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2 weeks ago

BLACK CAGE by with mega hot #kinky #eroticart #photomodel #tattooed and #masked #naked in a cage #bdsm #nudeart #inked

3 weeks ago

Yay for Wil Wheaton, out there normalizing #masked selfies!


Screen shot of an Instagram post made by Wil Wheaton 3 days ago. The photo shows Wil and his wife at a hockey game, both wearing high-quality masks and with smiling eyes. The caption says, "Hockey date with my favorite human #GOKINGSGO".
Pseudo Nym
1 month ago

Riding #bart for first day of new job ( remote, but they wanted me in for first day). 2 hour commute, 1 way.

In wasn't so bad. Heading home, packed like sardines, standing only, and I'm part of maybe, generously, 10% of us #masked.

Gogo gadget booster!

The aporia or obstacle to Louise Banks’ eventual learning-to-use such 4-dimensional logic is-&-was, in the film, her own worded world—and especially (in her own worded world) her sense of herself as a particular and particularized/particularizeable ‘ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴ’ (rather than, instead, something or someone in #flux, in perpetual #progress or #process … that-is-to-say as an ongoing ‘#individuation’ rather than straightforward ‘#individual’). … Once her sense of straightforward self is discerned as something ‘porous’, the aporia disappears—or is at least overcome (…she becomes, as such, #over·human, #über·menschlich as Friedrich Nietzsche would have said, and she “opens up her theatre-eye—the great ‘third eye’ that looks out into the world through the other two”). This entails a kind of passivity, I suppose, since it necessitates a sort of letting-go (or what Meister Eckart, prior to Nietzsche, called Gelassenheit and Abgeschiedenheit: the ‘letting-go’ that is itself a ‘letting-be’ allowing something like the fullness—maybe the excess—of ‘be’ing its place, its play, in time).

Since in this 3-dimensional world I am currently out-of-time (having reached the maximum time-allotment for the ᴍᴏɴᴏʟᴏɢᴜᴇ part of this Babson-College session), perhaps I’ll close with reference to another film—one that wasn’t included in your readings-or-screenings (which you can view at your leisure or pleasure later on, if you feel so inclined or enlooped) followed by one last nod (one final reference) to the Illegibility readings [[love that phrase]], acknowledging-of-course (with respect to the reference to yet-another film) that I’ve made reference to a number of films that weren’t on the reading-or-screening list: films like #Dune and like #Tenet, in addition to the reading/screening-list’s #Arrival. … The other film to which I want to refer is that of Guy Ritchie’s #Revolver, which also deals with a situation wherein its protagonist (a con-man by the name of Jake Green rather than a linguist by the name of L Banks) has to overcome particular/particularized ‘personhood’, individual/indivisible ‘identity’, in order to escape the confines of his own ‘con’. In #Revolver (a film released in 2005), just as in #Arrival (released in 2016), ‘fixed’ rather than ‘fluid’ notions of ‘the self’ (—understanding ‘selfhood’ as something altogether ‘individuated’-in-the-present rather than always in-the-process-of-‘individuatɪɴɢ’—) keeps everything ‘fixed’-in (and ‘fixated’-with) the ‘ɴᴏᴡ’, inextricably ‘pinned’ or ‘bound’ to what we now think that we know, closing-off the outside, the unknown, or what I jokingly called the monstrous ‘Not-Yeti’ in my uploaded #Future_Philosophy videos. … Overcoming the self, both in the overman/overhumanism of philosophers like Nietzsche and (at least in the case of #Revolver) director/cinematographers like Guy Ritchie, opens in its negation a kind of Keatsian ‘ɴᴇɢᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴄᴀᴘᴀʙɪʟɪᴛʏ’ or Meister-Eckhart-like ‘Gelassenheit’, allowing in this weird undoing—this abnormal abnegation/‘Abgeschiedenheit’—a glimpse at the surreal theatre-qua-theory of futurity ‘in formation’ (quoting William Allen, “the form-without-form of negativity’s exteriority in all its evasion-of-relation”). … The future ‘in formation’, the future in its becoming, is basically—from our 3-dimensional perspective—what the future ‘ɪꜱ’: it is #larval, both in the sense of still-#unformed (still-in-#formation), and in the more strict etymological sense of #shrouded, #clouded, covered-over or #masked.

When the philosopher René Descartes wrote (just prior to publishing his 1626 #Rules_for_the_Direction_of_Mind and 1636 #Discourse_on_Method) that he was entering onto-or-upon the great stage or theatre of World Philosophy as all actors do: that is, #masked—(his words were “larvatus prodeo”: “I advance #masked”)—he was acknowledging that his public #persona, his public #identity, was a #cover (a cover-story) underneath/behind/beyond which, in truth, lies ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴇʟꜱᴇ. Descartes admitted that such a mask, such a masking, allows him to cover-over his shame—again, as ᴀʟʟ ‘actors’-or-‘performers’ do. In his book #Illegibility, William Allen touches upon this when he writes about what he calls “ontological shame” and explains (on page 3 of our readings) that “shame would then be the corollary of futurity.” When we speak of, or theorize, futurity—at least from our limited 3D perspective—there is (or there should be) a feeling of shame, a feeling that something is being lost or glossed-over, abandoned—perhaps because every formulation of the future denies the future its status as not-yet-formed/Not-Yeti, as if we are tired of waiting for (or ‘awaiting’) the future, and abandon the wait (the waiting) altogether. Perhaps theorists-of-futurity should be more like Didi and Gogo in Beckett’s #Waiting_for_Godot (here referring to the most well-known work of the novelist/playwright Samuel Beckett), who, even when they think of doing it (or resolve to do it) never actually stop waiting. The Irish writer Samuel Beckett and the French writer Maurice Blanchot have—or rather, had—much in common, including a fine (refined) sense of #waiting, and, in waiting, of #boredom (which the philosopher Heidegger called “the ground-mood of Being”): boredom to the point of #dread (or if you prefer, as Heidegger himself may well have, of ‘#existential dread’—for isn’t that what life’s all about?, what life really ‘is’?: a #waiting?, an #awaiting?). More to the point: isn’t this what ‘the future’—futurity—is all about? As William Allen puts it in the quotation from Blanchot’s #Awaiting_Oblivion on page 7 of our readings, “the source of all waiting [is] the future.” … This does sound very much like a 4D statement (“the source of all waiting [is] the future”), and one that throws the question of waiting into a whole new light (again from page 7 of our readings): “It is thus not a question of waiting for the event to happen … but rather of waiting as a mode of experience of that which does not take place” but nevertheless allows everything to take place (and take time). … There—thanks for allowing this little talk to take place (and take time).

* [[ᴇɴᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴍᴏɴᴏʟᴏɢᴜᴇ / ʙᴇɢɪɴɴɪɴɢ ᴏꜰ ʜᴏᴜʀ-ʟᴏɴɢ ᴄʟᴀꜱꜱ ᴅɪꜱᴄᴜꜱꜱɪᴏɴ ᴀɴᴅ ᴜɴᴘᴀᴄᴋɪɴɢ]] * :-)

taste of taboo
2 months ago

masked demon - Elli
more from this set and others in the magazine:

#inkedgirls #tattoostyle #inkedup #masked #gothgirl #gothgoth #feet #piercednipple

Fran Kostella
2 months ago

Went for a dental visit today. ALL of the staff were #masked. I was the only patient who wore a mask. Last week at a major hospital I was one of two patients masked, and just a handful of staff were masked.

In my experience the dental staff are usually ahead of the curve. #WearAMask

2 months ago


I’m horrified that some people care so little about their own lives and the lives of their friends. Surprised, no.

Before I moved to my latest place, I had the cigarette-scented ceiling popcorn removed. The drywall boss asked why I always #masked. I asked him why he doesn’t.

The contractor said he doesn’t want to live until he’s old and feeble. Said he never worries about taking safety measures. Of any kind.

He NEVER ASKED if there was #asbestos in this 70’s home. Thing is, he’s responsible for a demo crew of four young men.

#covid #employeerights

Everyone is vulnerable. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Wear a respirator.
Fran Kostella
3 months ago

I was at the hospital today getting my periodic CT scan to check my aorta. I was there for a few hours since I have to get hydration to help my kidneys clear the contrast dye. I was #masked the whole time, but only saw a few other #masks, mostly older people.

That's better than two weeks ago when I saw only ONE person masked.

I've had more friends catch it in the last month than the whole three years before. Not sure what the delay is about, I assumed half the people would be masked by now. 🤷

3 months ago

At the #Worcester Palladium, the woman at the door doing security screens was #masked!!

It was a reassuring first impression.

After that, though, we saw only ONE other woman in a mask.

So yes, we were essentially #LoneMaskers.

But NO ONE gave us a hard time. Not the bartender I asked for directions to the restroom, not the usher who showed us to our seats, not the fans around us, and not the people at the merch table.


3 months ago

I live in a #Boston area suburb and this is the #wastewater data for my county. 😩

Levels are back up to what they were for almost all of 2022, when covid prevalence essentially hovered around a Delta-level plateau.

School district is silent. I am the only #masked person in stores.

I feel pretty hopeless. So many people are getting needlessly infected, many of whom will end up with chronic health issues.

Source for graph:

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

Line graph showing covid concentration in wastewater vs. time. The graph has been annotated to show when Delta and Omicron dominated. Also, a horizontal red line is drawn at the height of the most recent data point from 9/6/23; the height of that line is just higher than the Delta peak and cuts right through the ups and downs of 2022.
3 months ago

Today I was grocery shopping at the same time as a bus-load of senior citizens from a local senior living residence & not a single one wore a #mask.

It just made me so sad, knowing they are all high-risk & their immunity has probably waned (since <50% of seniors have gotten the bivalent booster at all, let alone a 2nd bivalent booster in the spring) & latest variants are circulating & wastewater data is up again.

(And anyway, I was the ONLY person #masked.)

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

3 months ago

#School starts next week & I need to brace myself. 😬

Went to Staples for back-to-school shopping. It was PACKED. Besides my family, we saw only 2 other adult shoppers #masked.

By the end of last school year, many of the remaining #masking holdouts stopped masking, despite #wastewater data staying plateaued. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It dipped a bit over the summer, but is now almost back to pre-summer levels.

For my kids and teacher husband, the pressure to unmask will be huge. 😥

3 months ago

@Trenton_Hoshiko I am not looking forward to the school year starting, and my teacher husband again being the ONLY #masked teacher. 😢 Last year my kids were not the ONLY kids masked, but it was an extremely small and always dwindling minority, and I fear they may be the only ones this year. 😪

I seriously need to mentally prepare myself, and have a family discussion about how everyone feels about this. I hope my husband & kids will stay the course, but I know the peer pressure is strong. 😭

Indigo ♿ she/her
4 months ago

I'm at #UrgentCare and now I am #masked. Disturbingly #masking is only #optional.

Indigo ♿ she/her
4 months ago

At Enterprise rental. Nobody #masked including me bc I forgot. My brains are still jangled from the crash. What's their excuse?

Comic Crusaders
4 months ago

Al chats with John Yuskaitis - Comic Crusaders Podcast #349
Join Al Mega in a fascinating conversation with cartoonist and comic book creator, John Yuskaitis. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into John's captivating works, including Boots N Pup, The Masked Bug, and many others. Tune in and gain valuable insights about his...
#John Yuskaitis #comics #indie #al mega #podcast #mass #boots n pup #masked bug

Ricardo Harvin
4 months ago

Finally got a #COVID #booster #shot scheduled for this afternoon after a mess with my previous "insurance" and just starting #Medicare this month.

Shot number 6, coming up. So far, I've only had extremely mild, barely noticeable, shoulder soreness twice after previous injections.

Hopefully that continues since I have tickets for #Oppenheimer in full 15/70mm #IMAX tomorrow evening, finally.

Yes, I'll STILL be #masked and #masking indoors, of course.

I'll get the new booster in #Autumn, too.

Allyson Shaw
4 months ago

I’m off to Edinburgh today, speaking about Ashes and Stones at the Edinburgh International Book Festival tomorrow. I haven’t been on a plane in over six years. I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to seeing friends and being a part of the exciting line up this year at the festival. This feels like yet another homecoming. 📸 Photo by Nicola Gadler, Unsplash.
#scotland #EdinburghFringe #Masked #EdBookFest #AshesAndStones #BookFestival #ScottishAuthor

(Image of the Edinburgh skyline with the gothic spire of the Scott monument and a street light seen through the arch of a stone window.)

@CatHat This is curious. I don’t feel #special because I “successfully” #masked all these decades. I can’t know if it would have been better had I been #DX as a kid. I never got into real trouble, but there are many parts of my youth I don’t care to remember. It was awful. Each time I peeled back the #onion, thinking that I knew why, there was more. Now I know #AuDHD was underneath it all. Not alone but there. @actuallyautistic #ActuallyAutistic

4 months ago

I recently took an indoor training course in which I was the only one #masked. That didn’t bother me as it’s not the first time and I’ve grown quite accustomed to people’s strange looks.

What truly affected me was the sad fact that when we partnered up at the start, I was last to be picked due to my #mask.

It was clear everyone felt that if they partnered with me they’d have to mask up as well. I told the last unfortunate fellow who was forced to sit with me that was not the case, he was relieved.

Over the 2 day course I found out my new partner had already taken the same course a month previous and barely retained anything.

I was shocked by his inability to remember numbers or follow basic instructions in a timely matter. Despite this, I continuously helped him along, explaining things thoroughly through my mask. At the end he gratefully thanked me for helping him so much through the course.

Upon leaving on the last day, I overheard my former partner admitting to the teacher that since he’s had #covid (multiple times) he now has difficulty remembering things, which is affecting his studies.

So, next time you need to partner in a course don’t assume the only person masked is an incompetent fool, when it’s most probably quite the opposite.

My wife and I have managed to avoid #covid19bc thus far through maintained #masking and social #distancing. Life changed and we’ve adjusted. Masking shows our strength and resilience not our weakness.

#COVIDIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #CapitalismKills #BringBackMasks #masks4healthcare #Eugenics #bcpoli #cdnpoli

4 months ago

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but today I went shopping for the first time since returning from #Taiwan, and being literally the ONLY person #masked - including at the pharmacy - despite #wastewater monitoring showing covid increasing in my area - was like a huge slap in the face after coming back from Taiwan where I was simply one of many maskers. 😷 😪 😭

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

4 months ago

Landed in the U.S. at a West Coast airport. Waiting at the gate for a connecting flight ✈ and the #masking rate has plummeted. 😫 I'd estimate maybe at most 5% of staff and travelers are #masked. 😭

Not surprisingly, vast majority of fellow maskers are POC.

4 months ago

Been visiting #Taiwan & just want to say again how refreshing it's been to be in a #masking society. 😷

~50% of the general public #masks indoors AND outdoors. I'm NEVER the ONLY person in a #mask, as is common in the U.S.

Masking can reach up to 90-95% on the subway during rush hour.

Store employees, hotel & restaurant staff, basically anyone in the service industry almost always #masked.

Taxis have air purifiers!

I'm ready to go home, but not looking forward to facing covid denial again.

Photo of sign on the back of the front passenger seat that reads: "This vehicle is equipped with Dr@Power Environmental Air Purifier refreshes instantly, sterilizes effectively, photocatalytic and  natural reduction." Among Chinese characters are the English words "Omicron" and "PM2.5" and "FDA".
5 months ago

I was nervous about traveling during a pandemic, but the #masking rate in #Taipei #Taiwan is about 50%! (Masking is not required, it's all voluntary.)

Everywhere you look, indoors AND outdoors, roughly half the people are #masked. 😷 

In the U.S. I'm always the "weirdo" who masks, but here I fit right in!! 😊

Got my 5th #COVID19 shot today since January 2021, the Pfizer #BivalentBooster. Now 4 Pfizer shots, 1 Moderna shot. #vaccinated #masked

Still COVIDing in BC
8 months ago

Forgot to do it last week, so heres this weeks!

Today is #MaskedMondays! Show that your are still #masking by posting your weekly #maskedselfie as a reply. #masked #mask #maskup #maskup #BringBackMasks #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #n95 #p100 #weareyeprotection #WearARespiraror #wearamaskoutside #MaskMonday

9 months ago
Vaccinated and masked
9 months ago

@zak Bravo, Zak. Bravo. Totally stealing that. #5xvaxxed #masked #neverhadcovid

@stephen @shaun @actuallyautistic I think I hear Temple Grandin yelling, “YES!! THAT!” somewhere. She strongly #advocates for connecting young #actuallyautistic people with a #trade or saleable #skills. If they are able to survive higher education then it just broadens their vista.

I, too, had my interest align with decently paying jobs. Still #undiagnosed at the time, I #masked my way through university. I hope we can guide our son similarly. 🤞🤞

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
11 months ago

I am on Eurostar train to London, and our coach is a cacophony of coughing. We are the only #masked family. Le sigh.

1 year ago

#Flying across the country tomorrow. Low key anxious about being the only #masked person on a 6-hour flight

1 year ago

@ashleyspencer One very discernible way I #masked was to actively avoid people when I was #overstimulated or to try and prevent the same. Doing tasks at weird hours. Ordering online instead of visiting stores. Shopping malls are the worst. Choosing weird hours to have lunch at work, and eating at my desk. I like people, but in small doses please. #autism #strategies #coping @actuallyautistic

Pseudo Nym
1 year ago

#montereybayaquarium sitting by the big kelp forest tank.

They have a
#shark egg case that appears to be their first parthenogenic birth. Just female sharks in the tank.

We are
#masked, but looks like only about 15% of other guests also doing so. Rough estimate just crowd watching.

(((Pro-choice Morgana)))
1 year ago

Not great at introducing myself, but I'll give it a go.

I'm a politically engaged/obsessed #Democrat, best selling author, with 5 #cats and 26 #weddings to 1 person.

Agnostic with a #Religion degree from #SmithCollege.

Semi-competent #WestCoastSwing dancer.

Professional #lifecoach & #businesscoach for almost 30 years. I #workfromhome or lead #retreats in Bali

#masked & #vaxxed science geek. #Jewish

OG member of Bianca's #KHive.

Pleased to meet you!

Matthias Kirschner
4 years ago

Just got a present from my neighbour. Love it! #masked #facemask