Steve's Place
6 days ago

No. The COVID-19 virus did not beat up the flu virus in 2020. Everyone wore masks and kept their distance. As a consequence, few got the flu. #Masks #MasksWork #COVID #influenza #GetOffMyLawn

Ande Jacobson
1 week ago

Some of us mask all the time when around others as it is and will continue to do so. Our actions affect those around us, especially when infectious diseases abound. We cannot forget that.


1 week ago

When you’re off work (in public schools) on medical leave awaiting back surgery, and you can see the chaos of no COVID policy at a distance. And sigh. #CovidIsNotOver #CovidPolicyInSchools #MassDisablingVirus #MasksWork

Aileen M
2 weeks ago

Now he’s complaining about going to a store where someone was just sick- which I get, the one other person who works their could have an asymptomatic case but covid is everywhere right now and they should both be wearing masks.

Except this dude doesn’t believe masks work, would have gone back after 3 days with no mask if his doctor didn’t make him quarantine and my husband didn’t beg him to wear a mask.

Apparently he only cares about preventing himself from getting covid.



2 weeks ago

Amtrak train staff "Hey go stand in the priority line" me: "I don't have a business class ticket" Them: senior citizens get priority boarding me: remembers grey ponytail and the fact I'm masked.. 😂 #MasksWork in more ways than one.

Today my allergies were in high gear anytime I took a step outdoors. I wanted to take a walk with my husband, so I put on a comfortable mask and we had a great walk in our beautiful neighborhood.

That's how masks work: wearing them allows us to live our lives and do the things we enjoy even during allergy season or, you know, a PANDEMIC. #MasksWork

Aileen M
3 weeks ago

Just got a breast MRI while wearing my Envo mask- I removed the cord lock, it has a metal spring.

I always wear a mask in an MRI, and while everyone their was wearing a surgical mask they all acted like it was an amazing feat to breathe through an N95 for a half hour.

You are face down for the scan and the mask isn’t exactly comfortable because the face hole on the MRI is too small, but that only causes mild discomfort from the frame pressing into my face.



3 weeks ago

@abucci Similarly, I'm about to lose my University position in the UK as they are doing the same. After teaching sucessfully online for 3 years, in spite of increasing workload & demands, they now want everyone on-site. I can't do this as I developed a neurological condition in 2020 & I can't commute. Uni has no #Covid mitigation so even hybrid working is ridiculous. Thinking of setting fire to my doctorate!
#isolation #MasksWork #disability

1 month ago

One day before a students start school and no public MPS COVID plan, or rather the plan is: there is no plan. Teachers are told that there is no testing, reporting, isolating required. Union is silent. Hold onto your seats, and put on masks! #MassDisablingVirus #CovidIsNotOver #MasksWork #VaccinateVentilateFilter #PublicSchools

BadBurns aka KnittingDyke
1 month ago

Well I’m glad I didn’t go to the :statefair:

Covid is up 18% in the wastewater which means it’s gone up 67% in the last four weeks. Yes I’ve been doing the math.

Wear your masks in any crowd, even outdoors. Protect yourself and others. Stay distant. Stay safe.

#Covid #MasksWork

Amy 🌸
1 month ago

Final post-WordCamp COVID test today says I'm in the clear.

#WCUS #MasksWork


It’s stunning how much weasel words about Covid and masks have become so standard for journalists that they can’t even report mask messages accurately. Compare these:

The statement:
“The province should step in and mandate masks, *we know that masks work*,” said Dr. Catherine Clase

The reporting:
“They argue reinstating mask mandates within schools *may help mitigate* the transmission of these viruses.”

#MasksWork #MasksSaveLives #MisinformationKills

Dr Pieter Peach
1 month ago

Screenshots here.
As an anaesthetist I spend a good amount of time talking, in close proximity, to vulnerable patients while having young children at home coughing and unwell.
I owe it to my patients not to pass on whatever is circulating at home to them.
I've been doing it daily for 3 years and can do it as needed for the remainder of my career.

#n95 #MasksWork

Dr Pieter Peach
1 month ago

This video demonstrates how well fit-tested respirators work as source control vs no masks vs loose fitting medical masks.
No complicated modelling required.
We can achieve higher levels of risk reduction by having our healthcare workers wear these when looking after vulnerable patients, particularly at times where staff are at higher risk of infection (recently symptomatic, close contact of someone unwell at home, or high community prevalence)
Screenshots in the next post.
#N95 #MasksWork

1 month ago

Fourth day of school year and one day until the children join staff in buildings and no Milwaukee Public Schools COVID plan. Silence. Crickets. #Covid #MassDisablingVirus #MasksWork #TestReportIsolate #VentilationAndFiltration #PublicSchools

Aerosol Transmission & Respirator Masks

a PPE Timeline

"They knew: the CDC is well aware of aerosol transmission and the ways to protect people from infectious disease using respirator masks and the precautionary principle."

#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #Covid #LongCovid #MasksWork #Masks #SARSCoV2

1 month ago

At least 237 wards were closed to new admissions prevent #Covid19 spreading to other patients

That compares to a total of 93 closures up to the end of July for all other infection incidents combined

The true figures will be higher, however, as NHS Dumfries and Galloway has not responded to a FOI request & NHS Lothian said it's unable to provide data

#Covid #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIdiots #Masks #MasksWork #ScienceMatters #hospitals #infection #pandemic #wards #Scotland

1 month ago

Mask Mandates keep Cancer Center Free From #COVID

Many hospitals have lifted mask mandates, and, in some cases, this has led to COVID-19 outbreaks.

City of Hope in Duarte, California, maintained masking requirements. This has prevented hospital-acquired COVID-19 there entirely

“Our policies enabled us to achieve zero nosocomial infections, zero outbreaks,” Dr Trisal said

#CriticalThought #Covid19 #hospitals #Masks #MasksWork #cancer #pandemic #CovidIsNotOver

Richard Rathe
1 month ago


That is my basic understanding. #Flu is spread from surfaces, #COVID rarely if at all. COVID *is* spread through the air! #MasksWork!

Waste water monitoring for #COVID19 in #Berlin isn't merely showing an increase - the rate of increase is also accelerating.
Now 61% week over week, up from 44%, 31%. We're in from exponential mode again with no collective attempts at mitigation at all.

Mask. Test. Distance.

#CovidIsNotOver #DieMaskeBleibtAuf #MasksWork

You probably don't need any more evidence that #MasksWork if you've been paying attention, but if you do, then here you go.

Particularly important to wear a mask in high-risk situations now that covid is on the rise again and vaccine boosters are banned for most of us here in the UK.

#Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver

1 month ago

@eyesquash it's true that #BaggyBlues aren't great at protecting against airborne pathogens / bioaerosols, either for the wearer or those around them, though if everyone was wearing them in shared air, levels of transmission would still be much lower.

Even imperfect, incomplete masking with non-respirators by a majority of the population contributed to the eradication of a particular strain of influenza in 2020-21. By now, however, SARS-CoV-2 has mutated to be far more contagious than any strain of flu; it's probably neck and neck with measles -- the most transmissible pathogen we know -- at the very least.

Respirators, otoh, are incredibly effective at protecting the wearer, though they are *even better* at protecting others.

In practice, an #N95 can achieve upwards of 99% inward filtration efficacy. #P100 is even better -- upwards of 99.97% -- rendering scv2 impotent, as long as the fit+seal are good.

That's why hospital infection prevention and control policy specifies N95s, elastomerics, or PAPRs in the presence of airborne pathogens -- and why it's unconscionable that they've continued to stick their collective heads in the sand, ignore science and the relevant in-field experts, and deny that #CovidIsAirborne.

It's unfortunate that so many have fallen victim to the deliberate mis/disinfo that masks don't work, especially given that so many of us have gone 3+ years without contracting #SARSCoV2 -- or any other respiratory infection, for that matter.


#MaskUp #BringBackMasks #MasksWork #MaskMeansRespirator #WearARespirator

H. Ikonen "Psychiasaurus" MD
1 month ago

Cue the Koch Network & McKinsey Institute absolute subordinate ZOMBIE army regurgitating anti-mask lies, fallacies, false equivalences, and peer pressure in 3...2...1...

#COVID19 #MasksWork #WearAMask #EndPropaganda #KochNetwork #McKinseyInstitute #CovidIsNotOver

Nach @RV_enigma ist die reale Inzidenz von #Covid19 in D gerade ~590, in NRW >700, R-Wert 1,34.

Keine Maske zu tragen ist fahrlässig. Aber das wusstet ihr eh.

#CovidIsNotOver #DieMaskeBleibtAuf #MasksWork

SARS2-Fallmeldungen, Inzidenzen und R-Werte korrigiert für Deutschland, Original-Graph auf
1 month ago

@lispi314 yes! I love this blogger! Renewed my resolve on masking when I teach this fall✊( though absolutely no one else will be👀) #CovidIsNotOver #MassDisablingVirus #MasksWork #CorsiRosenthalBoxesWork

Böckli 平凡札記
1 month ago

Today is the day that my companion is going to get his latest booster shot. We plan to go over to the plaza for the Annual Indian Market afterwards.

With the growing number of new infections of #Covid19 in #NewMexico I’m seriously considering putting on a #mask again when in crowded spaces. Life is not back to normal.. at least not the way it used to be..

#CovidIsNotOver #COVID #SantaFe #LandOfEnchantment #MasksWork

Dr Pieter Peach
2 months ago

We should accept the reality that for a variety of reasons people will work while infectious with a wide variety of respiratory tract infections and not only normalise, but embrace the use of well-fitted respirators as a form of source control to protect those around them.
Those turning up to work with a runny nose and cough if otherwise well should not be stigmatised if they are taking adequate and responsible steps to keep their bugs to themselves. #N95 #MasksWork

BadBurns aka KnittingDyke
2 months ago

Wear your masks in public. There's a surge. ICYMI #MasksWork

2 months ago

Just to add a little context, this was released around the same time I wrote this post, current Covid-19 Hazard Index - it's a dramatic shift in the bad direction - link to the data sources here as well - index for August 12-25, 2023 for all of Canada.

#COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsNotMild #MasksWork #HazardIndex #KnowTheRisk

Covid-19 hazard index - image of forecast for August 12-25, 2023 from the link at the end of this post.
2 months ago

This is a long ass post. And it's a terrible post. Trust me, I know that.

If you see me wearing a mask in public (I still do, and will continue to do so until there's some kind of breakthrough with this covid crap - a sterilizing vaccine that prevents infection), figured worth mentioning why. I hear people trying to say it's over (sadly, no, we've stopped talking about it, but it's certainly not even close to over), this is a screenshot of the US CDC document explaining how to classify Covid deaths. The document is available to the public - sadly, it doesn't match up with what they're telling everyone about catching the disease.

1. This is called SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, it will never be a mild disease generally speaking. It's not primarily spread by droplets, it's airborne (and it's going to coat everything in the room even after it settles out of the air - so wash your hands after you touch things in a public space), and someone infectious walking through a place with poor ventilation and no mask will leave behind enough active virus to last for 5 or 6 hours in a room. Not everyone who has it will be infectious - and not everyone who's infectious has symptoms.

2. The name is misleading, it's a vascular disease, not a respiratory disease. It causes immune dysfunction, damages your heart, your liver, your kidneys, your brain as well as your lungs. 1/10 infections cause Long Covid (not 1 in 10 people, 1 in 10 infections - even in vaccinated people) - Long Covid is the result of damage to your brain and internal organs. Whether it's permanent, how long it lasts depends on how severe the damage is.

3. Vulnerable people. This gets mentioned a lot - problem is, anyone who has had the disease qualifies as a vulnerable person, because:

4. catching it grants no immunity to catching it again, because it attacks your immune system. It makes you more vulnerable to catching it again. It also makes you more vulnerable to everything else, bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, because again, it damages your immune system. It also mutates quickly, so even if you had immunity to a strain (you did not), new strains aren't the same, and you'd still be vulnerable.

5. a mild infection means it's not bad in your respiratory system - there are no symptoms for heart, kidney, liver, or brain (or any of your other internal organs) until they're damaged badly enough they stop working properly.

6. In autopsies, they've found recently active virus activity in every organ of people who had it months ago, meaning your symptoms clearing means it's cleared your respiratory system, but there's no way of knowing where or whether it's still active, or if it's actually gone.

7. There is no flu going around. If you have the flu, it's probably Covid. SARS.

I'll never say don't live your life, or hide away, but why governments and health authorities and media have decided to go silent on this is inexplicable - yeah, it's annoying, yeah, people are sick of it... but yeah, it's still going around, it's still killing people, and it's still leaving people disabled, 1/10 infections causing disability. Why a deadly, life altering virus is being ignored? Thankfully there are still doctors, scientists, and disease experts monitoring it and talking about it, sharing wastewater data, but media and health organizations, governments are silent. At current rates, they're saying that 50-99% of the population of planet earth will be dealing with C-19 related disability by the end of 2025. Young people are having heart attacks and strokes due to clotting and heart damage. Image is from the right side of Page 2.

I know this post sucks.

I hate that we live in this dystopian, bullshit reality.

I just want people to be more careful - this whole "you have to live your life" line is complete crap - yes, you should live your life, but you should also try and make sure you don't lose it or destroy it by taking unnecessary risks. Today matters, yes, absolutely, but so does tomorrow, and catching this will lower your number of tomorrows. Personally, I'd like to see everyone thrive and live long healthy lives. It's too late for millions of people already, that have died, that have long covid and can barely function. It's not over.

#COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsNotMild #WeAreStillInDanger #MasksWork

Alt text: screenshot of part of the linked document
Richard Rathe
2 months ago



In the #US, up to 15% of adults who have been infected are suffering from #LongCovid...

#SocialDistancing #Masking and #Vaccination are clearly still needed!!

It's a bit like the rules for preventing sun damage/skin cancer… ☀️ 1) AVOID being outdoors midday if possible, 2) LIMIT time outdoors if necessary, 3) WEAR protection (long sleeves, hat), 4) Unfortunately there is no vaccine for skin cancer… yet!

For #COVID… 😷 1) AVOID crowded indoor spaces if possible, 2) LIMIT time indoors with strangers if necessary, 3) WEAR protection (#masks), 4) Keep up to date on VACCINATIONS!

#COVID #COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #MasksWork

Dr Pieter Peach
2 months ago

Today a theatre nurse instructed a surgeon to swap out of a medical mask to an N95 when the surgeon admitted to having tonsillitis. Great to see the patient advocacy and understanding that fit tested respirators protect patients.
This should be the standard going forward.

#N95 #MasksWork #infectionprevention

Photo of a box of various respirators

You're just one breath away from being homeless.

is the new One paycheck away from being homeless.

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #LongCovid #CovidIsAirborne #MasksWork #MaskUp

Still not have caught "it", and people are more and more confused by how I managed that, as if I have a secret.

There is no secret: tests, masks, a touch of luck.

Just, you know, the stuff folks have been telling you for two years. They work.

#MasksWork #DieMaskeBleibtAuf #CovidIsNotLikeTheFlu #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver

3 months ago

Went into the supermarket wearing my n95. The quiet was punctuated by loud coughs from other aisles. No one else was masked.
Who else is still masking and happy to be doing so?

I swear if I hear "but I'm vaxxed and boosted" one more time I'm going to lose it.

#MaskUp #MasksWork #CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid

4 months ago

"SARS-CoV-2 airborne infection probability estimated by using indoor carbon dioxide"

N95s all around.
CO2 monitors everywhere.

"Organizations and individuals can efficiently recognize the risk of SARS-CoV-2 airborne transmission in
a room and thus take preventive measures such as maintaining good ventilation, wearing masks, or shortening the exposure
time to an infected individual by simply using a CO 2 monitor"

Graph of "Relationship between indoor CO2 concentration and infection probability of SARS-CoV-2 in the inpatient setting" showing:  

with no masks: 50% risk of infection at 600ppmCO2; 
with surgical masks: 50% risk of infection at 1000ppm CO2; 
with N95s: risk below 10% at 2000ppm CO2

Whoever needs to hear this:
It's ok to wear a mask.

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #MasksWork #CovidIsAirborne

So far hubs and I are #NoCovid 🤞

🔥 Wildfire season soon, esp. here on the west coast.

Oh hey, wear a mask so you don't inhale smoke & particulates, use an N95 or better. 😉


Dr Pieter Peach
5 months ago

Everyone at home is sick with fevers & coughs except me today. It would be completely irresponsible & a dereliction of duty for me as a close contact for whatever it is my family are carrying to not reduce the potential exposure to my patients by 100 fold by wearing a fit-tested particulate filtering respirator whilst at work.
This is a permanent change to my practice & should be for all healthcare workers going forward.
#MasksWork #N95 #COVID19 #IPC #infectiousdisease #infectionprevention

Photo of N95

via @protect_bc 's letter:

➡️ The letter deals with these 🚨FALSE🚨 statements:

1. 'like a cold' - ❌
2. 'Hybrid immunity' - ❌
3. Young ppl 'low risk' - ❌
4. LTC ppl no more risk than fr common cold - ❌
5. Covid & post-Covid conditions is like other viruses - ❌
6. ' a great Cochrane review' of efficacy of masks - ❌ WRONG
7. Antiviral agents avail in BC - ❌

➡️ Letter:

#Covid @novid #ProtectBC #bcpoli #health #science #vancouver #MasksWork #canpoli #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver

via @jheighton3 on Tw:

"Letter uses BC’s own website & previous statements to show that Dr. Daly is wrong…

Not to mention the stacks of studies, including ones shared w/ BC PH from @GovCanHealth
, proving C19 has serious long term effects.

It’s egregious that Dr. Daly says the opposite to the public."

#Covid @novid #ProtectBC #bcpoli #health #science #vancouver #MasksWork #canpoli #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver

via @protect_bc

No more misleading the public by downplaying C0VID19 w/ unfounded statements.

Protect_BC & other scientists/medical professionals demand removal of Dr. Daly + retraction & correction of her May 5 @bctoday(Tw) interview statements."

➡️ "Open Letter: Asking for Removal of Dr. Daly as VCH CMOH and VP Public Health"

#Covid @novid #ProtectBC #bcpoli #health #science #vancouver #MasksWork #canpoli #Covid19

Protect BC @protect_bc via Tw:

"..the public is given the false narrative that COVID-19 is no longer a threat."

"colds have not killed over 7m ppl worldwide & left an estimated 65m ppl disabled w/ Long Covid"

"VGH Emergency Department had up to 14h waits recently & emerg. depts. all over BC have been overwhelmed. ..."

Unrolled thread:

#bcpoli #canpoli #vancouver #covid #covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #MasksWork #LongCovid #Science @novid

5 months ago
John Carlsen
5 months ago

Someone remarking that wearing masks is ineffective reminded me of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865), who introduced the idea that physicians should wash their hands to prevent transmission of disease from and to their patients.

Perhaps with some irony, he was thrown into an insane asylum, put up a fight through which he was injured, and died of gangrene two weeks later.

#masksWork #CovidIsNotOver

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
5 months ago

@dangillmor Masks do work! Responsible people's behavior at the time of the Spanish Flu (first documented in Kansas, U.S., 1918) already proved it.

#SaveLives #COVID #MasksWork #MaskUp #ActResponsibly #RespectLife

Black and white poster of a Red Cross nurse with a gauze mask over her nose and mouth, at the time of the Spanish Flu. Text next to the image provides public health information "To prevent influenza!" 
From 1918.
Tristan Harward
5 months ago

This idea that well-fit N95/KN95/KF94 #masks are extremely effective against #COVID is not new.

People who were paying attention were wearing them by late 2020. I had one that I santized with UV-C daily. I now have a full stockpile.

Should have been the guidance from the start. It was an airborne virus. It’s not that complicated. #maskswork

Jane Eyrie
5 months ago

This image has gone viral on "the bird site" and I wanted to make sure it's also seen here: 120 students at the University of San Diego listening to a socialist antiwar lecture, 117 of whom are masked in KN95s or above. The organisers (International Youth & Students for Social Equality) also ran HEPA filters & far UV, & opened windows.

#COVID #LongCovid #DisabilityNews #COVIDisAirborne #PublicHealth #PublicHealthPledge #UkraineWar #masks #MasksWork #masken #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsntOver

Image shows a room of masked students listening to a standing lecturer at the right hand side. In the background are windows showing trees, and a ceiling of bright fluorescent lights. Only one person is unmasked.