8 hours ago

Good thing they waited until their credibility was shot or this might have forced some [rich/powerful] peoples' hands

#COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp @novid

8 hours ago

Long covid can impair quality of life more than advanced cancers

Health-related quality of life scores were also lower than those of people with advanced metastatic cancers, such as stage 4 lung cancer. Overall, the impact of long Covid on the daily activities of patients was worse than that for stroke patients and comparable to people with Parkinson’s disease.

#LongCovid #CovidIsNotOver #Covid19 #MaskUp #WearAMask

Julie Webgirl
20 hours ago

Nice young man cutting my fabric at the fabric store coughed and sniffled one too many times for my comfort (I was uncomfortable at 2. There were more).

Me: masked

He: unmasked

Got home...

#Mask filter in garbage. (It was a fresh one too)

Fabric in paper bag outside on deck

Mask (#Flomask) in UV sanitizer

#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #LongCovid #Covid #MaskUp

Dr. Clare
1 day ago

With the all the appropriate concern about #airquality in North America the last few days, it makes me wonder what would have been the response to #covid19 if people who were contagious exhaled putrid green fumes?

#CovidIsNotOver #maskup

Putrid green fumes

My indoor #PM25 reading is FINALLY as low as is measurable by the #AirPurifier!

At some points yesterday, it was up to 35 ppm even with all windows closed, air conditioners off/sealed, exhaust fans off, etc.

#Levoit #HEPA #IAQ #CleanTheAir #Wildfires #NYC #NY #Wildfires #CanadaFires #CleanAir #AirQualityAlert #MaskUp #WearARespirator #N95 #ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow

A top down view showing the digital display of a Levoit 600S air purifier with True HEPA filter. The display reads “001” referring to the parts per million concentration of PM2.5 particulate matter in the air.
Hubbub World
1 day ago

#Wisconsin #COVID19 Weekly Forecast 6/8

‼️ Madison has very high Local Prevalence maxing at 49 /area and increasing 📈

👀 Milwaukee is high at 23 /area & stable

😷 #MaskUp #WildfireSmoke increases Exposure Risk

Real time updates & FAQ at:

Hubbub World
1 day ago

This week’s national forecast from our friends at @CovidDataReport

😷 #MaskUp
It is all the more important with the smoke that is blanketing the North East increasing Exposure Risk to respiratory illnesses

Real time updates & FAQ at:

1 day ago

Watch out, New York City, just because the sky's not yellow, doesn't mean it's safe to be out, especially without a good mask.
#air #alert #maskup #AirQualityAlert #NYC #asthma #heart #condition #particulate #matter #matters | #air #now #dot #gov.

The government's air quality index shows new york city as "very unhealthy" with an index of 215, where any number above 100 is "unhealthy". The past two days the dial was all the way to the highest reading, "hazardous", in the burgundy area.
Chris Hall
2 days ago

Updated long-covid info page to include recent media reporting of Aussie scientists demonstrating covid causes brain cells to fuse together. Also added the World in Data graph of Australians in hospital with covid.

#covid #COVID19 #COVIDisAirborne #MaskUp #Pandemic #PublicHealth #Virus

Lorraine C.
2 days ago

Via Governor Kathy Hochul @GovKathyHochul

Tomorrow morning, one million N95 masks will be made available at state facilities.

400,000 will be distributed to New Yorkers at @MTA stations, @PABusTerminal
@NYStateParks& @Javitscenter
600,000 will be available from @NYSDHSES
stockpiles for local governments to pick up.

#aqi #quebec #newyorkcity #newyork #Canada #Wildfires #globalwarming #climatechange #smoke #AirQuality #cdnpoli #MaskUp #nyc #news #usa #airpurifier

2 days ago

N95 respirators offer protection against wildfire PM2.5, reducing exposure by more than a factor of 14 and hospitalizations by 22%–39%

Natural-fiber (e.g., cotton) masks offer only minor protection against wildfire PM2.5, reducing hospitalizations by only 2%–11%

#AirQuality #Fires #FireSeason #MaskUp #Ontario #Quebec #Canada

Stay safe and N95 #MaskUp #NYC #aqi #wildfire

Lorraine C.
2 days ago

I guess, I have to prepare for a summer with terrible air quality. Forcast does not look good. Now, to convince my 87 year old mother to use one.

Next up, this has 2 Merv 13 filters, 1900 series, 20x20x1’built in a triangular shape. Takes up less room, not as noisy as standard #corsirosenthalbox

Photo via @DavidElfstrom Follow the #expert

#aqi #quebec #newyork #Canada #Wildfires #Montréal #globalwarming #climatechange #smoke #cdnpoli #MaskUp #nyc

Lorraine C.
2 days ago

Finally opened the window today. Air here, now good, but New York now dealing with it, and it looks awful.

Shit 😦 what kind of summer are we to have? This is a first for me.

#aqi #quebec #quebecfires #newyorkcity #newyork #Canada #Wildfires #Montréal #globalwarming #climatechange #smoke #AirQuality #cdnpoli #MaskUp #AirPurifiers

relache ⚗️
2 days ago

To everyone in NYC, I'd like to wish you a happy West Coast summer-style weekend, and don't skimp on wearing those N95s outside!

#NYC #WildFire #MaskUp

cynthia rose
2 days ago

No Dorothy, catastrophic #wildfires and their smoke are not just a California problem. Get those N95’s back out, your lungs will thank you…. #AQI #WildfireSmoke #MaskUp #ClimateCrisis

Can’t believe “experts” are on the weather channel right now telling everyone to wear #N95 respirators outdoors while standing outdoors, NOT WEARING N95s, just holding them…

#PPE only works if you wear it! #WearARespirator and stay indoors!

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow #ClimateEmergency #CapitalismKills #CanadaWildfires #NYC #NY #MaskUp #Smoke #CanadaFires #CleanAir #AirQualityAlert

Surreal, orange #Brooklyn skies at 1:58 PM on June 7, 2023. #WearARespirator and stay indoors! Utilize #HEPA and stay hydrated. Check in on your neighbors & give #PPE if you are able. EVERYONE is part of an #AtRisk group 😷

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow #ClimateEmergency #CapitalismKills #CanadaWildfires #NYC #NY #MaskUp #Smoke #CanadaFires #CleanAir #AirQualityAlert

Karen Mahtin
2 days ago

My friends and family on the East Coast are so messed-up from AQI levels that are "normal" outdoor winter evening levels here in my part of California (many neighbors heat with wood and who knows what other nasty stuff) and only half what they are when there's a wildfire here. #wildfire #smoke #maskup #N95 #houseairfilter #sharing

Alec Perkins
2 days ago

okay who forgot to turn off f.lux #NYC #MaskUp

Lower Manhattan skyline across the Hudson River just barely visible through a thick orange haze.
Dan Neuman
2 days ago

This trial from 2012 found that just wearing surgical masks by patients infected with multi drug resistant tuberculosis was enough to reduce infections by 56% in otherwise healthy Guinea pigs. But I guess another study won’t change things now. But we should have known. #MaskUp

🐞 they_d_bugg 🐞
2 days ago

Comrades in the so-called Newark area: Passing out masks today if you need one. Let me know if you need location for distro. Heading over soon!

if anyone else can donate funds, we’re still collecting for high quality masks, and anything leftover goes directly into the food and supplies fund for related materials.

Thank you in advance! Please stay safe out there and remember we take care of us!

#MutualAid #MaskUp #WeTakeCareOfUs #Newark #BrickCity

PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITY The wildfires in Canada are causing unsafe smoke throughout New Jersey

BCMA is holding an emergency distribution of protective masks for houseless people in Newark who have limited access to indoor protection

2 days ago

The light coming in my window (top floor, five story co-op) is yellow. The haze on high rises is hard to describe, like fog but sepia.
#MaskUp #AirQualityAlert #fire #smoke #Canada #NYC #stay #indoors

Picture taken from NYC apartment building, showing fire escape, residences across the way, and high rises above them, ten or fifteen blocks away. Everything has a sepia fog look to it.
Hubbub World
2 days ago

#Maryland #COVID19 Weekly Forecast 6/7

⚠️ Baltimore has high Local Prevalence maxing at 17 /area and increasing 📈

😷 The smoke increases Exposure Risk #MaskUp

Real time updates & FAQ at:

Hubbub World
2 days ago

#Virginia #COVID19 Weekly Forecast 6/7

🤞 Alexandria has moderate Local Prevalence at 13 /area and stable

👍 Rest of VA is low at under 6 /area and stable

😷 But still #MaskUp for the smoke which increases Exposure Risk

Real time updates & FAQ at:

Kenny Herzog
2 days ago

As individuals, we have the emergency preparedness we need to mitigate unnecessary health concerns during this stretch of suboptimal air quality. #MaskUp, for your sake and to avoid once again overburdening our healthcare system. #wildfires #AirQuality #NewYork #CanadaWildfires

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
3 days ago

Hey mom. I’m not done with mask wearing. #MaskUp #dogsofmastodon #Bo

3 days ago

Hello I'll be going to the #opera tonight in #SanFrancisco. Even though their #Covid protocol has relaxed I'ma wear my #mask because #Covid isn't over!

Still gonna #MaskUp in public, yo!

3 days ago

"Why you should be wearing an N95 mask today in Ottawa"

This article could be reprinted every day, regardless of AQI -- #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver


Good to hear. You be safe too! It dawned on me yesterday that I think I'm running into people who want to be safe and mask but are being told from every direction that they shouldn't, and we who do mask, don't *always* need to be yelling #MASKUP!!! at them.

If you’re in the eastern part of the #USA, particularly in the #NYC metro area, please consider putting together sample packs of #N95 or equivalent #respirators to offer to your delivery people, postal workers, etc. today!

The #airquality is really abysmal due to ongoing #wildfires across #Canada, which poses health risks to EVERYONE, whether they have #asthma or other breathing problems.

Anyone who’s working or traveling outdoors today should #MaskUp & given the resources to do so.

A clear plastic bag containing an assortment of N95 and KF94 respirators.
4 days ago

#Covid #LongCovid #MaskUp #CleanAir

Long Covid study from Germany.

High occurrence among non-hospitalised Covid infectees.

Well over 50%.

4 days ago

Project N95 would like to share a video on the proper way to put on an #N95 mask:

One #Tip share in the video - if you need a tighter seal, you can cross the straps in the back.

#MaskUp #CovidCautious #Masks

Lorraine C.
4 days ago

#SmogWarning in effect for #Montreal, somewhat elevated. Rain should help tomorrow. I have my noisy Corsi-Rosenthal going, windows shut.

I bought the Honeywell Turbo fan (8”) in order to assemble a smaller box, (See photos below)
It’s quiet.

Photos via @DavidElfstrom

I might assemble a triangular shaped box with the 20x20 Merv 13 filters, it’s much smaller.

#Wildfires #quebec #Montréal #alberta ##halifax #novascotia #canada #covid #covid19 #MaskUp #usa #usa

4 days ago

"More than 70% of transmissions in households with adults and children were from a pediatric index case, but this percentage fluctuated weekly," the study authors wrote. "Once US schools reopened in fall 2020, children contributed more to inferred within-household transmission when they were in school, and less during summer and winter breaks, a pattern consistent for 2 consecutive school years."

#Covid19 #Covid #Parenting #MaskUp #SchoolSafety #CovidIsNotOver #Schools

The Bird
5 days ago

Pride that isn't accessible isn't pride. LGBTQIA disabled folks exist.

Pride that doesn't take into account how many of us are being terrorized in this country and struggle to survive isn't pride. That is an access issue as well as a safety issue.

And that means any pride event not enforcing masks? Not Accessible and not safe.

#CovidIsntOver #MaskUp

Marian Gladstone
6 days ago

Almost 1 million #Covid cases in UK as of May 23. Millions unable to work due to #LongCovid. This is government policy. Are you all paying attention?
#MaskUP #Covid is NOT over.

MJ Santos
1 week ago

Good times huffing saccharine! :ageblobcat: I did my first fit test today. I took liberties with the official setup because a) the house trash bags are perfumed and that messes with me and b) in the real world I am unlikely to be exposed to such an intense concentration of aerosols as I would inside a fit test tent. 1/

#COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #MaskUp

Surgical mask, GVS P100 Elipse respirator, and two Cambridge Masks, valved and unvalved, with a bottle of liquid saccharine and a nebulizer mask in the background.
1 week ago

New resource: gives info that can be done at each level: teacher/classroom, principal/school, individual/household, and social/community. Includes teachers checklists, HEPA purifier calculators, email templates, links to using 504, homeschool and virtual school resources, virtual socials and field trips. Great overall guide to making next year a healthy school year, and the time to plan is now. #covid #Schools #CleanTheAir #MaskUp #CovidIsntOver #LongCovidKids

1 week ago

Tally of covid-19 cases after CDC conference climbs to 181 😷😷😷 #MaskUp #COVID

Olivier Blond
2 weeks ago

I've been told to be more explicit: your (immune) defenses have probably been weakened since you caught #COVID
But these defenses are lowered against any bugs! 🦠

That's why the #WHO unexpectedly says that we need to increase hospital capacity, whether it's for the respiratory syncytial virus, influenza virus, or bacteria. **Because you've been hacked!** 🧱

As well, don't forget that most of the viruses that enter our respiratory tract are airborne, even bacteria 🗣️

#MaskUp #Flu #RSV #Strep

Nili Kaplan-Myrth
2 weeks ago

I said thank you to an educator who was masked at event. Until I walked into the room, they were the only person in a mask. Acknowledge people who continue to be responsible. Sad that it takes bravery to do the right thing. In some ways, that’s human history. #MaskUp #WeNotMe

2 weeks ago

Multiple layers work for sMores and they work for protecting from covid-19. #MaskUp #CleanAirIsAHumanRight #CovidIsNotOver see more at

Little Ranger says "Use multiple layers! shows picture of store with layers of marshmallow, chocolate, Grahn crackers, all with labels N95 mask, Hepa Purify, Test and isolate, boost and medicate, don't crowd the plate
Jo Jitsu
2 weeks ago

Everybody is dying to be the next Typhoid Mary and the competition is so stiff because it has rigor mortis.

#Covid #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #WearAMask #health #competition #death

Jo Jitsu
2 weeks ago

More people should listen to Death Panel podcast and get others to listen to it. It explores the gaslighting and manufacturing of consent to forgo all safety, declaring an arbitrary end of the pandemic 'for the economy'.
This episode is a few months old now, but it's really great.

A thief came and said 'your money or your life', and most people chose money and forfeited both.

#covid #covidisNotOver #Maskup #WearAMask #health #life or #death

2 weeks ago

Among other things, “…smoke can suppress macrophage function, altering it enough that you become more susceptible to respiratory infection.”

#MaskUp #CleanTheAir #HEPA #CRBox #N95 #P100

3 weeks ago

If your anarchy or socialism does not include #PandemicMitigations, then you aren't actually fighting for a better world. This is a hard truth to swallow, I know, but all Leftists MUST face this truth.

And then do better. Why?

Because failure to do pandemic mitigations is acceptance and promotion of eugenics; it is accepting the state's position that certain demographics deserve death and should be written off as waste.

Stop blindly believing the state's gaslighting of the pandemic. Believe us #disabled folks and the scientists doing the studies, who have proven again and again how dangerous this virus has become, especially long-term effects.

Masks work. Decades of studies prove this, and shrills funded by the state who try to claim otherwise? Stop blindly believing them. Masks when properly fitted work, and work best when we all wear them together.

The virus isn't going to disappear just because the US President said the pandemic is "over." The virus will continue to mutate into worse variants, will continue to spread, will continue to cause long-lasting damage to our bodies, will continue to kill and disable.

We could STOP THAT if we all worked together and make sure we Leave No One Behind.

We can't build a better world without normalizing pandemic mitigations in all of our work and organizing. A better world should NEVER adopt the eugenic strategies of the state, and that's what the failure to do pandemic mitigations does - it adopts the state's horror.

So stop doing that! We have the studies and science that prove the virus is still mutating, still causing tremendous harm to our bodies, and still killing thousands in the USA every week. Those people deserved life, and we could have saved them if we all collectively worked together to do pandemic mitigations:

1.Check wastewater data to see if Covid particles are on the rise to help assess risk. Demand data for Covid Transmission rates everywhere.

2. #MaskUp at all your events at all times. Demand all healthcare facilities and workers mask at all times.

3. Do #Testing for Covid before and after (PCR tests currently the best for new variants).

4. Buy or make Air Filtration units and install them in all rooms. @cleanairkits has some good options and instructions on how to do CR boxes. Make extras to share with others so they too can have clean air.

5. If possible, hold the event outside to allow people to spread out better.

@PeoplesCDC has an amazing toolkit called "See You Safer" that documents various ways we can safely organize, meet up, and fight against the rising tide of fascist eugenics.

So if you want to live out your truth, to truly build that better world that Leaves No One Behind, then get your asses in gear and DO PANDEMIC MITIGATIONS.

Please stop falling for the state's gaslighting eugenics.

Instead, FIGHT against that with people like me.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Link to my database of studies I've collected since 2020:

Rita Portela (parody)
3 weeks ago

@IPEdmonton Entered in the T-shirt giveaway!

Beautiful and pro-masking!

#MaskUp #MasksAreHot #MasksAreLitAF

3 weeks ago
@AlgoCompSynth by znmeb #MaskUp All the good stuff, besides Pierre Schaeffer dissed Eliane Radigue. Although even that turned out well.
Rita Portela (parody)
3 weeks ago

Smart is sexy. We are hot already & get even more gorgeous & fab when we wear an N95 or better. Masks are lit AF.

Giveaway generously sponsored by Alexander Riccio (On Twitter @co2trackers @ariccio)

Nominate the hottest mask-wearer! This could be you!

Design creative inspiration & collaboration with @IPEdmonton & (@NYCAntipodean on Twitter)

#WearAMask #CovidIsNotOver #StillCoviding #N95OrBetter #sarscov2 #MasksAreHot #MaskUp #MasksAreSexy

Image of a woman in protective gear and helmet, standing in front of large rusted industrial equipment. She is wearing a yellow shirt, black jacket and pants, blue helmet and a flo-mask. She is pointing to words painted on a large green rusted crane that say "DO IT THE SAFER WAY" The yellow shirt reads "COVID shrinks d!cks"
3 weeks ago A new preprint study: "Findings from our study support that prior COVID-19 infection was associated with a significantly increased risk for RSV infection and was a driving force for the 2022 surge of severe pediatric RSV cases". I have been collecting data and writing about this since last year, see Worms In Spaghetti article:

#CovidIsntOver #MaskUp

4 weeks ago

Today, please celebrate that special someone (or someones) in your life that took the time to "mother" you.

Mothers are known for sage advice; so consider this motherly advice today from the mothers and mother figures at Project N95.

#MothersDay #Mothersday2023 #MaskUp

Hello, fellow US-based people. If you, like me, are alarmed at COVID tracking infrastructure being pulled offline, consider:

Yes, it's more useful when in concert with other metrics, but we don't really have that 'luxury' anymore :blobcat_thisisfine:

#COVIDIsStillHere #MaskUp #USPol #COVID

1 month ago

Even Marilyn knows…

Sign with Marilyn Monroe in a face mask
Jonathan Kamens
1 month ago

ER doc friend tells me a story recently about a woman coming into the ER with strong indications of COVID. Hospital policy no longer requires COVID testing patients or masking for staff, but he tested her anyway and she was COVID positive and highly contagious. If he hadn't then 13 unmasked ER docs and nurses (he counted!) would have had to follow isolation protocols and be out of work for days, in the midst of acute staffing shortages. Absolute madness. #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne

ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 month ago

not just me right? cool, cool

#covidIsNotOver #MaskUp

the caution flags for the snippet of text "yeah I got a cold at the..."

The screaming internal monologue is always:
* is it COVID / did you test?
* did you mask?

Nili Kaplan-Myrth
1 month ago

Another week of seeing patients in family medicine. Masks will always be required in our office. To protect newborns, seniors, people with diabetes, pregnant people, people with cancer, essential workers, my staff, myself, my family. There’s nobody whose health I’d risk. #MaskUp

Photo in my clinic with N95
Tab Combs
1 month ago

Me, bedtime last night: This was the first Saturday since getting #COVID (3.5 months ago) that I felt like I had enough energy to do everything I wanted to do today!

Me, 9:15 this morning: Is it too early for a nap?

#MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver

1 month ago

I just wrote this article called Why We Mask"-- Im going to keep copies of it on me so if anyone asks, I'm going to hand it to them. You are welcome to use it too! (I have it on a google doc here: or you can see it on my website's homepage here #MaskUp #CovidIsntOver #covid19

1 month ago

Masks Work.

Distorting Science to Dispute the Evidence Doesn’t

New mask studies relying on a medical paradigm do not erase decades of engineering and occupational science that show they work

#MaskUp #WearAMask #Covid19 #FuckCapitalism #FuckCapitalismMaskUp #Engineering #OccupationalScience #Science