The Transportation Historian
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The FRA just announced the #PassengerRail corridors which will be receiving #federal grants for planning, including #HighSpeedRail. This includes, but is not limited to #BrightlineWest, #California HSR, and a high speed rail line in #Texas.

On this #map the corridors selected are shown. Grey lines are existing routes not selected, solid blue lines are existing corridors that were selected, dashed blue and dashed red lines are new routes, with the dashed red lines being #HSR.

#rail #train

An image of the FRA's map of the corridors selected to receive federal funding.
They include the following high speed rail corridors: the Amtrak Texas High-Speed Rail Corridor from Dallas to Houston; the Brightline West High-Speed Corridor from Rancho Cucamonga, CA to Las Vegas; the California High-Speed Rail Phase 1 Corridor from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim; the Cascadia High-Speed Ground Transportation from Vancouver to Portland via Seattle; the Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA Corridor; the Fort Worth to Houston High-Speed Rail Corridor via Dallas; and the High Desert Intercity High-Speed Rail Corridor from Victor Valley, CA to Palmdale, CA, connecting California HSR Phase 1 and Brightline West.
Additionally, a number of conventional rail corridors have been announced, which are too numerous to list here. A link to the website has been provided in the post.
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2 days ago

☝️ We are starting in one hour with

"How to Make a Beautiful #3D Georeferenced #Map using #QGIS and #Blender" by Hemed Lungo

followed by

"QGIS Plugin AIAMAS - #AI-Assisted Map Styler" by @sfkeller

#GISChat #Mapping #Geospatial #QOD #QGISOpenDay #AIAssisted #AIAssistedMap

The Old Map Gallery
2 days ago

The impacts of Alexander von Humboldt are still felt across so many fields, it's amazing.
His impacts were seen in geography pretty quickly. Here a thematic map from the British publisher, Johnston, in 1850, looking at Reptiles, which is indebted to von Humboldt's innovations.

#maps #dataviz #map #history

Laidback DM
2 days ago

A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out part 14 of the unplanned ‘Lost Kingdom’ project!

#dnd #5e #osr #ttrpg #map #cartography#ipad #procreate #ttrpg #TimeLapse #maps #DnD5e

"Ample evidence suggests that this landmass represents Christopher Columbus’s discoveries of the north coast of Cuba on his first voyage and the south coast of Cuba on his second voyage, voyages on which he claims to have discovered Asia."

Donald L. McGuirk (2014) The Presumed North America on the Waldseemüller World Map (1507): A Theory of Its Discovery by Christopher Columbus, Terrae Incognitae, 46:2, 86-102, DOI: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #Map #Maps #Cartography #Columbus #America #Asia #Cuba

Daniel Pomarède
3 days ago

Great Attractor paper alert 🚨

SARAO MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey: Probing the richness of the Great Attractor Wall across the inner Zone of Avoidance

by Nadia Steyn and co-authors

#greatattractor #zoa #zoneofavoidance #galaxies #milkyway #galaxy #ska #ska_africa #sarao #meerkat #survey #cosmography #map #maps #cosmology #universe #astronomy #astrophysics #astrodon #space #science #research #arxiv

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Зачем мне пылесос с ананасом или как оценить корректность рекомендательной системы

Привет, Хабр! На связи участница профессионального сообщества NTA Ульянова Дарья. Каждый день, выполняя рутинные действия, мы сталкиваемся с рекомендательными системами. Их предложения часто попадают прямо в цель, и иногда создается впечатление, что кто‑то читает твои мысли. Сегодня буду разбираться с тем, как оцениваются рекомендательные системы, какие метрики качества используются, и как затем измеряется эффективность их работы для бизнеса. Это полезно при оценке сервисов с рекомендательными системами, ведь часто нам приходят чисто статистические данные, в которых надо разобраться, и дать объективную оценку проекту. К метрикам recsys

#recsys #recommender_systems #RMSE #метрики #Precision@k #Recall@k #MAP@k #NDCG@k

Geographical systems of the ancients. Drawn by Dr. Charles Muller. Engraved by Edwd. Weller. London : John Murray. (to accompany) Dr. William Smith's Ancient atlas. 1. 1874. : Smith, William, 1813-1893 via @internetarchive #Map #Maps #Cartography #Mapstodon #Atlas #Ancient #Antiquity #Antiquidons #C19th #19thCentury @antiquidons

#Image credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
4 days ago

Wow, this @xkcd is really excellent.

#Space tip: if you’re ever lost in the inner #solar system, you can just type out the phrase “Optimistic #Aliens measure space typographically” in times new roman and use the dots as a #map



#Astronomy #Meme #Mastodon

Space tip: if you’re ever lost in the inner solar system, you can just type out the phrase “Optimistic Aliens measure space typographically” in times new roman and use the dots as a map
4 days ago

MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council) mapped reporting on real estate flips in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

#housing #boston #bospoli #mapoli #realestate #profiteering #investing #development #justice #map

Laidback DM
5 days ago

A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out part 13 of the unplanned ‘Lost Kingdom’ project!

#dnd #5e #osr #ttrpg #map #cartography#ipad #procreate #ttrpg #TimeLapse #maps #DnD5e

Simon Kuestenmacher
5 days ago

Linguistic #map of #Germany. Besides the Central Bavarian dialect from my home town I'd have to say that Westphalian (ideally spoken by a drunk chain smoker) is my favourite German dialect. Source:

Nider was making a map of the rooms of his crew out of a parchement. Don't blame him if it was a poor quality one, as he was not used of making them.
Hopefully his friends might read and understand them...


Parchement trying to show part of Nider's hideout.
5 days ago

Our favorite pastry is croissant. However, if you need to order one, how would you call it in Spanish? we have to recognize that our favorite name is...
And yours?

Find more information here:

#map #mapologies #español #vocabulary #learnspanish #castelano #aprendeespañol #mapa #languagemap #languagelearning #twitterele #ele #croisant #curasan #medialuna #cuernito #cachos #cangrejo #pastry #sweet

Map of croissant in Spanish
6 days ago

Made a map.

It used to be a bandit hideout up until they were wiped out when they fought against the nearby capital city in the most recent civil war.

As none were able to return to this hideout and none knew of its location it lay uninhibited for numberous years.

Soon it became shelter for a group of beasts who unbeknownst to them rest just feet away from a great hoard of treasure and riches.

#dnd #dungeonsAndDragons #ttrpg #rpg #roleplay #lore #map #mapmonday #drawing

Dan Sloane
6 days ago

Far less dull than it sounds. #map #suffolk

"Visitor Map of the A1120 from Stowmarket to Yoxford"
geekgirl :mastodon:
6 days ago

#Brisbane City Council's Outdoor #Gallery transforms Brisbane's laneways, city streets and car parks into imaginative, curious, and engaging spaces. Comprising of light boxes, banners, vitrines, and evening projections, the Outdoor Gallery displays #art outside in city streets, instead of inside on gallery walls.

*The #map is a useful tool to help you navigate the #artworks

6 days ago

Фильтры Ansible: превращаем сложное в простое

Используя Ansible в качестве инструмента автоматизации, часть приходится сталкиваться с задачей обработки и фильтрации структурированных данных. Как правило, это набор фактов, полученных с управляемых серверов, или ответ на запрос к внешним API, которые возвращают данные в виде стандартного json. Многие неопытные инженеры, используя Ansible в таких случаях, начинают прибегать к помощи привычных консольных команд и начинают городить то, что среди специалистов получило название bashsible . В общем, вспоминается известный мем:

#ansible #фильтры #map #selectattr #items2dict #dict2items #jinja2

Moritz Brouhaha
6 days ago

💙#4 - B42 - La fabrique de Rudi Meyer

Paris-based independent publishing house B42 has published this year a retrospective of the work of the Swiss designer Rudi Meyer.
Product design, map design and advertising, this interview of the designer shows 60 years of selected works.

#design #mapdesign #map

cover of the books showing the RER metro map designed by Rudi Meyer
Maps by Rudi Meyer.
SNCF network by Rudi Meyer
1 week ago

And last, but not least:

Meet for a secret rendezvous in the moonlit rose garden.

#ttrpg #dnd #pathfinder #rpg #map

A full size preview of the battlemap. Moonlight glances off a stone fountain surrounded by L-shaped rosebush hedgerows. The image is labelled Moonlit Rose Garden, and 18x14 Battlemap
1 week ago

Serve the rich, kill the rich, eat the rich, in the lavish dining room.

#ttrpg #dnd #pathfinder #rpg #map

Two square chambers hosting large, ornate feasting tables are joined by a narrower room that is piled with gold and gems, and watched over by four winged statues. The image is labelled Lavish Dining Room, an 18x8 Battlemap
1 week ago

Dance the night away under the sparkling chandeliers of the enchanting ballroom.

#ttrpg #dnd #pathfinder #rpg #map

A full size preview of the battlemap. Lavish parquet glows under two invisible chandeliers. Large, ornate stone pillars hold up the ceiling. In the south, a raised platform hosts seating for VIPs. The image is labelled Enchanting Ballroom, 26x17 Battlemap
1 week ago

Engage in an action movie trope and have a fight with some thugs in the busy tavern kitchen.

#ttrpg #dnd #pathfinder #rpg #map

A full size preview of the battlemap. A tight kitchen has a row of ovens down the middle and a large bread oven that glows with fire. It is labelled Tavern Kitchen, a 10x8 battlemap
1 week ago

Etymology #map of gooseberry (ribes uva-crispa). Nop, do not be misled: it is not the berry 🫐 of geese 🦆

#mapologies #etymology #etymologymap #berry
#languages #dutch

Etymology map of gooseberry
1 week ago

Gonna put 4 more maps on DTRPG tonight :)

These are individual room maps that I made for the most recent Guild of Icons session, Emerald Heart.

#ttrpg #dnd #rpg #pathfinder #map

A rose garden at night, lit by the warmth of four braziers. A fountain in the centre sparkles in moonlight.
A bright ballroom lit by two (invisible) massive chandeliers. Heavy pillars cast long shadows against the back walls. To the south, a raised platform holds 6 fine looking chairs overlooking the room.
Peter Nimmo
1 week ago

Something for my #international followers- the #government agency who provide #Scotland's #road #traffic information have a live #map of the locations of #winter #gritters. Many of them have amusing names...

Screenshot of computer map showing showing gritting lorries, named Licence to Chill and I Want to Break Freeze
Similar, with Creedence Clear-Road Survival
The Old Map Gallery
1 week ago

Mistakes happen. But not often.
We can only think of a few maps with mistakes, done as map makers tried to keep up with the flurry of changes to all those western U.S. territories. It would have been a challenge, especially from the 1830's to the late 1860's. And sometimes, maps from this era can be an amalgam of configurations.

Here, a good map from a French publisher in the late 1860's, but they kind of transposed the territories of Idaho and Montana.

#maps #Montana #map #history

Preparing the SAKE ttrpg Quickstart, working on Domain Rules: Great North Thefnan Tower Castle

#ttrpg #gamedev #indiegame #rpg #domain #economics #trade #tradegame #worldbuilding #crunch #crunchyrpg #sake #indierpg #osr #map #mapmaking

1 week ago

#SF #Feces #Map

Last night DeSantis pulled out an image of what he called a map of human feces found on the streets of SF and I was wondering if this was real or not.

Unfortunately, it was real and is pretty damning.

Of course, no other city (or at least not a red one) would publish such a map and it is an example of The City providing too WAY much info. Info that the right wing MAGA faction can use against it and the liberal Left. 🤷‍♂️

1 week ago

USDA Updates Plant Hardiness Map For The First Time In More Than A Decade
-- <-- shared media article
-- <-- shared 2023 USDA map
“The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which perennial plants are most likely to thrive at a location. The map is based on the average annual extreme minimum winter temperature, displayed as 10-degree F zones and 5-degree F half zones. A broadband internet connection is recommended for the interactive GIS-based map above.
To find the Plant Hardiness Zone at your location quickly, enter your zip code in the Quick Zip Code Search box in the map above, or click anywhere on the map to view the corresponding interactive map…”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #growers #gardeners #map #USA #model #modeling #interpolation #plant #planthardiness #USDA #PlantHardinessZoneMap #new #2023 #2012 #1990 #climatechange #warming #perennials #interactivemap

photo - new seedling
map - 2023 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, USA
map - 2023 USDA PLant Hardiness Zone Map, USA - 2023 vs 2012 changes
map - 2023 USDA PLant Hardiness Zone Map - Pacific Northwest (PNW)


🏆 My #30DayMapChallenge 2023: 26 of 30 maps 🗺️
🧭 One poster map and an online #map for each day using #Macarte from @IGNFrance 🌐


Terence Eden
1 week ago

🆕 blog! “You can now buy my South Up, Aotearoa Centred, Equal-Earth Projection Map”

I'm delighted to announce that I've actually finished a project! Over the last few years, I've been designing a custom map. As per the credo of the "Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality", this map uses the Equal Earth projection to ensure prop…

👀 Read more:

#art #ForSale #map #OCSE

You can now buy my South Up, Aotearoa Centred, Equal-Earth Projection Map

I'm delighted to announce that I've actually finished a project!

Over the last few years, I've been designing a custom map. As per the credo of the "Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality", this map uses the Equal Earth projection to ensure proportional land-mass size, the South is at the up, and - of course - the globe has been rotated to 150°.

I've had it printed and I think it looks glorious!

Hanging on the wall

You can buy these maps from RedBubble.



This is a large poster - I recommend buying the 120cm by 60cm version. It needs to be that size in order to make the country names legible. The cost per poster depends on your locale and whatever promotions RedBubble are doing.

These are not limited editions! I will print off as many as people order. Each one comes with a small inscription in the corner saying what the map is, and some other metadata.

As per below, you can download the assets in vector or raster format if you'd like to try printing them yourself.


Maps are contentious. Some countries don't recognise other countries. Some borders are disputed. Some people clamour for reunification, some for secession. Some countries have a name given to them by their colonial oppressors. Some have been renamed by mad tyrants. Some countries have multiple names in different languages. Some are still fighting bloody wars in order to be recognised. Flags also suffer from the same problem.

The good news is that this is not an official map - my choices have no geopolitical consequences. The even better news is that the code behind the map is open source - so you can redraw it to your heart's content.

I have used the borders from Natural Earth, the country names from OpenStreetMap, and flags from Twemoji. If you dislike any of those, please direct your complaints to them.


There are a few of things which have left me slightly dissatisfied.

By convention, most maps use Shaded Relief with the light coming from North-West. However, because this map is flipped, it cause an optical illusion which make mountains look like ravines and vice-versa. As noted:

Viewing images that do not conform to this convention may show a form of convex–concave ambiguity.
Wikipedia page on "Top-Left" lighting

If you know how to redrawing or recalculate the shade, please let me know.

Secondly, in their default placement, country names and flags overlap. For example:

I manually adjusted the placement to keep labels and flags roughly in the right place without overlapping. I think I was accurate, but if you spot any mistakes - or know how to automate this - please let me know.

Non-Contiguous countries aren't handled well. For example, Alaska is unlabelled because it physically separated from the rest of the USA. The same is true of overseas territories like the Canary Islands and French Guiana.

The various seas, oceans, and other bodies of water aren't labelled.

I'm sure you will spot a few other errors. Either leave a comment here or raise an issue on GitHub.


This was a multi-stage process - mostly involving R.


The background image comes from "Color terrain art without type halos". It's a TIFF which has been rotated and converted to PNG.

mogrify -rotate 180 Equal-Earth-Physical-Relief-No-Halos-150E.tif convert Equal-Earth-Physical-Relief-No-Halos-150E.tif EE-SU.png

Country Names

Natural Earth only provides country names in English ☹ - but it also provides 2 character ISO codes. So I grabbed the country codes and names from OpenStreetMap and merged them into the data set using R.

The Code

This produces the country borders and names onto an SVG.

Manual placement

I used Boxy to edit the SVG and place all names in roughly the right place.


Inkscape was used to open the resultant SVG at 72dpi. I then used Gimp to autocrop, canvas expanded to 16000x9000, and saved as an uncompressed PNG.

The Emoji wouldn't import to either Gimp or Inkscape. So I viewed the file in Firefox and then printed it to a PDF. That PDF was cropped using pdfcrop` and then imported to Gimp.

Some print shops require CMYK colour spaces - convert Export.png -colorspace cmyk Print-CMYK.tif


All of the Equal Earth data has this copyright:

The Equal Earth Physical Wall Map is in the public domain. You may use the map any way you like, including modifying the content, reproducing it on any type of media, republishing it, and selling it for profit. Consider the map as yours.
By downloading and using this map you agree that the map author (Tom Patterson) is not legally responsible for any errors that the map may contain. You are solely responsible for all problems that may arise from reuse of the map and its redistribution to third parties. Tom Patterson does not endorse the individuals or organizations that may use the map, nor does he endorse their positions on various issues.

It builds on Natural Earth, which is also public domain.

The Emoji flags are either CC BY or MIT - depending on whether you think SVGs are images or code.

In a similar spirit, the code that I've used to create my variation of the map, and the resultant output, is also hereby placed in the public domain. You may treat it as CC0.

South Up, Aotearoa Centred, Equal Earth Projection Map by Terence Eden is marked with CC0 1.0 Universal


You can download all the code and assets from GitHub.


#art #ForSale #map #OCSE

1 week ago

So I traced the #map I did for a #dnd module I am looking to work on.

Coffee was making me sleepy so I had a energy drink and kinda coming down for a high still.

Yeah it is not as nice as the original material copy... and I just realised that I missed out an entire room.

But hey it'll look better than a photo (I guess). Might add the edging and sort out the text etc. Definitely not done but a good place.

#dungeonsAndDragons #drawing #gimp #dnd5e #mapmaking

1 week ago

Follow up to my last post, this time using #gimp to get a spray-paint stencil effect. IRL you'd cut the building outlines out of card

In reality with this style you can't get buildings with holes in them, so I should look into how to fill these in with :qgis: . Any suggestion on easy ways to do this welcome 🤔

Map is of #Edinburgh, south to the top. OS OpenZoomStack, region_buildings layer.

#qgis #map #cartography

map of Edinburgh, done in a spray-stencil effect with black ink on a textured white wall.
1 week ago
1 week ago

Last day: The 30th Map 🗺️ of #30DayMapChallenge is "My favourite..." alternative #map of United #Europe 🇪🇺 of Circular states 🔵. Each circular state has a capital city radiating from the European Capital City in Vilnius, where it lays its geographic center.

#30daymapchallengequizz #30MapChallenge #MapChallenge #mapologies #utopian #borders #cities #circle #start

Map of United Europe of Circular states
1 week ago
Greg Fiske
2 weeks ago

The coolest #map postcards will be available at #COP28 next week.

The Old Map Gallery
2 weeks ago

Thinking about making a catalog of maps themed around "your empire is unraveling"

Here, the almost unimaginable dissolution of the U.S.S.R. in 1992, which caught many off guard, including vast swaths of the U.S. intelligence community, apparently.

This map shows the first steps of the decentralized nations that now begin to start over.

#maps #dataviz #map #politics

A colorful map for what was the U.S.S.R., now, broken into individual nations again.
Daniel Pomarède
2 weeks ago

Cosmography archives

1998 - A map of interstellar molecular clouds and diffuse gas within 500 pc of the Sun

by Priscilla Frisch

#cosmography #cartography #astronomy #astrodon #milkyway #galaxy #interstellar #clouds #gas #dust #map #charts #sky #skymap #universe #space #science #archive #archives

Jon Sullivan
2 weeks ago

Here a three maps from my roadkill counts. Every yellow dot is an animal killed by a car in the past 11 years.

The closest view shows the influence of speed, with the road at the top left being 60 km/hr and the lower right being 80 km/hr (reduced from 100 km/hr in earlier years).


#roadkill #roads #EcologicalMonitoring #nz #map

A map of mid Canterbury New Zealand covered in yellow dots. Each dot is one roadkill animal I've counted between 2012–2023.
A map of Halswell Road in Ōtautahi-Christchurch, New Zealand, covered in yellow dots. Each dot is one roadkill animal I've counted between 2012–2023.
A map of greater Ōtautahi-Christchurch city, New Zealand, covered in yellow dots. Each dot is one roadkill animal I've counted between 2012–2023. The main route in the middle, with the most dots, is my daily bike commute to work in Lincoln.
Lisa Hornung
2 weeks ago

#30DayMapChallenge Day27 – Dot

Cultural venues in London coloured by main type. 🎨 🎭

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to complete a map every day, so sharing work from earlier this year.

Data from #OpenStreetMap, made with #python #matplotlib

#map #GIS #dataviz #arts #London

Map of cultural venues in London. Displays bubbles of the total number of venues per 4km. each bubble is coloured by the majority type. Highest density of venues in the centre, with the majority being theatres in Covent Garden. Source OpenStreetMap
2 weeks ago

Day 27 "Dots". In the 27th Map 🗺️ of #30DayMapChallenge There are 175 world's #tripoints (where three countries meet), now you can see them in one single #map. Does your #country have it?

#30MapChallenge #MapChallenge #mapologies #border #state #planet #global #star #dot #point

Map of the world's tripoints
3 weeks ago

Une chouette initiative basée sur OpenStreetMap à découvrir et relayer ! 👏

Shareish : Partagez, chérissez.
Et sur Mastodon : @shareish

#OpenSource #Map #OSM #Solidarité #Partage #Dons #PostCapitalism

Capture d’écran de la page d’accueil du site web de Shareish ( : "Partagez, chérissez."
Trip Theory
3 weeks ago

Shaped by our experiences.
📸 Andrew Stutesman
#travel #quote #growth
#travelphotography #map

A wall map with many pins stuck in it around various countries in the world. The quote on the photo reads, “So much of who we are is where we have been.” by William Langewiesche.
Imperor 🎲🎮🎄
3 weeks ago

Tonight, I'll be #streaming some #worldbuilding for an upcoming #ttrpg #dnd5e campaign, specifically making a #map with #wonderdraft

It'll be a chill affair, just some chatting and musing about what I'm doing and talking a little about the ideas.

Maybe I end up using what we build, maybe not. Brainstorm time!

relache ⚗️
3 weeks ago

The USDA plant hardiness map just got updated for the first time in about a decade, so now you can tell more clearly how climate change is effecting your backyard and garden. And this may change what you decide to plant this coming year.

#ClimateChange #Map #USA #Gardening #Plants

This is pretty crazy; Alaska is only about twice as wide as the Hawaiian islands, though it looks a LOT bigger due to map projection.

The True Size Of ...!US-AK*NTM5OTg3OQ.NzkxMDk5)Mw~!US-HI*NTM4NDA3Ng.MTg0NDA4Njg)NA

#alaska #hawaii #map #maps #mapProjection

Map showing the actual size of Alaska and Hawaii placed next to their projected map rendering
4 weeks ago

Superbe carte. Les superficies des pays sont représentées dans leurs tailles réelles (pas comme avec la classique projection de Mercator).
Attention par contre,
la boîte à l'origine de ce visuel, ArtLebedev, a commis une grosse faute impérialiste en comptant la Crimée dans la Russie. Cette région appartient à l'Ukraine, elle est envahit par la Russie contre le droit international.

#geographie #cartes #pays #map #worldmap #countries #geography

Terence Eden
4 weeks ago

OK friends, I've launched my shop!

You can now buy my South-Up, Equal Earth, New Zealand centred maps from:

There's a massive 40% off at RedBubble right now. Perfect Christmas gifts for the map nerd in your life 🙂

#Map #GIS #Aotearoa

Huge poster of the world hanging on my wall.
The Old Map Gallery
4 weeks ago

It's not much of a map, but for us, it's a moment of "what could have been".
From 1883, this is a pre-automobile look at Los Angeles and its distinct neighboring towns. It does show the major wagon roads of the time, but those thick black lines were railroads that could take you down to San Diego, into San Bernadino, or even up to Santa Barbara. It's interesting to imagine if the region had developed by rail rather than highway.

#maps #losangeles #cartography #urbanism #map #socal #urban #map

Here a simply colored map showing from Santa Barbara California, down to San Diego, and simpler times when sparse roads, and several railroads were the arteries for development and commerce

The Desert Hound, a quite litteral sandbox adventure drawn for a Cartographers Guild challenge. It was a looooong map but one I enjoyed drawing a lot. If you end up playing with it, please drop your experience by me ;) #map #mapmaking #mapmaker #cartography #rpg #jdr #dnd #fantasymap

A desertic landscape. Left, the end of a plateau maze reaches a river. Bottom right, a small earthen village is nested in a green oasis. Right, mountains are starting. In the middle of the map, a ziggurat temple, standing columns and a half buried statue of a jackal headed figure.
New Horizons
1 month ago

A regional map I recently did for a Pathfinder adventure.
I like this simple B&W maps on parchment background.
It is not too time consuming and hence not so stressful, lol.

#cartography #map #fantasymap #pathfinder #dnd #dnd5e #ttrpg

1 month ago

Thx for the thread.
I had noticed the call relayed by @zceline for help to #map the area following #Morocco #Earthquake and found the concept great.



#30DayMapChallenge day 6: Asia
🗺️The Travels of Marco Polo on a #map📙#MarvelsOfTheWorld #storymap with @GallicaBnF
documents 📜 #journey #Macarte #Edugeo
🗺️online map➡️

#Opendata 🗺️ travel #data available in this gist #DIY #GeoJSON


Nicolas Birckel 🐙
1 month ago

la semaine dernière j'ai fait des cartes stylisées à partir des données SRTM de la NASA. plus d'informations par ici :

#map #python

Mont Fuji Data: NASA via | Code & Design by Nicolas Birckel
Lisa Hornung
1 month ago

#30DayMapChallenge Day6 – Asia.

A shaded relief map of the Philippines, a nice follow up from my very first one of Japan I did last year 😅

Made in #python with matplotlib. Code includes link to a full tutorial from Adam Symington.

#map #gis #datavis #3d

Map of the Philippines with hillshades and a red to yellow color map for elevation on white background.
Karl Dubost
1 month ago

Magnifique outil pour comparer les lieux en photographies et cartes et mieux comprendre les évolutions du territoire. La richesse des noms sur la carte de Cassini est époustouflante.

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The Old Map Gallery
1 month ago

For those about to run, we salute you!
Tomorrow is the New York City Marathon, and it's a massive, spectacle of an event, full of human moments. From back in 1985, this pictorial map shows a few of those unique times where the nuns helped up a runner, or a man disappeared down a pothole, or the Hasidim offered up seltzer relief!

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A colorful pictorial map showing the route of the NYC marathon through the Boroughs, with some funny moments that happened along the way.
1 month ago

This afternoon I had to send some promo material to @fsfe supporters, and to do so I had to find a post box 📮 nearby.

I looked for “Mailbox” in @organicmaps and I got it, just a few meters from the office.

Is there any other #map database that locates even mail boxes? Only @openstreetmap 🚀

I love #FreeSoftware, I love #OpenData! 😍

#Berlin #OSM #OpenStreetMap #OrganicMaps #FSFE #FSFEinternship #internLife

OrganicMaps screenshot of the Mailbox search and location
Photo of the FSFE package being sent. The mailbox has a sticker of Julian Assange on it!