enough to be a polymath, I have to content myself with being a jack-of-all trades. #Blogger for ~25 years (, casual #fediverse user since 2018. #IndieWeb fan since forever.

🇪🇺 :socialiststar: European in exile living in West #Oxfordshire, #UnitedKingdom, with my partner @fleeblewidget, her husband @misterjta, our two children, and a derpy #dog. Politically #environmentalist #socialist.

:automattic:​ :threerings: Work for #Automattic since 2019: I love that I get paid to help contribute #softwareDevelopment to some of my favourite #OpenSource tools! Founded and #volunteer with a #NonProfit called #ThreeRings, producing software to help streamline charities.

:geohashing: :geocaching: When I've time for fun, I'm into #geohashing, #geocaching, #cycling, and performing #magic. Sometimes at the same time.

:hehim: He/him pronouns.

Video of Dan in a grassy garden, reading out the text of the post to which this video is attached.
Se Ⓐnstapa
2 months ago

🌙✨ Join the Journey into Ancient Magic and Paganism! ✨🌙

🔮 Are you fascinated by the mysteries of paganism and the power of ancient Greek Magical Papyri? ✨ Seeking a deeper understanding of esoteric practices? Look no further! 🌟

📽️ I'm thrilled to recommend an exclusive video by the renowned Dr. Angela Puca PhD, an expert in contemporary paganism and a true authority in the field! 🎓

#Paganism #Magic #GreekMagicalPapyri #ContemporaryEsotericPractices #DrAngelaPuca