1 month ago

Everything Olive sees is hers.

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Black Manx cat on front lawn near the trunk of a Japanese maple tree. The cat's black fur is shining in the sunlight as she surveys her domain.
Cary Grace
2 months ago

It’s always a good day for a cat picture.


A grey tabby and white cat lying on a stone porch, looking back at the camera, with her mouth slightly open in a funny expression.
Cary Grace
3 months ago

This adorable weirdo warming her little Manx bunny tail in front of the log fire 🤣 #cats #ManxCats #CatsOfMastodon

A grey tabby and white Manx cat, lying on her back in front of a black log burner, and looking at the camera.

Rua teaches another of his sleeping master classes. And yes, he still has no tail.

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Big orange Manx cat is laying on his side asleep. His head is butted up against a stack of books, and his face is partly covered by his front paws. There's a teensy tuft of hair on his rump where most cats have a tail.

The Manxes are not trying to kill each other this morning. So far, anyway.

Olive (front) and Rua (rear).

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Two Manx cats sitting closer to each other than usual on a messy bed with a pile of books behind them. In front, the red-collared black cat sits on a green plaid throw, face to the camera with a cheerful round-eyed expression. In back, the orange cat looks on with half-closed eyes, his paws crossed in front of him.

The two Manxes usually try to kill each other. But just now, Rua (orange) just snuck up behind Olive, sniffed her a bit, and backed off. Olive noticed but didn't react other than by turning her head. Then they both went to sleep, leaving maybe a foot between them. Unusually calm behavior on both of their parts. I doubt it will last, but maybe they are starting to tire of all the drama.

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Two Manx cats asleep on a bed, about a foot apart. Rua (orange) has his head toward Olive. Olive is curled up on a throw with her face towards Rua.

Have you ever seen such a magnificent tailless rump?, asks Rua.

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Rump-first view of orange Manx cat laying on colorful blanket. No tail is in evidence, but Rua is making a lovely little  blep.

Olive is extremely happy to experience the first open bedroom window in at least a month.

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Black Manx cat standing on sill of open window, obviously quite happy to be there. Cat is looking off at something to the viewer's right.
Cary Grace
5 months ago
A grey tabby and white Manx cat sleeping in a cat bed.
A grey tabby and white Manx cat lying in a cat bed and looking up.
A grey tabby and white Manx cat sleeping in a cat bed.

Whatever it was I didn't do it, sez Olive.

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Black Manx cat sitting on small Persian rug, staring up at camera with those innocent yellow eyes

Olive's favorite expression. Seriously. The Queen of the Void is also Mistress of the Blep.

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Black Manx cat sitting on green plaid blanket with a very cute blep on her face

Rua wondering where he should look next for his missing tail.

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Orange Manx cat crouched on green lawn next to matching power cable, lost in thought.

It's unusual for the two Manxes to be this close to each other. Usually, one of them either gets up and leaves and/or starts hissing at the other one. Olive is in front, Rua in back.

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Two Manx cats sitting about a foot apart on a bed. The black one in the foreground is looking off to the side. The orange cat in back is looking at the black cat.

Olive, Queen of the Void, seems to have finally shaken the respiratory infection that's been plaguing all of the cats. She's very cheerful and much more active today.

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The best orange Manx in the house.

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Very happy orange Manx cat, close up with eyes barely open
6 months ago

Hopeful this 11 seconds of #caturday footage hot off the presses is worthy of space on my instance server

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Rua is, as they say, one long drink of water.

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Orange Manx cat stretched out very long atop blankets, looking at the camera

Rua is considering whether he should search for his missing tail or take another nap. Nap won.

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Orange Manx cat sitting on colorful cat bed, looking thoughtfully at viewer