Alaska Native News
1 month ago

Racist White Man Fatally Shoots Three Black People at Florida Store
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'He hated Black people,' the sheriff said

The Jacksonville shooting is clearly a copy cat hate crime. Just like the New Zealand and Buffalo shooters, the Jacksonville shooter painted his AR15 rifle with racist messages. It’s only a matter of...
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2 months ago

"For two months, the pistol was as anonymous in the streets of St. Paul as it was when it left Eagle Pass. It found infamy within an hour of its final purchase." — Stephen Montemayor for Star Tribune

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Andrew Shippin
3 months ago

I am a long ago transplanted Brit so my perspective on July 4 is a bit different. However July 4 is meant to be a celebration about families, and all that's good about America. Sadly for some it's an excuse to open fire. The why and the politics behind these shootings doesn't matter. These terrible acts are happening, and the American people need to fathom out a solution.

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So we just haven't prayed hard enough to get God interested in preventing a mass shooting?

This misuse of religious language to avoid looking honestly at what's at the root of these mass shootings, which are more or less unique to the US, is obscene.

What's at the root: too many damned guns. Assault rifles designed for military use casually available to civilians. Republican blocking of any attempt to solve the problem. The NRA's death hold on the nation.

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According to Texas representative Keith Self, whose district includes Allen, where a mass shooting just took place, people who say thoughts and prayers aren't enough when another mass shooting takes place just don't believe in God and that God controls everything.

So many questions: If God is "absolutely in control" of everything as Rep. Self maintains, then God is somehow ultimately responsible when a mass shooting occurs.

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5 months ago

Since the #GOP love efficiency

My $SPOUSENAME and I are devastated to hear of the horrific shooting in $CITYNAME. Our thoughts and prayers are with $COUNTYNAME and my team is working with $GOVERNORNAME and $LISTSTATEAGENCIES. Now is not the time for politics.

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5 months ago

ok what's the actual number of guns we need to increase to in society for this to end guys, what is it, 1 per person, 5 per person, what's the target here NRA let us know

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5 months ago

5 people fatally shot, including 8-year-old, in Texas rampage that started with a noise complaint, San Jacinto County Sheriff says #USA #gunviolence #masshooting // Texas und Florida, zwei Staaten die Ich nie besuchen werde…

🟡 Artist: #TRUSTICON in City: #London UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "Time for school" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #School #Peanuts #Masshooting #USA #GunControlNow #CharlieBrown

Streetartwall. A mural of the comic character Charlie Brown is sprayed on a white street wall.
He wears a white baseball cap, his yellow shirt and black shorts. He has a beige lunch bag and a blue backpack over his shoulder. A machine gun is sticking out of the backpack. He is on his way to school. He is smiling.
6 months ago

45,000+ Americans die from guns each year, less than 400 of those are assault style weapons. I do support banning assault style weapons, but we need to get rid of about 99% of the other guns while we are at it. i am more worried about the 45,000+ who died from all types of guns In 2020, the most recent year for which complete data is available, 45,222 people died from gun-related injuries in the U.S., according to the CDC. #school #guns #masshooting

Greg Dance
7 months ago

When ever there is a gun caused mass death event, only New Zealand has responded to it appropriately.

All other nations seem to stop at lame discussion of banning some sorts of guns, but then it all goes quiet until another slaughter event.

What is it with the pro gun nuts?

I await until some of them are in the wrong place themselves when a demented flake with an automatic battlefield rifle goes wild.

Is that what it will take?

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7 months ago

Judge Susan Eagan's message for the Buffalo shooter, as he is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole
I'm uploading the blurred-out ver of this cos people like him get off on their media popularity

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8 months ago

If you're not a straight white christian male, you need to be arming up and training your community how to respond to #masshooting

LDD Mother
10 months ago