The #DigitalEconomyCentre (#PEDi), which was created to offer #collective #InternetAccess for the less privileged in #rural areas, now serves as a #catalyst for the #DigitalEconomy to help uplift the #socioeconomic status of local communities.

PEDi is also supported by service providers such as Telekom #Malaysia, CelcomDigi, Maxis and Redtone, providing #elearning programmes for less privileged #students.

#RuralInfrastructure #AsianMastodon #TootSEA #Malay

#MakanApaToday Baozhi.

We Hokkiens just called them "pao" and what I have here is "bak pau", which has a barbecue pork filling. The ones without filling are called "mantao".

Baozhi had been eaten in China for more than a thousand years from as early as the Song dynasty.

Some people peel off the outer layer before they eat but I like to eat with it. In the past that's because of hygiene as the baozhi is handled by hands that are often dirty.

#Food #China #Malaysia #Malaysian #TootSea

Steamed Chinese bun

I know cultural appropriation is a biggie in the #UnitedStates
But as a person who comes from a country where people happily culturally appropriates from each other, and who descended from who people who culturally appropriated & married into British, Chinese and Malay culture ... I never understood the rage around it in the US.
A quick reminder that the world may look at some issues very differently :)

#Malaysia #Malaysians #TootSEA

Dendan Setia (Nins)
8 hours ago

#Indigenous rights doesn't automatically mean ethnonationalism. How is this difficult.

But sure, tread the same poisonous path we took. Others too. At the end of the day it's just pain talking exacting pain on other people, usually not even the people who stepped on you

#tootSEA #malaysia

11 hours ago

Poise: Mangrove blue flycatcher (Cyornis rufigastra)
in Kuching, Sarawak, #Malaysia. Photo: Husini Bakar. #Borneo #wildlife #birds #BirdsSeenIn2023 #birding #wildlifephotography

12 hours ago

*I'm on #TeamElephant*

Police in #Malaysia are reporting a bizarre case of #RoadRage, after a group of #elephants attacked a car that had struck one of the herd.

The accident & #pachyderm reprisal occurred Sunday night in #Gerik, a region about 300 kilometres north of #KualaLampur. According to a police statement, a car driven by a 48 yr old man accompanied by his wife & 23 yr old son struck an #ElephantCalf at about 7:35 p.m. local time.

#AsianMastodon #TootSEA

Albert Lee
1 day ago

Roti sarang burung (literally bird's nest bread). Flatbread seemingly formed around two sunny side-up eggs, garnished with chili chunks and a side of sambal #food #Malaysia #foodphotography #photography

Malaysia Public Transport
1 day ago

The Transport Ministry and #Malaysia #Airports Holdings Berhad (#MAHB) have plans to acquire #land owned by the #Sarawak Multimedia Authority (#SMA) to enable the project to upgrade the #Kuching International #Airport (#KIA) to be carried out.

An application would be submitted by the ministry to request the funds to acquire the land, which is next to KIA, under the Fifth Rolling Plan of the 12th Malaysia Plan (#MP12) next year.

Read more:

#KCH #LandAcquisition

Deputy Transport Minister, Datuk Hasbi Habibollah. / Photo from the linked article.
2 days ago

#Malaysia #Elephant Herd Tramples #Car After Driver Hits Baby Elephant
Rule number one of elephants: You don't mess with the elephants

Malaysia Public Transport
2 days ago

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (#KUL) has been ranked 1st in the #OAG Megahubs Index 2023 for #lowcost connections.

This is because KUL had magnificent 11,188 possible connections across over 100 destinations.

#AirAsia is the dominant carrier with a 34% share of #flights.

Further reading for other categories:

(Photo by Malaysia Airports)

#KLIA #KualaLumpur #Malaysia #airport

Two people holding an award at Malaysia Airports booth.
Denis - The COVID info guy -
2 days ago

🇲🇾Malaysia: "As COVID caseloads increase, health experts say Malaysians must exercise vigilance to avoid catching the life-threatening disease and other infectious respiratory diseases such as influenza"

🔹COVID cases had risen by 28% between Nov 12 and 18

#COVID19 #Malaysia @auscovid19


#MakanApaToday. Simple lunch with veges from my balcony garden 😘

#TOOTSEA #Malaysia

Vegetables, rice and meat dish
If approved, Thailand would be first country in Southeast Asia to legalise same-sex marriage and only second in Asia.#Features #HumanRights #LGBTQ #AsiaPacific #Brunei #Malaysia #Taiwan #Thailand
LGBTQ advocates cheer Thailand’s latest drive for same-sex marriage law
Dirk Bachhausen
3 days ago

Dieser Artikel stammt von CORRECTIV.Faktencheck / Zur Quelle wechseln

Millionen haben im Netz eine Aufnahme gesehen, die angeblich eine Inszenierung von Todesopfern in Gaza belegen soll. Ein Mann in einem Leichentuch öffnet im Video seine Augen und schaut in die Kamera. Doch das hat nichts mit Gaza zu tun, sondern zeigt einen Kurs in Malaysia.

Zur Quelle wechseln
Author: Viktor Marinov

#beerdigungskurs #dieses #einen #keine #malaysia #video #zeigt

Dendan Setia (Nins)
3 days ago

Ok, so finally uploaded a site copy of my take of the Puteri Gunung Ledang myth. Can't quite believe I wrote this 17 years ago. Wat.

#tootSEA #mythology #amWriting (what are the writerly/fiction tags?) #fiction #malaysia

DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
3 days ago
Nachdem ein Autofahrer in Malaysia ein Kalb angefahren hatte, ist dessen Herde auf seinen Pkw losgegangen. Das Jungtier konnte wieder aufstehen. Die Familie im Auto blieb unverletzt.#Elefanten #Malaysia #Verkehrsunfälle
Malaysia: Mann fährt Elefantenkalb an – Herde zertrampelt seinen Wagen
3 days ago
Raymond Scott Pert
4 days ago

China's slowdown will not stop growth in Southeast Asia

>#Thailand, #Malaysia, #Singapore and others benefited substantially from surging flows of Chinese tourists in the years before #COVID. [..] This trend is likely to resume and may accelerate as geopolitical developments lead to Chinese shunning previously favored destinations like #Japan and the #US #China #SouthEastAsia #TootSEA #ExpatAsia #ASEAN

Porters carry imports into Mong Cai, Vietnam from China in 2018: Southeast Asia is depending more on Chinese imports but growth in exports has slowed.   © Reuters
Chinese tourists take a selfie at Wat Pho in Bangkok in 2016: Growing Chinese spending on tourism carries a silver lining for Southeast Asia.   © Reuters
4 days ago

Cute green bush frog: Philautus bunitus in Kinabalu Park, Sabah, #Malaysia. Photo: rainforestkayaker. #Borneo #wildlife #frog #endemicspecies #wildlifephotography

4 days ago

Ornate peristome and elegant color: Pitcher-plant (Nepenthes edwardsiana) at Mount Tambuyukon, Sabah, #Malaysia. Photo: rainforestkayaker. #Borneo #nature #pitcherplant #endemicspecies #naturephotography

Nearly a decade after the plane vanished, families say it is time for a new hunt for the truth.#transport #AsiaPacific #Malaysia
New probe over vanished Malaysia Airlines plane urged in China court
5 days ago

#Malaysia will scrap entry #visa requirements for citizens of #China and #India visiting the nation beginning Dec. 1, according to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

#Chinese and #Indian nationals may stay for up to 30 days #VisaFree, Anwar said in a speech at his People’s Justice Party’s annual congress in #Putrajaya on Sunday. This would be subject to security screening, he added.

#AsianMastodon #TootSEA #ASEAN #travel #tourism #geopolitics

Anna Anthro
5 days ago

Indo-Chinese cuisine is not just #malaysia & #singapore #tootsea

“origins of Indo-Chinese food go back over 100 years and lie in Calcutta.

In the 19thC, thousands of Chinese migrants arrived for work in the city, then the capital of British India.

Cantonese migrants worked in carpentry and the ship-fitting industry, while Hakka Chinese worked in the tannery and food business.

The first Chinese eatery was opened in the 1850s.”

Dendan Setia (Nins)
5 days ago

Just seen this posted: - from one of the Malaysian volunteers during the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla when they were boarded by the Israeli navy. Footage from his own collection.

@palestine #palestine #humanitarian #TootSEA #Malaysia #Indonesia #Turkey

Erasing 76 crimes
6 days ago

Transgender Day of Remembrance: As trans murder toll reaches 320, trans advocates say improved police protection is key to reducing violence.

#LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTrights #humanrights #LGBTQrights #Malaysia #trans #TDOR #JusticeForSisters

6 days ago

Can #Discord host their server in #Malaysia already? Their servers in Singapore suck ass, boggles my mind how servers in Hong Kong are constantly more stable even with the far higher ping (due to distance).

6 days ago
A former policeman protests his innocence, insisting he was paid to remain silent to protect former PM Najib Razak.#Features #Politics #AsiaPacific #Australia #Malaysia
Man convicted in murder case that rocked Malaysia claims paid for silence
Dendan Setia (Nins)
1 week ago

How did my favourite cibai comedy channel manage to score TVB actors for their skit??? Weih. WEHH. #TootSEA #malaysia #HongKong

Dendan Setia (Nins)
1 week ago

How.... Is this a thing.... How... Do you dehumanize Palestinians so much you can't tell apart them and a Southeast Asian? (Like ... Try looking in the mirror if you're confused. There's no special Muslim filter that makes your native-to-the-area™️ ass* that different (just don't open your mouth like I don't open mine in Indonesia if I want to get local pricing 😌))

*Mum: "why are they even fighting they look like cousins"
Me: "skill issue"

#palestine #israel #propa #tiber #malaysia #tootSEA

A comic scene from a Malaysian film is ironically used by pro-Israel individuals to accuse Hamas of false propaganda.

The scene, which shows a man on a hospital bed, was used to accuse Hamas of faking the number of casualties in Israeli bombardment.

However, according to Malaysian filmmaker Al Jafree Md Yusop, the photo is actually a scene from the Hari Raya telemovie, 'Laksa di Ambang Wati' that he directed in 2018.

"It was an absurdist/surreal comedy about life in Penang, Malaysia and has nothing to do with the conflict in Gaza.
Not the first time

This is not the first time unrelated Malaysian content has been used in pro-Israel disinformation.

Previously, a video of a class in a Pahang mosque went viral among pro-Israel cybersphere, as evidence that Palestinians were faking the death toll.

It was a class to teach Muslims how to prepare bodies for burial, with some students used as models on how to shroud the deceased.

The light-hearted clip, showing one of the 'shrouded bodies' blinking to the camera, was first uploaded on TikTok as a joke.

#fake news
A stock photo I pulled of a mixed-gender Malaysian group where people are VISIBLY not even from the same originating region as you can see more native faces, more south Asian ones, more east asian ones.
1 week ago

Frog king: Bornean horned frog (Pelobatrachus nasutus) at Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, #Malaysia. Photos: rainforestkayaker. #Borneo #wildlife #frog #endemicspecies #wildlifephotography

1 week ago

Kinabalu sticky frog (Kalophrynus baluensis), known only from the montane forests of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, #Malaysia. Photo: rainforestkayaker. #Borneo #wildlife #frog #endemicspecies #wildlifephotography

The mega-project on artificial islands between Malaysia and Singapore has struggled to attract interest.#Economy #BusinessandEconomy #Property #AsiaPacific #China #Malaysia
How a focus on Chinese buyers ‘doomed’ Malaysia’s Forest City
Dendan Setia (Nins)
1 week ago

Ahahaha now got writeup already - 'The post has united Malaysians and Singaporeans, who say both countries are an example of a successful ‘two-state solution’ and benefit from having strong bilateral ties'

#Malaysia #Singapore #TootSEA #tiber #propa #israel #batuApiFail

Dendan Setia (Nins)
1 week ago


Synopsis: Set in a dystopian Malaysia in which different races are forbidden to mix. A Chinese family moves into their new house to find a scared Malay girl still hiding in it. Should they get rid of her or try to smuggle her back to safety?

#Malaysia #TootSEA #FilemMalaysia

Dendan Setia (Nins)
1 week ago

Oh my god
1. How is this still going on
2. Google search might be fucked but Wikipedia exists
3. Sabah and Sarawak are probably like, haih, this discourse of ours also u want to steal?

#TootSEA #koyak #Malaysia #Singapore #batuApiFail

Quoting a propa account tweet that said: Israel helped Singapore defend itself against Malaysian colonialism
@heythisismira tweeted: bro just learned that Singapore used to be a part of Malaysia and thought we colonized Singapore. Bro, we freed ourselves from British together then Singapore withdrew from Malaysia peacefully. and both did it WITHOUT a single bloodshed. Bet Israel knows nothing about that
Florian Kriechbaumer
1 week ago

📸 The Twin Towers - during both my visits to Kuala Lumpur I failed to make my way up the skybridge, but I do love the their glowing presence in the night skyline. Has anyone been up there? How is it?

#Kualalumpur #KL #Malaysia #photography #travel #traveldiary

Dendan Setia (Nins)
1 week ago

LMAO first thing I did was trying to find if they did a similar call-out post for Indonesia. In the meantime Malaysia Boleh etc etc etc

Second thing I did was lmao at the quotes and replies. #TootSEA #Malaysia #Indonesia #Singapore (I guess that makes me the metafilter one-woman contingent judging from my commenting activity)

Partial tweet from @IsraelWarRoom:

Ever wondered why online Malaysians are so venomous and hateful to Jews and the Jewish state? Well, there's some history here.

Southeast Asian history is replete with instances of Malaysia bullying and intimidating smaller neighboring countries. One of those smaller countries is their southern neighbor Singapore.  

In From Third World to First: The Singapore Story: 1965 – 2000, Singapore’s founding father and first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, spent the second chapter, titled "Starting an Army From Scratch" explaining how Israel helped create the Singapore Army.

Today, Singapore's army is widely considered to be the strongest in Southeast Asia.

Broga half day trip. Lunch with a view (and heavy thunderstorm). #MakanApaToday #Food #MalaysianFood #Malaysia

Lunch with a view - a steamed tilapia dish in the foreground, with a beautiful view of green hills, fish ponds, orchards and lush tropical forests in the background. Ten minutes later, this scene was replaced by a ferocious thunderstorm. Also because it’s hard to that a photo of the food with the background without either underexposing the food or overexposing the scenery, the fish dish looks very underexposed, which is unfortunate because it actually looks damn tasty.
A beautiful view of green hills, fish ponds, orchards and lush tropical forests. Ten minutes later, this scene was replaced by a ferocious thunderstorm.
A beautiful view of green hills, fish ponds, orchards and lush tropical forests. Ten minutes later, this scene was replaced by a ferocious thunderstorm.
A back view of my wife as she bravely steps onto a hanging bridge that bridges two hills. Seconds later, a group of fearless young ladies which were behind us ran past us and sent the bridge shaking with their powerful strides. As my wife held on to her dear life and regretted her life choices, one of the girls looked back at her and said, “don’t be scared”.
Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 weeks ago

On brand

Here there's a phrase "penunggang___" most usually "penunggang agama" which is about the kind of hypocritical polemicists who like to give the impression that they're upholding their religion or their race or their country but these things are nothing more than metaphorical vehicles or pack animals for them to ride to success or fame. These personalities often come with the attitude of "terpaling___" or "the most___-ed" eg "terpaling victim"

Anyway, of course they can't commit to this, god forbid that would mean actually addressing the Rohingya problem.

#TootSEA #Malaysia #ReligionRider

Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 weeks ago

I HAVE SO MANY STICKERS. (Who wants to layan a syok sendiri video about them??) #stationery #Malaysia #TootSEA (I don't think the road signs ones are still being printed tho)

Another couple of pages from my sticker album. There's a smattering of cat-themed ones including these two different illustration styles of cats doing human activity, faux stamps of famous western paintings, random decorative pattern pieces and a set of local traffic signs but with anti-harassment text eg STOP - sexual harassment; STAY QUIET - if you're a pervert; LOOK AROUND - except me; GO AWAY with an arrow
Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 weeks ago

doing a food log planner adjunct so i can look back at what I ate 😘 but also so I can use my stickers now that I remembered where I've been keeping the stash that led to my repentance to not losing my mind over stickers unless it's food-related. #stationery CW: illustrations of food #TootSEA #Malaysia

the cover of my food log and beside it the rough papers i've been using to trial the template I want to use for the log. the stickers, in clockwise from top left in contracting spiral: a typical seasian hawker stall (this one sells laksa) with the mobile truck/shop, a tank of gas & a stove on one side, and the folded out table wih the cutleries on the other side; a ramly burger with a slab of fried egg, cheese, and vegies together with the meat patty; a small shopping cart of groceries, a tied up plastic baggie of anthropomorphic smiling iced milk tea, a starry feather (random), an array of donuts, a cup of smiling fried keropok lekor, a cafe chalkboard with Better Late Than Never written, a cup of coffee, a gudetama-face strawberry cake, a smiling cat with a bowl of rice and chopsticks ready, and a bowl of iced kacang.
a page from my sticker album (for ready to be used stickers). other than random pieces of washi tape, there are also stickers resembling Malaysian nyonya tiles, a packet of nasi lemak, a full banana leaf rice, a plate of char kuey teow and some silly cartoons with Malaysian phrases: Alamak (Oh no), Kepala hotak kau!! (your head lah!!), a pointing finger with Tai Chi (yes the martial art, it means like pushing off the responsibility to someone else ala a tai chi master)
2 weeks ago


“馬來西亞外交政策最大的轉向時刻還是發生在馬哈迪(Mahathir bin Mohamad)時期:馬哈迪在1983年宣佈不結盟運動,以及大英國協(Commonwealth of Nations,又稱共和聯邦)在馬來西亞的對外關係中不如伊斯蘭世界重要,標誌著馬來西亞的外交政策整體上向伊斯蘭國家傾斜。“



#malaysia #hamas

Malaysia Public Transport
2 weeks ago

The Twin Otter was originally designed by De Havilland Canada in the 60’s.

It is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft that can carry up to 19 passengers and is designed for rugged terrain journeys.

In Malaysia, it is usually used to transport passengers and cargo to remote locations where the Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) ports are located.

(Photo by Malaysia Airports)

#twinotter #turboprop #aircraft #airplane #aeroplane #passenger #remotelocation #STOLport #Malaysia

Twin Otter aircraft at a STOLport.

Trying to decide if I should take this journey in Nov or Dec. In Nov I had booked myself 4 days of leave. In December I have a week. Instead of stopping at Taiping, however, I'll be going on to Penang. It feels like it needs more than a week to do. Shifting some of my leave to Dec feels like a good idea.

#Train #TrainTravel #Malaysia

Global Peace Index. I'm actually shocked that Malaysia made it to the top 20.
But I've always taken our peace for granted because I see so much tension in the political scene.
Grateful to be in a peaceful country.

#Malaysia #Peace #SouthEastAsia

Top 25 most peaceful countries chart. Malaysia is no.19
Jason Thorne
2 weeks ago

You don’t often see outward facing seats on transit vehicles, but being able to gaze out the window rather than at an ad across the aisle makes for a pretty enjoyable ride! (This is the Kuala Lumpur Monorail).

#transit #malaysia #kualalumpur #transportation

Inside of a transit vehicle with outward facing seating at the centre of the vehicle and passengers sitting and looking out the window
Dave Bowman
2 weeks ago

A while back, I used to take photos at MotoGP events. Here are a few snapshots from that nostalgic time: Some portraits featuring Valentino Rossi and Loris Capirossi, along with a couple of action shots during races.
#motogp #rossi #capirossi #sepang #malaysia #motorsports #sport #throwbackthursday #davebowmanphotography

In the photo, there's a close-up image showing Valentino Rossi, a former MotoGP rider. It was taken in 2005 at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. Rossi is wearing a bright yellow Nastro Azzurro cap and a matching top. He's looking towards the right side of the camera, away from the center of the picture.
In this photo, you can feel the energy of Valentino Rossi riding his Yamaha MotoGP bike at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. The bike is blue and boldly displays his famous number 46. Rossi is leaning down as he tackles a speedy corner, and the photo seems to capture the thrill of his rapid movement on the track.
This picture captures Loris Capirossi, a former MotoGP rider, in a close-up view. The photograph was taken in 2005 at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. Capirossi is sporting mirrored sunglasses with clear frames and a red sports top. He is looking towards the camera.
This photograph captures the spirited moment of Loris Capirossi riding his red Ducati MotoGP bike at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. The bike prominently displays his distinctive number 65. Capirossi leans into a sharp turn, exuding intensity as he navigates the track swiftly. The image conveys the adrenaline of his swift motion and focused maneuvering on the racing circuit.
Soh Kam Yung
2 weeks ago

Currently on a phased rollout.

"The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) have jointly launched the real-time payment systems linkage between Singapore’s PayNow and Malaysia’s DuitNow."

#Singapore #Malaysia #Payment #PayNow #DuitNow

Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

I’ve unfortunately learned that there is a sport that combines sepak takraw and table tennis. It is called teqball, and it somehow has a curved table

#TootSea #Malaysia #Indonesia

Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 weeks ago

Malaysians are such that this year's Michelin announcement of more additions from Malaysia has barely registered - I only saw it days back from my news feed, and I've yet to see it gone even mildly viral. Compared to last year, but mainly it was in the disbelieving tones of, what the fuck is this, and, if this makes the list where the fuck have they been eating, and, cheh KL Penang only Bib Gourmand only, and not to forget, well ok that's one more place we'll just let the tourists and expats go. Hater game strong 🤣 (I'll probably check them out... When I remember to. That said, quite a bit I can't go to anyway which just means I'll forget hahahaha) #TootSEA #Malaysia

The super cost inefficient BRT but I am grateful it exists to allow me to escape the insanity that is Sunway Pyramid parking.

#PublicTransportation #brt #Urbanism #Malaysia #KualaLumpur #SouthEastAsia

People waiting to get onboard the bus

The sense of betrayal you feel when you decide to take a chance on another restaurant and the fried rice that came to you is so bland it might as well been white rice. I can cook better fried rice wei, and that's not saying much.
Now I feel like ordering from my usual nasi goreng shop to overcome my deep unfathomable disappointment. 🍚

#MakanApaToday #Malaysia #SouthEastAsia

Do not click liz. Do not. God knows why this is trending in Malaysia ☠️

#X #Malaysia

Ahhhh is trending on twitter in Malaysia

The old and the new in Kuala Lumpur.
It's wild how gentrified Chow Kit has become.

#Travel #Malaysia #KualaLumpur #SouthEastAsia

Old shop houses with a view of the klcc twin towers
Adrianna Tan
3 weeks ago

Malaysian politician Siti Mastura (PAS MP for Kepala Batas) says Malaysian DAP politician Lim Guan Eng is a cousin of ‘Lim’ Kuan Yew and also that everyone is related to Chin Peng


#TootSea #Malaysia

The best nasi lemak are the ones that fit in your palm. If it's too big, it's just too much of a good thing. We have a Malay word for that - "muak". But this fist sized nasi lemak is just the right amount.
I wanted to tell the makcik selling it to up the price from RM1 to RM2, however. But I made sure to buy her kuih and lauk to make it better.

#MakanApaToday #Malaysia #Foos

Rice with chilli and egg on banana leaf

You know what's tragic? That I discovered Super Ring only during the COVID lockdowns. Like, what kind of Malaysian am I? Better than an RM14 bag of Lays, I tell ya.

And what's worse is I also only discovered Tiger milk biscuits then as well. Legit the best bikkies to dip into black coffee.

#MakanApaToday #Snacks #Malaysia #SouthEastAsia

Yesterday, randomly came across a #Cdrama where someone needed a super rare blood type. Super tickled that they had to *fly over* the blood from #Malaysia to save that person.

Eh dei, as far as I know there is only a number of blood types and unless we have mutant nasi lemak blood pretty sure you can find that rare blood type from among the billions of people in #China 😂

Malaysians are so mysterious people think we have magic blood lol.

#Funny #Malaysian #SouthEastAsia

Just another day in the tropics! Spotted a flattened snake on my morning walk. This brave man and his equally brave poodle removed the snake from the road before it could be one with the road forever.

#Malaysia #Snakes #Malaysian #SouthEastAsia #GoOutside

Warning mangled snake

Leave it to Malaysians to make a post about being racist the funniest thing on Reddit 😆

This is one thing you need to understand about Malaysians - when we are confronted about social issues like these or about the dumb assery that is Malaysian politics - we make memes.
And Twitter/reddit shit posts

#Malaysia #Malaysian #Reddit

The Japan Times
1 month ago

Japan will seek to bolster military ties with the Philippines during a visit to Manila by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida that comes after tensions escalated between Beijing and the Southeast Asian nation over a dispute in the South China Sea. #japan #politics #fumiokishida #philippines #malaysia #defense #china

Dendan Setia (Nins)
1 month ago

Random regular music post debut: Lagu untuk @thepoliticalcat - since you said you'd like more songs from home and anything after the 50s is still recent for you 😂: here's something I heard a busker perform the other day: Alleycats' Hingga Akhir Nanti (Until The End). These guys were huge when I was a kid. #TootSEA #Malaysia #PlaylistSEA (anyone can join and rec songs pls! Since I know mostly Malaysian songs in Malay and English only)


Saw this coffee spot this morning. Reminded me of Adelaide's CBD for some reason.

I miss city areas where they cordon it off from cars, allowing pop ups like these to mushroom and for people to just lounge around.

Suggest this to Malaysians and they will riot at the thought of not being able to drive 200m to their cafe joint.

#coffee #Urbanism #SubangJaya #Malaysia #SouthEastAsia

Pop coffee truck in the middle of an office building area
Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

I love recipes from my part of the world. Here’s one for ‘vegan salted egg fish skin’. A vegan version of a popular snack from there.

#TootSea #Malaysia #Vegan #Recipes

Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

Check out this recipe for a southern Malaysian Malay sambal kicap, however I doubt 20 birds eye chillies is the right amount for anyone not from that part of the world (try 8 if you think you’re a spice head)

#TootSea #Malaysia #Cooking #Recipes

Gonna make Ji Hu Char lite today. Lite because I don't have all the ingredients, including the must-have cuttlefish strips ;D Anyway, in this video it's close to how my mum makes it, except that she would slap my hands if I dare to cut my pork belly in big chunks like this. In my family, the pork belly must be cut in fine strips so that the fat will "melt" into the vegetables.

#Cooking #Nyonya #Malaysia #TootSEA #SouthEastAsia

Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

So this morning I was craving wanton noodles but there is nowhere in the city that makes it in the exact style I want (KL style dark soy sauce wanton noodles with fried wantons in a triangle shape). I went to a Cambodian grocer and butcher in my neighborhood and got, for $12, enough raw materials to make 6-8 portions!

#MakanApaToday #TootSea #Malaysia #Singapore

Homemade Malaysian style dark soy sauce wanton noodles displayed on table lined with Japanese newspaper. In the background, various soy and other sauces on display

Admire this man's tenacity. Others would have moaned and groaned and played the victim card, but he put in the work to clear his debts by working multiple jobs and living out of his car. Clearing Rm1mil in 2 years is no small feat.

#Malaysia #TOOTSEA #SouthEastAsia #Crypto #Finance #Debt

Confession: I don't like Ramli burgers.

#Malaysian #Malaysia #Food #SouthEastAsia

I like to watch this video a few times because I didn't realise as a Penang lang I have committed all these sins.

Fav one: Saying "Penang one better!"

#Malaysia #Penang #TOOTSEA

So I finally had a taste of this super famous egg tart that everyone queues up for.
All I can say is... Thank god I didn't queue up an hour for this.
I mean it's good lah, but it remains a mystery why people would queue up in long lines for this. 🤷‍♀️

#MakanApaToday (taken on Monday)

#Malaysia #SouthEastAsia

Oriental cafe paper bag
Egg tart

I'm starting to wonder if "Kuala Lumpur is not what I expected!" is some kind #Youtube SEO hack. 😆

I mean it's nice & cute that they are so amazed we are so modern, green and developed, but after a while I wonder if people are actually exaggerating for clicks.

yeah, I'm cynical lol

PS: The latest video I'm watching - the Youtubers were SO AMAZED our trains have....

Okay then.

#Malaysia #TootSEA #SouthEastAsia

I was very worried I passed #Covid to my parents, whom I met for breakfast on Sat. Fortunately, they are negative. I think #Malaysia has gotten lax over masking. Masking mandates have been lifted, but not for public transportation (as far as I know) but more than half are not masking. I believe I caught COVID last week when I was in a packed train to KLCC. -_- Most were not masking. I was, but it's almost a pointless exercise.
I think I will be avoiding crowded LRTs & malls from now on.